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News & Updates / Re: Activity Check
« on: December 04, 2017, 10:24:02 AM »
I'd like to keep all of mine. :)

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Open Ghosts From the Past
« on: October 27, 2017, 03:35:29 AM »
<On board the Gryphon, On Boros, @Cain Dyer @Luna Halloway @Daniel Gallagher @Cameron Whitmore>

The visit – and subsequent stay – on Boros had proven to be far better than Decker had expected. He wasn't fond of the place – not being overly thrilled with dealing with 'military types' rarely, or at least as little as possible. But it was a decent place to find work, refit, refuel, and so on.

He had been able to drop his ill pilot off, and the medical facilities were pretty high-grade, and he was quite thankful for that. Had they been landing in some rim-world, the nearest doctor might have been some guy or gal in a tent with instruments a hundred years old or something, and Decker was grateful that luck had been on their side. Daisy looked like she was going to pull through, but she was going to require some serious bed-rest, and the Gryphon had to move on.

The 'date' with Luna had gone spectacularly well, too, and had ended up being one of the best evenings he'd enjoyed in a very long time. It was surprising, and a bit unsettling, just how enjoyable it was. But now it was time to get back to work, and he would have to find a way to focus and get her out of his mind... for the most part.

Delivering their cargo had gone smoothly, as well, and payment had been received – with a nice bonus. The prisoner transport had gone without a hitch, even though the prisoner himself was quite creepy. Decker was glad to get the convict off his ship, and wasn't hoping to receive any offers for further prisoner transport anytime soon. He preferred the 'inanimate' types of cargo over the kind of cargo that was living – and wanted to kill him, his crew, and steal his ship.

But to top it all off, the next morning after rising, showering, and heading to the Cortex terminal to look for their next opportunity, he came across an offer that looked fabulous. The only problem was, the cargo to be picked-up was on Ezra... his old stomping-grounds... and that would make things a little dangerous. Well, kinda. That was Niska's stomping-grounds, too, but it was a big planet, and Decker weighed the odds of being able to get in and out without Niska ever knowing....

The pay was good. Terms were tight, but straight-forward. The destination was Greenleaf, pretty much the bread-basket of the 'verse, most people would say. And, with a few keystrokes, he found some cargo on Boros bound for Ezra – so there would be some creds in it for the making the trip at all. Hell, they could get there, drop off the cargo, get paid – and if there was any sign or Niska's men, they could just get back into the black and head somewhere else. ANYWHERE else....

Decker rubbed the faint stubble on his chin as he considered and then decided. He knew Niska's men, their routines, and how to avoid them. He was confident they could get in, deliver their cargo, and make the new pick-up and get out before anyone ever knew he, or the Gryphon, was there.

Reaching over to the nearby intercom panel, he tapped the small red button, causing a faint green light to light-up.

”Attention crew: There will be a crew meeting in thirty minutes in the galley. I need everyone there so I can give you an update on our next departure, destination, and mission. See you all in thirty.”

He then tapped the button again, and a faint click signaled that the intercom was off. He spun slowly in his seat and looked over toward the galley area. The table was now empty, but the crew would be gathering soon, breaking the silence, and taking his mind off of past images of that same table covered in blood.

In and out. Drop off the cargo, get paid, zip over to the other pick-up point, and get back into the black. Sounded simple enough....

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: September 20, 2017, 03:24:08 AM »
Their lips meshed together as if they'd kissed a thousand times before, or maybe even more. They locked together, tongues seeking the other, quickly deepening into something between passion and desire. She moved her hips, too – slowly, so slowly – enough to torture yet still please, as was her way. Even in conversation, even when dancing together – she knew perfectly how to tease, tantalize, yet offer enough enjoyment to keep him hanging on.

And hang on he did.

His hands rested on her shapely hips as she began her dance, her body lifting ever so slightly, simply demonstrating how much control she really had. Then she eased back down, and made a single inch feel like a mile. He groaned deeply, though his lips never left hers, and his fingers gently clenched the flesh of her hips, even though he did not make any attempt to alter her movement or pace.

With his eyes closed and their tongues entwined, he was able to focus purely on the pleasure, the feeling, the sensation of what she did. Each movement was a well-practiced motion, he knew, and she was beyond 'professional' in his eyes. It was as if she had spent the evening assessing him, and now knew exactly what to do to draw him in even deeper, to make him desire her even more. Or, at least that was his theory.

He was thankful, though, that she -had- taken the edge off with their start to the sensual side of things. Now, she could fuck him for some time and he knew he'd be able to resist climaxing... at least for a decent amount of time, he was confident, allowing her to enjoy this as much as possible. But even though his next orgasm would be delayed, the pleasure was not – each wet, tight stroke was still mind numbing and pleasurable. Each time she eased fully back down onto him, a soft moan escaped his throat, without modesty, without even attempting to keep himself silent.

One of his hands made its way upward, to the back of her head, gently cradling it as his fingers slipped into her hair. The other slid off her hip, slipped between their bodies, and floated upward, gently taking a palm full of her left breast, gently groping, gently engulfing it as much as he could, thumb teasing the nipple ever so lightly as her hips continued their slow torture.

Like her, he knew that – in time – she'd likely pick up the pace, and he lusted for that moment, but also wanted it to take a lot of time to reach that stage. He wanted to enjoy her, but he found himself wanting -her- to enjoy -him-, even more. It was a strong imperative in his mind; make her want this -again-. If he ended up being terrible, or even just 'average'... why would she want to invite him back?

Gently, his hips began to slowly curl – as much as they could – as she rocked atop him. Like their dancing earlier that night, they were quickly in tune with one another, moving together, as one, as if they had danced -this- dance many times before. The weight and size of her ample breast in his hand turned him on, as did the soft, silken feel of her hair running between his fingers. But down below, the snug love-clasp that her sex had clamped around his fully erect cock was something he could only call 'out of this world'.

This wasn't just something he could 'get used to'... it was something he could -crave-, and he had the distinct feeling that she knew this....

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: September 05, 2017, 03:19:05 AM »
Reclined as he was, Decker was able to give Luna a good, long look. She was carved from perfection, if such a thing was possible, and from head to toe he didn't see anything he didn't like. Her legs, her ass, her back, her perfect breasts that were amplified by how small she was, and her beautiful face... He could easily see why rich men would pay thousands and thousands of credits for even just an evening with her.

She moved with the slow, practiced grace of her position, her hips teasing his eyes, silently begging for his hands. Her head lowered as she moved, her lips pressing softly against his chest, and he rested on one elbow while the other hand moved up to her long, beautiful snow-white hair, gently pulling some of it back and away so that he could more easily see one side of her face as her lips touched his skin.

Slowly she rose and moved one of her thighs up and over to straddle his lap, while she moved one of her hands to his thick, meaty column and held it just right so that as she moved, the tip could feel the heated wetness of her sex. Decker hissed softly at the sensation, obviously eager to visit the inside of her body...

Luna asked if he didn't really need her lips now, and he smiled again. He was fairly sure he hadn't smiled this much in a single day in many years. Her upper body lifted – and his head craned forward so that their faces could more easily meet. His paused just a few inches from hers as he felt her slowly move – lowering herself slowly – impaling himself on his hardened spear-like shaft.

Decker out out a low, gentle groan of pleasure as she eased down his pole, inch by inch. ”Perfect fit....,” he whispered, his voice a little shaky, overwhelmed by the silken sensation that her wet sleeve offered him. It felt... amazing, of course, and she eased down with such practiced grace, it was unlike anything he'd ever felt before.

The one hand of his own that was free to move, slipped to her hip and around to her ass, groping the cheek firmly, gently nudging – silently urging her to rock back and forth. Only when she was fully down on him, completely impaled, did his face continue moving forward – his lips gently seeking hers...

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: August 30, 2017, 02:47:11 AM »
Decker grinned from his position when Luna smiled and joked about telling him not to resist – only she was feeling a bit selfish at the moment. It was an odd thought to him – wondering to himself just how often she could be 'selfish', since it was she who was the one expected to please and perform. Could she talk her way into getting what she wanted, whatever that may be? Most definitely, he presumed, so he wagered that she could be selfish just about anytime she wanted.

But right now, he was more than happy to appeal to that feeling.

Her reactions to his efforts were, as he had hoped, quite erotic, too. He was already aroused again, but now it throbbed and ached as he watched her body, her face, and listened to the sounds of her reactions and enjoyment of the moment. He purred softly as her hips curled up toward his mouth, as if asking for more – which he was quite willing and ready to give – and give he did. He didn't shy away, or back off for one moment. If she wanted this, he wanted it too, and the reward for his effort would come quickly.

When she arched her back, her beautiful snow-like hair falling back onto the bed beneath her, he moaned louder, the deeper sound of his mingling with her own. She was so beautiful, so gorgeous, and he loved seeing her especially in that moment when her body gave-in to the sensation of the moment, his hands squeezing her breasts possessively, holding her tightly in place as his tongue drew forth her climax. Hearing her moan his name was also something quite... powerful to him, too. When he felt her legs start to quiver, he knew that was the time to ease up – and slowly he pulled his lips and tongue away from her sex – after one last, gentle teasing flick of his tongue.

She allowed herself to fall back onto the bed, and he slowly rose up to his feet to stand again. As he did, it was clearly evident that his arousal had definitively returned, jutting forward proudly like a flag pole awaiting her attention.

Luna motioned with her hands, beckoning him to her with her soft siren's voice. She invited him to lay on his back – and he sure wasn't going to deny her. With a faint smile, he moved slowly, carefully, as if taking his time as he climbed onto the bed, and then to the spot where she indicate, and turning carefully so as to make sure he didn't poke or bump her, he turned to lie on his back, raising one hand up to slip beneath his head.

He didn't know if she would kiss him now that he had gone down on her, but he didn't ask, he simply waited, giving her the chance to take the lead now after he had his chance for a bit. He could certainly enjoy that – a night of back and forth, each taking turns doing what they wanted – within their limits, of course – and enjoying one another. He had high hopes that their evening would end very, very late (or early in the morning, depending on how you looked at it), with both of them sweaty, sleepy, and spent... At least, that was his goal.

”Gonna need some more of your lips on mine, at some point,” he softly spoke, adding his own desire to kiss her which was very much the same thing that she had expressed not long ago.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: August 28, 2017, 02:56:37 AM »
Decker was using every bit of control that he could muster in order to keep the pace slow, steady, and smooth. Oh, he -wanted- to tear her pants from her body, toss them aside, and dive into her with as much strength and power as he could muster. But the night had been a wonderful build-up to this point, and he felt he needed to do something for -her- first, before they got down to the heavy stuff.

Luna's soft confession that she could very well 'pop' at the first touch of his tongue, sent even more hardness exploding into his loins. His pride stroked, he could only fantasize about making her climax that quickly – or hell, at all. But she was a woman, and even though she was a -trained- one, that didn't mean she couldn't -enjoy- sex, did it? Of course not! That was a silly thought, but if she was -really- as aroused as she claimed she was... this was going to be an even more awesome experience than he had first imagined.

His hands gently guided her pants downward, and at the width of her shapely hips, she gently gave him a warning before she moved her legs, first lifting her rump to let the pants continue on, and then reached down to quickly unzip and kick off her boots. Then she lifted her legs upward so that he could more easily slide her pants the remaining distance down her slender legs. She had very nice legs, for sure, and he ached to have them wrapped around his hips... or his neck.

It didn't escape his notice, too, that her panties bore the tell-tale signs of arousal. Decker let out a soft groan when he saw it – visual proof that her body wanted this every bit as much as he did. Before that moment, she could have been 'acting', faking it, using her Companion skills to appear to be an eager would-be lover. But her panties gave it all away: she was ripe and hot and wet, and ready to receive him.

”Fuck...,” he whispered, his soft voice sounding incredulous, or surprised, or maybe a bit of both. Gently setting her pants and panties aside, he focused his attention back on her lower body, his hands gently settling on her knees, and as he lowered to his own knees, he gently eased her legs apart. ”You have no idea how hard it is to resist the urge I am feeling right now...,” he said, but he had a pretty good idea that she probably had been with many men who couldn't resist waiting, so perhaps she DID have an idea what was running through his mind right then.

But as if to distract himself from those thoughts, on his knees beside the bed now, he eased between her own and gently lifted each of her legs over his shoulders. Leaning forward, then, giving her feet free rein to rest on his shoulders or against his back, he didn't hesitate now – with a faint, soft growl, he dove in, gently – hungrily – and let his tongue lead the way. It wasn't difficult finding her slit, or easing his tongue into it, down it... up it... soft, wet sounds coming from where he worked as he gently found her clit – and began to caress and lap at it with obvious skill. Not too hard... not too soft. Not too fast... not too slow... This wasn't teasing, but he wasn't trying to rush her over an invisible ledge, either.

He was attempting to please her, and his hands moved back upward, up her lithe body until they found the curves of perfect breasts, and mounted them passionately as his tongue curled and swirled and became very intimately acquainted with her pearl...

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 17, 2017, 01:42:02 AM »
Gavin chuckled and nodded when Weasel confessed that he might be spending a lot of evenings in the engine room, rather than his quarters. ”Spoke like a true monkey-wrench, bud. You'll still have quarters of course – they come with the job, whether you use them or not is totally up to you. And yeah, that's IF you get the job,” the merc added, stressing the 'IF' part very solidly for Weasel's benefit. At least the kid seemed eager to do the work. A lot of mechanics were like drummers in a lot of bands: weird, strange, and a bit psycho.

When Weasel suggested Gavin might put in a good word for him, Gavin raised a brow. ”Oh? Well, I might be persuaded to do that... but what's in it for -me-?” he asked curiously. If Weasel was really hoping Gavin could do him solid and help him get the job, then Gavin hoped there might be some sort of 'appreciation' involved. Maybe some credits? Naw, the guy was broke. Maybe something else? He sure didn't seem to have much 'baggage' to bring on board with him, so he doubted that as well. Maybe he had a hot sister or friend someplace he might be able to introduce Gavin to? Hmmmm

”I can tell the cap whatever you want, but he's a very low-key person. Calm. Doesn't like... hyper-excitable kids trying to hump his leg, if you get my meaning,” he said playfully. ”He'll ask you some questions, test your knowledge, that sort of thing.... but don't worry, if he comes across like a Mr. Grumpy-pants, that's because he is. Just know that he's a pretty good guy from what I know, and he'll be fair,” Gavin finished.

Gavin did take him to the engine room, entering it then stepping aside so that Weasel could have as much time to look around as he wanted....

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 14, 2017, 03:27:16 AM »
Luna encouraged him to 'give it a shot', trying to keep her in his quarters, waiting for him? He couldn't tell if she was just setting him up for failure, prepared to reject him or play some game, or if she was really might let herself 'be tempted' to agree to it. He chuckled softly at her response, not really believing that she would agree to such a thing unless LOTS of credits were involved.

She didn't resist, or even show any discomfort as he positioned her on the bed. She might even have liked it, for all he could tell, She was probably 'used to' just about anything he could do, as she was certainly no stranger to bedroom skills and experience. He definitely enjoyed her petite frame, and so far, he most certainly seemed to be able to lift and move her with ease.

She voiced her agreement and even pleasure at the idea of him going down on her – though she was quick to remind him that he'd need to get her pants off, of course. He smirked and nodded as she teased him about being 'ready' for it, offering to let him 'wait' if he thought it would be 'too much' for him. No, she had done him a huge favor with her hands, so now he would be fine for awhile, no matter how good she was. He carefully lowered himself downward to kneel between her knees at the edge of the bed. ”All in good time... or maybe -you- are the one who is in a bit of a hurry? Maybe -you- might want me to slow down, so you don't pop at the first hint of my tongue?” he teased back, obviously in the same sort of mood she was.

Then she sat up, her face drawing as close to his as possible with her sitting up and him kneeling on the ground. She urged him to make the best of his opportunity, because she wanted to kiss him again, and really enjoyed it. His smirk softened to a genuine smile. ”I love kissing you as well, and once I... finish this... we'll be doing a lot of kissing as we move together...,” he suggested, hinting at a time a bit in the near future where he'll be rocking into her with their lips locked together. She really did kiss quite wonderfully, so he was more than happy to oblige her.

For now, one of his hands lifted up to gently rest between her breasts – and gently pushed her back, urging her to lay down. Then his eyes lowered to her crotch, focusing on her pants as if they weren't even there. Slowly his head moved forward, and he began to lightly nibble along the insides of her thighs. She wouldn't feel the sharpness of his teeth, of course, since she had her pants on, but she'd feel the gentle, teasing pressure that they provided, just as his hands moved to her naked ribs and drifted upwards, each palm climbing each generous orb and palming each of them lightly. His nibbles made their way toward her core, and reaching it, he vigorously 'mauled' her crotch, growling softly as if he was some sort of animal trying to get in. Again, she wouldn't feel the actual bites, but the gentle pressure being applied would eventually find its way to her sensitive folds and clit – separated from his mauling by just a couple thin layers of fabric.

He made sure not to 'drool' on her clothes, breathing in through his mouth to keep it dry as he worked. His palms and fingers massaged her breasts, just one of her amazing features, teasing her nipples every bit as gently as his mouth was teasing her sex.

But after a few minutes of this, he smiled and lifted his head. His hands eased off her breasts and glided down the front of her torso, down to the waistband of her pants.

”Alright... enough playing around,” he said softly. ”A man's gotta -eat-,” he teased, smiling, as his hands began to ease her pants downward, sliding to her curvy hips to help them slide easier and quicker, obviously anxious to get the last of her clothes off.

Below, he could feel his manhood already thrumming back to life. He'd be more than ready for her by the time he was done doing what he was about to start...

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 14, 2017, 02:43:34 AM »
Gavin gave the young, excitable mechanic a look of doubt with one raised brow. COULD he keep his hands off of everything, at least for awhile? Watching the young guy at the bar, the kid seemed... hyper-active, antsy... as if he was -on- something. Of course Gavin didn't begrude a person who took to a little 'wacky tabacky' every now and then, but harder stuff was serious business, and if the kid was 'on' something, he sure wouldn't last long, and might get a rough exit off the ship.

Of course, it could just be that the kid was excited about the prospect of a job. Gavin wouldn't want to be stuck on Boros, either! So maybe if Weasel was lucky, and the Gryphon, maybe this could work out good for everyone involved.

Gavin wasn't much for conversation as they headed out of the bar and to the space port. It wasn't that far of a walk, and soon they were at the landing pad where the Gryphon was parked. Gavin gave his companion a sideways glance, noting the look of enthusiasm on his face.

Gavin led Weasel up to the airlock door – the cargo ramp was up and secured, so entrance to the ship would be a simply code punched into the keypad by the airlock. Gavin held up his hand to block the view so that Weasel couldn't see him punch in the actual code, and then with a loud 'THUNK', the airlock opened, and Gavin pulled it open wider so that they could both enter. Once they did, he secured the door behind them.

”So... what will it be first? The engine room, I suppose? Or would you rather see the bunk-room you'll have – IF you are hired?” he asked.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 13, 2017, 02:32:37 AM »
Decker chuckled softly and nodded in response to her question. ”Yeah, I enjoy seeing the result of hard effort, yes,” he said, definitely following along with her line of thinking. He certainly did get something out of it when he pleasured his partner, and it was obvious when he did. At least, the partners he -liked-. With some girls, he simply did what he needed to do to get -his- enjoyment, which ended up in a lot of one-night-stands. But The few girls he actually liked, he had learned to please them, and when he did, he loved the results and the way they responded.

Luna followed his lead as he slow-walked them across the floor to the nearby drawers built into the wall. She spoke of dancing, but now without clothes on, and how different it would be doing it here where they had no witnesses, no one watching to complain and call a halt to it. He smiled and nodded at her supposition that they'd probably end up in bed all the more faster – because she was right. He'd want a solid but gentle surface to leverage her against so that he could fuck her, and she would want to be comfortable, as well.

”Yep... it would be fun while it lasted, but it would quickly escalate as you said, and I agree,” he nodded. How she described it was exactly how he figured it would happen, too.

When the towel was retrieved, she went about cleaning up, and he simply remained where he was, his hands and arms moving back and away to give her room to do whatever she needed to do. She assured him that there was no rush, which w he was certainly grateful for, and she had every intention of staying until he kicked her out, or until duty called him. He was surprised to hear her say it that way, to express her intention to remain with him until morning, and he smiled before he replied.

”And what if I never kick you out? And what if duty calls... but I asked you to remain here and wait for me... waiting, and -ready-...?” he asked, curious what she would say. Of course he figured she would head back to her quarters, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

Finished with the towel, then, she tossed it aside to fall with the other clothing gathered there on the floor. She looked back up at him – and his eyes delved into hers. She asked if he would dance with her toward the bed, and placed her hands on his shoulders in preparation. He saw no reason to say no, so his own hands moved down to rest on her hips, and then slowly they began to move. It was a silly little waltz-like dance that he used to guide her that way, but it didn't take long before they were still facing each other, but standing beside the bed now.

Decker glanced down at her perfect, naked chest, and he shook his head. ”I feel it coming back...,” he whispered, as if he was too embarrassed to say it out loud, or as if afraid someone else might hear him. ”I meant it when I promised it wouldn't take long. Give me another five to ten minutes, and we'll be back in business,” he said with a grin.

”Until then... why don't we lay you down here...,” he said, gently guiding her to the side and onto the bed, her legs bent at the knee and hanging over the edge. ”And I'll see if I can give -you- something to squirm about for awhile...,” he added, smiling at here, seeking to get her to lay back on the bed so that he could give her some tongue down below. He hadn't met a woman yet who hated that, and he hadn't met a woman yet who could resist losing a bit of control once he got to work....

Assuming she cooperated with him, once she was laid back, his hands moved to part her knees. ”I've never tasted a companion before – so this would be new ground for me,” he admitted. ”But I have a feeling I would like it as much or more than you do!” he challenged, still smiling and being playful....

Ship Information / Re: What Comes After Boros
« on: July 11, 2017, 03:57:58 AM »
You covered it all very well. :)

Just an additional note or two....

Niska considers Decker to be something of an 'adopted son'. He fully believes he can entice Decker back into his business. He won't send anything to 'kill' him, but... things can happen when his henchmen are under fire. ;)

Decker has no wish to return to Niska's hold. He still does have a 'soft spot' for the old man, but ultimately, Decker does not want to end up like him - rich or not.


Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 11, 2017, 03:30:17 AM »
Decker totally savored the power of his release. Luna obviously knew what she was doing, how to touch him just right, pull and push and stroke just right, how to grip his girth just right, and how to bring him right up to the edge and over it... just right. And even after her made a mess between them (mostly on her, he noticed, which actually looked pretty sexy to him), her hand stopped just short of stroking him in a way that might ruin the mood.

She complimented him on the act, commenting that she thought it was actually interesting to watch. How many men had she watched blow a load on her body, or near her somewhere she could view it? Wasn't he just another one of 'those guys'? Either way, the little act did exactly what it was meant to do: it took the edge off right away, allowing him to calm down a bit. And then she guessed that they were going to have a lot of fun together during down time....

He nodded, assuming she meant the one-hour-a-week sessions that she owed him. Yeah, he supposed those would certainly be fun, and he hoped to make it fun for her, as well, of course.

”You think so?” he asked, making it sound like a gentle tease – but he was genuinely curious if she really meant it, or if she was just stroking his ego. He caught her glancing around for something to use to 'clean up', and he quickly understood. She hadn't moved away, though, and he certainly didn't want her to, but... she obviously wanted something like a towel.

His quarters weren't huge, even if they were still bigger than the crew cabins. So, placing his hands on her hips, he smiled at her. ”Gonna shuffle -that- way,” he said, nodding toward a near wall. ”Just like we were dancing...,” he said with a grin, reminding her of their dancing together, and then gently he guided her with small side-steps until they were next to the wall, still facing one another. He leaned over to his left, reached down to a draw built into the wall, opened it and removed a small hand-towel. {decker]”Ladies first,”[/decker] he offered politely.

”When you feel comfy again... how about you come lay down with me... and let me run my hands over your body and see if I can't get -you- to feel as good as I do now? I promise you I'll be ready to go in about... ten minutes or so...,” he offered. He had various ways of doing that, but he was hungry to please her now. He wanted to make a good impression – even though he knew it was probably an impossibility to REALLY impress her, given the number of men she'd been with. But if he could just make a -good- impression... maybe she'd be a bit more eager to be with him intimately in the future?

It sure couldn't hurt to try....

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 09, 2017, 06:57:19 AM »
Gavin snorted softly when Weasel admitted that he 'pisses people off' – at least NON-crewmen, he quickly added, which made Gavin smile. He also suggested it was best for him to say away from the Boros military-types, and Gavin responded by raising his glass for a moment in a mock-toast to his new-found acquaintance. ”Here, here! Something we DEFINITELY have in common,” he said, before bringing the mug to his lips for another few gulps of his tasty brew.

But the young fella did mention that he wouldn't be against coming back to the bar to see the girls again, even though he was certain he'd 'strike out'. That almost made Gavin want to toss a few credits to one of the girls to give the guy a 'good time'... -almost-. He barely knew the guy, and though he seemed likable, he -could- just be working some nefarious angle that Gavin just didn't see yet.

Weasel hopped from foot to foot, though, eager to get moving. Gavin did down the rest of his drink pretty quickly, nodding. ”Alright, alright, let's go already,” he said, setting down the nearly-empty mug on the table as he rose to his feet. If Gaving was 'under the influence', he sure didn't show it. He walked straight, his words didn't slur, and he moved briskly toward the door, glancing back to make sure Weasel was following.

”Just one rule when we get to the ship: Don't touch shit, got it? You aren't a member of the crew -yet-, so you don't get to touch anything. -Especially- any of the ladies. The doc is a little antsy around guys, and the companion would likely break your fingers – unless you've got lots of credits to spend, of course. But even in the engine room – DO. NOT. TOUCH. Got it?” he asked, turning his head to address Weasel as they walked, headed out of the bar and toward the spaceport.

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Decker smiled when she voiced her thought that he wanted to watch, but he didn't have time to answer as she closed the remaining short distance and pressed her lips to his, her tongue wasting no time – nor did his as he responded, their tongues twining together immediately in a smooth dance, their lips forming a sweet, firm seal against one another...

He -did- want to watch, but he also knew that, if he played his cards right, there would be -ample- time to watch everything he wanted later. Right now, the focus seemed to be to get rid of that first 'hurdle', that first load that would come quickly and easily, so that he didn't do so while they got down to more serious business. He was only slightly embarrassed by it, but was sure that this was just something else she was used to doing for clients who were overly eager and excited to have her.

Decker quickly pushed such thoughts aside. Thinking of her with other men... -annoyed- him. He didn't want to think about it, or wonder just how 'good' any of them were, or how much she enjoyed them, or if he could 'equal' or better any of them, some of them – or none of them. Instead, he tried to redirect his thoughts towards her and nothing and no one else.

Their kiss deepened, and he went right with the flow. It was sensual, erotic, definitely not the way he'd kiss her in public, if he was worried about offending someone. Then she began to stroke, slowly, a long one that moved her hand up his shaft toward the tip. She gave him long, slow strokes at first, occasionally letting her hand brush a little higher, caressing the super-sensitive head of his plum-like cockhead. He loved how small her hands felt, his breath quickening already. His hips moved slightly, in time with the speed she moved her hand. Decker was obviously already quite into it, his hand gently fondling her breast, fingertips lightly teasing her nipple. His other hand slipped around her lower back, his hand gliding down to her ass, openly groping it firmly – but not too hard. He'd been completely gentle with her so far, no matter what part of her he touched, and he planned to continue that... for as long as he could.

Her hand speed slowly quickened, and his hips moved faintly in response, pressing his lips a little harder against hers, his hands gently groping her flesh a bit more at breast and ass cheek. His tongue was more aggressive – agile and quick, and he hoped she would allow him to use it -elsewhere- on her, too – if she liked such treatment. Maybe she didn't? Decker knew without a doubt that he would find out tonight, for sure – along with finding out a lot of other things about her...

Her hand set a steady, quick pace, and less than a minute went by before he was slowly turning his body to face hers, giving her more than enough time to adjust her grip as she pumped, placing her hand and his cock between them, angled upward. The kiss continued for a dozen more pumps of her hand before he suddenly pulled his lips away from hers with a soft gasp. His hand on her breast moved up to her cheek, caressing it, cupping it, then sliding back into her hair, grabbing a fistful of it tightly in his grasp. His other hand slid naturally from her ass to her hip, gripping it firmly.

“Almost there...,” he whispered to her, as if sharing such a personal secret with her and no one else. His lips brushed hers again – but just a light brushing this time, avoiding a full on kiss again as his breath came in ragged gasps now.

Then as suspected, she eventually felt it – the quite noticeable selling in her hand, the pressure of his iron-like shaft pressing against the inside of her hand, especially when she focused it near the tip.

Shit... just like that... yeah... like... that...,” he hissed, and a few moments later, his body began to tense and grow rigid.

“Fuck!” he gasped, his hand in her hair tightening more – just to the point where she could feel it, but without any pain at all. His hand on her hip pulled – but not enough to press their bodies together and stop her hand. No, her hand continued it's assault on his hardness, and he even slowly rose up on the balls of his feet at the last few seconds, and with his eyes closed, she'd easily seem him hold his breath...

Until a few pumps later, he erupted.

The accompanying groan was deep, rumbling and hard, just as she felt the first spurt of his seed launch upward onto her belly. If she kept pumping, though – which he silently hoped she would – the remaining jets of hot, sticky goo would fling in various directions, depending on where her hand was mid-stroke, some of the globs of stickiness gathering on the smooth skin of her belly, or on his own, or on her hand...

He was coiled tightly like a spring as his climax overcame him, and did so quite deeply. And, much to her satisfaction he assumed, his knees did begin to shake again midway through the climax, faintly but still noticeable...

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Their hands moved slowly, but steadily, each of them skilled in this sort of 'preparation'. He might not be a 'professional' like her in the arts of intimacy, but he certainly knew the basics, and a lot of the 'advanced' stuff, enough to control his movements, going at the same speed she was, not rushing and doing his best to be in complete control of himself.

There would be time to 'lose control' later. Much later.

But when her hand slipped up her backside and he saw her bra nearly fling itself off her impossibly perfect breasts – he couldn't control his eyes from widening a bit as they were immediately drawn downward. His movements halted for a moment as Decker simply took in the sight. Gone was the teasing outfit, the teasing bra, the 'hints' and the 'enticement'. Now, her chest was in full view of his oggling eyes. Decker had seen a lot of breasts in his life, but he was pretty darn sure he had never seen a nicer rack than hers – in person, or in Cortex image, or anywhere else.

”Wow...,” was the only expert response he could give at the moment. One of his hands moved up slowly and very reverently cupped one of her breasts. For such a small woman, she was stacked perfectly, and he couldn't help but wonder if she'd had surgery before. There were no marks, though, none that he could see, but he also suspected that the Companion's Guild would have access to the very best surgeons money could but. Gently his hand felt the weight and texture of what he touched.

Her hands moved to his chest and he didn't even really register it, not that he would have minded anyway. She had wonderfully soft hands, and she knew -just- how to touch him. Even having her hand on his arm as they walked together earlier that evening had been electrifying in its own way.

Luna responded to his words, confessing that 'hard and fast' might be enjoyable – a little later. Yeah, she was probably 'used' to that, for sure – a lot of men lacked the willpower, he presumed, to take her slow. She was probably quite used to men going hard, fast... and -done-, in a few minutes or less... And her following words seemed to hint at something like that, suggesting her hand could quickly take the edge off – and sadly, she was probably right.

He nodded in response, agreeing to her suggestion that he'd love to feel her hands on him. Then, she slid one of her hands downward, dipping into his crotch. She would easily feel his body shiver when her nails caressed his balls, a faint, deep groan coming from his throat as she did so. He was, as she likely guessed, hard as iron. Decker's eyes closed slightly, reminding himself mentally over and over again to keep his cool. Then she whispered, asking how quickly this should go, how quickly he wanted access to her body.

Those words made his eyes open and he turned his head to look down into her own. He felt her hand griping his cock like the handle of a sword that she might wield, her fingers struggling to completely encircle his girth. And then he whispered back to her.

”I've wanted free access to your body the moment we met...,” he admitted, and even though he didn't -want- to admit it, he didn't beat himself up over it: he assumed that she knew that anyway. ”But the quicker you get this part over with... the sooner that I can maybe pleasure you, as well... But... if you want this to go faster, I suggest you kiss me... and kiss me deeply... while you do it,” he suggested, and even lowered his lips toward hers – but stopped short, in case she didn't want to, or in case she wanted to speak first. He'd let her move that last inch to meet his lips with hers if she wanted to go that direction...

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Gavin was taken a bit by surprise over how eager Weasel was to get to the ship – and now check out the engine room. Gavin never understood the 'love' that mechanics had for such things. To the mercemary, it was just an engine. A moving part that wasn't human. Of course it was an IMPORTANT part of any ship, but to Gavin, it was still just an engine.

Gavin gave Weasel a long look, as if trying to see through his demeanor to find out if the guy had something 'bad' planned. Afte a moment, though, Gavin nodded. ”Sure, I don't see how it could hurt just to go have a look,” he said, then smiled, ”Right after I finish this drink,” he said, raising his glass to tip it back again, more than half empty.

Draining the rest of the mug in short order, Gavin set it back down on the table and let out another large belch. Too much drink too fast, he believe. And then he glanced at Weasel as he admitted he wasn't a big fan of Boros.

”This place? No, neither I nor our captain likes it here, either. Military type are too... upright. Too rigid and too tight on 'rules' and 'regulations'. But we don't get in their way, and they don't get in ours. We're planning on leaving tomorrow, in fact, on toward our next destination – which is a secret, so don' bother asking,” he said with a sly smile.

”But if you're done, we can go have a look at the ship, if you want. Then we could come back here, if you want, and see when those two beautiful ladies get off their shifts tonight...,” he shrugged with a smile as he made his suggestion.

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Luna moved along with him, perfectly content as far as Decker could tell. He even noticed that she had undone the knot of her shirt just below her breasts, freeing the opening at the front of her shirt, which would indeed make it easier for him to undress her, as he had expressed a desire to do, and she her permission for him to do it.

She was ok with the light as it was, and he nodded. He had nothing to be ashamed of either, but a softer light right now just felt... -right-. Romantic, even, though he knew this was all business, and not anything remotely 'romantic'. He reminded himself that no matter what happened tonight, tomorrow she would be the Companion still, and would be looking for her next 'client'. Someone more than willing – and capable – of paying her huge sums of money to enjoy what he had hoped to get for free.

He didn't dare bring it up again, though. She had indicated she didn't want to focus on that aspect, and doing so might very well ruin her mood, something he definitely wanted to avoid. She seemed in a randy mood, and he wanted to enjoy it and take advantage of it while he could....

They faced one another, moved together, her hand rising to caress his jawline, while her other hand moved down to his belt. She indicated she didn't plan on -just- blowing his mind, reminding him that she was going to 'help him along'. He had an idea what she might be intended, and with a soft smile he nodded – as his lips met hers.

That was all it took as his mouth pressed to hers, eagerly attempting to unleash some of the passion she had suspected he was bottling up. His tongue sought hers, and his hands rose up to her shirt, gently parting it, now that she had undone it and the knot was no more. He gently pulled it apart, and then gently down her slender shoulders as they kissed, and he felt her hand work his belt open with quick skill. With her shirt slid down her arms – one of them she could pull free of it, her other hand was still resting at his belt – he moved his hands, then, to help her with his pants, moving a hand to unbutton and then unzip it – as if opening the door for her.

Then, deciding to 'help' her a little more, his hands moved to his hips, and pushed down on his now-open pants, and his underwear too, pushing down just far enough to free his manhood which sprang forth like a loaded spring. He groaned when it was finally free, his lips surging against hers heatedly. And then his hands were back on her skin again, above her hips, the bare skin between her pants and bra. His palms caressed smoothly across her skin as he thoroughly enjoyed her kiss. Slowly he drew the kiss to a close, reluctantly pulling his lips away from hers for the moment.

While backed slightly away, his hands moved again, to his shirt – the one she had bought for him – and gently pulled it up and over his head and tossed it carefully onto the nearby stool, revealing his scarred, but muscularly cut torso. He was a lean man, but what meat he had on him was muscle and bone, well-formed and well-kept. The scars were those that she might expect from someone with his background: small burn marks, small bullet-wound scars, and several long, thin ones that were no doubt caused by a sharp object, such as a knife or sword.

”It's taking every ounce of willpower I have not to toss you on my bed, tear your clothes off, and take you hard and fast – no matter how long I last,” he said softly, still partially smiling. ”Who knows? It might still happen... just maybe a little later..,” he teased....

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Luna shot down his idea of putting bullet holes in her clients, and Decker immediately made a very exaggerated 'pouty-lip' look to show his 'disappointment'. But she went on the explain how it would be difficult to keep it quiet from the crew, the idea of her 'staying' with him. She'd even use her current quarters as a massive 'wardrobe storage room', and she confessed to being a 'cuddling' type who seeks warmth in bed when she's asleep....

As erotic as that image was, he knew it was still her just being silly. It was something he'd never be able to afford, and they both knew it. Perhaps that's why she so easily joked about it – and why he did, too. It was like joking about being rich or owning an entire planet or something – goofing around about impossible things always held a bit of silliness to it. ”A guy can always dream...,” he said, simple and to the point. Having that kind of access to her was definitely in the 'dream' category, at least someone at his income level.

She announced that they were almost home when they pulled-up to the space port, near the closest entrance to the berth where the Gryphon was parked. They exited the cab and she took care of the fare, which again made him feel a bit guilty, even if she was far more financially able to cover such expenses. He had agreed to the terms of their 'date', and he bit his tongue, knowing that whining about her paying for everything would just disappoint her.

She commented on the night being so beautiful, and without taking his eyes from her, he agreed. ”Yes... it is,” he replied, a faint smile on his lips. It truly was a good time, and from what he could tell, she had enjoyed herself, as well. She took his arm, and then he led her toward the ship.

Decker led her into the port, and headed for the Gryphon which came into view as soon as they were inside. He noticed that the loading ramp was closed, which meant that Gavin was either inside and not available, or he had left the ship. Being that it wasn't very late, Decker assumed Gavin had gotten up the urge to head out for the evening, which was fine for the captain. When he and Luna reached the ship, he guided her to the single-door airlock, punched in the access code, and after a soft 'beep', the airlock door opened, allowing them to go inside. Once inside, Decker closed and secured the door, then turned back to her. The ship around them was quiet.

”My quarters, I believe...,” he said softly, and then he led her that way, up the stairs to the top level where the crew quarters were, down the gangways that led to each of the various doorways to the last one at the end – Decker's much larger – and more comfortable – cabin. Reaching it, he pulled the handle on the bulkhead door and slid it aside, then smiling at his date, motioned with his hand. ”After you, my lady,” he offered smoothly, then waited for her to enter before he followed.

The dim lights of his quarters were on, casting enough glow that they could each see enough to at least move around without walking into anything. The large room was at least twice the size of a normal crewman's quarters, and possessed the basics: Several small doors that indicated a wardrobe, a small desk and a single stool bolted to the floor, a single door that actually led into a bathroom just large enough to house a stand-up shower, toilet, and small sink. A set of bookshelves held a half dozen actual books, and against the far wall rested a bed, larger than the single-sized beds on the rest of the ship.

”Not exactly candle-light... but I think it will do...,” he said, closing the door to his quarters behind him. Turned to her, he walked over to stand before her, then slipped an around around her lower back- and suddenly pulled her hard against him.

”Now... we get to see if you were just teasing... or if you really did plan on blowing my mind tonight...,” he said, and then he leaned toward her, intent on starting a heated kiss that would soon take them elsewhere, if she allowed it...

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Gavin bit his lower lip in order to keep himself from cracking-up over Weasel's attempt to deal with the serving girl. It failed, he failed, it all failed when the young guy's eyes homed-in on the woman's generous curves. Only when she started to laugh and roughed up Weasel's hair did Gavin also let loose and laughed as well. It was hard not to - the guy's eyes were bulging like some sort of weird bug. The server took the empty mugs and left.

But then he quickly returned to the business at hand, suggesting they go find the captain. Gaving shrugged, but then narrowed his eyes a bit. "You seem to be in a big hurry, lad. You're not wanted by the authorities or anything... -ARE- you?" he asked dramatically. He would be surprised if the guy before him was a criminal, but then again, Gavin knew criminals came in all shapes and sizes. One could certainly feign to be innocent, and Weasel could be just another example of that, perhaps.

"Anyway... I know the captain left the ship with some pretty girl, so he won't be there. We could always head there, I could show you around... and then tomorrow when he's available I'm sure he'd be happy to meet you. Whaddya say to that? Go sit in the cargo hold of a ship and get a good look around at the rest of it? Orrrrrr.... wait here, and see the sights there are to see here?" Gavin asked, nodding toward another serving girl who was every bit as gorgeous as the other one Weasel had nearly lost consciousness while examining...

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Decker let out a soft laugh when Luna reminded him of the 'weak knees' and the 'tuna excuse'. Yeah, those moments had not been some of his 'best' moments, but they were apparently ingrained in BOTH their minds now. He loved her roguish smile, though, and he was happy to keep up the banter for as long as she was willing to smile at him for it. He liked that she didn't shy away, but rather dished it right back. That bode well for their forthcoming bed-play, for sure.

She then stated that she would not take a 'contract' with any of the other crew, and inwardly he breathed a sigh of relief. On the outside, he simply nodded, accepting her promise. She also explained -why-, and again he silently nodded, understanding, accepting, and agreeing with her explanation. She also made it clear that if things ever became 'awkward' between her and himself, she would know I was time to leave. It struck him that she might already have -planned- it? Or was the comment just meant as a way of letting him know she wouldn't stay around to make things even more complicated and uncomfortable? He appreciated the thought, but hoped it would never come to that.

And then she reiterated how she didn't want to risk undermining his authority, and she was well aware that this was his ship. He nodded again, glad to hear her willing to make sure that their actions together didn't cause any negativity around the ship – even though he couldn't think of a reason why who he was fucking would give anyone a reason to be resentful. Jealous in Gavin's case, sure. But resentment?

But it was her speech about coming to his quarters – and making an offer to allow her to stay as long as she liked that caught his attention – and actually stung him a bit. He could tell her voice was still in 'teasing mode', but still... something about it almost felt like she was rubbing it in that he couldn't -afford- to do the things she just described, even though it appeared obvious that she knew he would want to.

But instead of getting defensive, he chuckled softly and replied. ”Ah, if only I could afford that – having you move in with me. What a couple we would make! But then after your first client, I'd be forced to shoot him, you would not be pleased, and that would be the end of such a promising relationship,” he finished, laughing, putting a more friendly spin on his thoughts. If -only- he had the money to 'keep' her like she described, but he didn't even have the money for an hour a week – he was getting that from their deal, not from an outright purchase.

”Besides, I probably don't have enough wardrobe space for all your beautiful clothes – and I bet you are a bed-hog!” he teased her back as the taxi pulled up and came to a stop outside the space port.

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Gavin smiled widely as Weasel spit out his drink (thankfully not in HIS direction) and began coughing and choking in response to Gavin's suggestion that the waitress might be 'into' him. Frankly, Gavin wasn't sure if that was true or not, but the girl HAD given Weasel a warm, friendly smile, something she didn't do for ALL the patrons, he noticed. Maybe Weasel reminded her of her little brother or something silly like that? Or... maybe she just liked younger men who didn't -try- to get in her pants every other minute?

”Whoa there, Mr. Fish! Careful there trying to inhale your drink!” Gavin said cheerfully, even reaching over to gently pat Weasel on the back, as if attempting to help him catch his breath and cough up any beer he might have unwittingly inhaled.

The kid managed to ask Gavin for a clarification about 'how' the waitress might 'like him', and Gavin shrugged. ”My friend, I am a master of women, and I know them so well I can watch them for awhile and have an idea what they are actually thinking. See, the lady appreciated your kindness, and appreciated that you didn't try to grope her like most bar partrons do, nor did you openly stare at her tits or anything like that. She likely thinks you are a gentleman. And, I think there's a good chance that if you made a move – a gentle one, like, asking her out or something – she would actually consider it!” he said, tilting back his mug to down a few swallows of his own drink.

”Trust me, my friend. Sixty percent of the time, I am right every time!” he exclaimed, and then his eyes grew wide.

”Ok! She's coming back! Here's your chance! Just... be yourself. Don't openly stare at her tits. Be -relaxed-. I'll be right here if you need help!” Gavin offered, giving Weasel a quick reassuring thumbs-up as the waitress headed back to their table...

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Luna's expression that she had 'faith' in him made him smile. She could have been teasing, he knew, but it wasn't really important at the moment. He certainly didn't want to slow down their return to the ship, which is what would happen if he did something 'indecent' and got the local police involved. And being an Alliance military base nearby, he imagined the police were pretty hard-ass.

She snuggled a little more into him when he slipped his arm around her shoulders. Why did it feel like she fit -perfectly-, right there beneath his arm, against his side? Because she was shorter than him? It wasn't like she was 'custom made' for him by any means, even if he liked to fantasize a little that she was.

In response to his request, though, she counter with a trade offer – ever negotiating, it seemed. She would allow him to do what he asked – be the one to remove her clothes – if he allowed her to do what she suggested in the changing-room. At first, the idea seemed almost like a poke in his ribs, accusing him of being unable to 'pace himself', but she did make an excellent point: she knew as well as he did that he was intensely charged and ready to lose his mind, and by getting past that 'first release', they could settle into something more... intimate.

”Well, because I wanna get you out of your clothes as quickly as I can, I'll agree to your terms, Miss Halloway,” he answered playfully. He had no intentions of reverting back to calling her by her formal name – at least not until they went back to 'being themselves'. Tonight was -special-, she had said, and for tonight, he'd call her Luna as many times as she wished. At the moment, he just wanted to tease her again, as they had been teasing each other for awhile now. He didn't expect she'd give him any grief other than perhaps a poke in the ribs with her elbow.

Then she suggested keeping their tryst a secret from the crew... and he stopped to think on that for a moment. She claimed she didn't care if the others knew about their 'business arrangement', but she was worried for -his- perceptions of the crew knowing he and Luna had an 'arrangement' that was rather intimate.

”There's a couple ways that could go. If they know, then some of them might think they could enjoy your services themselves,” he said. ”I am very certain Gavin would come to you then to inquire, and perhaps even offer you the coin for... services,” he said, hoping his voice didn't give away the fact that he didn't like that idea. ”Keeping it quiet might be the more... professional way to go. I honestly assumed that is what you would prefer, as well. After tonight, when things go back to 'normal'... I just assumed you'd expect a more... professional... attitude between the two of us,” he suggested. And he knew a 'professional attitude' didn't include affection in front of others – or 'off the clock'. He would be relegated to his one-hour sessions each week – plus any bonus minutes he might otherwise swindle out of her someway....

The cab suddenly slowed down, and just like Luna, Decker glanced out the front to see that it was just a traffic light. They were almost back to the port, though, and he looked at her again, whispering to her, his face serious once more.

”You'll come to my quarters then? The bed is probably more comfortable, and definitely bigger. And... you could stay as long as you like...,” he suggested. Maybe if his quarters were more comfortable, she'd WANT to stay longer, and he wasn't going to try to talk her out of that....

Then the cab was moving again, closing in quickly on the port and their destination....

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Being with Luna had certainly helped him to relax, at least in most ways. There was another tension, though, that wasn't normal for him, and she had sent it spiking through the roof. But that was a nice kind of tension, and he wasn't about to complain at all. He generally preferred to stay on the ship, to keep an eye on it and protect it like it was his only child. But this was nice, getting away for a bit, forgetting for just awhile that they'd be back out in the black sooner rather than later.

She played along with his innuendo, more than willing to 'comfort' her over her 'mental breakdown', and he smiled at her as they played their little game of words. He knew that later tonight, or possibly in the morning, if her words were true, she'd finally send him on his way, and -then- he could get back to being the dour ship captain that he was used to being. But for tonight – what would it hurt to relax and just... -be- for a little while?

As the taxi came to a halt, Luna responded to his concern about the driver – and that certainly made sense. Most people riding in a cab didn't pay the driver much mind, and he figured the reverse was true, too – most drivers didn't pay their customers much mind, either. And certainly any veteran cabbie had seen two people in the back making out, kissing and touching and, who knows, maybe going -pretty far- before they realized they were being watched. She was right, again, and with that, Decker discarded any notion of possibly hurting the cab driver's feelings.

Once Decker gave the directions and the cab moved to head in that direction, Luna discouraged him from getting TOO worked-up where they were – they weren't far from the spaceport, and there wasn't much time to get very far anyway. Her hand settled on his thigh – high up, so close to the hottest and most aching part of his body. He regretted now not going to the washroom at the club, but it was too late to worry about that now.

”No problem, though you do make it quite difficult to control oneself,” he whispered back to her, and he raised his arm nearest her and slid it across her shoulders, past her neck, his hand sliding down the side of her opposite arm.

”Do you think... you could let me undress you? When we're alone, I mean?” he asked softly, curious if she would allow it, or if she would insist on handling her own clothes. ”I promise I'd be careful with your clothes..., he added for good measure, so that she wouldn't think he meant to tear them from her body or something. He spoke to her in hushed whispers, his lips near her ear. The driver seemed to know right where to go, and he carried them efficiently toward the spaceport.

They'd be there soon, Decker realized, and within a minute or so after they'd be back on the ship – and if he was lucky, soon after that they'd be in one of their quarters, alone... and free to do as they pleased. Is that when she'd spring her 'conditions' on him? Demanding something from him once he was so worked-up he couldn't say no? Part of him still expected some sort of trick, but for now – he was taking her at her word, learning to trust her, learning to believe in her... and hoping she was everything his imagination was making her out to be....

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Luna was quick to offer compliments about his dancing, as well. She still sounded completely genuine, and he couldn't imagine someone being THAT good at acting that she was just pretending. It just didn't seem like that was possible, really. She made excellent points that Decker found himself nodding in response to: no awkwardness, no harsh bumping into one another in painful ways, and he agreed that they made quite the pair. She suggested that they should find time to dance on the ship, too, and he nodded.

”We could do that... but somewhere private. I don't want to dance in front of the crew and risk traumatizing anyone,” he said with a laugh himself. Truth was, acting like that on the ship, while the ship was in flight, might be seen as some as being 'unprofessional'. Unless it was during some 'officially declared downtime'... which he would have to think about. But he had no problems finding some place private for them to dance, if she really wanted to.

Luna played along with his comments, and questioned his eye-sight. She claimed she had already been 'throwing herself' at him, which made him chuckle loudly. His eyes moved down to her unbuttoned shirt when she mentioned it – he simply couldn't help it – and then he slightly shrugged. ”You missed a few buttons, I think,” he said, and he knew he didn't need to respond to the 'nothing worked' comment. She'd seen evidence of her efforts working VERY well on him, all evening. "Next time you should just unbutton them all. There were PLENTY of chicks in there wearing little more than a bra," he commented, making it clear that even if her shirt was on but unbottoned with nothing but a bra beneath - it sure would NOT have gotten her in trouble!

He chuckled again when she suggested that she was going to go back to her quarters so that she could cry her eyes out in shame and embarrassment. Had she ever felt -either-, he wondered to himself? Maybe when she was young? Now, though, she was so confident, so... -perfect-... how could she ever be in a position to feel either of those emotions, he wondered?

”Well, I humbly invite you to my quarters, where you are welcome to cry on my shoulder, sweet Luna. Perhaps I can help... cheer you up, and piece your heart back together,” he answered suggestively, as he then turned his head, raised one of his hands to wave at a taxi passing by. The first two that passed were already occupied, but the third suddenly swerved over to the side of the road and came to a halt near them.

”Do you think the driver will get mad if we make out in the back seat?” he asked in a whisper, gently guiding her toward the side of the street where the taxi waited, just a few steps away. Then he opened the door for her, allowing her to get in first, followed by him – closing the door behind him.

”Spaceport, berth seventy-one, please,” he said quickly to the driver, who had turned his head to wait for directions where they wanted to go. Then, without a word, the driver turned back and began driving.

Then Decker turned his gaze back to the woman beside him... and simply started at her in silence, a half-smile on his face...

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 03, 2017, 04:33:57 AM »
To his last comment that he called into her ear, she shouted out that the feeling was mutual, her smile broad, pleased – and so beautiful. Then she shouted something else he couldn't quite hear, but he made it out to be 'You've quite a pair!'. Of course, she got to see his 'pair' during their initial negotiation, so he smiled and waggled his brow a bit and nodded thankfully – not at all realizing that wasn't -quite- what she had tried to say above the din of the music around them.

As his hands moved to her hips, her hands slid down to the front of his body. It was easy to imagine the two of them dancing like this in private... nude... teasing and arousing each other as their bodies reacted naturally. But soon, they were both dancing, moving as they felt the urge to, but never far away from one another. Decker made sure of that, now, so that any stray fellas thinking they might gain her attention simply wouldn't have a chance to.

She belonged to him tonight, and that's how he was gonna think of it.

They touched, rubbed, gently bumped... on a few occasions, he intentionally danced in some silly way to try to get her to smile, and when it worked, he smiled with her. It might be difficult for her to believe that the guy in front of her now was the same grumpy, uptight guy who had left the Gryphon with her just a few hours ago. Shopping, dinner, dancing... and a lot of talking... had certainly worked well to loosen him up... just as she was taught to do.

Not once did it cross his mind that she might have ulterior motives. Oh sure, she figured she -might- be trying to impress him in order to cut a better deal, to 're-negotiate' a better deal with him. But secretly he hoped she would try, because he would certainly make her -earn- a better deal, now that he had experienced her 'negotiation techniques', personally. But nothing more than that even came close to crossing his thoughts, the idea that she was slipping in close to him in order to earn his trust, or learn more about his plans or intentions... so that she could report them back to someone else.

One song led to another, and he quit counting after four. He was intently focused on her, and she seemed focused on him, and each new song provided a new opportunity to continue their public foreplay. More than a few times his hands slid lightly along her bare midriff.. more than once his fingers grazed her ass, or the undercurve of her breasts. More than once his lips glided along the side of her neck fleetingly, and his hands slid down her arms, fingers sliding over the back of her palms, and more than once he moved behind her, pressing his hips forward against her ass, his head raised back as if he had just experienced an intense climax. Nobody around them cared. Nobody said a word, everyone else was involved in their own courtship, or dancing with their own partners.

Eventually, sooner than he would have expected, she gave him 'the sign'. He nodded, a mischievous smile crossing his lip, while silently hoping they weren't leaving early on his account. He had obviously been enjoying himself, but both of them did look rather 'well exercised', and he eventually realized that they really had been at the dance hall for quite some time.

He led the way, gently taking her hand to start weaving through the crowd, doing his best to be gentle and courteous without stopping. It took a few minutes, but they eventually did make it to the exit, and out into the fresh air. It was darker now in the night sky, but there were ample street lights to provide plenty of lighting. Decker turned to face her once they were clear of the building, his hand still holding hers.

”That was FUN!” he said, smiling ear to ear, and there was very little chance he could be faking it. She new a Companion could be trained to fake almost any emotion – but Decker most certainly wasn't a Companion, and his grin was infectious. ”You really DO have some nice moves, you know? Watching you move in there was like... watching -art-...,” he said, trying as best he could, in his own simple way, to compliment her dancing skills. Gently, his hand pulled on hers, urging her to come closer to him, urging her to press up against him again. When her body was pressed to his, his hand that held hers extended out to the side, and his other hand went to her hip. Then he turned his face in the direction of their raised hands, gently pressed his cheek against hers – and began to dance that way a few steps in a tango-like step. After a few steps he stopped, laughed, and turned his head to look at her again.

”Are you positive, completely positive, that you want to head back to the ship now? Because, if we do... you know what's going to happen... You're going to throw yourself at me. I am going to try to be a gentleman and resist. But you're going to wear me down and make me give-in and do something you might regret later,” he said, obviously full of mirth, and high in the moment....

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