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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Cameron Whitmore
  • Nickname, Aliases: Cammy

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: N/a

  • Age: 25
  • Date of Birth: February 2nd, 2492
  • Place of birth: Londinium

  • Appearance
    Cameron isn't very tall, around 5'3, but her body is toned and curvy with a nice hourglass figure. She has this youthful look to her, giving her a bit of an issue getting into some adult-only places sometimes. With a long thick made of deep red hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin she is a typical true redhead. She has freckles covering her shoulders and arms, right down to the back of her hands, and she has a stabbing scar on her left side, right below the ribs but her skin is otherwise unblemished.

  • Personality
    Cameron doesn't have a dominant personality, but nor is she a carpet to walk on. For some time, she was meek and followed what was requested of her, but she quickly realized that it was not a good way to avoid trouble. When she started to stand for herself, things only got worse, but at least she had the feeling of deserving what she was given. She has a bright personality: she smiles easily, enjoys being playful and teasing. She has nice but blunt bedside manners, when taking care of a patient, she has this no-nonsense attitude about her and that's the only time she really gets bossy. When angered, it isn't rare that she tears up as if the emotion was too intense for her.

  • Skills
    Job: Nurse, Medic

    • Educated to be a nurse, experienced as a medic.
    • Cooks decently
    • Fighting with knives
    • Can't shoot a gun to save her life

  • History
    Cameron was born privileged. Her parents were of the elite and she was given all that she wanted, completely oblivious that it wasn't the same everywhere. She grew up surrounded by the same kind of people. School was easy for the intelligent kid, and though she was always among the top of her class, she was never quite at the top. It earned her the grades that she needed to enter medical school.

    What started out as her becoming a doctor quickly devolved into becoming a nurse. She became aware of the world out there, became at odds with her parents whom she felt were unjustified in their sense of entitlement regarding the Rim worlds. She sided with neither Alliance or browncoats when the conflict turned into the Unification war. She remained neutral and treated whomever came her way, and continued to do so after the war after she joined the Hippocrates. On board of the humanitarian ship, at odds with her parents wishes to stay safely near home, she treated all that came her way to the best of her ability, regardless of birthplace and bank accounts. This was also where she learned to defend herself using short blades. After being stabbed herself by someone gone completely crazy, she decided to learn some kind of self-defense. Since then, she never went anywhere without a blade at her belt or in a wrist sheath.

    It was during a rescue that she met the man who would become her husband. She was twenty two years old. He had been wounded in a ship battle and the Hippocrates had sent a few medics on shuttles to help save the crew of the ship that was leaking atmosphere. She saved the man's life and they hit it off very quickly once he was on his way to recovery. The feelings were so intense that they married quickly. Too quickly. Her parents approved of the man who was of the right status, hoping that the husband would reason their daughter and get her to settle back near them, but it wa not going to happen. Soon he became possessive, going as far as requesting that she did not treat male patient. After all, if she fell for him, she could fall for others like him, right? And when she refused, he hit her for the first time, but it wasn't the last.

    Even though she remained meek and away from any male whose life didn't depend on her nursing/medic skills, he still found reason to manhandled her. It wasn't rare for her to be spotted with bruises on her arms that looked like hand prints because he had grabbed her by an arm, or both, and shook her. He never bruised her face or her neck, rarely did where it could show. A surprise visit to her work place had her husband catch her laughing at a doctor's joke and when she got to her apartment that night, her husband accused her of flirting, or being unfaithful and sleeping around. He beat her an inch from her death and she stabbed him. She ran away, then. Sought refuge among the hospital folks so that she could be treated for a dislocated shoulders, several cuts and bruises, and a broken rib. As soon as she was strong enough to travel without risk to her health, she hopped on a ship, any ship, as long as it took her far away from John Roberts.

    She became Cameron Withmore again, soon after. Obtaining divorce was impossible. Her husband refused to let her go. She expected trouble for stabbing the man, but trouble never found her for the months that followed. She settled on the Eir Skyplex, a small mining city that hovered around inhabitable planets to mine their resources. It was also a underground hub, somewhere her ex-husband would never think to find her. Or so she thought. She worked there as a medic, and though the equipment was more crude than what she was used to, Cameron found some peace until a mercenary found her and drugged her to bring her back to her abusive husband.

    After threats of killing herself if he really meant to bring her back to her husband, Cameron managed to reason with Decker and the Gryphon carried them both to her husband's place. Mony was what motivated the mercenary, and Cameron knew that since there had been no divorce, she would inherit everything owned by her husband and that was quite substantial. They set down sneakily, and Cameron used her medical knowledge to induce a heart attack that would not be traceable back to her.

    Now a widow with more money than she cares to use, she works on the Gryphon as its medic.

  • Other Notes

  • OOC
    Violence: Any
  • Erotica: Any
  • Contact: PM here, or ask me for my skype information

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