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GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Pick-Up In The Cold Lanes
« on: December 02, 2017, 04:32:30 PM »
Chloe’s gaze turned slowly toward the man who had come in, butt in mid-discussion oblivious to the real topic of it. She had come to expect that kind of behavior from the slightly eccentric mechanic and it had stopped bothering her some time ago. She had a corner of her lips twitching to smile, but she let Bert get to the end of his breath and realize what he was doing.

Good morning, Bert.She acknowledged, and nod her head once  for emphasis. Cordell answered Bert’s question, and she simply listened for any extra information that the man would provide in talking with Bert. She nodded slowly when she was assured that it was nothing illegal. She did not put 100% faith into this reassurance, because it had happened more than once to her that the declared content of the carried cargo did not match what was in the actual crates. She did not doubt Cordell’s words however; he had given her no reason to doubt him.

Alright. Go meet up with Becca, she’ll plot the course. It would be nice to have something to do other than twiddle our thumbs… And it’s been a while since I’ve suited up, it’ll be nice to get in zero gravity a bit.” She pointed out, and her small amused smile turned broader and roguish. She was a woman of action, sitting on her ass for a long period of time was like nails on a chalkboard for her.

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Pick-Up In The Cold Lanes
« on: September 10, 2017, 11:53:47 PM »
The loss of yet another XO, and a gunner had been a blow to the Goldhound crew. At least those who kept the beast in the black and purring like a kitten were still there. That, and she still had at least one crewmate who could help her bring bounties in. As long as the crew could earn some cash, then it would be enough for her. Jack didn’t like not having a second in command, though. It meant that when she was off, there was no one to take the decision, no one port authorities could speak to who had the power to take the ship, and put it in orbit.

Her other problem was that the former XO was also the gardener. No matter how she looked at it, Chloe knew that the woman was a loss for the ship. She had a way with those plants that Chloe herself did not have. She could manage, there was enough information on the cortex to show her how to fertilize properly, and how to figure out what was a male flower and which one was female, so that she could help stuff along when  the bees did not provide enough.

She was relaxing in her Becca’s favorite spot: one of lounging seats at the edge of a large window in the dining room when she heard someone’s voice. A job, that was what this crew needed, now that vacation time had been had, as well as two resignations. A job would take her mind off some useless introspections. Chloe had been told by her XO that it wasn’t her fault, and she believed the woman. Some news received on Regina was pulling her away and back to her home world. Emma? She had no clue. No one knew where she had gone off to, and when time came to leave, she had not answered any of the messages sent to the account Chloe had used to contact her in the first place…

We could use some cash for the fuel and the repairs we’ve made on the skyplex.” She said, though the fuel was more fuel for the human inhabitants of the ship, rather than the ship itself. “So cargo retrieval. As long as it fits in the cargo bay and it ain’t illegal… Where is it? she asked, leaving her device untouched beside her. She hadn’t space-walked in a long time. About two weeks? It was odd how it both terrified her, and thrilled her at the same time…

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: September 08, 2017, 12:26:16 AM »
To hear that they were on the same page was reassuring. If he told her that he wanted just the sex thing, she could have lived with that too, but Chloe knew that the more they were intimate, the higher the risk of growing attached would be. Given how she really liked him, really wanted to be intimate with him and getting to know him… The chances were good that there would be something more on her side. To hear that he shared that put her mind at ease.

There were kisses, and then touches and as promised it led to more. There was a chemistry between them, and a timing too. Chloe knew that she had found a very good, attentive and generous lover and hoped that he thought the same of her as she sought to give at least as much as she received from him. It wasn’t all mechanical, it wasn’t all about getting another orgasm. There was a part of her that felt the desire for more than a simple race for pleasure being sated by the way he touched her, and kissed her, as if she was doing him some favor by allowing him to touch her.

It went on for a while, and as promised, once they were both quite spent, Chloe snuggled up to him, her head on his shoulder and her arm draped over his chest. “I’ve never been married. It came close once,  but the relationship turned sour when I won this ship and decided that I would make it my home, in space. He wanted me to sell it and invest the money in a farm where he came from, but farming ain’t my thing. So I broke up, left him where he wanted me to leave him, and never looked back. He was something of a jerk.” She shared, thinking that she was sharing with him some of the information that she knew about him: the existence of an ex, and what he was doing on the planet where she picked him up.

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: August 01, 2017, 01:44:46 AM »
Her body was quick to react, of course. Her nipple hardened under his care as if she had not climaxed again only minutes ago. She fluffed the pillow under her head so that she could look down at him without putting a strain on her neck, and smiled when he spoke. Her hand came down from her pillow to caress his hair in something close to a tender gesture. Her fingers ran into his curls, displaying no sign of wanting to take a handful into her grip

If you promise to let me sleep when I’m exhausted, I may not give that order tonight. This bed is far more comfortable and the doctor needs to be top shape in case I get shot.” She pointed out, her hands running gently on his upper back.  She placed her hand under his chin to pull him up, but while her hand wasn’t hesitant, the gesture was gentle. He could resist if he wanted to, and he would not feel her touch become any more insistent.

You know, I’m glad that your ex got the bounty hacked, even if it means that I’ve lost  fuel and time chasing after you, time for which my crew won’t get paid… But I digress. I would have gone and spoken to you at the bar regardless of the bounty. I might have been a bit less… forward, taken my time a little more to know who you are, but in the end, it worked out rather well. The ship has  a doctor, you get to keep on the move…” She clearly had more to say, but she paused as if she hesitated to say it. She did not want come out too strong, and she also did not know if this was just a fuck buddy thing to him.

And the mutual attraction is quite strong. I could hardly keep my hands off you even when I thought that you were a criminal to turn in for a bounty. That’s the kind of thing that usually motivates me to keep may hands to myself very efficienty. Now, I just want to kiss you and touch you, until you are ready to rock those hips in that sweet way you know how. Maybe when we’re both exhausted enough, we could consider trying to figure out of there’s more about us than a strong physical attraction, what do you say? Good plan?” She asked him and her hand moved back to his shoulder which it followed in a gentle and tender move.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Person, or Persons, of Interest
« on: June 10, 2017, 10:44:10 PM »
@Cordell Rhodes

Come on, 20 ain’t much.” She said and motioned toward the ramp. “It’ll cover having you on board. Might as well consider it a freebie.” She said, nimbly jumping on the ramp herself. She knew that the price asked wasn’t much, but she was also aware that the job was basically done. Driving around was not the worst part of being a bounty hunter. And there was a possibility, however slim, that the guy might want to stick around. The Goldhound had had a lot of trouble keeping its gunner around recently.

The XO is on Regina for a much deserved vacation with a part of the crew that wasn’t needed while we’re here. The biggs’ right there.” She said, pointing at three identical small rooms that were just basically a bunk with no extra space and a mattress that didn’t quite deserve the name. It was at the back of the cargo bay, half of which had been transformed into a large greenhouse to grow food. The Goldhound wasn’t a cargo hauling ship, unless one considered prisoners with a bounty on their head as cargo.

He is a She, so you don’t get surprised when she gets on board. The crew is mostly female but for the doc and the mechanic, so…” She said, and as the words came out of her mouth, it made her realize how true that was. It wasn’t even on purpose, but she thought that she ought to try to balance things out. Professional or not, Chloe would be the first to admit that getting lonely in the black gave one a very limited choice of candidates… and if her crew was mostly female, the guys would probably be quite happy, but… Nah, she wouldn’t let her mind go there. She had to focus on her guest.

Chloe punched a number on the pad and opened the door to the first of three rooms. With a motion of her hand, she invited Cordy to guide Eams in. “If he needs medical attention, let me know. We have a real doctor on board.” She was being professional, distant even, but the truth was that she did not really like the idea of two stranger on her boat, with one of them armed and on the loose. She trusted her crew to be able to do something if the man had the wrong idea, and Eams did look like he had gone through a rather rough time…

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: May 27, 2017, 03:23:30 PM »
Chloe thoroughly enjoyed the blissful rhythm set. Her hands couldn’t get enough of him, of the curves of his body, the feel of his muscles working to bring them both to new heights. She did not truly share his concern for the length of time it would take him to finish, because she knew that she would not take very long herself.  In that moment, she forgot that she was captain of a ship, she forgot her responsibilities outside of this room, of this bed. She was entirely focused on him, in a much needed time off to share pleasure without troubling her mind.

She was quickly climbing the hill and reaching the edge. Her breathing was close to panting in anticipation of the fall to come. And then… he eased back? No way! Her legs tightened onto him, pulling him in. Her back arched when their lips parted and she let out a moan. Her hands pulled him to her and she simply let the pleasure fill her whole. She opened her eyes and her gaze met his immediately, not at all shying away from it. He was right up there with her, she knew, sharing pleasure in an almost simultaneous manner.

After a few precious seconds that appeared to stretch, but at the same time not be long enough, the sensation began to ebb. The hold of her arms around him appeared to lose some tension, and her back eased, but the hold of her legs did not and neither did the one of her fluttering sheath on his shaft. Her right hand came to caress the back of his head and neck, and gently pull him down to her when it appeared that he, too, was done. She wanted more closeness with this man, this stranger, because the chemistry between them was undeniably filled with sparks.

Chloe did not do meaningless lovers. She did not do meaningless much, really, but lovers least of all. Whenever she acted upon a sexual urge with someone whom she knew she would never see again, it left her feeling dirty and used, even if she may have been the one seeking out the sexual release. She was aware that he might see things differently, that he might walk out of here, make things awkward for a couple of days, and then he would be that crew member she fucked, and still found to be incredibly handsome, but with whom she wouldn’t  cross the professional line again.

Somehow, Chloe was convinced that his talk of practice had been serious, that he did not mean for this to be a once in a lifetime event. As she held him there, on top of her, he would be able to remove himself if he so wished, but she hoped that he would not. There was no urge for her to send him back to his quarters; he could even sleep here, if he wanted. It would even make for an easier morning romp, or a mid-night romp should one of the wake the other with the urge.

That felt great, really great.” She said with a husky, breathy voice. She thought the words sounded lame, and the sentence the mother of understatements. It had felt more than ‘really great’. Chloe thought quickly and then added. “I’m looking forward to more practice.” Maybe that sounded better than the words she said before, which had sounded to her own ears like he had done a satisfying job, without wowing her and that was not what she wanted him to think she thought about his performance. Her feet unlocked, should he wish to move off her, and her heels lowered slowly toward the back of his thighs.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Person, or Persons, of Interest
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:26:56 PM »
Yeah, well. There’s some you just can’t let go.” She said regarding the big commitment and her mind went to the doc. That was one she wouldn’t let go unless she really had no choice. It brought a small smile on her lips though. She still didn’t quite believe how they had come upon one another. All this gorram ship had been a string of luck. Winning a game of card where an idiot bet his ship, winning the Mechanic with the ship and if he was a bit eccentric he was damn good. The doc who started out as a bounty, saved a crew member, and ended up in her bed… Was about bloody time that she ran into some luck anyway.

She listened to what the man had to say regarding who he was, who he was with and why he needed a lift. She didn’t like it one bit. Jack had a suspicious nature, but that nature had kept her on her feet and often one step ahead of those with a price on their lovely – or not so lovely – mug. She weighed both men and she decided that she had her conditions. If he thought the Goldhound would be easy to take from her, he was in for a bad surprise. Only the mechanic tended to be on the pacifist side of things. Maybe the doc. The rest of those on board were there because they could hunt.

Athens” She said and walked toward her ship again to take something inside. It was a simple screen where she could verify a thing or two, namely the bail-jumper. It was her job to run those bastards down for cash. She knew how to find their mug shots and the price on their head. There it was. Ryan Eams, and the price was decent.

He lands on a cell. Only the XO and myself have the code to open those. Board, bread and fuel, plus a bonus because while we’re playing taxi, we’re not hunting for full bounties ourselves. I’d say 20%, How does that sound?” She says while her fingers make a search for the other name that had been brought up in their discussion. She wanted to know if Cordell Rhodes was a legit bounty-hunter, or if he was one of Eams’ known accomplices…

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: May 05, 2017, 01:54:02 AM »
He kept teasing her, arousing her, bringing her closer and she knew that he was aware of what he was doing. He knew the effect of every single touch, but she thought that she caught into his voice a hint of how much he had to control himself too. Her legs locked at the ankles behind his back and she very gently pulled him to her, put enough pressure against his back to invite him to take the plunge, but not enough to force him to it.

When he moved, she was ready and she wanted this. Her body welcomed the intrusion with an explosion of sparks in her core. Her soft, throaty moan echoed to his first groan, her back arched, but a single look on her face would reassure any insecure lover, not that Roger had given any hints of being insecure himself. Her eyes were closed, her lips curled in a smile and she bit her lower lip gently. Everything in her spoke of how delightful it felt, and how much she craved this sensation.

She opened her eyes when he spoke again, a single word that was of a pair and never finished. For a moment, their eyes met and she caught his urge to kiss her just before he lunged for it. She purred as she felt his weight pressing down on her with a gentle increase. She could never quite explain it, but to Chloe, a man allowing his body to press against hers during sex made her feel that he wanted the contact as much as the pleasure, just like her legs and arms wrapped around him would let him know that she wanted him there, wanted to keep him close to her. She wanted him to feel desired, because he wasn’t just an opportunity in time of need to her, her lovers never were.

Chloe kissed him with the same passion effortlessly. Her lips opened to him and she let him in, her tongue seeking this familiar, albeit new, playmate. Her soft lips locked with his, a moan mingled into the kiss. Her hand tangled into his hair and then wrapped around his shoulders. She did not hold him tightly; he was able to move as he saw fit, and would even be able to remove himself from her if he so wished, but if he gave the slightest hint of moving them, she was ready to tighten her hold onto him and help along.

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: April 26, 2017, 10:12:30 PM »
The kiss wound down as she resisted the urge to close her hand into a tight grip.   Her lips chased his as he pulled away, but she let him put some distance between them. He had to have a good reason to let go of a kiss that he so obviously wanted. Her gaze searched his, wondering what it was about and she did not have to wait very long for the answer to come, but while she waited, she had all the time that she wanted to pay mind to his sharp nose, the shape of his lips, the depth of his dark eyes…

When he finally started to speak, she could not stop the smile coming to her lips. She had a retort ready for him then, something about a “formal” request being way too early, but he took his shaft out of her hands and what he did after kept her speechless. She gasped under the soft, insistent touch. She wanted the promised release; it had been way too long. Not for the first time, not even the first time today, she thought about how she ought to give her body what it needed more often, and not be all about work all the time…

Yes.” She said breathily. “Access granted. You are expected.” She said and took a deep breath as he brushed against her pearl again, causing sparks in her core. She raised her hips as he moved downward. Her hand came to the back of his neck and took a handful in her fist.  Her other hand had wound itself around him and came to rest against his spine. She was ready to be taken, she wanted to be taken and from what she had felt in her hands only a moment ago, she was bound to enjoy it too. Hopefully the eagerness that she had felt in the movement of his hips would not translate in a thirty second sprint…

Doctor on the Goldhound. She wondered why he accepted, considering how she had lured him into a cell under – not entirely – false pretense. How she had refused to believe him at first, but then… She would have told herself to fuck off and gotten off the ship as soon as it touched the ground. Instead, he had gone and came back with all of his belongings to work with them. Maybe he was on the move, maybe he did not have license to practice anymore. She did not care, as long as he proved to know what he was doing.

Besides, with the long treks in the Black, she would come to know him better. They would surely meet up for something else than bumping uglies although that part would certainly be an interesting benefit of his presence on board. “I want you.” She whispered softly, trying to urge him to take the plunge and make her feel the whole length of him until their hips met and he would go no further. As if to make sure that the no further part of that desire would truly be taken advantage of every available inch of him, her legs curled at his hips, opening the way for him completely.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Person, or Persons, of Interest
« on: April 09, 2017, 09:16:17 AM »
<Maintenance Hanger, space port. @Cordell Rhodes>

Chloe was still considering the basketball when she heard words that she did not immediately identify as being directed to her. She walked toward the gate into the ship when it crossed her mind that she should, perhaps, look into who was talking to whom. Her steps slowed and she glanced over her shoulder to see two men together, one holding the other in a way that was all too familiar to the bounty hunter. Chloe wondered if this could be one of those easy payday, but she did not show her interest at the prospect of such. She was greedy, but not that greedy. Nor was the ship desperate for income, even though she would not turn up her nose at an extra couple of credits.

If I am with this ship? Ah yeah, she and I are getting married next month.” The captain replied wryly, but she stopped walking and half turned to face the two men. “I am the Goldhound’s captain. The name’s Jack.” She stated simply, pointing at the large ship as she gave its name. There was a touch of pride in her voice, like there always were whenever she spoke of her ship. She couldn’t help it.

She might have won the thing in a game of card – along with the funds to make all the necessary upgrades and repairs – but she had made it her home. Complete makeover inside, adding three jail cells that could sustain a prisoner comfortably through long travel distances, bigger crew cabins which had halved the number of available bunks, and the garden. The green pearl of the Goldhound that allowed them some fresh vegetables and even honey without paying a fortune.

How may I help you? She finally asked the man who spoke to her. She threw the ball into the ship’s empty cargo hold where it bounced merrily toward the jail cells before disappearing from view. She looked at her hands, to make sure that she had not gathered grease all over them, and then she walked toward the pair in a smooth, feline way; graceful but not meant to be seductive. It was the way she moved naturally, which betrayed an agility gained through combat training.

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: April 07, 2017, 06:42:14 PM »
I like the sound of that. If you think that practice is the right therapy for my issue, I will gladly follow your advice. Since you appear to volunteer, following that advice makes it even more tempting.” She said with a husky voice. She watched him near her, come hover above her and keeping his weight off. She knew that he was much heavier than herself. She also knew that she would not mind if he let his weight down more than he did now. He hands went to his sides, underneath his arms and slid slowly toward his waist.

She welcomed his kiss with a simmering, contained hunger. There was desire in the way that she kissed him, and there was want, but she also wanted to give it a heavy dose of sensuality. Her lips opened to him at the first hint of wanting to deepen, and her tongue sought his, like seeking her new playmate and hoping to make it a regular play date. Her hands explored his body; his form was simply perfect. She liked her guys fit and athletic but not necessarily very heavy, and he fitted the description perfectly. Right now, he appeared to want to show her how much he appreciated her body, but she knew that at some point, maybe not today but soon, she would make him feel the way he made her feel now: desired, wanted, beautiful.

She reached between them with one of her hand and caressed the heavy column of flesh that pressed against her lower abdomen. The caress was light, simply petting rather than stroking for more arousal. Chloe explored with her soft, warm hand the even warmer skin of his raging hard on. She felt the twitch, the expression of desire for sexual release in its purest of form, in her mind. She moaned softly as he caught her breast and she tensed her upper body slightly, as if trying to press her breast further into his hand.

Her free left hand moved from between them while the other caressed, explored and cupped below always in a teasingly minimal way. Her left hand came to rest behind his head, fingers running gently in his short black curls. It was finally happening. From the moment their eyes had met in the bar, she knew he was her kind of man, knew that given the chance, she would bed him. And now, it was finally happening and Chloe felt a throb at the apex of her thigh that answered the twitch against her palm. He was right: she needed this.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Person, or Persons, of Interest
« on: March 25, 2017, 06:41:24 PM »
<Maintenance Hanger, space port. @Cordell Rhodes>

That maintenance was going to cost her an arm and a leg, but the GoldHound was her home, she couldn't half-ass maintenance of a home in space. One of the two shuttles had carried most of the crew to the surface of the closest inhabitable planet: Regina. The crew was told to keep a low profile, to go and relax. To have fun of the 'not attracting trouble' kind although she was pretty sure that at least one of them would find a way to to haul trouble - and feds - back to the ship.

Right now, she hovered at the entrance of her garden pacing as she waited for one of the maintenance crew to show up and tell her what they thought needed to be done. She paced lazily, eager to go back to her doctor boyfriend. Did boyfriend apply already? Chloe had no clue. Her boots made a soft, rhythmic thud on the floor as she walked around the space. She removed her leather jacket, tossed it aside, revealing that she was dressed in black, skin-tight clothes all over: black shirt, black belt, black leather pants, even her gun was black. Killing time, she threw a few hoops until she threw it wrong and the hard ball went in an odd direction and right out of the ship through the wide open tail gate.

With a few chinese curses rolling off her tongue - that was becoming a habit, which she had to lose - she jogged off the boat and left the entrance unattended for a few minutes. She went after the ball which one of the mechanics picked up for her and toyed with her to give it back. It was a shameless attempt at a flirt, and she was not in the mood. She wanted to go down on Regina already! Her annoyance with the flirty mechanic came when he said that she looked due for a good one. The sway of his hips left no doubt as to what 'good one' he was referring to.

"Good for me, I've already got someone. Will you give me the ball or will I have to shoot you for it?" Chloe said and it was hard to tell if she was joking about shooting the guy or if she was serious, unless one knew Captain Jack for a while. She had this creepy 'don't mess with me smile' on her face and the mechanic sent the ball her way full of greasy spots. "Gee. Thanks." She told the guy, holding the ball like it had grease all over rather than just one or two spots. "This needs to be washed and disinfected now." She muttered loudly enough to be overheard. The Mechanic uttered a rather vulgar couple of words that told her to go find someone who'd do to her what he wanted to achieve through a - very much failed - attempt at flirting but his coworkers found the whole scene quite amusing.

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:20:35 PM »
<Captain’s Quarters, late evening following Mistaken Identity, @Roger Van Horn  >

If you had time to imagine, maybe I left you with too much time on your hands since you came on board.” She teased with a boyish grin, though she knew that for a moment there, as he sat in the brig, he had nothing else than his head to keep him from being bored to death. Perhaps he had imagined a few things while they were sharing a drink at the bar too. As she nudged him toward the bed, he didn’t resist, not that she expected him to. She thought that she should get him rid of his pants, and of her own before they landed on the comfortable bed.

Roger, it seemed, had a very different plan. Chloe landed on her back with a soft laugh. “Remembering ain’t the problem. Skills might be a bit rusty. Timing, and all that.” She admitted before another chuckle. She was in a really good mood, even though she was in bed with a man that was pretty much a stranger but for a few details – some of them unverified details – which was quite unusual for her. She lifted her hips easily, especially that he seemed to have no problem lifting her weight off the bed himself.

Mmhmm” She agreed when he pulled onto her pants, and spoke about making her ready. She was already aroused, but anticipating what he would be doing to her turned it up a notch. Chloe eyed him hungrily when he discarded his own clothes. She had been on a female majority ship for too long, and with males that were either not her time or far too deep into the friend zone to be considered a potential partner for a romp in the sack without awkwardness ensuing. With the doc on board, there could be a potential source of relief there. He sure seemed quite eager at the moment.

Chloe pushed herself up on the bed, and turned so that her head to rest on the pillow but her eyes remained glued to his – quite fantastic – form. Her eyes lingered here and there, and the urge to paw at him came over her a few times but she knew to be patient. Of course, when he revealed what she had been feeling when she pressed her hips to his, her smile widened that much more and her desire surged. She held out a hand, palm up, in an invitation to come closer. She wanted to pull him to her so that hands could explore and the kissing resume.

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: A Third Hat
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:02:32 PM »
<Mess hall. Early morning, just before entering the Eir Skyplex, @Talia Renoake @Emma Jacobs>

I had not pegged you for being that much of a clean freak, but I am sure fumigation can be arranged on board of the skyplex.” She joked in return. There was a part of her who felt guilty about leaving Nate on New Hope. He had not been through trial, he could be innocent, but she had a ship to run and if he had been enough of an idiot to get into a bar fight during an illegal card game, or to do anything that risked getting the ship grounded for an indeterminate amount of time, Chloe had to make the call and let him go regardless of crime committed or not.

Emma’s comment about the prices on the skyplex made Chloe snicker. “Emma, we’re docking at the skyplex for maintenance, but you can hop on board on one of the shuttles and come down on Regina where prices are less outrageous.” The captain said on her way toward the door. “I have to restock us with some pantry items that we cannot grow, so I will be doing some shopping, but… I don’t know for you two but I could use some sun, fresh air, sand and seemingly endless water. Some beach time.

She was a space person. Some people spent their lives never leaving their planet, she was the opposite. After a couple of days on land, Chloe was antsy to fly again. Right now, she wanted a few days of air that wasn’t in a giant can of metal and going through CO2 scrubbers. “Any particular, and reasonably priced, food cravings you girls have?” She asked from the door, eager to see if the man in her bed was still playing sleeping starfish or if he was finally awake.

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: A Third Hat
« on: January 30, 2017, 01:42:34 AM »
<Mess hall. Early morning, just before entering the Eir Skyplex, @Talia Renoake>

Chloe waited patiently. Talia could either accept now or decide to take some time to think about it, she was okay with it either way. The ship had no job lined up. In fact, they were heading down a three day break on Regina. If Talia wanted to take some of the time off to figure things out, it was a good time. Chloe saw that Talia needed some time to think and pondered if she should get herself a cup of tea or something, to make it easier on her friend, allowing her to think without the captain staring in apprehension.

The answer came quickly enough, and it was the one Chloe hoped for but did not dare to expect. When Talia finally gave her answer, Chloe grinned. “You have no idea how pleased and relieved I am. It’s great to know that I’ve got someone that I can count on, lifts a huge weight off my shoulders.” She added, and then Chloe turned to the source of the other voice in the room. Emma, who was offering her congratulations and her stamp of approval. Chloe simply smiled at Emma in answer, sort of like saying ‘I know’.

Chloe stood and walked around the table to hold out a hand to Talia, but if the other woman went for a hug instead, she would certainly return it. “The XO quarters are a little bigger and they’ve been cleaned. If you want to move in, make it yours, you are most welcome to them. Congratulations and thank you for accepting the position.” She offered and then waited to see if Talia would just shake her hand or go for a hug. Or maybe she needed a little more time to wrap her head around what she had to do now…

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: January 21, 2017, 05:57:34 AM »
<Captain’s Quarters, late evening following Mistaken Identity, @Roger Van Horn  >

By god, he was hot. A movement of his shoulders and his shirt was off, gone to the ground. She wondered if he was aware of his effect on her, of how intense her desire was. Now that he was shirtless, again, it crossed her mind that it was about as far as they had ever gotten before, but she had every intention to see this to a sweaty, pleasurable, and possibly affectionate end. Chloe wasn’t really thinking that far ahead; her head was not in that reasonable thinking place. It was too far gone for that.

He loved nails on his skin, or so it seemed. It was an information that she filed for later, as her hands continued beyond his belt to take his ass in her hands. His hands moved between them and he went for her belt, which made her smile that much more. “Good.” She said decisively when he said he could get on board with the idea.  As he kept on talking and brushing his lips to hers, she resisted the temptation to climb on her toes and shut him up with a deep kiss.

Out of my hands, you mean?” Chloe asked, though one of her hands went around her back and over her shirt, she managed to unhook the bra so that he would be able to pull it off her at the same time than her shirt. She smiled and arched her back so  that he could remove the shirt off her, but her opened pants and toned abs pressed firmly against his body. She raised her hands, and let him pull the shirt up as he wished. 

Though, I should give you a little warning. I might be a bit out of practice.” She pointed out as the shirt passed over her head, along with the bra. Her newly freed breasts had hard nipples and the darker areola around them were tight. Chloe would not qualify as heavy in the chest department, but not small either. It crossed her mind that he would probably find that they fit just well in his big hands. “It’s been a little while” She said, pressing her body to his with enough insistence to push him toward her bed.

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: A Third Hat
« on: January 20, 2017, 06:21:31 PM »
<Mess hall. Early morning, just before entering the Eir Skyplex, @Talia Renoake>

Chloe heard Talia’s answer and smiled. Last entry for the month. Some might think it odd for a hacker to be so keen on writing something by hand, in a book, given their affinity with computers. Chloe made sense of it in that a book cannot be hacked remotely. Someone had to get on board, get through to Talia’s quarters, find the book and read it. Entries could hardly be changed without a trace, too. Sure, pages could be torn or damaged beyond repair, or the book burned but how was that different from any computer data? It was easier to back up, well, there was that…

Chloe’s thoughts were interrupted by someone who looked a hell of a lot better than she had after the first take off from New Hope… and after the second too now that she thought about it. Cleaner, healthier, and a lot less smelly. “Emma, good morning. You look better. There are a few strawberries left from this morning, if you can find them in the fridge.” She said, feeling and sounding almost serene. The strawberries had been picked this morning right out of their very own garden.

Before they could engage in a discussion about anything, though, Chloe saw Talia enter and heard her words. A smile played on her lips as she motioned to the seat across from her. She would normally do this in the small seating area of her own quarters, but there was a man sprawled in her sheets right now, so she would rather let the man sleep and have her meeting here, in the mess hall. “I hear you. I’m hoping that the next three days on Regina will take our collective minds off the job for a bit and just rest. The ship can afford it… But that’s not why I asked you to come here.

It was unfair that she felt a tinge of guilt at replacing Nate so quickly. She knew, in the back of her mind, that he drank too much to be serious about his job and most of all to be reliable. Chloe had not even felt the slightest bit of surprise to learn that Nate had acted rashly, broken the law – allegedly – and found trouble during the short period of time that they had been on New Hope.

I’ve been thinking a lot yesterday about the last few months and I think that what happened with Nate has taken a long time coming, but he had been going down that road for a while. I just didn’t want to see it. The ship needs someone more reliable than he was, someone who has experience in leading people, and the discipline to stay focused on the job at hand. I think I’ll be looking for a new computer specialist, rather than a new second in command, if you would accept the promotion.” Her gaze was steady on Talia’s eyes, not at all shy or self-conscious about handing someone the title of second in command, even though managing people in this manner was Chloe’s least favorite task. Promoting wasn't so much an issue, of course, but kicking people out, or letting them go was definitely taking it's toll on her. At least this time, she wasn't letting go of anyone. Save perhaps Nate...

Ship Information / Re: The Heist - Episode 2
« on: January 20, 2017, 12:02:13 AM »
That would start taking care of point number 1 for sure.

Ship Information / Re: The Heist - Episode 2
« on: January 19, 2017, 11:16:22 PM »
That thread is open to all but not meant to be a "Everyone attend, please" thread. Chloe has to have a talk with Talia to see if she accepts the XO promotion. You guys have a whole IC week of unguided RP to fill, a whole ship AND the planet Regina to do it, just go and have fun, explore how your character mesh (or don't mesh, whatever floats your boat) with other characters (mine included).

This thread her was meant to get ideas about the heist, plot twist that I can add in, volunteers for the "One of our characters" spot, but so far that plot seems not to grab interest. Is it missing something?

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:38:33 AM »
<Captain’s Quarters, late evening following Mistaken Identity, @Roger Van Horn  >

Give and take…” Chloe whispered and tilted her head, a roguish smile playing on her features. There was also a hunger in the way that she looked at him. Her attraction to him had never been faked, not even when it was supposed to be. She took a step toward him, her eyes following his hands has he began to undo his  buttons. Did he have any idea how she’d tear these buttons off his shirt if it were up to her? Or how quickly he would end up naked in her bed, if he had simply agreed to surrender? He had surrendered to her once before, and ended up in the brig, so maybe he learned that lesson for the night?

Give. And take.” She repeated, as if she was pondering this exact sentence and what it meant. She walked toward him after he questioned what was her counter-offer. “We started slow. Twice. And were interrupted. I’m in the mood to take, as in taking please. But I’m not selfish, you’ll get plenty of that too.” She said, her voice a touch huskier than usual. It had been a long time since she felt so intense a desire for a man, and she knew that he returned the feeling which made it all the more difficult to resist.

They had been interrupted in the brig, though it hadn’t been planned. She had never thought that she would end up in there with him until the moment their eyes met at the bar. Becca had interrupted them, insisting to get Chloe out of the tiny containment room. And then later, in his quarters… She wasn’t going to let anything stop her now. Or at least, she did not mean to. Passage to the skyplex should be clear, and she meant to use the next few hours to let the doctor know her better. In depth.

Her hands slid under the shirt through the opening and slid around him to come to rest against the warm skin of his back. Her fingers curled and her nails pressed gently against his skin while her hands moved upward toward his shoulder blades, seeking to cause shivers rather than to scratch his skin. Her nose brushed against the edge of his jaw, but her lips came to rest against the tender skin of his throat; plush, soft, warm. Her breath brushed against the skin of his neck and then she looked up, a small challenging smile on her lips, as if to silently ask him what he was waiting for…

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Finished A Third Hat
« on: January 17, 2017, 03:47:54 PM »
<Mess hall. Early morning 2 days after Mistaken Identity, hours before entering the Eir Skyplex, @Talia Renoake, everyone may join. >

"Talia, join me in the mess hall when you have a moment. Thank you." Chloe called on shipwide com before taking a seat.

No one could accuse Chloe to be some kind of slave-driver captain. She expected to be obeyed when it mattered; she was the head of the team, but she was careful to give regular breaks to her crew between missions, especially if one of them had been severely wounded. Now wouldn’t be an exception. She knew that the dot in the distance, blue one was Regina, their destination for a bit of vacation. The ship, however, would sit pretty on the Eir skyplex, so that it could get its engine cleaned, refuel for the long run and, if they were lucky, pick up someone to lighten the burden that she was about to put on Talia, if she accepted.

Talia was already the ship’s hacker, and the one who took care of the garden. At the thought of the green space on board, Chloe smiled. It had taken quite a bit of work to get that working, and giving the crew the occasional fresh produce, but it worked. And it was her favorite place to be. It was probably why she had been spending a lot of her free time relaxing there, even if the bees sometimes took a special interest in her. With Talia wearing two hats, and Chloe about to offer her a third one, it would be best if she could let go of one of her hats and Chloe wasn’t ready to let anyone else putter around in her garden.

She sat in one of the comfortable chairs facing a broad window that allowed her to see Regina grow bigger. The color seemed to change slightly as the distance lessened, but it was still mostly a blue dot. She had done this approach a couple of times since winning the ship, sometimes as the pilot of this boat, so she knew they were on track. Becca would not let them down. Her thoughts went back to what she was about to offer. With Nate gone, his quarters cleaned and scrubbed, his belonging tossed in a cramped corner of the cargo bay for next time she’d hear from him, it left in the chain of command a gaping hole.

That was the third hat that she was about to hand Talia, if she would accept it. When it came down to it, Talia was the only one on board and she knew she could trust -and- who had an idea of how to lead a crew. Chloe had realized that she would much rather look for a hacker than for a second in command. There would be no stranger to whom she would give over her ship while she was out hunting. There was a too high risk to come back and see the Goldhound gone.

Chloe crossed her legs clad in brown cargo pants, and though they were on the ship, in the middle of space, she had a small caliber strapped to her thigh, and a hunting knife at her belt. There were elements on board that she did not yet trust fully, and these elements were all armed; so was she. Her grey shirt had seen better days, the knitting at the hem of the sleeves had pulled in one or two places before she stopped the loose stitch and secured it. It was warm, and comfortable, and very old which was why she loved it so much that she couldn’t make herself toss it away. What would she do if Talia refused?

Ship Information / Re: The Heist - Episode 2
« on: January 13, 2017, 03:26:22 PM »
I'd like to do a very short (possibly as few as two or three posts from each of us) where Talia receives her promotion if that suits.

Definitely. :)

Time wise, I think Chloe would do it just before letting everyone loose for the R&R, so that Talia can celebrate properly and all that :)

Ship Information / Re: The Heist - Episode 2
« on: January 11, 2017, 05:57:17 PM »
For the Sandbox,

I'd expect some RP between Chloe and the Dr.,  it's already started.

Bert is supposed to ask Becca out on a date. Still on board with that Ark?

If any one of you want to have a thread with either characters, I'm up.

For the quest:
I'm always up for throwing my characters in trouble, but I want to give everyone a chance to play and be the center of attention of a plot. I'll step in only to fill the possible voids.

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: January 11, 2017, 02:05:47 PM »
<Captain’s Quarters, late evening following Mistaken Identity, @Roger Van Horn >
Chloe suddenly realized that standing there, staring at the door, screamed that she was waiting for him. She picked a random book on her shelf, which turned out to be a book about expensive pieces of art that had been stolen or lost. Some of them were worth millions of credits. How did she dream about finding just one of these; it would secure the Goldhound’s future in the black and she would never -need- to work again, though she knew she would. Wasting away doing nothing with life seemed a waste.

Chloe noticed that while she had opened the book at a random page to make it look like she had been at it for a few minutes, she held the book upside down. Hastily, she turned it around, and flipped a page. She was tense, expecting him to come into her room at any time now. When he knack, she almost jumped to her feet and threw the book away. It took a measure of control not to, and she managed to close the book, put it on the table, and stand normally. If he saw her, he wouldn’t think that there was anything out of sorts, would he? Surely, she didn’t look like she had been -waiting- for him?

She hated that sort of insecurity. It simply wasn’t her to second-guess herself this way. She walked to the door and opened it wider, giving the handsome hunk on the other side a broad, welcoming smile. “Sure thing” She answered and moved out of the way to let him in. Was he there because he found her beautiful and he liked her? Because she was the captain? Or some other darker motive, like feeling he was entitled to a romp with her since it was what she had lured him on board with? She had no clue but right there and then Chloe decided that it simply didn’t matter. His motives, whatever they were, would lead him to do things to her that she desired. Her motives were simple: He was very handsome and the man sure knew how to kiss. It was somewhat unsettling to think that he would know more about her body than she did, being a doctor and all, but that thought was promptly ignored.

I think we’ve settled the matter of comfortable quarters, of the stocked infirmary… We did discuss the money. What would you like to negotiate? The terms of your surrender to me?” Chloe asked with a quirked eyebrow and a lop-sided smile. She pushed the door to a close and locked the it, just a switch flipped that he would be able to unlock should he want to leave. It prevented anyone barging in, should there be need. It had happened before, and so Chloe took precautions. She wondered if his short stint in her brig would have him dislike being locked in, but since he could unlock the door if he wanted to, she figured it would be fine.

Crew Quarters / Mature Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: January 09, 2017, 09:45:19 PM »
<Captain’s Quarters, late evening following Mistaken Identity, @Roger Van Horn >
Chloe had pondered going straight to Roger’s room. Actually, she had thought about going straight to his room, shut the door, don’t let him say a word and just resume where they had been interrupted. She didn’t take to people that quickly, usually, and she certainly didn’t take men in her quarters that quickly. Maybe it was just the way he looked at her, or how genuine he sounded when he said that she was one of the most beautiful women, to him. She had no clue, but the desire for him was there and had not faded in the least over the last few hours.

She decided going straight for him because she didn’t want to appear desperate. She stopped by her quarters, made sure that all the running around didn’t make her smelly in any way, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair. She tidied up her cabin, not that it needed it much and finally she had to come to terms with the fact that being with him made her nervous, and that there was nothing else left for her to do than to open the door and see if his was open too.

Was he nervous? Anxious to have his way with her? God, he was so warm, an firm, and passionate. She thought about his eyes, his lips and how he kissed her, and how his hands touched her and… If she were a guy, Chloe thought to herself, she would have worked herself a solid boner right about now. She was aroused at the simple idea of him, at the anticipation of what he would do to her. She walked toward the door when a sound caught her attention: her boots.

If she had decided against changing because the clothes would be thrown away quite soon, she was sure, removing her boots now could save a lot of hassle after. She sat on her little loveseat and started the long process of untying her high boots. They were mostly military standard issue, but have a few embellishments in the form of extra buckles… Someone knocked at her door, and she knew it was Becka because it was on the main deck side of the room.

Captain. It’s just to report that the drive to Eir Skyplex is mapped and we’re on our way there. Estimated arrival in 20 hours. The weapon crate has been retrieved. Do you want the ship’s remote monitor or do you want me to take the first shift?” She asked as soon as the captain opened her door.

Take the first shift. Wake me up in… 6? Make that 7.” Chloe requested.

I can make it eight if you want, unless there’s an emergency. I’ve had a long nap after dinner, I ain’t gonna sleep soon.”

That would be -lovely-.” Chloe said and her exhaustion could be heard in her voice.

We goin’ to have some R&R anytime soon? The crew could use it…”” Rebecca asked, sounding both hesitant and hopeful.

Looking into it. Good night, Becks.” Chloe said and the pilot returned the favor. With her door closed, and locked, she decided to head to the other door, hoping that she had not gotten to the point where she seemed uninterested. He knew she was busy as the captain, but…  Checking up on Emma, making sure that the new people are settled and everything is ready to let her sleep a few hours in a row. She opened the door to the hallway that connected all sleeping quarters and dimmed the light to a soft, relaxing glow.

Now, all she had to do is wait and hope that he would come.

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