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Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: October 10, 2017, 04:20:43 PM »
While shoving the food in his face Weasel almost choked when asked about his reasons for joining. It wasn't that it was anything bad, really, it was just he was sort of on the run from a very bad ex employer. Silas saw Weasel as his property and that everything the young man created was his to exploit, to sell. It meant that leaving had been difficult, logistically so. He'd had to run away from home essentially. So when he choked it was because he was afraid that lying to Cain would be bad, but if he told the truth the man might sell him out to the captain who might think it was less hassle to just give Weasel back.

Weasel was no liar though, so he wiped away the tears (mostly caused by choking) and swallowed hard.

"I um...I needed to get away from my old employer. He kinda used me to make things that he sold for a lot of money. New gadgets, some illegal stuff too. I just... I just wanted to see the verse and work on a ship in the Black." The young engineer explained.

"I don't mean to cause no-one any trouble. I hope the captain won't be mad." Like a hurt puppy he put the rest of the food down on the plate and looked sadly towards the bridge where he assumed the captain would be.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Quiet Time In The Med Bay. Or Not...
« on: October 04, 2017, 09:37:00 AM »
"I have a hyperactive mind?" Weasel asked, though he was already tinkering while talking to her. Now standing on one of the tables he used his arms to... perhaps measure something and then got Jengu out to map the room accurately.

"Will need to install sensors for the scanners." He told her as he worked. "And it's not being hasty, I need to work fast as my brain thinks fast. I can't help it. It just does." Again the words clambered out, almost falling over each other as they tumbled out of the young engineer. Weasel simply could not keep an idea in his mind and writing it down was next to useless, he needed to be making it for the idea to not be lost. It was why he had so many unfinished projects for either he was forced to stop and lost the thread of what he was doing or he simply ran out of thread and left the project there to examine and learn what he had made already. Many a time to seemingly discarded vessel of the half-made gizmo had given him the parts to another gadget! The core in Genju for instance had come from another project where he needed a sealed power source that could never be tampered with.

"If tomorrow is alright then I'll come back then." He decided with a nod of his head. Weasel then jumped down from the table and as he walked out of the med bay he said, "I'll be bringing some tools and materials." Though what he actually meant was he be taking over the room for the afternoon and filling it with thousands bits and bobs since Weasel never knew what he would need so he'd bring everything he had and, 9 times out of 10, what was there was what he would need.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: September 28, 2017, 02:04:29 PM »
"Oh all kinds of things!" Weasel announced excitedly. Though whether he was excited about talking about his gadgets or the grilled cheese was hard to discern since he'd taken a humongous sniff of the grill before speaking! Truly he loved cheese so it was likely a mix of these things, or just generally he was an excitable kinda guy. Digging into his pockets he grabbed a hold of several small things and then spilled them on the counter. There were all kinds of tin things displayed, everything from boiled sweets and their wrappers to nuts and bolts and tiny screwdrivers! What the young man picked out was what looked like golden rings soldered together (which was exactly what they were!). Showing Cain the gadget he summoned Genju and then showed him the ring.

"She would have put this on and then been able to control it. It's a multi tool system that could have aided her in surgery and repairs as well as act as a diagnostic tool. I know she has a lot of gadgets but this one would have replaced half of them. I didn't realise she wasn't a doctor though, so she said something that monitors hearts and rates and stuff would be better so am making that instead." His words all seemed to spill out of him at once as if the young engineer had never been taught about punctuation! It was out of excitement and a bit of humiliation too, for he had to admit he had not impressed a girl he thought was pretty.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: September 25, 2017, 03:39:32 PM »
Not really considering the oil to be a problem he shrugged and decided to let the new pilot take the lead. It didn't matter, he'd clean up as soon as the water had been recycled in the engine room. He was dead proud of that particular mechanism since water was so scarce in space and the engine worked so much better when it had more water to work with. So the moment they entered the mess Weasel got a rag out of his pocket and wiped most of the grease off his face (using the shiny surfaces in the kitchen as a mirror).

"So what do ya have to work with?" He asked, then added, "Do I call you "Sir" or something else?" He wondered, for didn't the pilot hold a position on the ship? Was there an honorific that he'd missed? He didn't wanna offend and he'd already addressed the man several times!

"Oh, I've met the doc too!" He announced and grinned. He'd thought that the medic was really pretty, but girl's like that were never interested in him. "I made a gadget for her and she seemed to like it." Weasel announced. "Though the first thing I brought her was useless." That wasn't what she'd actually said but it was how Weasel had felt about it afterwards. In the end he'd put it away in a box and would probably never touch it again.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: September 24, 2017, 10:00:58 AM »
Trotting behind the larger man (though just about everyone was larger than Weasel, even the ladies!) the young engineer remarked that he was alright at putting a meal together. Assembling ingredients wasn't all that different from what he did every day, right? Though Weasel's tastes were eclectic, even with food and his combinations were much to be desired. Fortunately he was far too mucky to be allowed into the kitchen! The last thing the Gryphon needed was him contaminating the food!

"So how many crew are there? Do you know? Have you seen any of the um... the girls?" Weasel was not there to get a girlfriend but heck, if there was someone who liked him then why not? Though he blushed quite profusely when he asked, and when they entered the dining and kitchen area he was glad to find it was empty.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Quiet Time In The Med Bay. Or Not...
« on: September 24, 2017, 09:27:50 AM »
"Oh yeah, that'd be dead easy!" Weasel exclaimed, suddenly looking more positive! "I can put all the vitals on there, could even make a machine for in here that gives you other stuff you don't have... then the wrist thing can give you all the abnormal readings." The engineer walked around the room, looking under tables and seemingly mentally measuring the place and working out what could fit in there. He even looked up at the ceiling and seemed to be pleased with what he saw.

"Yes, I'll start with what you asked for, for sure. It'll be ready by tomorrow." It was such a simple thing he thought he'd be done by that night but he didn't want the medic to think that he'd not spent enough time on her gift.

"Shall I bring it by tomorrow?" He asked, turning around to face her.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: September 18, 2017, 12:26:08 PM »
"Oh... food, yes. I forgot to eat... today and yesterday." Maybe it was three days? He had been drinking lots of water though. He had figured out a way to reuse the water in the engine room safely. It tasted gross but it meant it didn't go to waste!

"Distracted?" He asked, a little confused at first. "I um... I am always like this really. Lots of thoughts, not enough words and time and fingers sometimes, ya know?" Weasel twiddled his fingers for emphasis, his point being he sometimes needed to say things by showing people but there was not always time and words tended to fail him.

"So yes... let's get food. What we eating?" He asked, a broad smile on his rodent-looking face!

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Quiet Time In The Med Bay. Or Not...
« on: September 15, 2017, 08:20:39 AM »
The engineer's shoulders sank, but it was not because she rejected it but rather because he had gotten it wrong. It was meant to be perfect just for her. Shaking his head at the patenting thing he replied, "No... it's not something I want to do. Not yet." His reasons were hardly complex, he was trying to stay out of the way of his old boss and patenting something would only advertise where he was ans what he was doing! The patenting was exactly what that idiot wanted him back for! To make money off Weasel's inventions.

"How about I make something you could use?" He asked, "Like, what do you need or would like that you don't have or want?" Then hastily he added, "It doesn't even have to be as a medic, I can do general gadgets too." Weasel really just wanted to make something for each of his crew-mates so he said, "I am doing it for everyone, I just want to get to know my new crew-mates and do something nice for them." And perhaps there was a small desire to ingratiate himself to them as well!

"So, can you think of anything?" He hoped she would let him. If nothing else he loved to work on these little projects and making things for people focused him. Indeed, he seemed to be more prolific and make more useful things when it was for others. It was one of the only good things about his last job and his boss - he'd been a good motivator!

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: September 15, 2017, 08:13:21 AM »
As the pilot asked his questions Weasel's mind was already distracted by the work he had been doing. It wasn't that he minded being interrupted it just wasn't all that advisable! On the best of days the mechanic was scatty but when he was in the middle of something he found it hard to focus on anything but that! This was a new experience for him, though, a ship. So he forced himself to look at Cain and to answer him properly. This was what it was to work with captains and pilots and such. He had to make reports and this could be a test for him. As far as he knew he had not definitely gotten the job yet and a good or bad word from this pilot might win or lose him the opportunity of a lifetime.

"Good and bad... the engine is in decent working condition, the parts are good, but it could be better. Like... most would be happy with it but I see a hundred ways to make it better. Make it last longer. Make it run smoother." Pointing at one of the inner mechanisms, one that was tough to get to when the bird was in the sky, he said, "When I get the chance I wanna have a look at that. It effects the handling of the hip and should make your controls more intuitive. We can talk when the ship is at port for more than a day." Since Weasel had no idea how long they stayed anywhere he did not presume to know when they'd be able to discuss it. "If there is something you notice while flying let me know. Might be I can improve things, best to get what you need sorted first, right?" Weasel gave the pilot a huge grin, the sweat pooling at the tip of his nose and then dripping off, causing the young man to get itchy and scratch at it. That of course added more grime to his face, something he was still completely oblivious too.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Quiet Time In The Med Bay. Or Not...
« on: August 24, 2017, 01:23:48 PM »
"Sales speech?" He asked and then his face lit up with comprehension. "Oh! You mean what are it's awesome points?! Well, all the things!" Weasel then went on to explain, in detail, the many functions of the Genju bot. Since he did not want to give the bot his own biomarker he demonstrated using Jengu. Opening up his palm he let the little sphere float and then unfold. The discs that emerged then began spinning above and below the floating ball, the whirring made by the device was not an obtrusive sound either, but more like the sound of a fan. Weasel handed Cameron the ring and told her to put it on.

"It needs to calibrate to your DNA so only you will ever be able to control it." It was a huge gift he was giving her, not least because the energy pod for Genju was another one that had never-ending fuel because it used antimatter. That and the fact it had a similar mechanism to a black hole!

Weasel also forgot to tell Cameron that the ring had tiny needles that would dig into her finger the moment it was properly on. That was how the bot calibrated to her and it meant she might never be able to take the ring off! Might because he was not entirely sure about anything in the future!

"So what do you think? Good sales pitch was it?" He asked, beaming at her with the ring in her palm.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Quiet Time In The Med Bay. Or Not...
« on: August 17, 2017, 08:22:04 AM »
One man who'd happily apply for the position of 'Future Husband' for Cam was the new mechanic, but then he'd apply for that position for any woman he thought pretty! Which, to be fair, was nearly all women - Weasel did have some standards! Thus far he'd had no reason to visit the med bay, he was used to dealing with his injuries on his own, not least because he regularly got cuts and burns. The mechanic needed to keep his fingers sensitive for the delicate procedures he needed to perform - or just wanted to perform in order to make something! In many ways he was similar to a surgeon, he just did operations on tech! It was one of these tiny gadgets that he held as he entered Cameron's domain. Weasel thought it was time to introduce himself and he was going to do so by offering her a gift. How useful said gift might be entirely depended on how the medic decided to try and use it.

"Hallo!" He chimed as he passed into the room, giving the redhead a little wave. She did not seem busy but she was reading so he hoped she'd not be angry at him for disturbing her!

"I can come back later if you'd prefer?" He offered, always a rather polite lad, even if he did make more than the odd innocent faux pas. Regardless, he offered her a toothy smile as well as holding out the gadget to show her. "I just wanted to give you Genju." It was the brother bot to his own multi-tool device, Jengu. The spherical bot was the size of a golf ball and white with a red cross on it. And the tools? Everything a medic and surgeon could want. All it needed to do was calibrate to Cameron. That was what the other metal thing in his hand was for. It was a ring... a ring with a caveat... one that Cameron might get mad at him about since Weasel did not think it important enough to mention!

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 22, 2017, 07:38:36 AM »
Though Weasel did not have much baggage per se he did have some little jewels tucked away. One of those gadgets was about the size of three wedding rings stacked atop each other, and that was exactly what they were to begin with! They were pure gold, "gifts" Weasel had found stuck in long forgotten pipes in ships and he had been told whatever he found he could keep - no one ever wanted what got stuck up in there, at least not when Weasel never told them the treasures his skinny little fingers found! Being gold meant they were of worth but the worth of the gadget was the gadget not what it was made out of. Since low voltages and currents were needed for his devices a highly efficient conductor like gold was perfect. It did not tarnish easily and so the connections were not corrupted. This was even more important for this particular device and he had made it using a piece of equipment on a ship that few people ever got access too. Its primary use had been for medicine and bio-mechanics, but Weasel had sneaked aboard the broken down ship while his shipyard repaired it to make the device he now offered to Gavin in exchange for his help.

"It's an energy transference device." He told Gavin, then went on to explain. "You put it on anything containing energy and it sucks it dry, stores it, then when you put it on something needing energy it transfers what it has stored." Showing Gavin how it worked Weasel did a simple clockwise twist of the rings and said, "That's to suck energy in, then counter-clockwise to transfer it out." Two of the rings were soldered together in a seamless manner and the top and bottom were not hollow, the device felt solid. Inside of it was more gold, near microscopic wires and flat, thin sheaths for other parts, it was an engineering marvel! What made it near priceless was how it stored energy, but Weasel was not giving that secret away.

"There is a finite store but essentially this thing could drain a shuttle of it's power and hold it inside indefinitely. It gets cold when it's nearly full, but also it beeps, so you don't need to touch it to know when to remove it. Similarly it gets warm when drained, and has a different beep as warning." He was about to walk into the engine room when he remembered one more rather important detail! "Oh! It also can drain any kind of energy and then transform it into the energy needed for what it transfers energy into." That was a rather huge selling point but for Weasel it was simply an obvious thing, not genius!

Not realising that it was this device that his boss had wanted to sell to the Alliance and others Weasel handed it over. "Or ya know, just melt it down and make something pretty." He jested. "It's made entirely of gold after all." Weasel then walked into the engine room, his face having a look of awe on it and that expression would not alter for hours!

Walking straight towards the guts of the engine he dropped into a crouch and examined the beauty before him. For Weasel a new engine was his one true love and he could not imagine ever putting anything or anyone above his love for engines! It did not make sense to most people but for Weasel it made all the sense in the world and that was all that mattered!

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 14, 2017, 09:08:42 PM »
"I'll be sleeping in the engine room most of the time." Weasel replied excitedly. Then with a wink he added, "If I get hired, of course!" He'd pray to every deity on all the planets if he could if he thought it would help convince the captain that he was worth taking on. It was to this end that he chatted incessantly, telling Gavin all about his experience, how he was in demand back on his home planet, how he could make the ship money with his gadgets as well.

"Please tell the captain I am really really good at what I do, yeah?" He begged. "Because I really need this job." And he really wanted it too!

Really really!!!

Practically bouncing off the walls Weasel would not have been surprised if he knew Gavin questioned his sobriety. Weasel was often accused of such but he'd never taken anything "harder" than alcohol in his life! He was simply an excitable person though he was dimly aware how this could wear thin, especially on a ship. So trying to tone it down he attempted to rein it in by crossing his arms and walking like a normal person!

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 13, 2017, 07:40:51 AM »
Looking a little shocked that Gavin felt he needed to tell him not to touch the ladies without their consent he whined, "I'd never do that! I can barely strike up the courage to smile at them let alone touch them! Besides, it's not respectful..." Well, the respecting part came first, but he hoped Gavin got the point. Weasel supposed he was on probation until he had proven that he could be trusted. If the young mechanic couldn't be trusted when it came to touching things then it would be the engine parts, not the lady parts!

"I'll try and keep my hands to myself all over the ship." And to demonstrate he was already in practice he crossed his arms and nodded.

The Gryphon was one of the ships Weasel had been admiring earlier, wondering what it would be like to be a part of a ships crew. He'd never suspected that he might get a chance to actually be on it! This was quite literally a dream come true for him. So when they approached the vessel he once more gazed in appreciation, eager to see what her insides were like when her exterior was so pleasing! Truly, the Gryphon was the only woman he'd be getting his hands on should the Captain approve him as the ship's newest mechanic.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 09, 2017, 06:32:58 AM »
As much as Weasel loved to look at pretty women he was equally enamoured when looking at the engines of ships! Shrugging his assent at Gavin's idea he then asked to be taken to the vessel.

"Um, since I kinda tend to piss people off - people who are not my crew obviously! - it would be wiser for me to stay away from Boros military types." Weasel smiled tentatively, hoping this would not make Gavin change his mind about him meeting the captain and potentially joining the crew of the Gryphon.

"We can still go and see those girls, I mean I'd like to try even though I know I'll strike out again. Just better I don't spend too much time on this planet lest I have another thug situation..." Waiting for Gavin to have finished his drink and get them out of there Weasel hopped from foot to foot, an obvious nervous switch that was going to get annoying very soon.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 07, 2017, 11:07:34 AM »
No, Weasel was not a criminal, however he was running from someone and that meant he was far less inclined to remain in the open. Besides, given the choice between the ship and the planet of Boros Weasel would choose the ship every time! In fact, the cargo hold sounded a lot more appealing than the women that Gavin was pointing out, Weasel was turning beet red just thinking about how much he would mess up! For he would undoubtedly make a fool of himself - again!

"Could I see the engine room, perhaps?" He asked, though he did not expect to be allowed, he'd not been hired and could be someone who might sabotage the ship, someone hired by a competitor.

"Honestly, I am not a fan of Boros." He admitted, though anyone who knew anything about people knew that almost every time some said the word "honestly" the last thing they were being was honest.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 05, 2017, 08:03:57 PM »
Unfortunately Weasel being himself while trying to flirt was a bit of a train wreck! He could not help but look at her tits now Gavin had told him not too! In fact his gaze was fixed upon the buxom part of the beautiful barmaid to the degree where he simply could not look away! Weasel's eyes bulged and stayed wide even when she laughed at him and ruffled his hair. The poor lad was a little dazed, not even moving until she'd taken their mugs and left.

"Um... maybe we should go and find this captain of yours..." Weasel suggested, his face burning so red he could have lit up the room on his own! Hurrying to put all of his gear in his bag he dropped a few things, leaving some bits and bobs behind. It was these things, these very Weasel things that would be a trail for the people that knew what to look for and Weasel would certainly regret not sticking around to pick it all up!

"So...?" He asked, moving from foot to foot, clearly anxious.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: July 04, 2017, 11:09:23 AM »
At first Weasel was a little disappointed at being told he had to wait to meet the captain of the Gryphon but Gavin turned that around soon enough! The attention given to him by the waitress had the young man entirely distracted, his focus on her "assets" rather than the drink she bought him. He dimly recalled thanking her for bringing the drink and thanking Gavin for paying for it, but everything else was pretty much a blur, at least until Gavin suggested she might be into him! Weasel spat out his drink and proceeded to cough violently, the liquid having got into his lungs so shocked was he at the suggestion! No woman had shown interest before, so why would a beautiful, buxom, barmaid do so now?!

After almost collapsing from the coughing fit and taking time to recover Weasel finally managed to speak, even smiling as he did so. His voice was a little raspy because of the violent coughing but there was still mirth in his tone.

"Likes me how?" He asked, for though the suggestion had him coughing his lungs out he still wanted to know his Gavin was making a genuine observation or just fucking with him. Weasel suspected the latter since that seemed to be all anyone did with him, especially when it came to the fairer sex! Getting Weasel to believe such things usually ended in hilarity for everyone else but humiliation and sadness for the young man.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: June 21, 2017, 09:54:06 AM »
"This?" He waved the machine at Gavin's face then grinned. "Just some junk I am trying to make into something less junk-y." As he focused on soldering some circuits his tongue stuck out of the side of his mouth, an obvious tick that indicated concentration. When he was done he announced, "I'm also an inventor of gadgets." Weasel let Gavin have a peak into his satchel which he guessed would explain a lot. In there was Jengu, waiting for reactivation.

"They all work, but some have more use than others." His success rate for usefulness was about one in fifty, but the ones that did work well, like Jengu, were exceptional. Good enough for his old boss to steal and sell to the Alliance for what ended up being millions of credits all in all. It was tech that the Alliance did not have and what they wanted. Weasel didn't know it but Syrius had a deal with the Alliance and losing his little inventor would have Syrius in trouble - serious trouble.

"Can I meet your captain? Show him my skills?" Weasel had no idea if this Captain Decker would let him touch his engine, so he had a few things in his bag that could help demonstrate how exceptional an engineer he actually was.

When the solitary drink arrived Weasel plucked it off the tray and put it in front of Gavin. "Thanks again for the bailing out." It was only a little reward but Weasel would thank him more if he got a place of the Gryphon, especially if Gavin got him on! He'd owe the man even more if that happened!

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Moving Parts
« on: June 19, 2017, 01:20:49 PM »
"Up early?" Weasel asked, the little mechanic shoving his soldering mask up and looking up at the new face. He'd been in the engine room for at least a day and a night and he had completely lost track of time! Having slept there since he had not chosen a bunk for himself yet. Though he had forgotten if he was supposed to choose or if he'd been told where he was sleeping? Shrugging at himself he put his tools aside safely and stood up, offering his greasy hand for a handshake.

"I'm Weasel, the new mechanic." He added with a half smile. Weasel always had the kind of expression that suggested he was up to no good, or had a very bad idea that was bound to get him - and his associates - in trouble. Usually he was perfectly innocent or ignorant of such dangers and he rarely ever learned so remained the naive lad he'd been since birth!

"Not been here long, though there are no windows here so lost track of the hours." Weasel rubbed his face with the back of his hand, wiping away some sweat and ended up smearing his cheek with oil. Not that he noticed, he had done it several times already so his face was already covered in black, oily streaks.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: June 19, 2017, 01:06:52 PM »
Relieved to see the goons go away he was perfectly willing to use the rest of his credits to buy this guy a drink, since he'd probably just saved Weasel's life! Eagerly he waved down the buxom waitress and then asked her to get whatever Gavin wanted - within reason. He showed her his credits and then she listed which drinks cost the amount of credits Weasel had, so Gavin would know how high he could go - which was not very high! When she was gone Weasel answered his question while munching on some nuts he'd swiped from another table earlier.

"I had no idea, I just thought if they thought we were part of a ship they'd not take any stupid risks. Considering how moronic they were it probably didn't matter but..." Weasel shrugged and then offered Gavin some nuts. "So you do have a ship then?" Weasel asked, excitedly. He was obviously a little hyper, whether that was nerves or his natural state of being Gavin had no way of knowing, but it would have been a fair guess to assume it was how Weasel was most of the time. Oh, he had a steady hand as a mechanic, of course he did, but that did not mean whenever he was not doing engineering he was anything other than hyperactive. It was what got him into trouble most of the time.

While waiting for Gavin's answer and having pushed the little bowl of nuts between them he started tinkering on another piece of tech, a little gadget that had no obvious purpose. It was what Weasel did when he needed to put his hands to work to stop him touching things or doing things that were annoying or unwise. So he used a tool he'd made (that was actually several tools in one, including soldering and other tasks not usually known for their "portable" nature, and with good reason!) to fiddle with the gadget, his gaze flicking between his new (old) task and Gavin.

Tracker, Shipper, Plotter / Weasel's Travels
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:57:00 PM »
Weasel's Threads

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: June 15, 2017, 08:51:21 AM »
"Ohshit..." Weasel mumbled as the two guys came lumbering towards him. He feared they were also a little drunk already, which would only make things worse! Clutching his backpack to his chest tightly he did not try to escape, there was no other way out anyways, so he had no choice but to shrink back into the booth. He said nothing as they stood by him, looming over him, scaring the shit out of him!

As they spoke Weasel tried not to tremble, he wasn't a coward was he?! At least he saw himself as being able to be bold, how else did he invent the gadgets he invented. Trying to smile at them when they mentioned drinks he delved into his pockets and tried to find some credits, but he knew even before he started searching that he'd not have enough to buy even a single drink. He was about to tell them as much and apologise when they spoke of taking Jengu from him! That was enough to make Weasel far more defensive and he clutched his back tighter to him, shaking his head vehemently.

When he opened his mouth to protest a third man joined them at his table, but this one seemingly coming to his aid. The mechanic burst out laughing when he called the other two "pussies" and he reacted to being called a brother by standing and putting his arm around Gavin companionably. Their height difference meant that he practically had his arm around the other man's waist but he still looked like a protected younger brother.

"Bye then." Weasel answered, finally, and waved, smirking. He had not expected to get out of this without a beating so he was immensely grateful for the help.

"So, brother, shall we return to the um... ship?" Weasel just wanted to get out of there and he had no idea if this dude had a ship or not! If he had then maybe, just maybe, he needed a mechanic? Or maybe he knew someone who did? It was a lot of maybes, but Weasel was a positive person, he always assumed the best!

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Open Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: June 12, 2017, 01:04:07 PM »
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It was his first time off world and Weasel was practically jumping from foot to foot in excitement! It had been a massive gamble running from his job with Syrius but the young mechanic had always known he was destined to be... out there. Boros was not exactly what he'd had in mind, the risk of being caught up in another job in a garage was pretty high so he'd used what little money he had left to look more like a tourist. So he scouted the ships every day, looking for something that would fit. It wasn't just the ship, he could work on any engine and be happy, he wanted to have a boss who would be more fun, someone who treated him more like family. If Weasel was to commit to something this serious then he wanted it to be a better working environment than the one he had fled on Albion.

Walking up and down the docks he smiled and waved at folks, turned down offers for transport and chewed on a piece of bread that was closer to stale than fresh. He was running out of credits and he was starting to fear that he was being too picky. Weasel could not afford to have such a narrow view for much longer and he was feeling a little despondent when he finished yet another day without any joy. Since he had no money for a room he nursed a glass of beer in a tavern close to the docks, keeping his head down and trying not to draw attention. Of course that would have been excellent if not for the fact that Weasel loved to tinker, and this night he was tinkering with his favourite bot, Jengu.

The mechanic was a little distracted by a woman and her breasts passing by his table when he leaned on the stick and pushed it up, making Jengu dip and dive at the head of a rather angry looking fellow! The disc of Jengu hit the guy in the head, knocking him into another man, the first spilling his jug of beer all over man number two! Weasel swiftly called Jengu back to his table and stashed the bot in his backpack, but he was frozen to his little booth, the guys were between him and the door!

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