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Seth was delighted to see and hear Dalila accept his own response, playing on her own words. Someone listening-in might not really suspect what they were really talking about, though someone with a lewd mind might catch on rather quickly. Did that mean -he- had a lewd mind? He didn't give it much thought. Wanting her was as natural as wanting to -breathe-, and he wasn't going to feel bad about it at all, even though this was only their first date.

She responded, assuring him that she had enough 'tea' for the both of them. That sent another shiver down his spine, also rocketing right into his gut and down to his crotch. He was already aroused in the restroom at the restaurant, but now, -knowing- what she referred to, knowing where they were headed and why... he couldn't help but feel even -more- aroused – and eager. He smiled and nodded. "I am very glad to hear that. I wouldn't want you to... run out... in the middle of the evening," he suggested, his face perhaps blushing slightly -after- he said what he said, obviously not something he was 'used' to doing.

Even just starting to walk again was an effort, apparently for them both. Her hands didn't want to leave his body, and his hands were eager to explore hers. He moved slowly, obviously reluctant to put much distance between them every bit as reluctant as she was, and then her hand slipped into his. It was the mental image of reaching her quarters that gave him -just- enough incentive to get moving.

Dalila explained where her quarters were located, and he nodded in return. He knew where they were, as he had done work near there on occasion. He'd never been -in- her quarters, but he could find them easily enough, most likely, if he needed to seek her out. He nodded as she suggested crossing where they were now, and taking the lift on the other side. She would certainly know the routes better, though, since she actually walked them regularly.

As they walked, he had to fight the urge to speed-up, to move quicker and get to her place faster. Instead, he took a casual pace, setting one that -she- seemed comfortable with. He obviously wanted -her- to be comfortable, too – whatever happened. It wasn't even in his mind that he was 'paying by the hour', technically, and it wasn't even in his mind that he should hurry in order to get more of his 'money's worth'.

He was walking with the most beautiful woman on the ship, and in that moment, he felt that they belonged -together-.

They followed the path that she indicated, finally coming to the lift she had suggested they take. Getting on it, he was relieved to find that they were alone. He knew about the cameras too, of course (he had repaired and replaced a few in his time on board the Oasis in various spots around the ship), but he didn't care. After she pressed the button for their destination, his hand gently turned her slightly so that she faced him – and without a word – he lowered his lips toward hers, obviously hoping for a kiss. He would not go beyond that, of course – he had no desire to embarrass either of them, despite how on 'edge' he really was. But to kiss her wouldn't be frowned upon by most people, surely....

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: June 20, 2017, 02:55:37 AM »
Everything felt right, damn near perfect, or – hell – as close to perfect as he had ever enjoyed. Dalila felt -so perfect- next to him, against him, the way she touched and talked to him. He really -could- be with someone like her, and without even realizing it, it certainly gave him a boost to his confidence that might come in handy in the future, though he wouldn't understand that for some time.

She didn't push him, or urge him to leave as they stood there together, and despite their closeness and earlier kiss, no one approached him. They hadn't set off anyone's 'proper attitude', or at least if anyone had been offended, they weren't going to step forward to talk to them about it, personally.

This felt like what 'it' was supposed to feel like. The closeness of a real partner, something he'd never experienced before – or at least, not to this level. She had already indicated they would likely see each other again – training together? And who knows what else....?

She thanked him, then, for his kind and encouraging words, and then asked if he was ready to continue walking, or if he would want to visit the upper quarters. She described the kind of 'tea' she had waiting, and he held his breath without even realizing it. Oh, he was -more- than ready, for certain, as their short little hint had shown in the bathroom of the restaurant. She -wanted- to try her -tea-, and he slowly nodded. She asked if he was ready to give it a try, or if he was too stuffed for dinner, and he quickly shook his head no.

”Oh no, I am not stuffed at all now, he said softly. ”And I am literally dying to try your... tea. Dark and delicious... I eagerly want to drink every drop,” he said, and then leaned a little closer to her so he could whisper the next part. ”I just hope you have enough...”

He had 'plans', of course, and those plans including mutual pleasure that would last as long as they could both endure it. Whether that was an hour, or all night, or something in between, he didn't really care. Seth was certainly eager to touch her, to explore her... and to 'drink' her up, every single bit of her that she let him have.

”Shall we, then?” he asked, offering to get going, but not moving at all. He would let her decide when the time was right, of course. ”There's a lift just around the corner, not far from here...,” he added. He knew where ALL of them were, of course, since he often -worked- on them and maintained them.

Right now, the only thing he wanted to 'work' on... was her.

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« on: June 18, 2017, 06:15:39 AM »
Seth felt both disappointment – and relief – in response to her answer. She wasn't lonely, of course – what sort of woman like her ever would be? And to add to that, he was simply glad that she didn't feel that way, either. The mechanic didn't like the idea of Dalila feeling sad or melancholy. She was human, and he knew she COULD feel those things – he just hoped she never had to, or had to as little as possible.

She went into more detail about her answer, though, and he began to understand that though she didn't feel 'loneliness' like he thought of it, she did long for something... -more- than who and what she was. A lasting connection, which would be quite difficult considering her occupation, and that wish certainly made sense to him, as did her seeming doubt about it ever happening. A void, she called it, and he nodded in agreement. That specific word was certainly fitting. It was good to hear that she hoped it might be filled someday.

Then she leaned against his shoulder and continued, referring to the vastness of space – and the sheer number of places in the 'verse where people lived. There were far more people out there than their minds could possibly really perceive, and that gave him hope that someday, -both- of them could find someone to fill the voids they each felt. If sheer numbers were any indication, then perhaps they both had a high chance of that happened at some point or another!

His arm nearest her gently slipped around her lower back and hugged her against him a bit more. He wasn't wanting to 'rush' her, even though he definitely wanted to be alone with her, but this quiet, personal time between them was every bit as important to him as anything else. With her head on his shoulder, he turned his head and gently kissed the top of hers, his warm lips feeling the smooth, soft silkiness of her hair. Like her, he knew if he kissed her too much, things could rapidly escalate, and then he'd have to rely completely on her to stop him before he did something... unwise, given their very public location – even if few people were nearby at the moment. All it would take was one person complaining to the ship's hospitality office, and Seth was certain he would find himself in big trouble, perhaps even being booted from the ship!

”I have no doubt you will find that someone, someday,” he said, and his voice was confident. ”You just have to look hard, and be extremely picky. Someone like you deserves the very best... but I bet you'll find them, sooner rather than later,” he said, and he felt certain she would. Some rich gentleman would eventually understand what a true find she was, and would sweep her off her feet, give her every reason to leave her Companion practice behind, and settle her somewhere comfortable and lavish.

He then turned his attention back to the huge clear glass wall ahead of them, looking out at the twinkling stars that seemed to almost pack the view before their eyes. -Was- there someone out there for him, as well? Perhaps... but if there was, he found himself silently wishing that it would be someone like the woman standing next to him, head on his shoulder....

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: June 17, 2017, 05:34:08 AM »
Dalila watched and listened to him intently. Her eyes seemed to say things that her voice did not, at least in Seth's mind they did, and he enjoyed it intensely. Was he just fantasizing? Perhaps. But she was -into- him, he had to believe. She had to desire him as much as he desired her, and she seemed to be enjoying their evening together as much as he was.

His response to her question had been an unguarded moment, and after he spoke, he somewhat wished he hadn't been so... open. Women usually didn't like men who admitted faults or 'flaws', and admitting what he had, some women might take it as a sign of weakness. But it was also a testament to how he felt about her, and about being with her. He felt he could tell her anything, and being honest with her seemed as natural as breathing to him. And so he had answered her, and he had answered her truthfully.

Her response to him was short and sweet, telling him that his feeling of not being alone while he was with her, was 'good'. Her hand moved up to cup his cheek, but that did not slow the gentle kiss that they soon settled into. Unlike her, as soon as their lips met, his thoughts of others watching or possibly being 'unhappy' with the kiss completely vanished. He was immediately lost in the feel of her lips against his, his eyes closed, his mind conjuring images of countless slow, gentle kisses as they lay naked together in some bed, far away from the rest of the 'verse. It was a feeling he could not recall feeling before, and one he didn't want to end.

Seth resisted the urge to try to deepen the kiss, to move his hands over her body, to touch every curve that she had teased him with to this point. It was difficult to resist, but he did, some small voice in the back of his mind still warning him about propriety and being proper. He liked her – a lot, and he didn't want to risk bringing any amount of shame down upon her, at all. Himself? He didn't care. But he didn't want anyone seeing her in even a slightly negative light.

The kiss ended naturally, and though his lips slowly left hers – the rest of his body did not move. His eyes slowly opened, his gaze meeting hers again before he gently spoke.

“What about you? Are you... lonely?” he asked curiously, quietly, his voice a whisper just loud enough for her to hear. Had her question been a reflection of her own possible loneliness? Or had she simply 'sensed' his own loneliness in some way he did not understand? He believed he had kept his own vulnerabilities as closely guarded secrets: no one before her had ever guessed at such things. But she had, on their first date, read him like a book, and his mind reassured him that it was a result of their chemistry.

Part of him was hoping that her answer would be the same, further cementing his thoughts that they were more alike than perhaps either of them realized. But another part of him hoped she said no - for he would not wish that kind of loneliness on anyone, especially her...

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:56:35 AM »
Seth felt a little silly talking about the 'glass'. It was a mechanical thing – well, not the glass -itself-, obviously, but he'd replaced and repaired such things many times over his career, and it was something he was familiar with. She humored him, of course, still smiling, and he felt silly for bringing it up. What sort of date would want to talk about -that-? he asked himself. And then he felt her gently tug him into a different direction – and that was all that was needed. He easily followed her, and would follow her, wherever she wished.

She let go of his hand wrapped it around his waist instead, pressing the front of her body against his side. He was quite aware of her shape pressing against him, unlike any he had ever felt before.

She spoke, then, sharing her own feelings about the vastness of space, and expressing how she came to the promenade sometimes late at 'night' in order to enjoy some solitude to think. He nodded, understanding her explanation compeltely.

”I will sometimes stop by here after a shift... early evening, ship-time,” he said, speaking softly, just to her as if they were the only two people on the ship. ”It's still busy then, of course, busier than you're used to when it's late. But I'll sometimes sit and watch the various folks go past... wondering who they are, where they are from, why they're here... what led them here. Then I'll look through the windows and see the complete opposite – emptiness. Silence. It's a stark contrast that never fails to amaze me,” he said. Then he smiled faintly.

”It's interesting to know that you sometimes visit this place, as well, to sit and think... we've probably just missed each other many times, just by a few hours, he said as he turned his head to gaze out the window for a moment into the black that he had just been speaking of.

And then she asked her question, seemingly out of the blue, and he turned his head, the tip of his nose brushing lightly against hers. It -would- be so easy to kiss her, now, though if someone else were walking nearby, they'd easily be seen. While -most- wouldn't make a big deal about it... what if someone -did-? Would it embarrass her? Seth was certainly less worried about his own comfort than he was worried for hers, and he didn't want -anything- possibly ruining this moment with her.

But her question had hit him harder than he first realized. WAS he 'lonely'? He had friends. He had acquaintances. He had a job he enjoyed, that paid decently enough, and offered something new every day.... but beyond that...

Just the few hours he'd spent with Dalila emphasized that he was missing out on a -lot-. Just this... -feeling-... she instilled in him, a feeling of -being- with someone... it was something far larger than he would admit to himself, because he hadn't felt it in so long. Now, she had awakened the feeling in him, and that just magnified how much he missed it – and desired it. And, above all – he desired it with -her-. It made the answer to his question very easy.

Seth sighed, swallowing quickly as he glanced away from her, almost... ashamed.

”Yes....,” he said simply, his voice solemn and soft. But he knew the way it sounded -might- seem to her like he was looking for sympathy, or pity, so after a few seconds pause, he smiled slightly and quickly turned his face back to look into her eyes.

”But not now. Not... with you,” he said, his voice filled with emotion that was rare for him, and exposed a vulnerable side of him that a number of women that he could count on one hand had ever seen. It was in those words, and the way he said them, that would likely confirm for the experienced companion that Seth truly had 'forgotten' who and what she was....

As if to cement his words, his head tilted to the side, and slowly his lips moved toward hers, obviously seeking a simple, gentle kiss – whether anyone else was looking or not.

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: June 12, 2017, 02:13:26 AM »
Seth offered one of his brightest smiles of the evening so far when she took his hand. It was an intimate gesture to him, at least, and he definitely appreciated it. His hand warmly squeezed hers – not too tightly, of course, he definitely wasn't looking to hurt her or make her feel uncomfortable, but as they began to walk, he did move as close as he could to her while still holding her hand, his thumb gently caressing the back of her palm as they moved.

Dalila thanked him, and he nodded silently, turning his eyes to meet hers, admiring her own beauty, especially now that they weren't in a sea of tables inside the restaurant. Now, they were just two people walking along together, not really the subject of anyone's stares. She urged him to lead the way to the promenade, suggesting that she wanted to relax for awhile before 'inviting him' for tea.

He smiled again at that – and even blushed a little. He wasn't even completely sure they would -get- that far, as if he expected -something- to come up to prevent it from happening, even something beyond their control. He hoped not, he obviously desired her, and had a hard time thinking of anything else since making the arrangements for the evening. Would they actually -do- it? Would she really -want- to? And could he give her even half as good a time as she would certainly give him?

He'd never had reason to doubt himself before, so Seth wondered to himself why he would start now. There really was no reason to doubt himself – he knew what to do, he was experienced – and obviously very eager. And she -really- seemed to be into him. The looks, the tone of her voice, the way she touched him, the moment in the bathroom, the promise of 'tea'... he was definitely convinced that she wanted him, just as he wanted her.

Seth guided her to the elevator – he didn't think it would make him a gentleman to ask her to climb a bunch of steps in her dress. He had no doubt that she could, but why ask her to, when the elevator was nearby? He pressed the button and soon enough the door slid open quietly. There were two other couples on the lift, and they gave silent looks and smiles as Seth and Dalila stepped in. Then the doors closed and the elevator went up to the level that was their destination. When the doors opened, Seth escorted her out and turned to begin their walk along the massive wall of glass that was the only thing that separated them from the vacuum of space. Of course, the glass was -several- inches thick, and wasn't just any 'regular' glass. He knew, of course exactly what it was.

“You know, the glass here is actually stronger than a lot of the metallic parts of the ship,” he spoke softly, just to her. “I've regularly seen people avoid going near it, as if they fear that it might simply 'break' or 'pop out' with the slightest touch... which makes such moments seem pretty funny, really, when I see people get nervous about the glass,” he said with a light grin. He cast a look through the glass, to the countless stars just outside, as if someone had taken thousands of pearls and tossed them onto a sea of velvet. But his eyes quickly moved back to her – obviously more interested in the woman beside him than anything else inside the ship or outside.

”Space certainly does have a way of reminding us just how small we are, though... and how lonely we can really be.”

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Seth, of course, widened his eyes a little in response to Dalila's description of their near future together. Dinner, a walk, back to her quarters with the 'intention' of offering him tea, only to remove his clothes and take 'advantage' of him in the process. He gawked at her for a moment, trying to think of something equally erotic to say in return, something to stir -her- blood and make her feel the way he did in that moment as his breath quickened and his heartbeat followed suit.

“You can't take advantage of the willing,” he whispered back softly, a confession and an invitation in one.

And then they were on their way, past the poor lady who simply wanted to use the facilities, still wide-eyed at the couple as they exited the washroom together. Seth's deception seemed effective, as the woman eventually headed into the washroom, eyes narrowed, looking for any sign of the 'nefarious deeds' the couple had been up to no doubt. Seeing nothing amiss, the old woman closed the door and locked it thoroughly.

As they walked, Seth could barely contain himself, and he thought he head Dalila chuckling softly, herself. He hoped she wouldn't be upset, and so far it sounded as though she wasn't. He commented to her on the entire ordeal, labeling it as 'invigorating', but Dalila readily prescribed a different adjective to it: arousing.

”Very much so...,” he replied, agreeing with her, without going into sordid detail. He wanted to, but this certainly wasn't the place to describe to her -just- how hard she had made him, in record time, too.

They dug into their meals when they arrived a short time later, and enjoyed drink and small-talk. He looked over at her frequently, quite amazed that such a beautiful woman would find -anything- interesting about him. He was a 'grease monkey', but then again he knew -some- women were into guys like that... and why not him? He left it at that, enjoying the looks they cast at each other as they calmly finished their dinner. The waiter offered them the option of desert, but they both declined for the same reason: they were each stuffed to the gills. The food had been excellent, but Seth himself wasn't all that full. He simply didn't want to be -too- full... in case his date decided to follow-through on the soft, sweet words she had whispered to him not long ago.

Seth settled the bill, of course, and then rose to reach for Dalila's seat, to pull it back once she was ready to stand. Then, together, they strode from the restaurant, and outside of it, Seth moved up beside her, looking down between them. His hand was silently offered toward her own, but he didn't 'own' her, and wasn't going to 'force' anything: he simply waited to see if she would accepted his hand before continuing, prepared to take the walk they had discussed earlier..

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: June 01, 2017, 02:10:55 AM »
Dalila seemed pleased with his compliment, though Seth knew he had never been a poet, or even one trained in words or proficient in speaking 'well'. He was a simple man, pretty much, but what he had said had simply boiled out of him – complete truth, honesty, and genuine appreciation for her physical form. He wasn't a poet, but she certainly seemed to get his intentions clear.

The kiss was familiar to him, but only because it was by far the most recent one he had enjoyed, and it had come from -her-. He had burned that first kiss, on her shuttle, into the back of his mind where it would remain forever, if he had anything to say about it. This time, though, it seemed that the 'shy newness' was gone, and her lips seemed more prepared to kiss him more deeply – and he certainly was more than happy to reciprocate. Her enticement worked perfectly, of course, and with just the slightest hint from her, he took the bait, gently easing into something deeper, and much more passionate than what they had previously shared together.

Seth felt her hand on the back of his head, as their tongues slowly mingled, as if introducing themselves to one another. She felt so... calm against him, her hips steady and sure, his hands holding onto her as if she might try to flee at any moment. Instead, as the kiss deepened, he swore he felt her hips curl against his own, adding a faint pressure against his obviously aroused groin. He couldn't stop the soft moan that purred against her lips, he couldn't help his hands tighten slightly on her hips – pulling her a little more firmly against him as the kiss quickened slightly...

And gently, he began to ease her backward, just a few steps, to the edge of the long sink counter in front of the long mirror along the side wall. When her butt gently pressed against it, they stopped, their lips never ceasing to move and slide against one another, and their tongues becoming far more than mere acquaintances.

His hands slid slowly upward, following the curve of her hips, up to her slender waist, and then onward and up. Slowly his hands moved across the delicate fabric, and what he felt beneath the cloth matched every daydream of her he had imagine and enjoyed. Maybe she would let him lift her up onto the counter... maybe she would take him between her raised legs... maybe she would allow him to kneel and taste her, giving him an 'appetizer' that would far surpass anything this restaurant served... But right then, all he could do was kiss her, his lips falling in love with hers, his tongue seeking to make love to her own.

His hands reached just to the sides of her impressive breasts, and his thumbs slid  toward one another, gliding lightly beneath the curves he found there. Seth purred against her lips once more, as if warning her what he was about to do, his hands slowly inching upward, just beginning to glide up the curvy underside of each impressive mound...

When a knock at the door sounded, followed by a strained voice.

“Hello? Hello? Are you almost done in there?” a voice called out.

The startling noise had caught Seth off-guard, at least, and his head snapped away, as did his hands, though he did not move away from her yet. He blushed -fiercely-, and smiled.

”I.... guess for a minute there, I... forgot where I was,” he admitted softly, keeping his voice low, as he lowered his gaze.... which, obviously, fell right onto the swells of her amazing rack, her cleavage silently taunting him. ”I guess we should get back... I don't even know how long it's been,” he admitted, and then finally stepping away from her, he looked her up and down, and then himself, to make sure they each looked presentable. Then, still smile, Seth took her hand, and turned toward the door, gently walking her along with him. He promptly unlocked it, then swung it open.

Standing in the doorway was an older lady – much older, likely in her late sixties. She stood there looking up – and then her eyes seemed to finally recognize that Seth was standing there and had a lady with him.

”Why, I -never!....,” the woman gasped softly, mouth agape, her face looking completely scandalized. It was clear that she was thinking the worst, of course, and was none too pleased with what her mind was conjuring.

But Seth didn't miss a beat. He smiled and nodded at the lady. ”My apologies, madam. The lady here was assisting me. I... need help with certain functions... old war-wound, my dear,” he said politely as the newcomer took a step slightly to the side to give them room to exit.

”Well... I... that... seems proper, I suppose...,” the old woman replied, still looking quite befuddled as Seth wished her a good evening and then gently moved past her, still holding onto Dalila's hand. Once they escaped the hallway and were back out into the dining room, it only took a few moments to reach their seats, which of course had been saved. When they arrived, Seth pulled the seat out for Dalila – like any gentleman would – and then he returned to his own seat on the side of the table next to her own.

Glancing up for a moment to see if there was any sign of their food, Seth's gaze met the eyes of their waiter, who nodded and pointed a finger, silently indicating their meals would be out shortly. Then Seth returned his gaze to Dalila and – still blushing – smiled at her.

”Well... that was certainly... invigorating,” he whispered to her, their own cute little secret as he began to laugh softly, reaching for his glass of water....

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: May 25, 2017, 03:21:21 AM »
Now that they were alone, now that there were no prying eyes or critical gazes cast his way, Seth felt more comfortable. Sure, it was a fancy washroom at a restaurant, but that detail quickly slipped out of his mind as his eyes focused solely on the woman across the room from him. It was impossible not to focus on her, and he still felt her gaze was even slightly intimidating. It was as if someone far above him was looking at him, appraising him... and he silently feared he wouldn't meet her standards. Disappointing her was simply not an option.

But they -had- kissed before. And sitting there at the table minutes ago, she indicated she wanted to again, even if they had to steal a kiss on the promenade, before finding some place private. Only -now-, they HAD found some place private, and thankfully it seemed his feet were working just fine as he slowly approached her.

She welcomed the 'handsome stranger', and Seth smiled, her voice so low and sultry, inviting, and he was thrilled that she found him appealing to her. Did he turn her on like she did for him? Not likely, he thought to himself... but... it was possible, wasn't it? She'd made that much clear. -Anything- was possible. It was even possible that he had caught her eye, that she desired -him-, and that for tonight... he could -love- her...

She held out her arms to him just as he neared her, and he eased right into them without hesitation. Her arms moved up, around his neck and shoulders, and his hands moved to her shapely hips, instantly impressed by what his hands felt there. So shapely... so... -perfect-, just like the rest of her. One of her hands slowly caressed the hair on the back of his head as she spoke, suggesting that she was beginning to think that he wasn't going to join her in the washroom.

Immediately, he replied. “How could I not?” he asked softly, and there was a deep sincerity in his voice, almost reverence as he admitted to her quite clearly that he couldn't resist her. Where her question had not been entirely serious, Seth's response most certainly was. “You could have been in the middle of a lake of flowing lava, and I still would have come for you,” he added, making a genuine effort to sound romantic, but knowing that it probably sounded silly to her. Only, he meant it. He knew he was pretty much oblivious to his surroundings at this point, almost as if he was in the middle of a waking dream. Washroom of a luxury space liner... a beach... a jungle setting... a bedroom... a tent... or even the middle of a lava flow... staring at her, meeting her eyes, he didn't think the environment much mattered at that point.

He was falling for her, and when that sort of thing happened, it didn't matter where you were.

The front of her impressive body pressed against his, and he firmly held his ground. His hands, still on her hips, gently pulled, too, conveying to her that he desired her nearness. She tilted her head, silently inviting – and he accepted the invitation, accommodating her position, tilting his own head the other way and lowering his lips to hers.

The kiss was gentle, at first, as if he was simply making sure she was -real-. But a few seconds later... he sought to intensify it, having tasted her before, and desiring a far more intimate kiss, no matter where they were at the moment...

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: May 20, 2017, 06:13:58 PM »
It would be so easy to fall for her. And Seth had to wonder to himself if he was already falling for her, or if he had simply done so from the moment he met her in her shuttle. She was of course everything he could ever aspire to have as a partner – and they hadn't even been intimate yet. But he knew intimacy itself wasn't the defining trait of a relationship: a strong affection toward one another would make any following intimacy all the more powerful. But she was sophisticated and intelligent, and witty. She smiled, and even softly laughed when he'd been goofy. He hadn't enjoyed a woman's company this much since... forever.

In response to his words, she slipped ou of her seat and stood. For a flash of a moment, he feared he had insulted her by making the suggestion he did – perhaps being a bit too forward for some women. But that was brief and instantly vanished when she moved to stand at his side, leaning over toward her. The view – heaven, he would call it – of generous cleavage that silently offered so much enjoyment almost caused him to miss her words. They were there, now, in that place – and he was to follow her to the washroom if he dared...

She gave him a gentle kiss, and he hoped that her lips wouldn't feel the instant heat of his blushing. Had she somehow read his mind? Or had he been so obvious? Sure, he had suggested it... sortta, kinda... in a stammering sort of way, but she was gone now, walking steadily toward the area where the restrooms were located.

He sat, glancing around, but no one was looking his way. Sure, a few men were watching Dalila walk away, but that was to be expected.

”Seth... what the hell are you doing?” he muttered to himself. And then it hit him: This was possibly a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and he knew, without a doubt in that moment, that he would be stupid to let it pass. Clearing his throat gently, he set down his napkin and rose to his feet. About that time, their waiter was approaching, and Seth waived him over to whisper to him.

”My date is feeling a little light-headed, so she's went to the restroom to freshen up. I'll check on her. We'll be back momentarily,” he assured the waiter, who went wide-eyed for a moment, thinking it was something he or the restaurant had done. But then he nodded, seeing that Seth and Dalila planned to return, so he would not clear the table away.

Then, Seth turned and headed – casually – toward the restroom area, and once he entered the hallway, he froze for a moment, seeing three doors before him. Glancing at each one, he made a quick choice, moving to the door on the left. Gently knocking he was greeted by a man's deep voice, muffled but quite clear. “WHAT?” it demanded to know.

“Oh, sorry...,” Seth said back, keeping his voice down, wincing as he spoke. Oops. Wrong door.

He moved to the middle one, and gently knocked, and was greeted by a woman's voice – but one which clearly wasn't Dalila. “This one is occupied!” the voice called out, rather irritated.

“Oh, so sorry!” Seth called back to her, raising his voice in a terrible attempt to make it sound feminine. Catching his breath and moving to the third door... he bet all his mental-money that this was the right one, and reached down, turned the handle, and opened it and slipped inside. Seeing Dalila, he felt a wave of relief as he shut the door behind him and leaned back against it... his hand on the handle twisting slightly so he could turned the lock on the handle.

He looked across the small room to his beautiful date and smiled at her.

“Hi...,” he said softly, and then  pushing off from the door, he slowly began to walk toward her, folding his hands almost shyly behind his back, his eyes glued to hers.

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Dalila made it easy for Seth to laugh and enjoy himself. She was -good-. So good, in fact, that he didn't even realize it was happening. At first, he knew of course, how they met, how they were introduced, and how she thought of her job. Even the fact that he had scored a huge payout – and instantly knew what he wanted to do with it – reminded him who she was, -what- she was, and that did not deter him. She was in a class far above his own, and dealt with people who were wealthier and more influential by far. He was -beneath- her, at least when one looked at social factors, and he knew that.

But in less than half an hour, she made him forget.

Now, she was just a sexy, intelligent woman who seemed to like him. If she didn't – how could she fake it? How could -anyone- pull off such a convincing job like this, without dropping a single hint of how they really felt?

Her suggestion that he might not be giving himself enough credit – or giving her too much – just made him chuckle. And she tilted her head – as if curiously interested – when he suggested there -should- be a place for them to steal a kiss up on the upper-deck, should they walk that way later. And then she admitted that there was a chemistry between them that could not be ignored, and he blinked, happy and... hopeful, as he nodded slightly, his voice growing softer, a glowing smile still planted on his face.

“Yes... a powerful chemistry,” he said. “And... impossible to ignore.”

But he truly did think she might need to use the ladies room to refresh herself, but when offered, she shook her head and declined, laughing softly, which only made her even more adorable. She leaned forward, then, and shared a secret with him: she admitted to having thoughts of... joining him in the bathroom for a hasty start-to-finish kiss in a dubiously clean stall...

And he blinked again, surprised yet smitten, and then when it fully hit him – all he could think about was -doing- what she just had suggested might not be the best thing to do.

“Oh, this is one of the best restaurants on the ship. I... I am sure... the stalls are... impeccably clean...,” he said, making a charming attempt to actually sell the idea... ”And even with our food coming, I bet it won't be here for at least another... ten or fifteen minutes,” he added, glancing around a bit to other tables. ”At least it seems that way to me... you know... in case we ever come here again and... the idea strikes you as a fun one to try. I'd be happy to escort you anytime,” he said, finishing up and then quickly reaching for his glass after essentially offering to make-out with her in a restaurant bathroom – and an expensive restaurant to boot.

He even suggested 'if they ever came there again'.... as if it was a real possibility. It didn't register to him in that moment how silly it might sound to her, as SHE would certainly remember it was a 'one time thing'. He obviously wasn't thinking about it in that way at all. Not anymore.

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Dalila's smile when Seth agreed to train with her was... heart-warming. It looked real, genuine, like she really meant it, like she was truly happy with his response. And her effort to help him lower his 'barrier's to having his personal space invaded was working well. He hadn't moved his hand, and in fact, he rather enjoyed the sensation of her light touch at his wrist. Human touch was something Seth did not receive regularly, at least not for a long time, and now, feeling something as simple as this was relaxing and enjoyable. He touched her back, as close to the same way that she touched him.

When she asked if he thought they could 'hold together' throughout dinner and a walk on the decks, he let out a soft laugh, his smile positively radiant. “To be honest? I bet YOU could hold it together... not so sure about myself,” he admitted openly, and he was just being honest. He couldn't -wait- to kiss her, and touch her – if things went that far, which he hoped they would. He wouldn't push it that way, of course, if she didn't seem receptive to it, but so far, he felt his chances were good. ”But when it comes down to it, the only way to find out is to try,” he added with a playful wink, reaching for his glass for another sip.

His gaze never left hers, either. She was so beautiful it was almost -intimidating-, which was odd, given the fact that his job was often dangerous, involved frequent space-walks and dealing with engines and electrical systems that could -instantly- fry him with one small move. There wasn't a lot of things that intimidated him. But looking into her eyes, with that beautiful gaze looking back at him... he wanted to melt. Simply melt right there on the table, as embarrassing as it might be.

She then shared some knowledge about the security personnel on the upper walkways. He nodded, having heard some of the same stories himself. She finished by suggesting they might have to find a quiet nook, though, if the tension became too high, and they couldn't stop themselves.

Seth blinked at her words, and this time it was easier to simply -believe- her. To believe that she wanted that, that she was feeling the same kind of tension he was. Was it really so unbelievable? He was a fairly decent looking guy, or so he'd been told. He was healthy and virile and he kept in shape. She was a woman – a special one, of course, but still – wouldn't her body also have wants and needs, too?

“I think... we could manage that, quite easily, finding a bit of privacy as we walk the decks after dinner,” he replied back to her, his voice softer, as if they were sharing secrets now that they didn't want anyone else to hear. “I'll do my best to be a gentleman, I promise,” he added with a hint of playfulness. He would do that, for her. The last thing he needed to do was embarrass an actual Companion in public on THIS ship. He would be dropped off at the next skyplex or planet without any hesitation, and it would be -very- hard to find another job.

His eyes kept on her, though, moving from her eyes, down to her lips, and back. He was already picturing it, already -seeing- the kiss in his  minds' eye. Those perfect lips, and the way she kissed... maybe when they kissed, THEN he would wake up from this dream? But his eyes also caught her glance to the side, just for a split second. Curious, he glanced that way, too. He saw a few tables... some of them occupied by other patrons, including some men. Had she recognized someone? Or... just past those tables was the washroom....

“Oh, do you need-...?” he asked, his words and voice trailing off, glancing back toward the washroom again, clearly offering her a chance to get away to the washroom if she needed to. He certainly would not be upset in the slightest if she did...

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Seth chuckled softly when she turned the 'mirror' comment around onto him, and then playfully clarifying that he was talking about a beautiful woman, while she thought of him as an 'attractive man', so he obviously couldn't have been referring to himself. He smiled at her, appreciating her sense of humor. It just made him feel more at ease with her, more relaxed... as if they had been together for a lot longer than they really had. His smile equaled hers, for sure, and unknowingly – he felt the exact same way about her that she did about him.

It was her reply to his comment about whoever she finds as her -real- partner was going to be one lucky person, that made him grow serious. He had until morning to convince her that it could be -him-? Seth didn't really think she meant it, but just the thought of it... it was a fantasy, and fantasies simply never came true! Then again, here he was, sitting at dinner with an actual Companion, something else he had always believed would remain nothing more than a fantasy. But she also followed that up with the idea of seeing her again if he took her up on the offer to train with her.

Without hesitation, he nodded. “I agree to train with you,” he said, flat out, and only with a faint hint of a smile. He was very serious. Sure, he wouldn't get to be intimate with her of course – since he wouldn't be paying for her time, and he believed it would remain purely professional – unless he hit the jackpot again during one of his gambling stints. But... at this point, he simple wanted to -see- her again, even if it was just as friends. She was simply the most exciting person to come into his life in... forever.

He felt her fingers gently running along the inside of his wrist, and he made no move to stop her. It was having an interesting effect on him, too... arousal at the speed of light, which surprised him. Everything about her was so exotic – even her touch, and he once again found himself without words. What could he possibly say that wouldn't make him sound like a fool? But she saved him again, by speaking her mind, sharing her desire for a kiss...

His smile widened a little as he moved his hand to the outside of her hand, resting his own about an inch or two from hers. Gently he inched forward the tip of one finger to lightly glide along the back of her smooth palm, touching her in much the same way she was touching him as he answered.

“In all honesty... I haven't stopped thinking about it since that first kiss,” he said softly, a little color coming to his cheeks. “And how badly I've wanted to kiss you again since then... I mean, even at the moment it happened, I desperately wanted another... and it's felt that way ever since.”

It was becoming easier and easier to pretend that she belonged to him, and that he belonged to her. He wanted it. He desired it. He wished it. And he knew he dreamed about it. But now, having her sitting here with him in person – why not simply -believe- it, even if it would come to an end entirely too soon?

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Dalila admitted that the Oasis was indeed a very comfortable place to be. He nodded in agreement – in truth, he had worked far worst jobs in his life, and the Oasis certainly had a lot going for it. Sure, his employers could be arrogant and overly demanding sometimes, but the pay was good, and it wasn't likely that the ship would be overrun by thieves or crooks or huge crime waves anytime soon. The Oasis felt -safe-, because the ship's owner made sure it was safe. Business would quickly go south if it was otherwise dangerous.

But when he spoke of meeting the most extraordinary woman he'd ever met – and not just while working on the Oasis – she seemed to grow a little quieter, a little more reserved as she leaned toward him, and asked him if she knew this woman he spoke of. She claimed she wanted to know who she was so that she could meet her and see if she could sway this mystery woman her way before he swept the mystery woman off her feet.

For a brief moment, it almost sounded like Dalila wanted this mystery woman to herself! But he understood the woman's intent – or perhaps his mind, filled with lewd thoughts ever since he met Dalila for the first time, was simply running a little wild interpreting her words however he wanted to....

She was closer to him now, and he did not back away at all. In fact, he leaned a little closer, too, as if they were conspiring together. She then doubled-down on her curiosity about the 'mystery woman', asserting that she'd prefer to be 'Mrs. Downey' – his wife – for the remainder of the day before he ran off to meet her.

Seth was all grins, playing right along with her. When she made her desires clear, he nodded, and then began to glance around. He made a show of it, craning his neck this way and that, as if he was looking for something or someone in particular. After a few moments of doing that, he turned his gaze back to her, his eyes focused on hers, as he shrugged slightly.

“Sorry... I'd be happy to introduce you to her... but I don't see a mirror anywhere,” he said, his voice sounding very regretful, though the smile on his lips might indicate that he was obviously playing along with her, as well. Surely she knew to whom he referred to, and it was her of course. He knew this was true because he was also sure that she had heard similar compliments countless times throughout her time as a Companion. Only, Seth meant it, and meant it deeply. So far, she had been every bit the majestic Companion that he had only ever read about, or seen from afar. She was regal, sophisticated, and so much more... almost to the point of being intimidating to him in a strange way.

She was, quite clearly, the kind of woman he had always fantasized about, though in truth she put his fantasies to shame! Then again, wasn't that part of what a Companion offered? To be a fantasy come to life for those who could afford them?

He almost apologized for his lame attempt at expressing how pleasant he found her, but that would just remind them both of what she really was, and right now – he just wanted to go along with -his- fantasy for the night, that she was really into him, and he into her.

A few minutes later, the waiter returned to collect their orders for dinner. Seth nodded toward Dalila, indicating that she should go first, and then he ordered for himself, as well, and soon the waiter was off, leaving them alone again.

"In all truth, though, and all seriousness... you are very... amazing," he said, surprising himself on how he was able to say it without blushing fifty shades of red. "Whoever ends up with you is going to be one very lucky individual," he said, reaching for his glass of water.

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Dalila thanked him for seeking her out in particular, and she seemed genuinely pleased that he had asked for her, specifically. He blushed slightly, perhaps, the mere thought of someone like her glad that someone like him had asked for her personally causing his cheeks to become a bit red for a moment, and he smiled wide.

“Well, you made an interesting first impression on your shuttle,” he said. “You're far more approachable than I thought you would be. And... far more beautiful,” he added. She looked positively radiant to him, even more so than during the trip in the shuttle... though he knew he might have simply been letting his imagination get the better of him.

Seth inwardly began to panic: he had plenty of time to think of tons of things to discuss with her, but now that he was with her, his mind was quickly going blank. She was such a pleasing distraction, and deep down he really DID want to get to know the -real- Dalila – not the 'companion' Dalila. Of course, they could certainly be the same person, completely, and if that was the case, he still wanted to find out more about her.

Delving into her personal life seemed like a harmless thing to do in order to learn more. If he asked something that made her uncomfortable, he was confident that she would tell him so. Asking about her plans for the future seemed like a harmless thing to ask, and she responded quite easily to it.

As the waiter gave them some water, she let Seth know that she would probably never completely leave the 'business'. Of course, he had no idea how 'long' Companions remained in 'service'. Did they have contracts for set periods of time? Or did they come and go as they pleased? Based on what he had heard of them, how they were often taken in young, given a premium education and whatnot, Seth assumed they were bound to serve their Guild for a certain number of years... or until they had brought in a certain amount of money, perhaps? He didn't know, and honestly, he wasn't eager to focus on her occupation regardless.

But she went on to explain that if she found a man who fancied her as much as she fancied him, she'd 'adjust' her work accordingly. Of course that could mean anything, really. She continued, explaining that she had even thought of opening a school for girls, which Seth found curious. She explained what she would do differently at her 'school', and then Seth understood, nodding slowly as she explained.  But Dalila also went on to explain that she'd be just as happy staying in space, because she enjoyed it. She wasn't fond of politics, though, which did surprise him a little. Ultimately, she enjoyed working with people, what sounded like the best part of her profession to her.

He smiled and nodded. “Very admirable goals, and reasons for them,” he said, obviously impressed.

But then she playfully commented about his 'offering' to retire with her on Boros, and how they'd probably manage a comfortable life between each of their skill-sets. Immediately, his eyes widened a little and his cheeks turned a bit pink, more so than before. He didn't respond right away, so she turned the question around on him, asking about his own long-term plans and dreams.

For a moment, his mouth worked but nothing came out. The image of retiring in some nice place with her at his side was... overwhelming and quite distracting in the moment, but he quickly pulled imself together.

“I... well.. I don't have -huge- goals, really,” he began. “Perhaps one day settling down and opening a shop of my own, working on ships, ground-based craft... anything, really. Maybe sometime down the road when I find someone who is interested in the job of being my better-half,” he said, a crooked-grin crossing his lips. “And if she wants kids, I could help in that department. Or if she doesn't, I'm fine with that, too. I don't ask or demand a lot... just someone to share my life with,” he added.

“But for now... I drift through the stars, working on ships here and there. So far, working on the Oasis here has been quite profitable,” he said.

“And it has allowed me to me the most extraordinary woman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting,” he finished, looking directly at her.

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 <Restaurant, evening, @Dalila Moreno>

For his part, Seth couldn't even seriously consider having any sort of 'relationship' with Dalila – outside of what they were sharing that night. Even a simple 'friendship' didn't seem likely, given the gaps in their individual stations. Not for a lack of -desire-, of course, but simply for a lack of common ground. She traveled in circles he'd never be a part of. He traveled in circles she'd never lower herself to. Those two worlds rarely met, and when they did, it was very clear who was in the upper tier, and who was in the lower.

Besides, could he -really- simply be 'friends' with her, and not desire her every minute he was with her? It'd be some silly form of self-torture, of course. And what about the future? He could imagine finally meeting a nice girl, someone in his league, and having that girl learn that one of Seth's close friend was a -companion-, especially one of the Dalila's quality. Not many women would be comfortable with that, he imagined.

So he couldn't hide his genuine surprise, a pleasant sort of surprise, when she indicated that he'd know where her quarters were eventually, and once he knew, he'd be free to call on her whenever he wanted to 'train' with her. Immediately his inner-voice was assuring himself that he would want to train a LOT, as in, several times a day, giving him plenty of excuse to visit her. But the realist inside knew that would lead to a restraining order, and possibly even the loss of his job or expulsion from the Oasis.

“I like that – and I'll definitely keep it in mind,” he smiled at her, obviously pleased to hear her offer. Was she serious, though? Would she truly hold to her offer, even if he wasn't a paying client? Or would she simply find reasons not to be around much, at least until he grew tired of silent rejection and quit bothering her? "I don't have a regular work-out partner, so that would definitely be nice."

At the restaurant, Seth assured her that he had not made any assumptions about their 'agreement', nor had he informed the staff that he and his date were actually a 'couple' of any kind. It was apparently simply a maitre d' who was doing his best to be friendly. Even as Seth blushed and assured her he was innocent, she responded that she had been called much worse than someone's wife. He smiled at that, and his embarrassment soon wore off.

When they were seated and alone, Dalila thanked him for bringing her to the restaurant, and commented on the news that she had heard the place was quite good. Her voice, her words, sounded far less 'business like' than he figured she would be, and instead, she sounded more and more like a woman who was simply enjoying a night out. While at first her 'occupation' had been on his mind quite vividly, as time went on, he thought less and less about it, and began to see her as a beautiful woman – one for whom he had a deep, barely-concealed desire for.

“Yes, I've heard the same thing,” he agreed, and it was the truth. When he had researched places to take her for dinner, this restaurant had come up and received high marks. And while it was also just outside his 'usual' financial means, it was still reasonable enough, considering how many credits he had remaining from his winnings.

“And thank you for coming,” he added on, echoing her sentiment, too. “I know you didn't have to, but I am really glad you did,” he admitted. He noticed her attention was on him, too, which increased his own appreciation for her, and made him believe even more that it was possible she might actually be 'into' him...

And why not? He knew he wasn't ugly. He was in her age range-band, and he knew a LOT of the clients on the Oasis were 'older', successful men and women. Seth might not be in those categories, but he wasn't poor by any means, and he made up for the financial short-falls in other ways, or at least that's what he believed.

Seth wanted to 'feel' as though they were a couple, rather than a client and servant, and as the night went on, that feeling began to take hold.

“So, Mrs. Downey...,” he said, his voice playful as he referred to the label that had been given her a few minutes earlier, “What sort of long-term plans do you have? Do you plan to retire to some remote, tropical island on Boros at some point? Perhaps politics are in your future? Exploring your own business, perhaps? Or maybe settling down with some rich mining executive and giving him a dozen children?” he asked, obviously curious about her and her hopes and dreams. It was a personal question, but it also showed that he felt comfortable enough with her to ask in the first place...

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Seth realized that her touch was almost impossibly graceful – and he liked it. She was so... -formal-... no, that wasn't the word.... she was so -sophisticated- and -proper-. The way she held herself was not the sloppy, lazy, or even exhausted way that most of his friends did. She had a bearing about her that was so regal, so... -refined-. That was the word, -refined-... that made him feel like a million credits just by being -with- her...

When she suggested that they could meet up on occasion to work out together, he blinked in obvious surprise. His payment only counted for one night, of course, so her suggestion was merely a way to be 'nice', to sound as if they really -were- together... or, she was interested in being 'friends' outside their contract. Friends, he reminded himself... he didn't count on fate to reward him with such sizable winnings at the casino anytime soon.

But why would that be so bad? Even Companions had 'friends', he figured, and he could certainly be useful to her if she needed any further help with her shuttle. He could imagine working out with her... her curvaceous body glimmering with sweat, beads of it running down between her rather pronounced cleavage, chest heaving as she caught her breath... some said that such work-outs sometimes made a woman horny, hell, if he was lucky...

Seth filed such images away in the back of his mind along with images of her in a bikini coming out of the pool. Yeah, being her friend would be fine... even if a bit torturous. Still, it might certainly provide him with ample visual stimuli in which to pleasure himself at a later time, of course...

“That would be awesome,” he said, maybe a bit TOO enthusiastically. “I'd be happy to work-out with you. Or swim. Or... anything,” he said, then immediately cursed himself mentally for sounding so... 'grabby'. Still, it had been a genuine offer, and it was too late to take it back now either way.

Dalila agreed that heading to their dinner-date now would be fine, so he slid out from his seat, then turned to offer his hand to her to assist her in rising, as well. It didn't hurt to try to be a gentleman, he reminded himself – and it felt nice -being- nice to someone like that, anyway.

When they were both standing, he offered her his hand – though didn't force the issue – before setting off to leave the bar and head to the restaurant. It wasn't far, thankfully, and he wasn't in any sort of hurry. Quite to the contrary, he wished this night could last forever.

Whether she held his hand or not, they made their way without incident, and arrived at the front of the restaurant he had promised to take her. It wasn't the 'best' on the Oasis, but it was far from the worst, as well. Classy without being OVERLY so, it required a reservation, and when he gave his name, the gray-haired maitre d' smiled and confirmed his reservation, then grabbed a couple menus and stepped around to greet them properly. He was dressed in a very professional black suit and even wore white gloves on his hands. Seth imagined that the man's suit cost more than Seth made in a month.

“Mister and Misses Downey, please, right this way,” he said sweetly in a slightly accented voice, smiling brightly as he turned to lead them into the restaurant. Immediately Seth blushed hotly, and as the man walked in front of them, Seth leaned toward Dalila to whisper.

“I... didn't say anything about a spouse when I made the reservation...,” he whispered quickly for her ears alone, obviously wanting to make sure that Dalila was not offended. But as they moved forward, the entered the restaurant proper where low lighting accented a very luxurious setting, with soft music playing in the background, and various couples and small groups already seated at various tables scattered about, speaking softly to one another.

Reaching a table that had no one currently sitting near them, the maitre d' pulled out the chair first for the lady, and then repeated the process for Seth himself before setting the menus on the table. “Your waiter for the evening will be right with you. Please, enjoy, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call upon me,” the man said, then bowed slightly before departing.

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Seth silently thanked his lucky stars that she hadn't taken his compliment as too 'lewd'. Of course, if he was one of those rich, super-educted men that she spent time around, he might have been able to express it in a better, more eloquent manner. Still, he hadn't been intentionally lewd about it, so he figured he was pretty safe, especially when she confirmed that it sounded fine to her. She was used to compliments, he knew, and just as she had likely heard far more eloquent ones in her time, she had probably also heard far worse ones, too.

She praised him for his courage and positivity, which made him smile. He didn't feel particularly 'courageous' in any particular way. He was just... himself. Though he did try to remain positive, even during the worst of times, because he knew that no matter how bad things might seem on a pleasure cruise-liner like the Oasis, things could always be much worse. He knew – because he'd seen 'worse' with his own eyes.

He took a drink, as did she, which made him feel a little more at ease. Then she replied to his questions, sharing some of the things that she enjoyed. Walking... swimming... the image of her in a two-piece bathing suit... hun dan! He could only imagine how the blood would flow in his body from seeing -that-! She preferred books to movies, and he nodded in understanding – books tended to be able to offer far more 'detail' than the limits that a movie could, though like him, she could and did enjoy both.

She loved music, too, and dancing, and she could sing! Well, of -course- she could. Then she turned his questions around to him as she reached a hand for his, slipping her fingertips between his own. He responded immediately – both by moving his hand to more fully interlock his fingers with her own, and by responded to her question.

“Me? Well, believe it or not, I don't exactly enjoy tinkering with mechanical stuff round the clock,” he said with a faint smile. “I enjoy my fair-share of reading and movies, for sure, though like you I give a slight edge to books over movies,” he said, his smile widening for a moment before he continued. “I enjoy working-out, even doing a bit of sparring and boxing when I have the time. My job can be physically demanding so I try to keep in shape as best as I can. Some of the guys are pretty... umm... 'heavy',” he said, trying to sound diplomatic, “And they can barely move things sometimes. I don't wanna be that guy – ever, especially if I can help avoid it,” he explained.

“And though I can't sing worth a damn, I can actually play one mean harmonica,” he said, blushing slightly. “Something that goes back to my childhood, back on Hera. Didn't have the coin for fancy instruments, but a cheap harmonica could be had for a few credits, plus it was small, compact, easy to slide into a pocket,” he admitted.

Seth glanced to the side, perhaps checking on the time, and saw what time it was. “Oh, I don't mean to interrupt, but if we start heading to the restaurant, we'll get there a little early. Maybe they can fit us in before our actual time? Maybe that'd let us get to that walk afterwards a little quicker?” he asked, curious if she would rather be a little early, or would rather sit a little longer and arriving around the exact time of their reservation as very gently, his thumb slid back and forth, slow and sweet, along the top edge of her hand.

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It had been a long day, a lot longer than Seth had bargained for. He and the rest of the mechanic crew of the Oasis was overworked - as usual. Sure, the extra work-time provided for a nice overtime bonus, but money alone couldn't buy happiness, and even though Seth didn't have much of a 'life' outside work, he still -did- have one, and he enjoyed spending time doing his own thing - a least for a few hours a day before he went to his quarters and crashed.

The team had done really well that day, though. Despite the bitching and whining from the 'higher ups', the grease-monkeys on the Oasis were some of the best. They -had- to be. The mega-rich who owned the luxury liner wouldn't settle for having crappy -anything-. Whether it was crappy mechanics, or crappy waiters and waitresses, or crappy janitors - it didn't matter who it was, if you weren't good at your job, you would soon find yourself fired and kicked off the ship at the next port of call.

But the mechanic crew currently on board the Oasis was good. REALLY good.

Earlier that day, Seth had been called to a job aboard a shuttle owned and operated by a Companion - and boy had that been an experience. He'd seen them around, on occasion - it wasn't like they hung out in the same areas he did, of course, but he'd see one in passing now and then, or at one of the casinos. It wasn't like he could afford one, though, but it wasn't a bad daydream - especially with the one he had met earlier that day.

But now, with work done and a little time to relax, he decided it would be cool to head to the usual place a lot of the mechanics hung out for a drink, and perhaps relax for a bit before going to toss some money away at the casino.

Seth arrived and walked into the bar - a nightclub of sorts - and looked around while standing near the entrance. He nodded and waved to a few people he knew, people like him: regular workers that didn't have enough money to go to the -rich- clubs and bars, and seeing an open spot at the bar he headed that way. As he got closer, he noticed one of the people already sitting there, recognizing her right away.

"Hey, Gem," Seth said as he moved up to take a seat on the bar stool next to her. He motioned to the bartender, indicating he wanted one of whatever was on tap that night. "How goes it?" he asked his fellow mechanic, calling her by the 'shorter' name he had given her some time ago - even though he was pretty sure she hated it. But the mechanic crew was, in a lot of ways, a 'brotherhood' of sort, and that included 'sisters', too, and as such Seth treated them all like a mix of family and friends.

"What a great list of accomplishments today, eh? Especially great work on your part, too. Really blew the socks off the boss, didn't we? Such an impressive increase in performance - I'd never seen the boss's eyes get so big. But you know what this means, right?" he asked, nodding to the bartender as he set his glass before him. Seth picked it up and took a long drink before setting the half-empty glass back down on the counter.

"It means that in the future, they're going to -expect- that awesome job we did as 'normal', without any increase in pay," he said with a smirk. "That's how it works, sadly. Crap always rolls downhill."

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: November 15, 2016, 03:57:17 AM »
Seth listened as Dalila spoke briefly about her parents. From the way she talked – and how brief it was – and her choice of words at the end, Seth drew the quick conclusion that Dalila might not be on the best of terms with her parents. He could imagine that Dalila had chosen to be a Companion, and her parents had not been very approving of that decision. Maybe not just for the 'type of work' that the job entailed, but also because it was likely Dalila didn't get to see Londinium that often. Or maybe she did. But something told him that her presence on the Oasis, so far from the jewel of the 'Verse, wasn't about trying to be close to home.

He thought to ask more about her parents, but given the way she responded, he simply nodded in understanding, and decided not to prod, in case it was a sore subject. Instead, she went on by herself, explaining that her father was a Judge, and her mother was a socialite. The last time she had seem her parents was at a social-event that was more about politics than anything, and Dalila's insistence that she wasn't exactly fond of politics made Seth smile and nod in obvious agreement.

“The extent of my interest in politics is when discussing with our team which shift each of us gets to work. No one wants to work the graveyard shifts, so there's quite a bit of 'lobbying' going on then,” he said with a slight grin, trying to keep their conversation light and airy. A little smile, and little fun, and giving them both the chance to change the subject to something more agreeable.

She did go on, though, explaining that she had two brothers and a younger sister, though the sister was a LOT younger and the two of them didn't really know one another that well. Those comments shifted then to her schooling, where she was one of the best in her class, though she didn't do so well in the 'violence' focused classes. She could defend herself she assured him, but she wasn't very skilled with a firearm or a blade. Instead, she was more of the artistic kind of person. Again, Seth nodded.

“I can believe that. Watching you walk is like... watching art -move-,” he said softly – and then smiled a bit shyly. “Sorry. That... probably sounded corny,” he said a bit sheepishly.

But then she turned it around, asking about him, how he grew up and what it was like. His smile remained and he even blushed a bit. “Well, you probably won't be surprised to know that my upbringing was a LOT different than the people you typically meet,” he said, actively working to -not- refer to her 'clients'.

“I was born on Hera, to a farming family. I had five brothers and five sisters – eleven of us in all. I was number six – right in the middle. Some believed that was good luck, some believed it was bad luck. I don't know – I think it included a little bit of both, I suppose,” he said, his grin warm and charming.

“Even as a youngster, I took to machines and stuff, tinkering when I could get away with it, helping my father out when I could. I even dropped out of secondary-school in order to take a job as a Mechanic's Apprentice – youngest one ever in my home town. I made a little money, which went to the family of course. Had the job for about two years before the Unification War broke out,” he explained, his smile faltering a bit at that point.

“I enlisted, of course, being all gung-ho for our planet and our way of life. One of my brothers and one of my sisters came with me, and all three of us signed-up at the same time. We all got shipped in different directions, though. I won't bore you with the gory and sordid details, and of course you know how the war ended,” he said, doing his best to keep smiling.

“I went back home to find the family farm obliterated. Ma and pa were both killed. A few of my brothers and sisters also didn't make it – including both of the ones that signed-up with me. I guess in that regard I was the lucky one,” he said with a shrug. “With nothing to really stay for, I went back to the nearest spaceport and took a job on a small junk-freighter as their mechanic. It fed me, and got me off-planet. I haven't been back since,” he said.

His smile widened then. “And no – in case you are wondering, it doesn't bother me to talk about it now. That's been several years ago. Well, it doesn't bother me like it -used- to, and I've faced those demons too many times to count. And ultimately, Dalila... if things hadn't happened as they had... I probably never would have met -you-,” he said, his voice softening.

With her face toward him, her hair curtained so as to make him feel like she was focused on him and him alone, he raised a hand upward to reach out to touch her cheek quite gently. “And meeting you is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me since heading out into the black...”

His fingers gently caressed her cheek for a moment, and in that moment of vulnerability, telling her more about himself than he had told almost anyone else, he felt closer to her, drawn to her, able to trust her and somehow having a feeling that she wouldn't judge him for it. Maybe she'd laugh or poke fun about his 'farmboy' heritage, but he had a feeling she wouldn't really mock him. She was different, he could tell, and his instincts told him that she was respectful.

After lightly brushing her cheek once more with the side of his thumb, he slowly pulled his hand away and reached for his beer, lifting it up to take a solid drink from it. Setting it back down and licking his lips, he turned his attention back to her.

“What about sports? Movies? Music? Into any of those?” he asked curiously, eager to get to know her better, this woman who – if he had his way – would love him and accept his love for a single night...

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: November 03, 2016, 02:32:09 AM »
The privacy of the booth was good for Seth, as well. Part of him had just started to wonder what would happen if he saw someone he worked-with, and what they would think? It would be -very- obvious that Seth was dating someone 'above his means', because that's who most of the people onboard the Oasis were: rich folk, wealthy businessmen and women, husbands and wives of wealthy businessmen and women, and, of course, Companions. All of these people were the kind of people that Seth wouldn't normally have a chance with at all, and as such, seeing him with someone from that layer of society would attract even more unwanted attention.

And then if they actually came to talk to them, it would likely end in Seth's embarrassment of course. Much of it would take place the next work shift, when the questions would fly. Was Seth so desperate for a woman that he had to buy one? He could already hear a few of his co-workers giving him shit about it in his head. But he quickly turned that 'off', refusing to let such thoughts ruin his special evening.

After they were both seated, she moved back toward him, pressing gently up against him. That brought her -very- close to him, and he was more than happy for that. Her smile was contagious, and it made him smile, too, almost shyly. She replied to his comments, his plans for the date, and she seemed accepting of all that he offered. Then she asked what he would like to know about her,

Beneath the table she moved one of her hands to gently rest on his thigh, at his knee. In response, before he started to reply, he raised his arm nearest her, and carefully extended it behind her, resting it along the top of the edge of the booth. He didn't think she would appreciate him resting the weight of his arm along her shoulders, so instead, it was just inches away, resting on the well-made booth upholstery instead.

What to ask her? He wanted to know -everything-, especially her secrets, and he wanted to know what turned her on – and what made her heart flutter. Seth had always felt confident with women before, but this was something -entirely- different, even though Dalila herself was in fact a woman.

If he spoke about her work and if she decided to answer, he'd just hear things he probably didn't want to know. How many lovers, how often, how good they were, or bad. These were things he really just would rather not know, at least not now. His desire had been to share an evening with her as if they were in love, and that wouldn't work too well if he started trying to pry into her profession. So, instead, he decided to go in a different direction.

“Tell me about your parents? Are they... still with us?” he asked, the gentlest way he could think of to ask if they were 'alive'. “What do they do, and where do they live?” he asked, simply curious.

Immediately it was clear how -challenging- this would be! She had probably been asked every question someone could possibly imagine! How could he -possibly- not bore the shit out of her? Or... would her clients even care about her history? Her past? Her upbringing and the things that made her who she was? Or were her clients generally the self-centered types that only like talking about themselves – or did they prefer not to talk at all, but pursue 'other' activities?

“I also admit that I am quite curious about the things you like... favorite foods, favorite things to do when you have a day to yourself,” he said, and he couldn't help but wonder just how much time she had to herself on a regular basis. That likely depended on how 'busy' she was, right?

~Focus,~ he scolded himself. ~She's not a Companion now. She's a beautiful woman who seems very much into you, so don't fuck this up!~ he told himself, pushing himself to believe in the fantasy as much as he could....

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: October 28, 2016, 04:07:30 AM »
Seth appeared oblivious to any innuendo regarding 'tea'. Remembering their first time together on the shuttle, she had made tea, and that was what he innocently thought she was referring to. Such as it was, his response was also completely innocent as well, though someone from Dalila's background could obviously take it in a variety of ways.

“I am sure you have a flavor I would enjoy. Hot, spicy, or mild and warm... I am sure I will enjoy it greatly,” he said, smiling at her without any hint of lewdness in his eyes. If only he knew what -she- was thinking, how -she- might take his words, his skin might have taken on an entirely different shade of color just then.

She assured him that she had no other obligations that day or evening, which made him smile a little wider. It was nice to know she wouldn't be rushing off that evening to be with someone who happened to 'pay more'. “It definitely pleases me to spend time with you,” he said, not being shy about that much, at least. “And I am sure we can find things to do what we both can appreciate, yes. I have faith in that,” he added with a nod, and that part -was- a bit of a flirt, based on his body language and the way his voice deepened slightly when he said it.

Then she leaned closer when she replied, appreciating his concerns for her enjoyment. She admitted feeling the same way about his, and he -did- finally blush, however slightly. If there was something he really wanted to do, he had only to say the word. Those words gave him pause, making his heart beat a little quicker, making him take a little deeper breath. Hearing a real Companion say that – to him – was almost intimidating. Anything he wanted? If he asked to go to her place right then and there – would she? And would she enjoy it?  Or would she be secretly disappointed, but go through the motions regardless, because it was her 'job'?

Before he could answer, she suggested they find a booth, and he nodded. He didn't seem to notice the men that Dalila had, as his attention was quite obviously on her. He did his best not to gawk, but rather caught a glimpse here and there of blue-covered curves that hinted at perfection, yet hid it mostly from view. She turned and gracefully rose from her seat, and he followed suit, standing and taking his drink in hand as she waited for him to lead the way – and that he did.

He offered her his arm and when she took it, he carefully, patiently led her away from the bar – and the gawkers – toward a cozy, slightly darker back corner where several empty tables awaited visitors. He paused at the most distant one, the one farthest from the rest of the bar, the one that would give them the most privacy, or as much as was possible in such a setting. He lifted his arm slightly so that she could more easily pull her hand away, and then waited for her to be seated before he followed, taking a seat beside her on the circular bench that made a half-moon around a small, round well-finished table.

“Better?” he asked softly, hoping she was more comfortable. He really did want -her- to enjoy it, as well.

“I... just for the record... I'd really like you to enjoy yourself as much as I do, and am,” he said, then rolled his eyes. “I mean, I -am- enjoying myself. You're quite fascinating, and I'd love to know more about you,” he said. He felt a little silly, of course – likely repeating things her clients often did. ~I want to know more about you...~. Lame. All men probably wanted that... and more.

Seth took a sip of his drink, then. God, he so badly wanted to NOT screw this up...

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: October 25, 2016, 02:41:07 AM »
Dalila admitted without hesitation that she was pleased to leave a 'lasting impression' upon him, based on their single meeting the previous day. Seth believed it, too – she was probably very used to leaving 'lasting impressions', ones strong enough to make her clients seek her out again and again.

It was difficult to separate the 'woman' from the 'Companion', but Seth was trying. On one hand, it would be -so easy- to let himself be drowned in the fantasy, to lose sight of who and what she was – only to crush him the next morning by reminding him that she had 'work' to do – work that didn't include him. On the other hand, mentally holding her at arm's length would simply make the evening feel too 'mechanical'. It wasn't judgment, of course – he didn't feel he had the right to judge her for her choice of occupations. It was simply a self-reminder that he could remind himself over and over that she wasn't truly -feeling- any of the feelings she conveyed. Or... at least the intimate ones.

Seth had the feeling she was a kind soul at heart, and wanted to give and please and impress and satisfy. On those matters he had little doubt. But any hints or notions of 'love' or 'affection' would simply be for effect, for her to 'play the part', and he knew this well ahead of time.

And now, the decision for him was simple: heartbroken or not, he wanted to part ways with her carrying memories of a life that was so -perfect-, it could never really be a reality anyway.

“Oh, you did,” he said back to her softly, still smiling. “A very lasting one.”

Their hands touched, her thumb gliding slowly along the inside of his wrist, and his then did the same to hers, with the same slow, gentle touch. He was no Companion himself, of course, but he wasn't without his own experience and skills, as well.

His comment about his 'priority' seemed to please her, and she laughed. She promised to kiss him – even better than she had on board the shuttle, leaving it up to him how 'private' he would keep the memory of that kiss.

She smiled again at his 'tune up' comment, though in truth, he hadn't meant it as a crude come-on, though he quickly realized that was how it could very easily be taken. To his delight, she indicated that they could certainly look into that later on, and that sent a surprising chill up his spine. A walk after dinner seemed right up her alley, as well, and perhaps even tempting him back to her quarters for tea would be possible, she wondered. He quickly nodded.

“Delightful,” he replied, “I love tea, and I've read that the tea ceremony is an important tradition to many people across the 'verse',” he said, having actually read that much somewhere. He'd seen it enacted, as well, though never participated before. Of course, she could simply be referring to the simple act of handing him a hot cup of the stuff, just as she had done on board the shuttle.

“I look forward to being alone with you,” he admitted. “However much time we have together – I'd very much like to make sure that you enjoy it,” he confessed. “And tea in your quarters is more than a good enough reason to enjoy such time together.”

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: October 23, 2016, 04:55:14 AM »
At first, Seth wasn't sure if Dalila was referring to him as the 'nice surprise' she had received that morning. She hadn't 'dared' to hope he might try to call on her? More likely she had assumed he'd never be able to afford her – which would have been completely accurate, and not at all unfair to either of them. Companions weren't cheap. Maybe down the road he'd regret spending all the credits that he had spent, as well as the credits he had yet to spend for their 'date', but right now – he couldn't think of a single thing he would have rather spent them on.

Dalila had a sort of radiance that was almost... magical. A simple guy like him just didn't know of any other way to put it. The ritzy rich fellas she served, with their high-falutin' education would be able to easily put it into pretty words that might impress her, but Seth just didn't have that kind of training. She was 'beautiful', and as such, it was difficult for him to think of a different, more impressive way to say it. She was likely quite used to being called 'beautiful' or 'pretty'. Suddenly he regretted not spending any time on the Cortex at least reading a bit about etiquette and proper manners. Now, all he could hope for was that she was sweet enough not to point out if he said or did something that reminded her of some backwater hick.

Her words were like warm honey, though, and even the way she mentioned her afternoon 'training' to 'keep in shape' easily filled his mind with images of her exercise regimen. Skin-tight yoga clothes, stretching and bending and arching and... yeah, he had always been grateful for his vivid imagination.

And her lop-sided smile was charming, sweet, and alluring, to boot. Could she do -anything- that wasn't attractive to him? Maybe if she got mad, she might actually look LESS enticing? Somehow he wondered if that was even true. Maybe she simply had the 'curse' of looking gorgeous at all times.

He smiled, then, when he realized – or at least, strongly believed – that she was referring to him. He glanced away, almost shyly. He'd been flirted with before, countless times, but this was -different-. She was who she was, and to have her flirting with -him-... at that very moment there was no man on the Oasis who was feeling on cloud nine like he was.

“Well, I definitely appreciate your being available,” he said, not bothering to go into any more detail about it than that. Her 'schedule' was, he assumed, pretty full, so he -was- very glad that she could fit him in. “I have to admit... I thought about you a lot after we parted ways,” he admitted, which was true. But now he was -very- certain he was sounding like a lot of her clients. 'Oh you're so gorgeous. Oh I miss you. Oh I want you. Oh I think about you all the time', blah blah blah blah blah. Was she rolling her eyes internally, dreading spending time with him now?

Seth tried his best to decide to play it cool, then. He had an evening with her. He would try his best to enjoy it as much as possible, and that's pretty much all he could hope for.

“And thank you for 'rectifying the situation'. Dinner's on me now,” he said with a crooked grin of his own. Again – it was no lie. The 'discount' he received was sizable to anyone of his stature, and it would more than cover dinner anywhere on the Oasis – if she was willing and interested, of course.

When the drinks arrived, she moved one of her soft, perfectly manicured hands to his wrist, sending a thrill up his arm. Without even thinking, his hand slowly turned over, palm up, to let her hand naturally glide against his own in an openly welcome fashion. He hadn't really assumed she would be affectionate with him in public, and he was more than happy to see that she would be – even if it was just something as simple as holding hands or sharing a light kiss in greeting. He also seemed to read her intent, at least to some degree, taking it as a sign, an invitation to touch her in a similar fashion as the evening wore on. Holding hands, polite touches... it seemed that she was ok with those things, even from him.

Her eyes were so beautiful as she looked into his, that he might have been intimidated by them if he hadn't spent a little time with her previously. Even after this night was done, if he never saw her again, her eyes would haunt him forever, he knew. She spoke about the shuttle, and how it was working perfectly well now and how she had put in a 'good word' for him to her colleagues. The mere thought of other beautiful Companions contacting him for ship-work made him blink for a second, and he knew if word got out about that, he would have a LOT of jealous co-workers!

“Thank you kindly,” he said with a small chuckle. “That was very sweet of you, Dalila. But just remember – you will always be my top priority, no matter what, should you ever put in another service call,” he said, grinning ear to ear. She seemed to respect his talents and skills – even if they were more grease-monkey than she was probably used to. “My boss is all about making the higher-ups on the Oasis happy, so if you're happy, then he will be too, and I'm sure he'll give me a good pat on the back, and he'll send me running if you or any of your fellow Companions put in a request by name,” he said, raising his glass up to sip from it for a moment.

“I could return the favor, too,” he added in, feeling a bit bold. “If you kiss me again sometime like you did on the shuttle, well... I'll have to put in a few hundred 'good words' for you to your Guild,” he said. Not that she 'needed' such praise. He was certain that Companions didn't leave their clients lacking, as if the credits they pulled in wasn't 'praise' enough. But Seth was of the mind that good words also carried some weight, as well.

“I made reservations at Bistro Paradis. We don't -have- to go, of course, but it's an option,” he stated. He was certain she would recognize the name of one of the fanciest restaurants on the Oasis. “We could walk together to the observation deck, go to a casino, see a cabaret show... I'd even be happy to give your shuttle a tune-up, too... the floor is open to anything you'd like to do, Dalila... as long as we can do it together,” he said, offering suggestions, looking to gauge what she might be in the mood for.

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: October 19, 2016, 02:27:31 AM »
He couldn't ever remember being -looked- at like Dalila looked at him now. It was a warm, almost humid gaze, and he definitely liked it. She had beautiful eyes, and he could clearly see that they were focused on -him-. Him! A random mechanic on a luxury ship – meeting with a Companion! Her smile reached her eyes, and she looked – and sounded – as if she was genuinely happy to see him again.

She greeted him, leaned in, and kissed him on the corner of the mouth. He did not push for anything different, but simply enjoying that little greeting. She expressed how happy she was to see him again so soon, and then ordered a light beer.

Seth's brows shot-up a bit when she ordered, because he certainly didn't expect her to be a 'light beer' drinker – or a beer drinker at all. He had pegged her for a wine drinker for sure – red wine, most likely. But, it seemed that this book couldn't be judged by its cover alone – even if this 'book' had the most gorgeous 'cover' he'd ever seen in his entire life.

She asked about his day, and he smiled at that as she took the nearest seat next to him. Only when she was sitting did he also take his seat, facing her of course. The tilt of her head, the way her smooth hair flowed down, she bared part of her neck and he had the sudden urge to kiss it, to nibble it, to attempt to enjoy her first and talk later. But he wasn't giving-in to such compulsions. Not tonight. For one night, he was going to be an -absolute- gentleman.

“Oh, more of the same,” he said. “Repair this and that, get another shuttle running – a different model than yours, though. Some preventative maintenance in the back-up environmental systems area – basic stuff like that. Nothing too exciting,” he said, a faint smile on his lips.

“How was your day?” he asked in return – hoping she wouldn't share anything about a 'lover' she had enjoyed that morning. Seth hoped she wouldn't talk about the previous evening, either, when she had to go to the planet to 'entertain'. He hoped she wouldn't share too much about her recent lover, or lovers, as he suspected the case might be. He remembered reading something about that during the application process, though: Companions were discreet. He felt confident she wouldn't go into details, and he was grateful for that.

A moment later, the bartender set both of their glasses on the bar within each reach of both of them.

“Other than getting the information about me... anything else interesting happen today?” he asked, reaching for his glass.

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