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Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Book of Revelation
« on: September 21, 2017, 01:25:13 PM »
Sitting up slowly, Tavi accepted the water and began to very carefully drink.  Her tongue was beyond dry, and the feeling of dousing it in water was painfully pleasurable at first.  She drained the entirety of the cup before she started to think again, the cogs in her brain almost audibly whirring to a start.  Looking around, she blinked a few times.  The lights in the room had turned back on, and Tavi's eyes were dilating appropriately.  It hurt, sure, but at least she wasn't high as a kite, right?  "More?

Holding the glass out, Tavi was surprised to learn her other arm had extended.  It wasn't the traditional hand and arm motion of someone wanting more water, which was strange to her.  The move was almost foreign to her, almost alien.  Why was she doing this?  What was the purpose? 

Trying to marshal her thoughts was taking more brainpower than Octavia was used to, and so she had to try and put things into order.  "I didn't get 'em, huh?" she finally asked, before tilting her head and looking up at Jean.  There were dark circles beneath her eyes, and a certain sallowness to her skin that didn't bode terribly well.  The intensity of the white lights in the medbay gave Jean a good look at some of her veins, too, which were visible in her outstretched arms. 

Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Book of Revelation
« on: September 19, 2017, 06:35:30 PM »
At the very least, the 'sleeping' part was right.

As Jean began to grow heavy-lidded, the sedated Octavia Yeats awoke.  it was a peaceful thing, to everyone's surprise.  She didn't thrash, she didn't scream.  Tavi barely even looked around.  Her eyes opened, bloodshot and sticky, and she did her best to blink.  To her eternal aggravation, she could hear herself blink.  It was like a subdued velcro.  If someone found a way to remove the sharpness of a velcro crackle, that would be the motion of her eyelid over her eyeball's surface.  Cccrrrrllllgggk. 

And again.  She blinked once more.


Her throat hurt.  Sedatives always made her dry-mouthed.  Tavi'd experimented with enough of them that she knew the impact of them on her physiology.  Not many drugs made her feel like this--like she was stupid, that her limbs weren't hers to command, and that she was effectively a skull trapped in a limp meat body.  Sedative, definitely.  A little stronger than was necessary for her size, but that made sense.  Although Octavia couldn't quite remember what had happened, she had a feeling it had involved screaming.  And vomiting.  Somewhere on the ship, there was a boot full of vomit.



Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Go Down, Moses
« on: July 11, 2017, 08:16:15 PM »
That was how the world ended, not with a bang but an overwhelming orgasm.  With a cry that jumped up several octaves, Octavia Yeats rocked and bounced and trembled and quaked and exploded in orgasm.  The deeply satisfying release of all that tension flooded her senses and sent her mind into freefall.  Her brain was crushed as she climaxed, her back arching and her vulva pushed greedily into Jean's fingers and his face.  Her muscles trembled and clenched and released and clenched again as the cacophony of overstimulation raged within her nervous system.  The heady juices from her body leaked from her, and her whole body--already sweat-sheened from before--was actively glistening from the sensation she had within her.  There was a fire raging inside of her body as everything... just...

Finally, her heart started to beat again.  Maybe it hadn't ever stopped, but the pulse in her neck was suddenly something to pay attention to once more.  Her breathing was erratic as she focused on the sensation of breath inside her body again.  The smell of her body, the smell of Jean's, the heat radiating off of him as they remained entangled together.  That scratch of his beard along her body.  The feeling of his fingers, rough and thick, pressing inside of her, spreading her apart.  The aftershocks sending quakes through her thighs, forcing her to tremble, to second guess herself.  And then the urge to pull away, to hide for a moment, to separate herself from the physical to just luxuriate in that glow.

Leaning forward, shaking, Tavi started to suck once more on Jean's cock.  She slid down and worked back up again, trying to focus on short, rapid suckling of his glans while her hand stroked his shaft.  Tavi was out of her league.  She had lost.  And that was certainly a shame... but even still, it wasn't a good reason to try and stop from making Jean lose with her.

The Verse / Re: Beaumonde - Rim Politics
« on: July 11, 2017, 07:50:43 PM »
The back entrance to the factory required them to go through the perforated remains of a wall, then through a back alley that had been blocked off, and then through the snipped remains of a chainlink fence.  Given how weak his security was, Tavi rationalized that the industrialist had wanted her to come in, tie him up, force-feed him erectile dysfunction medicine, and then leave him to get the Companion she'd... 'enticed' him to order.  It made perfect sense.

"Yeah, this is it."  She shouldered her shotgun and moved up into the factory, beckoning the Companion to come with her.  The door had been lockpicked, and Tavi swung it open without a moment's hesitation.  Inside, the factory was loud, busy, mostly automated.  There wasn't anyone around to give them two looks.  Gesturing to an unsightly metal staircase, Tavi nodded to Jada.  "You go up first. We're going to the owner's office."  Worse security here than at his home.  It was almost as if he did a bunch of shady shit here and didn't necessarily want records of what went down.  Things like skirting laws, smuggling, accepting and breaking down pirated ships for spare parts.  The things that had brought him into Tavi's sphere of influence in the first place.

Hmm.  "What's your name?" she asked, genuinely curious.  Had she already asked that question?  Or was this completely novel?  She had no idea.  "And do you suck dick well?  It's real important that you suck dick well."

The Verse / Re: Everything Was Beautiful...
« on: July 11, 2017, 07:40:56 PM »
His little joke made her pause, and Tavi tilted her head for a moment.  "Actually... does this planet even have that much snow for us to potentially fall into?"  Getting picked up and just sorta moved to her destination was a level of excess and luxury she had only had for all of her life, and the return to it made her sink into a deep, dark pit of gentrified ennui.  Ah, the days of her youth, when people begged to scoop her up and carry her around like a baby!  Especially back when she'd been a baby!  "But yes, I'm positive.  I didn't lose you to Reavers--" even if she lost herself? "--so I won't lose ya to skin cancer, neither.  Although I bet Doc could fix you right up..."

Getting up and padding over to the cooler, walking on the balls of her feet to avoid making that telltale wet slapping sound that invariably came with swimming, Tavi reached up and felt her face.  The scars were completely gone, but she still felt them.  Sometimes, when she took one of the bad hallucinogenics, she could feel the blood pouring from her face again.  And when she got taken up in the nightmares, sometimes she felt the Reavers peeling along those hidden seams, adorning her body with---

Gorram.  Pausing, she looked over at Jean.  "Hey.  You mind givin' me a hug?  My brain's, uh... it's not doing the right thing.  Makin' me think real dark stuff.  It's kinda rough right now, and I'm not entirely certain if, uh... like, if this is real or not.  And I figure, hey, it's probably better to just ask for a hug than not, ya know?"

The Verse / Re: Beaumonde - Rim Politics
« on: July 07, 2017, 06:31:05 PM »
Killing people was easy.  She had a fuckton of ammunition and not much in the way of qualms, so the needle-like flechettes shot out of the end of her gauss shotgun had a field day.  Chunks of concrete were blasted away along with more fleshy organic bits that had been humans.  Armor shredded before the might of her armament.  Everything went pretty darn well as people attempted to stop the armored murderer, and quickly it was determined that newtech was extraordinarily potent, especially when combined with training and skill.

Returning back, Tavi pulled the Companion up and began to march away from the scene of the charnel house.  "Why?"  That seemed like a weird question.  Where, Tavi would've understood.  But why?  How peculiarly philosophical.  "I suppose we're going because I'm telling you to, and if you don't, I can paint the street with you.  You could technically sit down, I guess, and refuse to come with me--calling my bluff, if you will.  We all have free will, Companion, even you.  So you could sit down or you could attempt to stop me from taking you to our destination.  Circling back to your question, I suppose you have faith that I'm willing to follow through with my threats, and you understand that not performing to my specifications means you're going to get hurt, and you probably don't want to get hurt.  And since you don't want to get hurt--hang right here, thanks--you're more than willing to do what I tell you to do.  So that's why we are going.  Or maybe you're just curious?  You could just be curious to see where we're going to end up, and then see why it is I've kidnapped you, but those aren't questions you've asked me."

Tavi paused for a moment to reload her shotgun, nodding for a moment.  "Now, why am I going?  That's a good question.  I guess, if you reduce it all down, I'd say the answer is 'love.'  Love makes people do crazy things, Companion.  I heard they teach you lot how to not love, so you never get attached and make stupid decisions.  But then, I also heard Reavers were boogeymen of the dark, and I'll level with you, Companion, Reavers are just as real as I am.  And I'm pretty certain I'm real.  All of this is to say, I guess, to keep it succinct--why are we going?  'cause I'll fucking shoot you if you don't.  We're not too far now."

Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Go Down, Moses
« on: July 07, 2017, 06:22:19 PM »
It was overwhelming, yes, but Tavi also had considerable willpower when her stubborn ass wanted it.  She gagged and moaned in equal measure around his member, trying and failing to get all the way to his balls.  What really disturbed her was how good it felt for his finger to suddenly be inside of her.  She'd now had regular sex (as opposed to... not regular sex?  Tavi mentally noted she'd need to change how she considered the topics of masturbation versus recreational congress) but there was something about the strength of Jean's digit sliding inside of her, in tandem with his tongue working along her clit, that was just... gorram.

But the clitoral stimulation was actually a touch too much.  Pulling off, panting, Tavi started to shake her head.  "Je-jean, Jean, don't--- don't--- that's--- ohh gorram that feels too good!  S-stop!  Please!"  Her whole body felt incredible.  Every inch of her was on fire, and Tavi felt that familiar build up.  Her muscles were starting to tense.  The quaking was beginning as everything coiled up, the tension mounting and her muscles clenching and....!  If she wasn't careful, she'd lose!

That was hardly fair.  Jean didn't have a clit!  Supposedly the glans was their clitoris, but it wasn't-- it didn't feel the same, clearly!  Whimpering, Tavi couldn't risk putting Jean's dick back in her mouth.  With his powerful ministrations, she was liable to accidentally bite.

Biting was a firm no no.

The Verse / Re: Everything Was Beautiful...
« on: July 07, 2017, 06:11:40 PM »
"I really am," came the surprisingly sincere response.  Tavi smiled over at Jean and moved to rest on her back, letting buoyancy assist her where a lack of skill existed.  "This is really nice.  Just... calm.  Everything's calm in my head.  And I feel like I can just keep staring up at that sky, and I know I'm gonna feel that urge again, you know?  The urge to fly.  The urge to be back out in the Black, with a thin skin between me and the Void... but 'til then, I'm gonna just appreciate it.  And I'm gonna try and get some sun--I'm like a freakin' albacore over here.  Have you ever seen someone so pasty?  Don't answer that.  I'm a monster, I know.  I mean, gorram alabaster skinned pilot over here.  If we ever crash-landed somewhere, my body could be used to signal for assistance.  Unless it was somewhere snowy.  But I'd probably prefer not to crash somewhere snowy, if I had my preference--although if we're talking preference, obviously the answer is 'just don't crash at all,' but if we predicate the hypothetical on the postulate that we must crash, all things being equal, I would prefer, I think, to crash somewhere temperate.  But then, who wouldn't, inside those constraints?"

Turning her head very carefully, Tavi stared over at Jean.  Everything was calm and peaceful and beautiful, and there was even a pisser of a bird warbling his little lungs out in an effort to bang some lady bird, and it just... felt right.  It felt okay.  And something inside Tavi felt sad because everything was feeling good.  She knew deep down that no matter how nice a day they had, tomorrow it'd be bad.  She'd ruin it.  He'd learn what she'd done and he wouldn't approve.  Something would invariably occur that would ultimately ruin absolutely everything, and that was just... unacceptable, really.  But Tavi knew.  Tomorrow, she'd be bored with something.  Tomorrow, she'd be fixated on something.

The number of needle marks along her arm was honestly disconcerting some days.  They were mostly healed up--in preparation, she'd switched purely to pills--but there were still tracks along from the whole thing.  And it felt nice not to be high, but that was only because she wasn't already low.  And Tavi knew tomorrow would be low.  Or the day after that.  Or the day after that.  And whenever it got bad, no matter how hard she tried, the Itch would come back.  And then she'd forget where she was.  And then one day...

It'd been easy to kill people yesterday.  Too easy.  Between her training and her natural skill, Tavi had a knack for making people into not-people.  What happened when she saw an enemy combatant sleeping next to her?  What happened when she smelled the wet scent of peeled flesh beside her and realized she was in a Reaver's hammock?  What happened when she looked in the mirror and saw a Reaver standing there? 

What happened when Tavi finally stopped being Tavi?

The thought was concerning.  But she took a deep breath and started to very awkwardly swim towards the side.  "I'm thinking drinks first," she began, her voice devoid of any hint of the existential plight inside her mind.  "And once we feel like we've had enough of that, we can try the food!  But seriously--you need some sunscreen.  Let's get you fixed up, Jeanie."

Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Go Down, Moses
« on: July 03, 2017, 02:25:51 PM »
This was a new feeling.

Tavi hadn't anticipated reciprocity, but when she felt the spank and heard his command, she paused her suckling just long enough to open her legs up.  When Jean's lips pressed against hers, and when his beard started to tickle and scratch along her thighs... gorram.  Gorram.  Coughing very hard along his dick from the unexpected sensation coursing through her body, it took every ounce of her willpower not to clench her legs together around his face.  Pulling away from Jean's manhood for a moment, hammering it with her fist along his length, Tavi focused on breathing a little. 

"Je--" she started, but her words were immediately cut off as her hood lifted just enough for his tongue to really press into her clit.  Oh.

Oh no.

A deep moan slowly worked through her body, her back arching and her eyes fluttering shut.  Tavi's body felt like it was on fire.  No, not fire--something better than fire, obviously.  Electricity, maybe?  Her brain wasn't putting words together.  One hand reached down to try and promote Jean's actions, but they were in a position that didn't really let her do that. 

Reclaiming a portion of her mind, Tavi moved forward and once again began to suck, the smooth head slowly passing between her lips.  She coughed, gagging a little, the same noise as before emanating from her as her throat was depressed and air forced out of the way.  But the additional pleasure was already making Tavi reconsider several of her previously held notions of sex.  Why would she ever suck dick without sitting like this?  This was the best way.  And his tongue!

The Verse / Re: Everything Was Beautiful...
« on: July 03, 2017, 10:38:12 AM »
"Not a sword," she confirmed with a shake of her head.  "But it's sort of like a sword.  I think you'll like it."  Tavi hoped so, anyways.  And a handgun was kind of like a sword, in its own way.  Right?  Eh.  It'd work.  They were pretty deep in the water, and Tavi's instincts kept screaming for her to disentangle herself from his body, but... ugh, he was so warm!  Pouting, she kissed Jean's cheek--sufficiently dried for there not to be a chlorine taste, or she'd at least gotten used to it--and started to unwrap herself.  "So, we have a bunch of stuff available to us.  I made little sandwiches with French's help, uh, cucumber and cream cheese on these tiny little triangles of super thin bread.  So there're those.  And uh, there was this meat dish he suggested, so we made that, it's ceviche.  And then there're drinks, and some, uh..."

She gave him a genuine smile.  "I just want you to enjoy yourself, okay?  So if there's anything else you need while we're here, just lemme know.  Today is all about just having fun, relaxing, and enjoying ourselves as best we can.  So if anything comes to mind that'd make it better..."  Tavi didn't want to accidentally ruin anything, and she also wanted to show off her newly learned skills with handjobs and blowjobs.  Kidnapping a Companion and forcing her to demonstrate how to appropriately please someone hadn't occurred so she could just spend all day in a pool, after all!

The Verse / Re: Everything Was Beautiful...
« on: July 02, 2017, 12:44:06 PM »
Resting her head on his shoulder as he moved them further into the cold water, Tavi reflected for a moment on how lucky it was she was grapple-hugging a walking furnace.  Jean had such a high running temperature!  Or maybe she still just wasn't used to human contact.  Were all humans this warm?  Was she that warm?  How weird.  "I think I've got some over near the juice," she murmured quietly, before kissing his shoulder again.  Still tasted wrong, but she wanted one more before the water started to tickle her chin.  Getting back upright, Tavi stared into Jean's eyes and just grinned like an idiot.

"I bought you a birthday present," Tavi began, leaning her head back so her hair could get more water in it.  The weight was so unusual.  Sure, she showered (semi)-regularly, but this was... planet water.  With planet gravity.  And everything felt weird and it felt unique.  She was in a pool!  It was like being in a bath again!  It'd been at least a decade since she'd had a bath.  Wasn't that something?  "And also you're very cute.  And strong.  Thank you for being my squire, squire."

Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Go Down, Moses
« on: July 01, 2017, 08:39:32 AM »
Tavi was quiet for a moment, before an immature grin spread over her lips.  "I'll take you as you cum," she mumbled before breaking out into laughter.  It was laughter Jean had heard before--the laugh of a soldier in a trench once the shelling stopped and she had all her limbs.  It was the laugh of someone relieved after a period of extreme stress.  It was the infectious laughter of a survivor, ready to face the day again.  It was good-natured and happy and...

Reaching over and booping Jean's nose, Tavi wiggled out from underneath him, moving down until she could give his cock a long, slow lick.  There was a little noise as his head depressed her tongue, but Tavi wrapped her lips around his shaft and started to suck a little.  It wasn't full-blown porn style, to her disapproval, but Tavi very carefully started to build up saliva around his member--or the two inches she had in her mouth, anyways.  One hand reached out to start stroking along his shaft, and Tavi opened her mouth just barely to let saliva leak from around her lips.  Her hand diligently spread it along Jean's cock, giving her hand some lubricant to make the handjob portion better for him.

After getting some of that off her chest, Tavi felt... better?  At least she didn't feel as afraid as she had been.  She didn't need to.  He hadn't just screamed at her.  He hadn't pushed her out.  He'd given her an extension on her time to decide, which was useful.  She could perform additional research, she could...

Tavi forced the thoughts from her mind and instead continued to lick and lap along Jean's manhood, trying and failing to get down further than two inches.  The slick inside of her mouth caressed his glans, and her tongue continued working along the underside of his shaft.  Her hand kept working, too, just in case.  Given how she'd turned and crawled on the bed, Jean could see her arousal as well--visible, gleaming in the light of his bedroom.  For all her fear, it was undeniable that Tavi was turned on.

The Verse / Re: In the Pipe, 5 by 5
« on: July 01, 2017, 07:05:00 AM »
Teeth clenched, Tavi nodded.  She pause for a solid nine seconds, waiting, working on the targeting computer.  She lined up the shot, activated the laser...

...and an instant later, the engine was gone.

Not disabled.  That wasn't the right word.  The engines were gone.  The laser scraped along the exterior, expertly slicing through the flimsy skin of the ship.  The engine was reduced to slag, parts of the metal boiled away into dangerous metallic gas that would form back up before too long into a different state, once the heat was radiated off as thermal energy through the void.  The moving components of the engine were fused together, the valves were crushed and welded shut.  That one laser blast was sufficient to obliterate any hope of the ship being a ship again.

It was now a battering ram in space.

"Aye, captain."

Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Go Down, Moses
« on: June 30, 2017, 09:36:04 PM »
A blush consumed her face, and Tavi looked straight into Jean's eyes.  The way his fingertips danced over her vulva was gorram distracting, and the way his lips continued to press against her nipple was... ugh.  "I haven't felt this way before," she admitted, her voice less quiet but no less resolute.  "I can't be certain that it's love that I feel, and not some form of lust.  And... it's scary to feel this way."  She took a long, slow breath.  Admitting to any of it, especially with Jean's fingers so close to her--so teasingly close!--was a little on the rough side.  She was just... full of concern.  Regret.  "I'm not well," Tavi added, looking away from Jean.  "And I'm worried that... that I'll hurt you.  Emotionally, physically.  I'm worried that I'm the kind of woman who is like her parents.  I'm worried that I'll rip your heart out because it makes financial sense, like my mother does.  Or I'll realize the value of harming you for my own social gain, just like my father.  Or maybe I'll neglect you after you.  That's something that my parents both managed to do, really superbly."

She wasn't really trying to be sexy anymore.  An emotional scab had been picked away, and now she was gushing like she always did.  But Tavi's voice was cold, repressed, restrainted.  "So I don't want to rush into it and say I love you, because mentally I can understand that there's a difference between the sort of emotion I feel for you and any emotion my parents are capable of feeling.  But at the same time, I'm worried that I will flashback or I'll overreact or I'll underreact, and the things that normal people do aren't going to be sufficient or they'll be completely overly sufficient or... something bad will happen, and as a result I'm just... afraid, I guess?  That I'm going to be too much for you?"

Another little sigh.  Tavi reached down to run a hand through Jean's hair, still not looking him in the eye.  "I guess," she started, her voice a little louder, a little less... constricted, "I want to do more research before I can accurately pronounce my emotions as one thing or the other.  But I have a very strong feeling for you, and then there's this sort of clot of, like, problems, ya know?  Inside of me.  And it's making my chest feel constricted, and it makes me afraid.  So that's... that's it.  I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of?"

The Verse / Re: Everything Was Beautiful...
« on: June 30, 2017, 06:58:11 PM »
Watching Jean enter the water was about twelve times more entrancing than she'd expected it to be, but Tavi found herself glued to the sight.  While she had the form of a dead goose airdropped in from space, Jean clearly had lived a life that included swimming.  Possibly often, even, given how majestic he looked beneath the water.  When he surfaced and made his little threat--eliciting an eep! as he pulled her in close--Tavi found herself grinning like an idiot.  "You say that like it wasn't my master plan all along, monsieur vive...guard.  Huh.  What is lifeguard..."  She ruminated for a moment.  "Sauveteur.  That's... fitting, but it's not a cognate.  I am nonplussed by this development, Jean.  Fetch the quill.  We must alert the magistrate to the inadequacy of the language."

Lips splitting into an unbidden grin, Tavi pulled herself up against Jean, her legs wrapping around his waist and her arms under his, hands on his shoulders.  It was a weird position, a combination of pseudo-grapple and hug, but with her simultaneous low weight and buoyancy, it wasn't strictly uncomfortable.  Mostly it was kinda awkward.  Leaning forward, she kissed his neck, making a face when she tasted the pool water on his skin.  Gwoss.  "Gwoss," Tavi announced, echoing verbatim the voice in her head.  "Swimming is fun, though, even if it makes kissing you a little tougher.  You did put on sunscreen, right?"  Fussy mother Octavia might inject poison into her veins on a regular basis, but skin cancer?  No thanks!

"Move me into the deep end, squire!  I wish to tango with Death itself!"

The Verse / Re: In the Pipe, 5 by 5
« on: June 30, 2017, 06:25:27 PM »
Tavi literally smacked her head.  "Cap--you wanted the engines taken out.  Right."  The perils of having such an active imagination--and an active drug addiction--was that sometimes, things slipped through the cracks.  She moved into point blank range for the lasers--six miles away.  More than enough to protect from any potential explosions.  Carefully, Tavi started to line up the shot.  "One laser at a time, Cap?  We can hit 'em in rotation--" the right laser, then the left, then the right.  The result was harder to dodge, given it was effectively a laser with a rate of fire of two instead of one, "--until the engines give out or the ship melts.  Sound like a plan?"

The Verse / Re: In the Pipe, 5 by 5
« on: June 29, 2017, 10:49:18 AM »
Tavi took a few seconds before answering.  "I'll bring us in to grapple.  My only concern is potential traps on the hull--whatever blew might react to our sudden attachment, and if that happens, we might find ourselves with a bomb strapped to our hull.  The one survivor--is that was post-explosion--tells us that we're looking at an interior that hasn't been compromised completely, sure.  But if it was pre--it couldn't been the saboteur getting away, and that means they might be coming back, or they might've just been trying to..."

She sighed, shaking her head.  "Bringing us in to grapple, Cap.  Let's drag this hulk outta here and see if we can't find somewhere nice and secluded to explore it, eh?"  Unless there was an order to stay her hand, Tavi did just that.

Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Go Down, Moses
« on: June 28, 2017, 10:32:49 PM »
Tavi wasn't really insecure, all things considered.  She knew she was pretty.  She knew she was brilliant.  She understood she was exceptional when she was behind the controls of a vehicle, especially a spaceship.  Tavi knew she could shoot well and that she handled her drugs with aplomb--which was to say, she was the lightest of weights, but she kept going back for more.  She had devoted herself to the Alliance, and in return, she had been rewarded with commendations and probably nepotistically-awarded ranks.  She had money--even now, assumed dead, Tavi had access to wealth most in the Rim couldn't conceive of--and she had the console for a most splendid vessel.  Tavi didn't get tongue tied--if anything, her overabundance of words tended to be more of a problem than anything else.  And she definitely didn't have any qualms about utterly obliterating living beings in pursuit of profit or amusement.  When it came to being self-assured, what did Tavi have to worry about?  What could she really point at and say "this is why I am unhappy"?  And putting aside her brilliance, her beauty, her grace--all those things that she'd been proud of once, the things that made others hate her, the things that made Tavi fear she was herself destined for doom thanks to the abundance of gifts--there was still so much that she was thankful for.

So why was it she felt her heart quake whenever she nuzzled Jean?  Why was it that every kiss he delivered against her skin, every breath that escaped his lips or his nose as he worshiped along her body with the delicate touch of a pious shepherd, why was it that everything Jean did sent her into the depths of insecurity and self-doubt?

As he murmured in French and half threatened half promised to do delicious things to her--which, her mind's rapid overwhelming deluge of data analysis aside, was making her body burn and ache in a way Jean would probably be pleased to know about--Tavi couldn't help but go back through her preparation.  Sex was uniquely universal, and she had done all her studying beforehand in order to make the first time good.  And it had been, no?  It had been exactly what she'd wanted it to be--her heart pounding and her brain shutting off and her back arching and her toes curling and that flush of warmth through her body as her muscles started to tremble and then the abject fear as she felt a great release and....!

Octavia's back arched when Jean's lips pressed into the pronounced dip of her collarbone. 

That was definitely one way to derail a thought.  Rude boy!  Didn't he realize she was fixated on being utterly afraid?  All that kissing and devotion was making it hard to anxiously obsess over perceived flaws!  So thoughtless, for him to be giving her happiness and comfort when she was clearly kvetching.  How dare he be so kind and considerate?  The nerve.

Her hands moved around his body, feeling the muscles and the wayward scars, and she took a handful of his hair in either fist.  "I just want you to enjoy it," Tavi sighed, her back gently falling back down against the bedding.  "B-but that feels really--that's really, uh--that's good, right there... um..."  Reciprocity felt weird.  It was even harder to concentrate when his lips continued to trail down her torso.  Did he really intend to lick her from her hips to her feet?  Was that actually... was that actually a thing people did?  Maybe Beaumonde had a thing for feet?  She had pretty feet, if she did think so herself, so that wasn't exactly out of the question, but...

"I think I love you."

Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Go Down, Moses
« on: June 28, 2017, 07:25:36 PM »
"You're supposed to be..."  Lying back, Tavi tried to think of how best to put it into words.  "You're supposed to be very..."  Was there a way to best describe the frustration of 'but in the pornos...'?  Because that was the sensation Tavi was struggling with.  She looked over at him and made a face, putting a leg up and over his pelvis.  The thin sheen of sweat covering her body felt more than a little nice, now that she wasn't exerting herself.  Just being able to breathe, to cool off... it still frustrated her to no end that she couldn't get him to climax again, but at least she was...

"I thought you were supposed to get off a lot," she replied after a few moments hemming and hawing.  "And you haven't yet, and I don't--I was trying to do it right, but I just--it's the difference between theoretical work and practical, Jean.  I've done the studying, I've understood the theory, I've diagrammed out the approach, but in practice... in practice, that's where I sort of... clearly, I'm failing somehow.  So it's just--am I making any sense?  I just want you to feel good when you're with me, but you clearly aren't, so it's making me feel very--I guess apprehensive?  But it's more than that.  I want to do better?  But I'm failing, and I hate failing, so?"

Tavi burrowed her face against Jean's bicep.  "Iffeelindheraquit," she grumbled into his skin, eyes closed and spirit resigned.

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Surfacing and pulling her hair back, pushing her sunglasses up into the brunette mess, Tavi shook her head.  "Maybe you'll need to come give me mouth to mouth, monsieur lifeguard.  It's the only way to be sure!"  Laughing, Tavi reclined and looked up at the sky.  It felt so weird--no, surreal--for there to be actual atmo over her.  Every breath she took lacked the subtle metallic tinge that the Echo brought with it.  There wasn't the constant hum of recycling going on.  It felt... unusual.  So much of her adult life had been on ships, and whenever she took shore leave it was almost always on a capital cruiser.  Leaving the Black felt wrong, and now... now she was on a planet again.  With her beau.  "I can't think of anything clever about 'monde,'" Tavi complained, righting herself again and looking up at Jean.

The pool was refreshing, but the fact she'd had nonalcoholic drinks stocked was also pretty nice.  Right?  Right.  It had been wise for her to try and not be awful, wasn't it?  "But you're definitely my beau, so the planet's at least halfway--oh.  Monde means planet, doesn't it?  This is my beau's monde.  And this is my beau's mons..."  Gripping her bikini bottom, Tavi blew Jean a kiss and devolved into self-satisfied laughter.  "I couldn't resist!  But seriously--get over here, mister!"

Black Echo ~ Pirate Ship / Re: Go Down, Moses
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Why wasn't he bursting?

Tavi thought back on the vast majority of information available to her and searched in vain for some sort of... thing she was doing wrong.  She had seen the women in the films do this a hundred times--literally a hundred, she'd done her homework--and this was what they'd done.  It was really easy stuff.  Or it had seemed like it.  Sure, she was getting a bit of a cramp in her hands from clenching his dick so hard, and the constant jerking was unusual for her, but like... surely that wasn't causing the delay.  Was she just unattractive?  Letting go of his dick with one hand and very visibly spitting into the other, establishing eye contact with Jean as Tavi lowered her hand back down to start stroking once more, very clearly making sure he felt her hands...

"Zhu Ah, Ni Ming Ming Zhi Dao Wo Shi Bang Ni Zuo Shi, You He Bi Zhao Wo Ma Fan Ne?"

Sighing exasperatedly, Tavi pouted at Jean.  "Am I not doing it right?  Is this not... why aren't you climaxing?  What am I doing wrong?"  She'd have to learn.  There was nothing else to it--clearly she wasn't completely understanding what all was happening.  A plan started to formulate inside her mind.  Logistics, payments needed, waves she could send during their time on various planets... Hmm... yes, it would be possible, but they'd need to go to Beaumonde sooner rather than later, so..

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"The chick with the shotgun, what just reduced a fair number of people to not-people.  You really wanna strike that tone with me, chickiboo?  'cause I can just as soon find someone else.  Nobody said it had to be you."  Her helmet provided a certain vocal distortion, the result being a touch more sinister a sound than Tavi's usual Londinium upbringing brought to bear.  It didn't help that the potent stew of combat drugs coursing through her veins was giving her a bit of a slur, or that she had rather bafflingly decided to adopt.  "You look pretty enough.  Here."  Reaching to her belt, Tavi took off a pair of binder-cuffs and tossed them towards the woman she assumed was her target.

"Put these on and look alive.  Backup'll be here soon and I'd rather focus on shootin' than worryin' if you're gonna still be back there when I'm done makin' a mess.  And hey--if you are the chick?  Don't fuck around.  Do what you're gorram told and you won't find yourself in need of a mannequin at your funeral."

The Verse / Mature Everything Was Beautiful...
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"You promised!"  He hadn't.  "You said I could jump in!"  That was a lie.  "We rented the whole place out--c'mon.  I remember how to swim, Jean!"  Did she?  As Tavi pulled her boyfriend(?) towards the pool, clad in her bikini and sunglasses, she continued to have grand plans conspire within her mind.  The news on Beaumonde was mostly focusing on the insanity happening in New Dunsmuir.  Out here, there wasn't really much except the news cycle of a sleepy hamlet.  And a public pool that had been closed to the public thanks to a nice fifteen hundred credits transferred via chit from an incorrigible pilot to an unscrupulous attendant. 

Tavi wanted this to go well.  She wanted this to go perfectly.  She wanted.... a lot.  But right now, above all else, Tavi wanted to leap into the pool like a lunatic.  "C'mon.  If I start to drown, you can come save me!  Please?"  But giving Jean a chance to reply--to react at all, really--wasn't in the game plan.  So Tavi let go of Jean's hand and true to form, leaped into the pool with a big grin on her face

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Tavi continued to keep the ship in synchronous orbit, making sure they didn't cross some invisible threshold that triggered the clusterfuck to begin in earnest.  If they'd been carrying some illegal cargo, it was probably all gone.  Glancing at the fuel reserve gauge, she ran the numbers on cost analysis.  "If that thing blew like that, I'm not thinking we'll have much luck salvaging it.  The hull's compromised pretty bad, right?  And anything in there's probably ash.  Freeze-dried ash."

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"That's the right answer."

Underneath all her thinking, as she jerked her boyfriend(? maybe?) off, Tavi came back to a conclusion she didn't particularly like.  He wasn't popping.  She was doing the thing they did in porn, where she jerked on his dick and made eye contact, and Tavi was certain she was using the right register of husky voice that most guys seemed to like (again, if her studies had been correct).  And her grip wasn't too firm, because she wasn't trying to crush his cock or anything, but it was still sufficiently strong that friction was occurring.  So why wasn't he...?

"I think we should go to Beaumonde soon.  I wanna see where you're from.  I wanna go visit.  Let's do that."  She nodded to herself as she spoke, continuing to increase in speed.  Maybe it was a speed issue.  Maybe she wasn't going fast enough.  Or maybe it was too fast--maybe she needed to slow down.  Or maybe she needed more lubrication.  Pulling her hands back, Tavi sucked on her tongue and spat down onto his manhood.  Maybe that'd help?  Nodding to herself, Tavi returned her hands and continued to work him.  "I think we should take a vacation, you know?  I can't really show you around my home, 'cause of that whole killed on sight thing, but maybe you can show me around your home?  Even if you don't show me the whole planet 'cause that'd take a while, you can show me the big spots.  Where do you go to tour on Beaumonde?  Do they have cute little carts and buggies and stuff?"

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