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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Connor Kace Murphy
  • Nickname, Aliases: Murph

  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 40
  • Date of Birth: September 10, 2477
  • Place of birth: Santo

  • Appearance
    Connor's stature is non-imposing at 5'10" and 185lbs, but his build is lean and muscular, thanks to an exercise regiment meant to keep him fit in the lull of space. Short brown hair that can appear intentionally disheveled frame a face usually adorned with just a shadow of scruff. Piercing blue eyes can compliment his ready smile, or penetrate with a sobering stare. Connor wears functional clothing while on duty, and prefers very casual attire when off duty.

  • Personality
    Relatively easy-going, Connor is congenial and friendly, if not overly so, on first impression. Not one for guile, he is a down to earth guy. Connor takes his job to heart, but most everyone else must earn the right to be taken seriously. Not one for crowds, "Murph" prefers smaller groups for socializing, or one on one. He has a ready sense of humor, some times bordering on bawdy, and he is not a stickler for rules, except when it comes to the safety of ship and passengers or the captain's orders.

    Connor can have bouts of melancholy or irritability, the source of which he does not readily share. Likewise, he has a soft heart that he doesn't want to show, though, with time, he can be cracked open.

  • Skills
    Job: Executive Officer of the Freyja

  • Piloting - Knows the ins and outs of getting a ship into and out of the black
    Ship Operations - From comms to sensors to ship systems, Connor knows how to man them all
    Firearms - Standard military training, farm boy life. Guns from Alliance tech to a farmer's shotgun.
    Brawling - Standard barroom training. He has a knack for using improvised weapons and his environment to his advantage.
    Music - Connor can play guitar and fiddle (what them Companions call a violin).
    Cool under Pressure - His war-time experience taught Connor how to keep his head while others are coming off.
    Woodcarving - Can make some amazing stuff with a knife and a block of wood.

  • History
    Connor's parents were farmers. Now, Santo was not some Rim backwater. Sure, it was an agricultural world, but it had modern conveniences, and wealth from its sales of foodstuffs to the Core worlds and from those rich, busy people who wanted to a vacation someplace beautiful and unhurried. So Connor was raised understanding hard work, but not hardship. But his head was always looking up, and not always at Santo's bright blue sky, but to what lay beyond, unseen. The black.

    His parents didn't understand why their son was more fascinated with a whole lot of nothingness when there was beautiful country all around them. But Connor's curiosity was unrelenting, and after much debate and tears, his parents condoned his joining the Alliance Navy, if only to get it out of his system.

    The stint that was supposed to get the space stuff out of him lasted for ten years. Then the war started. Connor had done well for himself, becoming an officer and serving on a patrol boat. He had fallen in love with a crew member named Tamara. Keeping their love a secret became easier when he was moved to one of the new fast attack ships that was supposed to turn the tables on the persistent Independents. And it did. But Connor never felt right about the war, about oppressing the outer worlds. Maybe because he saw the people out there a lot like those at home. Things got a whole lot worse when he learned that Tamara was killed in action. Connor served dutifully, honorably even, for the sake of his crew mates. But as soon as the war ended. He was out.

    His military record served him well in finding jobs. Cruise ships, transports, freighters, he still loved being a spacer. Over the next ten years, Connor would work until he grew bored, then tried something different, trying to erase memories of the war and the loss of Tamara. Then he heard about Companion ships. He was not one to afford such companionship, but they needed someone who understood flying in the black, and running a ship. And it was certainly something different. The process of hiring as crew was hell, background checks, tests, evaluations. Then the orientation was weeks long. He learned of protocols and procedures, dos and don'ts and expectations. He was not a Companion, but Connor learned that he better represent them, and take care of them, damn well.

  • Other Notes

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