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Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: December 08, 2017, 09:58:40 PM »
It was nice to find that Cameron had no intention of pressing him on his past, something that he had been instantly wary of when she made a point to let him know she noticed his words on it. It wasn't that he didn't trust her, but that he was afraid she would never trust him if she knew. She parted from him with the simple request of be safe, not that he needed to worry, but it was nice of her to say so anyways.

The man hadn't left the ship to buy anything in particular, despite the impression he had given Cameron, he had in fact only left to browse the wares for possible gifts for new crewmates. He had a terrible time finding anything that would interest any of them, it didn't help that he only knew two of them so far. Cain had been about to call it quits when he passed by a woman selling a few baskets of strawberries, an item that he saw very little of. Noticing him stopping the woman told him about how hard it had been for her to get the strawberries and that she only had a few, in other words she was saying they were rare and he shouldn't miss his chance. He eventually decided to buy two of the small baskets that she had, which was half of what she had available, before returning to the meeting place.

Once he was close enough to spot that they had agree upon earlier than man spotted the red haired woman, she was slightly removed from the crowds of the marketplace, but she wasn't alone. There were four men around her, one of which was very close. As he got closer he saw that the one closest to her had his hands on Cameron, and nothing about the interaction seemed friendly. Immediately Cain grabbed for the two pistols on his hips, and without a second thought fired a bullet from each into the ground near the men's feet. Hey! Scrumbags! How about y'all fuck off and leave her alone before ya make me doing something regretful!" The man called out as he approached. He could feel eyes on him from all around him now, likely drawn by the sound of gunfire. The shots had successfully gotten him the attention of all four men as well. He wore a look of complete disgust and hate as he walked up on the group, keeping just enough distance that it would be difficult to initiate hand-to-hand combat. He watched them all closely keeping his pistols pointed at the group, he watched Cameron carefully as well the moment he felt she was in immediate danger he would no longer keep distance. For now though he had their attention. 

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Ghosts From the Past
« on: November 01, 2017, 11:29:43 AM »
After having a light breakfast of grilled cheeses with the mechanic Cain had bid the man farewell for the time being as he went to his room for a little while. He had gotten up way to early and had been surprised to find the mechanic like had, but it was not unwelcome, he was a nice enough guy. He had gotten very little sleep the night before and it was becoming painfully obvious as he sat in his room watching the clock tick away waiting for it to hit the time that he had been told by Captain Decker that they would depart.

As the time neared within the hour Cain heard the cracking sound of the speaker nearest him coming to life, and the captain's voice following. Meeting in the galley in thirty minutes, roger that, he thought to himself. He busied himself with adjusting his boots and changing into a cleaner looked jacket, the other seemed to have grease on it from just being near Weasel. After enough time had passed that Cain didn't feel as if he would look too eager for being too early he made his way towards the galley. His boots clanked against the metal as he walked and he smiled, he missed that sound he missed being on a ship.

The pilot entered the galley and took a seat at the table before he noticed the captain. "Mornin' Captain." He greeted with a nod in his direction.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: October 20, 2017, 12:23:39 PM »
"Ah you're an optimist then, eh?" The man replied with a chuckle as she gave his joking right back to him. He was glad to see that she had not taken it as an arrogant comment, he had meant it more as well flirting, if he dared think like that.

Cain listened to Cameron's short story of her time on the Eir Skyplex, what lead her there and what working there was like. His jaw clenched at the thought of some asshole husband coming after Cammy but she insinuated with her words that he was no longer a problem. She really seemed to like her work though, even if it was exhausting and putting her around all kinds of criminals on a regular basis. Even though it was none of his concern, he was glad that she was working for a ship like the Gryphon instead. "I'm sure Decker likes havin' ya around. But boy is the Skyplex missin' ya though." The man responded shooting her a smile before going back to watching around them.

The red haired woman's next words startled him a little and he could see out of the corner of his eye her shoot him a smirk. So she had caught that after all, huh. Cain rubbed his face with one rough hand with a sigh before replying. "Without so much detail, not wanting to get into it, I was no longer a captain and I need some way to afford to live. Piloting was always my strong suit so I put out some feelers and Decker contacted me, and now I'm here." The man answered quickly losing a bit of his friendly tone.

The pair made it to the market place and Cain started to walk further from Cameron as they neared. "Meet ya back here in a few?" He asked for confirmation before heading off on his own.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: October 20, 2017, 11:31:07 AM »
Cain hadn't expected his question to startle the poor mechanic so much that he couldn't swallow his food properly. He admitted to himself that that might have been a over-the-line question for someone who was working on a morally grey mercenary ship. He made a mental note to not ask that of everyone he met, he was sure there were would be many people who would not want to answer that, and might even get angry at him for asking.

The pilot had been about to open his mouth to apologize and tell him that he didn't have to answer the question when he responded. "Yeah people are good at exploitin' others' talents. I'm sure the cap don't mind, if he did I doubt ya'd be sittin' here right now." Cain answered the man trying to reassure him of his position, despite having no idea if his words were true or not.

The man finished making the grilled cheeses and brought the heaping plate over and joined the smaller man at the table. He grabbed the top one and started munching on it silently hoping that Weasel didn't ask him a the question in return. "Where in the black ya most hopin' to see?" He asked to make small talk.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: October 17, 2017, 12:22:24 AM »
Cain hadn't meant to started the doc as he approached but she did seem to jump a bit at his announcement, and for that he felt a bit bad. But she recovered quickly and they started to walking into town. He smiled as she assured him that she would be fine on her own, using her time of the skyplex for defense. Of course having just come off of a pirate ship of his own he knew the reputation around that place.

"Ya, I'm sure ya'll be fine defendin' yerself, I was asking if you'd be okay without missin' me too much while I was away." Cain responded with a slightly cocky tone that he hoped came off more as teasing than arrogant.

The pair made their way down towards the town and the pilot kept his head up, watching the people they passed by with a careful eye. He didn't trust anyone and the way he acted when out in public made it very clear that was his opinion on the topic. "Ya prefer the Gryphon over Skyplex then?" He asked trying to make small talk as they walked.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: October 09, 2017, 11:55:20 AM »
Cain worked the ingredients around until they resembled something close to a grilled cheese and started cooking them. Knowing that the scrawny man behind him was likely very hungry and he could eat a few of these himself he decided to make a decent number of sandwiches. He had the first two almost done when Weasel responded seemingly very excited to talk about his inventions. He heard a small clattering sound as the man empty his pockets of small metal objects onto the table.

Turning around the man placed the first two grilled cheese on plate before looking at the object the man held. He listened to him explain that the ring in his hand would be used to control some multi-tool that would have helped Cam in the med-bay. It was evident that Weasel had not had the same first encounter with the medic if he had not been informed early on that she was not a doctor, a fact Cain had learned in minutes of meeting her. "That's a pretty shiny, fancy contraption ya got there."

He moved the plate over to the table for the man to start eating before returning to make more. "What brought ya on board the ship Weasel? Not for the money surely?" The man asked to make small talk.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: September 29, 2017, 12:55:37 AM »
Cain listened to her explain her preference for knives and made a mental note to himself that she was likely always armed. It wasn't like he was planning on upsetting her, or anything that would make him fear the use of those knives on him just something to note. "Everyone has their favorite weapons. If yer curious mine are handguns and boot knives." He responded with a wink as he made his next step a bit heavier, as if you'd somehow be able to hear the knife hidden there.

The man walked out of the medbay feeling much more like himself mentally, but he did catch himself touching his lips as he walked. He could swear that he still felt the pressure of her hand on his face, so he quickly grabbed a rag and a pour some water from a bottle in bag and wiped his face with it. He grabbed his belt with the holsters on either side of his body before fetching the two pistols from his back and sliding them into their respected places. After throwing on a baggy brown jacket he made his way back down to the docks.

Just as he was walking out of the ship he saw the retreating figure of another man, he assumed it was another crew members, possibly the Gavin she'd mentioned earlier.  He watched the way her bright, red hair shined in the sunlight, not at all the same shine as the lights in the ship. "Ya all set ma'am?" Cain called out as he approached to announce his arrival. "When we get to the market I need to make a quick side trip, but ya should be okay for a few minutes right?" He told her as they started walking just so she wasn't surprised when they split up briefly.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:33:55 AM »
It hadn't been that long since Cain had been on a ship but it had been long enough that he had missed it. There was always a different dynamic with the crew, but there was always at least one odd fellow and it seemed that would be Weasel this time. The man had to choke back another laugh as he watched the small man use the small kitchens shiny surfaces as a mirror to clear himself up. If Cain knew him a bit better he wouldn't teased him and say that he didn't need a mirror, just clean all over.

"No sir or any of that just call me Cain, I also respond to "you", "guy", "dude", or anythin' along those lines." He answered with a chuckle. "We don't have much, but we have bread and some cheese, so grilled cheese it is." The man announced as he started to remove the items from the shelves. It wouldn't taste the best because the cheese had been preserved in such a way that it would store without a fridge and after that it never tasted the same, but it would do. He started to work as he listened to the other man.

Of course Weasel had met Cammy, all crew was required to have a check up after all, but he didn't like the way the man got so excited about it. He had no reason to feel that way so he kept it to himself as he continued to listen. So this man was an inventor of some kind, that was interesting to note. "What kind of gadgets do ya make? What kinda gadget did the doc need, dun she already have loads of gadgets in there?" He asked out of curiosity, an so that he wasn't cooking in an awkward silence.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: September 25, 2017, 11:28:46 AM »
Upon standing it Cain looked down not only to look at Cameron but to calm his light head. After he felt more balanced he noticed that Cammy had not given him much room in standing and that they were now standing very close together. Just as he was realizing this the woman placed her small hands on either side of his waste, a light pressure that sent heat rushing to the spot. He couldn't tell if that was her way of trying to make some distance between them or not but she didn't move back and he had a table behind him that stopped his movement. Despite being able to move her back if he wanted the space he left her keep him there as long as she pleased.

After a few moments of this Cain was tempted to push his luck for another kiss when she finally move away. "I got nothin' to do 'till tomorrow's take off. I would love to escort ya to market Miss Cammy." He responded his cocky tone returning to his voice. He took a few deep breaths as to calm himself and return to his normal mind set.

He hadn't meant to ogle or anything but he did find himself watching a bit closer than intended as she removed her lab coat and put on another jacket. His eyes were immediately drawn to the blades clearly visible on her person. Seeing these things quickly was something he was accustomed too, and because of that he was not naive enough to assume those were the only ones she wore. "Seemingly unarmed eh?" He questioned with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"Sounds like a prefect dinner. Just let me get my defenses from my room and I'll meet ya on the dock." Cain responded his voice almost completely normal by now. 

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:58:48 AM »
Cain grinned at the visual of the scrawny little man trotting after him. His steps were about double the steps of Weasel and it simply made for a funny looking scene with him following behind. As much as he was sure the small man was capable of putting together something to eat the man was not going to let him anywhere near his food unless he severely washed up. "I dun make the best food, but at least it will be oil free." He responded with a deep chuckle.

As they walked together Weasel spoke up asking about the crew, but he likely knew just as many people as Cain. "Aside from you, I've met the captain, and the doc. I've been told there is a companion on board and someone named Gavin. So if my math ain't too far off there's six of us." He paused before answering the part of about the girls. Part of him felt a bit defensive about the way he asked about them, like they were something to ogle at. He especially didn't want to talk about Cameron in that way, but he had to remind himself that while they shared and slightly more intimate experience his first day, he had no claim to her. "I've only met the doc Cameron, mighty professional lady." Cain responded keeping his answer short.

Upon arriving in the mess room they noted that nobody was up yet. "Let's see what we gotta work with." He announced before he started to rummage through the supplies.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: September 23, 2017, 12:57:39 AM »
Cain's mind while still in unfamiliar territory was starting to think clearly again. That was how he was able to remember that getting involved with the medic on a ship that he just joined was not the best idea. He remembered telling himself numerous times before this point to not do precisely what they were doing now. Despite Cammy's claims that the companion on board had the captain around her finger he still had suspicions that the medic was closer to the captain than appeared, so this would be a good way of getting on his bad side.

After all of this mental scolding of his actions he still did not regret his actions, nor want to stop his future actions that would be along the same lines. He gave her a crooked smile as her response to his comment on being called special. "Right ya are, an' I've been called a number of those things." He said with a chuckle. As Cameron backed away just a bit and asked about his ability to stand Cain let his hands fall to the bed and push off into a standing position.

Her felt just a bit lightheaded, but he wasn't sure if that was from the blood being drawn or the kiss he'd just shared with a beautiful woman. He'd been seated for seemingly so long that when he was back on his feet he  had forgotten home much taller he stood compared to her, and he hoped this didn't send her back to feeling uncomfortable around him.

"It ain't the most dangerous place but it ain't the safest either. If ya'd feel safer I could go with you." Cain offered sincerely, hoping that his tone sounded more concerned than flirty, as if he only wanted to go with her to stay close to her. Of course it was true that he would love to see her more, he was also concerned about letting such a soft woman such as herself enter the town alone and defenseless, especially since she was doing do for dinner for him.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: September 22, 2017, 09:51:43 PM »
Cain chuckled loudly at the man's quick response once food was mentioned. Even without being told that he hadn't eaten recently it was quite obvious by his reaction. He felt a bit bad though knowing that his cooking was by far nothing impressive. He listened as the small man explained that he was always a bit distracted, that he always had something going through his head that had him somewhere else.

"Yeah foodstuff a'right. Considerin' I'm 'bout the worst cook I know we'll likely be eatin' sandwiches with whatever we got in the mess. I can whip up some coffee to go with 'em." Can offered with a chuckle. He started to walk back towards the door before turning around to see if Weasel was following him. "If we're real lucky someone'll be up and offer to cook for us." He called back with a wink and a grin.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: September 21, 2017, 08:06:37 PM »
Typically Cain bragged about his minds strength, about how it took a lot to make him deeply confused. Yet now a few words from a woman he had just met had his mind reeling, like his thoughts had just been chopped up and were now trying to scatter to make themselves whole again to process anything. The procedure that he had moments before been so wired up about was now finished before Cain even knew it had started.

Her soft teasing words reached his ears and he knew that she had clearly seen in his face the struggle his mind had just went through to think clear again. He wanted to give some sort of comeback to that, as he usually did when teased, but he was having a hard time forming thoughts enough to speak much. Instead Cammy stripped her gloves off and placed a hand on his face, which he tilted his head slightly to lean into. Despite his slight hesitation as they approached each other Cameron showed no such hesitation and moved in to kiss him with more force and tenderness than Cain had expected from a teased kiss.

He closed his eyes and took in the feeling of her lips against his, almost as if he were trying to imprint the feeling into his memories. Despite is initial hesitation he no longer showed much restraint in his kiss as she was clearly proving to him that this was no a quick, "get me out of here" kiss. It last only a few second but it hadn't felt like it when she finally started moving away, but to Cain's surprise not very far. He sucked in his bottom lip and bit it softly to taste once more her lips.

She stayed near him and spoke softly, he gave her a soft smile at these words. He moved his free hand that had been holding her elbow up to her face and softly held her cheek between his thumb and index finger. "I don' know ma'am but fer the first time I'm more than happy to be called special." He answered her softly as he stroked her cheek with his thumb softly before leaning in for one more light kiss.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: September 20, 2017, 01:02:56 AM »
Having resigned himself to his fate of being stabbed with a needle for the sake of proving his health Cain took a few deep breaths hoping to calm himself. Of course these had little affect on his state of mind but he continued to breath deep, slow breaths. He felt a small twinge of something in his chest when she commented on:big guys like him" he wasn't sure why that had that affect but he was truly excited by the potential dinner.

Cain tried his best to focus on looking at Cameron's pretty face as not to look at the needle any longer. He knew that he was only feeding back into the thoughts he had been scolding himself for just moments before, but there were different circumstances now. Besides her eyes were very distracting for him, and right now that's what he needed. As if she could read his mind, or maybe the look on his face was giving away his thoughts the woman spoke next about a kiss.

This seemingly offhanded comment sent Cain's mind reeling, his eyes lowered to her lips. There was suddenly no other thought in his mind besides what it would be like to place his lips there. His body eased up almost instantly as if he'd been physically stunned by the words, as if his muscles were receiving no signals from his very distracted brain. Before he knew it she was taking the band off of him, and moving the needle away. What had just happened, was it over? Had she already stuck him with a needle without his knowledge.

Cain's eyes moved back up to her eyes with confusion clearly written across his own. "Yer done?" He asked in shock. His hand still held her elbow softly and now he tighten his grip ever so slightly afraid that she was going to walk away now that she was finished. His mind tried to catch up and he started to realize or rather wonder if those words were meant only as a distraction or not. He couldn't bring himself to speak up and ask but his other hand moved up from the bed and landed lightly on her side. He wasn't fully thinking as he softly pulled her forward as he moved forward, before he knew what he was trying to do his lips were inches from her. Here he sort of came to and paused, this was not how a respectable man acted towards a woman he just met, she was more than just a beautiful woman. He didn't move away but he didn't keep her from moving away either.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: September 18, 2017, 11:02:19 AM »
Of course Cain understood that a fear of needles was likely childish and silly to someone who dealt with them on a regular basis, but not for him. He had never seen a needle used for something positive. Before him and his poor excuse for a father parted he saw him and his crew mates use needles to take something that made them meaner, his second to last medic specialized in lethal injections with needles. The man could say with the utmost certainty that needles were not something to brush of a harmless.

He heard her say his name for the first time since he entered the medbay and he had to admit it had a semi-calming affect but ever her sweet voice wasn't enough to calm his nerves about needles. He held both of his hands in clenched fists the made his arm muscles very tense even after she softly grabbed one and turned it over. He listened to her explain that it was nothing to worry about, and that she would talk about anything he wanted to distract him but he wasn't sure any of that would work.

He finally tore his eyes away from staring at the needle in her hand to look at her beautiful eyes again. He knew that she was just doing her job and that she needed to do this before she could give him a clean bill of health."Honestly ma'am ain't none of that gonna work. So how 'bout you just promise me the best dinner you can make and just stick me with that thing." Cain responded with a nervous smile as he stared in her eyes. He attempted to at least calm his arms so he unclenched his fists and instead gripped her elbow lightly with the one she had a hold of and instead started clenching the edge of the bed with his other.

Ship Information / Re: Gryphon Timeline
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:44:49 AM »
Under day 19

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   [b]Plot: The new pilot and the new mechanic meet among the cogs.[/b]
   [b]Characters: Cain and Weasel[/b]
   [b]Warning: None [/b]
   [b]Status: [/b][color=lightseagreen]Ongoing[/color]

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:42:15 AM »
The man standing in front of him seemed easily distracted and Cain started to wonder if he just walked away if this man would even notice, he'd probably appreciate it too. He knew as soon as he had asked the question about he working order of the ship that he was going to receive an answer that he might not fully understand, but he was in too much of a habit of asking that he asked without thinking.

He did appreciate that the small man pointed to the part that he was talking about instead of saying its name and hoping he would understand what he meant. Honestly though the answer he received was not too confusing and was pretty much what he expected of a ship like this. "Well as long as she flies I'll get us where we need to go, and ya and the Captain can work out the efficiencys of the parts. You will be the first, well maybe the second to know, if I notice anythin' while pilotin'." He gave the man an encouraging smile.

"Should I leave you be now? You seem distracted. I will be attemptin' somethin' respemblin' food shortly if ya wanna break."

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: September 06, 2017, 10:42:02 AM »
Cain knew next to nothing about medicine and exams so while it seemed like she was slowing down with the pieces needing done for his exam he had no way of knowing if that meant it was almost over or not. He sat still and continued to watch the shelves behind Cam while she worked. He listened to her talk and made a mental note that it was likely hard to get any alone time on the ship, he was hoping the majority of them would stay off of the flight deck though as he hated having backseat drivers while he was flying.

As much as he attempted to keep his eyes somewhere else in the room when the doctor moved to bring out more items he was too curious to not look. That is when he noticed what she had pulled out, she had a needle and a tube, which caused Cain to swallow hard. "Yer not 'bout to stick that needle in me are ya?" He asked a bit desperately knowing what the answer was for sure.

In order to delay the inevitable he decided to answer he question of dinner with a slightly longer answer. "Spaghetti and meatballs sounds mighty fine ma'am. Ya the ships unofficial cook too? I'd offer but not sure ya'd wanna eat anything I made." He responded with a chuckle that still sounded nervous, from the needle not her anymore. "Will the rest of the crew be chowing with us, or are they all takin' yer docking for a chance of some better grub?" Cain asked with seriousness before realizing the implications of the question.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: August 31, 2017, 11:42:09 AM »
The man whom he had almost stepped on was a man smaller than his own stature with grease all over his face and hands. The man didn't seem nearly as intimidating as many mercenaries he had met in the past, so it wasn't too hard to figure out from context clues that this was the mechanic, even before he was told such. He examined the man standing before him with a critical eye despite not having the position he was used to and having to worry about who was on the crew. The man looked like he was a trouble maker, which was a look that Cain was not unfamiliar with.

"Nice to meet ya Weasel, the names Cain new pilot of this here ship." The man introduced himself in return as he shook hands with the man. Cain tried his very best to not immediately wipe his hand off on his jeans so that he didn't seem rude.

The pilot wondered how long this rodent looking man had been in this room. He had so much grease on him that is could seem like days or if the man didn't mind using his face as a rag it could've been merely an hour. "It be around 7 hours right now." Cain helpfully offered the time.

"Does everything seem to be in workin' order down here? I don' know if all that grease means ya've fixed a lot or just pokin' around." The man asked the mechanic with a chuckle. 

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: August 29, 2017, 03:02:37 PM »
Cain had no idea how this woman was able to use words that sounded almost threatening and still sound kind. Despite his ability to notice certain aspects of women he had never had issues with those aspects changing his opinion of them, meaning in his eyes women were equally as dangerous as men. It helped that his previous captain had more than one stories about letting his guard down around a pretty woman that led to him stabbed, or robbed. Obviously he spoke with respect to them, but never had he let one make him feel completely non-threatened. "Funny, my old ships doc said the same thing. Watched him kill many a men with his "knowledge". Nah saying you're the same, just funny." Cain told her with a smirk. He knew that not all "oaths" were held without any exceptions.

The man listened to Cameron talk about her fellow crew members for a few moments. She claimed to not mingle much but that clearly had not stopped her from passing judgement on the others. He chuckled a bit when she claimed the on board companion had the captain wrapped around her finger. "That's why I never let a companion on my ship." He said in comment before realize that he might have let slip his history as a ship captain, maybe she wouldn't notice though. He offered her a smile as she finished talking about the crew. "Don' mingle much eh? Seems ya got no prolem makin' opinions though, huh? Don' worry I will make my own opinions. Thank you though."

After his slip of the tongue some heat had moved up into his face but it was only amplified by her response of the same thing. His body shuddered a bit from the sudden heat sending a cold chill down his back. "Well thank ya ma'am, I'm honored to hear that from someone like yerself." He answered in a tone that seemed both sincere and a bit cocky, trying to return to his confident personality. He did not need to let anyone distract him from doing his job as best as he could and move on. If they were not crew mates then maybe, but he did not need to mess up relations on board.

Despite this mental scolding he could not keep his eyes off of the woman. His eyes kept moving around her, he looked at his pale skin, her slender neck, her soft hands, and stopping at her beautiful, likely very soft lips. He tried to tear his eyes away but he found himself stuck there, he knew she was going to notice if he didn't pull himself together. After what felt like forever he was able to fix his gaze on a shelf behind Cameron. He wondered how much more was left of this examination, the sooner it ended the better for his mental fortitude.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Open Moving Parts
« on: June 18, 2017, 03:23:20 PM »
<Day 19, Gryphon Engine Room, Early Morning @Daniel Gallagher>

It had been a very eventfully day yesterday, Cain got the job as pilot for the Gryphon, he got a tour of the ship, and his very first examination. Everything was changing again, a new chapter of his life was starting. He had yet to tell anyone anything about the previous chapters of his life, not that anyone asked anyways, but he felt like if they knew they might not be as happy about having him on board. This thought had plagued his mind all night, it was his first night in his new quarters but he had barely slept an hour. Everyone here seemed nice enough, but he was very concerned they wouldn't accept him if they knew. When he was finally able to close his eyes he awoke in a cold sweat after yet another nightmare of that day.

Eventually at about six the next day he decided to abandon his attempts at sleep and instead simply start his day. He got dressed in a tight black t-shirt with a pair of loose blue jeans and a pair of boots. He made his way to the galley and snacked on some crackers he found there with a bottle of water, but he still didn't feel well enough for much more. He took the bottle of water up to the cockpit where he double checked all of the consoles to assure they were all in working order, and dusted a little. This however did not waste enough time it was now about seven and the ship wasn't to take off until half past eleven.

Cain suddenly decided that he wanted to go see the engine room. As the captain of his previous ship he had spent plenty of time in his ship's engine room making sure everything was in working order, of course this usually meant he asked his mechanic since he knew next to nothing. Nonetheless it was something that was sort of habit to him now so off he went to where he thought Decker had showed him that room.

He didn't have much trouble finding it and went inside to find a lot of parts that he remembered seeing in his own ship, still having little to no idea what they were. He paced around the parts looking at them almost fondly remembering doing this walk through before. He was lost in thought thinking back to then that he almost didn't see the man squatted on the floor until he was right on top of him. "Oh! Hey I'm awful sorry 'bout that, didn't see ya' there." He apologized to the man in front of him for so rudely nearly running him over. "Didn't think anyone else was up this early." He admitted to the man.

Games / Rate Me (IC)
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This game is real simple you just post with a character rating the character above you out of 10 and give a little one or two sentence reason for the rating.

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Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: June 18, 2017, 11:45:45 AM »
@Cameron Whitmore

A small chuckle escaped Cain's lips at the woman's comment about drinking, which of course would come off as odd he was sure since the idea of him killing everyone by drinking while in the cockpit was not funny. It was just that he remembered his own ship where the pilot often had a big bottle of whiskey in there, and knew first hand after a close call that alcohol does not belong in that room. He watched her pull on her white coat as he thought this and his thoughts were interrupted as he thought about how perfect that coat seem to fit her, not size wise but it just...suited her.

At her comment of his tenseness the man only seemed to get tenser, but she asked him to try and relax so he tried his best to at least look like he was more relaxed. He let his shoulders drop a little, let his back slouch a bit, and tilted his head to loosen his neck muscles. He laughed again then feeling a bit better. "No offense or anything ma'am but you're more intimidatin' than most pirates I've met.... in a good way." Cain told her with a smile.

He had to give Cameron credit for one thing, her soft voice so close really helped him relax more, he didn't realize it at first but her voice was very soothing to him. This was only further helped by her small, soft hands taking his hand, normally he'd jump at someone touching him but for some reason she made him feel comfortable with the situation, what a doctor. He listened to her talk about what the bracelet she had put on him was displaying her voice still steady and soft, he was sure that he could listen to her all day, despite having no idea what half the stuff she was saying was about.

Cain was very surprised to learn that Cameron had only been on the ship for a couple of weeks, he would've guess many months she had been here from how close she and Captain Decker were. He couldn't really think of any questions he had about the ship since he had simply asked the question to talk about something besides the medical stuff. "Uhh, well what about the rest of the crew, what are they like?" He asked quietly, not sure how think the examine room's walls were and not wanting anyone near to think he was already being weird about them.

Cameron was looking closely at his eyes, he wondered if this was part of her analysis of him. He wasn't positive but he lost interest in what it was for after meeting her eyes fully, they were a pair of breath taking blue eyes. His breath got caught in his throat for a moment looking at them, and before he knew it his thoughts were coming out of his mouth. "Gorram those are so amazin' eyes." He said very quietly before it suddenly occurred to him that he had said that aloud not in his mind. "Uh, I'm sorry. I...uh... sorry." He apologized awkwardly as he shook his head as if to shake something out of it.

After this blunder he adverted his eyes to a cabinet in the room and attempted to keep his composure even after Cameron's still slightly cold hands came up and touched his neck. He continued his attempts to remain calm even though his neck was a sensitive spot for him that no one had touched before, at least not with ill intent. 

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: June 12, 2017, 11:55:37 AM »
After bidding goodbye to the captain Cain entered the infirmary and waited by the door for a few short moments before getting a response. The last thing he wanted to do was make her feel uncomfortable around him, that would certainly make being a functioning crew harder. Once she answered he moved to go sit on the edge of the bed that she had motioned to and waited, listening to her explain what was about to happen.

"This is good to know thank ya'." He responded with a soft smile, he admired how easy it seemed to be for her to fall into a very serious, professional attitude. He could definitely tell why the captain liked having her around, and why he trusted her opinions on new crew members so completely. For a moment he wondered if there was more between the two of them but quickly dashed the idea as it wasn't his concern no matter the answer.

He though a moment about her next question, did he have allergies? He couldn't remember having any problems with anything so he assumed that was a no, and drugs and alcohol were never an issue with him either. "No ma'am at least I don't think so." He answered.

He felt a bit awkward sitting there on the edge of the bed, he was sitting straight up and felt like a statue, he didn't know what he was supposed to do if anything. There had never been a point in his life where he had had to be examined by a medic of any kind, his own father certainly didn't care enough. The medic on his old ship only really did anything when it seemed to be life threatening so sitting on a bed for a formal examination just felt stiff and awkward, and he had no idea what to expect next.

"How long have you been on the Gryphon? Cain asked casually trying to incorporate some small talk to easy his nerves.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: May 31, 2017, 01:47:17 AM »
@Stanley Decker @Cameron Whitmore

Cain listened to Cammy ramble a bit with a small smile on his face, he liked her, he didn't know what exactly it was about her but there was something kind of endearing about her. "Well then, Doc Cammy, I feel mighty safe knowin' I gots you to fix me up." He answered her with an encouraging smile. He was relieved to hear that her uneasiness around him wasn't due to anything he had done in particular just her uneasiness in general, he would have to keep that in mind and try not to do anything to escalate that for her.

He waited as the doc talked to the captain about where she was going, and what was happening on board before following Captain Decker on board. He had taken a serious interest in ships when he joined Captain Stark and the man had taken such a liking to young Cain that he tried his best to help him learn as much about as many ships as they possibly could. The man had been more like his father, than his actual father so he was extremely happy to hear that he had been right about the model of the ship he was boarding, he imagined the proud look Captain Stark would have if he were here.

Cain chuckled at the Captain's thoughts on how he imagined the original owner felt about his ship upgrades. "Well whatever their reason I'm sure you're glad to have the addition." He replied chuckling.

The tour went about as one would expect, as most ships had similar locations of interest. Cain showed a peaked interest when shown the part of the ship that he spend most his time flying, and of course where he could find food. He noted that the ship seemed to be kept relatively clean for the most part, and that it didn't seem to be kept in disrepair, all of which were good signs for the new pilot. You can tell a lot about a crew by the ship the worked in. After about an hour the tour was seemed to be starting to come to an end. They came to his quarters, which he assumed the woman he passed earlier had just vacated. "This might be one of the nicest quarters I ever stayed in, won't here no complainin' outta me." He assured the captain with a crooked grin.

Finally they arrived at the infirmary where Captain Decker told him about the tests that Cammy had to run and the reason he was so adamant about them, he also told him that after he was done he was more than welcome to fully investigate the cockpit, and when to expect them to be leaving the next day. "Well thanks for the tour Captain Decker, I sure am lookin' forward to workin' with y'all. I'll be ready to leave whenever you are just give me the word and this ol' girl'll be in the sky." Cain bid the captain goodbye before entering the infirmary.

He entered slowly as not to startle the doctor, and paused near the door to announce himself for the same reason. "Hello again Miss Medic, you ready for me in here?"

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