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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Jada Depont
  • Orientation: Bisexual

  • Age: 25
  • Date of Birth: 21st November 2492
  • Place of birth: Ariel

  • Appearance
    Regardless of the role of a Companion as someone who appeals to the mind, body and the soul all Companions must always be beautiful. Jada is certainly breathtaking to look upon and as her body developed it was clear that she would be a physical asset. Taught to enhance every strength and hide every flaw it is rare for Jada to be seen out of costume. For her it is a way of life to always present herself as the Guild intended, to be the fantasy made real for every client.

    She works hard to maintain her body, exercising and stretching, doing "yoga". Since she was sent to the Guild as a child this has been a way of life for her for many years, so she has become good at it. Avoiding injuries for the most part she has flawless, dark skin. Her hazel/green almond shaped eyes and thick, kissable lips are but two of her comely attributes. She both braids her thick, black hair and wears it "loose" depending on need and desire.

  • Personality
    Despite how intense and hard the training was from an early age Jada maintained her rather playful sense of humour. For her to keep her distance from clients emotionally she finds using this humour most beneficial. It certainly kept her and her cohorts entertained during the isolation of their training on Sihnon. Such a sense of humour means she had to have excellent control her of emotions and her expressions in order to remain in training, since such diversions would not be tolerated. Jada created two versions of herself - Jada the Companion and Jada the Woman. The former is very professional, has excellent psychoanalytic skills and is a beautiful dancer, whereas the latter has a playful streak and more of a rough and tumble interaction, especially with her lovers.

    Generally a very receptive sort of person, open-minded and intuitive, Jada is most often booked as a therapist as this is her dominant skill set. She is patient but can also hold a grudge and be rather lacking in mercy. Finding it hard to trust after being betrayed she does not allow that person close again. The part of her that loves to engage with people can be hurt so she tries to openly vet people first (by asking them all sots of questions to try and catch them in a lie) which can lead to others not feeling that they can trust her.

  • Skills
    Job: Licensed Companion

  • specifically skilled in psychotherapy.

  • History
    Born on Ariel to a well-to-do family Jada was taken to Sihnon at aged 9 because her parents thought she would make an excellent Companion, also thinking it would honour their family and that Jada might make advantageous connections for them. Since they'd had three older children this seemed like a good move for the family. Jada had already shown exceptional academic ability so after more testing and evaluation she was accepted into the Guild training program.

    Her early education was varied and she excelled at dance and martial arts. Throughout the years Jada was taught how to have a high level of physical discipline and how to maintain her physique. Though she did not particularly like the religious aspects of her education she did enjoy anything artistic and learned to play instruments as well. Finally, she trained for years in being empathetic, and she ended up enjoying the psychology part of her training. Living a cloistered life was challenging and it was not without sacrifice that she managed it. Neither did Jada escape the negative affects of such a life. Trusting only those who were registered Companions and even then only the ones she grew up with had her entire trust.

    When finally allowed into the outside world Jada discovered she liked her career far more than the monastic lifestyle. Still respectful of the religion and its rituals she nevertheless never truly believed it, and preferred the parts of her life that did not touch religion. By the time she was 25 she had been offered three life time contracts which she declined. One was even on Ariel and would have helped her family in the way that they had always hoped it would, but by now Jada's family was the Guild and she declined because she did not like the Client.

    Preferring to travel to meet clients she has trusted ships she uses and sometimes has stints on luxury liners. The liners are her favourite part of the job as she is able to use a shuttle to go to clients on planets the cruiser passes. She doesn't like the idea of being affiliated with a single ship since she likes her freedom and the variety she has in her life.

  • OOC
    Violence: Any
  • Erotica: Any
  • Contact: Pm Claire

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