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Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: Today at 04:29:25 AM »
Decker looked at her sideways as Luna replied, beginning by informing him of a few faults she saw in his reasoning. They made sense, of course, except she was making some assumptions about him – and his motives – that weren't necessarily accurate. She was trained to do this, of course, and she knew men probably even better than he did – and HE was a man! But he also knew everyone was different, so while she drew her conclusions based on intelligence, it didn't quite all apply to him. And, of course – she still didn't buy the 'surprise' explanation he had given her before which he knew had been an on-the-spot attempt to save SOME face in front of her.

”Oh, I don't think you have a chip on your shoulder. But I do know you've got a sense of pride, and having some regular guy like me question that pride -might- have worked on someone else – but obviously it didn't work on you,” he replied back with a slight shrug of his shoulders, his demeanor still amused. ”But being honest with you, I didn't request two evenings because I thought I wouldn't 'get much' from the first one... much to the contrary. I -know- I will get a lot... and I mean A LOT... from the first one, so I already know I would love a second one. That's all. It was meant to be more... complimentary to you, I suppose. But I obviously do not have the silver-tongue nor education that your typical client possesses in order to express it very well,” he said, still grinning.

He certainly didn't -seem- to be offended or even bothered knowing that he wasn't as rich, nor as smart, nor as witty as her usual company. He wasn't blind, and he sure didn't have any illusions about those things at all. He didn't exactly have a normal education – and certainly not the kind that her typical client enjoyed. Nor did he spend hours in 'debate classes' or 'speech clubs'. Decker was, for all intents and purposes, a much simpler man than she was likely used to, and his motivations were far more basic.

”As for the 'tuna'... you really did catch me off-guard, and that played into it quite a bit. Plus, I hadn't had a woman... do that... in quite awhile. Shit, a stiff wind on a beach would get me riled-up, and a few tugs would have ended me pretty quickly no matter what. I mean, don't get me wrong... you're -damned good- from what I've seen so far, but the only lovers I've had for awhile now are these two hands of mine, so I hope you'll forgive me for losing it as quick as I did. If anything – that was another compliment to your skill,” he added, making sure she understood what he had really, truly felt during that first negotiation meeting, even if it made him look like a teenager who couldn't hold back his load for more than a few seconds.

Then she delved into his negotiation style, and his brow furrowed a bit curiously. She also delved into his pride getting in the way, and her asserting that she knew her worth. He came across like he had fear, respect, or power that he was trying to use against her? That confused him, as did her references of 'pride'. She finished by offering him a 'do over', sounding as if she pitied him or something, and he gently shook his head.

”Fear? Intimidation? Respect? Power? Is that how you took it, for real?” he asked, and his voice wasn't indignant or angry – it was genuine curiosity, because he looked every bit as shocked as his voice sounded. ”I might be a simple guy, but... do you really think I am that much a fool? I asked for twice as much because – where I am from, and with the people I deal with – that's normal. The other person responds with a low-ball offer. Then we both work towards something in between. Generally when I negotiate with someone, I'm doing it because we're both going to benefit – the only unknown factor is just how -much- we each benefit. No fear. No... intimidation... or whatever. So in this case, you offer an extra hour, and hint that maybe even a full evening is in the mix. Ok, so then I counter with TWO evenings... and generally, you would counter with something in between – maybe stopping at one full evening and holding your ground there... which would still be better for me than a single hour, right?” he said, smiling,  doing his best to share his thoughts in a way that didn't come across as condescending – because he knew that wouldn't even apply here, and he definitely wasn't trying to be. But she had made it clear she didn't 'read' him the way he had intended, and he felt that the best way to straighten it all out was to be honest with her and show her his cards.

”In no way did I expect you to agree to two nights. But somewhere in between? Sure. At least, that was the hope. I don't usually go with the 'all or nothing' bargaining style. In my neck of the woods, that rarely ends well,” he said, shaking his head. ”I have a good idea of your worth, too. And the 'info' you stood to win... you would find that out anyway, challenge or no challenge, like you just said. But.. I actually only jumped at the chance to try to increase the reward because you reminded me to,” he added with a soft chuckle.

”But... the thing that disturbs me most... you believe I would -try- to use intimidation tactics on you in order to get more time in your bed,” he said bluntly, shaking his head. ”I am many things, Luna... a jerk... a thief... a killer... an asshole... but I'd never try to 'negotiate' like that in order to obtain something so... so intimate... Companion or not,” he assured her.

It did sting quite a bit that she thought the things about him that she did. On the other hand, it was rather... refreshing... that she felt she could simply be blunt with him about it. At least it let him know where she stood with him, and what she expected from him. Even then, it still seemed to be a cold-water-splash to the face, a wake-up for sure, that she didn't see him as just some 'nice guy'. She expected of him what someone would expect from one of Niska's henchmen, and that made his stomach feel sour.

”Let's just forget the 'challenge', ok? And I... apologize, sincerely, if you felt I was trying to intimidate you. That was -definitely- not what I was aiming for. I was just trying to get some more time with you because I'm... into you... and I figured you'd meet me half-way,” he said, shaking his head again, still surprised that the conversation had taken the turn it did. ”Shit... I knew I was out of practice with the ladies, but damn...,” he added, chuckling a little nervously over the situation. He'd have to think about it some more later, when he was alone, because right now they had places to go and people to see, and he didn't have time to analyze her words in more detail at the moment. If that's how she saw him, then surely other women would see him the same way...

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: Today at 01:39:48 AM »
Luna, of course, didn't believe his claim that he could meet her challenge. She had every reason to be confident enough, of course, because she was -trained- to handle men and women of all kinds. Even some who might have tried to 'resist' her temptations as long as they could, and to her, an hour probably seemed like an eternity. But knowing the -reward- that awaiting him, he felt confident he could do it. He'd been around other beautiful women before, and he had never 'lost control' to the point that he couldn't control his own body, so in his mind, while this might be a substantial challenge, it shouldn't be impossible for him to do.

She took his arm as they walked, and then claimed that he 'overestimated' the value of his self-control, which made him laugh. Laughing still wasn't a common occurrence for him, but he did it then when he heard her response. ”Hey – I didn't suggest a variety of rewards for meeting your challenge – you did,” he reminded her. ”But if you are not so confident in your own abilities, I would understand that you would not want to go for two evenings together instead of one,” he added. She had kinda let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, by poking him for not trying to negotiate a better deal, and now that he was – she apparently didn't like how he did it.

She proved his suspicions correct by giving him a little lecture on 'negotiating', and though he listened, he did so with an amused expression on his face. When she finished, he was ready with his answer.

”Thanks for the tips – but I learned from someone who was pretty good at it himself, and I do pretty well in the negotiation department already,” he assured her. ”And actually, I made my play for what was most important to me – more -time-. With you. Whether you tease me or simply kiss me during that time is up to you. But your -time-... I have a pretty good feeling that is what is most valuable to you, so that's the direction I went with my counter-offer,” he said, still smiling, obviously enjoying the discussion, though he made sure to keep his voice at a level only meant for her as he alternated looking at her, and then looking at the walkway ahead.

”Of course, there's nothing to 'counter' with, since you don't really 'win' much if I lose the challenge. Well, maybe that's not entirely true... I guess if I make it a half hour before cracking, you've just avoided a half hour of me enjoying your body in far more intimate and personal ways, so maybe you do get some benefit from me at least making the effort, especially if I fail...,” he said, thinking on it for a moment – perhaps she DID have something to gain by it after all?

”But right now, it's pretty much just your pride keeping you from accepting my counter-offer. If you're not completely confident in your abilities, then I would completely understand why you would refuse, and I certainly wouldn't hold it against you,” he suggested, coming full circle, his voice still sounding playful. -Two- evenings with her – with him enjoying her like he -really-, -really- wanted to, would be worth a lot of coin to her. Of course, he assumed it would be at times aboard the Gryphon where she wouldn't have clients anyway, so it wasn't like she would be 'missing out' on actual business. But then again, if she wasn't really interested in having him between her thighs, well, she might be far more careful about what she wagered...

They didn't have to go far to get to the infirmary, and Decker could see it up ahead, the traditionally huge red-cross symbol without words indicating they were getting close. But one thing was for sure - she was seeing a side of him that few rarely got to see, playful and mischievous, like the god of mischief himself.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: Yesterday at 02:17:00 AM »
Gavin furrowed his brow when Weasel waved the machined in front of his face. At least, Gavin -thought- it was some kind of... machine. Maybe it was just a hunk of junk that the kid carried around for 'good luck' or something. Or maybe the kid was a little wacked in the brain-pan, for all Gavin knew.  But he listened as the kid explained that he was an 'inventor', and glancing at the kid's satchel pretty much supported the kid's claim: more junk.

But as Gavin suspected, the kid certainly did want to meet the captain, bluntly asking if he could. Gavin raised a brow again, a bit surprised by the kid's enthusiasm. But if his hunch was right, and Weasel had literally nothing else here and was down on his luck – then the enthusiasm would certainly make sense.

“Well, sure... I can introduce you to him... AFTER we finish our drinks,” he said with a grin. ”No sense in hurrying and missing out on that,” he added, reaching for his glass. It was then that he noticed there was only ONE glass on the tray, and the kid was quick to grab it – and place it in front of Gavin. Was the kid THAT much down on his luck, then? As the kid handed over payment for the drink, Gavin dug in his pocket and pulled our some credits, and gently tossed them onto the waitress's serving tray. There were actually quite a few extra credits there.

”Fetch another for my friend here – and add in a bit of friendliness, too,” he said. The waitress glanced down at the credits on the tray, smirked at Gavin for a moment, then leaned over toward Weasel and gave him a gently peck of kiss on his cheek before standing up and walking away – with a  little -extra- sway in her hips - which, of course, Gavin openly gaped at until she was far enough away the view was blocked by other patrons.

”You know? I think she -likes- you...,” Gavin said as he took the glass – and immediately brought it to his lips and tilted it back, downing half its contents in a few hefty chugs before setting it back down on the table in front of him with a loud, satisfied gasp – followed by a little belch.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Bumbling Buffoon on Boros
« on: June 20, 2017, 02:40:02 AM »
The young man Gav had come to the aid of seemed all too happy to order a drink for him. It was the least he could do, Gavin figured, since it looked like the guy was gonna get his ass handed to him by the two big goons. Of course, maybe the little guy was a lot meaner than he looked – maybe he was one of them ninjas from Sihon or something and would have taken care of the two guys without any trouble. Of course, that didn't matter now. The two guys had gotten a little antsy when it looked like a more even fight, and that was enough to send them packing. Seems that no one wanted to go home tonight with a busted face, broken nose, or loose teeth over a bit of spilled beer.

Gavin gave the waitress – nice rack and all – a long, suggestive glance as she came and took Daniel's order. After she was gone, Gavin turned his gaze back toward his new 'friend' as he admitted that he didn't know Gaving had a ship at all – it had just been a guess. The kid's reasoning was sound – make it sound like they were part of a ship's crew, which meant -family- in most circles – and the two guys might have been worried they'd face retribution in the form of a ten-on-two beatdown sometime in the near future. It was a gamble, but one that the kid had taken, which showed that he had some cajones.

When Weasel asked if Gav DID have a ship, Gavin chuckled softly, smiling. ”Well, I am -part- of a ship's crew, yes, but I ain't the captain. Fuck that,” he replied, sounding like he had zero interest in being a ship's captain at all. ”It's called the Gryphon, named after a mystical goat or some shit like that. But it's a merc ship of sorts, running odd-jobs – sometimes not the easy and clean ones, if you get my drift,” he said, making it sound a bit more 'dramatic' than necessary.

”The captain's name is Decker. He's a fairly good chap. Been fair to me so far. Just so happens there is an opening on the ship for a mechanic...,” he paused, reaching for some of the nuts from the bowl just as Weasel started tinkering with... some... sort of... device? Gavin's brow furrowed for a moment. ”What the heck is that thing? A toaster? he asked curiously, just as the waitress returned with a small tray with Weasel's order on it...

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: June 20, 2017, 02:31:29 AM »
Decker nodded again and again as Luna repeated the terms of the 'challenge'. Hell, she even admitted that it was a 'win win' for him, which of course made him wonder what -she- got out of it? She didn't stand to 'win' anything out of it regardless of the outcome. Of course, seeing how she enjoyed being mischievous, Decker began to wonder if she posed the challenge just so she could watch him -sweat-. Would she enjoy seeing him try to resist her for a full hour? Of course, by the terms of her rules, SHE could do anything she wanted... but -he- was only allowed to kiss and talk... he suspected she had some tricks up her sleeves, but in the end he knew it would come down to his own willpower to determine whether he won the challenge or not.

She even teased him about not trying to 'negotiate' the 'prize' with a bit more enthusiasm, and he simply smirked in response at that. ”Ok, negotiations... if I win,  get TWO evenings with you...,” he countered with an offer that he knew she wouldn't accept. But, if she could be playful, so could he!

As they prepared to depart the changing room, she made the claim that he didn't hide his emotions very well. He furrowed his brow, because he was fairly confident that he did. At least, to -normal- people. She was definitely not 'normal', at least in most ways, and he figured she'd been trained to 'read' people just from facial expressions, the sound of their voice, and other small little body signals. He'd been good at bluffing and hiding his true intentions and emotions well enough in the past – but never against a Companion and her abilities. This little revelation was like a cold slap to the face, though: he was going to have to be much more careful around her in the future.

Out of the changing-room, Luna went right up to the salesman's counter and arranged for the purchase and delivery of his new shirts. It still felt a bit odd to him that she was doing this, but... was he going to complain? He already had a lucrative deal with her, one that certainly mixed money with pleasure, and now he had some free clothes on top of it – AND a chance for more free time with her? All in all, the evening was going pretty darn well so far, and he couldn't think of much to complain about!

Luna quickly had the salesman eating out of her hand, and everything was settled. As the salesman pitched his hope that they might return, Decker held back a laugh – no way would he return to this place... unless it was with Luna.

She turned to him, adjusted the collar of his shirt like a mother might do, and then gave one of her beautiful smiles before heading for the door, Decker in tow. Next up – stopping by the infirmary to check on Daisy. They -could- do that part later, but Decker – as captain of the ship she got sick on – would feel terrible about putting it off. If he wasn't allowed to see her, that'd be something out of his control and he wouldn't feel guilty about that. But he felt he had to at least make the effort to stop by before leaving the next day, so now would be as good a time as any.

Outside, Decker took in a deep breath and looked over at Luna, gave her a smile of his own, and offered her his arm.

”Glad that's done,” he said, and then it was his turn to lean in a little closer.

”And I am definitely going to win that bet...,” he said, his voice a little softer, imitating the way she had spoken to him a few minutes ago as if letting her in on a little secret before he started walking, hopefully gently guiding her along with him as he set course for the infirmary...

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: June 18, 2017, 05:42:28 AM »
Decker certainly raised a brow pretty high on his forehead when Luna answered his words with a challenge of her own. She offered an extra hour – or possibly even a whole evening – if he could manage to keep his efforts with her down to mere kissing and talking for a full hour during their next 'session' together. That was an amazing offer that was simply too good to pass up, and because he would win -more- than what she owed him – if he was able to meet her requirements – it was just too good an offer to pass up. The idea of an entire evening with her – something that would cost a normal person several -thousand- credits – was enough to almost leave him speechless.


Then the discussion returned to the shirts, which did without any effort at all. He imagined she had no trouble discussing -anything- with flawless grace – weren't Companions trained in all manner of conversational tactics? He thought he had read that or heard that somewhere. Of course, he always thought that was pretty silly – who would spend that kind of money just to -talk- to someone? Hell no! If Decker could ever afford that kind of level of money, enough to pay for a full evening with a companion, they'd be doing a great number of things – and little of it would involve 'talking', for sure.

She offered to have the shirts delivered to the ship while they headed off to see Daisy, and he nodded his head in agreement, indicating he was fine with her suggestion.

”Oh, and challenge accepted. An entire hour where -I- make no attempt to do anything to you other than talk – or kiss,” he said, confidently agreeing to her challenge. Of course, he expected her to try to cheat him out of winning, certainly. Perhaps it was her attempt to tease him – and rob him of valuable time she owed him. But if he won...

Then she was moving on to another topic, discussing hosting clients aboard the ship, or at the very least, meeting higher-class clients who might pay him well for this errand or that. He nodded, not only understanding but also agreeing with what she said. Higher class clients would demand higher caliber business partners – and Decker could possibly at least -look- like that, at the very least.

Luna then accused him of not liking shopping, and being eager to get out of the tailor's shop. He smirked and tilted his head slightly. ”Is it that easy to tell?” he said softly in response, making it clear that she was right on the money. He wasn't one for shopping – but especially in a place like this, a place obviously -meant- for people with much higher income levels. Even though she had offered to pay for his clothing that they picked-up during their visit, it wasn't even that notion which bothered him. It was simply the fact that this place was not meant for people like -him-.

”But I do think you're right, and I think we're done here. If you're ready to go, then I am as well,” he confirmed, though he made no effort to push her out the door or hurry her along. He simply enjoyed being with her and wasn't really in a hurry to get anywhere specific.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Prisoner of War
« on: June 18, 2017, 05:28:25 AM »
[On board the Gryphon, mid-morning on day 14. @Ilham Wen , @Open ]

Ilham did a superb job of hiding any sort of tension he might be feeling, as Decker didn't seem to recognize any, himself. The guy was simply watching over his charge, and apparently took his job quite seriously. Of course, to the captain of the ship, that meant everyone else could rest a little easier knowing that the prisoner's personal jailor was standing watch – not that the prisoner had much chance to escape, of course, at least not without some significant help.

Decker nodded to the affirmative in response to Ilham's query about the state of affairs on the ship. Everything was going smoothly so far, and for that Decker was grateful. 'Smooth' wasn't a term he was able to use very often in the past few months when it came to activities and relationships on board the Gryphon. He deeply hoped that would change, now, with the new crew he'd been able to find, but if the past few months of conflict had provided any silver-lining, it was that the captain made sure he was prepared for anything now – and always expected the worst.

The captain gave a silly smirk when Ilham suggested that the prisoner might be a little TOO comfortable, though in truth, Decker couldn't tell if the man was being serious or not. Perhaps there was a bit of genuine disdain in his words, or perhaps Decker was simply reading into it, but it wasn't like Ilham was hovering over the prisoner, beating him senseless or anything. If the prisoner was some sort of scumbag that -deserved- such disdain, then the captain certainly wouldn't begrudge someone for wishing ill will upon such a person. Decker had done a whole lot of such wishin' throughout his life, after all.

In response to his own queries about the prisoner, Ilham voiced his surprise that Decker hadn't been given the run-down. So, the man offered his own version of events, explaining how the prisoner and a few accomplices had broken into someone's estate, only to find Ilham and his backup waiting for them. Ilham smiled briefly, or so Decker construed in that moment, which made him think that the man was proud of the capture.

Of course, that description surely didn't explain the incredible security that the prisoner was under – bound and straight-jacketed as he was, and issued a personal guard to make the trip with him to Boros. In Decker's experience, such prisoners were usually guilty of far more heinous crimes, but he wasn't an expert himself, and didn't feel the need to push further. In the end, the prisoner was cargo. Living cargo, and obviously dangerous cargo, but bound as he was and with Ilham on watch, and several others on board who could efficiently put a bullet in the prisoner if needed, Decker wasn't overly concerned at the moment.

Ilham tossed a question back at Decker, who nodded politely. It only seemed fair, a conversation being two-way when the two men had similar goals where their cargo was concerned.

”Well, whenever I'm headed to another location, I always check the cortex for possible opportunities for hauling and whatnot. Odd-jobs, even – if it's something that'll bring in credits, I'll consider it. I plan routes as best I can, and this ship is equipped to haul a variety of cargo – including livestock and even people,” he offered, nodding toward their prisoner. ”I saw this job on the Bellerophon lead, and was in the area, and the price seemed more than fair – as such jobs usually do. Not a lot of captains wanna screw with haulin' potentially dangerous people. So those jobs are good pay, usually, and fairly straight forward if the ship is equipped for it,” he said, raising one arm and leaning his forearm against the wall, his body angled to see both Ilham and their prisoner without difficulty.

”And no, I rarely do work Coreward. The Alliance cronies generally annoy me, to be honest, and the hassle usually isn't worth it. And it seems Core folk generally hire-out to big-time security firms and the like anyway, whereas Rim folk can't afford the big dogs. So that's where I come in, offering a cheaper alternative, as long as the work is above-board,” he readily explained. He certainly didn't want Ilham thinking he was a smuggler or some other bottom-feeder looking to take advantage of people, no matter what part of the 'verse they lived in.

Decker turned his gaze back to the prisoner, thinking for a moment. ”Does seem a bit... overkill... to have a mere burglar trussed-up like that,” he said, nodding toward the man in the cell. ”But normally I am not given a lot of info about these sorts of hauls. The less I know, the less I can accidentally reveal should I speak to others about it, I suppose. As long as the prisoner is secure, it honestly doesn't matter whether he was arrested for mass murder – or jaywalking. I'm paid to get him from point A to point B. They don't pay me to ask questions,” he finished with a slight shrug. His tone was congenial and polite, seemingly more than willing to chat.

"Still... sometimes I get too curious for my own good...

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:40:00 AM »
Decker raised a brow in response to her words, convincing him rather easily that paybacks – with her skills – could be very sweet indeed. He didn't doubt that. He imagined someone with her skills could certainly make someone feel like they were in heaven... or quite the opposite, depending on her mood and methods. Her smile was enticing, flirtatious, and... gorgeous. It was so -easy- to feel... normal... with her, as if they had been friends for quite some time. Within hours of meeting, they were already joking, teasing, and acting like they'd been around each other many times already. He was sure that was -also- part of her 'training', but he was grateful for it.

Moments later, standing behind him, though, she proved just how -teasing- she could be, and then she verbally admitted she enjoyed it. He smiled to himself as she claimed she was as daring in public as in private, and something told him she was definitely being honest about that as well. But then she urged him to actually try on the shirts before someone outside the dressing room grew impatient – giving his arousal another squeeze for good measure before moving away.

He felt her move away, more for the sudden hint of cool air down his back and the lack of her warmth, and without a word he followed her advice and began to pull on another one of the shirts to try on. Pulling it down to cover his body, he slowly turned, his hands straightening the garment out a bit to make sure it sat square and comfortable on his shoulders. Without a word, he looked up at Luna, looking for approval or disapproval, before hearing a soft knock at the door and the voice outside call to check on them, and offering to fetch a different size for him to try on if necessary.

Luna spoke, suggesting that the shirt he tried on would suit him, and he nodded. ”We're good in here, thanks,” he called back, letting just a hint of annoyance touch his voice. Decker always did 'annoyance' very well, thanks to his previous crew who seemed to spend the bulk of their time annoying the hell out of him, whether purposely or not.

”Alright, sir. I'll be nearby if you need anything, please just call out...,” the salesman said, and then he could be heard speaking to the other customer who had come in. And then suddenly, he stepped forward, the front of his body almost coming into contact with hers. She was already back against the wall, so there wasn't anywhere for her to go easily, and one of Decker's hands moved up, fingers gently settling beneath her chin and lifting it so that she would look up at him.

Decker immediately lowered his lips toward hers – but stopped. They brushed together lightly, simply teasing a kiss, before he spoke.

”Our next 'special hour' together is going to be very... -interesting-...,” he whispered softly. ”Maybe I'll spend it teasing you, like you teased me... Or..,” he paused again, his lips lightly teasing hers still. ”Or maybe I'll spend it just kissing you...,” he whispered as his lips gently – and barely – captured her lower lip between his, still just a faint hint of a kiss rather than a full on lip-lock. It was sensual – at least for him it was – and his other hand came to rest on her hip, gently pulling her lower body toward his. It might seem obvious to someone as 'skilled' as her that he was attempting to be intimate with her to some degree... without giving the chance for anything to get out of control...

But after a few moments of the light hints of a kiss, he slowly drew away from her, his hand leaving her hip, but his other still caressed the underside of her chin for another few seconds before finally dropping away from her. There was a gentleness in his touch in those moments, despite the lust he must certainly feel for her. But backing away, giving her space, he smiled.

”I like it,” he said, indicating the shirt. More importantly to him, -she- had indicated she liked it, so now he did, as well. ”Ready to get out of here?”

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Prisoner of War
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:17:46 AM »
[On board the Gryphon, mid-morning on day 14. @Ilham Wen , @Open ]

So far so good. A full day away from Bellerophon, the Gryphon was humming along nicely, and everything was quiet. That was the way Decker liked it. Fewer 'events' meant fewer chances of bad things to happen, and even though that made him feel like one of the verse's worst pessimists, when it came to floating through the black in a large tin-can, mere inches of metal between him and the vacuum  of space, he MUCH preferred 'quiet and boring' to 'lively and exciting'. Well.... usually.

Daisy was doing fine in the cockpit, and even when she wasn't really needed there, she spent a lot of time reclined in the pilot's seat with a book, or just kicked-back listening to some music with the pair of oversized headphones she brought on board with her. She had quickly learned the 'secret' that Decker knew long ago – the Gryphon's most comfortable seat was, of all places, the pilot's seat itself. Built to hold someone comfortably for long periods of time, even the cushioned bench-seats in the rec-area next to the galley weren't as comfy.

Decker made a few regular stops by the engine room, as well. He sure as hell didn't like flying without a solid mechanic on board, but... sometimes a ship and its captain did what they had to do. Granted, the last overhaul had gone extremely well, and Decker himself knew -just enough- about the mechanical state of his own ship to be dangerous, but he would definitely feel better – and sleep easier – if he had a bonafide mechanic on board. He'd have to try again in Boros, and the sooner he found one, the better. Maybe he'd have to up his monetary offer a bit, which would suck, but might become necessary to do.

Cammy was doing fine in the infirmary, but he stopped by nonetheless to check on her. The 'quick exam' she gave the new folks was enough to put Decker's mind at ease, and she informed him that the other new person – Ilham – was clean as a whistle.

Gavin spent a lot of his time in the cargo bay, even though there wasn't much to do. The cargo they carried was strapped down tight and wasn't going anywhere, and the place was pretty clean the way it was – for a cargo hold on a ship, at least. More than once, Decker came across Gavin working out, doing exercises and what not to both pass the time and keep in shape. Decker reminded himself that he needed to do the same, now that things -seemed- to be getting back to 'normal' a bit. And more than once, Decker had see Gavin headed to the cockpit to chat with Daisy. It was pretty easy to see that the merc was attracted to the pilot, and Decker frankly didn't care – as long as people did their jobs, what they did in their bunks was their own business.

And then there was Luna. He did his best not to think about the Companion at all, though as he suspected, that proved impossible.

Another person on board also deserved regular check-ins, though he certainly wasn't a part of the crew. If anything, he was 'cargo' and nothing more, and that's all that mattered. He was 'free credits' upon delivery, once the Gryphon arrived on Boros, and Decker would be relieved to get rid of the guy. Seeing how the Bellerophon authorities had the guy bound – as well as the quiet guardian that accompanied him – Decker could only imagine that the prisoner was 'bad news' in a variety of ways. The sooner he was off the ship, the better.

Decker headed down to the detention block, eager to put his mind at ease for a few more hours. Usually Gavin was in the area and kept an eye on things, but Decker knew the merc was getting some shut-eye at this hour, and decided he'd check on the prisoner himself.

The detention block wasn't anything fancy, of course – made simply to incarcerate 'prisoners' for transport – or to stash unruly or overly intoxicated crewmen, when the need arose. Now, though, it housed only one prisoner, and Decker would rest easier knowing that their 'guest' was still firmly and safely locked away, bound, and secure.

He made his way through the cargo hold to the bulkhead door that led to the detention block, and pulled the metal handle downward to unlatch it, and then pulled it open. Decker stepped through, pulled the bulkhead door shut behind him, then turned to head toward the cells when he first noticed Ilham there, facing the prisoner's cell.

Decker paused briefly, obviously somewhat surprised to see him there at this hour, but then again – the guy was along for the ride to keep an eye on the prisoner, and that's all he was doing.

”Mornin',” Decker greeted the man with a nod. ”Just checking in on our passenger here, making sure he's comfortable and not in need of anything...,” he added with a hint of sarcasm in his voice as he moved to stand in the same area Ilham was, turning to look at their prisoner in the cell. The man was still bound and trussed-up just as he had been when brought on board, and he was awake, his dark eyes watching his two jailors intently.

”What do you know about this guy, Ilham? I mean, his rap-sheet... did they tell you anything? The authorities back on Bellerophon?” he asked. Decker had no idea if Ilham had any 'history' with this prisoner or not, and didn't have any reason to believe there was any. The captain was simply curious about the guy, why he was being transported to Boros, and what he had done to deserve the sort of security – and guardian – that he had....

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Gavin did give Daniel a cursory glance, trying to gauge if the young man would be much help in a fight. Instead, it looked like the kid was gonna piss himself... which didn't stop Gavin from making his approach and talk to the two goons. He'd been outnumbered before, and he certainly wasn't going to let that stop him now.

As Gavin spoke to the two ruffians, Daniel moved over and tried to act 'brotherly' to him. For the moment, Gavin let him, simply acting like it was all true. The other two guys, though, seemed to look and stare at the two of them, sizing them up, weighing in their minds how the fight would go, if one broke out. Daniel wished the two cronies goodbye, and then asked Gavin if they should return to the ship.

With a sigh, one of the goons nodded. "Alright, then... we'll let you off easy this time... but -NEXT- time, pip-squeak...," the first guy said, pointing a finger at Daniel. The other guy with him just scowled and followed the first, and after a long, tense momentary pause where someone COULD have thrown a punch, the two men walked slowly away, as if trying to decide whether to fight it out anyway.

With the two goons gone, Gavin turned his eyes toward Daniel. "You can start thanking me by buying me a drink," he said, moving to take a seat at the table Daniel had just been seated at. "And how did you know I had a ship?" he asked, turning his head and raising a hand to flag down a waitress to get the drink he thought Daniel owed him.

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The stop on Boros wasn't all that bad, despite these military punks being stuck-up and arrogant. Still, there were some 'civvies' about, and the bar didn't have a HUGE Alliance soldier presence, which was a 'good thing' in Gavin's eyes. The merc wasn't keen on Alliance-types, but as long as they stayed out of his way, he didn't go looking for any trouble from them, either.

The watering-hole was better than nothing, and the best part was, there were only a few military grunts making a lot of noise in the back corner. Good for them. As long as they stayed back there, so much the better. He nursed his second beer, even though it tasted like a mix of water and warm... something, something-not-beer. But, it gave him the slight buzz he was looking for, and the scenery wasn't half-bad, either. Another good looking gal walked by, and she had a sizable rack, long legs, and a pretty smile she tossed his way, to boot. Gavin smiled – maybe for a few credits he'd get lucky...

His attention was drawn over toward the bar, and he turned his head to see one guy lurch suddenly into another. Some sort of small... contraption... was zipping back to some kid at a table by himself, who stuffed it into a bag and then quickly sat back and tried to look innocent. Only, the two guys who seemed upset by this didn't appear to be the forgiving type.

Two against one, and the kid all alone at the table didn't look like he could beat his way out of a wet paper-bag. To Gavin, that didn't seem quite fair, and smiling to himself, he downed the rest of his beer, slamming the empty mug back on the table as he rose to his feet and made his way toward the table where the kid was sitting....

The two guys whom Weasel had 'interrupted', began to walk toward where he was sitting by himself. They didn't seem to be too happy about what had just happened. When they came to a stop – one on each side of him – the bigger one, who happened to be the guy wearing most of the other guy's beer, spoke up with a deep, gruff voice.

“Hey, pip-squeak! Your toy made my friend here spill his beer on me. You owe my friend a beer – and you owe ME an apology,” the guy demanded. Both men looked very well-built – and itching for a fight. The second man kept eyeballing Weasel's pack, curious what else was inside it, along with the 'thing' that had caused him to spill his beer in the first place.

”Maybe as an 'apology', you'll fork over that piece of junk in your back pack. Maybe we can sell it for scrap and buy a few beers that way,” he said, chuckling ominously as he spoke.

”Fellas, fellas, fellas! Let's just calm down here a bit... it was just one spilled beer. No blood, no harm. No need to be such pussies about it,” a third guy said, a newcomer, walking up beside the bigger of the two guys. He was almost as big as the bigger of the two grunts that accosted Weasel, with black, spiky hair, dark eyes, and a bit of a wild look about him.

Both men turned their attention from Weasel to the new guy – Gavin. The two men scowled, obviously not happy to be called the name that Gavin had given them.

”And just who the fuck are you?” the bigger guy asked.

Gavin smiled politely, raising a brow. ”Who, me? I'm just the guy's brother, that's all,” Gavin said, nodding toward Weasel. ”So if you have a problem with him... well then you've got a problem with me...

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Luna certainly did seem to be in a good mood, even though she wasn't being paid for their time together that day. Maybe she really was just glad not to have a 'military' client today? Or, maybe she was simply in a good mood to have a 'day off', though he imagined she could take whatever 'days off' she desired. She even teased him about making 'promises', and suggested that she 'bind him up' and keep him in a painful state of arousal before finally sending him over the edge. He chuckled at that, a real one, too, not just his usual smile.

”That sounds good to me, but remember... paybacks can be very rough,” he replied, letting her know that whatever she did to him, he would certainly plan to dish it back to her at some point, some how. He did, after all, have an hour a week where he could do just about anything he wanted, and tying -her- up to pay her back for teasing him could definitely be on the menu.

As he pulled the shirt up, blocking his view, she took that opportunity to move behind him so that when his eyes were uncovered again, she was simply gone. But he immediately felt her behind him, one of her arms wrapped around him, her other hand also wrapped around him but much lower. Her hand glided effortlessly to the lump where his manhood rested. Her fingers expertly closed, gripping, teasing, sending a surge of heated blood into his loins, causing him to catch his breath as he felt the familiar rush of a rapidly approaching hard-on.

It took a lot of effort on his part not to spin around to face her and put his hands all over her body, but instead he remained still, waiting to see what she would do. She spoke, then, voicing her suspicion that he would like to see her do precisely what his mind was imagining her doing, as he glanced downward to watch her small, pale, soft hand slid along the outline of his rapidly swelling shaft. Her hand mimicked her words, moving back and forth, and he sighed gently, deeply wishing that he could simply unzip and unbutton his pants and let her show him.

“You like that... -teasing-, don't you...,” he stated rather than asked, his voice low enough just for her to hear. She seemed to like that, to be in charge and to know precisely how to get her partner all worked-up. ”You're all daring and mischievous when you have the safety of the public around you... but wait until we're alone and I bet you're suddenly not so daring...,” he teased back, though he remained where he was, letting her hand molest him however she wished. After all, she had already aroused him – stopping her now wasn't going to 'help' or make anything better, so he simply let her do as she wished – though he still looked downward, watching her hand skilfully touch him in a way that he definitely liked...

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Luna responded well to his slightly forward display, easing her back, gently pressing her back against the changing-room wall. She spoke softly in answer to his words, allowing him to touch her in return for her touching him. It was 'fair', after all, and Decker found himself nodding in complete agreement, and when she suggested having more fun somewhere more comfortable, he faintly -purred- at the thought of that. Her quarters had proven quite... useful... for their Negotiations. Perhaps she would want to return there for the 'next round' of 'bartering'....

Her hands moved up and over his skin, her soft, warm palms gliding effortlessly. He liked her touch, liked the way her hands moved across his body, and she said nothing about his scars, her hands not even seeming to register the few that she moved across. If they bothered her at all, she was good at hiding it. In turn, his hands settled on her hips, gripping gently for the time being as her hands followed the shape of the back of his face and head.

The kiss began innocently enough, but quickly turned warm – then hot. He growled fainting when she escalated it, obviously not missing her cue, and he responded in kind. His hands slipped around her hips, to her rump, fingers and palms boldly gliding along the curves of her ass. She pressed her body gently against his, her tongue teasing his, until they both hear the salesman's voice calling out...

Luna stiffened, and Decker did as well. Their kiss frozen in place, and his hands frozen in place on her buttocks, as well. When Decker didn't feel Luna immediately go back to what they were doing, he gently pulled his lips away. He smiled as he whispered to her.

”I like that idea about having more fun somewhere more comfortable. But the day is young... and we have all that time to fill, including our date,” he said, and as he eased slowly away from her, his eyes openly looked her up and down, shaking his head faintly.

”And when I finally get my hands on you...,” he paused, his voice trailing off as he  smiled, and then reached for the charcoal shirt – his first pick – and began to gently remove it from the hangar that it had been brought to them on. Once free, he lifted the garment up and slipped it down over his body, adjusting it gently as he went.

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<Day 19, Various spots on the Gryphon, Borros, 0940 hrs local time. @Cain Dyer >

Decker nodded at Cain in reference to the ship's upgrades. He certainly was glad that they were there - no matter what the original reason they had used to install them. If the ship hadn't had a pulse drive, it would be pretty useless to him. And some of the other upgrades were pretty substantial, as well. The more he thought about it, the more he appreciated his ship.

As expected, Cain took the most interest in the cockpit area, and he'd find that it was in tip-top shape. Daisy had kept it clean, since she practically LIVED in the pilot seat for the short time he knew her. A month? Maybe a little less? He didn't keep track of things like that, usually. But she had been on board long enough to tidy up the cockpit, and insisted on keeping it that way.

When their path brought them to the crew quarters area, and Decker smiled at Cain's comment about them. The newcomer claimed they were pretty nice, one of the nicest he'd seen, and Decker could certainly live with that. "Eh, not overly fancy like some land-bound hotels, or some of those pleasure-liners you read about. But they work, and best of all, they're private. Some ships, as you know, don't even have that luxury," he said, grateful yet again for his ship's layout. The Captain was thrilled that each crew member had their own quarters, affording them each at least one place they could go on the ship to be alone, if they wished.

Arriving at the infirmary eventually, Decker nodded when Cain thanked him for the tour. The new pilot seemed eager, and that was certainly good to hear. Decker bid his farewell and then departed, since he had a list of other things to attend to before they could depart the next day. Finding some more cargo to haul was first on his list...

<<Decker Exit from Scene>>

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Decker listened intently as the salesman offered Luna a variety of shirts for Decker to try on. He winced when the salesman offered colors that Luna had specifically said that they weren't interested in. Yellow? Seriously? Red pen-stripes on white – or was it white pen-stripes on Red? He didn't get a good enough look – thank goodness – as Luna rejected it outright. Luna accepted a few darker and neutral colored ones, which he knew he could handle. In his eyes, of course, he could just get a couple charcoal or black ones and he'd be good to go.

She asked about having things delivered to the ship, and the salesman assured them that he could make it happen. Decker wasn't worried – Gavin would be there to receive any deliveries, so that Decker and Luna wouldn't have to lug around bags or boxes. Decker did note the slightly aloof attitude that Luna was giving the salesman, which didn't bother the captain any. The salesman was certainly seeing credits rolling on the back of his eyelids, so Decker didn't mind if she treated him with a firm hand if she thought it wise to.

Once the salesman marched off, Decker reeled Luna into the changing room and shut the door, securing it from their side. She teased him about not knowing that he wanted to be alone with her so badly – and he smirked in response. Of course she knew. She knew from the first minute, and she was teasing him. There was no sense in denying it, of course, because they both knew it was true. Instead, he simply went along with it.

”Yep, I do... pretty badly, in fact,” he said, removing his shirt in preparation to being trying on the ones she had chosen from those that the salesman had offered. But then her hand settled on his chest and began to gently caress it, which caused him to stop what he was doing, remaining still as she touched him. She had soft, gentle hands, and he knew that already based on how she had 'handled' him during their Negotiations.

Luna stepped forward, putting herself right in front of him, almost touching, both of her hands on his chest now. He imagined she wasn't used to seeing men like him. Sure, she probably saw clients with the occasional scar and such, but he imagined that most of her clients were wealthy, well-to-do men who hadn't worked an honest day in their lives, and certainly not physical labor, or doing something that would cause them to collect knife and gunshot scars, burns and what not. He assumed that most of her clients were smooth-skinned men (and women?) with baby-smooth skin. Well, Decker couldn't 'do' anything about it, and had long ago stopped being self-conscious about the marks on his body.

But his attention was snapped back to the moment when she challenged him for a kiss, and he raised a brow as he listened. She was playfully teasing him again – or she truly felt that if she allowed him to kiss her, he would lose total control of himself. His facial expression didn't change at all as she awaited his answer, and she didn't have to wait long.

”Well, I suppose that really depends on what your definition of 'indecent' is,” he replied, every bit as playful as she was being, his voice kept low for her ears alone. ”But as the old saying goes – there's only one way to find out. I suppose I will suggest that – if it becomes... 'too much'... for you, then tap my shoulder with one of your hands and I'll back off,” he offered, and there was no delay as he follower her back-step by moving swiftly toward her – with enough force that he pushed her back another step or two until her back pressed against the changing-room wall behind her.

”Got you now... my Companion,” he whispered playfully, the corners of his mouth curling slightly with amusement as he lowered his lips toward hers, turning his head slightly to mesh with her angle just right, so that their lips could slide together perfectly....

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Luna seemed accepting of the color he had chosen. He preferred darker colors for more than just practical reasons, of course. He simply liked them better. Bright colors were for ladies... or people who wanted to be noticed. Earth tones, blacks, grays... those provided a sort of camouflage that he could appreciate – and preferred.

He forgot about the comments concerning her 'price' because ultimately, it was irrelevant. He didn't need to know the exact amount, because he knew he'd never be able to afford it, unless he somehow hit the big-time, which wasn't really in the cards, in his opinion. Discussing just how -much- it would cost him was only a reminder of her occupation – something she claimed to want to set aside for the evening – so he simply let it drop.

She complimented his body and gently suggested he shouldn't try to conceal it. Decker grinned crookedly at her in response. ”Ain't trying to hide it, babe. But a bit looser clothing means I can move easier, smoother, with less restriction,” he explained. The last thing he wanted was a tight shirt slowing down his reactions, whether it was reaching for his iron, or fending off someone trying to get up close and personal in a violent way. Looser clothing meant more freedom of movement, and he figured she'd understand.

Luna followed him back to the dressing rooms though, and the salesman then tried to suggest some 'add-ons', like pants, socks, a belt or shoes. Decker shook his head slightly, glancing over at Luna for a moment before returning his gaze to the salesman. ”Nope. The shirt will be all, thanks, he replied. Sure, Luna had suggested she was buying, but that didn't mean Decker would take advantage of that generosity. She was still a lady, too, and it felt awkward enough the way it was. But, if it would make her happy – and allow him to get where he needed to go – then he'd let her buy him a shirt – but nothing else. Nothing frivolous.

The salesman nodded graciously, accepting Decker's declining of his offer with politeness. Luna picked up her pace slightly at the last moment, reaching the door to the changing room first and opening it for him. Decker took the shirt from the salesman, and nodded his thanks to the man. ”We'll be right out in a few,” he said, to which the salesman nodded, smiled, and turned to depart.

”Please let me know if you need any assistance at all, sir, lady,” he said, heading quickly out to the main sales floor upon hearing another potential customer enter the shop.

Decker turned and smiled at Luna, then headed into the changing room. Just as he passed by her, his free hand reached out – hooked a couple fingers into the waistband of her pants – and pulled her inside with him. Then, he let go of her pants and reached up to shut the door, latching it closed behind them.

”There,” he said, turning to face her, his voice low, just above a whisper. ”Alone at last...,” he said as he hung the shirt up on one of the man hooks along the wall, and then reached up to pull off his jacket, carefully hanging it on one of them near where he stood. Then without waiting, he reached up and pulled his shirt up and over his head, also curving it over the same hook where his jacket hung, revealing his naked torso to her.

He was built solidly, with well-defined muscle, and a collection of scars. One particular scar, on his side, was obvious pinkish in color, indicating it was relatively new. Several inches long, and very thin, it was obviously not a bullet-hole, or a burn, but rather put there by something sharp.

”Maybe you could help me with this part?” he asked smoothly, his voice still quiet. Outside the door and toward the main showroom floor, they would be able to hear the salesman  speaking with someone, far enough away that their voices were muffled and not easy to understand....

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Decker listened silently as Luna assured him she knew the difference between simple flattery and genuine compliments. At first he wasn't sure, but she quickly ran through an explanation on how she handled the two things, and he got the idea she really did know. After all, given her occupation, she'd probably heard plenty of -both- in her years since going into 'service'. How many years was that? Well, he was smart enough not to ask a lady her age, but he estimated she was in her mid twenties, at most, unless she was super good at hiding her age. Still, a few years in her job likely provided her with all sorts of experience – of all kinds.

Her first choice was a charcoal long-sleeved shirt that looked rather nice – and Decker assumed, expensive. She reminded the salesman that there were to be no ties, no cuff-links, and no pastel colors – all things that Decker was more than happy to agree with. The Salesman simply nodded deeply, his tune much changed now that he believed he knew who he was dealing with, as he departed to fetch other samples for them to look at.

Luna commented on Decker not having a clue how much it would cost to make his actual words true, the ones he had told the salesman, and the ones he had mentioned to her about 'being his'. Decker smirked, shrugged, and replied. ”Oh, I think I do have a pretty good idea,” he said, a faint smile on his lips, ”That cost would be well outside my price-range, which is all that really matters,” he said. He wasn't under any illusions: the only way he had experienced Luna's services was because of their arrangement. Period. He wouldn't have been able to afford her otherwise, and the price of actually keeping a Companion on a full retainer? Well, it didn't take a math-whiz to figure out that there were too many zeroes at the end of that price-tag for him to afford.

Her hand caressed his cheek, though, playing the 'part', and he politely accepted the gesture. She then asked him about the sample shirt that the salesman had brought her, and Decker lowered his gaze downward to give it a good look up-close. It definitely looked well-made, fancy – and expensive. It wasn't something he'd be buying with his own money, of course, but since she was insistent on purchasing it for him and him not worrying about it, he examined it closely. She even explained why it would be a good one to choose, and he nodded, agreeing with all her points.

”And it's a color I like. As long as they have one my size, and I can try on to make sure, then we can call this stop good and be on our way,” he suggested, not being one to go 'shopping' very often himself. It would be different not haggling on a price – as he figured Luna wouldn't lower herself to doing such a thing, but maybe she'd surprise him.

The salesman was on his way back carrying a few more choices, but as he approached, Decker spoke up. ”I like this one. Two sizes larger, please – I like my shirts a little loose on my frame. And, I'd like to try it on if you have a dressing-room that we might use?” he asked, raising a brow toward the salesman.

The salesman stopped in his tracks, glanced at the item that Decker was referring to, and quickly nodded. ”In the back of the store, I shall meet you there with the proper item to try on, then,” he said with a smile.

Decker nodded, glanced toward Luna, and began to make his way toward the are that the salesman had referred to...

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Decker simply smiled and nodded when Luna suggested that they had plans, now, for one of the longer trips in their future. They'd be able to chat and get to know each other even more, if she was truly willing to do such a thing. He didn't hold a lot of faith in that claim, though. Not many people had every asked him about his past, even the women he had shacked-up with from time to time. People in his line of work generally didn't care enough to ask. The past was the past. But, if it gave him and Luna something to discuss to pass the time, he was game for it... though he might have to leave certain aspects out of anything he said, of course, certain details he didn't want anyone to know.

She teased him some more about their 'Negotiations', and he did chuckle a bit. She was exaggerating, at least in his eyes, though her descriptions weren't -that- far off. He wasn't annoyed, but he also knew that the more he denied it, the more she would believe she was right.

She also teased about the 'tuna', and acknowledged that he would likely get 'used to' her manners and personality at some point. Right now, she seemed so.. different... than what he had assumed she would be. But she also promised he would eventually get 'used to' her body and her skills, too, and he might someday stop getting weak in the knees. He chuckled softly again, shaking his head slightly, even though she claimed she found it flattering and even 'cute', claiming she meant it in a good way.

”For some reason, I believe flattery doesn't work on you very easily, and compliments are probably so plentiful they don't mean much, he said, his voice as good-natured as hers was. ”I mean... you -are- gorgeous. And after you hear that a million times... it probably loses some of its effect, you know?” he said, which was true in his experience. Hot chicks were constantly arrogant and full of themselves -because- they knew they were hot, and they knew it because they were barraged with compliments on a regular basis. Not that he thought Luna was 'arrogant', or even 'full of herself'... she wouldn't likely be talking to him if she was. But he didn't think compliments would move her much, and certainly not flattery. ”I am glad you find it cute, though. I don't do 'cute' very well, I confess,” he said, still smiling. He couldn't remember the last time some girl called his actions 'cute'. All the while, his voice remained friendly and positive, as well – and he certainly was letting her 'drag' him wherever she wanted to go.

And the first place they went, was right into a shop that she picked-out, one of those 'uppity-scale' shops he'd always seen, but never patronized. She directed him not to look at the tags – because SHE would be taking care of everything. He raised a brow at that, but did not refuse. Why turn down someone else's generosity? Even Niska had taught him that doing so, no matter the noble reason he might intend, was pretty silly. But then she suggested she might find him a higher-end job – which of course simply reminded him of what she was... which he thought she wanted to avoid for the day. But, he simply remained quiet and listened as she explained why nice clothing might help him in such situations, and he nodded, understanding and agreeing with her.

And lastly, of course, she informed him she was -not- going to 'make out' with him in any of the dressing-rooms. Damn it. Plan foiled.

Her hand slipped into his, and he allowed himself to be pulled along into the store she chose. Inside, during this time of day, there were no other customers yet, and the single worker came to greet them, a man impeccably dressed in clothes that probably cost more than Decker made in a month. The salesman, of course, had that -look- in his eyes, doubt filled with a hint of annoyance, and Decker could already imagine the guy trying to get rid of the 'riff raff' that just walked into his store.

But Luna wasn't having any of that as she pulled of her coat, strutted forward like she was in charge, and tossed her coat into the man's unprepared arms. The man quickly recovered, catching the garment by instinct more than anything, Decker figured. Then she spoke, informing the man precisely what she was looking for, and she didn't beat around the bush, nor did she stutter or have to think about it. She listed out the requirements, which one might assume meant she knew what she was talking about, but the salesman turned a gaze toward Decker, as if looking for some sort of explanation.

Decker didn't hesitate long. He knew he could react a few ways. He could simply shrug and tell the salesman he was on his own. Or, he could sigh and look at Luna and ask her to dial it back a notch. But Decker quickly pondered his moment, and decided on a course that he thought might give her just a little entertainment. That, he felt, would help him mesh with her even more, rather than appear adversarial or uninterested.

Decker gave the salesman a stern look. ”Did she stutter? he asked, his tone serious, his face completely emotionless – a look he did rather well.

The salesman blinked, his eyes widening slightly when he saw how serious Decker was.

”No sir, she did not," he said, his voice sounding meek, his demeanor changing quickly.

”Good. When my Companion speaks, I expect you to jump. If you are not sure how -high- to jump, I expect it to be as high as you can. Do you understand?” Decker asked, his voice still smooth, calm... almost sinister.

The salesman glanced to Luna – and it was as if a realization had struck him out of the blue. She was a Companion – and the man with her was her client – who, of course, MUST be extremely wealthy in order to have a Companion in the first place! The woman certainly -looked- the part, and her attitude and knowledge of men's fashioned certainly made her sound the part... and in the blink of an eye, the salesman quickly decided that he would rather be safe than sorry.

”Yes sir!” he said rather quickly, regaining a little strength in his voice. He quickly donned a smile, his attitude changing, becoming more welcoming in the blink of an eye as he turned his gaze toward Luna, ”And yes madam, of course I would be delighted to assist you! I have a few ideas to present you right away! Please give me just one moment,” he said, as he turned and headed toward a few of the racks that were further back in the store.

As the salesman walked away, Decker turned his gaze toward Luna and spoke to her in a soft tone meant only for her ears. ”I have to admit... I kinda like the sound of that. 'My Companion'. Hmmm,” he said with a little shrug of his shoulders, but the observant Companion would not miss the hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth, as he struggled to remain serious, despite his desire to smile, and perhaps even laugh....

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Luna certainly seemed content with Decker's response, simply gratified to hear that he was going to 'play along', since that was apparently 'all she was asking'. He had a feeling that she might very well ask for something else later, perhaps a better percentage on their deal, or perhaps a chance in schedule or flight path so that he could take her by a more lucrative planet, but he would be on guard for such manipulations. He had, after all, learned from the best. Niska was a man who knew how to get what he wanted by any means necessary.

She also agreed to exchange 'stories of the past' with him, and he nodded in agreement with that. If he had to go into sordid detail about how he grew up, and so should she. Besides, he was curious to know -when- and -why- she became a Companion, and what made her like it so much. Was it just the money? The power she had over men? Or was it the sex? If that's all it was... he knew he would feel disappointed. Then again, pleasure with him was simply a business arrangement, just as her efforts with clients was.

”Wine. Noted,” he said. ”I actually have a couple bottles of red stashed away for a... special occasion. From Greenleaf, and great vintages,” he said, though he left out the part about the last time he offered wine to a lady, he had drugged her and thrown her in a cell. Suddenly, he told himself that he needed to have a 'talk' with Cammy at some point – and make sure she never, EVER told anyone about that stunt...

But it was to his 'claim' about her efforts catching him off-guard that drew the biggest response from her. Had he poked her pride, then, claiming that it wasn't her beautiful gifts – and skill – that had made him lose himself so quickly during their first 'payment' encounter? Or was she simply so confident in herself that she refused to believe his own claims. She assured him there was no shame, and she even went so far as to compliment him on his 'stamina', since he had lasted a 'few minutes longer' than she had anticipated.

”Well, I am so glad you had so much faith in me,” he teased back gently. If she didn't expect him to last the pitiful amount of time he had, then she was REALLY expecting him to blow his top way too soon. He was silently glad that he hadn't, though he knew he -had- still lost himself way quicker than usual. He silently blamed her, of course....

One thing was for certain – she was incredibly charming, and her playfulness was contagious. He wanted to wrap his arm around her, kiss the top of her head, grab her ass, and steal a grope when no one was looking. He wanted to joke with her, hear her laugh, tell her stupid jokes and then hear some of her own. It wasn't so -wrong- to want her to like him, just as it wasn't wrong, in his eyes, to want to like her. He knew what she was. She hadn't hidden it from him. He understood that, and it was her 'job' that protected him from growing TOO close to her. He knew that basic rule of Companions – affection like that was not encouraged. That only led to 'issues', often times involving the law, restraining orders, and sometimes bad endings. He was certainly NOT going to be one of THOSE guys!

Regardless, he felt his mood rising, lifting, and he reminded himself that he really did have a lot to be grateful for. They had found replacement crew, they had completed a handful of jobs, and most importantly – no one on the ship had killed any of their other crewmembers! Hooray!

Decker shrugged in response to her latest comeback to him about his 'wobbly self'. ”Well, if that's what you want to think, I can't stop you. I don't feel any shame – I mean, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and there's nothing to be ashamed of, as you said,” he grinned. ”But you'll see... when next it's time for you to give me what I want... I'll be better prepared, and -you'll- be the one with wobbly knees,” he claimed, a crooked grin on his lips conveying the confidence he felt.

He already knew in his mind what he was going to do to her next time... or, at least, some of the things he was going to do to her. He had a point to prove, now, and he was going to make sure he did. He didn't even want to think about her clients pleasuring -her-, how often that happened, or how well it happened. Maybe she came with a few gently caresses of her clit... or maybe she rarely came at all. He didn't know, and ultimately it wasn't his business how often she was, herself, pleasured by her clients. He had to imagine it was -often-, though... or she wouldn't be in this line of work long, he figured.

They approached the market area, retail shops that lined the relatively clean-paved streets, complete with some street-vendors selling foods and snacks, a few hover-vehicles offering expensive 'taxi rides' to different parts of town. There were plenty of people about, and though a few people cast glances her way, for the most part, the other folks simply went about their business.

”So what's first on the list? Shopping? We're here at the retail center, or at least the biggest one in town. There are a few others on the outskirts, of course – cheaper, but less selection,” he said, not sure if she was familiar with this particular town or not, since she indicated she didn't like 'military' clients, and a LARGE part of Boros was military.

”Just as a word of warning: if I have to try on a shirt... you might have to come in the dressing-room and help me put it on. I've got this old injury that makes it hard for me to put on a button-up shirt. It's why I wear pull-overs, generally,” he told her. She didn't know that it wasn't true, though. Oh, he had injury marks, scars and whatnot... but he could put on shirts just fine....

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Decker thought his comments would be the end of the discussion concerning their 'date'. Did she really believe he could so simply 'pretend' that they were just two 'normal people' going out for a night on the town? Maybe -she- could do that, but how could he? He'd never been as 'rich' as she was, or in any social circle the likes of which she moved in. But she continued on, seemingly not impressed with his response.

Did he -wish- such a thing was possible? Well, of course. Sure, it was difficult to imagine meeting a woman like her just randomly, but he sure wouldn't mind if it happened that way. Did she -really- just want to 'get to know him', as she claimed? Her 'business partner'? Or just as a man and woman, as she described? It was challenging to him to think that she meant it, that she wasn't just looking for some way to mock him for his simplicity. But her tone was convincing, almost pleading... and he -did- want to please her, whether she knew it or not.

Decker sighed. ”Alright, alright, you win,” he said, and he did well to put a smile on his face. ”For the rest of today and tonight, you'll be Luna. The hot girl I met who I'd love to make a real part of my life. A date, shopping, dining, dancing, a kiss... and who knows what else? The day is young, there's lots of time to talk and shop and dance and dine. I can do that,” he added, slipping a 'kiss' in their list of things to do, deciding that he would simply take it as a 'challenge' from her. If he failed the challenge, well, he wasn't expecting to 'pass' any sort of test she put him to anyway, so he'd lose nothing, even if she made fun of him for it. But if he met the challenge, and if she played along... what kind of evening could be in store for them? That curiosity certainly got his attention, and he quickly realized that it might be very well worth it to find out.

She responded to his comment about his life being one long, boring sob-story by saying she could tell him one of her own. Of course, she admitted -hers- had a fairy-tale ending, which made him crack a crooked grin, of course, because he already knew that. She spoke of living half her like on Sihnon, but obviously wasn't born there. When she said to look at her – he did – his eyes clearly roaming her beautiful face. She -did- have an incredibly gorgeous face, but obviously not that of a typical Sihnon native.

Luna also suggested that she had started to grow-up in a slum, until she was whisked away to Companion school – or college – or whatever it was called. She claimed she -did- want to hear his story, sometime perhaps when they were between trips on one of the long flights that was common to his trade.

After pausing a moment – he nodded in agreement. He had no idea just how -much- he would tell her, but he agreed to at least wanting to talk to her on such trips – because that much was certainly true. ”I'll agree to that... if the courtesy goes both ways,” he said, nodding once. ”You'll have to tell me -your- story, as well,” he said, not mentioning the 'Companion' stuff specifically, but just expressing his desire to get to know her in the same way that she claimed to want to know him. If she stared in on any of her 'clients' details, he could always stop her and tell her to move on to the next subject. He had zero interest in hearing how other men enjoyed her body.

Maybe she was just trying to stroke his ego, or maybe she really meant all this desire to get to know him. Would either way actually harm him? Not really. Of course, talking about himself wasn't something he often did, and by doing so, he'd be making himself somewhat vulnerable to her. And... he knew it could very well bring them closer, which would only make other aspects of her life much more uncomfortable for him to swallow...

Then she smiled at his assurance that he did want to spend time with her. He liked her smile, for sure. He had told her another truth, he admitted to himself, and not just something to flatter her with. She took it well, though, and then moved the subject back to the notion of him being weak in the knees when she was only half-naked. She even teased that perhaps their future liaisons should be done in his quarters, and for likely the first time since she met him, she'd see him let out a bark of real laughter, and his smile reflected just how genuine it was.

”Oh -please-,” he said, still smiling widely. ”You caught me... by surprise, Luna. That's all. Unprepared. I had no idea the negotiations were going to be that.... intense. Or good,” he claimed, head turned, his eyes looking down at her face. ”Next time, I assure you – YOU will be the one with quivering knees,” he declared boldly. ”And just remember... if you come to MY quarters, I might not let you just walk out whenever you -want- to... IF you can even walk at all...,” he claimed, suddenly feeling quite sure of himself and his capabilities.

One thing was obvious in his words – he wasn't considering her as a 'Companion' then. There was no talk of money, credit, time, or anything of the sort. His innuendo indicated he could 'keep her' for an evening – something he wouldn't have said if he was talking to her as a Companion. Instead – he was talking to her as a -woman-, just as she had asked him to.

Companion or not, though, her body -had- to respond like a normal woman's would... wouldn't it? Shit. Maybe he was biting off more than he could chew, but he figured she'd just ignore his bravado anyway, and that was fine if she did. Maybe she could... suppress her pleasure or something.... FUCK. He knew he should have done more reading! But hell, even if she decided to take him up on his challenge, he'd definitely at least enjoy the attempt to meet it, and if he couldn't? Well, she could mock him all she wanted to while he was balls-deep inside her, and he was pretty sure he wouldn't really mind...

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Luna's devilish smile – and words – made Decker's cheeks redden very slightly. He knew, because he could feel the slight increase in heat on his face. He didn't 'blush' often, and rarely felt 'embarrassed'. But she obviously had some sort of magical way to summon words to make him do just that, even if the -look- on his face indicated he wasn't bothered at all by what she said. Of course, the reason for his body's response was because her words were completely -accurate-, and he simply didn't have an explanation for her, at least, not a believable one. All he could think to say came rushing out of his mouth in response.

”Well, if you truly believe that, then I dare you to try it again sometime. You'll find my reaction much different than before. No more 'shaking knees' here,” he promised her, gently challenging her, his voice steady and even, without any hint of resentment in his tone. He wasn't 'upset' with her. He was upset with -himself- for allowing her, for -letting- her... affect him as much as she did.

And it bothered him to no end! She was -just a woman-. Beautiful, yes. Sophisticated, yes. From an entirely different social stratosphere, yes. But she was still flesh and blood. Sure, she was -perfect-, but that didn't matter either. Or, at least it shouldn't have mattered. But it did. And everything else about her. Maybe it was the fact that she was something he could never have – on a pedestal far beyond his reach – outside of their 'business arrangement'. He was used to that, used to longing for that which he could not have back when he was an urchin on the street simply looking for his next meal. Maybe that's what bothered him so much – he had come so -far- in his life, even making himself the captain of his own ship, yet Luna Halloway was a reminder that there were still plenty of things outside his reach.

At least she used her 'indoor voice' when she spoke to him. Others would have to be standing very close to hear just -how- she was unraveling his thoughts.

She then explained to him about 'dancing', and he listened curiously. He'd been to his fair-share of raves before, but... 'dancing' like he was pretty sure she meant it was NOT something he was overly familiar with, and certainly not trained or practiced in. Look at what others are doing, and do the same? Ok, THAT was doable, and simple. If it was 'couples' dancing, she would guide him because, of course, she was trained in such things. Probably thousands of hours worth of training, he supposed. Individual dancing was the only form of dancing he was used to, precisely for the reason she said: No one would care what he did or how he looked doing it, and then she admitted that she knew he didn't care about impressing her...

He gave her a sharp look, and then scolded himself for doing so. She was poking him, he believed... did she secretly think he -was- trying to impress her? Decker wanted to laugh that off and explain how he WASN'T trying to impress her, but he caught himself this time, sensing some sort of 'trap'. If he were to suddenly start denying it too vigorously, well... that would just confirm for her that he WAS trying to impress her! Was she THAT sneaky? Or did she genuinely believe he didn't care to impress her at all?

Deep down, of course, he wanted to. She was a prime specimen of the opposite sex, and if for no other reason his -body- wanted to impress -hers-. She could even hate him, the man, as long as their bodies got what they wanted. He'd had more than one 'partner' who despised a lot of 'who' he was, but the sex had been the simple goal. No feelings attached. No strings. No nothing. And interestingly enough, that same possibility was very evident with Luna, as she had already demonstrated. They had a -business- arrangement, after all. That's all it was. The way she sucked him off, the way she looked at him, all of it was part of her 'presentation', presenting herself as a goddess (and a very convincing one) simply to pay a debt to him, and nothing more. He could drop dead on the spot, and she'd simply move on to the next Captain, likely offering them the same sort of 'agreement'....

Damn it... -focus-....

In response to her claim that he wasn't trying to impress her, Decker simply shrugged. ”No reason to impress you, Miss.... Luna,” he said, quickly correcting himself before addressing her formally. ”We have a mutually beneficial arrangement, which makes good business sense for both parties. Neither of us needs to 'impress' the other,” he said, which was -technically- true... but he hid the fact that he didn't want to admit even to himself. He -wanted- to impress her. He wanted to impress her right out of her panties.

The subject changed to his attire, and at first he felt like some sort of homeless person she was feeling pity for, and then as she asked about the last time someone 'took care' of him, the feeling changed to that of a child being taken clothes-shopping by a parent. It was... odd... and yet another example of her words causing him all sorts of mental despair. People – acquaintances, business associates, even previous 'friends' and lovers – simply didn't talk to him about such things. She finished by telling him to smile, but was unable to finish her thought before the interruption from Gavin.

Gavin was quite obviously into her. He was male, and he had a pulse. So it made perfect sense.

Moments later, without stopping the two of them stepped off the ship, with her still on his arm, and some of the technicians working nearby in the landing bay were already casting curious glances her way, he could see, as she finished her thought. She urged him to smile, to make it LOOK like he wanted to spend time with her, and at least pretend that it was a pleasant experience.

The only problem was: he -did- want to spend time with her. And he most certainly enjoyed her nearness. Just the smell of her was exotic and memorable. She oozed confidence, sophistication, intelligence... and ungodly amounts of sexiness, of course. He wanted to strip her and roll and grind his body all over hers, touching her everywhere. It was a purely primal response, stronger than any such response he'd ever had before - and that was very unnerving to him.

Decker did his best to sound – and seem – as if he were 'enduring' the situation well. Taking a breath, he finally replied. ”I am not against obtaining a new shirt. I actually had planned to pick up a few other clothing items, as well, so that would be convenient,” he replied. After a pause, he continued. ”I can't say anyone has ever 'taken care of me' or 'spoiled me' as you suggest. I have one of those long, boring sob-stories about a broken childhood and such, something you'd probably only want to hear if you were really desperate for conversation – or really drunk,” he said, offering her a crooked grin. He simply could not picture this woman intoxicated.

”And I am quite happy to spend time with you. Being the envy of every man we come across does amazing things for a guy's ego. Ask any of your clients. If they say otherwise... they're probably lying,” he added, his crooked grin widening to what some might call an actual, normal smile. “As for your company being a pleasant experience, that is yet to be determined. At least my knees aren't shaking yet...,” he quipped, turning his head to the side to give her a roguish look similar to the one she had given him earlier.

Fine. He'd do this. Walk with her. Shop with her. Allow himself to 'be hers' for the day, as she had said. He'd go along with it for the good of their business arrangement. He wasn't under any illusions that she wanted to be with 'him'. He was just a distraction from the long flight to Boros, and the day or so they would be there. Nothing more. Sure, she might even offer to pay up on this week's 'debt', but even then, even if that happened – it was a business transaction, and nothing more than that. He kept reminding himself of these details, while at the same time, mentally planning their next session together, mentally fantasizing about her really -wanting- to be with -him-. It was a silly fantasy, but it was free, and safe, and private...

They passed through the large doors that allowed them to escape the ship's landing pad, and gave him access to the rest of the city. It was bustling with activity, and as expected, a large number of uniformed Alliance personnel could be seen going to and fro, following their duties or hurrying to be in places they needed to be. Decker was pretty sure he remembered where the 'retail district' was, so he gently turned and guided them in that direction, walking at a pace that matched what she felt most comfortable with. They had plenty of time, and he was in no hurry.

In fact.. as much as he didn't want to admit it... he was already enjoying himself. There really -was- a sense of... pride... having her on his arm. Something that he very rarely felt in this fashion....

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<Day 19, Landing Bay 218, Borros, 0835 hrs local time. @Cameron Whitmore @Cain Dyer >

Cain's response to Cammy was smooth, especially the apology, enough so that maybe Cammy wouldn't be as freaked-out as usual. That was a good sign, in his book. The better the crew got along, the better it was for the ship and by extension, the ship's captain. A nervous doc could be a concern in the infirmary, but Decker trusted Cameron about as much as he trusted anyone right now, so his concerns were minimal.

Cameron let them know that she would be in the infirmary cleaning things up after the departure of her last patient, letting Decker know that by the time he was done showing Cain around, she'd be ready to see him. Decker nodded to Cammy in response to her informing him that Daisy's aunt was collecting her things from her quarters, which caused him to raise a brow – no one had told him they had guests on board. He'd have to bring that up at the crew's next little get-together, or he'd notify them via Cortex mail.

Cammy said her good-byes to Cain, as well, letting him know that she felt gratified that they had a 'real' pilot now. Maybe that was Cammy taking a shot at Decker, or maybe that was Cammy just being nice, he didn't know, but moments later Cammy was on her way back to the infirmary.

Cain was ready for the tour and check-up, and even complimented the ship, recognizing its base model very accurately.

”Sharp eye,” he said, a hint of being impressed in his tone. ”It's a CSPA-13 yes, with quite a few modifications – most notably, a Pulse Drive,” he answered as he motioned for Cain to come with him.

”The CSPA-13 doesn't come with a Pulse Drive at all, which you might already know. They're local ships, used as tugs more than anything, or mining ops. This one had a Pulse Drive installed – which must have cost the original owner a pretty sizable amount of credits. I can only guess that they thought it would be 'cool',” he chuckled softly as he guided the pair up the steps to the second level, casually conversing about the ship.

Giving Cain the 'grand tour' took about half an hour as all of the important locations were visited. By the time they got to Daisy's quarters, her aunt had departed, and the place was left neat and tidy enough. ”Here's your quarters. It's not much... but as you know, this isn't a cruise ship. But it'll do the job for you, I'm confident,” he explained.

The tour continued, eventually leading back around to the infirmary. ”This is the infirmary, Cammy will get you up to speed on whatever tests she needs to run. It's mainly just a precaution, but one or two bad experiences  on past ships when I was younger kinda convinced me that it's better to be safe than sorry,” he said. ”Once you're done, you can make your way back to the cockpit and make yourself at home, become comfy with the layout – it may or may not be different than you're used to. We'll be departing tomorrow at about 1130 hours local, as soon as we load up a cargo delivery in the morning. Any questions or concerns so far?” he asked as they pulled up to a halt in front of the infirmary bulkhead.

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Just when Decker was beginning to think that she had forgotten that he was waiting, or that she had possibly changed her mind, the sound of her door opening instantly grabbed his attention, he he stopped his pacing and stood calmly nearby, for all intents and purposes appearing to be patiently waiting for her to come out. He appraised her new outfit – while obviously not as seductive as the 'outfit' she had been wearing minutes ago, the lady had a way of making pretty much anything look good on her.

Straight away, she made it clear she didn't want him calling her 'Miss Halloway' during their time together that day, and he wasn't to think of her as the companion simply renting his shuttle on board his ship. She was... just a woman who asked him out? Nothing formal, no titles... and he offered a simple smile in return. She was asking the impossible, of course, because he knew who and what exactly she was. As much as he might -like- to think of her as something else, they had a business arrangement, and 'pretending' wasn't a part of the deal. She even asked if he could handle her requests, though... and reminded him of their 'negotiations' the previous week.

Her arm slipped under his, and he moved it to allow her more access. Decker liked her closeness, though he didn't admit that out loud.

But her words summoned recent images to mind that he couldn't control, and he gently cleared his throat before answered. ”Sure... I can do that for you... Luna,” he said evenly, her name almost sounding and tasting foreign on his tongue. It even -felt- personal, and he knew he had to resist that pull. And he was unable to ignore that last teasing part she had shared with him. ”And my knees only became weak because you... surprised me, is all,” he explained. He -hadn't- gone to her quarters expecting -any- sort of 'favors'... but she had offered, paid-up... and nearly made him collapse on the floor. THAT would have been embarrassing, something he never would have lived down. 

Their 'agreement' was a professional one, and that's how he intended for her to see it... no matter what else he might desire, himself...

She suggested a place for dinner, and he nodded, listening intently. He'd need a new shirt, and he nodded again, but then she suggested they pick one up that afternoon. Had anyone -ever- expressed an interest in 'shopping' with him? Now THAT was a first. ”I am not much of a dancer,” he began, but then something urged him to elaborate. ”But I'd be happy to give it a shot. And yeah, a new shirt would definitely be on the list, then, if this isn't acceptable,” he clarified, pointing at the shirt he wore now, which she had apparently already ruled out. ”And I love a good steak. No way I could pass that up,” he added.

Decker did note that this was the most she had ever spoken to him all at once, really, outside their Negotiations. In the end, he quickly chalked it up to her likely being bored. She wasn't interested in finding a client on Boros, so that left her with a day or more of nothing to do – in addition to the six days of flight time they had just undergone in order to get there.

”If you don't mind... we might also drop by and see Daisy for a few minutes? She spoke rather highly of you a few times,” he said as they walked along the hallway, heading toward the cargo hold and the exit. This was certainly -another- unexpected turn of events, and it had everything to do with the woman beside him. Maybe she was 'testing' him for some reason, but he still believed she had simply been bored.

They headed down the steps that led to the cargo-bay, where Gavin was sorting through some of his belongings. When he saw Decker and the Companion, though, he stood up and leaned against the nearest crate. His eyes were obviously on the woman, of course.

”You guys headed out?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest.

”Obviously,” Decker responded curtly.

”Ah, cool. Want some company?” he asked, obviously offering to come along with them. Before Luna could even respond, surprisingly Decker immediately replied.

”No thanks. I got this,” he said, and kept on walking to the cargo ramp and down it, out into the landing bay and the city beyond.

Gavin smirked as the two people walked by and exited the ship. He walked to the edge of the ramp, watching the way of Luna's hips. Ta Ma Duh...,” he muttered to himself, watching the Companions movements until she and Decker were out of sight. Then, he returned to his own business, wondering to himself how many credits he'd need to save in order to get a piece of -that-...

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<Infirmary. @Anya Chernykh @Tobias Dos Ethern @Cameron Whitmore>

Decker nodded as Dos seemed to be the first person Cammy would check today. He knew Cammy still wasn't completely comfortable around men she didn't know, and with a silent nod, as they had done before, he told her without words that he'd be waiting just outside in case she needed anything. He didn't expect Dos to cause any problems, of course, but that wasn't the point. If the doc wanted another person around while she was alone with a guy, then Decker was gonna be that person to hang around, well within earshot, even if it was just to be her security blanket.

Dos headed on into the infirmary, leaving Decker outside in the hallway with Irene. He gave her a look and a faint smile.

"Usually doesn't take long. I'll just hang here until you're both done, and once the doc's given you each a clean bill of health, I can show you to your quarters and then you two can get settled in, make yourself at home, and so on," he said, offering the usual spiel that he did to all the newcomers to the ship on their first day.

"You have any questions or concerns so far? I have to admit, I feel pretty damn lucky to come across you, a mechanic, when I did. Seems like a rare thing to find, lately - or I just don't look in all the right places," he chuckled. He certainly didn't mind making small-talk and getting to know the crew, if Irene was willing. But he also understood some people just weren't very talkative....

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Luna – or Miss Halloway as he had been referring to her so far – asked if he was dressed as he 'meant' to be for a date with her. Of course, he knew for certain he had no outfit that would make him look like the men she was -used- to being with, and he bet that she probably already knew that. He had a few other shirts – different colors, but none really that much 'nicer'. Same with pants. For shoes, he had boots, boots, and... a pair of slippers, was about it. In effect, he certainly wasn't 'equipped', at least in a fashion-sense, to be at the side of Companion for a stroll around an Alliance port.

”Sorry... this is about as... formal... as it gets,” he replied with a slight shrug, doing his best not to blush, and there was a hint of... regret? Embarrassment? Or something else in his voice. Obviously NOW he wished he owned something nicer, but... wishing didn't count for anything, he learned a long time ago. He'd 'wished' for a lot in life, and never received it. Everything he'd every gotten, he had taken.

Maybe she could have given him some warning? Oh no, of COURSE not. She was probably -enjoying- this, playing her little game to catch him off-guard, as she had done a few times before. He remembered their 'negotiation'... and THAT had set the tone, catching him surprised and unable to think for a moment, and Decker was beginning to think that she -liked- it. He could go into a sudden gun-fight and react with calm, cold calculation. But around -her-? His brain shut down, all the blood in it rushing to -other- parts of his body, no doubt. He knew he had to get a handle on that soon, or she'd end up taking advantage of him for -sure-.

Her gaze didn't look 'disappointed' or 'disapproving', so he nodded and simply stepped out of her quarters, closing the door behind him.

And then he let out a big, deep breath, silently urging himself to relax.

It would just be a walk, he was sure. They'd walk around in awkward silence, men would stare at her, glare at him, some might even get a little froggy and try to 'challenge' him in some way in order to impress her, but he was relatively certain she'd grow bored of his presence after a short while and he'd escort her back to her quarters, safe and sound, and that would be that.

Unless, of course, she figured out some -other- way to put him on the spot and watch him squirm like a worm on a fishing hook.


He waited outside in the hallway, doing his best to relax and be cool, reminding himsel that this wasn't a big deal. It wasn't a -real- date... not -really-. No, people who wanted that from her had to fork over BIG-TIME credits, and he certainly wasn't at that level of clientele for her.

So if all that was all true... why did he feel the hint of nervousness creeping down his spine? Firefights would find him ice-cold and as cool as the other side of a pillow. But now? What the hell was wrong with him? What did it -matter- what she thought, as long as she paid him what she owed him and they both adhered to their agreement?...

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