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Freyja ~ Companion Chapter Ship / Unexpected Reunions
« on: October 12, 2017, 12:07:18 PM »
Month 3, Day 8, 2517; @Xiu Mei Lau  // @Cynadea

Between trying to avoid people and needing to entice new Clients and keep old ones Jada was caught between moving about the ship with her eyes downcast and her expression open. It was difficult then for others to know if she was open to engagement or being antisocial. It was during one of her more low moods and insecurity that she physically ran into someone! There hallway had been devoid of anyone else, so how she had run into the only person around she did not know! Jada was mortified, truth be told. It had been a very long time since she had been so engrossed in her own mood and problems that she had actually crashed into someone in this way!

"I am so sorry!" She whispered, but she did not look around to see if anyone had witnessed her faux pas, but instead focused on the woman she had collided with.

"I was not looking where I was going... are you hurt? Shall I call a medic?" Jada was being overly cautious, as was her nature when it came to medical needs. She had learned it was better to be safe than sorry.

Once she'd recovered from the initial shock of the incident (which might seem trivial or minor to others but to a behavioural perfectionist such as Jada it was terrible. It showed she was not in control in some way and that was reprehensible to the Companion) Jada canted her head to the side, gazing at the woman she had crashed into. She thought she recognised her but her memory was playing tricks on her. To Jada this looked like Mei, her childhood friend at the Academy, but Mei had been thrown out of the Guild just before they had become fully fledged Companions. Her quizzical look would give away the fact that she was struggling to reconcile Mei's presence there, for what would an exiled former student be doing on a Companion's Guild Chapter House ship?

Bar & Lounge / Re: Nowhere To Hide
« on: October 12, 2017, 08:51:06 AM »
If there was one thing Jada admired in others then it was honesty. As a Companion she found others often assumed that she was always lying or manipulating. Some of her cohorts may have and rightfully so, but Jada did not need to manipulate. She could guide her Clients, even make suggestions, but as a specialist therapist Jada did not think it ethical to use her skills to coerce others. Not in her personal or professional life. It was the one thing she actually had in common with "her" religion, actually.

"I hope to earn yours too, trust goes both ways." She acknowledged, and she truly believed this too. Jada was genuine in her apology and she saw that Connor was genuine in his acceptance of it. Those eyes, she could not seem to look away from them. There was a connection here that had been born of trial but had the potential for much more. Friendship was what she needed, perhaps more than anything else in her life right now. To be isolated had done nothing but make her more angry and steadily more depressed. The low mood had been at its lowest when she had come into the lounge and now it was closer to her usual self.

"To friendship and trust." She toasted, raising her glass of sparkling water. Jada hoped that she would not need to call upon his promise for protection but she knew Gao too well to truly believe that he would remain on house arrest. So once they'd clinked glasses and settled she asked him if they could meet up soon to discuss her security on the ship.

"I've plan to work with this new security officer but I'd like to touch base with you in a few days." Since they'd seem to have moved on she hoped he would be alright with a fusion of the meeting for the first time at the bar thing and the shit of Sihnon being part of their relationship. With Jada recovering and having a more balanced view she thought they could. She hoped at least.

The Verse / Re: Osiris - First Time For Everything!
« on: October 10, 2017, 01:35:33 PM »
As much as the Companions Guild was not dedicated to whoring Jada was trained to be an expert in the arts of sexual pleasure and she was pretty damned good at it to. More importantly after his little outburst of words and connected emotions she realised this was the sort of man that needed to relax before perhaps being open to talking therapies. It was why she had taken that first step. Even if he had not come strictly for sex Jada knew that sometimes the path to what was needed had to be something physical. At the very least perhaps he would feel that he got something for the credits he had used to meet with her! That was the light-hearted side of Jada, the part of her that looked for the positives and enjoyed laughing about the cynical. Truly she hoped he got far more than just her body, but it was not up to her, not really. The Client usually led the way when it came to how the session went.

Though she would never let it be known Jada always found a way out of meeting with Clients she did not find physically attractive. It was shallow and went against the spiritual (and ethical!) teachings of the Guild but Jada was not exactly the most devout. Outwardly she seemed as much, but in her heart and mind she was found wanting. Thus, she had decided when she become a full Companion that since she would more than likely have to engage in sexual congress with these men and women at some point then she wanted to at least be attracted to them! Jada justified this to herself by asserting that if she was not enjoying herself then neither would the Client, however she knew full well they were supposed to look at the soul of the person, and not to focus on the physical.

Since Carmichael was a Client she found it rather easy to slip into the role of lover. The Companion did not try any tricks or moves on him, she did as she always did and was guided by him. If he'd not have responded at all then she would likely have tactfully ended the session and probably have him refunded some of his credits, but he did respond so the Companion was able to push a little further. Deepening the kiss and moving closer still she ran her free hand up his thigh. She was walking the line between teasing and being entirely forward, a line that Jada knew how to keep the right side of at the right time. The moment the Captain of the Paladin touched her in an even more intimate way Jada's hand would find flesh and - she hoped - hardness.

Freyja ~ Companion Chapter Ship / Re: Stick them with the pointy end
« on: October 10, 2017, 12:37:13 PM »
Jada was, quite frankly, rather happy to just get on with things. She had always been a studious person and excellent at taking instruction - she'd not have become a Companion if that was not the case. It meant that Dominic would have similar qualities and so teaching him how to improve his interpersonal skills should be quite easy, or so she hoped. It was sometimes too easy to make assumptions about other Companions, for the standards across the guild were rigid. The performances of all Companions were regularly reviewed as was their health so she had no reason to believe his abilities might have slipped.

After thirty minutes of a tough beginning Jada put her hand up asking for a short break. It was less about her fitness and more about her reflexes, she did not regularly take part in any kind of activity that required such fast reactions. She never included sex in that since that kind of sex was not exactly typical! Unless one was assigned on a planet and had more ways to be adventurous of course! Various surfaces and outdoor activities came to mind. Jada smiled to herself and took a deep breath, hoping that none of the knocks she'd gotten from being so out of practice and unlearned would result in unseemly bruises.

"So it appears I have a lot to learn." Jada admitted rather grudgingly. She was expecting to be below par but this was not like her at all. As a dancer she was normally far more nimble.

Freyja ~ Companion Chapter Ship / Re: Initiation
« on: October 09, 2017, 10:32:42 AM »
It was not satisfactory at all but Jada saw she had little choice. Though the guard outside of her rooms was unacceptable. Any Client worth their salt would be turned off by such a sight and the last thing a Companion needed was a Client turned off! Jada uncrossed then crossed her legs again, giving herself time to think. If this was the concession then what was there to haggle? It suggested there was no way the security of the ship could bend any further.

"If you could dress out of uniform then I would feel better about it. I can explain to my Clients that you are extra security for them, some threat on the planet or in the system, something I am sure won't even need to be fabricated." With Reavers coming closer and closer to the Core it was hardly seen as a negative to have extra security. "A uniformed officer would draw the eye and not all of my Clients would be comfortable with that. I am booked for my discretion, as are many of us." It was not something she thought she had to explain so she left it at that.

"As for the guard outside of my quarters - no." And that would be her final word on that. If it was forced on her then Jada would not be able to keep a single Client, of this she was certain. "Not even a guard out of uniform would do, since it would become normal for people to loiter outside of my rooms which would remove privacy for my Clients." That was another cornerstone of their profession.

Freyja ~ Companion Chapter Ship / Re: Initiation
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:41:19 AM »
Normally Jada might have noticed that the security officer seemed to behave with unease towards her but she was so out of sorts herself it was difficult to focus on anything other than her own issues. Having swept into the room and taken a seat (she knew she was going to be there long enough for standing to seem awkward) she looked up at Sarah Bracken and folded her sleek legs. The Companion was dressed as elegantly as ever, the gown clearly worth more than the officer made in a month or more! Her heels accentuated her toned calves and the colour of her dress complimented her mocha complexion.

As complex as Companions could be this situation called for direct action so Jada was blunt in the way she delivered her information to Sarah. "There may be a security breach with the intent to abduct or murder me." Truly, she was pulling no punches! "I assume you read the report from the wave from Sihnon? So you will already be apprised of the arrest of Gao." Such was the man's notoriety he was known by only one name, though it was a name that she could not utter without shuddering with disgust and not a small amount of fear.

"I'll be staying aboard the Freyja until this matter is resolved." She announced, though she was clearly unhappy about it. "You can assume that all of my Clients that board are already vetted so do not approach them for any reason other than an emergency." She warned. It was going to be hard enough to convince many of her regulars to come to the ship, but if they were interrogated by the ships security she would likely lose them as Clients altogether!

Freyja ~ Companion Chapter Ship / Initiation
« on: October 06, 2017, 07:40:43 AM »
Month 3, Day 8, 2517; @Tastyhaggis91  // @Sarah Bracken

Only one person in the 'Verse got the Companion shaken up and it took her two days to act on those feelings. Jada was not a fool, she knew she had to stay on the Freyja and break her commitments to some of her regulars in order to be safe, yet that did not make her feel better. In fact, knowing she was tethered to this ship because of Gao made it all the more worse. It was not unusual for a Companion to wear two faces, for them to be two different people, it was a part of the training to be able to have a sort of "clinical" difference, like a doctor. So they were able to give them what they needed without a personal cost or affect.

What Jada was doing was not the same though. She wore her "Companion" mask which in itself had various masks for her fellow Companions, for her Clients and for the Officers and captain. Then she was the normal, usual Jada, the woman who had managed to retain much of herself despite the rigorous training in the Guild. And finally there was the part of her that was inevitably affect by Gao. One did not become a Companion with one exclusive client and not get to know and in turn be affected by said client. Two years she was "his", though it took him a while to show his teeth. And for one year she lived in his home on Bellerophon with no contact from the Guild. Those were the terms she had agreed to but that had been before she had known...

Knocking on the door where she was told the security officer would be she thudded firmly and precisely - it was the knock of a woman in control, she told herself. Outwardly it was not easy to see just how unsettled she was and it would take someone who knew her even a little to try to gauge her emotions. Jada believed in professionalism and part of being professional was being in control. Some thought her too cold perhaps and she thought maybe they were right? At the very least she could be unapproachable which we not a side of herself that she liked to feel let alone have others see.

Assuming the door opened and she was in there Jada walked right in and then shut the door. "I know you have just arrived aboard the Freyja, Officer Bracken, but I have a security concern we need to discuss."

Bar & Lounge / Re: Nowhere To Hide
« on: October 04, 2017, 04:42:01 PM »
Torn as she was about developing any kind of friendship with this XO Jada was more and more inclined towards such the more she got to know him. It was a little frustrating in a way since she did not want to admit she had treated him poorly in the wake of Gao, for what else was a seemingly noble man supposed to do under the circumstances? He could not have let Gao die not only because he believed (apparently) in justice but also he would not want her to dirty her hands with such an act. That was more apparent now and because of that she felt more comfortable with the whole situation. Jada was a soft looking woman but had a hard shell, one most find too tough to crack. Connor, it seemed, was having more success than most due to the odd combination of an unfortunate meeting and comely manner.

Moving a little closer and quite aware of how it might look (Jada was prone to toying with perceptions and enjoyed making people question). As much as her body language might have served to draw attention her eyes told him how serious she was about what she was saying.

"I was wrong." The Companion said simply. Jada wondered if he was surprised to hear such an apology?

"You did right by me and I got angry at you. I'm sorry." It was because of this that she was able to sit back and smile, the mocha skinned Companion picking up her glass of fruit juice and drinking it slowly. It was some time before she looked back at him.

"I think we could be good friends. Trust is important to me." And she felt she could both trust and rely on him, though she would never have guessed how much she might have too...

Bar & Lounge / Re: Nowhere To Hide
« on: October 02, 2017, 04:12:29 PM »
Raising one of her beautifully plucked to precision eyebrows Jada replied, "You could try, but you might find yourself trapped in a web of your own making." Switching her own drink to water she added, "And you will most certainly be left... wanting." The Companion's expression was unreadable, her smile flawless and her gaze fixed upon his. If he was teasing her then he was doing a good job of it, Jada rarely turned down a challenge. Connor had already proven to show he had subtly, so she was curious as to how cunning he truly could be.

"I would like to see it though, so do tell me if you try so I can enjoy the show." Now Jada was teasing but she was not trying to flirt, it was simply in her nature. Charm could be taught and often was, but the most successful Companions were born with such a personality and it was only added upon and perfected by the Guild.

"You seem to be comfortable here on the Freyja." She commented, deciding to change the subject. There was a slight danger here that over time she might end up breaking her vows to herself because of him. It was a slim chance but there all the same.

"Have you found friends?" Jada asked, genuinely interested. It was important to feel a part of a crew, especially as an XO, it could be a lonely position otherwise. Companions were trained to be independent and distanced somewhat. They had to have an air of being unattainable to most of the populace after all.

@Relic  // @Connor Murphy

Bar & Lounge / Re: Nowhere To Hide
« on: October 02, 2017, 08:08:31 AM »
The Companion could not deny how much this man intrigued her, Connor certainly was not one of the typical officers she had encountered over the years. Like all of them he could not help but have his gaze linger upon the Companions, and she was certain she was not the only one. However, he was the only one who knew about Gao. The only one who knew that there was something deeper there, something darker, something that troubled Jada so much she was willing to kill to escape it. It was something he had not shared, of that much she was sure, for if he had she would have been sent back to Sihnon for the investigation. Instead he had tried to smooth things over, at least once they'd been thrust together by Danae!

There was more to him than that which he showed the ship as well. Jada had not missed the way he moved on swiftly from the subject of the war. It was not something she would push him on, just as she hoped he'd not dig further into her past with Gao, though Jada knew herself too well - she would eventually want to know how it had effected him. She'd want to know how it had changed him. She also knew that the price for that might be her own sorry tale. It was not something she was going to dwell upon for the moment, not when they had no idea how things might progress. The sooner things were once and for all "resolved" with Gao the better, as then she'd be free once more to see Clients using the shuttles as well as basing herself at a Chapter House on a planet, she would be able to do whatever she pleased.

Deciding to humour him and using what she knew about him since their first drink (which in truth this was!) - or at least the things she knew outside of what had happened on Sihnon - she gazed at him for a long moment before giving her appraisal.

"You have the respect of your peers as well as those under your command." She began, "That is obvious from the way fellow officers greet you and how your sub-ordinates take orders." Jada had been in the hallways of the ship when she'd heard these very people speak about Connor. It was not that she had been listening for his name in order to avoid him, of course. Not at all. Either way, they were always respectful about him and showed neither fear nor rancour.

"You are liked, seem like fun and like to have a drink." The latter she tried to speak of in a positive light. "Just be careful not to like it too much. It can be a hole XO's fall deep into out here in the Black, though I assume you already know that." As a soldier in the war she assumed he knew it better than most, though she did not necessarily infer that this was a problem for him. She'd need more time with him to assess that.

"As for advice... Don't fuck the Companions." At that she smirked, since she had no idea if he'd already done as much, if so then it was belated advice! Her language was deliberately crass and she was eyeing him intently to see how he'd react.

"The Companions like you, you are handsome and not a Client so the perfect man to test their wiles against, so be careful about that." Jada winked at him to emphasise her point, though she assumed he knew she was not testing him in such a way.

@Relic  // @Connor Murphy

Freyja ~ Companion Chapter Ship / Re: Stick them with the pointy end
« on: September 28, 2017, 01:48:40 PM »
As they walked into the classroom Jada took a look around, she'd not been in one for a while and wondered if much had changed. The lines for the duelling were easy enough to identify, then the platform for the more advanced students. The mirrors for those training alone (which would be her from time to time as she would want more practice). It was all rather standard and similar to what she'd known when in the academy on Sihnon.

"If you are sure you want to start now, otherwise we can arrange another more convenient time." She proposed. As it was it seemed likely that this time every week would be best since they were clearly both free. If his schedule was anything like hers then she imagined he'd not have a lot of time between teaching, hosting and tending to clients. Jada was actually due to meet one in their room in an hour so she would not be able to do more than a forty-five minute lesson anyway.

As she waited for him to answer she checked out the little closet with the gear in it, considering which were more her size. Dominic was larger than her and taller so she'd certainly need something far smaller than he would ever need.

Bar & Lounge / Re: Nowhere To Hide
« on: September 28, 2017, 01:36:19 PM »
The question she had actually expected had been whether she'd considered returning to Sihnon to be a high priestess and only train the young at the academy, but instead he had chosen another route, one that she found infinitely more appealing. The truth was that yes, she had considered it. Right after the shit went down the first time with Gao. She was about to say as much when she remembered their agreement so instead she picked up her drink and looked down at it, contemplating her answer further.

"I've considered leaving a few times for different reasons." She admitted, and a ghost of a sad frown crossed her expression but it did not linger long, though perhaps long enough for Connor to notice should he be paying close enough attention. "This past week was one of those times." It wasn't a direct mention of Gao but it was more than an inference this time. There was no escaping it, there never had and never would be, but she wasn't quite ready to ruin this illusion they had created.

"Each time I decide to stay it is always for the same reason. I am safe within the Guild. Or at least safer than I would be out there." And that was the truth and as she had been thinking about her options during the last few days on the Freyja she had wondered if the only reason she remained in the Guild was because she was safer there. Another frown wrinkled her usually flawless expression and she finished her drink and asked the bartender for another.

"What about you?" She asked, attempting to turn the tables. "What drew you to the Alliance? Other than the usual decent pay, less chance of dying of black lung on a terraformed planet, the usual." It was black humour but that was Jada's style, classy and a dark sense of humour.

Bar & Lounge / Re: Nowhere To Hide
« on: September 27, 2017, 05:53:19 PM »
The way he held her gaze impressed her, but she was not sure why? Was it because he understood? Or perhaps it was simple attraction? Maybe it was just because he did not waver despite going toe to toe with a Companion? It was no easy task being around such people, Jada knew that all too well, so that itself was impressive. Yet she thought it was a combination of all three and that intrigued her most of all. This was a man of depth, something she had discover with only a few interactions. It was nothing to do with her own skills either, for they had been poorly lacking ever since she'd met Conner Murphy, one of the commanding officers of the Freyja.

Oh yes, she had researched him, reading the file that was on the server on the ship. An Alliance man through and through but she did wonder what made him leave such a job to come to work for (and with?) Companions?

After she surveyed the the lounge with him and their gaze met again she smiled, though this time it was a truer smile, one that managed to reach her eyes. Talking about herself was easy enough, especially when it came to the part of her job she truly adored. Leaning back a little, her arm on the bar, Jada told him a little about her work. She assumed he knew it wasn't all about sex, "Though we are all expected to have many skills int hat area so we can meet any need of a client." Most of that stuff went without saying, and she knew he was asking about her other skills, the ones which she valued highly.

"My primary focus is psychotherapy." Jada revealed and there was actually a note of pride in her voice. "Every Companion needs to have such skills and arguably that is what most courtesans in history have ever been, yet my skill is a speciality because I can counsel many things, not just marriage problems or social awkwardness which is the usual problems a Companions would encounter." She explained. "When they do not want to be seen going to Ariel to see a specialist they come to me instead. I am still a specialist, I could work in any hospital in the Core." Again there was a note of pride, a little stronger this time. It was something Jada had clearly considered doing.

"When beauty fades and bones are weak what is left but the husk of a long dead dream." She sighed and looked out at the room again her gazed narrowed, but as if searching this time, not scowling.

"When I can no longer be here I at least have the chance to do this somewhere else, some other way."

Bar & Lounge / Re: Nowhere To Hide
« on: September 25, 2017, 02:13:59 PM »
"Jada Depont." She reciprocated, and instead of tipped her glass she held out a hand, even that gesture was elegant. She held it poised, almost as if she had a ring to be kissed. Sometimes it was difficult to tell who was higher ranking on a ship, for on land the Companions could go just about anywhere and do anything, within reason of course. It wasn't like a Companion often took advantage of such opportunities in order to commit a crime.

"I am a Companion on the Freya, though I am not regularly aboard." She admitted. "You do not seem familiar... are you new?" Assuming her shook her hand and gave it back to her (and knowing what she already knew about the gallant officer she knew he would - but damn this was difficult not referencing what was already known!) Jada then picked up her drink and took a sip. Again, every movement seemed to flow beautifully, a lesson the young students were taught early on. It was one of the reasons that students who could not dance to a high standard were dismissed from training, as dance played a part in so many of their disciplines, even something as seemingly simple as picking up a glass or introducing oneself.

"Forgive me if my memory is at fault here, I should pay more attention to those responsible for our safety aboard this ship." Inadvertently she had touched upon a promise he had made to her back on Sihnon, and though neither of them knew it Connor would have to make good on that promise while they both were aboard the Freya. Despite her slip Jada retained her composure, she was far too professional to let a slip like that crack the mask she wore.

Freyja ~ Companion Chapter Ship / Re: Stick them with the pointy end
« on: September 24, 2017, 10:10:04 AM »
With the lessons made "official" Jada gestured to the weapons room and asked if she needed to select a practice sword. She did not assume as much for she had no idea about his teaching style - except for his blunt and honest delivery! Since she was on the Freya she might as well make good use of her time (other than with clients or teaching the apprentices herself).

"Am I properly attired for your lesson as well?" She also inquired. Jada was not about to claim specific knowledge of fencing, not when she'd barely completed her beginners classes back at the academy.

The Verse / Re: Osiris - First Time For Everything!
« on: September 24, 2017, 09:52:55 AM »
Jada had intended the rattle him enough to get someone more than out of him but when she got what she wanted she felt wretched for it. Since he wasn't her normal clientele she'd thought to treat him differently but she realised now that it had been wrong to do so. Like any man or woman he needed a companion, especially when life was at such a stressful point with no way to alleviate that pressure. So she took his cup and placed it on the table then moved beside him. Without a word the Companion grazed his neck with the back of her fingers then cupped his face with the palm of her hand.

Jada was trained in many things, from dance and the flute to martial arts and languages, but the first thing most people would say when asked what a Companion was best at and the answer would be "sex". Though she was not as religious as some of her cohorts Jada was still very connected to the physical aspects of her work and she took it all very seriously. She knew how to combine her talents with the body with her talents with the mind but at first with this client she had been a little off target.

What he had to see, and see it soon, what that once everyone was stripped bare they were all the same. They were merely carnal beasts in need to a connection and a Companion was a way to have a meaningful connection that for whatever reason he could not seem to find elsewhere.

Gently she placed her lips on his, seeking to draw him out of himself and inside of her - both spiritually and physically

Bar & Lounge / Re: Nowhere To Hide
« on: September 24, 2017, 09:16:01 AM »
Either she was the consummate professional or the Companion with a lighter, more approachable side, never was she neither. Yet here she found herself dumped in an awkward situation and she could neither flirt nor talk her way out of it. Danae had been lacking subtlety for this exact reason, it was for Jada's benefit alone. This way Jada knew exactly what her friend thought she should do and if she refused then she was a hypocrite whose advice meant diddly squat. Sipping on her cocktail she let the silence settle again but felt a little less uncomfortable. He was right, of course, that was one of the reasons she was so angry, Connor had been right all along.

"Then I propose we start over." She began, and she turned on the stool so she faced him. Jada's long, dark legs were cross, the slit in her dress exposing her mid thigh but it was still elegant as much as it was enticing.

"Forget what happened on Sihnon and make these drinks the first time we meet." It was the only solution she really had since she could not go on with this mood nor, as he'd said, could she go on avoiding him. Connor was pleasant, even someone she thought might have been a friend, so any animosity would be obvious and seem odd. At least those who knew her would think she was being odd, if they did not think that already. Jada knew she would never tell him why she had been ready to murder Gao so what else was there to say? Best to bury it all and move on.

It was an approach her teachers would disapprove of immensely but when needs must?

Bar & Lounge / Re: Nowhere To Hide
« on: September 22, 2017, 10:15:58 AM »
"A drink would be lovely, thank you!" Danae smiled and she moved to sit at the bar next to the new XO but instead moved at the last moment. Jada ended up walking to the chair and took the seat smoothly as if that was where she had meant to sit all along. Danae had been pulling these tricks all throughout their training so why would Jada think she would stop? In truth it was Jada that had started it all teaching Danae her own practical jokes! The only problem was that when she was distracted she was less likely to see them coming.

Then, on cue, just as the drinks arrived in fact, Danae announced that she had a previous appointment. She hadn't realised the time, and all those other obvious excuses. there was tension between her and Connor and Danae suspected it might be the source of all of Jada's tension. What better way to get her friend over it then to use her own techniques for couples counselling - getting them to communicate.

"I apologise for her lack of subtlety." Jada murmured, and she sipped at her cocktail the moment it hit the bar. She was not thirsty particularly, she just figured she only had to sit there as long as there was booze in the glass. With Clients on the ship and mixing in the bar and lounge she had to appear graceful, not like an alcoholic! Thus she was forced to sit for a few minutes, taking a sip of the drink each time while staring ahead across the bar.

Freyja ~ Companion Chapter Ship / Re: Stick them with the pointy end
« on: September 22, 2017, 10:07:21 AM »
His stark words continued and Jada tried not to frown in disapproval. They all had weaknesses and his was clearly interpersonal relationships. In her mind that was far more of a hurdle to being a Companion then her lack of fencing skills so she proposed a deal instead.

"A teacher who speaks the truth is better than a flatterer." She began, "However, how about we trade lessons?" Raising an eyebrow at him and putting away "Needle" she continued.

"You clearly need instruction on how to... instruct, and I can help with that." She did not expect him to know who she was or her speciality so she properly introduced herself. "My Clients look mostly for psychotherapy, so I compliment that with massage, music, philosophy, dance and sex." Sex was not necessarily the least of those things but to Jada it was the least important. A Companion was not a whore, after all, but more like the Geisha's of Earth That Was, they were the wives of the night.

"So what say you? Want to trade?" This time she actually smiled and when Jada smiled it was usually enough to coax most people. Not a fellow Companion more than likely but it didn't hurt to flirt a little either. Practice was what any Chapter house encouraged, and the Freyja was just that - a Chapter House in the air.

Bar & Lounge / Nowhere To Hide
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After sending the wave back to Sihnon and being told the Gao had been allowed to go back to Ariel (though he was on house arrest) Jada managed to avoid Connor. The new XO seemed to be becoming popular around the ship but Jada had no interest in hearing about it whatsoever. She was uncharacteristically quiet and those who knew her noticed, though they said nothing. Usually she would be the first to get involved in discussions in the Lounge and Bar, or to sing, dance and have fun, training the apprentices and mixing with those she knew well. However, each evening since they'd left Sihnon Jada Depont had not been able to be found. It was obvious that she was actively avoiding everyone so she was, for now, left to her own devices.

When in the lounge and bar it was more likely that she would be spoken to and asked her opinion or asked questions by the apprentices so she swiftly moved through the room as someone who had somewhere to be and no time to stop and chat. When she got to the bar she asked for the package that had been left for her there, then once she had it she refused the drink the barman offered her and began to leave the room. Apparently though one person in particularly was not going to let her "get on with it" and remain isolated. One of her friends from training as a young woman on Sihnon, a fellow apprentice in fact, was determined to find out why Jada was in such a negative mood.

"Where are you running off to?" Danae asked, the blonde gracefully passed through the crowd to intercept her friend. Jada did not stop, but she did slow down, just enough for Danae to be able to move alongside her.

"You know, you preach about communication but when it comes to your problems you can be the worst at it!" Danae hissed and Jada almost scowled at her. They were at the edge of the bar now and nearer the lounge which was much quieter meaning they could be easily overheard.

"Am I not allowed to simply have some peace and time for reflection?" She asked, clearly still unwilling to broach the subject.

"Look, I heard about that former Client turning up on Sihnon... but even that is not something that usually... rattles you." Danae looked and sounded confused and Jada felt the urge to at least try to explain, but then she saw a certain XO enter the room. Her gaze was fixed upon him and Danae's eyes followed to where Jada was looking and raised her eyebrows.

"You should introduce me to him." Danae decided, and she swiftly took the package out of Jada's hands and then gave it to a passing apprentice. "Take this to Miss Depont's room." She ordered and the apprentice took it and then left quickly. "I haven't met him yet and I know you have." She finished, and the she hooked entwined her arm with Jada's and began walking in the direction of Connor.

So much for me trying to avoid him, Jada thought and her expression reflected her thoughts - for once. Usually she was also very good at schooling her expressions but the combination of Connor and Gao had her far too on edge and undisciplined. She did not like it at all.

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As her cold gaze left Conner and focused on the guards her silence was answer enough to his paltry apology. Jada had never spoken of her reasons for wanting Gao dead, she'd never reported it, but neither would she give this new OX the benefit of the doubt. He'd interfered with something he could not have ever understood and he should have trusted her judgement. They'd only just met but surely, surely he knew enough about Companions that Jada would have to have had an excellent reason for her intent to kill? If she had been mentally unstable she'd have been removed from the Guild, never to work as a Companion again and the defect would have been caught. That was one of the purposes of their time in the Temple and why Jada took her rituals seriously. Belief could be absent but dishonesty with the high priestesses was impossible. Literally, impossible.

Even though she knew that it was protocol for the guards to speak to her this way she nevertheless through them a withering glare - one that had all but their commander wilting and lowering their weapons.

"You heard the man." She replied coolly, flicking her eyes to Gao. "Arrest him." She would have to be debriefed on the Freya since they were already late, but Jada was confident she'd not be implicated in anything. Gao could hardly tell them the other reason he had sought her out so earnestly! So with her commands given she marched past the guards, who immediately began cuffing Gao and dragging him away, then swiftly made her way through the complex. If Conner tried to strike up conversation he'd find her wanting, she refused to say another word to the man.

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When Conner simply would not get out of the way Jada's stern facade fractured a little, her brow furrowing. Whether it was indecision or anger or something else was unclear, but she could already hear the guards. Was he truly going to steal this from her? After everything she had gone through with this man only to be thwarted now?! What Conner was ensuring was that she would have to stay on the Freyja in order to keep  safe, it was truly the only place she could be and not be at risk from Gao.

"You don't know what he is capable of." She muttered, and she moved again to get the ex-Client's head in the line of fire. She was a dead shot and she sure as hell would not miss. "He is the law. And clearly he has friends in high places. How else did he get in here?!" Jada's emotions were peaking through now and she hated that he could see beneath her mask of calm and beauty.

"Move. Now." She demanded. It would be too late now though and Jada knew it. The guards had seen her with the gun so her first - more plausible and safe - reason for the shooting was not possible. She had wanted to distance herself from the gun, not have it smoking in her hands when the guards arrived. So she lowered it, her gaze fixed on Conner and her hands still steady. It was all she could do to control herself, and she needed every bit of training and discipline in order to remain calm.

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The tea would have a calming affect so Jada out the cup in his hands first and encouraged him to drink. Her hands lingered, covering his for a moment longer before she sat opposite him and knelt before the table. This was a part of the "ritual" that worked for Jada. The part that helped her get into the correct mindset. Meticulously she poured and then sipped her own tea before locking her green gaze upon him.

"I am a trained therapist, yes." Though when giving therapy to men like this she usually had a hard time getting through to them to begin with. Some had too much machismo that they had to deal with - taking advice or orders from a woman when it had little to do with sex was a hard thing to get their head around, so to speak! And some simply thought she was too young. Or looked she looked different to what they expected from a therapist. The thing was, if he just wanted therapy he could easily have paid much less for one on a Core planet. If he'd just wanted sex again he could have paid less elsewhere.

"What is it that you are truly looking for from this meeting?" She asked. Since he had paid for one long session she figured he wanted therapy or companionship or both. There seemed more to this than she could see though and that was both a frustration and an intrigue.

"Be honest. You are wasting my time if you are anything but..." It was not a warning, more like a piece of friendly advice. It was his credits (and reputation) he was spending, for if he did nothing with her Jada would report him. She was not a common whore who was simply happy sitting this one out and still getting paid. She loved her work and she wanted to help, so wasted time meant time taken from another.

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Being spoken down to - which she was since she was not a novice! - was not something Jada appreciated. She might have blushed if she had been one of the young girls he had been coaching but she was far too composed and experienced for that. Since he was far too good looking to not be a Companion himself she forgave him his mistake. Jada was not on the Freyja often so it was understandable that he did not know whom she was. So she pointed the tip of Needle at the floor and looked him in the eye, letting the silence linger for a moment before speaking.

"I am no novice, my dear." Though she accepted she had acted like one by having the sharp end of the épée pointed at the door. "Yet I apologise for acting like one." Bowing her head a little, enough to show respect at least, Jada then met his gaze again. "I am clearly in need of instruction." She pointed out the obvious but with a wry smile. "It is why I have come." While she was on the ship it was a good idea to improve her weaknesses and fencing, quite frankly, was a bit of a glaring flaw in her array of skills. A noticeable absence sometimes she felt. Though not every Companion could be exceptional at everything sometimes she felt her onus had been too bent on the music and talking therapies than on more rigorous sports like swordplay.

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Taking up the gun Jada did not hesitate, she pointed it at Gao, though Conner was in the way. There was more to this than the new officer could ever know and the Companion was not about to let him get away. If he did he'd find some way to get to her again. If he could get to her here he could get to her anywhere. As calmly as she had danced she sidestepped to try and get Gao's head in her sights. There was no point trying to explain the reasons behind her intentions to Conner, it was obvious what her intentions were though. However, just in case he did not think her serious she told him, in no uncertain terms to move.

"And hurry. Security will be here soon and I need to make it look like the gun went off in the struggle." She'd also need the XO to lie and say that was how it had gone down as well. For despite the Client's actions a dead Client was still a dead Client and explanations would need to be given. Not that anyone would disbelieve the Guild, it was well known that guns were not allowed inside of the Compound therefore Gao had to have been the one to bring it.

"I won't ask you again." She insisted, and she cocked the gun, getting ready to fire.

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