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Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: August 28, 2017, 02:39:37 AM »
The doctor cocked a crooked grin in response to the captain's counter-offer: if he was cooperative, basically, she wouldn't kick him out of her bed – at least not that night. She gave a playful reason that made him smile a bit, the need to keep the doctor 'comfortable' in case his services are needed somehow – or as she put it, in case she got shot. He turned his head slightly as her fingers of one hand moved slowly through his hair, and kissed the inside of her wrist.

“I knew there was a reason you are a captain – you're smart. Keep the doctor comfy, safe, and happy, and you'll always be in tip-top condition,” he said with a playful grin. ”I can certainly work with that.”

When Chloe began to speak again, though, starting with the gratitude that she felt over the fact that his ex had put a bounty on him, he could sense that she wasn't joking around anymore. He remained quiet, thoughtful, his eyes looking into hers. Her reminder of how they met made him smile now – something he couldn't do immediately after it had happened, of course – but her claim that she would have approached him even if she hadn't thought he was a bounty... that certainly caught his attention.

He knew better than to say something and derail her when she paused, so he remained quiet, patient, and sure enough, she continued on, expressing her own feeling that the mutual attraction was strong for her, too. She explained how she still wanted to touch, to kiss, until he was ready to go again... and his smile grew once more. But the real interesting part came when she spoke of them both being exhausted – and what they would do -after- that. WAS it just a strong physical attraction on both their parts? He had thought that for her, it was just a tension-release-session – perhaps even a little 'apology' to him for how she had treated him earlier. But... now she was hinting at the possibility of something else...

”I think that's a damn fine idea, captain,” he replied smoothly, his voice soft, gentle, just like his touch. His head leaned forward, his lips brushing hers lightly, teasingly, for just a moment. ”We kiss a little more...,” he said, brushing his lips against hers again before adding, ”We touch a little more...,” he whispered as his fingers gently danced a slow circle around her nipple again, ”And then when we're both ready, we enjoy the moment until we're both exhausted physical... then we figure out if this is just a one-time thing, or if it's something... more,” he finished.

Then he pulled his head back a moment and looked down into her eyes again. ”Personally... I'm hoping for something a bit more than a 'one time thing'...,” he said, pausing, a smile creeping across his lips. ”If so... I bet the pay is better,” he finished with a big grin, obviously taking a mischievous tone.

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: June 18, 2017, 06:41:56 AM »
Those few quiet moments after they both got their rocks off were... tense. At least for Roger, they were. He knew he would soon find out exactly what 'this' was to her. If she was just looking for a bit of pleasure – well, she got it, and a whole lot more. Part of his own mind was urging him to get up and get back to his own quarters, to not let anything 'ruin' the moment, or let something silly like 'feelings' get in the way. But no matter how hard he tried to do that, it just wasn't happening.

So he silently decided to let her be the one to 'get rid of him', or send him packing back to his quarters. He'd follow whatever wishes she had, of course, but he fully expected her to say 'thanks', and be done with it. No matter how good this felt, or how warm her thighs around him felt, or how intimate it felt... they barely knew each other, and she -had- picked him up at a bar with the intention of imprisoning him, of course. With those things still fresh in his mind, he certainly wasn't expecting any sort of... what? Commitment? True interest? A need for some sort of partnership?

Even when he felt her body go slack, which would allow him to move – he didn't. No way, not with his manhood still lodged within her, and not when it still felt so damned good. It was definitely not a common thing for him to score with such a beautiful woman, and he certainly wouldn't be the one to bring this episode to a 'close'. The good news was – she was the captain of a ship. If she wanted him gone, or -when- she wanted him gone, he was quite confident she would let him know – without question.

She finally spoke, saying that it felt 'great', her voice husky from what they had just shared. He hadn't expected her to giving him a 'glowing review' or anything like that, and to be honest, he didn't know her well enough really to know if she was impressed or not. It sure -felt- good to him, and he was pretty sure that she had climaxed as well... but for some women, even that might not be enough. A lot depended on her standards, and what she expected out of this... and that, he just didn't know yet.

But then she added that she looked forward to 'more practice', which he had mentioned earlier, and a smile quickly grew across his face. So she was interested in repeating this sometime? He could certainly get behind THAT idea, definitely! He felt her feet behind him unlock and move to settle on the bed, making it more evident that he could free himself from her if he wished. Was she giving him a hint? Perhaps... but instead...

He slowly lowered his head, his lips gently finding one of her nipples and lightly teasing it slowly. He wasn't moving quickly or with any sort of edge, so chances were that he was simply enjoying their closeness in a very direct way. After his lips gently sucked and his tongue licked once... then twice, teasing lightly, his eyes looked upward to her face, his lips rising above the pointed peak just a little bit so he could speak – his warm breath obviously washing over the now-wet nipple  as he spoke.

”You're going to have to order me back to my room, captain..., he said softly. ”Or at the very least, you're going to have to order me to stop. Otherwise... I plan on enjoying you every bit that I can, every minute that I can, in every -way- that I can...,” he warned her gently, basically telling her that she controlled what they do and how they do it. It was also clear that he was more than wanting to continue, or at the very least look forward to another session sometime later. Secretly, he assumed she would send him back to his room – and then call on him in a few days whenever she got an 'itch' to do so. Of course, she might also call on -other- members of the crew, as well... he had no illusions that they were a 'thing' now.

She was the captain. The boss. And what she said was law aboard the GoldHound... and that most certainly extended to her bedroom, as well...

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: May 09, 2017, 02:57:19 AM »
Roger felt Chloe's legs wrap around him and her ankles cross at his lower back, making him feel quite 'locked in' to this course of action, and he quite enjoyed that sensation for certain. He echoed her soft throaty moan with one of his own as he invaded her, slipping into her like a slick, tight glove. He certainly had to control himself, and he didn't mind at all if she knew that. Maybe later she'd give him grief about it, how on edge she made him so quickly – and he'd gladly give her credit for it. If -that- was the worst thing that could come from this – he was willing to accept such teasing for as long as she wanted to give it.

She smiled, her eyes closed, biting her lower lip, every sign positive that she enjoyed having him where he was. She felt amazing, and he couldn't help but realize just how infinitely lucky he had been to stumble on her when he had – even though for completely different reasons. That felt so long ago, and was water under the bridge by now. At one point he'd been a prisoner in her cell. Now... he was a prisoner locked in the smooth embrace of her thighs.

He pressed down on her, body to body, as if starved for her touch as his lips claimed hers. She welcomed it, and his hips ground and gently circled in a slow, lazy, sultry swirling motion that made certain his cock could feel -every- inch of her depths. She returned his passion every bit, and he delivered more, their kiss becoming fiery and passion-filled within seconds of starting. The way she kissed him back told him he was on the right path, and Roger certainly wanted to enjoy this and extend this for as long as possible.

No fancy moves right now. Just a slow, deep fuck while their tongues twisted and tamed one another. He finally had her, after the teasing, after the trickery and change of heart... after their first 'close calls'... now, he finally had her, and he wasn't going to settle for thirty seconds of desperate fucking. He might -kiss- her like he was 'desperate', but his hips moved in  that slow, powerful, purposeful way that hinted at making it last as long as he possibly could.

...Which might not be much -longer- than thirty seconds... but it WOULD be longer, if he could just control it...

Roger didn't truly know how long it had been, though in truth, it had been several minutes, long surpassing the 'thirty seconds' he had feared, he did try to ease back on the grinding by easing back his hips a bit, seeking to simply draw back and pause... to relax...

But her legs tightened suddenly when she felt him easing away, and that simple feeling sent a surge through Roger's body: she didn't want to let him 'escape' her. She didn't want to let him -out- of her, and that sent -too much- of a thrill through him, a sudden surge of lust so powerful, he quickly felt his hold on his control slipping.

His lips suddenly pulled away from hers as he gasp, “FUCK! CAPTAIN!” he moaned enthusiastically, unintentionally using her rank instead of her name as his hips suddenly surged forward... obviously whatever edge he had been riding so precariously that past few minutes – her small gesture – however unintended it was – was clearly sending him over it... His hips began to buck quickly, thrusting back into her fully, driving deep, backing away as far as her legs would allow him – and then driving back in again as his face hovered several inches above hers, desperately seeking her eyes with a look of sheer bliss on his face...

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: April 27, 2017, 05:21:02 AM »
Roger's slow, decadent movements garnered the results he had been hoping for. Chloe did not back away, or stop him, her legs held wide apart, welcoming his attentions. He tended to her slowly, gently, though he had the distinct feeling that once they got started, it wouldn't be 'slow' or 'gentle' for long. They were both in need, both of them had admitted as much, and it seemed they each had an equal desire to 'take the edge off' as soon as they possibly could.

But that didn't mean he couldn't tease both of them a little in the process.

She granted him access with a breathy confirmation, informing him that he was -expected-. He smiled at that, watching her face react to his most intimate touches. Her hips curled, eagerly demonstrating her desire to get to the long, thick part, but he didn't give-in -quite- yet. He brushed and teased, then swirled the thick head around her pearl, as well, slicking himself up as much as pleasuring her.

One of her hands reached his hair, the other on his back – and he felt her legs move into position, prepared for what was sure to come next. She softly whispered her last words, that she wanted him, and he smiled at her.

“You know... normally, I'd be going down on you right now, and enjoying every minute of it,” he whispered with a strained whisper of his own. This sweet foreplay was teasing him every bit as much as it was teasing her. “But if you are wanting this...,” he said, pausing as he suddenly rubbed his tip over her clit a bit faster for just a moment, “Then all I can really say is.... aye, aye, captain...”

And then in one smooth motion, his hips dipped back and down – and then thrust forward.

He split her tunnel open in a single, well-oiled thrust, arching his back as he filled her inch by inch, letting out a deep, guttural groan as his girth caused her tunnel to tighten naturally around him. Hilting, he didn't pause for long before his hips eased back, sliding that long length from her possessive grip with slick ease, his head rolling forward, his eyes slightly wide.

“Holy-....,” he started to say something before he cut himself off – and thrust back into her, a little harder, a little faster. Filling her again, he hissed sharply, groaned loudly, and then lowered his lips to meet hers in a savage, vigorous kiss. His arms quivered slightly as he lowered the front of his body down onto hers, pressing against her with his warmth, as his hips began a slow but deep curling motion. His tongue sought hers, desperately then, as his ass and legs flexed tightly with each slow but deep thrust...

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: April 12, 2017, 02:22:48 AM »
Roger chuckled and nodded softly in response to her words. 'Practice' at this as a means of therapy? Oh, he could certainly get on board with that idea, even if it wasn't -quite- a textbook diagnosis. She mentioned that him being the volunteer to help made the 'treatment' all the more enticing, and he smiled just before they kissed.

And then the kiss almost immediately escalated. He let her 'lead' for a moment, seeing just -how- she wanted it to be – and when he felt the sensuality of it, he doubled-down and delved right in with her, moaning softly against her lips. Their tongues twined slowly, so suggestively twining together, promising one another without words that their bodies would soon be doing much the same.

Her body was beyond perfect to him, just enough curves – hips, tits, and ass – for him to enjoy. And her face, her eyes, her nose, her lips... he simply couldn't ask for anything to be different. He was aware of her hand going south, as his hand caught her breast and smoothly kneaded and massaged it, slowly, matching the deliberate, sultry pace of their kiss. Likewise, her hand soon found his turgid member, gently petting rather than going for a grip quite yet. It was teasingly delightful, and as her upper chest pressed upward against his palm, his hips pressed downward against her hand, seeking to press his aching tool into her grasp if he could.

His hand gently squeezed her breast, palming it firmly in response to her chest heaving upward. Gently his hips moved back.. and forth, pushing, pulling, dragging his swollen shaft against her hand, her belly – whatever he could, wherever she would let him. When the kiss slowly wound down for a moment, his lips pulled away, his breathing more rapid than before as he caught his breath, looking down at her.

“Well, captain... I suppose I should formally make my request...,” he whispered softly, seductively, as his hips backed away and he lowered his free hand downward, as well, until it reached the based of his cock. Gently, he took control of it, guiding the tip downward, sliding along her mound, over whatever soft curls he might find there, and then over the curve and slightly downward. Slowly, with the gently touch of a surgeon, he used the tip to gently spread her sex apart but gently brushing up... and down, just over the area he knew he'd find her pearl. Softly, smoothly her silken folds gave way until finally – the next brush slipped his thick, plush tip right over her clit, up... then down, so gentle, so direct...

“May I have permission to dock, captain?” he asked mischievously, swirling the tip slowly around her pearl, wetting his tip every bit as much as he was trying to excite her....

And then his head moved downward, mouth bound for her neck where he nibble and licked and kissed, not hard enough to mark her, but certainly attempting to continue their sultry seduction of one another...

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: February 14, 2017, 03:19:21 AM »
<Captain’s Quarters, late evening following Mistaken Identity, @Chloe Saint-Jacques >

Roger simply smirked a half-smile in response to her suggestion that she might have given him 'too much time' to imagine anything since he came on board the GoldHound. Five -minutes- was more than enough to imagine an entire collection of lewd, debauched thoughts and scenarios, and he had been given a lot more than just five minutes to do that. Just the time he had spent in the cell had given him ample time to imagine what he'd like to do to her – what he had -wanted- to do to her before becoming her prisoner.

As he put her on her back, she assured him that 'remembering' how 'nature' works wasn't the problem – it was just that her 'skill' might be a bit rusty, as well as her timing. His faint, mischievous grin remained on his face as his hands worked her pants free, sliding them down her smooth curves.

”Well then, might I suggest we... work together...,” he spoke, his voice a soft tone just above a whisper, filled with suggestive hints. ”I am preferable to both of us having a great time... maybe even good enough to encourage... an encore performance sometime,” he added.

He could already tell that he was going to enjoy this – unless she turned psycho and pulled out a weapon and tried to kill him or something like that. But his senses told him that she wanted this – maybe even 'needed' this ever bit as much as he did. Two people like that often hit it off together in more ways than one, too, though he wasn't going to get his hopes up. Physically, from what he could see, they were going to have a blast. Anything beyond that would simply depend on a variety of factors... She was the captain of a ship, he was a doctor. For all he knew, they had nothing in common other than an attraction to one another, and a strong desire for intimacy together.

She lay on the bed like some lazy goddess then, her head turned to one side, offering him a beautiful view of her body. For a second time, his eyes roamed from her head down to her feet and then back up – and eventually saw her hand outstretched toward him. His grin became a little wider as he reached forth with one of his own hands and gently took it, moving his body toward hers on all fours. His hands and knees found spots on the bed to move, to hold himself above her, looking down into her eyes as he moved upward until his face was directly above hers. His hips dipped slightly – and she'd easily feel the thick, heated bar of his manhood settle gently on her lower abdomen, like some aroused creature waiting for the right moment to pounce on its prey.

”And if either of us is too rusty... well... we'll just need to... start over and try again... just to be fair,” he suggested with a very faux-innocent smile. His head lowered toward hers, turning slightly to one side, obviously intent on kissing her. He desired those lips badly, their seductive shape and tone, and he figured a bit of deep kissing wouldn't hurt the moment, along with some touching.

As his lips settled onto hers, if she allowed it, he settled his weight on his left hand, allowing his right hand to move – up toward her ribs, laying his palm flat against her body. His hand slid so smoothly up her side – an obvious doctor's touch, if there ever was one – until he reached her breast. Roger moaned softly as his hand and fingers slid upward, slowly capturing her breast in his palm, as gentle a touch as he could give, while down below, his manhood twitched slightly with anticipation, as if silently reminding them both that it, too, would find its enjoyment soon enough...

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: January 22, 2017, 06:03:27 AM »
<Captain’s Quarters, late evening following Mistaken Identity, @Chloe Saint-Jacques >

The captain seemed pleased with Roger's responses so far. It was taking a -lot- of effort not to peel off her pants and simply bend her over and plow into her. Not only had he not gotten laid in quite some time, but he also knew that at any moment she could be called away for any number of reasons. Being the captain carried a lot of responsibilities, and he doubted she often had a lot of time to relax.

Her hands slid down his lower back and to his rump as his hands worked her belt undone with ease. She certainly wasn't shy, and he loved that about her: again, being the captain of a ship likely meant that 'shyness' wasn't even in her vocabulary.

As he moved his hands to pull her shirt up, she cooperated completely, even slipping one of her own behind her back to undo her bra, so that when his hands gently swept up both sides of her body, bunching up the cloth and moving it upward, he took her bra right along with her shirt until both were lifted up and over her head, and down her arms, and then tossed aside much like his shirt had been.

His eyes immediately lowered to get a good look at her assets, and he smiled. “Damn...,” he muttered. “Waaaaaaay sexier than I imagined,” he said, looking down her body to where her abs came into contact with his own, toned flesh against toned flesh.

And then she was slowly nudging him backward, and he knew that the bed was behind him. As they slowly moved, she warned him that she was a bit out of 'practice', that it had been awhile since her last romp, apparently. Roger simply quirked a smile at her as they moved.

“Been awhile for me, as well,” he replied, his voice a husky whisper to match her own. “But I am willing to bet that we'll remember how it all works, pretty quickly,” he claimed. Then he felt the edge of the bed behind him, and his hands slid down to her hips. There, he gently spun her to the side and used the momentum to gently push her down onto the bed, on her back, her body falling with a soft 'WHOOF' to land there. Immediately, his hands slid down slightly to the sides of her pants, and hooking his fingers over the edges, he began to shimmy them down her slender hips. His strength alone lifted her ass up off the bed, just enough so that he could slide her clothing downward without getting snagged on the blanket beneath her, even if she didn't help him by lifting her own hips.

“Let's get you out of these, and I'll get out of mine, and we'll see if we remember what to do next,” he said, an eager smile on his lips as his hands insistently pulled her pants downward.

“We'll make sure you're -really- ready, and if for some reason you aren't... well... I have several body parts that can get you there quick,” he promised, as his hands continued to slowly move, and like her shirt, his fingers once again made sure to collect up her underwear to pull them down, as well. Gently, carefully, his hands pulled the last of her clothing down her long legs, to her feet, then cast aside those garments aside roughly in the same direction her shirt had been so casually tossed. And then his eyes devoured her from head to toe, stark naked on her back, as his hands moved up quickly to his own pants to undo them, preparing to join her in equal nudity...

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: January 20, 2017, 02:32:34 AM »
<Captain’s Quarters, late evening following Mistaken Identity, @Chloe Saint-Jacques >

Roger knew he definitely had her attention, especially as his hands moved to casually undo his shirt. She seemed as curious about him as he was about her, and what lay underneath all that bounty-hunter-captain garb. From what he could tell, she had a killer figure, and he was definitely eager to see if it was as nice as he expected.

She stepped toward him, apparently unafraid, and certainly not shy about what she wanted. She repeated his words, 'Give and take', a couple times as if she was considering them. Was she one of those control-freaks he'd rarely met? Or was she one of those women who preferred to let her partner run the show? She was a captain of a ship, and her crew knew her as such. But that didn't mean she'd be the exact same behind closed doors...

And then she reminded him that they had tried 'slow' a few times already and never gotten very far, and now... she was wanting something a bit.... faster paced. Her voice deepened, and the good doctor knew that her body was responding, warming, building desire for what was to come...

And so was his.

Her hands slid under the open flaps of his shirt and then slid around his trunk and around to his back. He hissed softly when he felt her nails dig-in to his skin just enough to be noticed, and the hiss was followed by a soft moan. Maybe she was the nails-down-the-back-as-she-was-getting-fucked kind of woman?

Now THAT he could definitely get used to...

Her lips reached his throat, her warm breath gliding over his skin there. His head tilted down, hers tilted up – and his eyes met hers, seeing the challenging smile on her lips. If she was wondering what he was waiting for, she didn't have to wait long.

His arms shrugged and his shoulders rolled slightly, his hands dropping to his sides in order to ease the shirt down his back and arms, letting it drop to the floor behind where he stood. His lips brushed teasingly against hers as his hands then moved around between them, to the belt she wore. Skilled fingers deftly unbuckled her belt, and gently yanked at the tongue to pull it out and loosen the buckle.

“I definitely think I can get on board with that idea, captain,” he whispered, his lips barely moving as he spoke, each word causing his lips to brush against hers in a teasing-soft manner. “But if we go that route... I promise I'll do my best not to get... out of hand,” he teased, donning a smile that mirrored her own. With the front of her pants undone, his hands slipped beneath her shirt and slowly – tentatively – began to lift it upwards, hoping to have her join him in being topless...

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: January 12, 2017, 03:20:25 AM »
<Captain’s Quarters, late evening following Mistaken Identity, @Chloe Saint-Jacques>

Roger waited in a statue-like position after softly calling out to the captain. What if she were busy with -someone else- in her quarters? If she was, why would she leave the door open? He -had- to believe the open door was meant for him, but... he barely knew her, or anyone on the ship, so he couldn't just assume, no matter how hard he -hoped-.

A moment later, though, the door opened and there she stood, looking as stunning as before. The memory of their earlier kiss came right to mind, how hot it had gotten so quickly, how deep it had become. She smiled brightly and stepped to the side, opening the door wider for him to enter. He gave her a polite nod and stepped inside as she agreed to further 'negotiations' that he had mentioned.

The attraction was mutual, he was nearly completely sure about that now. What he wasn't sure about was her agenda. Would she get her rocks off with him tonight – then treat him like anyone else the next day? Was she one of those captains that tried to make their way through the bunks of as many crew as they could? He'd heard stories – and even seen a few examples with his own eyes – of captains who were like that, male and female both. Spending a LOT of time out in the black could get boring, after all... In the end, he knew he'd just have to wait and see.

As the captain closed and secured the door, she quickly listed the things they had already covered: quarters, infirmary, salary... she asked him what he'd like to negotiate further – and then she suggested his 'surrender' to her...

That brought an instant smile to his face. “Well, I think in all fairness, captain, there should be a series of give and take... I surrender... you surrender... I surrender... you surrender, and so on. But as for the terms of such an agreement...,” he paused for a moment. “I suppose I should make the first offer,” he said, still smiling at her as his hands rose, fingers moving smoothly to the buttons of his shirt which he began to undo one at a time, starting at the top near his neck and working his way downward.

When he reached the last one, each side of the front of his shirt hung loosely, revealing a swath of bare flesh between the two sides. Even from this obstructed view, she'd easily be able to tell that he was toned and tight, a man who obviously took care of himself and kept in shape. His smile turned a bit mischievous, then, as he spoke again.

“Your counter-offer?”

Crew Quarters / Re: Out Of Service For The Next 8 Hours
« on: January 10, 2017, 04:06:06 AM »
Roger went to his new quarters and began to 'settle in'. Putting a few things away, he emptied out most of his duffel bag, putting things in their proper place, small drawers that slid out of the wall and whatnot. He carried a few old-fashioned medical books with him, too – old, worn tomes with countless dog-eared yellow-faded pages. They were more keep-sakes and mementos than anything else, since he had read each of them multiple times and felt like he knew them inside and out.

But it didn't take him long to finish, so he looked around and simply took stock of the tiny room that would be his home for the foreseeable future.

Was he making the right decision – and for the right reason? He -had- been getting a little antsy to get back into the black, and the Captain had been quite... convincing. But even if she hadn't been as 'friendly' as she had been, he knew that his time on New Hope had come to an end. He was ready for a change – and he wanted to keep a low profile AND keep moving from place to place, hoping to make his trail even harder to follow for anyone looking for him.

But as he lay down on his new bunk and folded his hands behind his head, staring up at the ceiling, he couldn't help but think of the gorgeous captain of the ship. She had indicated she also desired something a bit more... physical... between them. Their kiss earlier had been heated and enticing, AND she had told him moments ago that -her- quarters would be more 'comfortable' for their coming 'negotiations'. He smiled as he lay there, imagining what -that- could mean, as the only reason they'd need to be 'comfortable' in her quarters was if they were doing something together that -needed- to be done in a 'comfortable' way...

And that didn't exactly leave a very long list to the imagination...

As he lay there fantasizing about the captain, he realized that he wasn't sure how long she would be. Would she simply drop by his quarters and knock on his door to let him know she was free? That's pretty much what he assumed, so he laid there patiently on his bunk for a bit...

Before suddenly sitting upright.

Was he... presentable? It was a perfect opportunity to learn a bit about his room as he began to explore, finding the tiny sink, the water spigot, the shower, and so on. He decided on a quick shower and clean-up, wanting to look and feel and smell his very best. When he finished, drying off with a single towel that he had brought with him, he brushed his teeth, as well...

Bah. He knew that nothing would probably happen. She'd change her mind, or maybe she had just been flirting. What were the chances that she'd actually be up for it? Besides, a good amount of time had passed by and he hadn't heard a knock at the door at all. She was probably already in her quarters asleep...

But once he was done, cleaned-up and prepared, his curiosity got to him and he headed to the door of his quarters and quietly, slowly opened it to peek out in the hallway. It was quiet and empty, and then looking toward the captain's quarters, he immediately noticed...

Her door was cracked open.

A slow smile crept across his lips as he quietly slipped out of his room and made his way – tip-toeing for some reason – to her door. Peeking in, he immediately noticed the lower light setting. Licking his lips, hoping this wasn't some sort of elaborate trap, he gently knocked his knuckles on the door... and then slowly pushed it open before him.

“Captain?” he called out softly. “Are you available yet for those negotiations?”...

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Mistaken Identity
« on: December 22, 2016, 02:09:59 AM »
<New Hope --> GoldHound,  @Chloe>

Roger hustled quickly from the landed craft, after a brief check by the port authorities. He wasn't carrying any luggage that they'd be interested in, and as such, he had passed them without incident. But just because he had made it past them didn't mean he'd break into a full run – running would attract attention, and that wasn't something he wanted to do at the moment. Besides, his destination wasn't far away from the port anyway.

It only took a few minutes of swift walking down the main street to reach the small, almost ramshackle church. It was nodescript from the outside, only the image of a cross, now in chipped and fading paint that wasn't much lighter than the rest of the building's exterior, the only sign that the building was a place of worship.

Inside was a bit homelier, and much quieter than the rest of the town. After passing through a squeaky set of double-doors, Roger reached the main nave in short order. It was quiet there, as expected, and thankfully there wasn't a mass currently in session. Roger himself wasn't a 'religious' man – he was a man of science, and as such, he generally didn't believe in mystical beings and fairy tales. Still, he knew that the church's goal was -usually- to help people, and as such, he knew that a church would be a place to find work – even if it didn't pay well, or anything at all.

Father Murphy was there, kneeling beside a woman sitting in a pew. She was crying, and the priest was speaking softly to her. At the far end of the nave was the podium where Father Murphy would stand and preach,and a few dozen candles provided the only illumination in the room. Looking up from the woman towards Roger, Father Murphy made the sign of the cross across his chest, whispered soft words to the woman, then rose to his feet and approached Roger, speaking to him in a soft tone.

“Doctor Van Horn... a pleasure to see you again,” the priest smiled.

Roger nodded in response. “Likewise, Father, but my visit will be short – and will end with my fond farewell,” he said.

“Oh? Your calling will take you away from us? That's a pity – you've been so helpful to so many members of the flock, with more eager to see you and benefit from your skills. Is everything alright?” he asked, a hint of concern in his voice, especially considering how abrupt Roger's departure would be.

”Yes, Father. I am needed elsewhere. There are places far more violent than this one, and those places need more people like me. But I am confident that YOUR presence here will offer more peace and comfort than my presence would,” he said, smiling at the man.

The priest smiled brightly at the compliment, “I can only do as the Lord wills, of course, but I shall make the best effort possible. You will come back and visit us in the future when you are nearby, yes?” he asked.

”I promise, whenever I am in the system again I will make it a point to drop by,” he said, and with that, the two men shook hands.

”Godspeed to you, Roger Van Horn. The Lord smiles on those who give of themselves selflessly to the cause of those in need,” he said.

Roger was strong enough to smile and nod his thanks before their hands parted, and he continued on his way toward his tiny alcove in the back of the building where his few belongings were hidden. The priest, of course, had no idea just how much the 'Almighty' would frown on Roger's past...

Retrieving his belongings was simple: A few items were stuffed into a duffel-bag, including a few personal tools and belongings... and he double-checked to make sure his pistol was still inside, which it was. He hadn't had to use it in ages, and he always hoped he'd never have to. Still, he knew people were after him... and he was resolved to use the weapon if it might prevent his capture...

When he went to leave a few minutes later, Father Murphy was again speaking to the woman, but this time Roger did not interrupt. He simply walked quietly by – she'd probably lost a spouse or child, or her job, or perhaps she had committed some horrible crime. Whatever it was, Father Murphy was about as close a thing to a 'counselor' that someone might find here – especially for the price he charged, with was nothing.

As Roger made it back to the street, he picked-up the pace again, walking quickly, not wanting to miss his chance to get back on board the GoldHound. Was it a slight pang of guilt that filled his gut when he thought of his reasons for leaving? A 'job' that actually paid... and the possibility of sharing a bed with a beautiful woman? Sure, there -might- have been a slight bit of guilt there, but it was overwhelmed with his wants and needs. Maybe a bit selfish, but 'selfish' had kept him alive – and ahead of the Alliance – all this time.

A great wave of relief washed over him when he rounded the corner once again at the port to see the GoldHound still sitting right where it had landed. Letting out a deep breath, he realized he had been worried, to some degree, that the ship would have left without him. Wouldn't it have been simple for the Captain – after the embarrassing charge of putting him in one of her cells – to simply fly off after dumping him back where she had found him? Of course, her ship truly -was- without a doctor, and given her line of work, it was quite possible his skills would actually come in handy – as they already had, sewing up Emma's wound himself after seeing the shoddy work someone else had done.

As he walked up the ramp, he immediately saw the Captain standing there, as if waiting for her crew to return. Roger smiled at her and came to a stop not far from her.

”Got what I needed,” he said, motioning toward the duffel-bag. It didn't occur to him that she might want to search his gear, but he quickly figured that being forthright might put her at ease. ”I do possess a weapon – a pistol – but it's not loaded,” he admitted. ”Nothing else illegal, though...”

He paused then, looking her in the eye. ”And now that I've returned to the ship as promised, I suppose we need to discuss the rest of our agreement? I'll be in my quarters getting settled in, if you'd like to discuss it at your leisure...,” he offered, a smile on his lips, wondering if she would really stick to it or not. He figured that since he had returned, she might think she could string him along for awhile, and if she did – he'd get over it. Steady pay would definitely still be worth the trip...

Unless she stopped him, though, he turned slightly and began to head for the path that would take him to his quarters.

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Roger watched and listened as Chloe and her crew went about their rapid preparations. Emma was gently deposited in the hidden compartment, and even Roger had to admit he would never think of looking there. Chloe explained how things were going to go, and eventually she addressed him by his position, doctor, and asked if he would follow her to the doors.

Roger nodded affirmatively, of course. As soon as he was cleared, he'd head out to retrieve his belongings, and then come right back to the ship...

Unless it was impounded and its crew arrested. He'd be able to run, then, hide out for awhile, even return to the mission in order to continue his work and pretend none of this had ever happened. The thought of that weighed on him a bit, as he didn't want to leave Chloe and the others out to dry. He quickly reminded himself that he had just met these people, and their fates shouldn't be any of his concern... but it felt... strange... simply thinking about leaving them hanging high and dry.

Quietly, then, he followed the captain away toward the cargo ramp where they would likely be greeted by inquisitive visitors very shortly. The ship made a smooth landing, and then the cargo ramp began to lower, the hydraulics whirring plaintively as the massive slab of metal pulled away from the ship's hull and lowered itself to the ground. No sooner did it hit the landing pad than three uniformed individuals began to walk up the ramp toward them, and came to a halt not far in front of where the captain stood.

Chloe calmly spoke to the leader of the three men, Agent Puddleton, and they exchanged words for a few moments as a plan was made and agreed to. The doctor said nothing of course, since no one spoke to him or even paid him any mind, so he stood still, off to the side, and simply watched and listened. Chloe handled herself professionally, calm and relaxed, and the three men seemed a little... eager, as if they suspected something. But then it became clear why – Nate, the XO, was in some serious shit, and Chloe confirmed that he might not be willing to just come along peacefully.

When she offered to lead the three men to Nate, Puddleton asked if his two companions could look around and of course Chloe agreed. It was then that one of the three men turned his head to regard the doctor as if seeing him for the first time – and recognized him.

“Doctor Van Horn... surprised to see you departing New Hope with this... crew,” he said, his brow furrowed slightly. The other two men paused, Puddleton included, turning to regard the doctor for a moment.

Roger smiled and nodded. “Yes, indeed. The captain here made me an offer I simply could not refuse,” he said, casting a quick, knowing glance toward Chloe – wondering if she remembered 'the offer' he was thinking of. “But I am afraid that I have already proven to be more of a hassle than I am worth. No sooner had we departed than I realized I had left some of my valuables behind at the mission. She's graciously giving me a short amount of time to retrieve them before we depart. So this quick stop is my fault,” he admitted sincerely.

“The mission will miss your skills, I am sure. Father Barrington has spoken highly of you. I attend his mass three times a week,” the port officer said. Near him, Puddleton and the third officer looked to be quickly growing bored.

“Yes, well, he has god on his side – and will certainly get by fine without me.” With that, he fished a hand into his rear pocket and produced a small identicard and offered it to the port officer who was speaking to him. The man shook his head and waved it off.

“No need. I recognize you without it,” he said. “Good day, doctor.”

“Gentlemen,” Roger replied, then glanced again at Chloe, “Captain,” he added, nodding respectfully toward her, then turned to depart.

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<Infirmary, @Chloe, Emma, Ryu>

Roger played the doctor-role very well. He quietly observed as Emma interacted with the captain, and then turned his head to watch Ryu approach and introduce himself, as well. For Roger, it was nice knowing that he was not the ONLY new person on the ship - Emma obviously was, and Ryu seemed 'new' too, at least a little bit, since he had previously worked with the captain. It was easy to believe that this type of work wasn't exactly teeming with countless people willing to do the 'dirty work', so it made sense that the captain might cross paths with people she had worked with before, despite how big the 'verse was.

Emma expressed gratitude for the blanket he offered her, and he simply nodded his head once and replied softly, "No problemo." She explained that the other wounds he saw weren't accidents, he gathered, and that she assumed she'd be adding more cuts and scars to her body in due time. Nature of the work, he supposed.

Then there was talk of Emma grabbing some food - or not to eat, since Emma was about to be stashed away somewhere that was bad enough she might just empty her stomach again. The important point was, her appetite was obvious, and that was a good sign, as Chloe had indicated.

The blonde also introduced herself in return for Ryu's benefit, as well as his own. She was a former browncoat, which made Roger's stomach tighten into a bit of a knot. He had to remind himself that a -lot- of people out here on the Rim fought for the -other- side, and though he had no ill-will toward them, he knew that the feeling was definitely not always mutual.

"Just go easy," Roger warned as he watched Emma rise and prepare to walk. "If you go slow, there will be less pain - and less chance of reopening that wound. I charge extra if I have to re-do work that I've just done recently," he said, his voice playful, a faint smile on his lips as he watched and waited for everyone to head to the door before he followed behind them.

<Exit after the others do, following Chloe wherever she goes>

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Roger slowly folded his arms as he awaited Emma's explanation alongside Chloe. For her part, Emma tried to pull her best 'cutie' act, but the 'innocence' was so thick that he easily saw through it. Of course, if he was some guy that was attracted to her or trying to impress her or get on her good-side, that smile and playful tone of hers might actually melt his knees. She wasn't unpleasant-looking by any means, but Roger had just sewed-up a knife wound on her belly not too long ago, so it was obvious to him that  the girl obviously -knew- how to get into trouble, which made her innocent grin seem less like an enticement and more like a trap.

She greeted them, and Ryu who had also come along, and then made some comment about roaches. Roaches? In the infirmary? That would almost be insulting to him, if this was -his- infirmary. Maybe it would be, but for now, he couldn't swear that there -weren't- any roaches here, though he was highly doubtful of such a claim.

But then Chloe laid it out for Emma, giving her the choices she could take. They could hide her, or she could turn herself in. Something told Roger that  Emma wasn't about to turn herself over to the authorities, so he assumed that she'd be taking option number one. Without waiting for another word, Roger moved then, heading over to grab one of the neatly folded blankets stacked on a shelf on the far wall.

As he moved, Emma responded, acknowledging that she didn't really have much of a choice at all. She apologized for dragging Chloe into whatever 'mess' she was in, and then confirmed that she would indeed take the hiding spot over the prospect of turning herself in to the authorities.

“You really want to keep that wound clean,” he said gently, finally speaking-up as he moved over to where Emma sat on her bed and where Chloe had offered her hand to help Emma up. “Just go easy, and you should be fine...” he added, offering her the blanket. Maybe she'd need it, maybe she wouldn't – he had no idea what the 'hiding spot' would be like. He just hoped she would mind his gentle warning about keeping her wound as clean as possible – and not over-stressing herself in the process...

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<Airlock, @Ryu and Chloe>

Roger grunted with exertion when he and Ryu set the crate down - perhaps a little roughly. Roger winced, hoping neither he nor the other fella would catch any grief for it. It was freakin' heavy, after all, and he doubted any of the crate's contents would be worse for wear simply because the crate fell down a bit hard.

He listened to Chloe explain what she hoped would happen - that the feds would feel dumb and feel like they wasted their time searching the Goldhound. Roger felt a bit badly about going back to New Hope - mainly just to collect up what few belongings he owned and to say goodbye to the people he had been working with recently. That was his modus operandi: work hard, move on before forming any attachments. Attachments always made things more... complicated, and Roger stopped caring for 'complicated' a lonnnnng time ago.

He watched as Chloe took care of the cargo crate, ejecting it into the black with the tracker working, blinking it's sad little red light. Roger was sure it would be set to a frequency that was very short range AND only known to the pilot so that they could retrieve it later. Being short-range AND on a special frequency would make it nearly impossible for anyone else to 'accidentally' bump into it. He was sure they'd pick it up later today anyway, if all went well.

Chloe then nodded her head in the direction she'd be going to the infirmary, so Roger took the hint and followed. He wasn't sure if Ryu was going to come along or not. Roger wasn't sure who all Ryu had met so far, maybe he'd meet Emma for the first time later, or maybe he'd come with them now.

Either way, Roger fell into step beside Chloe as they walked. She explained about her future plans, about some shore-leave for her and her crew. "As your doctor, I highly recommend -regular- shore-leave for the crew. And yes, that -does- include you, of course. Without occasional relaxation, the brain loses efficiency. In your line of work, that doesn't sound like it would be a good thing," he said, a faint smile on his lips. "And I agree - I would very much like to get to know my captain. I've put my life in your hands, so it seems only fair that I get to know her very well," he added, letting her take his words however she wanted.

Then an alarm sounded, and it was one familiar to Roger, since it was similar on every ship he'd worked on. His smile faded and his demeanor turned serious. "That's the alarm used when a patient is 'crashing'.... but I didn't hook it up to her since she was perfectly stable, so... I have no idea what it means," he said curiously, and picked up his pace considerably, into that of a quick jog. He had a -fairly- good idea where the infirmary was now, but he suck to Chloe's side so that he could make sure he didn't go in the wrong direction.

<Infirmary @ Chloe and Emma>
The two of them entered the infirmary and found everything pretty much as they had left it. Emma was alone, lying in bed four, looking completely innocent of any wrong-doing. Chloe moved to the desk and deactivated the alarm, and it immediately shut off. But then Roger turned his gaze toward the wounded blond, looking at her with the same expectant look that Chloe gave her, awaiting some sort of explanation.

Usually these alarms  didn't go off by themselves....

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<At the Airlock w/Chloe and Ryu>

Roger grunted as he and Ryu trudged along, carrying the big, heavy crate between them. To say that he was relieved to learn that their new destination was closer - without having to 'lift' the heavy crate over their heads would be an understatement. When Chloe apologized for the sudden change, Roger smiled and shook his head to indicate the apology wasn't necessary, hiding how much he had to struggle in order to carry his side of the crate. Ryu looked to be having an easier time than Roger himself did, but Roger wasn't going to make that obvious!

At the airlock, Chloe performed her captain-duties, paging over the intercom to explain her plan. Roger suddenly had an image of himself, Chloe, Ryu, and the rest of the crew being arrested for aiding with some sort of law-breaking endeavor. Wouldn't that just be his luck? First day on board the GoldHound - and arrested for just being onboard?

The pilot's voice came on over the ship's comm system, and Roger was fairly certain she was from the edge of the rim, with her accent. Their conversation completed, Chloe retrieved what the doctor assumed was some sort of tracking device and attached it to the crate. Apparently they'd drop the crate off in space some place and come pick it back up when they left the surface again - which likely wouldn't be long after landing. Chances were good that no one would find it, he figured, especially if the tracking device was set to a specific, little used wavelength.

Chloe instructed them where to set the crate, and the tracking device was attached in short order. Chloe then asked him if he wanted to see to his 'patient', and Roger nodded. "From the sound of it, she isn't going to remain still for long, so sure, I'd be happy to see if she's undone all my work," he replied with a crooked grin, then he waited for Chloe to lead the way.

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Between Ryu and himself, Roger felt that they had the create well in hand. Of course, that didn't mean it was -light- by any means, and though Ryu looked like a pretty stout guy, Roger himself was no muscle-bound lug. He'd be able to carry it for awhile, he knew, but not forever, and as they carefully walked with it some distance, he began to wonder just exactly WHAT was inside? Were they carrying concrete blocks to the other side of the 'verse, or what?

When Ryu suggested tying the woman in the infirmary to the crate (since apparently the wounded woman needed to be hidden every bit as much as this contraband did), Roger couldn't help but smile. Of course, he didn't expect Chloe to agree to it, but it would be a pretty humorous sight if it came to pass. The wounded blonde, completely fired-up and pissed-off after being tied to a crate. She'd probably rip all her stitches open trying to break free.

The captain then made a snap-decision to take the crate elsewhere: the airlock. Shit, Roger hoped that wouldn't be an even LONGER walk, but he reasserted his grip on the handle he had been using, and turned in the direction that the captain indicated.

"Yeah, doing good, you ok over there?" Roger replied to Ryu's question, wondering if the other man needed a longer break. That didn't seem likely, since Ryu seemed to be in pretty damned good shape. Then Roger glanced back to the captain as they made their way slowly but carefully toward their new destination.

"You plan on setting this gently out the airlock, and then picking it back up on the way back off planet again? You could probably hook a tracker up to it with a frequency you set, that no one else would know to look for," he suggested. "I honestly doubt my few belongings are worth what's in his crate, he added, hoping she understood that he would feel some amount of guilt if she was tossing away good cargo on the account of his belongings, which were fairly meager to begin with...

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Roger listened to Chloe explain what sort of 'action' he'd likely see as ship's doctor. From the start, it was already better than he expected. The Goldhound wasn't a large ship with a large crew, and Roger actually preferred smaller ships with fewer people. Hundreds of crew would mean hundreds of chances for accidents, injuries, and deaths. He was no stranger to death, of course, but he would just as soon avoid it if he could.

"Sounds good," he replied to her with a nod. "Sounds like something I could handle pretty easily. I don't mind a challenge once in awhile of course, but I don't seek out such things of course." He wasn't in his position out of some sick fascination with blood and gore. In fact, it had been so long, it was sometimes hard to remember why he had gotten into the medical field in the first place.

With the introduction to Ryu, the two men shook hands briefly in greeting. Then they listened to what Chloe wanted, and as soon as she was done speaking Roger was ready to go. The crate was large and bulky, and as the two men approached it, they took positions on opposite sides. With a silent nod from each of them, then, they lifted, and the crate rose from the ground. It wasn't as bad as she had expected, but it would have been pretty difficult to move by himself.

"Up a ladder and into the attic, gotcha," Roger said. "Lead the way?" he asked the captain as the two men held the crate off the ground, ready to move it wherever she wanted it.

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Roger followed the captain silently as the ship seemed to come alive all at once. Of course, the doctor could hear Bert talk about Emma being awake and trying to move, but Roger didn't need to say anything as Chloe took care of it – ordering the patient to remain still lest she re-open her wound. Then Chloe instructed Bert to take care of his 'weed', and Roger smirked. Somehow, he wasn't surprised to find out that various members of a bounty-hunter's crew had various activities that involved nefarious means. He reckoned some of them liked alcohol, as well, and on that note Roger would certainly see a mutual enjoyment.

Once the captain was done giving her orders, she turned to him and indicated the hope that if he saw the ship on one of its worst days, then he'd have a gentle appreciation for all the rest. Smiling, Roger shook his head. “This ain't bad at all. If there isn't a dozen wounded with missing limbs and bleeding wounds, then I am gonna be pretty relaxed, all things considered,” he said.

He listened to Chloe's suspicions concerning what happened on New Hope, and he nodded as he understood her line of reasoning. It certainly made sense, but now they had to deal with the aftermath. Chloe ran a hand through her hair, which made Roger wonder just how stressed she was. He was about to ask when another crewman approached the pair and introduced himself, nodding at the captain in greeting and then turning to him and offering his name – Ryu Takeda.

“Roger Van Horn,” Roger replied, smiling and offering his hand toward Ryu, not knowing that he was just as new to the ship as Roger himself was.

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<Where: Cockpit
Who: Captain Jack>

Roger nodded as Chloe explained that she was most worried about the port authority finding 'illegal medicines' growing on her ship. Roger raised a brow at that, quickly figuring out what she meant, and he made a mental note to check on this 'Bert' fella and make sure he wasn't some sort of crazy addict – especially with an important job being the ship's mechanic.

He sat idly by, quietly, as Chloe went to the console and pressed a few buttons in order to make a ship-wide announcement. She was clear, concise, and quick. Some sort of 'crate' would be stashed in the 'attic', making it clear that they would likely be boarded – and inspected – within a short amount of time when landing.

When Chloe finished, she question the pilot to see if she would -really- need to go clean her room, and the pilot assured the captain that everything was fine. After Chloe seemed satisfied, she guided Roger out of the cockpit area, intent on showing him the cargo bay – which wasn't far from the 'cells', or rather, like the homely little room he had been trapped in for a little while.

As they walked, Chloe explained that she didn't exactly delve into 'illegal' stuff all that often, especially since they visited the Core worlds once in awhile. She explained what the attic was – and he smiled, having known a few other captains in his time that had 'secret stashes' that were very well-hidden from prying eyes.

“I've seen similar things before,” he said, still smiling. “And what you carry on your ship is your business, captain. The only time you'd hear a complaint from me is if you're carrying some sort of mass-toxing meant to kill people or something like that. Nerve gas. Things -highly- illegal – and irregular. If you plan to carry stuff like that at anytime – I just ask that you not tell me about it,” he said, his tone friendly, not wanting her to think he was trying to tell her what to carry or not to carry on board her own ship.

He followed her wherever she went, staying near her as she guided him along. He was more than happy to receive a tour of the ship, meet more of its crew... and get used to the place he might very well be calling 'home' soon...

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<Cockpit/Bridge, @ Chloe>

Roger followed behind the captain, folding his hands together behind his back to look as non-threatening as possible. He glanced around the cockpit – or bridge, depending on who you asked – to see that the ship looked quite capable and in pretty good condition. He wasn't an expert, of course, but he didn't see junk or damage equipment, or dust or the signs of terrible equipment aging anywhere. The ship itself looked quite capable so far.

Roger stopped a few paces away from the pilot seat where Chloe was heading. She didn't waste any time, getting on the horn with the port agent – Puddleton. At first, Roger had assumed that was a terrible nickname for a port agent she didn't particularly like. But upon hearing her use the name, apparently it was the guy's -real- name. Poor guy.

He remained silent as he overheard the discussion between the captain and the port agent, and he wondered to himself if this was a similar interrogation that she received everywhere she went. He had a brief image of punching the port authority in the mouth for being so annoying – but that wasn't his place, and it would likely get him fired – after drawing a lot of attention to Chloe and her ship and crew.

She explained, after being asked, why they were returning to New Hope so soon. She eventually corrected the idiot on the other end of the radio by saying how her name was -really- pronounced (something Roger filed away mentally for his own benefit, too), and she claimed that she and her ship and crew had nothing to hide.

Then, the guy gave her clearance to land, and Chloe signed-off. Then she swore. She was frustrated, obviously, and then asked the pilot, Becks, if she had any contraband that would get them in trouble.

The pilot responded with 'a big stack of porn, a machete, and an old-fashioned rocket-launcher. Chloe responded by gently slapping Becks on the back of the head, then calling her pilot a 'jerk', the captain turned to him to speak. She apologized for agreeing to have his things searched without speaking to him first about it, but he just smiled and shook his head.

“No big deal. Nothing in my belongings is going to trigger any concerns. I really don't own much. A few keepsakes, a small stash of perfectly legal medical supplies... Nothing as exciting as your pilot's possessions,” he said, casting a wry grin in Beck's direction. “So, one less thing for you to worry about. But if I can help with your 'crate'... or anything else, just let me know,” he offered.

So far, it seemed two of the crew, at least – the pilot and the mechanic – owned personal 'stashes' that could get them into hot water...

This was going to be an interesting job...

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Chloe was quick to claim that she wouldn't take another bet like the one she took to get the GoldHound again. She had the ship now, and didn't need another. Still, in Roger's eyes, that was a pretty huge wager to make in the first place, for both her and the guy she won the ship from. She also didn't hesitate to let him know that, if he kept her 'entertained', then they'd both come out winners.

“Smart girl,” he said softly, a cheeky grin on his face as he nodded in agreement.

She took his hand, and held onto it as she guided him out of the quarters they stood in, heading instead for her own.

Chloe began to explain to him what his share would be – effectively ten percent of the bounties she collected. He was really most surprised that she would receive one share just like the rest, and the ship, of course, would 'receive' three shares to take care of things that ships needed taken care of. Food was covered as part of that, so he wouldn't have any 'expenses' while flying on the GoldHound.

Quietly he nodded in understanding. It was an amazing offer. He didn't answer immediately, though, as he mulled it over in his head. They crossed the hallway and went straight into her quarters, and he looked around as she welcomed him in by saying he was the 'first man' to find himself inside her private chambers. He didn't outright call her a liar, and in fact he didn't say anything at first as he looked around, but he found it hard to believe she hadn't had other men in here with her before. She was a captain of a ship, assertive, and beautiful. Her body had needs. Where DID she take her men, then? Cheap, seedy motels on whatever planet she was on at the time? Or other parts of the ship?

“Very nice,” he said, looking around. She had been right before, that her quarters weren't THAT much larger than the others she had shown him. The room was clean, well-organized, and neat. She noted that they would be more comfortable 'here' once they got back from retrieving his things, but then hinted at the possibility of other 'things'... IF they had time before landing back on New Hope again.

“Well, we can only hope,” he said softly, his smile charming as she opened the other door from her room that would take them, presumably, to the bridge, or the cockpit. As she did so, he felt a change in her demeanor, becoming more serious and professional... Roger gave her hand a gentle squeeze – then gently let it go. He understood what the intention was, and he had no problem with it. Showing any sort of affection toward the man that WAS their bounty just a little while ago might come across as a little strange...

For now, Roger followed her as she moved, giving her distance, and doing his best to not look like a pervert who direly wanted to get into the captain's pants.

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Chloe laughed in response to his comment, and that was a good sign. She had a sense of humor... a lot of captains -didn't-. If she liked to laugh, maybe he'd be able to charm her even more down the road... or maybe not.

She expressed her happiness that they had 'moved on' from her 'blunder', and he simply nodded for the moment. In his eyes, he wouldn't be forgetting it anytime soon. Forgiving? Well... that just depended on a few things. If he found himself between her thighs in the near future, his forgiveness would be a lot more forthcoming, that was for certain. But he also couldn't help wondering if he would like the -person- behind the gorgeous body, as well... or was it just a physical thing?

Of course, thinking of 'liking the person' made him think of the possibility of her 'liking him'... and he felt his stomach tighten. Despite her earlier words, he had his doubts that she would respect him, at all, if she ever found out the truth. At least on her battlefield, or during her fights in space, the other guy had a -chance-.

The men and women that Roger had killed didn't.

Chloe even hoped that they would come to trust each other, and he couldn't help but smile. She admitting to wanting another friend, though friendship with him would come with certain benefits unless he was 'really bad', her lop-sided smile making it clear what she meant. She compared the possibility of his kiss to their proposed love-making, and the idea of not being able to keep their hands off one another made him smile just as much as her.

“You're a betting woman, obviously, and I'll bet you another ship that I can keep you... entertained,” he said. It wasn't outright bragging, but more aimed at being reassurance to her – and maybe just a little bit of tease. Maybe she'd look forward to it a little more if she had reason to believe that he might be able to pleasure her pretty well...

Then she asked if he wanted her to come with him to get his things. He was silent for a moment – the missionary station where he had worked was a 'religious' relief camp, but he really had nothing to hide. If anything, it would prove his story he had told her already, who and what he was. Of course, he risked looking like a bleeding-heart softy, running around using his skills for free... even if she didn't know -why- he did it.

“Sure,” he said with a nod. “You're welcome to come with. It won't take long. I have a big duffle-bag of belongings, and would really like to say goodbye to a few people,” he said. “Half hour at most, though,” he assured her. He didn't want her to think he'd be spending hours in tearful farewells with tons of people, because that would not happen.

Then she asked if he wanted to come with her, just before she contacted the helm to let her know that the captain was on her way to take care of the situation. Chloe then looked back to him, offering her hand toward him. With only a slight hesitation, he rose from the bed and moved forward, reaching his hand out to meet hers. Holding hands felt so... he couldn't describe it... innocently intimate? It wasn't something he ever did with his one-night stands. It was something 'couples' did...

He gently took her hand, ready to follow her wherever she led him, ready to let go if he felt her hand let go first....

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Mistaken Identity
« on: October 04, 2016, 01:41:42 AM »
Roger was relieved to feel Chloe move with him, cooperate and take part in the adjustments he made. She seemed to respond to his eagerness, his passion, and as his hips began to grind against hers suggestively, he was certain that soon enough, they'd be naked and going at it, and that thought only spurred him on. Her back arched, pressing the front of her body against him, and he instantly hated the clothing that they wore, the cloth barriers keeping their skin apart.

His hand between then pulled at her belt buckle. He simply wanted to loosen her pants enough to slid his hand down the front, inside, and feel how slick she was. A few strokes of his hand, and he was confident that she would be even more ready to take him. -All- of him...

Chloe's hands moved to his shirt, and just as she began to tug, it was as if someone was watching and waiting for a sign to interrupt. It was the woman's voice again, 'Becks' he thought her name was, and she was reporting to Chloe about someone who wanted to speak with her. Their lips instantly parted with a soft 'smack', and she cursed in Chinese – echoing Roger's thoughts completely.

Chloe then voiced her thoughts about his shirt being 'cursed', and he gave her a thin smile in response. She was right, though – each of the times she had tried to remove his shirt, an interruption saved her from being mauled by him. Or maybe it saved them -both- from being mauled by each other. He could only hope. But before he could reply, Chloe spoke again, and her voice seemed... different.

She asked him to stay... with -them-. The ship. The crew. Something inside him hoped that she would have asked him to stay for -her-, but... maybe it was not her way, maybe she was still just trying to keep him at arm's length, but still within reach. She suggested she give her ship and crew a chance, and then asked him to be apart of her crew, to have the ship stop back by New Hope to pick up his things and then head back out into the black again.

Roger blinked at her, at the words she used, and the way she used them. Was she just looking for a doctor for the ship? Had she done this 'seduction' bit with some of the other guys on the crew to get them to join, too? Or was she just looking to use him for a quick-and-easy excuse to land on New Hope again, just for a short while, avoid paying berthing fees, and get back off the planet?

Or... did she have some other, deeper reason to want him to stay?

Becks cut back in again, insistent. The port authorities were being annoying, and Roger knew that some of them could be that way. They might also be suspicious, what with the GoldHound having left atmo of their planet not long ago, and returning already. It was quite possibly they suspected the GoldHound to be smuggling something – having flown into orbit, docked with another ship to transfer goods, then land again...

She then spoke to him again, refusing to beg him to stay, but expressing her desire for him to do so. She joked about getting the shirt off -eventually-, and he chuckled softly. But then her tone changed, more sensual and alluring as she spoke again, expressing a desire to explore, to bury him deeply within her... and boldly pronouncing in plain words that she -wanted- him, her voice soft, sexy whisper, her blue eyes focused on his darker gaze, and for a moment, he believed every word she said.

He knew it was a risk. She had deceived him once and she had caught him completely off guard. And now, even though he was much more wary, he still found himself wanting to give-in to her still.

“Well,” he said softly, “When you put it like that... how can I refuse?” he asked. His hips gave one more firm – but very slow – grind against hers. She couldn't miss the obvious bulge, the obvious hardness, and then the one final, fleeting brush of his lips against hers. “Besides... you had me at 'Mr. Puddleton',” he said playfully, arms tensing, his weight lifting as he removed himself from on top of her, moving to the side to sit on the edge of the bed. This allowed her to move completely freely as she wished.

What the hell? What was the worst that could happen? Apparently she believed he wasn't a bounty anymore, and she'd seem him in action preventing Emma from dying. In the back of his mind, he thought that saving Emma might put a mark in his ledger in his favor, to help counteract all the other negative ones...

“Once we land, I can get my stuff and be back at the ship in less than thirty minutes,” he said. Maybe he'd go get his stuff, come back and find the ship gone. Whether that happened or not, he definitely wanted to get his things, few as they were.

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Mistaken Identity
« on: October 02, 2016, 04:24:29 PM »
Roger grinned when the captain explained that her quarters weren't -much- bigger than the rest. They were still -bigger-, though, and rightfully so. That had been one of the few constants on every ship he'd been on: being captain came with its own set of benefits, and he certainly didn't think that was a bad thing.

She pointed out where her cabin was – right across the hallway from the one they stood in now – and he nodded. NICE location. He could easily imagine joining up, staying in the cabin they were in at that moment – and making a few late-night sneaks over into her cabin for... 'a personal doctor visit'. It sounded corny in his mind, but the idea was certainly sound – and enticing. Of course, the opposite could happen often, as well. He might bump into her taking some -other- man to her cabin here and there, and that would feel... awkward. At least to him. Hopefully the bulkheads were thick enough to conceal all sound, he hoped.

Her cabin also had a direct connection to the bridge, or at least a faster method of getting there, which could prove very important in dicey space-situations. He nodded, finding such an idea a smart one.

When it came time to look for his 'payment', she didn't hesitate as she moved over to stand in front of him, holding her hands out toward him. He didn't hesitate, either, lifting his to take hers, thinking she meant to guide him up to his feet. At least she seemed willing to keep her end of the bargain, even if it was something she might not necessarily want to do. She had made a wager in a game of chance, offering a man the use of her body – in a compliant way, so offering him a kiss probably wasn't near as big a deal to her after all.

When Roger was just about to lean forward to rise to his feet, instead, Chloe moved first, her body moving forward slightly as she lifted one knee and set it down beside him on the bed, then repeated the motion with her other knee, effectively straddling his lap. She then settled back slightly, her ass resting on his knees and lower thighs. She looked into his eyes and spoke, her husky words challenging him. All he had to do was 'give', and then he'd receive. She'd match him, whatever he gave? Was that her intention? Was she prepared for that, truly? Or did she figure he would back off – or remain a gentleman?

Obviously, she had no idea how badly he desired her.

“Let's see what you got, then,” he whispered softly, and then their lips met for the second time. The kiss began tentatively, at first, but he did not wait long to intensify it, his hands sliding to her hips – pulling her slightly forward toward him along the tops of his thighs. He was demanding, eager... but not forceful, with his lips and tongue, a soft purr sounding from his throat as she responded, as promised. The kiss deepened, becoming more vigorous, maybe even anxious as she suspected she might pull away any moment.

And then suddenly he was moving, using quick movement and his strength to turn her body to the side, and then pushing his weight toward her, to effectively spin her onto her back on the bed. Still with his hips between her thighs – he pressed downward – firmly – his crotch pressed against hers in an obvious mime of what -could- be...

He groaned, pressing the tight package at the front of his trousers against her cloth-covered sex, his hips curling suggestively without any hint of modesty. Whether it was skill or luck, his lips remained on hers, possessing her lips, silently demanding that the kiss didn't stop. A second time, his hips curled, rubbing the solid path of his hidden manhood against the upper part of her crotch, hoping she'd feel the hint, feel the pressure, feel the faint caressed of his intimate body against hers...

A large part of him hoped she felt the same -need-. One of his hands snaked down between them, and she'd feel it gently jerking against her belt-buckle, pulling, gently seeking to undo it...

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