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Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: October 05, 2017, 09:06:22 PM »
There was kissing, and a slow dance of their two bodies.  Luna used most of her most – but not all – of her sensual little tricks in this position to make the experience even more mind-blowing for the captain. For tonight, he wasn’t her captain, and she wasn’t the companion residing on his ship. For a time, they were just two human beings in need of an intimate moment that would be fulfilling in both the physical sense and the emotional sense.

There were light touches, and pink streaks left by nails and which would no longer show by the morning. There were kisses and licks, nibble and grazes, as if the two of them could not get enough of one another. At some point, Decker made a motion to try to flip her on her back and she helped him along, avoiding to sever the contact between their bodies.

There was something in the way that he kissed her, the way that he touched her, that made her feel there was more to it tonight and simply being an opportunity given to him. She could feel that they had connected tonight. Maybe it was just her, maybe it was just tonight, she had no clue. As she looked into his eyes while he finally lost himself into her, she could sense that there was something more, but she filed that for later consideration.

Luna pulled him down to her, then, almost forcing him to lie his own weight on top of her until she managed to convince him that not only was she comfortable, but enjoyed the weight of a lover on top of her. She held him there a while, arms around him, caressing his back, and legs entwined with his, keeping his hips close to hers. They kissed, they spoke softly to one another, teasing back and forth, when finally her body did what they both expected it to do and he slipped out of her.

Cuddling in the bed, they slowly drifted to sleep together, leaving the consequences of this acty be discussed in  the morning.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: September 11, 2017, 02:52:58 PM »
Luna pushed her silky white strands behind her shoulders and away from his face, but without having tied up, she knew that they would drape around their face as they kissed, furthering the feeling that nothing existed other than their two connected body. Her hips lowered and lowered, taking in every reaction that he showed: a hiss, a groan, a shudder, it was like she played a well-honed instrument and knew how to hit his notes just so. She felt no small amount of pride in that, and the sight of it all was so erotic and arousing in itself…

Luna’s hips connected with his, and she felt his hand pull on her. “Hard to argue with that.” She said in answer to his comment made a short moment ago. She answered to the gentle nudge, and her hips lifted themselves off him by little more than an inch, and slowly. She made a soft, pleased sound as her hips curled down on him, swallowing him whole again before easing back up. The rhythm was slow, drawn, as if now that she had him exactly where and how she wanted, there was no rush to get to the finish line anymore. No, Luna wanted to enjoy the journey for as long as he would let her.

Her lips melted against his in a soft, desire-filled kiss. She was aware that things would likely heat up, that the softness and the slowness of her moves would eventually become hotter, harder, faster, making use of his whole length rather than to keep him mostly buried. Right now, however, she gave into his desire – their desire – and rocked her hips without haste. Her hands caressed him, and sometimes stopped only a few seconds on a spot where one of his scars was. Her fingertips would linger and then she would move along, as if to say: I know they’re there, I noticed, but I don’t care. Her lips parted, and with a soft moan, she soughtto deepen the kiss to make this a truly intimate, sweet moment between them.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: September 01, 2017, 12:41:29 AM »
Luna could tell that he was proud of what he had done. He sure was right to be. It had been quick, sure, but the only reason why it had been was because the way he had danced with her tonight and touched her as they danced. The way he showed genuine desire was in it for something too, and then he had performed quite well right here. She was pleased with him so far, but it wasn’t a matter of giving him grades, or thinking about this encounter in a clinical, contractual manner. It was personal, with him right now and it would remain personal.

He had an absolutely beautiful body, she noticed as he climbed onto the bed. Her eyes did not take notes of the scars that stained her skin here and there. She was aware of their existence but she saw only the beauty beyond. He was lean and athletic, slender but with just the right padding to his frame. He had a gorgeous face that gave him a serious, almost stern look when  he did not smile, but a broad smile appeared to have him shed a few years of age.

He laid on his back, relaxed but for the one part of him that stood to attention. Her hand ran over his chest and her lips followed as she turned toward him. She kissed his chest and slowly lifted her body off the mattress. Now that the both of them had gotten rid of some of the pent up tension, taking their time to return to the sensuality of the dance would be so much easier.

Luna straddled his hips and her hands angled him downward so that the spongy head would feel the warmth and softness of her folds for the moment. She was not going to torture him, or even play with him, right now. She wanted the sensations, the pleasure, the connection that she knew she could have with him. Momentarily were forgotten the request of an old man light years away from where they were, and the rules of a guild that she found stifling at times. She wanted to be  an ordinary girl, enjoying her time with an ordinary guy she really liked.

You mean you don’t need my lips now?” She asked, raising her upper body just enough to be within kissing range, but the hand that was not used to hold her balance was between them, guiding him toward her entrance and  she lowered herself slowly toward the base, keeping her eyes on him, just in case something was off.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: August 28, 2017, 10:06:03 PM »
At  the first whisper after her word of warning, Luna glanced down to see what was wrong. With her legs still in the air, she had to tilted her head to the side to see him. The first thought to cross her mind was that it was that time of the month and the timing of it had ruined it, so she lowered her legs carefully and got ready to head toward her room with a minimum of clothing not to give the crew more of an eyeful than they could afford.

Seeing how he lowered himself to his knees, however, Luna understood that the word was not the result of a problem. It was something else that had prompted the word, it was surprise. Suddenly, pieces of the puzzle clicked together. She is a companion, trained to please, to give someone what they expected, and all this time he thought that she had been humoring him? That the way he touched her left her cold? There was something about the lack of confidence in his ability to affect him that was strange to her.

She was definitely not his first woman, she was most definitely not faking anything with him. He was very handsome, and very sensual. Dancing with him and ramped up her arousal and her desire for release with an amazing easiness. “Normally, I would say don’t resist, but I’m feeling so selfish right now.” She said with a roguish smile on her lips. She wanted him to do what he seemed to be intent to do, and he would definitely see, hear and taste that his dance with her was more than just a dance for her too.

Easing her legs apart had required no effort at all and her gaze found him immediately, never leaving his face. She propped herself up on an elbow, but her other hand caressed  his arm as it came up to fondle her breast. “Oh gawd.” She said, stretching the sound as his tongue hit the spot just right. Her hips curled, as if she meant to ensure that the whole area had an easy access to him and she moaned.

As promised, the first climax came quickly. She bit her lips and frowned for a split second as she hung onto the edge. After a short silence she moaned again, arched her back and let her head fall back. Her eyes fluttered and she moaned his name, her legs quivering on either side of his head, and after a moment, her body eased gently and she let herself fall flat on the bed. Most of the pent up tension from the evening had gone but not the desire to make love to him.

Come up here, babe.” Luna said with a motion of both of her hands. “Come, lay on your back. It’s my turn.” She invited him.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 15, 2017, 04:38:44 PM »
I might very well pop at the first touch of your tongue, babe, and I’d feel no embarrassment showing you how much dancing with you, kissing and touching you has aroused me. ” She answered quite simply to his teasing challenge. She was going to climax with very little help from him, she was sure. If he had any doubts about how he had kept her quite aroused throughout the evening, he would see that whenever her pants would come off.

After compliments about kissing were exchange, he made rather obvious that he intended to have her on her back. Being passive was something that Luna rarely had the luxury to be. She had to please the client, to enhance their experience with her knowledge, and though sometimes it did require that she simply lie on her back and let the client have his way it did not happen all that often. He began to nibble her leg, going upward. He gave her chills, shivers running up her spine, but she knew that it was only a mild version of what result he would have if he did the same without the pants on.

His hands worked her breasts beautifully, her arousal rising with every pinch, every nibble. Her breathing was a bit faster, but she had her eyes closed. Other than an occasional curl of her hips when he hit something particularly sensitive just right, biting her lip and smiling, she remained quite calm under his tease. It was not leaving her indifferent for sure; it was a good way to tease, to hint at more intimate touches.

Then she heard his voice and nodded her head. With her feet planted on the floor, she raised her hips so that he could slip the pants from underneath her. “Careful.” She said once the pants were at the widest point of her hips. She lifted her legs, knees brought together between his arms. Her word of caution were so she wouldn’t knee him, or kick him, in the face as she brought her knees closer to her chest. She made quick work of the zipper of her low heel boots and tossed them by the bed, then lifted her legs, unfolded, so that he could pull the pants off her  slender legs. Her panties, flimsy lacy panties, were bearing obvious signs of her steady arousal.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 13, 2017, 11:24:28 PM »
You should give it a try. If you are convincing enough about wanting me here with you, I might let myself be tempted.” She answered to his series of what-ifs. Would she stay in his room forever? Probably not. Would she be willing to come back to it sooner rather than later? Depending on how he performed tonight, there would probably not be much arm-twisting to do for that to happen. She wouldn’t tell him that, however, because then it makes their deal pretty much void, save for the money part.

Not that she cared about that. Really.

Luna smirked and let him lower her to his bed. Some men liked it, being able to move her as they wished. Her petite frame made it easier for those who were in shape and Decker qualified. She figured that it fed into something primal in them, the need to feel strong and that they could protect their mate or something. As opposed to some, she did not mind being picked up, carried or laid gently on a bed if it pleased the man she was with. Lengthy discussion with some of her sisters had taught her that some found that it somehow lessened their image to let men handle them this way. Whatever it was, Luna did appreciate a strong, healthy man far more than one who is weak.

I like the sound of that. said as she arranged her hair so that she wouldn’t feel it pull whenever she moved. “But you’ll have to get my pants off me before you can do anything… Are you sure you are ready for it? It can wait if you thik it’s all going to be too much for you.” She teased in answer to his challenge. To help him, though, she quickly dealt with her belt, unbuttoned her pants. Decker had no trouble spreading her legs, but keeping her on her back was harder.

Luna sat up and leaned forward to get her face closer to his. When she spoke, she tilted her head, and her tone was soft. Not a whispering, just a soft voice that could be considered affectionate and gentle, rather than suave. “Make the best of it while you can, because I really love kissing you and am already missing the feel of your lips on mine.” Her hand reached out and caressed his cheek, emphasizing the affectionate words, and the ball of her thumb outlined his lower lip. “You kiss so well.” She added, and her gaze left his to glance at his lips for just a split second, before they were lured back to the beautiful stormy eyes.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 12, 2017, 01:54:24 AM »
Mmhmm.” Luna said in answer to his tease and she gave him a slow nod of her head to go along. “Don’t you enjoy watching when a woman experiences pleasure from your ministrations? Some would think it’s something to do about the power one has over the other’s body. The beauty of the orgasm to me isn’t about power, it’s about how my lover abandons himself to the intense pleasure. I don’t feel empowered by it; it fascinates me and I find it beautiful. You… You are already very easy on the eyes…

Luna let the sentence trail as she followed his lead through his cabin, no more eager than he was to put distance between them. “Dancing with you like this without clothes… now that is one interesting thought. Though without other people to keep us decent, we would probably end up in your bed that much faster.” She said, and she laughed softly. The kisses wouldn’t be kept light, the touches would not hint and stop just short, and there were a few times where he had hinted at ways that he would take her, given the opportunity. Without the barrier of clothes and other people, she was sure that he would not hesitate.

Luna wiped her hand first and then her stomach. Her clothes needed no wiping, whatever landed on her pants would get washed away and she’d look at her boots to make sure that they were not stained later either. Her hands with the cloth reached down and she decided to take care of what had landed on him, or stuck to him too. She smirked when he said what he wanted to do to her. She knew that the smirk could be perceived as something that it wasn’t. How easy it would be for him to think that she had strung him along just to take the edge off and deny him the removal of her pants, again? The smile, however, was for something else entirely.

There’s no rush.” She said in answer to his time getting ready again. “I am not going anywhere tonight. I am right here, with you, until you kick me out or captain duty calls you away. I won’t be upset if we explore each other thoroughly, and take more than ten minutes doing it.” She challenged softly and after she made sure that he was clean in most area where the dry handtowel would not feel like she was scraping him with sandpaper at the moment, she threw it away with her blouse, which was within reach of the bed. Sex was messy, and they were far from done being messy, she was sure.

Dance with me, lead the way to the bed?” Luna said, her suggestion sounding more like a question as if she weren’t sure that it was something that he would want to do even though he had just indicated that he wanted her horizontal. Her hands went to his shoulders. Damn she wanted to kiss him, and she betrayed that urge by a glance at his lips before her gaze went back to his. She wanted the closeness, the warmth of his skin against hers… But she was willing to follow his lead, to let him show her where and how he wanted this to go. She had mostly led their sexual encounter so far, and now she had put the lead firmly into his hands to see where he would take them.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 10, 2017, 12:39:39 AM »
Luna gave him the slightest nod in answer to his warning that he was almost there. Her gaze was glued to his face, and not to her working hand. She did not need to see what she was doing, although she did enjoy watching her own hand work a cock from time to time. His, given their difference in size, would be quite interesting but right then there  was a more interesting thing to watch. They kissed lightly, and her second hand joined the first, the motion made easy by him being face to face with her. With her hand near the tip, and the words coming from him, she knew that it was right around the corner… and he proved her right.

She did not tear her gaze away from his face; she wanted to see the bliss on his face, in his eyes. He was a truly handsome man, and this moment of intimacy was something that she cherished. Everything in him seemed to say just how intense this climax felt. This long time coming orgasm, one that she had worked on all evening, looked overwhelming in the best of ways, though he took his stormy gaze away from her in closing his eyes. She knew that the moment he would decide to claim his turn, she would likely explode just as fast, and with a similar intensity. He would no doubt see it on the crotch of her panties, if he paid attention while taking them off. If he still intended to undress her.

Luna was not bothered by where and when the result of this activity landed. It was an unavoidable byproduct of what she had been doing, and if she had a problem with semen, she was clearly in the wrong line of work. Her hands slowed when his delivery slowed, and her hand now avoided the tip altogether so that she would not jolt him back to reality with an overstimulating stroke. She could feel it in her hand, though. The iron swelling seemed not so hard anymore. He would soften if she let g of him, which was the right thing to do at this point, but he would grow hard again before the end of the night, she was sure of it.

That was so fascinating to watch, babe. You and I, we’ll have a lot of fun together during down time.” She whispered. Luna took a quick look around for something to help clean up while he caught his breath. It was only then that she glanced downwards and saw how subtly unsteady his legs were, but she wouldn’t point it out to him now. Her own legs would shake too, if he worked her up as she had done him, and then pushed her over the edge with the same skill and intensity… Luna did not move away from him, though, and she wasn’t so keen to. It even crossed her mind to just pick up her shirt and use it to clean up her hand and her stomach.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 09, 2017, 05:03:38 AM »
The shiver, the groan, his reaction to the sight of her naked breasts; all of his reactions were rewards of their own. Was she used to cause men to react to her touch? Of course, she was but this was not the usual meeting between her and a man. She was with Decker tonight because she wanted to be. She realized only now how much of a difference it made, even though this wasn’t the first occurrence of her acting outside of the guild’s protocols.  It also gave her a hint, or so she thought, of how different it could feel – and she expected that the intensity of the difference was proportional to the intensity of the feelings – when one loved the person they were having sex with.

I thought that you wanted to watch.” Was all she said before she covered the last inch and pressed her lips to his. Luna lost no time opening her lips, and her tongue eagerly sought out his. Although it was exactly what he had requested: a deep kiss, she sought to make it as sensual and erotic as possible. One of her breast pressed into his side when she positioned herself but the other was free, allowing him to weigh, cup, grip or tease as much as he wanted.

Her hand closed firmly just short of the shaft, so that when her stroke went upward, it would stop just past the crown. Her first strokes were very slow, but Luna had no intentions to torture him into wanting more speed and being denied. It was not her to start fast and end fast. She preferred to go and adjust the speed from a slow stroke to whatever pleasured him most. Her movements were precise, almost always the same length, though she randomly took her hand higher on the mushroom tip as she worked him out, just to keep him guessing. Her hand, as promised, was soft and warm, and not at all shy of working him up.

Luna became very focused onto him. The change of his breathing, or how often he groaned or moaned, any hints that more was necessary. Her focus also had the advantage that his upcoming explosion would not be a surprise; she would feel the swelling into her tight grip. She did not really care where his seeds would land, whether it was the wall, the floor her pants, her shoes or her blouse. Her hand worked relentlessly, but she knew went to stop and not turn pleasure in a form of it tainted by over-stimulation.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 08, 2017, 04:19:40 AM »
Even though her motions were more controlled in appearance, more precise, Luna was still taking her time while, at the same time, she was hurrying through the motions. His kiss told her everything that his words did not. Desire, need, a craving for her body and for a release of all the pent-up tension of the night. The idea of dancing together had been great. Luna was absolutely convinced that if they had come here straight after the meal, they would already be done and pondering what else to do with their free evening. She did not let her mind wonder about what could that be, however. The pace set by Decker at the moment did not give her that kind of room.

Her shirt landed on the ground, discarded without the slightest regard. It would end up in the washer regardless of where it fell, but her hand went around her back and loosened unhooked her bra easily. The weight of her round breasts, pushed upward by the bra, quickly pulled the straps away from her shoulders and the lacy thing went to join the blouse that had just barely covered it for the better part of the evening. Decker had been efficient, and though she had helped with her own clothes, she did not want to rob him from his opportunity to undress her and thus did nothing to remove her own pants.

Luna’s hands went to his chest as it was finally available to her touch. She had touched him today, in the changing room, and she gave no indications that she noticed the scars because at the moment, they did not matter to her. There would be a time where she might question him about the history behind some of them, and he would share if he wanted to, but that time was definitely not now. Her gentle touch lowered toward his waist and he spoke, bringing her gaze away from the bobbing hard length.

Hard and fast? I think I could appreciate that… maybe a little later.” She said soft and suave, with a smile to match his. “Now, though, I think we both want to watch my soft, small, hands work out that considerable length of yours…” She said softly, moving away from in front of him to come press against his side. The hand that was slowly lowering down his adonis’ belt went around and beneath. She remembered how he had reacted to some of her touches the week before and intended to take the arousal up a notch before he would feel just how strong a grip those small hands could provide. The tips of her perfectly manicured nails ran over his jewels.

How fast do you want this to happen? How quickly to you want free access to my body?” She whispered as her nails reached the base of his length. Her hand moved, open, along the underside until she reached the proper height. Her fingers closed, then, with a firm and strong grip, but did not yet move. It would remain still if he decided to move his hips to pleasure himself with her hand, but she would let it last only until he answered her.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 08, 2017, 01:46:09 AM »
Luna followed Decker, holding to his arm and keeping close. She was happy just tagging along, anticipating things that would happen once inside, away from the eyes of the crew. She wondered how a whole evening of teasing, of tempting and all the dances would translate into. She expected passion, something very heated at least until she was done with him the first time around… Whatever would happen, it would probably not be the worst that she would have been put through. At least Decker had outgrown the phase of losing his load at the first touch of a woman, or the first glance of her being naked…

Decker led her to his room, as they had agreed upon, and invited her inside. There was no games anymore, no pretense of going back to her quarters, no tease, nothing. She was ready for something light-hearted, but passionate, with the right kind of teasing if the moment called for it. She gave him a small smirk when she entered his room and undid the knot that held her blouse closed over her bra. He had required that he undress her, and she had agreed to let him do it.

Perfectly, unless you want full light. I’m also comfortable with that.” She said and he pulled her to him. Her arms quickly went around his neck, and she brushed along the line of his jaw with the back of her fingers. He had admitted to having had his heart broken more than once, to a childhood that could have been her own if not for Niska’s early intervention. Likely, she would still use her body to make money, but without the guild to give her access to the higher sphere and people with fat wallet. All that he had shared with her tonight made him more dear to her than he had been before leaving. She no longer had the feeling of facing a distant stranger anymore.

Not just your mind. Remember, I’ve got to help you along first…” She admitted quite freely and tilted her head to make the heated kiss more comfortable. Her hands moved downwards toward his belt. She had every intentions to help him along quickly, and it made sense to her that she helped him get rid of some pressure right off, because once he started to undress her, she had the feeling that all would end way too soon… Besides, she did want him naked, as soon as possible and believed that he wanted her to be naked just as quickly…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 05, 2017, 06:06:22 AM »
No, we can’t have you going about shooting clinets, it’s bad for business. Yours -and- mine” She said, agreeing with me with a touch of sadness in her voice that was forced, and a mocked pout to her lips. “It would be quite hard to keep things quiet from the crew if I actually shared youquarters on a daily basis. And I’m not a bed-hog, but I’m heat-seeking. So I’d be all over you, all night. My clothes could have remained in the room I already use. My own changing room would have been quite nice…” She said, having the feeling that her heat-seeking ways during the night would not be a discouraging statement, far from it.

We’re home! Well, almost anyway.” She said, quite ready to step out of the cab and to straight to his quarters. She hoped that there was nothing captain-related waiting for Decker inside the ship because she didn’t think either of them would have the patience to wait until he was done dealing with it. After a whole evening of almost touching, discreet rubbing, some rather heated kissing, much teasing… They were both quite ready to leave the realm of the “almost” to go straight to the more hardcore stuff. She wouldn’t rush him, unless he proved to be in a rush.

Out of the cab, she handed the man what he requested for the fare, plus some tip and then languidly stretched her body with no care as to who might be looking and how close to indecent she was with her blouse still unbuttoned and tied under her breasts. With a deep breath of the fresh night hair, she was ready for what would be the last phase of this wonderful evening. It made her a bit sad, and she thought that maybe she should have stayed at the dance hall longer. She did not want it to end, and she hoped that Decker would make it last as long as he could.

It’s such a beautiful night.” She said to herself as the cab left them to seek its next fare. She wasn’t talking about the temperature, or at least not only the temperature. Decker had been so perfect for an evening of not feeling like a Companion, an evening where she allowed herself to be herself. Spoiling someone else in the process felt so nice. That was also something she did not get to do often and doing it for Decker had been very rewarding. She turned toward the Gryphon, toward Decker and smiled at him. She held out a hand toward his arm, so that maybe they would go in the same way they had come out: with her holding his arm.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 05, 2017, 05:06:53 AM »
Good, good. Now you won’t have the opportunity to say you were surprised when your knees barely carry you to your bed. Or blame that on the tuna.”  Luna teased him right back, but she had a roguish grin plastered on her face. It was clear that she had not been bothered by having the “miss” thing resurface, but that she wouldn’t take that tease without giving one right back. She chuckled softly.

You know I would not take a contract with any of your crew. I don’t want things to get awkward where I call it home, I don’t want to cause tension between you and your crew if someone feels possessive. If things get awkward between you and I, then I’ll know I’ll have overstayed my welcome.” She said, explaining in rather simple terms a situation that could be potentially far more complex. She did not want to launch into a whole explanation about how her ways, during service, could lead some men to see more into it than there was, for one thing. She did not want to remind him of it, not now that he had mostly let go of the fact that she was a companion, even if she expected that it would quickly go back to what it was before once this night was over.

Other than that, my only concern is that I do not want to undermine your authority in the eyes of the crew. So if you think that keeping the nature of what is between us secret is the best way to go, I will respect your decision, and be very discreet. I believe they will know sooner or later, however. Someone coming at your door during our time together would be a giveaway.” Luna explained and she did not seem bothered by his previous answer. She would be very accommodating whatever he chose. It was his ship, his crew, so it was his rules.

Come to your quarters, I believe I will, but I would be very careful with that offer, if I were you.” She said as the cab went on the last stretch of road leading to the Gryphon. “Bigger bed, more comfortable, and I can stay as long as I’d like? I could move in. The bed warmer is included, I’d imagine. A very handsome man, at that. The offer is so very tempting.” She finished, her tone suggestive and enticing. She wouldn’t move into his room unless he explicitly invited her to do so and he agreed to let his crew know, of course. She was not going to sneak her things into his room, and then sneak in there to sleep every night…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 05, 2017, 02:13:04 AM »
I have faith in you.” She said, teasing him even though it was not a lie. She trusted that he would not do anything that would get them arrested. With his arm around her shoulder, Luna fond herself leaning into his side, so she moved closer until their thighs pressed against one another’s side. It allowed his arm to hold her a little closer to him, and her hand dipped just a little lower between his legs. She felt the warmth of his body wherever it pressed against her.

When she heard his request, she smiled. So that he would not move away from her, she moved her hand from his thigh to the back of his head, and she turned her head to speak to him. “How about I offer you a trade? I let you take my clothes off, and you let me do what I suggested in the changing room. Just to take the edge off… Considering the evening, I think it would be a wise move, and then we could spend some time… Comforting me, until you are ready for more again.” She offered in a soft whisper. She had no problem with a man removing her clothes. That he even bothered to ask was very sweet of him. Most men would have simply taken it for granted and sought to do it.

Her hand on the side of his neck, her thumb moving back and forth, Luna took a deep breath. “We’ll have to be discreet if you want to keep what’s between us secret from the crew. I don’t mind if they know, but you may be more concerned about how they perceive us being together than I do.” She thought that Cammy wouldn’t mind unless she had a crush on Decker that Luna did not know about. She had no clue if Gavin would give Decker an ‘attaboy’ for closing the deal, be envious or judgmental. And the new peeps that would come on board were also a mystery.

The cab slowed, but a quick glance out front told her that it was really nothing more than a matter of traffic light. It also showed her that they were back in the space port district, so they had only a few more minutes to hold out before getting on board of their home and, no doubt, making a bee-line for whatever quarters that Decker wanted to use. She knew that if he went for hers, with her narrower bed, sleeping together would be impossible and solve the question. If he led her to his quarters, that would be quite different. He’d have the option to keep her with him – an option that might allow him to have sex again before getting out of his quarters even if she had not made that obvious – or kick her out of his bed…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 03, 2017, 06:15:33 PM »
Or hear Gavin say that he’ll be in his bunk, I don’t think we need to help him with that. Agreed.” She said, adding her laughter to his. He was so different than the man who called him Miss Halloway only hours ago. He was laughing, dancing, being playful. She wondered if perhaps he needed that date just as much as she did. Maybe he needed to be taken out of his ship for a moment and forget about the fact that he was its captain, like she wanted to forget that she was a companion just for one evening.

I didn’t want you to stare and make a little puddle of drool on the floor. It would get slippery and someone would get hurt. So I kept myself reasonably covered. Besides, the whole package is for your eyes only, should you decide to…hum… comfort me once we get home.” She wouldn’t have minded even removing her shirt, to be honest. The bra she wore underneath, while lacy and sexy, would cover her even more than her smaller bikini top.  She imagined it in her mind for a moment, her blouse open, with nothing to let Decker know that he was getting his hand too high other than the bra… His hands gripping both of her breasts, or teasing them through the fabric…

She was quite thankful that Decker interrupted this train of thought to the profit of calling a cab. She was already worked up more than enough. “Do you think I care if he gets mad? We wouldn’t be the first ones to do it to him, unless he’s really new to the job.” She said with a soft chuckle. She slipped into the car with her usual grace, as if she could not be otherwise even if she tried. She moved to give Decker the space he needed to fit in, and then they were off.

Luna turned her head to look at Decker. “Don’t get yourself all worked up, it’s only a couple of blocks.” She whispered and tilted her head. Her hand slipped high onto his thigh, just a hair away from what she expected he really wanted her hand to be. Where she really wanted her hand to be. She was trying so hard to rein herself in and not give in to what was a very tempting stroke of his crotch. Maybe a break would be a good thing, for him. With the level of arousal and desire she had put him through all evening, she thought that they were in for an explosive outburst, a small break and then finally get to what they both wanted…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 03, 2017, 05:00:19 AM »
It’s only once outside that Luna realized two things. First, it was warmer inside, and second she had to button up that blouse. It might actually help with the temperature thing.  She took a few deep breath of fresh air and it was invigorating. She was anticipating coming on board of the Gryphon. She suspected that he would drag her – quite willingly following him – to his room and they would lose no time getting each other naked. It was so intense, so personal, something that she did not get to feel often. No, that wasn’t exactly true: she did not get to feel at all, because she distanced herself from clients but she moved close to him on a personal level.

Before she could button up her blouse, Decker was pulling her toward him, still playfully dancing. She agreed with a nod, when he assessed their time in the dance hall. Her own smile was broad, radiant, and turned a touch coy when he complimented her. “Thank you. It’s easy, dancing with you. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun dancing with someone for the first time. It wasn’t awkward, there was no unpleasant bumping into one another. We’re quite a pair. We really should try to find some time on the ship to dance. I know you’ve got work and all, but during some down time, it would be great. She said, quite oblivious of the way he had heard the words the first time she had said them.

She listened to his playful banter, climbed on her toes and kissed the side of his neck before he was done with his teasing. “How can you be so blind?” She asked, faking being offended and utterly failing at sounding even remotely believable. Hard to sound and look offended with a broad grin plastered on her face. “I’m already throwing myself at you. I’ve been throwing myself at you all evening. I even unbuttoned my blouse to tempt you and nothing worked!” She knew just how much the ‘nothing worked’ part couldn’t be further from the truth.

All these efforts for nothing. We should try to hail the cab so I can go home and cry my heart out with shame and embarrassment.” She said and made a heart-breaking exaggerated smile and then giggled. Giggling did not happen often for Luna and she was a little surprise at hearing the sound coming out of her. Everything about the Companion behavior was about grace, serenity, and being even-tempered. Tonight, she had kept the grace part easily enough, but she was not serene, and not even tempered. She was gleeful, horny, and playful, as demonstrated by her raising one of their arm above her head and making a turn on herself to end with her back to him. She still swayed gently to some music that had nothing to do with the bass beat that shook the brick wall.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 03, 2017, 04:10:07 AM »
The look on his face was rewarding, priceless. Was he finally beginning to believe what she’s been trying to show him tonight? Did he finally believe that she desired -him- for no other reason than those of a genuine desire of a woman for a man? He leaned forward and spoke to her, and she took the opportunity to take a deep breath. In spite of the number of people around them wearing perfume of various quality and in various quantity as well, she could smell him. It must have been pheromones or something, because she felt the urge – which she contained – to just snuggle up into his personal space so she could run her nose along the side of his neck.

Luna nodded when he said that he was ready to go whenever she was ready to go. A part of her wanted to dash, hail a cab, and get back to the Gryphon, but she was quite aware that this was a special occasion. Dancing like this was rare unless she was with a client. Few were the people willing to pay thousands of credits to come to a place like this and dance with her. She was far more acquainted with ball rooms than nightclubs. She had never been with dancing like she did with Decker. They did have so much in common, it was uncanny. And for the first time in a while, Niska popped to mind. Had he put her on Decker’s path because he knew that she would connect with him?

The thought lasted all but two seconds, just long enough for Decker to compliment her. She offered him a broad, pleased smile. “You too!” She shouted so he could hear without placing his hear near her lips. “We’re quite the pair.” She added in the same manner, but wasn’t bothered if he did not hear her.  She finally moved her hands over his shoulders and down over his pecks in a caressing manner, and wished so badly that he did not wear a shirt, that she had access to his skin too. The idea of unbuttoning his shirt crossed her mind, and he would certainly not be the first to show his chest here tonight, but she kept that particular step in getting him naked for later.

It did not take long before Luna fell back into the wonderful pattern of dance that involved being close to Decker, rubbing and gently bumping, touching him here and there, but always she looked up at him, at the intensity of his desire which she imagined that she could see in his eyes. The song mixed into another, and then another and another… Luna did not count, but she was beginning to feel that spending a few minutes sitting down would have her feet quite thankful, no matter how comfortable the boots. Discreetly, she pointed toward the exit as they had agreed upon.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 03, 2017, 02:56:28 AM »
The kiss deepened, and she had not a care in the world about who would see them kissing. Cared even less if someone was bothered by it. They were doing no harm, in a place where no kids could catch a glimpse of them, and their hands were somewhere decent, even if Decker did hint at the notion of getting his hand into her pants. She knew that all they needed was a spark, that the tension and arousal between them was enough to make the place explode with that spark. She also knew that they were not in a place where they could act it out. They had to head home soon…

The slow song ended, and the cheering brought her back to the time and place they stood in. Decker made no motion to move back and she let it happen for a while. The kiss was far to pleasant – and overdue – to be so easily interrupted. She finally let it go when someone accidentally elbowed her in the back. It was nothing violent or leaving any lingering pain, but the firm nudge was a good reminder that everyone was moving with the music but them.

Luna brought the kiss to an end gently, the nudge having had no other effect than her stiffening for a second. She didn’t let go of Decker, however. Both of her arms curled around his shoulder as if she meant to give him a hug, but what she sought to do was to bring his ear closer to her lips. She placed her hand before her  lips, shielding them and his ear from the surrounding noise even if only a little.

I am not a companion to you tonight, remember? There is no contract, no time constraints. Let me be that woman who is very turned on by her hot dancing partner. I can even sleep naked with you, if you want it too. So make sure that we both have enough energy left for a long session of hot, steamy sex together.” She didn’t have much hope for ‘long’. Not unless they did something about him first. She was absolutely convinced that with the amount of stimuli he had had so far tonight, he’d lose it even faster than the first time she touched him. Would he want more then? A short resting period with access to her body as much as he can hope for, and then… She kissed his cheek and squeezed him gently in a hug, but she did not immediately pull back, just in case he wanted to add something before they resumed dancing.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 03, 2017, 02:16:44 AM »
Luna smiled when he said that he’d like to dance with her again. A lot. She filed the information for later, for a moment where the captain of the ship would not be needed, and where her services as a companion would not be required either. It would likely be a moment during their travels, but that was fine with her. If he did like dancing with her as much as she did with him, she figured that they would find time to do it again. They might even seek to make time.

You sure know how to make a girl feel wanted.” She replied to his admission that he would put his hands on her given any opportunity. There was no sarcasm or anything in her voice; she was flirting and her lop-sided smile spelled that out clearly. It felt really good being in his arms. It was different, somehow, and she explained it by it being not contract-driven, and that he wasn’t seeking to get as much out of her for the sake of getting his money worth.

There’s no more space in your pants for me, dear. You are straining against them hard enough as it is.” She said playfully to his rhetorical question and pointedly curved her hips for a hint of pressure against what she was talking about. He did not want to leave, and that made her smile. His comment after had her ponder the wording of an answer but before she could get it out, his lips were onto hers for more than a small kiss and a game of chase.

Luna’s eyes closed and she adjusted the angle of her head to make the kiss as comfortable as possible for the both of them. One of her hand climbed up his shoulder, went up the back of his neck and came to rest against the back of his head. Her own lips parted and the tip of her tongue barely touched his lips, as if teasing his tongue to come out and play. Her body molded his, and even though the kiss was a – quite welcome – distraction, she did not miss the beat or allow him to step on her toes. Her fingers curled on the back of his head, as if she sought to take a handful of hair that were far too short to make this remotely possible, and she let a soft, appreciated moan into the kiss. She had desired that kiss for a while now…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 03, 2017, 01:01:28 AM »
Moving close to him for something slower and more relaxed than the dancing they had shared up until now was a welcome pause to catch their breath. It was also a nice moment for them to share a few words without having to shout.“My toes are intact and so is my pride. You dance very well. We should do it every once in a while, you know, when we’re waiting to get somewhere.” And there was a lot of that for a crew that lived to haul cargo from one place to the other. She thought about her suggestion and it became quickly obvious to her that he might prefer that they do it behind closed doors, so that it didn’t become so well known that they wanted each other that badly, and if done behind closed doors, how long would it last before clothes became a hindrance? Probably not long.

Dancing with you like this almost feels like… Foreplay before foreplay.” Luna said with a cooked smile. She clearly had no issue with sharing her thoughts with him, as she had felt his arousal more than once, and the way that he had been touching her was as good as telling her that he wanted her. She followed his lead into the dance, but she moved closer so that he could hold her to him and she could rest her head on his shoulder. Her breathing, made faster by the energetic dancing, was slowly going back to normal, but her heart rate refused to follow suit completely. Her pulse remained slightly quicker than normal.

Do you need a pause? Something to drink or to use the washroom?” She asked suddenly. She needed nothing herself but that didn’t mean that he did not. “Or would you rather we go outside, hail a cab and head home?” Luna wasn’t eager to leave, but again this evening wasn’t just about her. He was there, with her, and his comfort was important. His level of energy was important. What a let down it would be if they got to the Gryphon, and by the time she removed her boots, he’d be snoring on the bed.

Luna looked up at him as she made her offer. There was a touch of concern in her tone, but also in the way she looked at him. She had also angled her face perfectly to be kissed, if he so wished, although this had not been the purpose. She felt lucky that he had agreed to come with her and that he had been such great company. She wanted to ask him if he had felt her desire for him in these dances, but there was a nagging voice in the back of her mind that told her that he knew. He knew that as a companion she knew exactly how to do this convincingly. It was so much more than that, though. He was her weakness, in his looks, his skills, his simplicity. It made being herself so easy when she was with him…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 02, 2017, 04:31:52 AM »
Luna gave him a nod when he gave her a code for letting him know that she wanted to leave, and then he reassured her that they could stay however long she wanted. She rested her head on his shoulder, with him being so close, and placed her arm around him as well. Had he anticipated the tease about his eagerness to leave to pass her lips? Maybe. Seeing how fast the line moved, she rose to the tip of her toes and pressed her lips against the side of his neck. “No time to kiss here, it seems, but maybe inside…” She whispered to him, but he would feel her breath against the side of his neck where her lips had been seconds before.

Inside, it was just as ordinary at the outside. The square brick building with blacked out windows and just a neon sign was pretty much the same inside, but with more lighting effects, loud music and the bare minimum seating around a metallic balcony that was only a few feet wide around the perimeter. There was also a bar, bright and shining in a corner of the building where acoustics were probably better to hear people when they requested a drink. During a brief moment where Decker didn’t look at her, Luna pulled her shirt out of her pants, unbuttoned the whole thing discreetly, and tied both ends right under her breasts, showing just a hint of white lace, but plenty of cleavage. It also left a considerable space between the low waist of her pants and where she tied the blouse completely naked. A span of milky, soft skin unblemished but for her tiny belly button.

Luna led Decker just off center, where there seemed to be a small clearing for them to dance together without being constantly glued together. She had a broad smile on her face and there was a light in her eye that betrayed her excitement at being here, free of contract, with him, to dance. Just enjoy herself, with him. She jumped a couple times, as if she had to let off some pent up pressure before she exploded, and started dancing. Luna wasn’t immediately all over Decker. First, she wanted to assess the kind of dancing he was good at, if he had a style that she could complement with her own and if he had rhythm.

It became quickly obvious that he was skilled, and that he had a few hours of practice himself. Dancing was free, she reminded herself. For a man who had grown up with limited resources, dancing was a good way to spend some energy and meet people and… Suddenly she was pulled out of her thoughts by a pair of hands on her waist. If they had been Decker’s hands, she would have seen them coming, but the hands weren’t his and the warmth she felt against her back wasn’t his either. The nerve! Decker was just a step or two away from her, and they were obviously together, right?

Luna took the wrists of the man in her hands and pulled them off her waist. When she turned her head to talk to the man, her hand went to the side of his face to make sure that he didn’t mistake the gesture for anything other than what it was. She talked fairly loud, maybe enough for Decker to hear her say “Unless you can pay my fees as a Companion, you have no business touching me.” But the man sure heard her and he raised both his hands, then disappeared into the crowd. She took it as her cue to make it unmistakably obvious that she was with Decker.

Apparently, I wasn’t close enough! I tend to agree!” She shouted, with no real hopes that he would hear her, but her body pressed up against him and immediately his hands went to her naked skin. She molded herself to him then, allowed the man to lead the dance. He felt his hands on her, following the gentle curve of her back until his fingers could slip under the edge of the blouse, feeling the back of her bra, but then his hand would travel down, past the waist of her pants and grope her briefly. Luna wasn’t sure if it was meant only as a grope or to pull her hips tighter against his, but she could feel how dancing this close to one another affected him. Sometimes his hand would run along her side, and just like he did on her back, his fingers would barely slip underneath, feeling the bra or the round underside of her breast. To Luna, it screamed of how much he wanted that unfettered access to her body, and in time she would give it to him. Soon.

Her own hands did not remain so idle, nor did her hips. Her hands explored his arms, shoulder, his chest and his back, with an occasional trip over his backside which she groped just as shamelessly as he did hers. Her hips swayed and rubbed against his, seeking to cause and maintain a certainly level of arousal throughout the evening. There were kisses, here and there, but she did her best to keep them light, teasing, and not deep. More than once, he chased her lips, and took revenge a moment later as she chased his. She turned her back to him once, but she clearly preferred facing him, and after a second song where she could feel the lump in the front of his pants, she turned around again to face him.

There was a sudden deafening silence at the end of a song, and the DJ announced that someone named Maurice wanted to propose to his girl… and a few seconds later, announced that the lady said yes. In honor of their engagement, he would play their song before going back to the regular type of music. The song was a slow, romantic one, and Luna placed her arms around Decker’s shoulders. She was warmed up, smiling and relaxed, but clearly assumed that he would dance with her. “Enjoying yourself?” She asked, since the slower soon wasn’t as ‘noisy’ as the techno that played before and would allow them to talk a little.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 02, 2017, 02:12:26 AM »
I am many things, but fickle isn’t one of them. I am very focused on the person who is with me, always.” She said, looking at him so that he can look into her eyes and see that she was not lying. “You are very handsome to me. I do love your soothing voice and your beautiful eyes. I do feel an intense attraction and desire for intimacy with you.” She said, not once appearing shifty or unsure of what she was saying. She was speaking the truth. Luna squeezed against his side once more before she went back to her former distance. The sidewalk was getting a bit more crowded as they approached a district that was more focused on nightlife.

I’m not a companion with you tonight. I am not compelled to fake and please as I would if we were bound by guild contract. I’m here with you because I want to be. I’m telling you compliments and I flirt because I want you to know. I really want to dance tonight, because I haven’t gone dancing in ages, and I’m always so focused on work that I haven’t gone out with anyone just for fun.” She explained and again, it was simply the truth. Not only that, but she realized it only as she spoke it, how long it had been since she had done something for herself, because she wanted to.

So yes, I do want you, really want you.” She said though this was more of a loud whisper as she moved close to him again to avoid someone else coming from the opposite direction. “I will continue to show you up until you fall from exhaustion in your bed tonight, with a broad. Blissful smile on your face. I do want to kiss you, though, very much so. So maybe while we wait in line?” She said with a small jerk of her head toward the fast moving line that was there only because the bouncer made sure there were no underage clients, rather than because the club was already full. It was still just a bit early for that which suited their need just fine.

Dancing, showing him that she did desire him for real, and then going to the Gryphon for more fun sounded like a heavenly plan. It sounded like she was in for a good time, and hopefully so was he. A good time not fueled by someone else’s desires, but her own. Being selfish, after being selfless so often, felt strangely good, and intoxicating. Though that might be the wine she had had with the steak. From a distance, the sound of the rave-style music could be heard faintly; it was obviously quite loud inside.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 01, 2017, 05:55:30 AM »
Why are you so surprised? I could have gone alone, or picked someone else, I’m sure Gavin would have followed me, but I chose you. I got you a clean shirt, we shared a really nice dinner, and then I drag you – quite easily, I might add – to dance… and I’d just leave you to go off with another guy? You either think me to be very fickle, or you underestimate my attraction to you.” Luna teased him, with a broad smile as they walked toward their next destination. Luna figured that they wouldn’t walk back to the Gryphon later. She’d get them a proper lift back.

Somehow, I’m convinced that it’s because you underestimate my attraction to you. I’ve been trying to let you know ever since we left the Gryphon, but it really seems like I’m not doing very good at it. I’ll have to do better.” She said, nodding slowly, but her tone remained light-hearted, and her pinched slips were twitching to make an amused smile. She was back to having fun, to being carefree and to look as young as she really was; it felt good to be almost normal, not constrained by keeping the serene, swan-like exterior of a companion for the sake of appearance. She wanted to laugh, to dance, to let off some steam, and once back on the Gryphon, make sure that he would know without a doubt that she wanted to be with him, and only him.

Would pulling you in a side street and kissing your breath away work? Or being all over you like a cheap suit once we’re inside the dance hall work better? I’d say I’d do both, but I’m afraid that if I pull you in a side street, we might end up kissing for a very, very long time before racing back to the gryphon and… See if you can last a whole hour then.” She added on the same playful tone, but she moved closer to him to talk, and her words were far softer, intended for his ear only. Not only that, but they were in a mildly passing street and another couple came from the other direction.

The dance hall wasn’t too far from the restaurant. Luna expected that they would have to walk two blocks, maybe three, if memory served her right. As soon as they turned the corner, she saw the bright white and dark blue sign, still alight, and the people waiting to go inside in a neat line. Whether her companion credentials would let her in this time was less certain. It did not open every door, even if it did open most doors. Usually because it meant money would be spent, and because usually, the man with the companion was loaded. Only, she had no intention to drink anything that would alter her senses, and she did not think that Decker would seek to get drunk either…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 01, 2017, 04:49:02 AM »
She quirked an eyebrow when he denied that he would boot her out of the ship to make space for another merc. She had a few replies to that. Maybe an available female merc would do it for him. For all she knew, he would be putting up with her until someone else came along and was more appropriate as life mate. The idea bothered her, but she filed it for later, now, she simply meant to stand up and move much for the same reason than Decker felt the need to move. With the wine, even if she could hold it well, sleeping would be incredibly easy to come by. Maybe because the wine relaxed her? More food for thoughts -later-.

That dessert will have to wait a couple of hours so that the heavy dinner doesn’t feel so heavy anymore.” She answered back to the tease. “But I’m looking forward to see what you can do.” Luna challenged, given that the last time they had been together, she had pretty much done everything. She didn’t hold it against him, of course: she had intended it this way after all. Still, she was curious of his level of skill, and to know if she should anticipate or dread the outcome of the one hour of kissing and talking challenge.

You are most welcome. I did appreciate the company myself.” She said and her eyes followed him as he hurried around her to pull her chair. She had given Antonio a generous tip, and perhaps he was quite eager to make a good impression. He made sure that Luna would know his full name, should she come by the Porterhouse Grill again, further proving that Luna was right in her assumption that he had appreciated the tip. With a simple incline of her head, she let him know that she had heard, and he left them with a wish for a good evening.

Luna took Decker’s arm as she had, but once outside she stiffened for just a moment, as if to stretch but being a bit more discreet. “Other side of the street, again, and just so you know, I have no intention to dance with anyone else than you tonight, unless you decide you have enough of me or of the tightness in the front of your pants. It isn’t as snobbish as the restaurant, so at least if you can’t help but to kiss me, you’ll be able to without earning a few disapproving glances… You have my undivided attention, Decker, as long as I have yours.” She said, crossing the street during a quiet time between two vehicles.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: July 01, 2017, 04:04:59 AM »
Luna was glad that she could drink wine and not get tipsy quickly, considering her petite build. When there was food mixed with the wine, it had even less of an effect, though she knew that it would affect her dancing a little, later on. Food or no food, the alcohol would make its way into her system. She wouldn’t get drunk, wouldn’t speak loud or lose her balance but she might lose a bit of inhibition. Not that she really had much left to lose, really. It was more a question of decency and not getting arrested for exposing herself. The Guild would have a field day with that…

The steak was just perfect, and so were the vegetables. For the first time eating there, she actually enjoyed the spuds. By the time Decker was done, so was she. If he had emptied his plate, however, she had had most of hers. There was no steak  left, no vegetables left,  and the mound of string fries had suffered a noticeable dent but was not cleared. She wouldn’t eat a bite more and yet she nibbled idly on one when Decker spoke again.

Thank you. Just one night a week would be awesome. I don’t mind the food on the ship, it’s not horribly bad, but something like this…” She could have something close to this every night, she reminded herself. Not at that level but a serious step up from rations, and such. All she had to do was to get on a core planet and hail the Freyja. But the companion ship would take her away from Decker and the Gryphon, away from what was asked of her as a favor. “I think you’d have mercs knocking at your door for a place on your boat, and you’d kick me out so you can fit in another merc.” She joked, although she wouldn’t blame him for having his priorities set in that order.

I’ll go and get us a couple of chickens before we lift off tomorrow, if you have space in the freezer. My gift to the crew and you can surprise them with it, if we’re discreet enough.” Discreet or not, the chicken in the freezer would get some attention sooner or later unless Decker found some way to hide them. “I’m not taking dessert either. I can’t eat a bite more. I don’t like to waste food, but if I eat all of this, you’ll have to roll me out of here.” She said and made a small grimace for emphasis. Anthony, who had been keeping an eye on them, came to them for the usual after meal service. Luna complimented on the food, decline dessert or a warm beverage, and requested the bill, very clearly letting Anthony know that she was the one who would shoulder it, and not Decker, so that her date would not get to see how much the whole dinner had cost her.

"There was this place last time I was here. That's about... six months ago. Anyway, it offered so very good music, lighting effects and all. It's at a walking distance from here, which would allow us to digest a little before we see if you can keep up with me." She said, teasingly, while waiting for Anthony to be back.

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