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Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Quiet Time In The Med Bay. Or Not...
« on: August 20, 2017, 12:15:37 AM »
Cammy was taken out of her book by a single word. The new mechanic was passing by and saying hello, she thought, and was about to greet him back when she heard him speak again. Not one to be rude unless it was called for, Cammy let him talk patiently. She was that kind of person: mellow, patient, caring and usually rather quiet in the presence of men unless they ended up not being intimidating to her. The mechanic was not exactly intimidating to her. Not in the way that the mercenaries or the captain had been until she got to know them well, at least.

Hi. I have some time now.” She said and pressed her screen to make sure that if the device ran out of power, she would know exactly where to pick up her book. Cameron looked at the man and then at what he called Genju, and then back at him. She wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking at there and did not want to appear to be ignorant or hurtful by asking him about it. It took her a moment before she found a tactful way to do it, but when she was quite sure that it wouldn’t be taken wrong, she took the plunge.

You’ve got my attention, what’s the sale speech?” She asked, light-heartedly. She jumped out of her alcove and walked toward him, around her desk and toward the patient bed. She was intrigued; if he could come up with things that would make her life simpler, or would guarantee that the Gryphon would not lose one of its crew because the nearest hospital was too far, she would be a fool to refuse it. If the opposite was true and the gadget represented a risk, Cameron wouldn’t have it and would try to let him know why without being offensive.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Open Quiet Time In The Med Bay. Or Not...
« on: August 17, 2017, 07:45:03 AM »
There were times when she was bored. Working as medic on the Gryphon was nice, as long as she did not expect to work much. There was only so much cleaning she could do before going over clean spots again. There was only so much food that she could cook for the crew. There had been jokes and jabs already, about how she was trying to fatten up the mercs working on board. And the pilot. That man was hot, but she was so concerned about how he might turn out for the worse… Like just about every man who had caught her eye in her life.

Cameron had loaded a book on the hand-held tablet that connected to the cortex. Reading was killing time, but when one went from working double shifts to working no shift at all, it felt like she had been running full speed and caught both of her feet in a tight rope. Landing was hard, and Cammy was getting used to the slow pace of the Gryphon’s medbay. It wasn’t that nothing happened, really, but more that she was used to so much more, having worked the ER of a humanitarian ship and then the medbay on Eir Skyplex…

She was sitting in an alcove where she had jammed a mattress, legs crossed in front of her. Her red hair was tied high on her head and fell, as pin-straight as ever, down her back. For the tenth time, she blew her long bangs out of her sight, and for the tenth time, it slid right back into view. Tucking it behind her ears was just as useless. She wore a black shirt that was noticeably tight around the chest area, but loose below, and brown cargo pants that hugged her hips just fine. She had hesitated wearing both, knowing that beside the companion, she was the only woman on board now… And she wasn’t quite looking for her future husband yet.

@Daniel Gallagher

Games / Re: Rate Me (IC)
« on: July 01, 2017, 07:34:00 AM »

Really handsome, not giving me a creep vibe which is something.  Maybe we could consider a date next time the ship lands somewhere decent? Just friends, you know, to get to know each other? You don't have to say yes if you don't want to. I... am babbling now, am I?

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: June 20, 2017, 02:59:05 AM »
Well, I am no pirate, but I do have knowledge that would make some of these guys look tame. I swore an oath not to use that knowledge to bring harm, though,s o you can count on me to take care of you to the best of my abilities.” She said, though there was a lie laced in there. She had used her knowledge to kill her husband. His weak heart had given away to a dose of adrenaline that she had injected him.  Cameron justified it by the fact that he would kill her, given the chance, so it was her life or his life, and she had learned to look out for herself, rather than him, in the last few months. She also knew exactly where to cut with the small knives that she had hidden here and there on herself, but that too she did not mention. She was also oblivious as to what he might have meant by “in a good way.”

Slowly, Cain appeared to her like he was easing up. “I am not… I don’t mingle much. There’s Decker whom you’ve met. Decent guy as long as the price on your head isn’t more than your worth on board. There’s Luna, the companion on board. She’s really amicable, I think she has the captain wrapped around her little finger. And there’s Gavin, who’s… I don’t know. I have a nose for trouble, and while he seems pretty solid, I can’t bring myself to trust the guy. Since I don’t mingle much, you should not let my opinion taint yours.” She said as she continued to check for signs that he might be ill or fighting some virus.

She stared in his eyes for a moment, and then he spoke. It seemed to Cammy that his filter between brain and mouth did not kick in, because his reaction after was rather… apologetic. “It’s alright. I was thinking the same about yours.” She heard herself say, but her cheeks had taken on a decent shade of pink after his words. Since she was already blushing, her one words just added a layer to it. She did not want to think about him this way, not while he was sitting on her table at least, but he was very handsome.

He was superbly built, for sure; she was convinced that if she could find and excuse to touch his arms and his abs, they would feel hard as rock, but her hands had no business going there. For the time being. What was she thinking? That he was handsome, yes, and had very beautiful lips, and... Maybe she should find something medical to do? She reminded herself, like checking his vitals on the bracelet perhaps? Or get the stick to check his mouth, or the equipment to draw blood. -Something- other than going through her checklist of what makes a man attractive?

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: June 16, 2017, 01:36:47 AM »
No one here would hold against you to drink a bit, every once in a while. I think most people here do. I must say that I’m glad if you don’t drink in excess, considering how our life is in your hands, when you’re in the pilot seat.” Cameron said and she offered Cain a smile as she neared him, still adjusting the white coat. She took her long red hair out of the coat, letting it fall free behind her shoulders, and dug a bracelet out of her pocket.

You look all tense. You also look quite healthy, so you shouldn’t have trouble. Just sit comfortably and try to relax. I’m sure you’ve seen far more intimidating than me.” She said, her voice soft so that he be the only one to hear it, and would not carry in the hallway. She took his right hand in hers, small, soft and slightly cool which betrayed that she was a bit nervous around him and doing this. Slowly, she wrapped an orange bracelet about an inch and a half wide with a square digital display screen. “That’s blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature…” She explained so that he might relax a bit more.

I’ve been on the Gryphon for a couple of weeks. I was its first crew member recruited by the captain. Is there something that you’d like to know?” She  asked and gazed up into his eyes. Clear, normal, he appeared to have said the truth about his lack of drug use.  He didn’t appear to have dilated pupils or any redness to the white. Perhaps a bit tired? But that was just her interpretation of things and since she was no doctor, she could be wrong. The best that she could do, here and now, was to detect signs of drug use, and she really saw none.

He had really beautiful eyes, she thought, but pushed the thought to later. Or perhaps never, if he turned out to be an absolute jerk. The jury was still out on that one as far as he was concerned; Cameron had trust issues that made her not give men her trust right off. He didn’t raise many red flags however, other than being handsome. Really handsome, and that could hardly be held against him. It would be like resenting the color of her hair, or the size of her breast, both which seem to attract the eyes of the male population whether she wanted it or not.

She rubbed her hands together to try to work some warmth into them. She raised them slowly to the sides of his neck. Her fingertips pressed gently against his skin, moving and prodding to find any hard lumps or bumps that should not be there. Although she had a professional demeanor, right now, there was still a certain readiness in her being that made it seem like she was ready to side step and dodge, should Cain become suddenly threatening.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: June 04, 2017, 03:37:16 AM »
Cameron was giving the table its third, thorough wipe when she heard steps coming toward the infirmary and words being exchanged. The table did not need that much attention. Daisy had been poisoned, and that wasn’t catching. It wasn’t a virus, or some bacteria, but the simple motions of wiping the top of the bed and then the sides and all the way down to the floor was just soothing for her nerves.

So far, Cameron had rejected only one potential crew member. Her vote was from a purely medical stand point most of the time, but Decker valued her opinion enough, or perhaps her instinct for men who were trouble, to factor it in. The man had tracked her on board of the Gryphon, like some stalker, to claim the bounty that no longer was on her head. Apparently, he had not kept up with the progress of the bounty, keeping his mind on finding the target. By the time he found her, her husband was dead, the bounty was no more. In fact, the cash that would have paid for the bounty was now under her own name…

Still, Cameron felt better knowing that if her instinct for trouble tingled and she let the captain know, there were chances that he would not let the guy on board. So far, Cain had not triggered anything other than a wariness for his chivalrous introduction. That was her own issues at work. Even though she knew that if she ever meant to have a family of her own, it meant that she would have to let a man near her again, trusting was going to be hard to come by. She was not actively seeking, did not size up every man she met for their husband potential, but Cain was handsome and that was hard to miss.

Definitely. Come in and have a seat. I’ll wash my hands and we’ll get started.” She said and patted the bed on which Daisy had spent the whole trip to Boros. She then walked around to throw her wiping cloth in a hamper, and went to a sink to give her hands a quick wash. “You can count on the same discretion here than you would in any hospital. I am bound by the same oath, the same ethics. If something comes up here, the captain will not know about it unless it endangers the whole crew. If it makes you unsuitable to be our pilot, all he will know is that I do not give you the thumbs up.” She explained, her tone soft, but professional

Any allergies, illness, drugs, or alcohol? It’s just routine questions.” She asked, although the last two would be a problem only if he intended to pilot under the influence. Cameron wouldn’t say that it was common for both to happen on board, but Alcohol did happen every once in a while. She had wine every so often, so did the captain, from what she understood. She put on a white lab coat, which had all that she needed in its pockets but for a few disposable items.

Gryphon / Re: Re: Milk Run
« on: June 01, 2017, 12:47:41 AM »
Cameron gathered her usual equipment around her. She was about to tell the guy that she wasn’t alarmed when he pulled a gun. If that was another one of those assholes bounty hunter who had not gotten the memo that the bounty on her head was gone, she might get murderous. Again. Well, not really, because she didn’t want to make a habit of killing people, but… Oh… Right, he was just disarming himself. Alright. That she could deal with without poking a hole or two in strategic places. She really wasn’t homicidal, but rather kind by nature, but recent events triggered her fierce need to protect herself in the only way she knew how: with the half-dozen small blades hidden on her person.

You’re telling me. I trusted a captain to give me a lift once. A guy who’s life I had saved by stitching him up. Anyway, he offered me a glass of wine, next thing I knew, I was in his brigs because of a supposed bounty on my head.  Good thing for me, the captain wasn’t a total Feh Feh Pi Goh and he did realize his mistake. I’m far less trusting since.” Not once her glance went toward the door where she had last spotted the captain, but she was pretty sure that he was breaking a sweat if he heard this. She wouldn’t betray him, not tell anyone that he was the one who had spiked her wine, but he didn’t know that…

Don’t worry. Your ass is safe unless you get shot and it’s the only way from me to get the bullet out of you. I draw the line way before that.” Cameron  stated and she wrapped a wrist bad around Dos’ wrist that would give her a few basics like heart rate, blood pressure, and other  things that can be detected with simple contact through skin by the sensors. “Any illnesses, drug use, allergies that I should know about, should something happen to you?” She asked and gave Dos a polite, professional smile, though the redhead had very gentle manners and warm hands.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: May 23, 2017, 04:45:04 AM »
Cammy is good. You can call me doc if you want. I just want people to be aware of my true skill level. I’m no trauma surgeon, but I’ll do my best to keep you alive until we reach one, if it ever comes down to that. Which, of course, we all hope it won’t,” Cameron said, feeling increasingly awkward as she kept on talking, babbling, and finally found a good conclusion to this awkwardness. Could she just go hide back into her medical bay now? Ugh.

I’m a little jumpy around new people, if you couldn’t tell. It’ll be perfectly find after a few days out.” That was quite a few days out, actually. Unless he proved to be just enough of a charmer to make her feel comfortable, and yet not enough to make her look at him askance every five minutes all while wondering what his ulterior motives was. Cammy wasn’t really paranoid by nature. She was more the careful type of person, the kind that was careful after having her trust broken by the person she had been most intimate and vulnerable with.

I’ll be in the medbay, Captain. I need to sanitize before I can give Cain his checkup. It was poison, not sickness, but I still want to give the place a quick wipe before someone else sits on that table. You should have enough time for the tour... Oh, and Daisy’s aunt is cleaning her room. Try to be… tactful.” She suggested, her words spoken softly to indicate that she was talking for the captain’s benefit only, but not so that Cain would feel entirely excluded.

It’s nice meeting you. The Captain has nice piloting skills and all, but it’s nice to know that there’s someone who is dedicated to the task of keeping us safe out there.” She smiled, although her smile had just a little something tight. It could easily be misinterpreted for a resistance to change. He was replacing a crew member who had literally just departed the ship. Crews were sometimes tightly knit, like a family, but that wasn’t the case here. Cameron, however, would not wear the why and the how she became so socially selective and awkward like a banner for all to read.

Gryphon / Re: Re: Milk Run
« on: May 23, 2017, 04:29:21 AM »
Cameron heard steps coming toward the medbay, so she put her book aside and prepared for another round of very basic tests. She was eager for a stable kind of crew now, for her to get acquainted with anyone, familiar with them so that she did not feel so tense anymore. Decker was getting there, he was in her circle of people she warily deemed safe to trust. They had done things together, taken a life together in order to free hers, and that created a bond of sort. He was the closest thing to a friend than she had had in a long time.

She had no trouble with the female half of the group. Daisy was nice and Luna was, well, a companion and not quite a crew member. She was still nice, polite, but aloof and distant. Cameron had always been fascinated by these women that seemed to be the summum of refinement and service to others, but apparently, their friendliness was limited to people who paid for it. And apparently, to the captain of this ship, which Cameron saw with a wary eye. Decker was handsome, there was no doubt about that in Cameron’s mind, but what kind of motive could a companion have to charm the captain of the ship which hosts her, when she could have men like Cameron’s own late husband? Men with a bank account containing more money than the Gryphon could hope to make in a decade…

She slipped out of her little nook and went to wash her hands to prepare for what was to come. She had no clue if the tech would come first, or if the mechanic would, but whichever it was, Cameron wanted to present a clean, warm from for them to feel welcome. “You can call me Cammy, and I’m a nurse, a medic, not a full doctor, although Decker calls me doc. Come, have a seat.” She said, patting at the table in the middle of the room. Everything was stark, and every surface that could be shiny was. It betrayed how compulsive Cameron was about the cleanliness of this room.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: May 20, 2017, 04:25:50 PM »
They say it’s poison, there’s permanent damage but they can save her. It’s not something we’ve got on board of the ship, so she must have come in contact with it during our last stop.” Cammy watched Daisy leave with a feeling of helplessness. Not for the first time, and probably not for the last, she wished that she could have done more for the pilot. She had not had time to bond with Daisy, although she had been quite sympathetic on all counts. Respectful, nice, a warm presence on the ship, and now Cammy felt that this fell onto her shoulders as the crew shifted and changed. It was obvious that after the captain, she was the oldest member of the crew, but she wasn’t sure she could be that kind of presence for the group. Caring, sure, but a warm and friendly presence toward everyone was too much to ask from her, or so she thought. It wouldn’t stop her from trying, though.

Cammy, who stood just a bit behind her captain, watched the new pilot approach. She gave him a once over with a critical eye. First and foremost, it was a medical observation. He held himself straight, did not appear to limp, or give off signs of weakness, of drug use and what not.  She realized that she should have been there each time the captain greeted his new crew, just watching the man behave toward the captain and the ship’s “doctor” was giving her a good sense of the potential crew member. An go shi did she hate being misrepresented as a doctor. She did not deserve the title. She was a nurse with a bonus, a field medic at best, because she had worked emergency assignments more often than not.

To her surprise, the man kissed her hand when she handed it to him. It was a sweet gesture and she was relaxed enough as far as human contact went not to step away like some frightened, feral cat, at the first sign of something that was more than a polite, distant gesture. She even offered the man a genuine smile. She listened to his answer, but when he turned the question back to them, she knew that Decker would not like her answer. Lying had been a habit quickly – and literally – beaten out of her, so she did not like to let misleading happen, not when she was concerned.

My full name is Cameron. I am a medic, not a full doctor. And that wasn’t my handywork. I actually kept her alive until we landed here.” She said, pointing toward the leaving medical team. Last time that she had corrected Decker, he had insisted to call her doc and even given her something of a sideways glance. She expected pretty much the same this time around, really, but she wouldn’t compromise on something so important.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Open Someone Has Got To Fly This Ship
« on: May 18, 2017, 01:32:03 AM »
<Day 18, hours before landing on Borros>

“Take this, it’s going to take the fever down. You need a hospital. The best I can do is keep you comfortable.” Cammy said to the pilot, one of the other women on board. Daisy, it seemed, had caught something, somewhere during their last stop. So much for staying out of trouble. Now she was shivering, complaining of pain in her abdomen, and Cammy was at a loss. She had checked for everything that she knew, but she felt not bump, no lump, poking some specific spots did not bring more pain. Clueless, no matter how much she looked into it. Not a doctor; that sentence repeated itself into her mind over and over. She could have become a doctor. Her parents had the money, but she did not have the patience for so many school years... She regretted it now, for Daisy’s sake.

After removing her coat, her mask, and her gloves, she headed out. The door of the infirmary was closed and she punched a number in the numpad. The infirmary was in quarantine. Her shots were all in order, but she was not completely sure for everyone on board. The last thing that this ship needed was to reach Borros and lose half or the three quarters of its crew because of a virus or bacteria.

As she searched for the captain in ship, she reviewed what she knew of the sickness that Daisy had, the symptoms and the development. Since she was the only one infected – so far - chances were the others would not be and that the source was not on the ship. She went to the cockpit, which she thought was where she would find the man considering that the pilot was in the medbay, but he wasn’t there. She went to his quarters and finished by the galley.

Captain.” She said, coming in with a confidence that she did not often feel with men. Although Decker and herself had had a sketchy start – drugging her to drag her in his brigs – what had followed did create a bond between them. She still didn’t put past him to drug her again if he felt the need, but considering that she was more useful to him alive than drugged…

We’re losing Daisy.  I can’t do anything to help her. I think she’s poisoned or she caught a bug, and nothing I have here can help me make the correct diagnosis. We’ll have to leave her at a hospital on Borros. She said that she has some family there and she gave me their information. If she wasn’t already delirious with fever…” Cameron said and she handed Decker  a piece of paper with a few names and how to contact the people.

Gryphon / Re: Re: Milk Run
« on: May 14, 2017, 03:39:05 PM »
Cammy had had a very brief chat with the mechanic. He had been something of a safe zone male-wise for her. She didn’t fear him, wasn’t bothered by his presence in the least… Family matters, he said, and she thought that it was something like that. She didn’t think that Decker would fire his mechanic unless he already had a replacement up his sleeve, and it didn’t sound like he had.

The coming and going of crew members was nothing new for the medic. She had worked on a hospital ship before, one that was supposed to help some of the rim worlds with their most challenging cases or after a disaster that left a hospital unable to provide. In that kind of high pressure environment, no matter the quality of the cabins, people came and went, and there was just nothing that could be done about it. That didn’t mean that she was indifferent to it. The mechanic had been a sympathetic creatures for a woman who had men issues bigger than the ship and Markus had gone through her first protective layers. Since her dead beat of a husband, well late husband now, she had sought men who felt a urge to be kind toward women and protective.

The news of another crew leaving left Cameron a bit disappointed. Markus. She had a slight inkling that things might not have been all peach and roses between Decker and the other mercenary. It was a gut feeling, fed by the fact that Decker had required that Markus stay behind during the briefing. Cameron would not pry, she never did unless she had to, or if it concerned only women. The captain of the ship was the head of the ship, and no matter his decision she could either stay and accept or ask him to give her her “share” and leave. And she liked it here, she didn’t want to leave.

Being warned that there were two new crew members coming on board, Cameron knew exactly where she would be waiting for them. There was a small nook off to the side of the infirmary where she had jammed an old mattress She sat there with a book to read whenever she wanted to be left alone without being in her crawl space of a cabin. The infirmary was brighter, more spacious, and people tended to stay out of it if they didn’t have to be there. Right this moment however, she was there because new crew were given a mandatory checkup.

It was very superficial since she was not a full doctor. Blood pressure, temperature, check for signs of substance abuse and of sickness. Substance abuse may, or may not, put a candidate off the ship; it was the captain’s decision, but untreated, ongoing sickness that could be caught by other people was a different matter. Other than that, she was there more to keep people alive until they reached a proper hospital – or to take care of wounds of shady origins to the best of her abilities – than to play at being a full doctor.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Milk Run
« on: April 07, 2017, 06:53:23 PM »
<Galley, @Stanley Decker @Markus Porter @Luna Halloway>

Cameron smiled at the companion as she came to sit with them. The captain arrived at the same time and not for the first time, she wondered if there was something more to them than being captain and companion. Having an “ambassador” on board would help land in some rather interesting ports, job-wise, that much Cameron knew. She couldn’t help but to think that one of them might have a thing for the other. Even though it was none of her business, she still envied them if they found something special that worked for them. Her love life had been less than stellar and her faith in love had tanked.

The captain informed them of their destinations and of why they were landing there. Most of it, she felt, was none of her concern. She was not going to participate in any of their mercenary business unless one of them was hurt, or if it required a medically trained person to transport anything. So while, they could discuss cargo and transporting prisoners, she was counting the number of rivet that held the table in place. Which was thirty six: six per leg, six leg.

Finally, the captain spoke to her and she opened her mouth to answer, but the anxious mechanic went on to talk, and talk, and talk. “Nothing but clean bandages.” She said and then turned to talk to Jacob, “Think you can add that to your list? I really need nothing else.” She asked and Jacob made a quick nod.  Cameron shook her head no, when the captain asked if they had any questions and waited to be dismissed. Obedience to authority was not something that she had shaken off yet, even if she had come to believe that the captain would not be abusive if she decided to get up and leave now. She saw no point in being offensive, or rude, or inconsiderate for his rank, given that this was his ship.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Milk Run
« on: March 15, 2017, 02:14:48 AM »
<Galley, @Stanley Decker @Markus Porter @Luna Halloway>

Cammy was sitting pretty, medical magazine loaded up on her screen. She had found a nook in the infirmary that could be used as a sitting area, or lounging area, and she preferred to remain in the medical area of the ship than in her quarters but yet did not feel like she was part of the crew enough to seek them out in the more common areas like the kitchen, for example. She had found an unused mattress and pillow in a corner of the ship, which was now wedged in that nook in a way that she could sit in it and read in peace.

Peace; it had a whole new importance when one had spent the last four or five years of her life looking over her shoulder, worrying where the next hit would come from and what would be the imaginary fault this time.  She found peace on board of a ship filled with men – and probably the women too – capable of violence, but she did not feel overly threatened here. She was here to keep them alive, and given how she had broken her oath to kill her husband, she would have no more qualm dragging her feet if someone abusive needed first aid.

As soon as she heard the message, the medic saw no reason to linger and wait at the last minute. She turned off her device, left it in her comfy little nook and headed where she was requested to be. She preferred to be ahead of time and wait there. So many times in her profession her presence had been minutes too late, given the choice she was always ahead. She plopped herself in the seat across from Markus, whom she still found sympathetic, so far. She gave him a smile and then ran a hand in her red bangs to move them, although only temporarily, out of her face. The rest of her long fiery strands were loose, something rare for a woman who believed in being prepared to the worst.

She was dress pretty much in the same manner than when he had gotten on board. It was her type of clothing and she liked to be comfortable in a tight shirt and looser pants. She had lost the lab coat though, and the short sleeves of her shirt would allow anyone present to see the sheath on her left forearm in which she had a knife, as well  as the on her right hip. The blades of the knives were not visible, but the handles were identical.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: New Contract
« on: February 10, 2017, 08:15:30 PM »
< back into the black near Londinium ~ late night ~ @Stanley Decker>

When Cameron felt that she had made enough of a mess to have the room look like someone had gone through the drawers, and looted both her jewelry box and John’s watch closet, she followed Decker outside the house. She would toss the jewelry out, in the black, so that it would never trace back to her and Decker. If someone ever comes upon the bag, good for them. There were a few watches worth a nice amount of credits, but her things were worth a bit less because she never wore jewelry unless they were attending some party or other professional social duties. She had learned to keep the bling to a minimum so that she would not attract attention, but with a head of hair like hers…

Cameron pushed the thought aside as the shuttle lifted off. She suspected that it would be the moment where the shuttle is the most noisy. Fighting gravity without the momentum of already being in flight… But soon they were into the black and she allowed herself to breathe. It was a done deal. She had broken her oath to never do harm, had used her medical knowledge to induce death. In a way, even in death, John had ruined something for her. She was a nurse, but now she was a corrupt nurse. Although no one but Decker knew about it, she knew that that was enough.

Cameron was taken out of her thoughts by Decker’s words. She leaned her head back against her seat and close her eyes. “I am not yet officially single, but I’ve considered myself to be for a few months already. The body needs what it needs, but as far as I am concerned, what happened the night you drugged me is as close as you’ll ever going to get, to get laid. You’ll need to find another lady friend to take care of that for you. Or get acquainted with your hand.” She said, a little flatly.

The enormity of what she had just done was beginning to bubble to the surface. She wanted to be in her quarters, on the Gryphon, being a close door… But she did not know if the tears that would come would be sorrow, sadness or joy. Maybe a mix of the three but what she would grieve would not be John’s life. It would be her hopes, her dreams, and everything that marriage had ever meant for her. She wondered if she would ever find the strength to fall in love and follow through again. Get to trust a man not to hit her when she said white and he expected her to say black…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: New Contract
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< Hammond Estate, Dorothea, Londinium ~ late night ~ @Stanley Decker>

They will know someone was here. The door will log a faked key coming in and the doors opening to let us go out in a moment.” She argued. “We don’t need to make a big mess of things, but enough that it doesn’t look like knew were everything was. I ain’t gonna touch the safe, because that could certainly set of alarms. He’s got a few credits on him, I’ve got one piece of jewelry that comes from my mother that I’d like to make sure isn’t looted by some corrupt cop’s sticky fingers…

Cameron moved away from the body and though her voice had seemed steady, it was dispassionate, almost emotionless. She was denying herself the whiplash until they were off Londinium and from this house. “I don’t think I’ll ever come back here again. Or I could turn it into something else than just a house and a big chunk of land on the edge of a lake, I don’t know. Maybe a center for women who finds themselves in my position. Or if I join a crew on a more permanent basis, I could make this place the headquarters, the one place where they can land, get some time planet-side, and then go back to work. There are enough rooms.

Cameron felt the need to fill the silence, to hear the sound of someone’s voice, anyone’s. She needed to fill her headspace with junk for the time being, so that her thoughts did not go on to what she had just done. She didn’t want to think that she had killed John, but thinking of the consequences that would come from his ‘natural’ death was alright. “You are one of those guys who lives in space. What would you say about having a little ‘pied à terre’ like this available to your crew when flying the ship needs maintenance, or when business is too slow to keep it flying and waste fuel?” She asked him, going toward the bedroom and toward her side of it to get to the jewelry box. The locket was right where she had left it.

Cameron turned an expecting gaze to him. Should she find  an empty bag and toss all the jewelry in there, as well as the untraceable creds that John always had safely tucked into a pair of socks? That would cover some of what she owed Decker, the rest he would get once they were on board of his ship again. She didn’t want to linger any more than necessary, and so she made a quick mess of her drawers as if someone had been searching for something. Moved in quick steps to the man’s and did much of the same until the pair of sock with the red band came into hand and bumped noisily against the wooden panel. “Yours. Untraceable.” She said, tossing the pair of socks his way. It would feel heavier than they should be, and with something solid caught among the layers.

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<Hammond Estate, Dorothea, Londinum ~ late night ~ @Stanley Decker>

Decker’s appearance was a complete relief and from the moment she intervened, she knew that she could trust the guy. At least as far as it went when there was money promised. He had kept his word and stepped in when it seemed like she would not be getting the upper hand. She was a bit frustrated when she realized that she wouldn’t be able to do this alone, but at this point as long as it was getting done, she would not be the one to complain. Decker was risking himself to help her, and that was as good as it was ever going to get.

When he told her that now was the time, Decker would see no hesitation in her movement. She did not stab the arm roughly, though. If she wanted the puncture to look like a self-inflicted insulin shot, chances were that John knew just how much pressure he had to put for the needle to go in. She was careful, but she wasn’t hesitating at all. The injection took a second and when she removed the needle, she placed her thumb against the recent puncture, and massaged gently, knowing John’s habits way too well.

He’s got two, maybe three minutes tops. Especially with his heart already racing as it is now. It’s over John.” She said, with a white voice. She had broken her oath and harmed a life with her medical knowledge. She had done it before, when she stabbed him literally a fraction of a fraction of an inch from the femoral artery. Or when she had dealt with the junkies at the skyplex. She would never be happy to see a life end. Death was very final. There was no coming back from that if it lasted more than a few minutes, and really not that many for that matter. She would never be happy, but in John’s case, she would be relief.

What…?” He asked her but he didn’t have time or opportunity to really construct a full sentence. She remained stoic as John’s hands stopped trying to get Decker off him to go over his heart and grunted. The first thing that crossed Cameron’s mind was that he was faking it early, so that they could let him go and he could ring his guard. Seconds seemed to stretched into minutes, and she could almost hear them go by, or maybe that was just her own heart trying to beat itself out of her ribcage?

Let him fall, he’s not going anywhere.” She finally said with the same dead voice. She had seen the physical signs, the weakness in his left arm. “I guess now he would have been honest when he claimed that I broke his heart.” she added and walked toward the dying man, staying well out of his reach, just in case. In a crouch that would have made a jumpy cat proud. If John so much as twitched in her direction, she was ready to jump away. She took his wrist between his her fingers, but when she didn’t feel anything, she pressed against the side of his neck.

Do we make it look like it was robbery, or just get out of here?” She asked but she pressed a button on her watch that was a count down. Lack of oxygen would have his brain deteriorate quickly, and she had told Decker that she intended to stay a couple of minutes to make sure no one found him in time. Cameron went to the light switches and turned them off so that the guard would not catch sight of them if he was doing his rounds. Hopefully, Rufus was as lazy as he had always been, and would be found snoring, his feet propped up on the corner of his desk, rather than snooping around the suspicious shuttle that had landed in the backyard.

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<Infirmary, Late afternoon, @Ambrose Garret>

If Cameron knew that the moment she answered Ambrose, Porter was on alert, the guy would have earned a touch of gratitude on her part. She did not want to be over-protected or considered weak. All that she wanted was to feel that she was at home on this ship with a sense of security concerning the people who lived with her. The ship could be shot at, boarded by hostiles, and so on, and it did not bother her anywhere as much as feeling threatened by a shipmate. The latter didn’t just hit too close to him, it hit straight into the comfort zone that should be a home.

When Ambrose mentioned that maybe he tracked her down, Cameron took a moment to pause and think about what should come next. Running out of the infirmary was not an option for a dozen different reasons, not the least of which she had no reason to flee and she did not want to appear like she had one. “Any idea how creepy that makes you sound? May want to lay off the creep vibe if you intend to work here, given that I can have you back on the docks.” Cameron asked as she put on a fresh set of gloves and walked to come to stand before him. Her guts were clenched in knots, but her hands were quite steady.

Hmmhmm” Cameron did when he explained why he tracked her down, the sound filled with doubt. “And it has nothing to do whatsoever with the stupid bounty that my equally late husband put on my pretty head? I usually don’t speak ill of the dead, but I make an exception for him. You know, since you are apparently a mercenary. Or a bounty hunter. Whatever you want to call yourself?” Being on the offensive this way usually meant that she was compensating for feeling threatened, intimidated, attacked or any combination.  She took the bracelet for the blood pressure and heart rate monitor from her pocket and then shoved it back in.

Her gut had gotten her in, and out, of trouble more than once. Usually, when it landed her in trouble it was because she had ignored it, and went business as usual. Right now, her guts were telling her not to give this guy a pass. She forced herself to keep on with the testing, but she took a step back, turned her head to Decker and gave her head a quick shake. She had no idea how Ambrose had tracked her on the Gryphon. Getting on board had been a spur of the moment thing, and she appeared on the manifest only here, as far as she knew, and yet he had managed to track her. It was either sheer luck or amazing tracking skills, but whatever it was, she felt tracked, and stalked, and very uncomfortable. If Decker wanted to hire him again at a later date, whenever she would be off this ship, then it would be up to them, but right now, she was not giving the guy a pass.

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<Hammond Estate, Dorothea, Londinum ~ late night ~ @Stanley Decker>

She had to keep her mind on the job, she knew. There was so much that could go wrong, things that John had changed in the last few months or all things being a big plot to bring her unharmed to her husband, or John having the upper hand before she could stab him. She was so utterly scared, but fear had been a constant companion and was familiar. Not once did it cross her mind that she might not be able to give him the injection of adrenaline that would give him the heart attack that was taking way too long coming on its own.

John was an intelligent man, he was careful. Ate well, exercise just enough to keep in shape but not strain the fragile muscles, and so on. He was intelligent, but more than his brain power, he was also an arrogant son of a bitch and that was going to be his downfall. Cameron put the key in and the door was released with a loud click. A quick look at the panel inside assured them both that there had been no silent alarm activated. The panel showed an “all clear” across the board, but there was activity in two different room. She pointed at it with the tip of a gloved finger, that second light which was not them. John was in his bedroom, most likely getting ready to sleep. With her heart hammering in her chest, she moved forward. They had decided against deactivating the alarm system, in case someone looked at the log, or the guard at the gate happened to look at it to make sure that John had it active.

Cameron took her biggest knife out of its sheath. It wasn’t part of their plan, just like Decker’s gun wasn’t part of their plan, but they had their weapon in hand for the exact same reason. Her other hand held a small, slender tube, just a bit longer than the width of her hand, which had a short needle on one end and a button on the other. It was as simple as stab, press the button, and voila. It would look like he had injected himself with his usual insulin for a M.E. although they might find a slightly higher concentration of adrenaline in his muscle. The good thing with adrenaline was that the body was built to process it, and process it quickly as it was a hormone that the body used in cases of emergency.

With a deep breath to try to steady her racing heart, Cameron moved forward, toward the stairs leading up. “Keep to the spaces along the wall, the center of the steps are noisy.” She whispered very faintly and she engaged into the wooden steps by doing just that. Her small feet landed right by the wall, but even then the wooden stairs proved to be a small source of worry. Cameron was aware that in her state of hyperalertness, the smallest of sound would feel like there was a microphone catching it and broadcasting it across the whole house. She had completely forgotten the cracked last step that always made a loud “thunk” and she cursed under her breath. She pulled the hood of her hoodie, slowly put the knife in its sheath, because coming at John with a knife in her hand would definitely put the man on edge, no pun intended.

Who’s there?” John called out.

It’s me John. I figured that I’d save you a few creds on the mercenaries that you set after me, and come back on my own.” She said, and swallowed, casting a glance at Decker just before the lights went on in the hallway. Decker would remain hidden from sight unless he came up the three quarters of the stairs. The  second story, much like the first, had an open design with a few closed off rooms for privacy, so having John out of the bedroom allowed for more maneuverability. This space was a seating area with a view on the lake, space for a pool table, and even a game of darts.

Cameron, my sweet bird. You finally came back to your senses.

Why do you want me back here, John? You want to finish what you started?” She asked, moving to stay out of the man’s reach.

He was about a decade and a half older than Cameron, so nearing forty. He wore nothing other than a pair of loose pants, and the more Cameron spoke with him, the “happier” he seemed to be to see his wife. He anticipated the reunion, some might say, but Cameron had every intention to use her knife on him before he could use that weapon against her.

You belong here with me, little bird. Don’t get feisty.” He tried to entice her with a gentle and sweet tone, but they were circling each other. He wasn’t a fool, he knew she had come bearing a “gift” for him, but he had yet to see the gun.

Shouldn’t have married a red head if you didn’t want feisty. ” She spit at him and he laughed.

I love it when you talk back. You’ve grown a spine again. The fun we’ll have to turn you into a proper wife all over again. Stay at home, trophy wife, just like it should be. And there -will- be children this time.” The tone had changed, from dripping with sweetness, it had gone straight to demanding and threatening.

And when she snorted, he lunged at her. Cameron ducked once, and twice. The third time, she even stretched her legs to send the tall blond man sprawling on the carpet. If by this point, he was aware of Decker, John did not let it show. Cameron went for the kill, but John caught on and smacked her on the cheekbone with his elbow. She let out a soft cry of pain, but gave him a sharp, quick, kick in the ribs, knowing the man’s weaker spot and he grunted.  She had landed a mean hit there, last time they were breaking the house apart, and was quite sure that she had cracked ribs.

You little bitch! That’s what you want to do? Send me in an hypoglycemic coma?

Why didn’t I think of that?” Cameron asked, but she knew that John had safeguards against that. She could have switched one of his doses for one of adrenaline, though, but it would have left evidence behind and she wanted none of that. Keeping out of his reach, she also maneuvered him so that the bigger man would have its back to Decker for whom size and strength would be something of an equal challenge, as long as the stitches in his sides did not prove to be a too big hindrance.

What is it then?” He asked, and for the first time, there was a wariness in his voice.

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< Galley, Early afternoon, @Stanley Decker>

Pretty stupid indeed, Cameron thought to herself as she recalled their conversation of three days ago over their bowl of noodles. What man who had everything would hit on his wife only because she desired not to depend on him for every single credit she could spend? That had been a question to which she could never find an answer. She had been compliant in everything but this, and it had earned her more trouble than everything else put together.

Cameron had obsessed over the plan to kill her husband more than she ever had, and the three days had come and gone very fast. Now that the moment was upon them, she felt her stomach tie in knots. It had nothing to do with Decker’s way to pilot the small shuttle of the Gryphon. It was all that could go wrong. Risking her own life killing John was worth it. Risking someone else’s life was necessary, because she could never pull this on her own, but not something she was as comfortable with as she had let on.

She was psyched, though. Her mind was focused on the task in a way that would put more than one mercenary to shame. Land on the Dorothea estate in the small hours of the morning, break in, get to John’s sleeping form, shoot him with adrenaline and get out. Simple plan. Over the last three days, though, they had explored a few what-ifs. What if he was awake, what if there was a new alarm system, what if there was a bodyguard inside, what if… At some point, it was obvious that they had all of their bases covered. Cameron had surgical gloves on, had tied her hair in a tight, braided knot so that there would be no strands of red hair lying around. She wore long and tight everything so she wouldn’t leave torn pieces of fabric anywhere… She even had a copy of the key that she could use to get into the house, one that was enough like hers not to raise alarms, but different enough that any close inspection of the login by anyone competent would have them realize that it wasn’t Cameron’s real key card.

Let’s do this” She said, pulling the black cowl of her hoodie over her bright red hair. There was something in her eyes: fear and determination in equal part. This was where Decker could turn on her on a dime. She half expected him to get in there with her the way she had planned, and then shove her to John saying that he had to come in this way so she wouldn’t kill herself… She walked off the landing pad and across the lawn, toward the nearest door…

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< Galley, Early afternoon, @Stanley Decker>

Cameron ate her pasta like she had not had a meal in days. Her last meal was just before she got on board the night before, but it had not been the most filling of meals, more like whatever was left over in the fridge, thrown together into some odd sandwich and grilled. It had not been all that fantastic, not even close. These pasta, however simple, were some of her favorite.  She nodded her head, though she knew that sticking that needle in him would not be the most challenging part for her. Coming close enough without being smacked around would be. If John expected Cameron to be as defenseless as she was while living with him, it could turn to her advantage.

John is a man who likes his privacy. He has a guard at a gate, but that’s all, as far as I know. The guard follows him when he goes off the property, but while he’s at home, he wants quiet and unobtrusive. The neighbors are few and far in between. It was one thing he insisted on when we shopped for the house. In his own words: he wanted an estate where he could walk around naked and not scandalize a nosy neighbor. There’s a small landing pad, but it’s too small for this boat.” Cameron said pointing up as if to point at the ship. She twirled her fork on a few strands of spaghetti and pondered a solution.

I remember I had an image of the property and surrounding area when we bought the house; I was so proud... We could have a look there and see if we can come up with a plan. I could walk up to the front door and be let in, cause the heart attack and say we had an argument, but that would complicate things. Investigations into my nurse training, and did I do all that I could to bring him back and so on. If we could find a way to go in and out of there without attracting notice” She reached for her handheld, punched the passcode and went to browse on the cortex to find the pictures that she mentioned.

  “I am not that comfortable when talking about taking a life, usually, but he has made my life hell, and I’m very eager to regain control and stop being afraid. As long as he is alive, it won’t happen… Ah there it is.” She pushed it toward  him and indicated the left edge, and then the bottom edge as she spoke. “There is the lake, and there is the street, but there’s a this a thick row of trees that shields the property from the street. We put a deep pool here, by the sand patch, and the sand patch is paved, and has been turned into the landing pad. I think there’s three or four miles this way before the next door neighbor.” She said, pointing toward the upward edge.

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< Galley, Early afternoon, @Stanley Decker>

Thanks. Hopefully, it’ll taste as good as it smells. I haven’t done that in a while.” She said with a small smile. She went through three cupboard before finding some of those unbreakable plates, but she found the silverware quickly. “The name on the paper, is just so that the money I give you doesn’t come across as a payoff to anyone who looks into suspicious bank activity. They will think that I bought a share of your operation and since I am on board as medic, it would make sense, but I don’t want to buy anything. We can even sign a contract that states that as soon as the loan is paid, I will remove my name from the paper.  It’s really nothing more than a cover up. I wouldn’t think that a ten grand in credit would buy half your operation. I’m not that stupid or that greedy.” Cameron pointed out with a crooked smile. She put a portion in each bowl, leaving a smaller portion in the pan, in case he wanted more after.

As she walked to him with both bowls and forks in hand, she continued talking.  “If it takes six months, or four, it’ll be months where you are guaranteed a medic on board. I’ve got nowhere else I’ve got to be.” Cameron said and shrugged a shoulder. She placed his bowl before him and handed him his fork before walking around him and sitting on the stool. “I know I can do ten grand. I had money in the bank, which I didn’t dare to touch in case he tracked it. It’s money he has no access to, and it would cover the… sixty? That I would owe you.

John lives in Dorothea. It’s not a big, busy center on Londinium. He works from home, so he never had to care for commute. The neighbors are not nearby and he’s at the edge of Windermere Lake. I was hoping that you would be able to help with the particulars of landing and leaving… My expertise is more… medical?” she said, twirling long spaghetti onto her fork, using the bottom of her plate to help her. Her mouth watered, and if she were alone, she would probably just shovel the whole thing in her mouth until she would feel stuffed to the gills…

I’ve stabbed John once, the night of the attack, but I missed the vein that I was aiming for because I didn’t have a clue about knives. Did this to myself in the process too.” She said, showing a white line near her pinky finger, on the inside of her hand. It was a clean cut that had healed for a while. “Typical rookie mistake when using a knife, but I didn't quite have the time to choose my knife. So… if you’re asking me if I’m ready to kill him, yes, I am. I killed twice in self-defense while I was on the skyplex. There are always junkies who think the clinic was easy target, and wouldn’t believe me when I told them that the best I had to offer them was a morphine substitute so weak that they could take the whole bottle and not OD… I’m just afraid that he might get the upper hand before I stab him with the needle.” She finished before stuffing her mouth with a solid bite of pasta. It was decent, she thought, perhaps missing a bit in the salt department?

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<Galley, Early afternoon, @Stanley Decker>

As they walked toward the galley, one thing struck Cameron: the quietness of the ship. Either he was completely alone with her, or everyone else was asleep. He had never mentioned a crew member, never said anything about involving someone else in the decision-making process. Was he alone with her? She didn’t ask, didn’t want to pry. If there was a crew, she would meet with them sooner or later in the coming days. When he replied to her offer to cook, she suppressed the snort just in time. The urge to be playful or flirt with him had died with the drug; that figurative ship had sailed.

Thank you. I’ve grown used to their weight, and the protection that I gain from wearing them; it’s a small thing, but you know part of what I’ve been through, I’m sure you understand why I am eager to wear them again.” Cameron said, reaching for her two knives, but also looking to make sure that the little she owned had not been sifted through, which appeared to be intact. She hooked the bigger knife at her belt and the smaller one was slipped into her boot before she glanced around the kitchen to get situated.

Cameron gave a quick nod as if she had made a plan in her head, and in fact, she had. It was her quick thinking that had her still on her feet after all that she had been through, and now was no exception. “I’ll give you the long story, but skip on some of the harshest details, I’m not looking to turn this into a sob story.” She said, and then walked toward the fridge to assess what was there, and then in the pantry where she found pastas, and crushed tomatoes in a can; the math was easy to make, so she got started on a simple marinara sauce.

I was doing my internship on the Hippocrates. I was on duty when we were called to one of the outer core planet. A hydro-electricity plant had had some meltdown and too many people were injured for the local hospital to handle. We usually took care only of the rim planets but in this case, it was too dire. So we went in, took about a hundred wounded on board and John was one of them. He had been severely electrocuted; he was visiting because he intended to buy the plant. Wrong place, wrong time. He flatlined twice before reaching the Hippocrates.” She explained while making sure that she was caramelizing the tomatoes, not burning them. She turned to Decker for a moment, to make sure that he wasn’t giving her the ‘get to the point, I’m bored or not interested’ look.

I brought him back the third time, because I was assigned to the group of private ICU rooms he stayed in. After that, we spoke often and he managed to regain some strength. After three months of attempts at getting me on a date – something that I couldn’t do since he was a patient and it would ruin my chance at a license – I graduated, and he showed up at the party to take a drink with me. Non-alcoholic, of course.  He was no longer a patient of the Hippocrates now, he was a patron, making generous donations to a ship that rely on them to keep the rim worlds heathy…” She sighed and shook her head.

Forward a month, he had to go, I thought that I was in love with him and that he’s in love with me, we signed a prenup, and we got married. I left the Hippocrates, followed him to Londinium… and the fights began. It was insidious; he didn’t want me to work anymore, we didn’t need the money. I didn’t want to waste away at home, so I insisted to continue working as a nurse. I missed our two-months-married anniversary because of an emergency. That’s when he hit me the first time. Just a backhand, but it left a bruise. I threatened to leave and he told me that he would never agree to divorce, I would never see a credit of our prenup agreement, and that I would never find a job in a core hospital if I left him.” Seeing the pot of water almost boiling over, Cameron added the pastas, just enough for the both of them, so there would be no waste. If she had been used to the over-abundance of food while with John, the months that had come after had taught her more modest ways to live and she had taken to it quite seriously.

I stayed over a year, earning a collection of bruises and hairline fractures. Then came the incident. You saw the marks he left on me, how many bones he broke. I hid for a few weeks where I used to work. Some of the staff were aware of his abusive behavior and hid me under the name of another woman who had an abusive husband, so that all the tests in her name would not seem so unusual to the managers. I spoke to a cop who told me he had everything he needed to put the bastard behind bars for a long time, but when I went to him again, he labelled the ‘skirmish’ as unimportant, that I was being overly dramatic and should be more careful not to fall down stairs. I never fell in the stairs… well last time I was six, but that’s beside the point. I knew I had to vanish, and so I did. With the help of a few friends, I got the call I placed when I needed help. I called John to tell him that I was leaving Londinium, he called me back with the other recording…” Cameron let everything simmer and leaned her backside against the counter by the heating elements, so that she could keep an eye on everything from the corner of her eye.

What came after is very much what conclusion you can come to yourself. Everywhere I applied, I was given bad references and refused a job, and was pushed to shady places like the Eir Skyplex. What comes out of this story is basically… The prenup. If he dies before me, I am the sole beneficiary. Everything he owns becomes mine. I’m not asking you to kill him, I wouldn’t pay you to kill him. I’d pay you to protect me while I do it. Get me to Londinium in a way that leaves no paper trail of my presence, get me to John’s house. I know the passcodes to his security, I know the places not covered by the cameras, and moreover, I know how to kill him so that any M.E. worth its salt would conclude that his weak heart has finally failed him for good. He’s diabetic, so he has needle marks on his arm. All I need to do is inject him with adrenaline, and make it appear like something disturbed him enough to cause a spike of adrenaline – like trashing the place and making it look like there was some home invasion – and we lift away. Then I just have to wait for the lawyers to do their thing, and I’ll be able to pay you what I would owe you for helping me.” She checked the pastas, finding them just a tad al dente, perfect to be tossed into the sauce and allowed to finish cooking. So that is exactly what she did. In only a few seconds, the pastas were drained and tossed into the basil, tomato and onion sauce.

I’d say double what he’s paying for me. I’m not going to be cheap with you. Except that I expect my first financial moves to be watched, so we’d need a cover for the transfer. I’ll give you ten thousand credits over the double bounty, you make me your official partner, on paper. I’m not looking to own anything of yours any longer than necessary. I’ll stick around as your on board medic for a while, and when you pay me my percentage, you’re paying me back. Once I get those ten grand back, my name is removed from the papers. Whether  I stay or go beyond that we’d see in time.” She finished, tossing the pastas so that they all get an equal coating, but then she realized that she has not taken the plates out, and she isn’t quite sure in which cupboard they are… She had delivered her plan as if she had had a lot of time to think about it, and it was the truth. Not with Decker specifically, but she had had quite a lot of time and willpower to kill her husband so that she could move on with her life.

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<Brig, morning after leaving the skyplex, @Stanley Decker>

He had taken some of her possessions that had not been in her bags, but perhaps he had put her knives there when he had taken them from her? They had become so much a part of her in the last few months that not having them sheathed, and hooked where they should, made her feel even more vulnerable. Right now, she was as jumpy as a cat, ready to go into defensive if he tried to trick her again. Her heart raced, but he backed away from the door and when he cleared it for her to get out, she felt a tinge of claustrophobia leave her.

Yeah, I’d rather do without the Angel Dust this time.” It was the street name for the drug she thought he had used. She recognized the effect and the after effect too. Her tongue still felt thick and dry. “Considering I was very much unconscious when we came here, please lead the way.” It wasn’t an order; she wasn’t remotely attempting to boss him around. It was an awkwardly worded  request for direction to the galley. In time, she would come to know the vessel like the back of her hand but for now, the only part she knew was the hall between the ramp and the galley…

It would involve a great deal of planning, and would result in me regaining my full freedom.” She hinted, and was quite sure that at this point, he would be able to fit some of the pieces together. He wasn’t stupid. He had been a complete dumbass, luring her on board with kindness and betraying her trust like that – trust was something she gave so seldom, and rarely so readily, to men these days – but he had been smart about it. Even she could see that, even if she didn’t agree with his method.

Are you hungry too? I could try to cook us a little something, and I’d feel far more comfortable if you ate the same thing I ate. No offense intended.” Cameron offered and followed in his footsteps. It would take her some time before she let her guard down, but now she wanted to secure his loyalty before they reached Londinium. He wouldn’t be loyal to her, she thought to herself, but he might be loyal to a payoff that was more substantial than what he would have delivering her… 

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<Brig, early afternoon, @Stanley Decker>

It was far from the first time that Cameron was going hungry for longer than what her body could put up with without discomfort. Pulling long shift where she had to balance eating a sandwich and saving a life, Cameron would easily put her duty to others first. So during her internship and during the big emergencies that the Hippocrates sometimes faced, there were ten, sometimes twelve hour shifts where all she had was a quick lukewarm coffee, gulped down quickly, between two patients. The major difference was that she was keeping busy, too busy to think or give priority to food. Here, in this cell, all she had to think about was the feeling of hollowness in the pit of her stomach.

Her mind bounced from topic to topic as she curled up on her  bed. Would Decker find the evidence convincing?  Would he care for it, or would he care more about the money? She was worth far more alive than dead in any scenario, but the way she was worth the most to him was with John dead and her alive. That was it, that was what she should try to sell to him. But then she would be the one making him an accomplice to murder, although with her knowledge and with John’s fragile state she could easily make it look like he had that final heart attack that had been looming over his head for the past couple of years…

What would it be? What would she do if he decided that it was better for him to deliver her to John? Could she really stab herself inside her thigh and allow herself to bleed out? It would be over in seconds, if she did. Slashing the wrists was messy, and if she hit the tendons a bit too well, she would be unable to do the second hand… If he took the blade from her, what were her alternatives? Use her belt to hang herself. Or strip the bed, make a rope of it and… where could she hang it?

As her eyes scanned the ceiling, trying to find an alternative way to end her life, she heard the sounds that indicated someone was opening the door. She scrambled to her feet quickly and put her hands over the belt buckle, but it looked like she was just placing her hands on her abs to indicate some tension. She was holding her breath, but when he said that she was free to go, she let it out and with it some of the tension. When he said that he was still heading to Londinium, she titled her head and her look changed, as if silently asking him if he took her for a fool.

Cameron took the handheld, expecting some sort of foulplay that did not come. “Can I have all of my belongings back?” She asked, and that included her knives, not that she would stab him without a good enough reason. “I may have an offer for you, something that would make the trip to Londinium worthwhile, but it’s risky… We could sit in the mess hall and discuss it, if you’re willing to hear it.” She offered, uncertain, and always expecting to be tricked. A plan was forming on the back of her mind, and she knew that if Decker refused to do it, she would find someone else to do it with her. Providing that he was truthful about not delivering her to her ex.

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