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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Cain Evan Dyer
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 27
  • Date of Birth: 12/11/2490
  • Place of birth: New Hall

  • Appearance
    Cain stands at 6' tall with light brown hair that is almost always kept scruffy on his face. His eyes are a grey-blue and his face has a strong nose and jaw structure. Cain is quite muscular and toned with a relatively pale skin tone. His torso houses a number of wounds ranging from slash marks, to some bullet wounds in none vital locations, and even a couple of burn scars. His hands are rough and calloused, usually seen wearing leather gloves and jacket.

  • Personality
    Cain is not a trusting man, in the slightest, he has been burned more than once. He acts tough and strong in any situation, even in the worst case scenarios he keeps himself looking calming for the benefit of those around him. He always hold himself upright and professional especially when piloting, everything is done with purpose and confidence. He likes to get everyone's opinions on a decision as he believes teamwork makes the dream work, but if no agreement can be reached he is not afraid of pushing his own opinions for the good of his crew mates. Being an ex-captain he might still have a tendency to act as such which can step on toes but he backs down quickly once this is pointed out to him, its a hard habit to break.
    His tone of voice is almost always rougher with men and if he's close enough with them he's not above some roughhousing too. When it comes to women his voice becomes much softer and he tries to always do his best to protect both them physically and their honor. This doesn't mean he trusts them anymore however.

  • Skills
    Job: Pilot

  • Most skills come from almost 20 years of experience as a pirate.

      Piloting: Well Above Average
      Guns: Above Average- Specialty in handguns and shotguns
      Melee Weapons: Above Average- Specialty in boot knives/ pocket knives
      Ship Weapons: Average
      Hand-to-Hand: Well Above Average
      Negotiation: Above Average
      Pick Pocketing: Average
      Cooking: Below Average

  • History
    Trigger Warnings: Death, Child Abuse

    Cain was born to what seemed like an average pair of farmers on New Hall. When he was born there were many complications with the birth and his mother did not make it out alive with him, a fact that his father would never let him forget. Just a few years before the couple had settle downed to have Cain they had been hired mercenaries for a long time, a way of life that his father deeply wished to return to after the death of his love. However he attempted to keep a promise to his late wife by raising their son up before returning to the skies. He attempted to but was not very successful for after a few years of taking care of a needy baby without the most important person in his life he became very angry, all the time. By the time Cain was 5 years old his father was a cruel man who used his son like an unpaid servant. He made the small boy work all hours of the day and when he so much as asked for a break he would be beat with a leather whip his father kept from his merc days.

    On the eve of Cain's 15th birthday his father came storming into his room and demanded he pack his things and meet him outside. There Cain would see his new home parked, a dark ship had landed in the fields he had slaved away all his life. His father ushered him aboard and before he knew it his new life had started. On board the ship of mercenaries Cain was now the whipping boy of 5 more cruel men, he still has the scars to prove it. This continued for 5 more years, the mercs kept out of the unification war and instead liked to scavenge what they could from the victims of the war.

    In the last year of the war the mercenaries got too involved in a fight that they didn't want to be in. So much happened that day that it was all a blur, all Cain knows about that day is that he is the one that shot and killed his dad, and that he was saved that day. A group of browncoats had picked him up, to this day he still has no idea why, as they headed to the boarder planets. They intended on washing their hands of the war as they saw where it was headed. They hunkered down on a boarder planet until the war was over, in that year the captain had taken a real shining to the now 20 year old Cain. The Captain was named Stark McCoy and he spent a lot of that year teaching Cain how to fight, how to shoot a gun, and above all else how to lead.

    Cain served with these pirates, who called themselves the Metal Gears, for 4 years, in that time he was moved up to Captain Stark's second-in-command and he earned the respect of all of his crewmates. For the first time in his life he was treated as an equal by others, even treated as their superior. Before rising to his second-in-command position they did some jobs for Niska where Cain never met the man, before the Captain decided it would be best not to take any future jobs for the old man. After those first 4 years Captain Stark was killed in a firefight against another band of pirates attempting to steal their cargo as they boarded their ship one day. After his death Cain became Captain Cain, this is where he would serve his crew for another 3 years.

    His crew trusted him unconditionally so when he decided to try and reap a little bonus from one of their trades without the other party knowing, his crew blindly followed him. This decision would come to haunt him. The other party quickly found out they were being short changed and managed to subdue Captain Cain, they held him captive as they blew up his ship and killed every member of his crew right in front of his eyes. They let him go there leaving him to die on the barren planet. Cain hadn't even tried to move he simply laid their face in the dirt an empty feeling in his gut. He eventually lost consciousness but when he awoke he was laying in a soft bed with a family of three looking down at him with concern on their face. They nursed him back to health and helping him reach a more civilized planet, from there he found himself on Boros looking for anyone who would hire him as pilot. He didn't plan to stay anywhere for very long he just needed to make some money so they he could settle down somewhere.

  • OOC
    Violence: Any
  • Erotica: Any
  • Contact: skype, pm, discord

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