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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Daniel "Weasel" Gallagher
  • Nickname, Aliases: Weez

  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 25
  • Date of Birth: 2nd February 2492
  • Place of birth: Albion

  • Appearance
    Suffice to say Weasel lives up to his name, having the face of a rodent. Whether he was born with the name or acquired it even he does not know. Any attempt to grow facial hair fails, the young man doomed to grow dirty blond bum fluff on his chin for the rest of his life! Being from a Border planet, Albion, Weasel was not exactly well nourished as a child (or an adult really) so he is a skinny little shit - which he uses to his advantage to get into small areas of ship to fix stuff.

    Whether or not his hair is blond, dirty blond, or just blond hair that is dirty is hard to tell since he is always covered in grease and other fluids. Five seconds after washing there will be a smear of oil across his face, it's a guaranteed fact and something his mother stopped bothering to solve when he was an even littler Weasel. It's also difficult to tell what colour his eyes are, they are beady and black and often he is wearing goggles anyhow, so what the fuck does it matter eh?!

    Mechanics overalls are his choice for clothes all the time. If these are not available then a t-shirt and jeans with black boots will do. He also has a cap he sometimes wears, though it's usually taken by other members of the crew, be it on or off-world, and he is forever chasing it around the ship/garage.

  • Personality
    For a kid who is constantly bullied Weasel has an exceptionally positive view of the world. Naive to a fault and gullible he is fairly easily manipulated, however there are times when he realises people are using him and just being cruel and he does get upset. Usually his smile will falter and he'll shrug, then make an excuse to get back to his tinkering. It is at these times when Weasel usually makes some innovative shit, his skills as an engineer quite innate because of his inventiveness. Most of his creations cause chaos and annoy people but there are a few gems he's built that get put to use by those around him. Weasel's favourite is his floating bot he calls Jengu. It's a disc with a spherical "head" that rotates and spins and generally pisses off most folks, but it's an excellent little scout and good for getting places he cannot. He uses it to fixes things and its power source is another invention of Weasel's.

    Generally he is a friendly and happy sort of guy, he has a kind nature and forgiving heart. Always up for messing around he does occasionally push things too far but he is always immensely sorry when he realises his fault. A very sweet lad, if a little odd with his speech and mannerisms, Weasel has a lack of a filter most of the time and this can often get him into trouble. He insults the wrong sort of people and for a crew on an unfriendly planet this can be a real issue.

  • Skills
    Job: Mechanic

  • Gadget maker

  • History
    Born to Martha and Bertram Gallagher little Weasel's real name is Daniel Gallagher. however, he has been answering to "Weasel" for as long as he can remember, it is even the name on his documentation. His pa was also an engineer on Albion, working in the shipyards until he died in an accident on the job - the boy was only 4 so he does not remember much of his father. What he does remember is all associated with the garages and mechanics, so it was no surprise to Martha when her boy ended up in the same shipyards her husband had died in.

    When Weasel was seven he started hanging around in the yards, and it was at this tender age he started to "tinker" and even make gadgets. His first creation were rocket shoes that nearly caused him to end up with no feet! Such spectacular failures did not discourage the dogged little fucker, he would continue to experiment. When he began to officially work in the yard it was first as a gopher fetching tools and whatnot for the team and then as a mechanic himself.

    By age nineteen he was a fully fledged engineer, a bit of a virtuoso. He was gaining a reputation by the time he was 21, ships flying to Albion and to Donovan's Shipyard for repairs and upgrades. His boss, Syrius Donovan, tried to get a slave collar on him so he could always track Weasel and keep him working in his yard only, but Weasel was too good an engineer to be held by a simple slave collar! When he got it off he went to his mother and told her he would send money back to her, but he needed to get off world and work on a ship "out there". So Weasel got a job on the first ship that needed a mechanic and then left Albion for new challenges!

    Syrius ain't leaving it at that though, he wants his best mechanic back, after all.

  • Other Notes
    His favourite food is chilli.
        Weasel has an abject fear of rats. He has many traps about the ship and some of them the crew get caught in!
        He has a cat named Snuffly McSnufflington III.

  • OOC
    Violence: Any
  • Erotica: Any
  • Contact: PM Claire

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