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Goldhound / Re: Goldhound
« on: June 15, 2017, 08:47:00 PM »
I don't even know what sandbox means other than in military terms Cyn. But if it means what I think, where you sorta explained it, its not my style. I only ever do group RP's, which is what we were doing so I don't know why its changed all of sudden with all the newbs that came.

Skipping to skyplex doesn't make sense to me, like hopping all over the place just for the sake of it. Right now Em is stuck in a shop, nothing I can do until that moves on.

I did post in there (the Heist plot), in fact there was only you me and Mum posting there with that plot and I thought that was what the Regina part of it was. Like I started something there..... but well, its kinda not happening.

Goldhound / Goldhound
« on: June 15, 2017, 06:38:37 PM »
 can we please get back to group rping for the Hound crew. No one is interested in the Regina leave thing and we are (mum and I) just stuck with nothing to do or write any more. Its depressing right now and honestly was way more fun when the whole ship was together.  :(

OOC Chatter / Re: Welcome to Into The Black! (Introductions)
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:47:11 PM »
 hiya Kanada welcome to ItB :D

 Yep mostly

 yep you should, I know I would  :)

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: May 25, 2017, 06:34:54 PM »
<Shuttle to Regina. @Bert Manfeld, @Talia Renoake @Rebecca Walsh>

 So not a lot of concrete information yet assurance that she wouldn't be rolling back to the shuttle each night did make Emma feel that much more comfortable about stepping out 'there' into the air she knew wasn't manufactured. "Later." She waved to Talia when the woman was the first out, naturally. "Too late for me to Bert, I'm already there."

That just left her, Bec and Bert, the latter she knew had to be fixing things, the former she knew was most likely planning on her she could 'fix' the latter, which made Emma smile. They suited one another but she wasn't going to miss an opportunity to throw a grenade into a crowd in a manner of speaking. "Thanks Bec, I'll make do cos ya know I am kinda resourceful in me own way..." So at last it was time to go, very quickly while even in that moment Bec had her hand on Berts neck, as she stepped past both of them with her pack slung, she stopped, turned then planted a big kiss right on the shuttle pilots mouth...pulled away as quickly giggling as she ran out the door. "See ya!" Waving to them as she disappeared into Regina.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: May 15, 2017, 04:59:04 PM »
<Shuttle to Regina. @Bert Manfeld, @Talia Renoake @Rebecca Walsh>

 So everyone has their little foibles after all; Emma noted a few things with each of them, filing it away to memory rather than writing it down this time as she was in a totally different frame of mind to be bothered with that right now. "Ain't gonna see me within a kilometer of no Shepherd, nope not me." She mumbled on a little in an inaudible tone, most of which was cussin, as was he want when she felt like it. "Tis okay Becca, I'm used to bein on me own in any case." No she wasn't, she hated it, but that was the breaks you get, which she accepted with good grace.

 Now that they were well and truly ready to hit the sights, Emma grabbed her bag, hitched it up then made one last check she had everything she needed. Then a thought occurred to her, three days, where would she stay. "Um....so okay I'ma guessin we don't come back to the Shuttle each night to bunk down and there be no way I'm lookin for a Companion house around these parts, so where do we find lodgins for three day?" She was though all for the last day get together, that was a given.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:14:14 AM »
<Shuttle to Regina. @Bert Manfeld, @Talia Renoake @Rebecca Walsh>

 "Gorram, I'll be a ruttin snow flake on hell's gates. Will ya look at that." Emma couldn't believe her eyes when they finally did make it down on terra firma. Her head was twisting this way and that to get a better view, in between giggling at the discourse of discussion going on around her. "Couldna had a better flight neither Bec, thanks." She wanted to clap the other woman on the shoulder but she was just far too excited for anything else other than to undo her harness and get the heck out of there. Not that she minded the company, on the contrary, they had taken her in and made her feel like family; but as the 'kid' of the ship, she had things to do and places to go.

 "Sooooooo, any advice as t' where I can find some decent boutiques, that is first on me list before food at least. Though I will be havin that there sand in between toes sooner rather than later." She was going to enjoy this, she was determined to.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:31:52 PM »
<Shuttle to Regina. @Bert Manfeld, @Talia Renoake @Rebecca Walsh>

 The sound of buckles locking into place on her harness was rather loud in her ears, with the pretty cherub like face turning a slight shade of scarlet as she realized she all but ignored Bec's command. Still she could put it down to a moment of euphoria as it were, the feeling of having some slight bit of responsibility on the shuttle for someone like her could make a lapse in hearing things valid.

 She listened again to the conversation around her, wanting to write even more in her book, though she happily stuffed that away knowing her excellent memory would fill a few pages when and if she had that chance to relax for a while on some lovely sandy beach. Being told to actually do something gave her an instant thrill, which she carried out deftly flipping the said switch then waited for the outcome. Her eyes gazed down at the view below them as the beach and town came into view; dreamily she exhaled with a very short. "My god, that is ...is divine." A tingling sensation coursed through her, knowing she'd be breathing clean fresh air once again.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: April 02, 2017, 10:48:45 PM »
<Shuttle to Regina. @Bert Manfeld, @Talia Renoake @Rebecca Walsh>

 For the next few moments Em went into her shell again as the older hands of the crew spoke around her. She spent those last few precious moments before the landing was to take place, summing each one of them up as she knew them in the last two days. Weighing personalities, habits and idiosyncrasies of each one in her mind, something she had learned in the battalion, something that was drummed into her until it became a part of her. 'Know your buddies, know everything about them. For you may be called to go to bat for them at any time.' To be that close to someone was important to her, for the most part she needed to have it in her head the kind of things they liked, because a part of her shopping trip was to by presents; a thank you in her way to all of them for taking her in.

As her bright eyes took everything around her, she decided to get to work writing. Her tiny little red bound book came out of her pants pocket, a pen attached to it, she began writing her thoughts. Then a question popped into her mind randomly asking it. "Jack would be considered to be about a medium in clothing size wouldn't she?" En had something perfect in mind for the skipper, if she could afford it that was.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: March 27, 2017, 08:27:59 PM »
<15 minutes before landing in Sunnyvale, Planet Regina. @Bert Manfeld, @Talia Renoake @Rebecca Walsh  >

 It was Emma's turn to shut up, or in the words of the wise, be silent while the adults talk. That was a faded memory from somewhere, although exactly where she couldn't recall. She did though find a continuous giggle point whenever Bert spoke up, that was a good thing for her lately as she found that immature quotient of her character more befitting her age. Emma had the misfortune of having to grow up rather quickly being thrust into war at a very early age. While it ironed out some of her youthful flaws, it added a slight shadow to her world with her finding trust hard to achieve in others, moments of extreme melancholy and a constant feeling as if someone was watching her from afar. With the trust aspect, she had just lately found that becoming just a little easier with the crew, although it had been hard for her inwardly, she never showed it.

Now they were on approach, Emma listened very carefully to the procedure as she never knew a day might come where she may have to do the same. It was fairly standard and not something for her to easily forget. Once Rebecca had finished it was simply a matter of settling back for the last few moments as she enjoyed the spectacle of that blue planet rapidly filling her vision. "Surfing" She repeated the word. It had a certain ring to it that she could appreciate, the idea formed in her mind of being liberated, free for a while at least. "If'n they do this surfin thing down there, I'd be more n' willin to give it a shot...after I eat of course, then after I see what the best they got in clothes, I seriously need some new threads." Not exactly true, although it had to be conceded the few she brought with her were getting a little ragged.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: March 24, 2017, 04:04:51 PM »
<Shuttle to Regina @Rebecca Walsh @Bert Manfeld @Talia Renoake>

 Not for a very long time had Emma ever felt so happy, in fact she couldn't recall in her entire miserable life had she felt such joy; other than that one single time as a 13 year old she had the hots for a boy who wanted nothing more from her than long walks along the bay, long talks and him constantly telling her what beautiful eyes she had. Of course moments like those never lasted, he was dragged off by the Feds for some special educational program for 'advanced' kids. He was just 12, his mind worked like an adult and he could piece together complex mathematical problems like some weird genius. She never heard of him again.

 Being with this crew had turned her life around (so far), just days, that was all it took for her to go from a wasted specimen living from one day to the next, one scheme to the next merely to survive, then that went all downside up when she met Jack. Right now her heart was threatening to leave her chest with excitement, her brain pan pounding with a zillion thoughts as to what she could do to spend these few days of vacation and mots of all, what she could buy for each crew member as a gift to show how grateful she was that everyone of them had contributed to her current joyful state. "Paying attention!" She laughed when she answered Talia, though with the woman behind her, it was easy to poke her tongue out to.

 Looking sideways at Bec she had to grin wider than a Jiangyin cat and they could be quite scary with their huge wide gaping maw. "Yeah you have a brain and a body to die for, look at me! Fat in the wrong places and the rest o' me be skin and bone." It was of course an utter filthy lie, the girl was proportionally perfect though like all women, Emma never saw it that way, always claiming her butt was too big and the rest of the drivel that came with feeling forever less that you were. "But no, I ain't touchin a thing till you tell me exactly what to touch and when Bec." Her head swiveled slightly back to Bert at that juncture. "Here." She reached into her pants pocket to pull out her own lighter, no one would be surprised to know Em had the occasional 'medicinal' joint herself.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: March 17, 2017, 03:57:21 PM »

<Shuttle to Regina @Rebecca Walsh @Bert Manfeld @Talia Renoake>

 "Take a back seat Bert, someone has to baby sit Talia dude." She giggled, most likely the ship's new XO was faking it anyway, Emma was sure of it as she had come to know the woman over the last few days in as much the former intelligence officer wasn't a heavy sleeper nor one to just nod off like that. Unless of course she had been working out again. Emma caught her doing that when the woman probably thought she was alone.

 Slipping into the right hand seat made her feel kind of special really, especially since she had caused so much grief for the crew in the first forty eight hours aboard, to Emma it was like a gesture of making up for something really; the broad toothy smile she was wearing said as much. Instinctively her hand reached for some button, snatching it away just as quickly with some invisible voice telling her 'don't effing touch nothin'. Before speaking to Becca though she had to say something to Bert about his past experiences. "If only I could have served under someone like that. I mean my CO was okay, he was an alrighty dude. But he was flaky to, you never knew when he was goin to cut n run in the heat of battle. Poor guy did have jelly legs in that respect, leavin it up to our squad leaders to make the heavy decisions." That in the end meant her, a nineteen year old mud groper, the last senior NCO left in her unit during the last ninety days of the war>

 "You do realize Becca, I wouldn't be sittin here if'n you weren't so purdy." She was only half joking. Given other circumstances, whether in her guise as a companion, or a rough necked soldier, Emma could easily cuddle up to someone like the Goldhound's pilot. Or even Bert for that matter; what an odd thought.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: March 07, 2017, 09:47:57 PM »
<Shuttle to Regina @Rebecca Walsh @Bert Manfeld @Talia Renoake>

 Her hand went immediately to her mouth as Emma covered up a chuckle. Trust a man to say something like that as if women were a prize or something in a field of competition for the males to behave like race horses with all of them being colts. So what if the geldings fall by the wayside, it didn't matter as long as the top stud took the trophy. Bert would be sat on his arse real quick if he heard exactly what most women think and say about the males of the species. For the majority of women, they tolerated their presence, if only to come together at some point for the purpose of breeding. After that they'd be more than happy to leave the studs back out to pasture.

 "Aahhh!" Emma sighed as she unstrapped to stand from her seat. Not that she had been there long, it was merely because she had spent the better part of an hour or more sitting on her duff making herself pretty for the day. It was good to stand. "Would it surprise you Bert to learn that 99% of women can go either way on any given day without blinking? During the war, most of us girls kept together, the few there were on the lines. Only when we had to on operations did we get too close to our male companions for a number of reasons. Becky and Talia can tell you, life's a jungle out there for us most of the time; when you're in company for long stretches it opens up the flood gates for excuses to make advances that they'd never normally make. A lot of bad crap went on in those days." Company officers brushed aside and overlooked most of it, rape was common, passed off as mere unwanted distractions. It was often hard to prove. "My CO was gay, probably the best guy I've ever met." That part was true, he was more protective of the women under him than most would be. She counted herself lucky to have been with the 214th. One of her recruit classmates was with the 73rd infantry; she committed suicide after just a month with her regiment.

 But that was misery, a long way behind her now. She was in a better time and place. "Hey!" She made a long face at Bert. "I was gonna offer my own good self for that." Her eyes drifted over to Talia, already the woman appeared to be asleep. Or she was faking it. 

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: February 27, 2017, 04:57:14 PM »
<Shuttle to Regina @Rebecca Walsh @Bert Manfeld @Talia Renoake>

 "Well the name has a ring to it, don't it?" Emma beamed, Sunnyvale sounded to her like a mix between a farming town and somewhere far down the bay where she lived her childhood. Fond memories even if it was hard living each day, wondering if you were going to eat, or even wake up each morning. Sickness was abound in her community, the forgotten herd of stinking fishermen and their families, being ripped off for every single kilo of fish they sold back to the Feds. She hated it, couldn't wait to get away from it and her drunken old man. He, couldn't make a living from the bay, far too much competition, so in the end he had to lower himself in laboring for one of the wealthy who sat high upon a hill over looking the bay in South Hauer, far from the reek of the masses. That in the end was the thing that sent him to the bottle, he had lost every sense of whatever pride he had.

 Cinching her belt tight on Rebecca's instructions as this would be Em's 500th shuttle trip (her first from the Hound), she knew exactly what to expect. Breathe in deep, count to ten. That was what her old Squad leader used to tell her; which she thought at the time was merely for his merriment, being in the beginning the only female in the unit. It wasn't. Taking one last chance to speak, it all came out in a rush. "Curry! Lao Tien Fu how I wish for a decent curry Talia and yes, I'ma gonna call that, as there ain't nothin better on a 40 degree day than a steaming hot spicy curry, the spicier the better!" It was figured that the sweating cooled you down. "I did, kind of remindin me of a Sergeant I had the hots for a few years ago. Sadly though he was battin for the other team." She grinned at Bert, they'd all know what she meant.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: February 21, 2017, 08:00:28 PM »
<Shuttle to Regina @Rebecca Walsh @Bert Manfeld @Talia Renoake>

 "Goram strikin Bert you sure fooled me." For a second, his voice was unmistakable, still the new look threw her for a loop.

 Leaning forward she watched Talia snatch up the snacks, Emma had to shake her head, there was no way she would eat that stuff as it could be as old as the war itself and probably twice as noxious. She'd had her fill of C rations, those energy bars being one of the things in life she had crossed off ages ago. "I had time." She grinned cheerfully, a grin that would have surprised all of them given what she had been through lately, it was a wonder she could even show her teeth. Still, in just a few days some of her weight had come back, the scar was far less red than it was earlier, although the stitches had only just begun to dissolve, a few hours in the salt water of the sea would fix that. "Becca have you been to Regina before? I have to know what its like, I mean you know, shops n places like that? The beach, is it like they say, all golden sand and blue water?" The only water she knew of was a dirty harbor where she grew up and even dirtier rivers where you might be lucky to live a few days if you swam in it. Although there was a clean bay not far from her home where her father did his fishing, she did at least learn to swim there.

The Verse / Re: Flying Down To Vacation.
« on: February 15, 2017, 09:48:24 PM »
<From Cabin to Shuttle @Rebecca Walsh @Talia Renoake  @Bert Manfeld >

Sleep, glorious sleep. Emalie couldn’t recall when she had last slept so well, definitely not in this lifetime and she was pretty goram sure not in the next either. Although there was this one time during her ever so brief foray into the delicate candle scented world of being a companion, she had an elderly woman as a client who’s only desire was company, someone younger to talk to, tell all her old tales. As she explained she had no family at all, few friends and those she did have, had no interest in the stories of an old worn out banker such as herself. It wasn’t long into the job that Emma realized why the woman was in such a position; she had to be the most boring individual in the ‘verse. Possibly somewhere after around three hours or so, despite all her intense training not to do so, she fell asleep deeply. When she awoke after some eight hours, the woman was gone, the credit payment had gone through and a small note left on her dresser telling her what wonderful company she was.

The rap on her door was expected, Emma had her light summer top half way on when she heard it; she tried to answer reasonably yet she knew it would sound either muffled or garbled at best. Picking up some speed after Talia left (she knew the voice) and not wanting to disappoint the ship’s new XO. A pair of cotton cargo pants with some nice flat soled shoes finished her off, other than a little bit of bling she added, although where she got it from was beyond her memory now. A quick look in the mirror, the slightly darker reddish hair now suited her, thanks to Talia and her herbs; Emalie wanted to look at least a little different, she still had the fear that someone was after her from somewhere. One last check of her very sparse make up and she was done; a black bag slung over her shoulder added to the casualness of her appearance, she was happy at least.

 Five minutes later she was climbing into the shuttle, the industrial smell of it a harsh clash with the scent of the shampoo she used, wrinkling her nose she headed forward to the sounds of voices, a man’s voice the last she heard. When she at last made it up front her jaw dropped, a single word falling from her lips. “Bert?” Was this him, it sounded like him, but this young guy couldn’t possibly be him, could it?

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: A Third Hat
« on: February 05, 2017, 03:11:47 PM »
<Mess hall. Early morning, just before entering the Eir Skyplex, @Chloe Saint-Jacques, @Talia Renoake >

 Pretty much that was the signal that the little meeting was over, so Emma stood, stretched her back like a feral cat (she only needed whiskers and she could pull that off quite well), even to the point of stifling a yawn. "Strawbs eh Talia? You know that could amount to either petty theft, plain outright pilfering, or a whole of lot using some of my other talents. Am I free to choose which path I take? Because right now I know as soon as we dock, the prices of everything is going to go through the roof beyond reasonable." A common practice these days. As soon as any ship touches base with the skyplex, for some strange reason everything seems to be five times more expensive than the last time.

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: A Third Hat
« on: January 27, 2017, 02:58:50 PM »
 "Talia." That was simple, straight forward but to the point. Though a third person would find them looking askance at the two women. Just why was the younger looking so bright and cheery, why was she looking as if she'd just won a fortune, stunning really. For the casual observer they'd be thinking given the circumstances of the ship they were on, the relationship that started on such a sour note between these two, something had dramatically changed. Did they find they had more in common after all? More than met the eye? Certainly tongues would start wagging soon enough.

 Yet Emalie retained a remarkable calm, even when Jack spoke to her, the younger replying that she simply wanted to make a fresh clean start. She did though have her moment typical to her of a little cheekiness, that part couldn't be wiped away so easily. "They're not there anymore." Licking her lips didn't help her cause either.

 After that was out of the way, Jack didn't waste any time getting down to business either. Going straight for the jugular so to speak. Emalie should have been shocked but she wasn't, not at all really. She knew Nate, unfortunately she knew him all too well, possibly even more than the Captain did, so it was of no real surprise when he disappeared under the circumstances that he did. Promoting Talia to XO seemed logical to her, even though she might have had doubts about the woman two days ago, Emalie had none now. Jack had made the right choice, so for the younger woman it made perfect sense. She was though taken aback to realise there was only the three of them there. Talia's speech in return was predictable, the woman still had that hard military streak to her. "Congratulations Talia. Captain I don't think you could have chose better." No she wasn't brown nosing, just being truthful.

Ship Information / Re: The Heist - Episode 2
« on: January 19, 2017, 11:28:42 PM »
 nope, we're just lazy buggers :D

I did have an idea. While Emma is at the beach with whoever, she goes to a concession stand for food, while there she could over hear some dudes talking about this great heist that is going down. Feasible?

Ship Information / Re: The Heist - Episode 2
« on: January 19, 2017, 07:57:21 PM »

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: A Third Hat
« on: January 18, 2017, 12:11:22 AM »
 Two days had passed since the feds left, two days for Emma to get her act together so that she would be accepted as one of the crew. In that time she had felt better than she had about herself than ever before, both physically and mentally as well. Her wound was healing, the nausea no longer with her and her strength was returning more as each hour went by.

 In those two days, they had recovered the dumped weapons; Talia had identified each one of them as legal cargo (there was a little fiddling around on Emma and Burt's behalf with the serial numbers), as well they were found in perfect working order, every single one of them. There was a bonus for them hidden in the bottom of the crate when they were unpacked, seven brand spanking new hand guns of the latest design. That pleased everyone.

 The other amazing things were, Emma and Talia had sorted out their differences in the end, in fact they had begun to bond quite well. Despite being a grown young woman, Emma was still suffering from the loss of family, separation anxiety really but not her own family, the family unit that she had built up during the war with her unit. In that Jack had become the big sister to her, giving advice in the right places and telling her to shut the F up also in the right places. The two of them also becoming quite close as Emma displayed her talents with weapons and how they worked. It was rather humorous to see this pretty young thing all curves and grace, playing mechanic over a big bore rifle. Her swearing had almost stopped as well, until at times around her you could hear a pin drop, quite far from the loud mouth of two days ago even with her wound.

 Now they were on their way for some leave. A time to relax and Emma had plans there, just to chillax completely so she could put the past well and truly behind her. When she found her way to the mess for a small bite to eat, it wasn't the Emalie of forty eight hours ago, or even earlier of that day. Dress immaculately in pants, a light sweater with her hair shining and held partially back with a band, her face lightly done; even her dear old Ma wouldn't recognize her. She sat quietly studying her cup, with one eye on Jack, her mind working into something to say as they approached Regina. But her excitement had put every word out of her head.

Ship Information / Re: The Heist - Episode 2
« on: January 12, 2017, 09:19:33 PM »
Em's going beach. She was raised near the sea so she would be in her element. I wonder if they still have surfing in this era  ::)

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Mistaken Identity
« on: January 10, 2017, 03:05:58 PM »
 One would think that Renoake was the Captain of the ship the way she behaved, although given her background Emma could accept her behavior to a point. Right now though she wasn't about to rock the boat so to speak, she had enough angst in her life over the last 48 hours to last her for eternity. "Clear ma'am." She said respectfully, there was no point in getting on the wrong side of this woman, as she was pretty certain Talia could have her spaced without even blinking.

 Standing to her full height, Emma surveyed the surroundings, it was pleasant apart from the lingering odor filling her nostrils. "I'll meet you there, I need to do as you suggested, shower and clean rags. I could use something to eat along the way but I guess it'd only end up coming back to bite my ass." Turning then she headed back the way they brought her in, it wasn't the biggest ship in the Verse so finding her cabin wouldn't be that hard.

<<To Cabin>>

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Mistaken Identity
« on: January 02, 2017, 06:35:54 PM »

 Crawling on hands and knees Emma emerged from beneath the bins covered in a layer of sweat, accompanied by a very appropriate frown. She twisted her head up as she started to stand on shaky legs to more or less glare at her 'savior'. "I suppose I should thank you Talia in as much that you saved my ass with your little hidin' box. I'm askin tho, if there is ever a next time, maybe the bilges might be better than in there." She jerked her thumb back in towards that dark hole just had spent the last little while in. Those terror memories Emma can do without, certainly to be completely honest with herself and anyone else, she rather take her chances out in the open.

 As she finally managed to stand, kinking an ache out of her back, her next words were probably expected. "So, we free n clear now?"

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Mistaken Identity
« on: December 14, 2016, 09:41:44 PM »
<In the box>

 If it wasn't the smell, it was the overpowering heat and humidity in the gorram thing. Yes there was a small vent at the back, one which Emma had spent a considerable amount of time with her mouth and nose pressed against trying her best to breathe something that didn't resemble the ass end of a cow.

 Those things though weren't her biggest worry, no it was just being inside this closed in space, one not unlike a similar 'box' she had spent four days in while a prisoner of the Federation for merely standing up for her fellow prisoners in asking for better food and medicine. Well, to be truthful, she didn't ask, she told them. So for her lack of graciousness and gratitude, she was thrown in a box like this with only a pint of water a day and to make matter worse it was mid summer.

 Em wanted to scream, panic was slowly creeping in, with that feeling of spiders crawling all over her. She could hear them talking outside which made her even more fearful, she could hear the Feds loud and clear. By this time she was balled up in one corner, even though it had only been a very short while, that horrid fear was seeping into her soul.

OOC Chatter / Re: Welcome to Into The Black! (Introductions)
« on: December 14, 2016, 03:38:06 PM »
How ya doin Roger! Lovely to see a new face here in the Black :D

Like your CV, impressive  8) I'm also Space Rogue here  ::)

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