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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Elizabeth Luna Halloway
  • Nickname, Aliases: Luna Halloway, she loathes 'Elizabeth'

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 24
  • Date of Birth: September 13, 2493
  • Place of birth: Ezra

  • Appearance
    Athletic, small, delicate, some would even say that she is too thin, but Luna is quite comfortable with her body the way it is. Her clients tend to like it, too. She is about 5'6" tall, with very little fat on her body and where it is, is where it matters, like giving her a perfectly round ass. She has a rather generous rack for a woman with a so slight build, and she is definitely not beyond using them to further her goal, whatever it might be at the time.

  • Personality
    Very sociable and friendly, she is a chameleon. She will morph and adapt her personality to what is needed for any given situation. She is a very good actress and can deliver a lie flawlessly. Luna is a morally gray person; she doesn't enjoy the act of killing, but she doesn't mind facilitating it when the situation calls for it. She doesn't like to steal either, but the same applies. She was never fond of the risk of getting caught doing something like killing of stealing but other activities...

    Companion training has made her extremely contained. Rare are the motions showing that she did not intend to show. She knows to manipulate people and read body language as naturally as she breathes. She has two vices: sex, which comes handy for a companion, and wine.

  • Skills
    Job: Licensed Companion

  • Seduction
    Singing, dancing
    Hand to hand; while not unbeatable by any means, she is nimble enough to disable bigger opponents.
    Very adept with small blades and light-weight swords
    Decent aim with a gun

  • History
    Luna considers her life to be an overused cliché in so many novels, but she had very little choice in the matter. She was born on Ezra, in some of the poorer part of the planet. Her father, a doctor, had lost his license to work as a doctor and managed to find a way to work on Ezra, thanks to the corruption that ran rampant in the area, but also to the dire need of a real doctor. With four brothers and sisters, Luna found herself having to fight for her right to a meal, for her right to a bed once in a while. Life as a child was not easy.

    She was about eight years old, foraging for scraps, when she came upon a dying man. He promised her money if she could get a doctor in time to save him. Luna, who held her father in the highest of opinion like 8 year old daddy’s girls tended to do, ran to her father and he did not disappoint. What neither of them knew, was that the man who was dying from a deal gone very wrong, was no one other than Niska; a man who was bound to become extremely influential in the coming years.

    He offered to take Luna away, to the skyplex, where she would receive the best education and where he would provide for the child without whom he would never have had help in time. Reluctantly, but not without a bit of relief, the parents agreed to let her go. Luna was terrified of flying at first, but she quickly adapted to the life on the skyplex, and she soaked in what her teachers were teaching her.

    One of the was a particularly beautiful lady who did not come very often, but whenever she did, she thought Luna how to be a lady. Luna was in awe of Felicity, and followed her whenever she was visiting until Luna was told that she needed to do grown-up things now. Once, she told Niska that she wanted to be like Felicity when she grew up, and Niska explained to the child with the tactless manners of one who did not think a child should be shielded from the uglier side of life, what Felicity did exactly but Luna was not horrified at all. Being paid to make men happy. Sex was but a distant, strange concept to her although she knew that sex is what created babies. When Niska saw that his little protégée had not changed her mind, he sent word to her parents, and pulled some strings so that this girl who was not a daughter of the elite could be accepted in the best Companion school.

    She took to it like a fish to water. Luna was deemed pretty enough to be taken in spite of her rough edges and the fact that at 10 years old, she was getting a bit old to begin her training. Seeing her dedication, however, the High Priestess kept her on site and watched her little caterpillar change into a beautiful butterfly. She caught up to the girls her age, and her competitiveness urge her to become better. She was nineteen years old when she met with her first client who paid for intimacy, and paid for a very high price, considering that she was unspoiled. That was when it really sunk in that sex pays and wasn’t entirely unpleasant either. She still took contract for people who requested her for a ball or for company, but those who paid the extra for intimacy were always higher on her list.

    The companion, of course, had never forgotten Niska. They wrote all through her training and he even came to visit once in a while. Felicity was rarely at the school, but she visited too to give Niska news of his protégée. When she was free to roam away from the school, Luna flew to Ezra’s surface to meet with her parents. The meeting was brief and uneasy, resentful even. She had not seen them in a decade and now she made in one or two meetings with a client what her father did in months.

    She flew away and promised to never return after her father refused that she send them credits whenever she made extra. Niska greeted her in a far warmer manner. He discovered quickly that while she would never do something bluntly against the companion’s guild rules, she wasn’t against bending them a little. He used her, in exchange of a few more credits, whenever she met with someone or somewhere that could be at his advantage. They were discreet in their association, although the Companions’ guild knew he was a father to her.

    The misdemeanor were always small, always deftly crafted so that she couldn’t be tied to a misplaced object, an information that should never had been broadcasted or a sudden death in her vicinity. Then Niska called her home and asked her to spy for him. There was a ship that he had given to a man named Decker, one of his favorites, and now that Decker had decided to go his own way, Niska needed to know what was happening on board of that ship. As a companion, she could hitch a ride on the Gryphon and occasionally send reports of the ship’s activity while still taking contract wherever it went.

    Luna agreed – saying no to Niska would never cross her mind at that point – and she set course to meet with the Gryphon, which had rumors saying it was looking for a whole new crew…

  • Other Notes
    She is licensed, follow the basic rules of the guild but her extra-curricular activities could get her kicked out. She has no qualms taking a client that is not a paying member to the guild.

    While she whores around, I am not much for smut-only scenes unless it's part of a bigger plot than bumping uglies.

  • OOC
    Violence: Any
  • Erotica: Any
  • Contact: Pm or Skype

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