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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Dr. Amadeus Tweddle Stenger
  • Nickname, Aliases: Doc, Am

  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 29
  • Date of Birth: March 31st, 2488
  • Place of birth: Bellerophon

  • Appearance
    Doc Am is a man with little presence or baring, being shortish (5'10") with non-descript brown-blond hair, blue eyes and perpetual stubble. Decked with ragged clothes that appear to have been repeatedly fixed and may once have been quite extravagant, the only defining thing about him is the rather impeccable sewing on his tatty shirts and trousers and the leather gladstone bag that he perpetually carries.

  • Personality
    In summary: Nervous, wittering, talks to self. Kind and all round good guy. Bit of a boob. Can't ride a horse for toffee. Scared of everything except gaping wounds and childbirth. Good under pressure, as long as it involves blood and not guns.

    Gentle nature - to a fault, kid on the street needs money to help brother joey? SURE! Easily conned, and gets mopey when someone savvy points it out. He believes in treating people how you’d like to be treated. he has a soft spot for any creature in need. Pony got the sniffles? Dog with a thorn in their paw? Am’ll treat anything.

    Excellent at his job - better with physical ailments than diseases, but he’s resourceful. Will go to any length to help those in need. He manifests a heroic streak if he sees someone in trouble, and will get stupidly daring and stubborn to help them.

    Stubborn about opinions - if he gets it into his head that he needs to do something, there’s no stopping him. Whether it’s a project or a charity case, Am’s been known to go days without sleep until he’s happy he’s done all he can.

    Squeam-inducing - Am has a high tolerance for disgusting medical situations. Blood, guts, you name it, he’ll be up to his elbows in it if it’s worth a life.

    Afraid of heights - prefers ground floor rooms. Being in space is an issue; he squeals on high-Gs and hides in small places during landing and takeoff. Never looks out of a window.

    Can’t shoot a gun worth peanuts - the Hippocratic oath is practically hard-written into his head. He can’t hurt anybody, unless it’s to help them.

    Can’t ride a horse for toffee - if you want a laugh, make Am sit on a horse. He won’t be up there for long.

    Low pain threshold - he’ll squeak if he so much as stubs his toe. Pussy.

    Can keep a secret - unless said secret can help you out of a jam. He’s probably the most trustworthy man out there, but if you’re in trouble and he can help you, he’s been known to stomp all over that trust to see you safe.

    Ridiculously truthful - terrible liar. Just ask him to play cards if you’re short of cash, his poker face is non-existent.

    Ridiculously ignorant when it comes to romance - maintains he shouldn’t have to be someone else to impress a woman - he’ll always be who he is. He has a complete inability to know when someone’s flirting, and has a habit of scaring people off with incoherent babble.

    Good memory - not quite photographic, but when he’s on the job he rarely has to look up doses or crosscheck facts. If it’s important, he’ll remember it. Did he remember to brush his teeth that morning? Eerrm, maybe?

    No interest in money - unless he needs it to buy equipment or help those in need. He’s notoriously bad at managing his money. Generally he let someone else look after it. As long as he has enough materials for his doctoring, he’s happy.

  • Skills
    Job: Medic

    • Medicine - Pretty much the only thing he's good at, and he is good. Wounds, diseases, midwifery, you name it. He's even been known to dabble in counselling now and then, take his life-advice at your own peril.

    • Steady hand - he is actually useful as a second pair of hands in a task that requires some finesse, though mostly he ends up being asked to engineering to pick the spanner out of that narrow gap it just fell down for the fifth time.

    • That's it - yeah no really, that's it. He can't even open jam jars.

  • History
    Am had a charmed upbringing on his family's estate on Bellerophon, with everything he could have ever needed. His childhood passion was tinkering, and he used to make and fix clocks and other mechanical gizmos. Nothing so terribly uncouth as engines mind you, but if he could have gotten hold of one he would have been quite besotted.

    At the age of 13, he was bitten by the philanthropy bug, much to his family's dismay, and he started to wonder about the poor souls on other moons that were not as lucky as he. His interests turned from the inner workings of clocks to the inner workings of people, and he pushed his schooling in the direction of medicine. His parents grudgingly obliged, thinking he would lose interest when he realised just how messy the profession would be, but to their horror he flourished.

    Their remaining hope, that he would remain a doctor for the upper class, was promptly crushed when he started spending his inheritance on medical supplies to help the [i]poor[/i]. When he finally plucked up the courage to get on a boat and head into the black to help those further afield, his family closed off his trust fund and tried very hard to forget that they had a younger son at all.

    Five years later, Am finds himself on a rickety old cargo ship in the middle of nowhere, but while his coin dwindles, his spirit does not. He's convinced he can still do good in the worlds. Wait what? What was that about a pirate ship??

  • OOC
    Violence: Any - so long as he stays in one piece
  • Erotica: N/A - he's oblivious
  • Contact: Discord

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