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The Verse / Re: Fixin' Stuff That Needs Fixin'
« on: December 02, 2017, 03:31:10 PM »
As far as first kisses went, this one was pretty damn near perfect. Rebecca started slow, wanting to give him time to wrap his head around it happening, here and now, and on her own terms rather than his. He did not waste time answering, but she had not expected him to. There was a moment where she wasn’t sure if he’d embrace her or simply limit himself to kissing, but then she felt his arm around her back and her mind was put at ease.

Rebecca tilted her head to allow a deeper kiss, and her body covered the small distance remaining between them to come and press itself against him. Her bag hit the floor of the shuttle with a soft thud when she decided to wrap both of her arms around his neck. They had been flirting so long, and  she had thought about kissing him more than once. Sometimes more than once during the same encounter, but always something stopped her. Either it was the lingering weed smell on his breath, or all that hair on his face, or sometimes it was just the wrong moment because there were other people around…

She had no excuses now, and Rebecca intended not to look for one. That kiss was finally happening. He would know how long she had been celibate, how she often remained on the ship while everyone else was on errands. She very rarely took the opportunity for a quick romp in some port with a stranger. That wasn’t her thing. She liked casual, sometimes, but she needed a connection of some kind to want to be with someone, and she had that connection with him. He was so much fun to have around, made her smile and laugh. He made the black a far less lonely place.

Rebecca brought the kiss to an end in a most natural way, but she did not pull back completely. She brushed her lips against his teasingly as she opened her eyes. “You know, we should do that more often,” she said softly and one of his hands came to caress his soft cheek. Her gaze went to his, wanting to see his reaction to the kiss and to her word, but she did not take a step away from him, nor did she moved her head enough to prevent resuming the kiss if he so wished.

The Verse / Re: Fixin' Stuff That Needs Fixin'
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:50:30 AM »
Rebecca agreed to what Bert said with a slow nod. It was very true. Emma did not behave like a companion. She was a bit rough around the edges, had a… slouched style to her with some rather doubtful principles and ideas. Rebecca was pretty sure that a proper companion hitting on her would not make her feel like it was time to run for the hills. Emma sure did.

I know, Bert. We’ve spent ‘nough time in the black together, you ain’t always stone. Even when you are, you still ain’t that stone unless you wanna sleep but can’t.” Rebecca said, answering in kind of his comment. It was really just a request, so that the kiss would not taste like an old ash tray. Not that she had ever tasted one of these herself.

You don’t do subtle, Bert, and ain’t sure you do romantic either.” She said, and laughed softly. Her duffle in hand, she was ready to go, but she still stopped standing right in front of him, her clear green eyes set onto his. “But man, you need to learn to see an opportunity when you see one.” She pointed out, crooked smile on her lips. She climbed onto her toes, carefully grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her for a kiss.

She wasn’t against being the one to take the first steps, but she had tried to wait for him to grab that opportunity. Now that it was obvious they were both willing to get at least at the kissing stage of their friendship-that-may-eventually-include-benefits, she didn’t want to wait anymore, there was just no reason to. They were safe, inside the shuttle, and if the kiss was disastrous, she knew that they would both laugh it off and give it another try with some adjustments. She wasn’t too sure how the captain would see mechanic and pilot “with benefits” but given that she was not so subtly sleeping with the doctor…

The Verse / Re: Fixin' Stuff That Needs Fixin'
« on: September 11, 2017, 12:24:20 PM »
Rebecca was stressed taut. The more she thought about going up that intake, the more wound up she was. She knew that if she had to do it, if her life depended on it, she had to avoid thinking and just go in. She had done the overthinking part now, and it was too late. Her gaze went from the intake, to Bert, and back to the dreaded opening. Mechanic was not her thing, she justified in her mind, but she could not lie to herself. There was more to it than that. Tight, dark space, especially if dangerous, was just a big, fat nope.

Her gaze stopped on him and with his words, the tension in her whole body eased up from violin string-taut to her usual more relaxed self. Everything was fine, real vacation starting. She gave him a broad smile and nodded her head. She was very sure that the slight pull she felt from the intake was not going to blow them into pieces or  crash-land them with the take off.  “I didn’t think I was bein’ particularly sneaky. Neither was she. To be honest, she makes my skin crawl. Dunno if it’s companion trainin’ or no-so-subtle hittin’ on me, or what…but yeah. I’m sure.” she said, knowing that she could talk like this to Bert without causing a problem on the ship.

Bert. A woman’s gonna give you only so many invites to kiss her before she decides to move on to someone more… cooperatin’ or interested.” She teased and she walked passed him to go get her belongings in the shuttle before making it secure to be left on it’s own. As she did so, she bumped her shoulder against him playfully. “Do it before you smoke, please. I’d like a fonder memory of our first kiss than the taste of smoke and weed.” She teased him, and gave him something of a roguish grin.

His flirts had not gone unnoticed, but she was never one for flirting. She could, if she put some thoughts into it, and she appreciated all the compliments for sure. There had been the issue of all that facial hair, but now… Now there was no facial hair issue. There was no attraction issue. And there were no chaperone who would stick to them like some piece of tape you just couldn’t manage to get off your skin, no matter how hard you tried.

The Verse / Re: Fixin' Stuff That Needs Fixin'
« on: August 31, 2017, 06:17:42 PM »
Becca chuckled and nodded in reaction to his comment about the doc and the captain’s reaction if he had had a different look. She might have tried to seduce the doctor if the captain had not put her hands on him first. He was a handsome guy, well-built, obviously quite intelligent if he really was a doctor. At the same time, going for someone who knew more about her own body than herself made her uneasy. Yeah, no, she wouldn’t have gone for the doctor herself. Besides… Bert was so much more fun.

As she headed out, talked about trying harder to seduce him, he was rather blunt about what he thought of her seduction skills and of his answer to them. She laughed softly and glanced his way with a crooked, roguish smile. “Duly noted” She said, and finally, they were outside. So, being with Bert was going to happen. The idea left her feeling both excited and more than a little anxious.

This kind of affairs on the ship could turn its atmosphere from a nice, big family to a cold, unpleasant, hostile one if the two involved fought constantly or broke it off with a heavy resentment. How awkward would it be if Bert didn’t enjoy his time with her? She wasn’t without experience, and certainly wasn’t a virgin, but he had not exactly been focusing on boys since becoming an adult. Her knowledge and experience were both rather limited. What if she was all awkward, did something really stupid or…

Crawl in there. Doesn’t sound fun. And it’s rather high.” Making it a little obvious that her resistance shown earlier in the shuttle wasn’t about being difficult, or wanting to do things her own way. The idea to go into that space was making her skin crawl. She wasn’t a mechanic for a good reason: she wanted to be the one to use the engines to move things, not the one to get into tight spaces to go fix things. She whispered  a rather long string of Chinese curses under her breath.

Please tell me that ain’t just some opportunity to get a good feel of my ass, cuz you really don’t need an excuse. Just kiss me first and...” She wasn’t too proud to admit that tight spaces scared the shit out of her, but she didn’t really want to advertise it either. It was obvious in her behavior, as she sore or glared at the space where she’d have to go check on things that she was absolutely not comfortable. “It was minimal, you know. Nothing that can’t wait until we’re back on the skypex. I just wanted to get rid of Emma and be left alone with you…” She admitted, glancing his way, and then back at the engine.

The Verse / Re: Fixin' Stuff That Needs Fixin'
« on: July 14, 2017, 03:45:48 AM »
Depends on the doctor, really.” She said from her perch while she watched Bert work on the shuttle. She could have shut up, they would have made it back on the Goldhound safely, and Bert would already be on vacation. But no, she had had to say something in hopes to shake off the XO and the merc, one of which seemed to want to stick to them more than Becca felt comfortable with. She had the nagging feeling that it was about sticking to -her-, and she just didn’t swing that way. She could find a woman beautiful, but in spite of their talk about women turning to other women when there weren’t any available men around, Becca wasn’t convinced that that label stuck to her.

When he spoke of biological clock, she wondered if he included himself into that. The idea of a family with Bert felt a bit… off. His love of the weed clashed with her idea of what it would take for a man to be a good father. He always kept the ship top-shape, though so it wasn’t like he had no sense of responsibilities. Rebecca suddenly shook her head when she realized that she was actually evaluating Bert’s potential as a father. Where did -that- come from?

Rebecca felt a mix of flattery and guilt when he admitted that what she had said regarding his facial hair weighed in the balance. She didn’t know if he was serious about the warmth here, but she didn’t question it. She had no clue if facial hair really held that much warmth, but she knew that longer hair did, like now she wished that she had thought about keeping a hair tie around her wrist to put her hair up. “Suits you, Bert. It really does. I’m glad I could get a good look at you without that curtain of hair.” She said and stood from her chair.

The movement was unaffected; she simply got up and moved on toward the exit of the shuttle. She did stretch again before she went out, though. “You sayin’ that I don’t look sexy and enticin’ all the time? Gotta try harder seducin’ you then.” She said and shook her head. She let out a heavy sigh, mocked, and then gave Bert a broad smile. She was trying to bait him into making a move, into letting her know what he wanted with her, but things would go as fast, or as slow, as he would  want them to.

The Verse / Re: Fixin' Stuff That Needs Fixin'
« on: June 17, 2017, 07:56:29 PM »
Alright. I’ll sit here lookin’ pretty while you work.” She agreed although it bothered her somewhat to be useless for the time being. She set herself comfortable, feet propped up and hands behind her head. From where she was, she could watch him work and whenever he would look toward her, he’d get an eyeful of her slender form as well. She wished that the crew had this kind of leave more often. Rebecca felt like she could use some. Being on the surface of a planet did not have the same feel as artificial gravity. It might just be in her head, but… It felt comfortable being on the surface of the planet, and safe too.

Rebecca snorted when he started talking about body “maintenance”. She clearly didn’t buy it. “Like you, I’ve got my own two hands to take care of business. There ain’t no stress there. Nah, but sometimes I do wonder. With all the time we spend up there, if I ain’t missin’ out on the whole house, husband and kids experience. I still got time for that, but it’s naggin’ at me every once in a while. ” She said and sighed, but it wasn’t a depressed sigh. It was a comfortable in that chair, being on vacation and stress free kind of sigh.

Talkin’ men’s something I prefer to do with other women. No offense to your good ears.” She said and chuckled, then she pondered his next words and there it was again, the hint that they could do something physical and interesting. “Bert, did you shave because of what I said in the galley the other day?” She asked point blank. She wanted to know, because the idea that he might have made her feel both flattered and guilty. Flattered because it showed a definite interest in her, but guilty because he had gotten rid of something that he obviously liked for her. Unless growing his beard had been just laziness and no will to shave, but regardless; she wasn’t too sure on how to feel about it.

The Verse / Re: Fixin' Stuff That Needs Fixin'
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:31:57 PM »
Oh I heard alright. I told -you- that I can’t help with the thruster, ‘cause I wouldn’t know what to look for. I ain’t the mechanic of this boat.” She said, wondering if they were both speaking the same language, because it sure seemed like they didn’t even though they both seemed to believe they stated the obvious. She remained sprawled in her seat, feet propped up while Bert did his thing. Her bag was still packed, and she wanted to book at room at one of the small, cheap but clean bed and breakfast. She wanted to sleep in a real bed, in a real room, and hopefully in a real house, rather than a tower of room with noisy tenants.

That kinda likin’? Oh no. Ain’t that kind. I think the captain has a thing for the doc. Chloe’s no same-team player, nope. Sometime, when we go in a town together, we talk men like two teenagers with ragin’ hormones. I guess that’s what spendin’ that much time in space can do to two healthy young women. Pretty sure blondie will be out lookin’ for a decent hunk for a bit of relief. Looks like she could use it, too.” She said, roguish smile on her lips, and she straightened a little in her seat when she stretched her slender, delicate body lazily.

Grab your swim trunks, your towel and I’ll bring the sunscreen to the party. I really hope there’s a quiet, secluded spot somewhere on that beach. Ain’t it bad that I seek to avoid people – strangers, mainly, you are quite welcome – as much as possible while we’re planet side?” She couldn’t help but to think that she ought to be out already, and hunting for a decent mate for her vacation. Thing was, there was a pretty good potential right here, in this shuttle, and she was quite willing to see where that would head before she sought out a stranger for some intimacy.

The Verse / Re: Fixin' Stuff That Needs Fixin'
« on: May 27, 2017, 04:09:19 PM »
I’m sacrificin’ a couple of hours of a much deserved vacation to help you get yours as fast as possible, and you’re tellin’ me the best I can do is sit and look pretty? If you really don’t need me, I’ll head to the beach while the sun’s still high. And can’t tell what’s wrong with thrusters, when I ain’t got a clue what it looks like when it’s right.” She said, taking his words as something of a dismissal. Maybe she had taken his willingness to trim on the hair as not specific to her, but more trying to broaden the number of ladies who might be interested in sharing his time?

I trust Talia. The other one… Jury’s still out.” Becca said as she went and sat back into her pilot seat. She stretched her legs and landed the heel of her boots on the edge of the co-pilot’s seat. She wasn’t one to sit all straight and proper unless there was a reason to. With no higher ups with them now, sprawling comfortably, legs propped up, appeared to be the way to go. She tried not to have an opinion of crew members before she had an opportunity to get to know them at least a little.

Pretty much. Ain’t every weekend we can kill time at the beach. We discussed that already, you offered to help me with sunscreen, remember? If I can find somewhere quiet enough, I might try to get a tan without bikini top tan lines…” She said with a crooked smile. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  “What about you? Any plans?” She asked, trying to see if he would make good on his words and keep her company a bit, or if he would go on the hunt for an easier, less picky conquest.

She had no real illusion regarding Bert. She figured that she was one of the few ladies on board of the Goldhound who would not poke a hole in him, or rip him a new one for flirting and that the man enjoyed a flirt. She knew that she wasn’t ugly, but that didn’t mean that she was every man’s ideal of beauty either. He was cute and fun to have around, but it wasn’t like she had a crush on him or anything… right?

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: May 23, 2017, 06:36:49 PM »
It’s a place that is used to tourists, Emma. I’m sure you’ll find a place real quick if you just look around.” She said, with a broad smile. The excitement of getting out of the ship, planet side, walking in the sand and possibly forcibly take a gulp of sea water… She was finally letting it show in a more than a “kick back and chill” kind of way. As piloting required, Rebecca had solid nerves, and it took a lot to put her off balance. She also had an outstanding focus. But now that work was truly behind her, she would allow her more relaxed nature to come out.

Rebecca waved a hand to the XO as she left the shuttle, “See you in 70 hours” And no before  if she had her way. She had nothing against the XO, she was pretty cool actually. Just like she had nothing against Emma. Except that now she had the opportunity of spending 70 hours away from anything work related, and she would certainly take it. It was a small town, though, they were bound to bump into each other and it wouldn’t upset Rebecca or anything. She was just not going to go out of her way to meet with them. A few days without sharing canned air would be awesome.

Bert was the exception.

Rebecca’s hand moved from his shoulder to the back of his neck, something that was easier to do now that he had cut his hair significantly shorter. Her fingers brushed against the skin of his neck, and she turned to him. “So, where do we start, boss? I promise to be real helpful so you can get your vacation time soon.” She said, trying to get work out of the way, so they could head to the beach and do the beach thing.

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« on: May 11, 2017, 11:05:27 PM »
Rebecca chuckled when she heard the exchange between Emma and Talia regarding language. Few spoken things bothered her. Swear, talk about sex, whatever. She had been around men who were more than just “rough around the edges” so she had had to grow a thick skin or else she would have stopped being a pilot for anything short of big, fancy ship, and she wouldn’t fit there any more either.

Willin’ to gather somewhere for the last meal before we go back. Meet here three hours before lift off? We’ll see if one of us has found anythin’ worth eatin’ around here. I ain’t goin’ shoppin’ Emma, can’t help you there, mate.” She offered, getting off her pilot seat to stretch her body as if to evacuate some tension and stress in her back and shoulders.  She was sure that there was at least one place that was worth a stop to stuff her face on real food before returning on the Goldhound. The garden offered a serious upgrade to some previous employments who had her live off disgusting rations, but restaurant-quality meals? And she had quite a few credits to spend since she did not have the vice of alcohol, drug or shopping.

She didn’t spare a glance toward Bert yet although she was pretty sure that everyone on the Goldhound had heard their sort-of-flirtatious banter at one point or the other. She did walk by his seat and put a hand on his shoulder, waiting for the two others to vacate before they would talk together for a moment. “I’ll keep you company for a bit if you don’t mind.” She told Bert so that he wouldn’t have the feeling that she had pointlessly ruined his vacation time. The vibration had been minor, surely it wouldn’t take much to fix it.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: April 23, 2017, 03:51:43 PM »
 “You’re a team player who likes to work on your own. Makes sense to me. It ain’t like pilotin’ is the most social of profession. Unless you count talkin’ to the mechanic or to them.” She said, pointing at her headset, to indicate that she was talking about the different port authorities, or ships that would hail them. Otherwise, she had someone to talk to only if someone did like Emma now, and came to sit by her in the cockpit of the GoldHound.

It looks like vacation. Real vacation. Not like stayin’ on board of some space station lookin’ over some brown moon or tryin’ to kill time on the ‘Hound.” Vacation, she could smell it, well almost. She agreed with Talia’s statement about her own ability to work the garden where Rebecca would be nothing other than a disaster in the making. She had no clue how much to water the plants, and how often, when to weed (or what, for that matter), when to plant things. Harvesting seem rather straightforward: red tomato was ready to be eaten, right?

She slowly brought the plane down, letting her crew mates talk while she focused on not turning them into a flaming ball, or a crater. The shuttle’s control were responding appropriately, although she felt a little something off, a light vibration in the shuttle that shouldn’t be there. “Bert, you’ll have to take a minute when the shuttle’s cold. Left thruster seems  a little shakey.” She stated in a most professional tone, her focus obvious in the way she handled everything and in the evenness of her tone.

The shuttle reached the space port, and Rebecca landed it as smoothly as could be managed. She was a natural born pilot, and had a very instinctive understanding of how a ship would respond. Slowly, she powered it off, not yet opening the hatch. Those who were in a hurry to leave, could certainly hit the big, red button by the door, grab their gear and go enjoy the beach “Welcome to Sunnvyvale, Regina. Thank you for flying with Air Goldhound. I hope you enjoyed your trip. The return flight is in exactly 74 hours, as per captain’s orders. Be safe – also the captain’s orders – and don’t get in trouble.” she said, forcing herself to shake the rim world accent as she playfully bid her crew mates a good vacation time in the coastal down.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: April 10, 2017, 07:08:07 AM »
Volleyball ain’t really my thing, but I’d share an umbrella with you, a sunrise too. And I definitely need help with sunscreen on my back.” The whole plan, other than the volleyball, the weed-seeking and smoking sounded quite interesting to her. Rebecca and Bert did get along together very well, in spite of their difference. They had a lot in common even if Rebecca was more grounded. She accepted, rather than merely tolerated, all of Bert’s little quirks, crazy theories and his flirts. Now that he had cut back on the hair, Rebecca knew that there was more to this vacation and just going down at the beach. They would find some time to be just the two of them together during the coming days for sure.

She let the two other women talk together regarding Jack without intervening. If there was one thing that she was clueless about, it was clothing size. She knew her own but other than to say someone was bigger, thinner, taller or smaller than her, she could be at a loss. “Doesn’t sound like the most interestin’ thing to do to me; I can’t grow anything, I just kill the poor plants. But I sure will enjoy the results if you find anythin’.” she claimed and just as she finished her sentence, the shuttle had a little tremor, a warning of turbulence to come while entering Regina’s atmosphere.

Rebecca swiveled, believing that no one needed to hear the order to buckle up. She strapped herself to her seat, took the controls into her hand and guided the shuttle into Regina’s atmosphere as smoothly as she could. The entry was bumpy, the nose of the shuttle ionized for a moment, but after a few minutes of flight that was as bumpy as she had promised, the shuttle levelled and the ride became smooth again. They were above an ocean, under a clear blue sky, but the small town was visible in the distance, as well as a wide band of sand running along the edge of the ocean. There was a lot of unoccupied space, away from the town, and Rebecca already had an idea of where she would want to spend some of her “alone” time in the sun.

That went well. Emma, hit the switch under the green light, will you?” Becka asked her “copilot” and pointed which light she was speaking of without really looking.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: March 31, 2017, 02:33:46 AM »
The look on her face was clearly indicating that being called princess was not appreciated, but it was nothing more than a brief disapproval. Other than Jack, Bert was probably the person with whom she had to work with the most, and had spent most time too. Pilot and mechanic being on good terms made for a smooth-running ship. She knew that he had not called her princess because she was being unreasonably bossy – she wasn’t unreasonably bossy – or because she sounded vain or snobbish. Or at least she hoped that it was an awkward attempt at a flirt and nothing else…

No, in a limited air supply ship, smoking it up was definitely not a way that she could see being comfortable. Besdes, she did smoke once in a while, but it wasn’t her favorite thing in the world. Given that they were about to make entry in a particularly bumpy atmosphere, she wanted to have all of her wits about her and then some. She had a dozen reasons not to want that joint lit in here, and she was glad that if he was smoking weed, he wasn’t the kind that was so disrespectful to others and selfishly indulged no matter the consequences to those around him.

I know what I’d do. I’d pick up somethin’ to go, grab a good book, head to the beach and find a real quiet place to enjoy all three in turns. That’s a good plan, now that I think about it.” She told Talia and gave her a crooked smile. When Emma spoke of getting new clothes, Rebecca nodded slowly. She did not need anything herself, but shopping was a good idea, when one could afford it, and then she turned to Bert and asked. “What about you? Any plans for the next three days other than hunt for new… medicinal plants?” She asked, the hesitation more about the doubtful use of the word than anything.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: March 26, 2017, 10:36:36 PM »
<15 minutes before landing in Sunnyvale, Planet Regina. @Bert Manfeld, @Talia Renoake @Emma Jacobs >

I ain’t gonna drink it. Sometimes, you can taste it in the air.” She explained but she was pretty sure that he was just pulling her leg. The sound of the lighter caught her attention and she looked at Bert again, and it was instantly obvious that she disagreed with the idea of him smoking weed in her shuttle. She felt somewhat relieved that his faithful lighter was very much at the end of its current supply of sparks or gas, it saved her the duty of being the party pooper.

Emma changed that, though, when she offered her own. “Hey now, not on board of the shuttle. The last thing I want, is to meet a handsome hunk down there, get all cozy and realize that I have the smell of weed stuck in my hair.” She said, reaching for Emma’s arm and attempting to pull the lighter away from Bert’s reach.

Wait a couple minutes, Bert, then you can get out and smoke all the weed you got… Outside. I got this shuttle real clean and shiny, you ain’t gonna stink it up.” She admonished, but there was a smile on her lips. If his weed habit bothered her, she had never let it show, never been judgmental about it. It was his life, it wasn’t like they were getting married or anything.

I seen people do crazy things on waves. I heard about body surfin’. I think it’s just about swimmin’ far enough to catch a good wave, and then let the wave carry you back. Lots of efforts, if you ask me; I might give it a shot.” She said and a sound caught her ears and she suddenly straighten up to take her headset.

Goldhound shuttle one, on approach. No sir. Just a little break from space. No merchandise to sell, no illegal substances… No food. We’re hopin’ to get some real good food on Regina. Tha’s correct. 15 minutes out… Ah, We plannin’ to land near Sunnyvale, is that goin’ to be a problem?... Thank you.”  She adjusted the flight path a little, and then announced to her shipmates: “We’re clear for landin’. I know some worlds that are far fussier than that…

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: March 22, 2017, 05:34:59 PM »
Becka inhaled to speak when Bert decided to let his seat to Emma. She had made her choice, after it was implied that it was given to her, and yet no one bothered to pay attention as to whom she did want to sit beside her. She had nothing against Emma, really. She was another crew member, another woman, and she had a thing for guns, good for her. Becka had known Bert far longer and… Well they would have the next three days to find time to sit beside one another, Becka just decided to make the best of it.

Wouldn’t touch that, at least not if you mean to land safe, alive and well on Regina.” The pilot said, just a touch sharply. Venting atmo would take seconds on this shuttle and it wasn’t something that Becka was keen to experience. She listened to the back and forth about the war between the two who have been there. It was interesting, and it was crew bonding which was not going to cause anyone harm for sure.

Aw… but I’m so much more than just a pretty face.” Rebecca replied to Emma in a mocked expression of snobbishness and superiority. She even sent some of her long brown strands behind her shoulder with an affected flick of her wrist, then her face broke into a goofy grin. Becka was usually no so playful, and more quiet, keeping to the cockpit or lounging in the dining room before the larger window that was there.  Being sociable was good, though, and so was getting to know the people with whom – if Jack kept being true to herself – she’d find herself with, neck deep in trouble.

When the XO spoke, her gaze shifted from Emma, to Bert and then finally to Talia. With a glance over her should she looked at the size of Regina in the screen, but also at some of her instruments. “Twenty before we’ve got to strap on, ma’am” She said still on her light-hearted tone. “I can almost taste the salt of the sea…” She added with a dreamy tone.

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« on: March 10, 2017, 01:05:54 AM »
Rebecca listened to the older woman and the companion talk about how beautiful women would go for men that were not on the same level, beauty-wise, if they were worth it. She believed them, she valued personality and cleanliness over a perfectly symmetrical face. Her aversion for beards were more practical. Heck, she didn’t mind Bert’s longer hair before he had it cut. It was the facial hair that made her hesitant. There was no hesitation now, she just wanted to be chased a little before giving in…

One announced that she was going to take a nap, and it would have been a good time to do it, since there was pretty much nothing to do on board of the shuttle but to talk, to snack, and she remembered a deck of cards in one of the drawers that wasn’t filled with first aid equipment both for humans, and for the shuttle. Rebecca was aware that someone was coming her way, and when she turned her head, she saw that it was Bert.

Oh?” She replied when he said that he felt bad for her, and then he went on telling her exactly why he felt so bad for her and she chuckled. It was classic Bert talk. Well, more classic would have had something about weed inserted in it, but there was nothing surprising in his words. Her mind raced for something to answer, considering that they were not alone, but Emma said something and Rebecca laughed some more.

Being on board of the Goldhound was good life, but sometimes it was rather stressful. Now that there was absolutely no stress on the horizon – save the bumpy entry in Regina’s atmo – she felt light-hearted, and in a good mood. Bert had, maybe knowingly, found the best possible moment to hit on her. “Are you really so bored, or am I so pretty both of you want the seat next to me?” She asked, it was obviously just light-hearted talk rather than fishing for compliments or  being vain, both of which were completely out of character for the down-to-earth. With her gaze locked onto Bert, she made a small jerk of her head to the seat beside hers. He had asked first after all…

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: March 01, 2017, 06:45:55 PM »
The idea of very spicy curry made Becca wrinkle her nose. It was bad enough when it was hot out, she did not need to feel like the fire came from her mouth and went right down into her guts. Considering that the vacation was three days, she was not going to complain about having three days of very warm weather, and she would certainly not go after a very spicy curry. Cold showers were more her thing, or spending time in water when the sun wasn’t the kind to roast you alive within the hour.

Ain’t it sad? They’re so often very hot ones, real losses for women in a way. Make the best of boy friends though. You can talk guy with them, and get insight from both sides in the same person. Well, sometimes anyway.” Her tone indicated that she was being quite light-hearted and not overly serious about her opinion. She knew there were ugly gay guys out there, and that there were some that could simply not relate to women even in their attraction toward men.

Here we go.” She said when the permission to lift off and leave for Regina finally came through the coms. Rebecca was a young pilot but she had the eye and the skill. The trip would be mostly smooth, but the entry into Regina’s atmosphere had always been a bit rocky for her. Hopefully this time would be best. It’s only when they had broken away from the skyplex gravity that Becca spoke again, it had taken a few minutes, at best.

Alright, you can move about. There ain’t no way I’m gonna stay put, starin’ at the blue ball getting’ bigger for hours.” She turned her head to look at Bert, a small knowing smile playing on her lips. She was inviting him to come forward and talk to her, as she was sure he was dying to do. Secure some of her time spent on Regina, perhaps? It was just too much of a coincidence that he had gone full baby face and shorter hair just says after she told him she didn’t like overly hairy guys…

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:52:20 PM »
<Shuttle, from the skyplex to Regina (3h flight) @Bert Manfeld @Talia Renoake @Emma Jacobs >

I ain’t been in no military boot camp, but with a mom like mine, might as well have been. No wrinkles on the bed, nothing under the bed and don’t think ‘bout sweepin’ that dust under the rug. No Ma’am.” Rebecca said to Talia with a crooked smile. She was most definitely in a good mood, borderline festive. It wouldn’t be overly surprising to find her a little drunk by the time the sun went down on their part of Regina.

I had to get my hair out of my ex’s beard. All the time. Does that count?” She asked Bert with a smirk.They both knew he wouldn’t have shaved or had his hair trimmed if it weren’t for the fact that she had told him she preferred baby face over beard anytime of the week. Her eyes went to him when he spoke and it was like she was looking at a whole new person. It was like someone whom had had glasses all their life, and suddenly decided to wear contact. It suited him, she found him a lot easier on the eye this way for sure, but it was odd in a good kind of way.

She swiveled in her chair and let the other people do the talking while she started to fire up the engine. She nodded in answer to Emma’s question, and while she still faced the flight interface, pressing here and there, she answered. “I got a landin’ spot waitin’ for us in a small coastal town. It’s gonna be a long day, it’s dawn, so we’ll be there about three or four hours after the sun’s up. Sunnyvale is a nice little coastal town, been there twice. I go there each time we stop here for a few days. Buckle up, the ride’s usually a lil’ bumpy.” The door behind them slowly swung shut. Rebecca knew that those who wanted to go to a big city town would have to take the captain’s shuttle and since Ryu had left as soon as they had landed on the skyplex, the people in her shuttle were pretty much every crew remember but the captain and the doc, who would no doubt spent time with the captain…

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: February 16, 2017, 07:57:06 AM »
<Shuttle, from the skyplex to Regina (3h flight) @Bert Manfeld @Talia Renoake @Emma Jacobs >
Daydreamin’ of sun and beaches, of vacation and doin’ just about nothin’ but bein’ real lazy for three consecutive days. Not sleepin’.” Rebecca said, a broad smile on her lips. Sleeping was not quite on her agenda for the coming days, since it was something that she could catch up on during her time off the pilot seat on the ship. Still, it would be done, eventually but not now. She was way too wired to reach anything close to dozing off.

I’ve been here for an hour. I cleaned up the shuttle, dusted it off, cleaned garbage, threw out snacks that were way, way past their date. If you’re that hungry, there are some fresh snacks in the small cupboard. Nothin’ fancy, more like makin’ sure none of us go into hypoglycemic shock or somethin’, but it’ll stop makin’ you feel like you have a black hole where your stomach is.” She pointed at the small door where there were small things like granola bars individually-wrapped cookies, all things from their last trip into the Core.

Rebecca’s eyes went to the door when she heard the familiar voice. “Who’re you? When d’you get on board of the Goldhound?” She asked Bert, jokingly. So he had given her comment a thought, and acted upon it. Rebecca didn’t want to analyze how that made her feel, but there it was. A mix of feeling flattered, of knowing for certain that he was interested in her – not that he was particularly discreet about it, but he was showing some dedication now – and a bit of guilt that he had done it to be with her.

Wow that’s quite a change.” She almost went ahead and told him that he really wanted that date with her, but her brain-to-mouth filter kicked in, Talia’s presence was factored in, and the comment did not pass her lips. Yet. Rebecca chuckled when she saw her other companions’ reaction. She had a reason to explain the sudden change: she had told Bert that if he ever dared to hope for a date with her, he had to trim down on the facial hair, because she did not like beards. She did not mind his longer hair but the beard… no. And there it was, clean face, shorter hair; it would all grow back if he let it, but right now this was as good as asking her for a date coming from him.

The Verse / Open Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: February 14, 2017, 04:08:00 PM »
<Shuttle, from the skyplex to Regina (3h flight) @Bert Manfeld, Open>

Rebecca sat at the pilot seat, just like it would be expected. With the ship in dry docking, something about removing the gunk that gathered in the drive. That mumbo-jumbo that Bert sometime spouted out like everyone was a mechanic and could understand whatever technical explanation he gave. He was adorable in that way, and she liked to hear him talk whether it was technical, conspiracy theories or just his last trip while he was on weed, he always made her smile and never left her bored.

Right now, she was waiting for the people who wanted to head down to Regina. The captain would follow in a second shuttle later, when all the maintenance requested by Bert would be scheduled. She was, for lack of a better word, sprawled in her seat. Her butt was on the edge of the seat, her legs spread and stretched underneath the console and her head was resting on the headrest. She had her hands laced together on her stomach and her eyes closed.

Vacation. 3 days of vacation on Regina. She had already packed her swim suit, her sunscreen and a towel, as well as a few changes of clothes. Rebecca had every intention to take as much sun and rest as possible, and swim. Swimming was something that she couldn’t do on board. The only thing that she really missed. All she had to do for those three days is make sure the shuttle was somewhere safe, and drive anyone who wanted to back to the ship when the captain would give the warning that the ship would take off.

The shuttle had four seat and a big enough cargo space for someone to sleep in it. It had a palette with a thin mattress that Rebecca would not want to sit on, never mind sleep, but some people liked hard beds or couldn't afford to be picky. It had storage too, which those who traveled with her would be able to use to put their things. It was already decided that this shuttle would land at the port of a small coastal town, but Becca could be convinced to land the bird on a more private beach area for a time...

Tracker, Shipper, Plotter / Rebecca Walsh
« on: December 14, 2016, 03:37:14 PM »

She is sociable, friendly.

Preferably friendly rivalry, not fond of constant bickering.

Significant Other

›› Potentially Bert Mansfeld


›› Challenge Issued, Challenge Accepted.
   Bert flirts and gets advice on how to get the girl
   Status: completed

›› A New Dragon For The Goldhound
   Ryu gets on board
   Status: completed
›› Mistaken Identity
   Bounty hacked, leading to major changes in crew.
   Status: completed

›› Flying Down to Vacation
   Flight for 3 days down on Regina
   Status: Ongoing

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Challenge Issued, Challenge Accepted.
« on: October 13, 2016, 08:13:01 PM »
Rebecca realized that there was more to it than flirting to kill time, or to avoid boredom. When she started to suggest things that she did enjoy and that she would consider a good date, he listened a bit too closely, his interest painted all over his face. Yeah, alright, he was interested in her, but now she would be faced with a choice. If he invited her, should she go or not? Bert was decent, or as some others had put it 'harmless, most days'. 

He had a weed habit? So what? Her things was sweets. Sure, it didn't compromise her ability to pilot like being stoned at the wrong moment might dull his senses to fix the ship, but… To each their own. Deep down, Rebecca believed that he did it because of some inner demon. Maybe it was self-medication. She had no clue and up until now, didn't really care to know as long as he was decent with his job - since her performance depended on his - and he was decent with her.

Should she go over her reflex to refuse because of longer facial hair, and hair although she had not said a word about that? She didn't know, but she chose to wait until he would dare to ask before she did accept or not. Then he flicked her bubble and decided to leave before she could think of some way to get back at him. She snickered and resumed chewing as if nothing happened. She trusted that he wouldn't poke at her gum with a grease-covered finger, or something equally disgusting to have in her mouth.

"Wha? You already leavin' me by my lonesome?" She shouted after him,  teasing him. She had nothing better to do for a little while yet, though maybe she ought to hunt for some bounties on the Cortex, or anything to do anywhere, for that matter. Maybe someone would be up for a game of chinese checkers? She was just bored, and Bert had made that all the more obvious, now that he was gone.

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Challenge Issued, Challenge Accepted.
« on: October 10, 2016, 01:27:13 AM »
"You should definite start smaller." Rebecca agreed and appeared to ponder what would be the best way to sweep her off her feet. "Pig-wrestlin' might be more of a guy thing, you know, like women fightin' in jello." She said, trying to remain serious but there was a definite twitch of her lips that indicated how hard she was trying not to smile, possibly even laugh. That definitely reflected in her eye, though, there was a small pull at the corner that usually announced a smile.

"Pick out some beans isn't very romantic either. So… What's the message you want to send? If it's that wrestlin' animals is enjoyable, then I guess that's your date. If pickin' food is somethin' romantic to you… Pretty much the same. I'd go for somethin' a bit more traditional." Rebecca narrowed her eyes and chewed her bubble gum for a few seconds as if looking for ideas that would be pleasant for both of them.

"Take her to the beach if there's a clean one nearby and you might get to see her body less covered." She offered and then went on with a second suggestion. "Find a pair of horses, if you know how to ride, and take her out for a real picnic. Better yet, just one horse, so you get to feel her body pressed up agains' your back. That's my suggestion, from one ship-buddy to another"

Maybe she ought to ease up on the teasing, Rebecca told herself. Sure she would agree to go with him on either of those dates, and if he did shave his beard, then she might actually give him more than just the time of day. He was interesting to her, and didn't mind his joint-smoking habit even though she didn't quite enjoy the smoke or it's smell herself, but that he gets stoned once in a while didn't matter to her. What did matter was that she preferred her guys smooth or -almost- smooth if the -must- have a beard.

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Challenge Issued, Challenge Accepted.
« on: September 30, 2016, 04:33:25 PM »
"I don't know. My only experience with a guy that had a beard like yours left me a bit…cold. It tickled my nose, distractin' me from the kiss and after makin' out a while, my lips felt sore. Then he went down my neck and again, it just distracted me from the softness of his lips… So longer facial hair isn't my thing." Rebecca knew she was mixing a tease with the reason why his facial hair as it was now hindered his chances with her. His mind would probably follow her description, imagining doing these things to her and she figured that he would complete the whole story on his own too.

"Besides, your most attractive thing to me, if we talk looks, are your eyes." That was almost a flirt, but it certainly was a compliment. He had absolutely beautiful blue eyes.  She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, but in spite of the compliment she was absolutely not showing any signs of embarrassment or shyness. The compliment was genuine, so she had no reason to feel concerned about it and she didn't think that it was that big of a deal whether he took it as compliment, or flirt, or both.

"As for what could help you make the woman of your dreams weak in the knees… I have no clue. Do I know her?" Rebecca asked with a cheeky grin. "Maybe if I knew who she is, I might be able to give you a better advice." She teased him and then blew a bright pink bubble that popped loudly. She knew she looked like a playful teen right now, but to her defense she wa only a couple of years away from the right age anyway. Plus, it was something that Bert could hardly hold against her…

She tilted her head, wondering what she would do if he came out and told her that she was the one. It was probably not the case. Rebecca knew that she was far from ugly, but she still considered herself to be a rather ordinary girl from some backwater place who managed to learn to pilot to get herself off that god-forsaken planet. She did not think of herself as anyone's dream girl, and given her prospects of the last two or three years, she wasn't sure if she would ever be either. It was the price to pay for living in the Black. The pool of available people was really small, like ship-small…

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Challenge Issued, Challenge Accepted.
« on: September 15, 2016, 01:08:12 AM »
"Apparently, you ain't doin' sarcasm very well either." Becka teased, but then he tried his pick up line and she felt like making a visible cringe. She was in a tough spot. On one hand, she enjoyed Bert's company and his eccentricities often amused her even hours after, when she was alone in the helm and navigating. On the other, she felt that she was encouraging someone toward something that would just not happen.

Becka was far from straight like an arrow. She had done some shady stuff, but drugs weren't one of them. Booze however was something else entirely. She even thought of trying her hand at some moonshine of her own, but figured that she might just poison herself or whomever would dare to try. She was, however, very picky with her guys. That was something that she knew she could afford and that was where Bert failed the test.

"Ever thought that you might raise your chances if you didn't have all that hair on your face?" She asked pointing at his face. Her tone wasn't mean, or meant to be offensive, but rather simply wondering if he had thought about changing his appearance to have more success with the ladies. At the same time, she could not ask it of him. It was not fair and not respectful of her to ask someone to change  for her. Besides, if something was to happen between them, she had to accept the guy including his facial hair, did she not?

Becka turned on her chair so that she could face him a little better and she moved some of his hair aside. It wasn't his hair that bugged her, though her completely feminine side thought that they could benefit from a trim. It was really that long mustache and beard. "We barely see your face under all that." She teased gently and tugged delicately at his beard.

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