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Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Milk Run
« on: March 09, 2017, 07:17:37 PM »
<Gryphon @Stanley Decker @Cameron Whitmore etc.>

Markus' instincts had proved correct.  Back on Persephone, no sooner had he left the infirmary then the Ambrose situation came to a head.  Cammy signaled her displeasure and the captain dropped the merc, or at least that's the version that Markus had heard.  Whatever the case, they were nearly at Bellerophon by now and Ambrose wasn't with them.

Decker's other hires had shown up though, the one's he'd actually planned, not the walk-on stalker types or the surprise Companion variety.  Markus hadn't really gotten to know the pilot or mechanic, and understandably so.  While Markus had nothing but time while in transit, that's when the other two had jobs to do.  New crew also tended to spend even more time than normal learning their ship, whether that be how she handles or what makes her tick depending on one's profession.

Markus had been a little busy himself, or at least he kept himself busy.  There was the normal routine of course.  For starters, Markus ate heartily and regularly, unlike some other crewmates he'd known in the past that would frequently skip meals.  Then came the second part of maintaining his body, exercise.  The ship didn't exactly provide room to run any significant length, but the cargo bay was enough for some short sprints at least.  Beyond that it was push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups...  Maintaining strength and fitness was essential for a mercenary, at least that's what Markus told himself.  It could be the difference between life or death, and all too many slacked off and fell out of shape.  More likely though, Markus was just a creature of habit and military ritual didn't die off so easy no matter how many years he'd been removed from mandatory PT.

Other than that, there was settling into the ship on a personal level.  Markus had considerable baggage ranging from precision weapons to custom tailored suits, hardback books to expensive liquors.  It was easy enough to pull everything up the ramp and get it aboard, but it took a little longer to get everything in its place whether that meant unpacked in Markus's quarters or stowed properly elsewhere.

With what time was left, Markus read.  He brushed up on Bellerophon's geography, economics, politics, history, dialects, and culture, and then switched to personal interests with the biography of Sidney Elas, the founder of the Sentry Program which protected the White Sun system from potentially catastrophic asteroid impacts.  He was nearly finished when the captain called out across the ship for the crew to assemble in the galley.

Markus was first on the scene, having ignored the "ten minutes" Decker granted them and instead deciding to show up immediately.  He hadn't been doing anything important, and it didn't take any preparation to show up for a meeting so he arrived nine minutes early after having just finished the paragraph he'd been reading.

Without even the captain there, Markus merely took a seat to wait.  Contrasting from his initial formal attire, the merc had downgraded slightly to a black polo shirt and khaki slacks.  He still wore a shoulder holster with the single pistol nestled snugly under his left arm, and there was no jacket for concealment this time other than the simple black-on-black of the weapon and holster to the matching color of his shirt.

One gun was going light for Markus, four pistols removed from what he'd been packing when originally coming aboard.  To be fair, he still didn't trust everyone, but then security was also his job.  Even if there was no personal threat against Markus, who was to say that Decker wouldn't need backup restraining someone else that turned out to be like Ambrose or if maybe they just snapped?  Other than that, well, Markus was a creature of habit, and getting him below one firearm was perhaps an impossible task.

Ship Information / Re: Gryphon, Episode One
« on: February 26, 2017, 11:55:45 AM »
The job gone wrong sounds good to me.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: February 08, 2017, 06:30:33 PM »
< Gryphon @Stanley Decker @Cameron Whitmore @Ambrose Garret @Luna Halloway >

As the conversation between Ambrose and Cammy continued, those initial suspicious were reinforced.  Ambrose even suggested that he tracked her down, and that he'd been looking for her.  The doc, as expected, didn't take it well, but she also maintained that cool composure and healthy air of suspicion that Markus had so quickly come to expect from her.  She had things under control, at least for now, and didn't need the cavalry riding to her rescue.

Although Markus was no mind reader, his subtle movements seemed to have alerted the captain to the potential for trouble, and Decker seemed to have come to the same conclusion.  Cammy was fine on her own, but maybe it was still a good idea to make sure Ambrose wasn't left alone with her.  It seemed that the captain decided to take on the responsibility and stand outside the door the same way he had earlier.  Markus, however, was dismissed to get settled in and do whatever else might need doing at least until a possible later meeting of the crew.

"Yes, sir." Markus replied with one last glance toward the doc and her patient.  "I'll tend to my belongings then."  With that, the merc turned and began to head for the cargo hold.  With luck his personal effects would have arrived from the hotel by now.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: February 01, 2017, 09:16:05 PM »
<Gryphon Infirmary @Ambrose Garret @Stanley Decker @Cameron Whitmore @Luna Halloway >

As Markus exited the infirmary there still seemed to be a bit of a hold up as to who was next, although the order ended up staying the same.  Ambrose would go and then the companion, Luna.  Decker added more optimism about possibly four more coming to the infirmary for their introductory physicals too which caught Markus's attention.

Luna of course was unexpected and likely had just stopped by now.  Decker had said nothing about having a companion on board.  More likely she was a target of opportunity, an easy fare with potentially added benefits on top of that.  But Decker had already hinted about those others he had lined up, and with the arrival of Ambrose Decker's number of potential arrivals had not gone down.  Presumably that meant that Ambrose was not on the list, and he too had just shown up without any interview or referral.

There was also a little back-and-forth between the captain and Luna about Markus wasn't sure what.  Getting her settled?  Finalizing her situation?  It didn't really matter to Markus as his mind as already preoccupied by what was starting to develop between the other two people there.  As Ambrose's examination began, Cammy said something quite curious.  "Small 'Verse."  They knew each other.  This was only confirmed by her next questions about past treatment.

Markus tensed.  Ambrose had arrived uninvited and unsolicited to join the Gryphon and he knew their doc.  The ship was just passing through and Cammy along with it.  She'd been a medic out on some skyplex not here on Persephone.  Such a coincidence seemed more like an impossibility.  Had Ambrose followed her all the way here?  Was he tracking the bounty she'd mentioned or was it something else.

Markus lightly tapped Decker to get his attention and subtly motioned his head toward the examination table.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 28, 2017, 12:11:32 AM »
<Gryphon Infirmary @Cameron Whitmore @Stanley Decker ... and everyone else>

Cammy didn't actually answer definitively either way, but Markus still got a wealth of information from just the one question.  The doc wouldn't even use a gun, which wasn't entirely unexpected from someone in her line of work, but then she casually let slip that she was trained with blades.  If you thought about it, it made sense that someone who knew how to use a scalpel for surgical purposes might be able to turn it into a weapon, but Cammy seemed to imply much more than just that.

She also didn't really seem to care about staying on the ship either, but again that wasn't all too odd after a moment's thought.  As he'd noted before, Cammy was much like Markus, not in it for the money and desperate for a paycheck and a meal.  And maybe she was on decent terms with Decker, but their short history wasn't entirely positive.  It made perfect sense that she'd be open to a place on another ship, maybe like that ship she mentioned serving on previously, doing real medicine instead of just following some bounty hunters around.

Before Markus could reply to any of it though, Decker showed up at the doorway again and asked for an update to which Cammy was quick to give a clean bill of health.  She smiled at him, and Markus gave her a quick wink before turning back to the boss and his two new companions who were promptly introduced.

The first was "Ambrose", another merc and from initial appearances hew was on the opposite side of the spectrum from Markus.  He appeared to be about Markus's size, maybe a little bigger, but whereas Markus was clean cut Ambrose was rugged and unkempt.  But that was just appearance.  For all Markus knew, the man could be the best man in the business or the greenest wannabe on Persephone.  Time would tell.

After Ambrose was a woman introduced as "Luna" and the two newcomers couldn't be more different.  Stunning was probably the right word for her, as if her form had been sculpted (and maybe it had been with the procedures some so called doctors had created).  As expected from a companion she was spotless, polite, and a bit aloof... professional distance probably.  Cammy seemed to like the prospect of having her on board, but Markus didn't exactly see the reasoning to it.  Sure, companions were generally well respected and could uplift a lesser vessel's reputation, but the Gryphon didn't seem like the kind of boat that needed uplifting, and a permanent passenger who would have her own schedules to contend with seemed like it wasn't worth whatever small rental fee she would pay.

But Markus wasn't the captain.  Decker was.  And so when Decker started giving orders disguised as suggestions, Markus was quick to comply.

"Yes, captain." he replied, the old army days uncontrollably coming right out of his mouth and leading him to forget the civilian courtesy of thanking the doc and saying goodbye.  Markus hopped up from the table and put his suit jacket back on over his hardware before turning toward the door.  As he passed Ambrose, he offered an acknowledging head nod to what would be his new comrade.

Out in the hallway, Markus then gave a simple, "Ma'am" to Luna before focusing his attention squarely on Decker.  There'd be time for chit chat and more personal introductions later, surely.  The vastness of the 'Verse guaranteed that.  But for now, Decker seemed to want to get everything squared away ASAP.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:12:33 PM »
<Gryphon Infirmary> @Cameron Whitmore

Markus's smile grew even wider at Cammy's reply.  Professional but with a sense of humor, he liked that.  "Doubt I'll be needing a second opinion." Markus said.  "There are worse things to be addicted to, I suppose."  Alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, food, gambling, women... the list went on, and Markus had run across quit a number of individuals who fit the bill for one or another in his day.  Adrenaline seemed fairly mild in comparison especially when one had the skill set and occupation Markus did.

With the blood test done, the examination seemed to be over.  This was punctuated by Cammy's checking the doorway and then asking if there was anything else he wanted to know, about her and the ship rather than medicine.  Her unspoken words seemed spot on though.  Decker should have been back by now if all he had to do was greet one of the other hires and bring them up, but there was no new patient waiting to be examined.  Something was occupying the captain's time down there.

"Mhh. Well," Markus began, taking advantage of the offered opportunity.  It seemed Cammy really was open to talking rather than subtly showing him the door to leave.  "It may be too early to tell, and you don't know what Decker has planned, but how far reaching is your role?"  After a moments pause he tried to clarify, "I mean, are you just going to be operating here in the infirmary, or are you more likely to come out with us and provide first aid in the field too if necessary?"

Cammy didn't look like a shooter, but then appearances could be deceiving.  So far she'd already proven to be tougher than she looked.  Who was to say whether pr not she'd rather be in the thick of things either with a gun in hand or merely sticking close to provide immediate care?

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 21, 2017, 08:46:59 PM »
<Gryphon Infirmary @Cameron>

Cammy was quick to dismiss the need for an apology.  She was pressing on and starting a new life, or at least that's what she was trying to do.  Markus doubted that anyone could get over so much so fast.  Hell, she was still on the same ship with the same man who had drugged and kidnapped her in an attempt to take her back to that hell after he had first feigned friendship and kindness.  It was strong of her to try and to put on a public face like she was over it, but that seemed more like wishful thinking.

As she began to roll back Markus's sleeve, Cammy continued with an explanation about why she'd spilled her guts all of a sudden.  That is, she was trying to head off any accidental bounty collection that might arise much the way Decker must have found her, simply by remembering a face on the cortex.  Markus didn't personally have that talent with faces, but he did have a solid memory for names and information that he'd read.  Fortunately for Cammy, she hadn't given him a full name (or maybe even her real name) which might have led to just such a connection being made and then perhaps the exact awkward tension that she had just described wanting to avoid.

From there Cammy added that a sense of adventure had been part of her drive, second to running for her life, one assumed, but it made sense as a reason why she'd stay on a ship like this after her rich husband was now dead and she was free to go resume a normal life... whatever that might be.  If she'd been telling the truth then maybe she and Markus were more alike than they originally seemed.  They were in this line of work travelling the 'Verse because they enjoyed it and not because they needed any source of income.

As Markus was silently putting the pieces together in his mind, it seemed like Cammy might have been doing the same.  She pricked him with the needle to begin the blood draw, but gave him that same look she'd given before when talking about Decker's kitchen accident story.  She not-so-subtlety gave voice to her disbelief that Markus had no baggage after finishing with the needle.

Markus smiled again and shook his head "no" to the need for a bandage and took over holding the cotton ball on the cut until it clotted.  "There's a difference between simple and nonexistent.  I've been in the business for years, and I've got as much of a violent history as anyone in the business would have over that period of time.  I suppose it's also hard to call yourself balanced when your business is violence."  He briefly checked the state of the bloody prick on his arm before continuing, "But no tragic backstory.  No major enemies that want me dead." At least none still living.  "Nothing like that."  At least not that Markus would ever tell.

As far as tragic history went, Markus's was more abstract than personal: losing the war and a promising military career.  But he hadn't been emotionally scarred by any of that, or at least HE didn't think so.  Since then he'd made a point of laying low, what with the false name and everything.  And living with a fake name and history, it paid to remain under the radar so no one ever did any digging.  He had no serious ambition or desire for wealth or power either so it kept Markus from pissing anyone off.  Nope, just your regular average everyday killer for hire.

"So," Markus asked, "What's it say?"  He looked toward the machine Cammy had put the vial into and smiled once more, "Space Tuberculosis?"

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 19, 2017, 03:31:26 PM »
<Gryphon Infirmary @Cameron>

Just as Markus had tried to dig a little deeper, Decker poked his head back into the room and informed them he'd be stepping away to deal with more potential crew (and wasn't coming in to break up the story).  Cammy merely nodded to the captain and kept on with her work.  If he'd indeed been there as a chaperone then apparently there was no longer a need.  Perhaps Markus had indeed succeeded at putting the nurse more at ease.

In fact, as soon as Decker had gone, the doc changed from terse replies to giving a more lengthy and detailed summary.  Those details included the not-too-minor revelation that Cammy herself had a bounty on her head.  Her desire to stay ahead of any hunters had landed her right onto a bounty hunting ship... the improbability of such an occurrence was hard to fathom.

Despite the nature of her revelations, Cammy continued to stay focused on her work as if it were nothing.  The same could not be said for Markus who was distracted by the irony of the situation and not expecting the nurse's casual interjection back to the examination.  "Huh?" he said.  "Oh, no, needles are fine.  Had plenty of 'em."  Again, you didn't go through the military without getting your arm pumped full of everything you might run into out in the 'Verse.

Having been giving the go ahead, Cammy continued on with her work, preparing and sterilizing a needle, and then continued with her story as well which only got more interesting.  As expected, Decker was no slouch and immediately bagged her for the pay check that she was.  Cammy had ended up out-bidding the bounty, although how exactly a skyplex nurse could do that wasn't exactly explained, and then finally she got to the reason why she was still here and so brazen about telling a bounty hunter she hardly knew that she had a bounty on her head.  Her ex-husband had died and so the bounty was now void.

Convenient.  To be sure, Markus would have a talk with Decker to confirm the story just in case this was some elaborate attempt to remain on the run.  That was certainly unlikely, but it was more likely than the story he'd just been told.  That being said, the oddest stories typically tended to be the true ones.  Such was life.

When she finally finished, Markus said the only thing he could.  "Wow."  Between the odd coincidences and personal torment the girl had gone through at the hands of her husband (and to a lesser extent Decker himself), there didn't seem to be a more appropriate response.  "I'm sorry for... well, it's a tough life." he finally added.  "I suppose I was expecting a simpler answer.  'Wanted to leave the clinic behind and go see the 'Verse' or something... sorry."

Markus wasn't entirely sorry though.  The merc was no sadist and indeed was sorry he'd dredged up all that nastiness that Cammy probably would have preferred to have forgotten, but in the end she did open up to him and he gained that little bit of knowledge about both her and the captain.  Mission accomplished.

"My own story is simple like that." Markus then offered.  "I enjoy a good fight, like to travel, and I'm looking for a little adventure out of life."  He shrugged, "No skeletons in my closet, so sometimes I forget how bad other people have had it."

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 17, 2017, 09:04:13 PM »
<Gryphon Infirmary @Cameron>

The doc replied with Decker's explanation for the injury that originally brought him to her.  Markus looked at her for a moment as a dumbfounded smile crept across his face until finally he laughed.  The story was so obviously bullshit, and Cammy knew it.  Markus even wondered if it's what Decker had actually told her.  Sure, a knife wound is hard to explain away, but surely he could have done better.

"Heh," Markus said, composing himself, "I'll be sure to be extra careful up in the galley then lest I have a nasty run-in myself."  Levity helped hide the gravely serious nature of the real suspected cause of the injury, the untimely demise of the old crew or at least part thereof.  Knives were an extremely brutal way to kill, and it had apparently come down to that.  "Bad way to go, cutlery."

Cammy had meanwhile been poking around, prodding at him at various points.  It was like being at military processing again, except this time he wasn't stripped down and forced to do the duck walk.  Good times.

As she prepared the stethoscope, Cammy added a bit more about that first encounter with Decker, or at least she spoke more about why she had so little to say in the first place.  She knew Decker was full of shit but as Markus gathered so long as there was some excuse that both gave her enough information to treat and could plausibly be put on a medical report about the clinic visit, then it wasn't her business.  It might not have been what Markus would have done, but it was smart.  Cammy continued to prove that she knew how to keep her head down and get by on the grittier side of life.  But the explanation was still lacking because Decker wasn't just a patient.

"Odd though," Markus replied, after giving the nurse a few long, deep breaths as instructed.  "A man tells you an obvious lie and you didn't pry... but you also didn't stay back on the skyplex."  Markus watched her face intently for an answer that might be unsaid.  "You're on the ship now... his ship.  You didn't change your blind eye policy when circumstances changed?"

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 16, 2017, 11:33:49 PM »
<Gryphon Infirmary @Cameron>

The doc quickly defected Markus's explanation and attempt to treat her like he might some nurse back at a Core hospital.  This wasn't her first rodeo, and she knew what she had signed up for.  The Gryphon was not a passenger ship, at least not in the traditional sense, and the ship's medic was expected to patch wounds rather than treat illness.  If she had any awareness at all then of course she wouldn't be overly put off by a mercenary and a holstered gun.

It was all very obvious, but her answer missed the subtlety of his point.  What Cammy left out was that there was spectrum.  Not all violent men were alike, and Markus liked to think that we was one of the better ones.  The courtesy was one of his ways of making others think that way as well.  The nurse might not faint at the sight of blood or panic and flee at the sight of a weapon, but that just meant she was tough.  It didn't mean she felt the same way about every situation and every threat.  He wanted the doctor at ease with him as much as possible.  A kind word, a pleasant smile, and a clean appearance would distinguish him from some other borderline psychotic fiend claiming to hunt bounties.  It would mean steadier hands and sharper concentration when she was treating him, and perhaps a personal interest to see a "friend" survive.  It of course also meant a smoother voyage between injuries and the possibility to maneuver into a position of greater trust, but that was all secondary.

As expected, Markus was instructed to remove his jacket so he complied.  The garment was hastily folded in half and then tossed to the side of the table.  In its place, Markus's armament was now visible to various degrees.  Most noticably, a shoulder holster hung under each arm with straps crisscrossing Markus's back over his white shirt.  There was another holster down on his lower back, protruding up from where it sat on his waistline, the same one he'd had at the ready during the first meeting with Decker.  Finally there was the slightest hint of a fourth holster with a small device clipped to Markus's belt at the front which allowed for the quick drawn of the below-waist holster down his right pant leg, which under present conditions was more obvious as a bulge than was the now visible clip up on the belt.

With her credentials as a nurse with extensive non-cushy job experience established and the subtle warning about what was beneath the jacket, Cammy wasn't phased but began her work.  She checked the bracelet device and then moved on to Markus's face shining light both in his eyes and ears.  At the doc's request, Markus opened wide and said, "Ah!" to give her a good look down his throat.

"So, doc," Markus began once the stick had cleared his mouth.  "You said you worked on Eir.  Is that where you met the captain?"  It was small talk to pass the time, but Markus was also fishing for information.  He hardly knew either of them, and there were still suspicions about Decker's explanation for all the vacancies on the ship.  "What kind of trouble was he getting up to on a Skyplex?"

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 11, 2017, 10:25:50 PM »
Decker seemed to accept the explanation about Markus's incoming possessions and the naturally explosive nature of some of them.  After a quick word the captain stepped out for a few minutes to give Markus and the medic the room.  It was a bit curious, but Markus didn't think much of it.  Was he staying nearby to chaperone, or was he just lingering outside to pick up with the tour and hiring process immediately upon the examination's completion?  It didn't matter.  Nothing was going to happen differently either way.

Cammy had thanked Decker as he left and then began her preparations.  While getting her equipment she donned a white lab coat and stethoscope and suddenly looked very much the doctor she claimed not to be.  She returned to the table with a bracelet monitor which she promptly attached to Markus's wrist and began its work while Cammy walked over to the sink and replied to his own early remark about formality.

'Defense against what?'  Now that was a question Markus could have gone on and on about had he not been under a false identity.  Formality had been his life for decades whether at home or in the service.  As counter-intuitive as it might seem to a normal person, he felt most at ease when being formal, but beyond his own personal preference Markus continued to use it as a merc for several reasons.

Formality made relationships develop much slower... if at all.  Markus was less likely to be emotionally taken advantage of if he had few emotional connections.  That's not to say that camaraderie and trust were not desirable, but one never wanted to be suckered into any kind of relationship.  Personal feelings could blind you to the shortcomings of your "friends" and could possibly even leave you vulnerable to betrayal.  The inevitable loss that came in this line of work was also easier to bear the more distant your relationship with the deceased was.

Formality also served its purpose as a tool to alter others' perceptions of Markus.  In a sea of dirty mercs he stood out as a professional.  The liberal application of courtesy gave the false perception of weakness and timidity when the exact opposite was the case.  Relatively speaking it made Markus seem less like a threat and more like someone around whom you could maybe put your guard down or say something you would otherwise remain silent about.  Of course everything must be considered in context though.

That was his defense: personal comfort, emotional distance, and advantageous false perception.  And his defense was against anyone and everyone.  Cammy would not hear any of that.

"It protects me from young nurses thinking less of me when they find out my profession." he replied instead.  "And it tends to put them a little more at ease when my hardware is not so well concealed."  He motioned toward his suit jacket with the non-bracelet hand and opened it enough to indicate one of the weapons holstered beneath it.  He tried to be non-threatening in his mannerism and more professional and matter of fact about it.  Should she want him to shed the suit jacket to use the stethoscope or perform any other type of inspection, she'd see them all clear as day.  Best to break the news now.

"No. No. No." Markus then answered to her medical questions.  "Healthy as a Paquin Horse as far as I know.  I've been through a bit."  He paused and indicated a few places he had scarring, not that she could see any of them through his suit, but he'd taken shrapnel a few places and a knife or two in others.  "Nothing terribly serious though."

Markus looked over at the door briefly before turning back to Cammy, "I don't have anything on me of course, but when my things arrive I might have a few documents you could review.  Past medical reports and the like."  They'd be far from complete, what with Markus Porter having no actual medical history more than five years old, but in between jobs Markus did make it a habit to visit a legitimate medical establishment at least once a year and get a tune up should the "doctor" for his current outfit not be up to task.  He had doctor's reports for at least half of those visits.  There was nothing in them that Cammy couldn't see so she was welcome to them.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 10, 2017, 01:23:40 PM »
<Gryphon Infirmary, @Decker @Cameron>

Decker was quick to perform damage control on the situation.  She'd apparently been hired on only after patching the captain up which, if one believed it, was a pretty strong endorsement for her abilities.  At least Markus would be safe if there were any through-and-throughs or other incidental injuries.  However, his concerns about the possibility of needing real surgery or how their nurse would hold up under combat pressure remained.

There was then a quick exchange about the examination, Decker explaining briefly what he wanted and Cammy making room in her schedule to get it done immediately.  Before that though, Decker circled back to the topic of personal items and storage.

Markus gave another one of his wide smiles at the mention of privacy with those caveats.  "Just about everything is contraband somewhere." the merc replied.  "If you're concerned about narcotics, cortex-ordered child-brides, or knock-off Blue Sun merchandise then you have nothing to worry about, but about half of my belongings "go boom" in one form or another."  Tools of the trade.  "My things should be arriving shortly should you like to make an examination, but,"  Markus had followed Cameron over to the table.  "They shouldn't arrive until after this examination."

Markus smiled again to Decker and then turned his attention to the nurse who instructed him to drop the "miss" and just call her "Cammy."  Markus well knew how silly it sounded, but that was only because she hadn't given him her full name to use.  "Courtesy is my first defense, and you've taken it from me." Markus replied, feigning emotional injury as he sat on the table.  "Very well, if it pleases... Cammy."

He'd been in this situation many times before, although perhaps not in the same company and circumstances.  The doctors and nurses performing all those military examinations tended to be old and fat.  Back as a child the family physician was pretty old and fat too.  In both cases they had Markus's entire medical history in front of them.  Cammy had nothing of the sort and an entirely different attitude from the grizzled medical bureaucrat.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 06, 2017, 06:15:28 PM »
<Gryphon Infirmary @Decker, @Cameron>

Decker explained the locker system which was all fine.  It wasn't exactly what Markus had in mind but it would suffice, at least for most things.  If there was need for additional arrangements then perhaps they could talk about that at a later time, but hypothetical needs weren't worth going over at the moment.

The the doctor replied to the question that had been directed her way.  Markus's smile contorted into a bit of a frown at the news.  She actually wasn't a doctor but a nurse, and there tended to be a huge difference between the two especially when a life was on the line... potentially Markus's life.  The only silver lining here was that she was honest enough to admit what she was as opposed to the norm where medics would exaggerate their skills and qualifications.

It was also worth noting the timing which was most likely completely unintentional.  Decker was trying to sell the Gryphon so Markus would sign on, but she had just corrected him downgraded one of the ship's best features so far.  Markus wondered how Decker would take the slight insubordination that could cost him a needed crew member.

The biggest cause to frown, however, was about what she didn't say.  No last name, and not even a first name as far as Markus could tell.  "Cammy" was a nickname.  Camille, Cameron, Camilla... it could be short for anything.

Despite her seeming naive in other regards, there was one thing that was clear.  She didn't trust him.  As far as mercs went, Markus was hardly the one not to trust, but seeing as how she didn't know him from Adam just yet, it was smart.  Over time through the course of weeks or months of interaction he was bound to learn her full name in passing, and by then she'd trust him enough for him to know it.  But that was little consolation at the moment.  Despite being a man who was under a false name himself, Markus couldn't help but feel hurt that she'd given him so little.

Was she hiding something or was she just naturally cautious?  The medic clearly wanted them to leave and gave them what was possibly just an excuse of wanting to finish her work before they left Persephone.  There didn't appear to be any urgent need for a clean infirmary, but perhaps she just had that type of personality.

Markus looked over to Decker with a raised eyebrow as if to question whether this was normal behavior or if he should expect trouble that might require stitching up before even leaving Persephone.  He then looked back to the medic and smiled once more.  "Miss... Cammy." he said.  "I was told you'd want to give me some sort of medical exam before I sign on.  When would be a good time for that?"

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 04, 2017, 04:09:08 PM »
<Gryphon, @Decker @Cameron>

Decker soon appeared from around the port side of the ship and the two men shook hands and exchanged plesantries.  The captain was friendly and optimistic, assuming that Markus would of course be signing on, the tour being more or less a formality... and perhaps he was right.

Decker was quick to get on with the tour and hopefully seal the deal.  He talked as they walked: cargo bay, living quarters, cockpit, and galley.  Markus had seen better of course.  The ship was far from pristine condition.  Back before the war, he'd been on Alliance warships that were in far better shape.  As a child he'd flown on the family's personal vessels which were likewise immaculate, and since the war Markus had seen a few luxury vessels which ranked up there as well.  The Gryphon was not like any of those ships.

But then again Markus had seen far worse.  Some Browncoat vessels, especially in the late stage of the war, were grimy and falling apart.  As a child Markus had also seen some of the cargo haulers used in the business which were likewise just holding together.  A ship didn't need to look nice if it was just going to be full of ore, and so long as it got to its destination it didn't have to work perfectly either.  Gryphon was far above those, which included a few less that ideal ships Markus had been on in recent years since turning merc.

No, Gryphon was a bit of a happy medium.  It was a working ship that didn't have the manpower, the time, nor the inclination to be spotless and perfect, but neither would it be a putrid trash heap more likely to fall out of the sky than arrive at its destination.  The crew quarters were small but manageable, and at least they were private.  Not that it was much of a perk since there wasn't anyone else aboard to compete with, but Decker also gave him his choice of the several available rooms.

Finally they arrived at the infirmary where Decker made the introduction between Markus and the one other member of the crew so far, their doctor.  She'd been hard at work cleaning up the room which Markus took as another sign that this woman took her work seriously and was more qualified than your average medic.

The doctor was young and gorgeous which hopefully wasn't an indication of any lack of experience.  The details were a bit unclear, but although already being on the crew Decker hand mentioned that everyone was a new hire.  This doc might be skilled in a sanitary Core hospitals, but would lose her head in the field when under fire or swamped with casualties and no assistance on hand.  Her handshake, however, was firm so hopefully she was tough enough for this line of work.  Time would tell.

"A pleasure." Markus replied.  Then turning back toward Decker, he added, "Perhaps more than just considering."  The tour of the ship had proved perfectly adequate, and should there be any hidden failing, well, Decker had repeatedly noted that one could leave the ship on little notice.  "I'd have to ask for some room in the cargo bay for a personal storage pod if at all possible.  I have some equipment that wouldn't fit in my personal quarters.  I'm sure you understand."  'Equipment' also included weapons and ammunition as well as numerous other sundry items

Finally with business wrapping up Markus smiled and turned back toward Cameron. "Does our lovely doctor have a name?" he asked.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Introducing the New Crew
« on: January 03, 2017, 01:29:45 PM »
<Eavesdown @Decker... eventually>

Markus had left the Time Warp soon after Decker.  He couldn't get out of that place fast enough and would have left even sooner if it wouldn't have appeared odd to race Decker to the door.  It took a bit of skill to dodge Ziggy too, but it wasn't long before Markus was out of the club and back into the city.  Besides, there was work to be done and very little time to do it if he meant to join the ship.

First on the list was a trip to the cortex.  Markus had previously done a little checking up on Decker after when Ziggy had made the connection and scheduled the meeting, but now that he'd met the man, Markus went back over what he'd been able to pull up before and then went on to try and refine a search about what bits and pieces Decker had mentioned in conversation.    Like most people in the business though the details were still scarce, more rumor and speculation than hard facts.

The next search was on the ship itself.  CSPA-13 tug yielded some diagrams and the like for the base model, and then Markus looked up the current dock berthing registry to find that indeed berth seven was occupied by such a craft.  Gryphon, or so the registry listed it.  The merc downloaded a few specs before logging off.

Next was a trip back to the hotel, the only 'real' one in the city.  It was the same place the king came when he was in Eavesdown, not that such an occasion happened more than once a decade and not that they allowed Markus into the royal suite.  Still, he spared no expense as it might be the last time he'd see such accommodations for months, and the service provided helped with such last minute preparations as well.

Markus paid out his account and informed the desk that he would most likely be checking out, confirmation to follow shortly by wave.  He made a few specialty requests, rush purchase orders for items he'd need on the Gryphon, and also made arrangements for his belongings to be transported to the dock, berth seven.  Markus took a few minutes back in his suite to pack the most sensitive items: documents, currency, weaponry, and electronics.  The rest was left where it was.  The hotel staff could manage to empty the closet and drawers and send it all along.  There was nothing there he feared either falling into the wrong hands or simply being lost in transit.  From there it was short trip to the dining room before heading out.

Markus finally arrived at the dock just as he'd been in the club.  He still wore the suit replete with concealed pistols but was otherwise unencumbered by baggage.  There was a bit of a difference between seeing a schematic and the real deal, but the ship at berth seven certainly looked like Markus expected.

The ramp was down so Markus approached.  He gave a quick glance up the ramp and then to either side around the exterior of the ship.  "Ho!  Decker?" he called.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Looking For a Few Good Men (and Women)...
« on: December 29, 2016, 10:33:17 PM »
<The Red Room, the Time Warp Bar @Decker>

Decker replied that he was like minded on the issue of trust and then clarified that he indeed was a man of his word, at least on a personal level.  When business was involved lying was just one more weapon in the bounty hunter's arsenal.  Markus just hoped that he was on the honesty side of things and remained there indefinitely.  Business could all too easily push that line and turn a friend into a paycheck.  The odds of that were slim though, just paranoia creeping in.  And worst case scenario?  Markus could probably beat any opponent's price.

Then there was talk about the ship, a model Markus didn't recognize but the term "tug" wasn't entirely encouraging.  Decker made assurances that there was more to her though, and Markus was willing to get a firsthand look before casting judgment.

Other than that, Decker also mentioned that he already had a doctor on board so that was something.  The crew was already twice the size Markus had believed it to be a moment ago, and a doctor would be most useful for someone like himself, not that Markus would be any less careful.  Besides, the term "doctor" on board a small starship was a very loose term.  You'd be lucky if your medic had any formal training at all, forget about any type of certification.  Like the ship, Markus would have to wait and see how this doc measured up.

Decker then gave his closing sales pitch.  He understood if Markus wasn't interested, he reiterated his generous policy on terminating employment if things didn't work out, he mentioned possible pay raises depending on future performance, and he thanked Markus for his time as well as paying for the drinks.  It was all very polite and gentlemanly.  It was hard not to like Decker, but again... trust.

Finally, the captain added that his doc would give him a quick check-up upon signing up which was certainly unusual.  Markus gave a short chuckle at the thought.  Most action in a med bay was little more than field surgery.  Actual "medicine" was normally the last thing done there, and he'd seen captains accept crew with the only qualification being a pulse.  This was certinaly something new, maybe indicating the above average qualifications of their doctor or perhaps Decker's higher standards of captaining.

Markus made as if to stretch out his lower back as he slipped the pistol back into its concealed holster before then sliding out of his end of the booth.  "A pleasure." he said, extending what was once more a free hand to shake.  "I'll see you at your ship, whatever my decision." he added.  "And I'll try not to bring anything contagious with me."

After the courtesy Decker had shown, it was the least he could do, tell the man "no" to his face.  Besides, seeing the ship was really the only thing keeping Markus from a decision.  Just as he wanted honesty from Decker he'd been honest in turn about his thoughts.  There was no reason to lie about that or fail to show up unless Markus expected a trap.  Despite the pistol he'd held at the ready for the length of the discussion, there was no such indication that the man's motives weren't honest.  Markus would be at berth seven.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Looking For a Few Good Men (and Women)...
« on: December 27, 2016, 06:14:49 PM »
<The Red Room, the Time Warp Bar @Decker>

By way of explanation Decker reiterated the rules on his ship.  As an experienced merc and a soldier before then, Markus was well aware of the need for discipline, chain of command, and that unspoken code between comrades.  Unnecessary as it may have been for Markus to hear, it was still reassuring that Decker knew and seemed to believe in it.

Some Captains wanted the perks of command without the responsibility.  They didn't want to be bothered sorting out the issues of their subordinates or even keeping their people on task and ready for action.  Some times they didn't even care for the well being of their crew, save maybe for a handful of favorites.  And that's of course why Decker likely began with this lead in, because some captains would turn on their own crew for petty reasons.  If he could be taken at his word, Decker was not that sort of captain.

The captain expanded a bit on his previous explanation, a claimed mutiny of sorts by a covetous and greedy faction of the crew.  It was all believable, or at least Markus assumed so.  Although he didn't understand personally, he knew that others would often go to great lengths sometimes for the slightest of material gains, especially if they may not have been thinking straight after a battle or simply after a bottle.  And as for the rest of the crew, there's nothing like half your crew killing the other half to make whatever camaraderie you might have felt with the survivors disappear.  Still, this was Decker's side of the story, and everyone had an angle even when they were telling the truth.  Those dead men might have a few more details that would make their reasons seem a bit more reasonable.

"I suppose that will have to suffice for now." Markus replied.  "Trust is earned, and we don't trust each other... at least not yet." Mirroring Decker's prior movement, Markus reached with his left hand for the idle glass for the first time and lifted it to his lips, still hardly taking a sip.  Placing the glass back down he smiled and added, "If you can stand by your words, then I think you've got a deal."

"Where's this ship of yours?  I'd like to see her before I commit."
Decker had said he had a few hours to decide one way or the other.  Markus was neither the mechanical nor the superstitious type that wanted to make sure the ship had the right look, but if he was going to call the place home for the foreseeable future he wanted to see what he was signing on for.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Looking For a Few Good Men (and Women)...
« on: December 27, 2016, 02:53:12 PM »
<The Red Room, the Time Warp Bar @Decker>

Decker answered with the truth because what else would it be.  No sane individual would lie about something like that under these circumstances.  Decker had no crew, he was just starting on his own, and to make matters worse the reason the ship was now empty was because of an apparent bloodbath.  Markus couldn't help but smile widely at the brutal honesty of the situation.

He'd been wrong about Decker, at least partially.  If the man was to be believed, he actually wasn't as experienced as it seemed, although there was still likely some middle ground behind what little had been said.  Decker was "setting out on his own" but had apparently been in some position of authority before hand, likely commanding the one ship which was part of a larger fleet owned by someone else.

Still, the most troubling fact wasn't a lack of a credentials but the fact that his last crew was all dead or gone.  Whether it was mutiny or Decker preempting what he perceived as a threat with deadly force, it was still bad.  And whoever may have been loyal enough not to side against Decker apparently hadn't liked the man enough to stick around.

Decker, however, was quick to move on from the ugliness of his current situation and hit the other minor topics of concern: crew size, job risks, pay rates...  The optimum crew complement sounded fine, but again, the issue was whether Decker could actually fill all the spots in a timely manner.  If the whole crew was filled out, and as Decker explained the bonus percentage was calculated before rather than after ship expenses, the pay rate seemed to balance out fairly.

As for other jobs on the ship?  That was unlikely.  Markus was knowledgeable enough to do a lot of things well enough to scrape by, but to think that he was a skilled cook, or a potential mechanic, or whatever else the ship might need... no.  Besides, even if his abilities went beyond just helping out here and there, he had no interest in doing so.  He wasn't a ship's cook because he didn't want to be a cook, and seeing as how money was not an issue there was no reason to give up his downtime for something he had no interest in.  The time between battles would be spent preparing for the next one or in recreation.  Taking another job might mean lost sleep, missed exercise, unprepared arms, and a lack of focus, any of which might cost him his edge and lead to his death.  5% sounded just fine.

It was also good to hear that Decker himself was a shooter, not that from the looks of him Markus expected anything less.  Words were wind, and who knew what kind of insane situations Decker might actually get them into, but it was reassuring when the boss was right there with you instead of sitting back in his safe arm chair giving commands via radio.  As much as Markus wanted to see a little excitement, he wasn't looking to be dropped in the deep end with a brand new crew that had never worked together before.  Taking it easy seemed the best route.

"I don't know you, Decker." Markus replied once it was question time again.  "As much as I might like everything else you're saying, I've got this nagging feeling that I might end up 'sucking vacuum' if things don't go well."  That right hand was still under the table, hidden evidence of Markus's lack of trust.  "I'd normally respect a man's privacy, especially when out in public, but I might need to hear a little bit more about your baggage before I sign on with a captain who killed half of his own crew."

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Looking For a Few Good Men (and Women)...
« on: December 22, 2016, 04:54:13 PM »
<The Red Room, the Time Warp Bar @Decker>

Decker confirmed his identity, they shook hands, and then Decker replied to the comment about Ziggy.  "Even a small one."  There was the indication of a smile which Markus returned with a slightly more obvious smile of his own.  Test #1 complete.  Decker seemed to have the measure of Ziggy, he at least had some sense of humor, and his skin was thick enough to take a question about his own character and skill.

As slight a test as it had been, it was a decent start.  Knowing a man took time.  Some even said it was impossible to truly know someone, or one could only know a person when they were on death's doorstep.  Such knowledge was unfortunately impossible to attain through an interview.  Markus took his seat along with Decker, and that hand found its way back to the pistol under the table.  Hopefully, by the end of the conversation, he'd know enough about Decker to put the gun away.

Test #2 came shortly thereafter with the arrival of a waitress and Decker's offer to take this round.  It was subtle, perhaps even expected, but it was an indication of Decker's personality all the same.  The merc had contemplated a simple refusal.  Markus was not a big drinker nor did he normally drink anything remotely cheap.  Putting the bill on a prospective employer right out of the gate seemed inappropriate.  But then it seemed equally inappropriate to refuse the social custom.  "Scotch and soda." he ordered, not intending to even drink it.

With their order taken, Markus kept his eyes on Decker as the ship captain's eyes followed their waitress away from the table.  For someone otherwise so focused it seemed he'd let his guard down and was fixated by their attractive server.  Was Decker just a lustful ladies man?  It was hard to tell.  Markus hoped not.

Then came the hiring speech.  He laid out the basics of his situation, the basics of the job, what the pay was and associated perks, then severance, and finally the ground rules.  It was pretty standard as Decker himself even admitted, and although there was a lot to cover, Decker was direct and quick about it, also as Decker had said he would be.  Test #3, the man was certainly deliberate and he seemed experienced enough by the way he talked and how easily it came to him.  A fresh captain would have hemmed and hawed, repeated himself, covered unnecessary details, or even worse give out information that should not have been revealed.  Decker did nothing of the sort and rather was quick about time tables and keeping busy, something which appealed greatly to Markus.

Also, Decker seemed honest in that his speech contained one glaring cause for concern, something skimmed over but impossible to hide no matter how well presented.  The man was short on crew, significantly so.  Unless the man had an enormous ship with dozens of hands, it seemed like his boat was half empty.  Why?  Decker seemed experienced so it wasn't likely that the man had just gotten a ship.  Had half the crew been killed in some failed mission?  Or was Decker such a poor boss that they'd simply walked away?

Decker's terms seemed fair, test #4.  The private room was pretty much a necessity, although Markus knew that not all ships allowed for such.  The terms for termination of employment seemed extremely generous: a single week's notice, all the pay owed, plus being taken to the place of your choosing.  One hoped that should there ever be a falling out, Decker would hold himself to that final term in particular.  The 5% bonus, depending on the size of the crew, wasn't particularly enticing, but it was sensible when combined with the flat rate salary that accompanied it.  You got a taste of all the money coming in, but even if there were no jobs you were still getting paid something constantly.

Unfortunately for Markus he had trouble knowing if 400 credits would be sufficient, and while Decker continued to speak he was doing the mental math trying to convert it to something he'd comprehend.  Markus had grown up with great wealth but was never taught good business sense as he would never be part of the business.  It was much the same in the service.  The military had more money than you could ever imagine and for the most part you always had the equipment you needed.  Markus remembered instructors early on talking about how expensive the equipment was, worth more than the lives of the poor saps who carried it, but with the hyperbole involved that couldn't be trusted.  During the war as an officer there was always talk about what they could and could not afford to issue, but there were never price tags attached to any of that.  He thought about gauging his own living expenses per month, but of course that would never add up either.  Who else would spend 80 credits on a pair of socks?  He'd price himself right out of the market.

All that Markus had was his past few years as a merc, but that wasn't as helpful as you might expect since he'd never had a flat salary before.  It was only ever percentage based.  So Markus did his best, reversing the math and working backwards while trying to take into account 5% of the unknown bonus.  The final conclusion was that if Decker was as adamant about staying working and picking choice contracts as he appeared, then that 5% might make up the difference between 400 creds and what Markus had been making previously.

As for all the rest, it didn't warrant any thought.  Follow orders, don't be afraid of a little danger, violence is a necessity, do your job, and don't jeopardize the rest of the crew.  This wasn't Markus's first rodeo, but Decker was probably just covering his bases.  Mechanics and the like sometimes got into the business ignorant of what it actually entailed.  Markus got into the business precisely because of all the little warnings you had to put in for the civilian types.

Decker finally wrapped up, and Markus couldn't help but grin when Decker detailed their operations area as basically being the entire 'Verse.  Sure, they'd probably not be in the Core often, but there also simply wasn't as much work in the Core.  Alliance tended to take care of all that.

The smile was still on Markus's face when it was finally question time.  "Sounds fair." he replied.  "I do have a question though."  Markus sat back as he returned to his earlier thoughts.  "What is the state of the crew?"  Markus suppressed another inappropriate smile.  "5% isn't all too generous if there's just three or four of us on the ship."  Although perhaps ignorant of the true value of a credit, he understood math.  If the captain was pulling in 50, 60, 70, or even 80% compared to Markus's 5%, well, now that wasn't entirely fair.

"I'm also not too keen on heading into trouble without enough bodies to get the job done." He put it in terms of fighting, but the lack of a mechanic was also troubling god forbid they ended up adrift in the black.  "I suppose what I'm asking is, this a big crew you're looking to fill out or do you have an empty ship?"

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Looking For a Few Good Men (and Women)...
« on: December 18, 2016, 04:53:28 PM »
<The Red Room, the Time Warp Bar>

The Time Warp was not Markus's type of place, not in the slightest.  Halfnaked teenagers and twenty-somethings drunk or drugged out of their minds rubbing up against each other in a sweaty mass of bodies all while the heavy bass of the music droned on and all manner of lighting helped contribute to whatever hallucinogenic experience they were already suffering.  No, thank you.

When Markus had been that age he was having a completely different mind-altering experience full of plenty of loud noises, bright lights, sweat, and bodies.  It was a little event called the Unification War, not that most of these kids could probably even name who had been fighting whom.

No, for a man who was really only seeking adventure in life, this was not his sort of party.  A party involved getting dressed up, not undressed.  It meant having your wits about you so you could understand what was happening and then remember it the next day.  It meant being able to hear the conversation, make new contacts, and perhaps court the woman you would spend the rest of your life with.

As far as a little bit of fun and that elusive adrenaline rush went, well, perhaps the Unification War had spoiled him after all.  Some might even say that Markus was just trying to escape the same way these kids were, and that his choice was just as addictive as Rainbow, Shota, or whatever else junkies were doing these days.

Some might say that.  Markus wouldn't.  As far as he was concerned his vices were next to zero.  He was completely in control and dependent on nothing.  To think that he could be anything like that wretch Ziggy was beyond imagining.  The man would sell his own first born for half a dose, and Markus was under no illusions about the real reasons Ziggy was being so helpful all of a sudden even if this "sale" wasn't of the same sort.

It was necessary to deal with men like Ziggy, just as it was sometimes necessary to come to a place like the Time Warp, or Eavesdown in general.  Persephone was a big place with plenty of high society venues far and away from this hole.  But nothing in this 'Verse is free, although often it's not money that you're paying with.  Sometimes it's your comfort, your security, or your integrity.  Markus was looking to get on a new ship, and he couldn't do that at some fancy ball on the southern continent.

At least the Red Room wasn't so bad.  The music was at a slightly more reasonable level, the clientele was a bit more refined, and the entire establishment was a little more upscale.  Markus had arrived early, a habit, and played a hand or two of Tall Card before settling in to the booth around the prearranged time.

Markus stood out, that was for certain, even back in the Red Room.  He was dressed every bit the professional: black suit and tie, white shirt fully buttoned and completely unrelaxed, shined shoes beneath the table, and five pistols concealed on his person.  The merc had a holster under each shoulder, a drop holster down the inside of his pant leg, a holster on the small of his back, and then of course one on the ankle.  Nothing beats the classics.

Despite his own upbringing and personal sense of style certainly contributing, Markus found that the formal look worked wonders for concealment beaten perhaps only by the duster in utility, but then such an outfit just screamed "armed Browncoat" and kind of defeated the purpose entirely.  It certainly beat the skintight (and sometimes just skin) style of Ziggy.  Markus got a refresher of the man's style as he walked through the door.  Not only did it indicate the man's personal lunacy, but it broadcast to the 'Verse his lack of any armament, save perhaps for something puckered up very deep.

The merc had planted himself in the corner with eyes on all the entrances and no one at his back.  Cautious?  No, paranoid might have been the right word.  This was Eavesdown after all, and the trusted contact was none other than Ziggy who Markus trusted less than the average citizen, and he didn't trust the average citizen at all.  Markus flexed his grip on the pistol he held under the table, just in case, and watched as Ziggy motioned toward him and then the man who'd entered with him began to walk over.

The man, "Decker", as Ziggy had referred to him, looked almost as out of place as Markus.  Tall, strong, serious, and well dressed.  He appeared every bit the businessman with a potential to break your neck if you crossed him.  If looks were everything, things were going well so far.  Hell, the man could have track-marks all the way his arms too, a bigger mess than Ziggy, or perhaps all he was hiding under there was an equally cautious mistrust of a new hire.  Only time would tell.

Markus stood when the man finally reached his booth.  He had tapped the pistol lightly to a magnet on the underside of the table which would hold it in place, and he now offered the free hand to his potential employer.  "Markus Porter." he lied before taking his seat again and casually slipping his hand back to the waiting firearm.

"Ziggy speaks highly of you." Markus started.  "But then he'd speak highly of the Butcher of Branson's Mark if it meant a potential payday."

OOC Chatter / Re: Welcome to Into The Black! (Introductions)
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*Dusts this thread off*

Hi, I'm Roger.  I found forum based RP about 8 years ago, and got big into it about five years ago with Firefly RP and then some Battlestar RP too.  I love Firefly and the blank canvass we were really left with since the show was prematurely cancelled.  Only thing worse than losing Firefly is losing a good Firefly RP site which is what has led me here in search of a new home.

I've also admined a few sites.  In particular I'm known for being a nitpicker when it comes to character applications and being overly verbose in developing additional lore and guides for the site.  For example, unhappy with other Firefly maps, I drew up my own.  It's the "same" map as is used on this site as far as I can tell.  It's not nearly as pretty to look at, but it is precisely drawn to show the relative distances and sizes involved.  Perfect for plotting courses and the like.  Of course I also accompanied it with an encyclopedia of planets with short entries on each one.  Yeah... I have a knack for making extra work for myself.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know the rest of you and RPing with you.

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