2517, The Unification War has been over for a decade and Miranda is still a secret. Into The Black is an Alternate Universe Firefly & Serenity fandom roleplaying game. It centers around independent crews of different ships which travel all over the 'verse created by Joss Whedon.

Welcome to Into The Black

ITB has 2 new ships!

IAV Paladin ~ A Federal Marshal ship. The Black now has a police task force.

The Freyja, named after the norse Goddess of love, lust and beauty is a companion chapter house in space.

To know about open ship positions, look Here

* Welcome to ITB!

Into The Black is an alternate universe Firefly/Serenity roleplay. It is set before the events happening in Serenity; Miranda has not yet been discovered by the crew of the Serenity. That means if the players decide that the Miranda broadcast should happen now, then it happens now. I am here to provide a frame, to make sure that the setting doesn't break beyond recognition, and to give whatever tool I can to make stories happen. The Serenity and its crew is currently not available for play.

The Board is Organic; it will grow and evolve. Ships will come and go, crews will change, space stations will be built, destroyed, moved, etc. For this, too, the players will be the one building the world. If a given location becomes so popular (100 IC posts), I'll create a board or a subboard for it and transfer the threads there.

So you want your own ship? Pitch the idea in the Wanted Ad to recruit, see if you can get at least one character to join up with yours. Once this is done, PM Cynadea with a picture, a short description and you'll have your own ship. It comes at a cost. Ship captains are responsible to keep their crew busy and players interested. Ships that go without activity from any of their crew still attached to it will be archived after 60 days.

This community is for adults, but with a good healthy side of crazy. I have no purpose in creating this site other than to allow muses to run free, to plot in a wonderful universe, and see where adventures can take us.

This site is rated Mature and may contain adult material. No players or characters under 18 years old will be accepted.

Wondering how active this site is? Or what is needed? take a look at the crew lists to know which position is open. As for activity, we have an average of 8 to 12 character posts a day, and the Discord channel is buzzing with activity at every hour of the day.

Welcome to ITB!

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Freyja, named after the Norse Goddess of Love, Lust and Beauty, is run by the Companion Guild as a chapter house in space. The ship is looking for an XO, a Pilot, a Maintenance technician, a Licensed doctor, a security officer, a bartender, some Companion teachers, and apprentices.

Contact Cynadea for information.

* Staff & Ship Leaders

Cynadea ~ General
Seydon ~ Tech

Ship Leaders:

Black Echo, pirate ship
OOC: Olivia

Freyja, companion chapter ship
OOC: Cynadea

Goldhound, bounty hunter ship
OOC: Cynadea

Gryphon, transport ship
OOC: Akhos

Paladin, federal marshal ship
OOC: Siren

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