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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Rebecca Ann Walsh
  • Nickname, Aliases: Becka, Becks, Walsh

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 20
  • Date of Birth: January 3, 2497
  • Place of birth: Triumph

  • Appearance
    Rebecca stands at 5'8, tall and slender, she is rather modest in curves but not lacking. She has a very beautiful face with delicate traits and bright blue eyes, framed by a thick mane of silky black hair. She favors loose clothing that allows for movement and to conceal weapons. She is rarely ever seen in a dress and if she is, one can be sure to find a small caliber gun strapped to her thigh underneath.

  • Personality
    Becka is a woman who knows how much weight she can pull when times come to fight. Not one to fight with words, or to debate, she is far closer to the shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of person than anything. She has charms, but she doesn't care for them at every turn. Now if she wants to bed a specific man, he'll know and it's the only time that she uses her assets to gain something. Although she is on board of a bounty hunter ship, she's there to pilot, and doesn't care about the actual tracking of whomever for whatever reason: she just want to drive the ship.

    Having focused on learning about weapons, fighting, and piloting, Becka's schooling has taken a hit. She knows to read, and write, and use the cortex if anything comes down to it, but she's not a bookworm or an intellectual. She's not stupid however, just not interested in these things. She loves to climb, to fight, to swim, to skydive, to suit up and walk out of the ship... She's more of an adrenaline junkie, and adrenaline is hard to find in the pages of a book. She's not afraid to drink and can hold her liquor well, she's more hesitant about drugs, afraid they might take over her life.

  • Skills
    Job: Pilot

  • She's skilled with guns, big or small, knives whether it's fighting or throwing, and with an array of blunt weapons as well. That being said, her hand to hand skills are far from lacking, and so is her mind. She has a way with numbers, drives a hard bargain that isn't coated with honey and charms.

  • History
    Rebecca is born just a decade before the war. A good nurse on one of the rim world, her mother had found a man who was dying after being attacked, nursed him back to health and somewhere along the way had found love. When he was healed enough, however, Robert Duval had to return to his first family. Becka missed the presence of her father greatly, and was afraid that he might never come back and that she would never get to know him. But the man did after almost five years. They lived modestly for some time and then the war came.

    From then on, Rebecca was home-schooled, because home became wherever it was safe enough to live. The farm on the surface of Triumph had been destroyed and her father was now gone to fight for what was theirs and their right to live as they wished. That was when Rebecca took to guns, shooting cans in the backyard of whatever place they could stay for a while. She met an older chap there who took a liking to her and taught her everything that he would have taught a son. By the time Rebecca's mother figured out what was happening, Rebecca had already developed a few traits that were not quite lady-like and taken a liking to more that was undesirable, in a mother's eye.

    Adrenaline junkie, she found herself in a few dire situation. She broke her collarbone more than once, broke her arm once too, but she's learned her own limits and became smarter about it. By the time the war was over, Rebecca had had in her mind to join the fight. She's was only fourteen at the time, and her mother was horrified, scared that she would wake up one morning and her most precious thing in the world would have run away to search for her father and join him.

    And run away she did. Using her smarts and her fighting skill, she negotiated her passage on a ship and it saved her life. She heard only weeks later that the compound where her mother had taken shelter with her before she ran away had been destroyed. It was believed that it was home to some browncoats, which was a lie. It was, however, filled with the fighter's family. Her anger toward the Alliance for messing up her life - taking her father away, and then killing her mother - drove her on but she was robbed of a chance to fight. The battle of Serenity Valley happened light years away, and she became a rebel without a cause.

    She tried her hands at a few things, all too aware that she now had only herself to rely onto. Mechanic proved to be too complex for her and did not hold any interest. Being a deck hand, handed just about any task that no one else wanted to do was definitely not her life plan. When she showed interest in being in the cockpit, however, the captain of the Erebus was wary of her. She was still just a teenager, and while she had always pulled her weight on the ship, she was abit rough around the edges.

    It turned out to be a revelation for Rebecca. She took to navigating like a fish to water. By the time she became an adult, she was able to navigate, safely land and lift off from anywhere. She sold her services to more paying captains, leaned the different systems and kept on the move. Secretly, she was always looking for her father, everywhere they went. She learned the truth about him, too. Not only had he joined the Browncoats, but when the war was over he had settled down with a woman he had met and had another child. Three worlds, three wives, three children. Well, he was widower at least once out of these three but why had he not come looking for her?

    Rebecca tracked him down, and learned that he had no clue she was flying. That he had heard about the destruction of their home and thought her dead too. While he looked genuinely happy to see her, Becka was left with a feeling in the pit of her stomach that he had never really bothered to look, that he had been ready to abandon her and her mom for his new love and family. Wife and children who had no clue that they were the third family unit for a man nearing his fifties. Becka asked him then, where there more? Did she have more siblings scattered around the 'verse? The lack of answer left her quite appalled and she left.

    She was hired on the Goldhound shortly after Captain Jack became the owner. Tanner's fist did not have the best of reputation among potential crew members, but the change in ownership had her take her chances. She was surprised that Jack was a woman, but in the end, it did not change anything. She was hired, helped with the redesign of the ship to the best of her ability, and learned to help in the bounty-hunting business without doing the actual catching of the hunt. She was the driver, and that earned her her share. That was enough for her.

  • Other Notes

  • OOC
    Violence: Any
  • Erotica: Any
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