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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Ming-Na Lee
  • Nickname, Aliases: n/a

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Homosexual

  • Age: 28
  • Date of Birth: 15th July, 2489
  • Place of birth: Liann Jiun

  • Appearance
    As her hair is usually tied up in a tight bun it's not often people get to see how long, dark and beautiful it is. Ming has never seen the point of having it out too often as it gets in the way of her work. Yet she keeps it long as she likes the fact that when it is down people she has known for years don't always recognise her (right away)!

    She has been recognised as a beauty since she was a young woman, though she rarely got harassed because her father was in the Alliance Navy and a -very- scary man. Even though Ming could express herself however she wanted she still chose to stick to a subdued look only dressing up for special occasions. Though she became more interested in how she looked (wearing shorter dresses and higher heels) when she had her first crush. The woman was older than her and tended to go to clubs so Ming dressed up to get in as well. She attracted a lot of attention when she first started visiting these clubs and she found she enjoyed being looked at - enjoyed it -very- much.

    She has dark almond shaped brown eyes and wonderful skin and complexion, as well as a willowy frame (she stands at 5'9''). Knowing that she is desirable she flaunts it at the right time and in the right place.

  • Personality
    Ming has always had a bit of a dark side, something her mother swears she inherited from her father. As she grew older she started using her martial skills on kids at school, first on bullies and then just on anyone. Then she began deliberately getting into trouble with older people so she could react violently. In the end she was sent to military school to be reformed but all that did was teach her to hide her penchant for brutality and hone her skills!

    A very private person and extremely averse to emotional intimacy Ming uses a mask to hide who she really is. On the face of it she is a normal marshal, works hard and has no social life and very few friends. Yet she has been gay ever since puberty (and probably before) and no one knows (except the women she has bedded but they were always one night stands). Violence is very much a part of her sex life and she uses it to create emotional distance.

    When she was introduced to BDSM Ming became instantly addicted. It was a style that allowed her to literally wear a mask as well as administer violence and have sexual gratification. Though she always found it difficult to be submissive Ming liked it a lot. She did not know it until she met Carly but Ming is actually something called a "Switch". It means she is able to switch roles between dom and sub which lends to the idea that she has two distinct sides to her, the good cop and the violent punisher.

    Ming will not speak about her feelings and she forbids conversations about emotions. She has been this way since she was a child and her father approved of it and her mother accepted it.

    Carly Townsend is the only person she has had extended relations with. She would refer to her as a "fuck buddy" or "friend with benefits" but the truth is far more complicated than that. The partners (in bed and as marshals) have a delicate balance of order and chaos, they keep each other in check but also fuel each others desires be they sexual or brutal or violently sexual. Sharing the roles of dominant and submissive it was Carly who introduced Ming-Na to the term "Switch". She also showed her a world of BDSM she had never known and it is this shared interest that keeps them so closely bonded.

    Ming would insist it is a purely physical arrangement but the emotions connected to their Switching lifestyle are expansive and expressed in ways Ming refuses to acknowledge. Whether it is some kind of dark love or romance she does not know because she is in denial about it. Never once has she expressed love vocally, but in other ways it is possible that she has.

    The partners still have issues over who leads in a situation both at work and at play and when they are having trouble in their personal relationship it sometimes bleeds into their work. Their brutality can get out of hand and these tend to be the times they have gotten "caught" and punished for it.

    The need to keep their relationship secret does not take it's toll on Ming, she has always hidden her sexuality - from her community, her family, at school, work, everywhere but the clubs she went to during high school.

  • Skills
    Job: Law Enforcement Officer

  • Is a fully trained law enforcement officer/Federal Marshal.

    Has specialist skills:
      - martial arts (some Aikido and Judo, 7th Dan in Wing Chun and 5th Dan in Jujitsu.

  • History
    Born to Connie Lee and Wang Lee Ming-Na is the apple of her daddy's eye. She grew up as an only child with her father absent much of the time but when he was there he had a pervading affect upon her.

    As a girl Ming became a force to be reckoned with, trained in martial arts by her mother the moment she was able to (at around 3 years old). When she was approached by unsavoury types she was able to defend herself, putting one man in hospital in fact. Ming has always been prone to taking things too far and it was why her mother switched from Aikido and Judo to Wing Chun and Jujitsu. Even without throwing people as much she still did damage and in the end she was sent off to military school.

    Academically she performed fairly, enough to get her into the Academy for Law Enforcement. It was here that Ming-Na met Carly and the two were intense rivals throughout their time there. Always competing, pushing each other to the limit and in the end they were outstanding and finished top of their class. They went on to be assigned to Persephone as Marshals, however they were assigned as partners. Ming tried to get a transfer but it was just not going to happen. She was stuck with her fiercest rival day in, day out.

    Her 22nd year was the hardest of her life - she'd just graduated in her dream job but was stuck with Carly. It was a really rocky sixth months with many an infraction and argument. They simply had to learn to work together or both would lose their jobs. Then at 23 they discovered some common ground, a mutual interest that was... interesting.

    After running into each other at the same "themed" club they got on far better. This was also when they started bedding each other. Carly ended up introducing Ming-Na to the hardcore side of the "themed" club scene as well. That was when Ming-Na discovered what a "switch" was.

    As Feds they travelled all over the Alliance worlds and the Rim tracking down wanted criminals. They did this in the most brutal fashion often bringing corpses back or very injured criminals. These two women had a great deal of autonomy, far from headquarters and a direct line manager they use whatever tactics they needed and wanted to get the job done - ethics simply did not come into it. This distance from authority and freedom was why they got away with a lot of their deeds. However, eventually it was deemed they needed to shape up or be kicked out.

    It was Ming-Na, through her highly placed father, that found out that they were to be split up as a partnership. After 6 years together they would be living separate lives! Both of them managed to convince their superiors they should stay together and it was decided they'd get one last chance. Behind closed doors they admitted that the fact was the numbers the partnership produced were still exceptional and no one else would want to work with them. The compromise therefore was to send them to the Paladin to be moulded into more ethical marshals.

  • Other Notes

  • OOC
    Violence: 3-3-3//Anything goes
  • Erotica: 3-3-3//Anything but gross stuff
  • Contact: PM or Discord (Claire#3540)

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