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Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: Today at 06:25:16 AM »
She kept walking by him, slightly disheartened by the way this discussion turned out. She listened to what he had to say. More than once she opened her mouth to speak, but changed her mind and decided to let it go, let him finish. He had been polite enough to let her talk, he deserved the same in return. She realized how he had not interpreted her words the way she meant them, and thinking back, she thought that perhaps she had not expressed herself very well. It was like they were both speaking English, but did not understand each other. This kind of disconnect always confused her, but it happened sometimes, whether it was upbringing or culture that was the problem, she wasn’t sure, but she faced it now and it was easier to deal with the current situation.

I did not express myself well, I’m sorry. I don’t believe you sought to intimidate me, and I definitely don’t think you a jerk or a fool, or you would be heading into this infirmary on your own. I meant to say that to me, it appears that you negotiate like someone… how can I say this without causing more confusion…” She mused aloud and took a few steps to weigh her words. “Like someone who has influence, who can afford to be greedy. I understand your negotiating style now. We have different approach, but we both know that in the future, I pretty much present you with what I’m willing to give, and that you’ll aim high so you get as much as you can.” She explained and slowed before the infirmary’s doors so that they could get this confusion cleared out. Luna sought to stop him too, so that they could look at each other for a moment and end their discussion.

Out of the way so they would not block the infirmary’s doors, Luna moved to stand before him to look into his eyes. Her hands went to either side of his waist and she held herself just an inch away from his body. “My opinion of you has not changed. You are still the guy that I want to spend the day with, go eat good food and find then dance some. I didn’t think that you were… that into me.” She said, her gaze seeking any hints of emotions that would cross his face. Right now, she wanted the mood to shift back to something pleasant and it wasn’t even for the benefit of fulfilling Niska’s request. She wanted the mood pleasant because she did not want either of them to look back on this date with a sense of dread, or to look forward to their hour together with that sentiment.

I’ll give you one evening, if you manage one hour naked with me, kissing only my lips and nothing sexual happening. I’ll play fair and hold myself to the same standards. This time.” She said, her smile had something sheepish to it, and she pulled onto him gently. “You aren’t that bad out of practice, babe, I might just be a tad more difficult than what you are used to.” She said and it was a slight directed toward herself, not toward whatever women he was used to. Although, she had a pretty good idea about that…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: Today at 03:00:24 AM »
I see a few faults in your reasoning, dear. First, if I had a chip on my shoulder, the comment about confidence in my skill would bear fruit. Sadly for you, I don’t. In the same kind of negotiation technique, I could say that you request two evenings because you know you will not be able to get much out of the first. Having had to lie about the tuna in… oh 10, 15 minutes with me? And I still don’t buy the surprise excuse.” She pointed out to him, and she wondered if he understood that if he had had a taste of her skill, she had had none of his. So as far as she knew, he could be the best lover in bed, or be a fumbling incompetent who couldn’t last. Two evenings of the latter would be such a drag…

The second, is that you negotiate like someone who has fear, respect or power to back him up; some kind of leverage to intimidate. I do not fear you. You have no power over me. I respect you as I would any captain on board of the ship where I rent a shuttle. So asking for twice as much as I offer does not leave me with any urge to give into what you request. You made the same faux pas the first time we negotiated. Rather than to put me in a position where I would be disposed to give you what you request, you leave me wondering who you think you are for making that kind of request. And believe me, I -know- who you are.” She said, indicating that she knew about him more than what he had told her. Her tone always remained serene. She was no longer smiling, but she wasn’t upset or mad. She was simply more serious

So it’s not my pride that stands in your way to get more time with me. It’s yours. I know my worth, I know my skills and I know exactly where I stand. You want to know what I stood to win if I let you be with me for a whole evening? Information. I would know your skill, I would learn your little quirks, what makes you squirm, what arouses you. This is what I stood to win, only, I can learn that on our one hour a week, if you decide to use it for sex, and I am patient. So do you want to have a do over on that counter offer, and follow my advice, or do you stick to your request of two evenings in exchange for an hour of self-control, and lose that negotiation?” She turned her clear blue gaze to him, questioning him. Almost challenging him to stick to it. He had far more to lose than she had, by screwing up this negotiation. She believed that she had made clear on how he was not holding the biggest end of the stick at the moment, but left it up to him to decide what he wanted.

Luna wanted to spend time with him, to be intimate with him. This hour of talk and kissing was meant to bring them closer together, to get to know one another that much more, so that she may not return to being “Miss Halloway” to him. She wanted to bond so that he would trust her, confide in her and she would be able to repay her debt to Niska when time came. She glanced up to see the infirmary up ahead and just briefly she wrinkled her nose. Seeing Daisy was fine, but if only she could do it in another environment it would be so much more pleasant. "Quit while you're ahead, Decker." She said, her smile slowly returning to her lips, and her tone was somewhat teasing.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: Yesterday at 04:39:05 PM »
I bet you are.” She said with a knowing smile once they were were out of the shop. She went and slipped a hand under and around his arm to keep close to him. His words in the changing room were not forgotten or ignored. They had been answered with a simple roll of her eye when he had said them. He had used a similar tactic when they negotiated for the use of the shuttle. He had made a counter offer that was ludicrously high, and then fought tooth and nails when she tried to bring it to a more reasonable rate. She expected, in spite of his playful tone, that it was going to be the same now.

You definitely overestimate the value of your self-control, babe.” She said, once they were out of the shop for good and he came back on the topic of the challenge. Her tone was soft, not wanting to advertise how they were talking about sex between them, even though she had no shame in showing that she was with him in this manner. There was simply no need for strangers to know that they had his kind of relationship. She glanced up at him, crooked smile on her lips, and took her long, white strands over the shoulder furthest from him.

I should have anticipated that you’d go to extremes. You really ought to learn to negotiate. Set the bar too high, and you just sound greedy. I said I was thinking about giving you an extra hour, -maybe- a whole evening. You went for two evenings. The right thing to do would have been to add a little something to your advantage to the challenge itself, and request a full evening. Like, for example, I can only kiss you and talk, too, and not turn the whole thing into one hour of teasing to arouse you and keep you achingly hard. To challenge your self-control and lure use to lose the challenge through pleasant, but dirty tactics..” She pointed out to him, following him toward the clinic or hospital where Daisy was.

Luna was watching for a reaction from him, knowing that he most likely did not really need the lesson in negotiation himself. She was rather well-versed into the art herself, even though she would not voice it as such. It was a nice day to go out, the temperature was comfortable and the gentle breeze kept the air moving. Soon, the sun would go down and they would have to think about heading to the place where she meant to eat with him, or else they might have to wait in line. Unless she pulled some strings. Companions were offered special treatments in the prestigious establishments, and the one where she meant to take him certainly qualified…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: June 19, 2017, 11:18:19 PM »
Talk and kiss, but nothing sexual. If you do manage that for an hour, you get the prize. If you don’t, well you probably still get pleasure since you couldn’t restrain yourself. It’s a win-win scenario for you, but you stand to win a lot more if you manage one hour. I have to admit, I expected you to accept the challenge, but negotiate the wining prize with a bit more enthusiasm” Luna teased, still smiling.

They took the shirts that were still on hangers. They were very much in his dark, neutral color palette, and were the same size as the one he had on himself. “Yes, dear, it’s that easy to tell. You don’t hide emotions well to the trained eye.” She said but then she leaned toward him and with a very soft voice, she added, “Don’t worry. It’s not just you.” She admitted, though if it was about the fact that he was readable to her most of the time, or if she wasn’t eager to stay there any longer would be left in the air.

It didn’t take her much time, once she came out of the cabin. She took care of the invoice, and also to have the new shorts and the old one delivered to the Gryphon. The salesman balked a little about having to take care of the old shirt, but with just a touch of charm, and not a penny more in money, Luna managed to get him to add the damn shirt to the bag, as if that few ounces of clothing could tax his delivery boy.

Pleasure doing business with you. I hope the experience was pleasant enough that we will see you again.” The salesman said, but all Luna thought was how doubtful that was. She turned to Decker, adjusted the collar of his jacket and then smiled at the salesman before she slipped out of the store. Thank god, this part of the date was over. Now Luna wanted to get on with the second dreadful part so that they could head into the fun part. She wanted to eat, and to dance, and to drink like a normal 24 year old… with some extra decorum that had been hammered into her through years of training, but still…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: June 17, 2017, 07:24:00 PM »
Luna watched as he appraised the shirt, how it felt and looked on him. She smirked when he answered to the clerk. He did annoyed just as well as she did sweet and serene or subtle slight that was delivered like a compliment but really wasn’t.  He stepped toward her and caught her between his body and the wall behind her. She did not resist; her hands slipped under the hem of his shirt and came to rest against his skin just above his belt.

When Decker pulled her head up, she did look up without the slightest resistance. She thought that he was going to resume the earlier kiss, but he teased her by talking close enough to her that their lips brushed together. “You know, if you can manage only kiss and talk for a full hour before any sexual activity, I’ll give you an extra hour after. Or maybe a whole evening. I don’t know…” She said when her lips were free to do so. Her body pressed against his in a move of her own, but then he moved away to put some distance and be done with whatever they had to do here.

Do you like these two, too?” She asked, reminding him of the two shirt of the exact same size that hung on hangers hooked on a peg. “I can have them delivered to your ship, my dear Captain, and we can go visit Daisy before dinner.” She offered reaching out to give the slope of his back and affectionate caress. He had proved to have a lot more self-control than she had expected, and she was quite sure that the possibility of having her two hours rather than a single one would be some challenge that he would jump on.

Slowly, she picked up his other shirt and folded it neatly with practiced movements, as if she was not the kind of person other people did things for, usually. “You’ll need more than one clean shirt with me on board. I’ll be your ambassador in the higher circle, so when a client comes to you, you have to look like you can handle their business.” She insisted, with a pointed glance toward the other shirts. “If you don’t like them, we can go through racks and shelves, but I also get the feeling that shopping isn’t quite your thing, and that you’re quite eager to get out of this place.” She said, adding the last with a small lopsided smile.

She wondered idly if it was because he felt out of place, or because it was a woman buying him clothes. She could afford it; it wouldn’t even make a dent into her account, considering that she had done three different contracts in their last stop. She was financially secure for a little while, but she was still working, and was convinced that she would work as a companion until no more clients would want of her. Or if she became pregnant… but she took measures against that.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:01:07 AM »
Or very sweet, if you’d like me to do it again” She retorted, suave and inviting, and offered him a smile to match. Teasing was something that she enjoyed. In fact, Luna simply loved being a Companion, but here now with Decker was something different. It was different because she was actually trying to get up close and personal with him. It wasn’t just a professional thing, keeping the client at arm’s length while making him believe that he was the center of the universe.

As she pressed herself behind him, she appreciated the curve of his back, the width of his shoulder as her cheek pressed against one shoulder blade. “I love teasing you, baby. And I don’t think that I’ve ever given you a reason to think that I am not as daring in private as I am in public. I’m just starting to know what turns you own. This, I can feel, definitely works, but I better let you try the shirts before someone grows impatient enough to wonder if your companion isn’t doing exactly what I’m doing.” She said and her fingers squeezed the swelling member just a touch tighter in their last pass over his member before she let go.

She moved back and against the wall, so that he could stretch his arm, and pulled the shirt however he wanted to make sure that it was comfortable. He could try one, and she’d have the rest simply sent to the Gryphon for delivery. She placed her hands at her small waist and kept her eyes on him. Niska could have chosen a much, much harder victim for her to spy on and grow close to. She knew some of the old man’s allies that were nowhere as attractive. Or as young, for that matter.

Is everything alright? Would you like to try on a different size, Sir?” The salesman asked after a soft knock on their door.

I think you were right about choosing a size just slightly larger, but this shirt really suits you.” She said not moderating her voice at all now, so that the salesman would hear her give her opinion of the shirt they were about to buy from his store. Her mind returned to Niska and his request to know where the Gryphon was as much as she could update him. Sometimes she wondered if she spied on Decker to keep an eye on him and the ship, or if it was for Niska to pull some strings ahead of time so that the Gryphon would, or would not, find a job there… Not knowing didn’t bother her usually, but it wasn’t just Decker now. I was also Cameron and Gavin who were good people. Cameron, Luna believe, did not deserve to be some of Niska’s collateral damage…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: June 11, 2017, 12:51:55 AM »
Luna listened and then relaxed as it became obvious that the salesman was talking to someone else. She let Decker take a step back and then another, feeling his hands moving away from her ass as he pulled away. She nodded slowly as he confirmed that he liked her suggestion and then he went on talking, making a promise? A threat? One that he did not finish as he let his sentence trail.

Promises, promises. Maybe I ought to bind your hands above your head, and keep you in a state of arousal that’s almost painful before I push you over the edge.” She whispered as he went on and busied himself with the charcoal shirt. Feeling naughty – as if her words were not making this plain enough – she did not miss an opportunity that was simply too good to pass. She wanted to touch him, and as long as their behavior remained at least cordial, Luna certainly saw no issue with her current assignment from Niska.

Luna took a quick step behind him as his shirt hid her from view. One of her arm wrapped gently around his waist, holding his shirt flat between their body pressed against one another, but her other hand went lower. It landed exactly where she meant to: over a lump, front and center. Her hand quickly found the form of his cock. Her fingers closed onto it firmly and followed the familiar shape over his pants.

She could be a temptress, she could be sensual, she could even be a mentor to some virgin who had never been with a woman, but in her core, Luna remained something of a daredevil, someone who did not lack the courage to do what had to be done, and right now she thought that what had to be done was to surprise Decker with a touch that he no doubt longed for.

I bet…” She started very softly, and hoped that he would not take her literally and actually take a bet on it. “I bet that you would love to be able to watch my hands work you up in his position. My tiny, pale, soft hands working your whole impressive length baaack and fooorth.” She challenged. As she stretched the words “back” and “forth” her hand did just that over the front of his pants. She smiled behind his back, a sheepish but definitely playful smile…

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:15:49 PM »
Luna controlled the smile that reached her lips when he admitted wanting to be with her, very much so. He was right when he assumed that her average client had a far less damaged skin and body, but she did not see the scars when she looked at Decker. Her hands barely registered the skin’s imperfection, paying so much more attention to the relief of the muscles under his skin: hills, plains and valleys. She was not afraid to let it show, knowing that he would not remain cold to sincere desire to touch him and be with him.

Kissing is fine. Touching is… only fair; if I do it, you should be allowed to do it too. I don’t want to spend too much time here when we can have so much more fun, somewhere far more comfortable.” She answered as he pushed her against the wall behind her. Her hands rose slowly over  his chest, toward his shoulder, then his neck, and then taking his face gently into her hands as he spoke about catching his companion.

He was being quite possessive and she found it amusing, but she wondered if repeating his claim over her was not some way that he had to remind himself of what she was. A lot of people thought that Companions were simply overpriced, elite whores and she hoped that Decker would learn better, one of these days, and that he could come to believe her when she said that she was meeting with a client that did not require sexual contact. Would he ever? And why did it matter? Because she did want to be his friend, his true friend. That required some measure of honesty… and no betrayal.

Luna adjusted the position too, allowing her hands to follow the movement of his head. She licked her lips and left them slightly parted, ready to return the kiss in kind. As the kiss progressed, Luna went from gentle and almost chaste to a deep and sensual kiss meant to arouse him almost out of his wits. Her tongue came out to play, seeking her favorite playmate and a gentle arch of her back pressed her body into his, showing her own desire for him in a subtle manner.


Are the shirt of the right size? I can go fetch a different size for you.

Thinking that he was talking to Decker, Luna stiffened and moved to break the kiss so that Decker could answer the man, but apparently, the salesman was talking to someone in the same area but not close enough to be overheard clearly. The risk of being caught made her want to giggle, but also broke the charm for her. It was time for Decker to pick his shirt for tonight, and which one of the others he favored, so that they could head to the hospital, their next destination, to meet with Daisy.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: May 31, 2017, 12:47:31 AM »
Luna watched her captain, her date, come closer. He took the shirt from the salesman and she waited patiently for him to get inside the cabin. It was large enough for both of them to fit in and have more than enough space to spare for a third, as if men required that much space to try on a pair of pants or a shirt. She had a smirk on her lips, hearing him decline the offer for pants, belt and such, imagining how disappointing it must be for the salesman to hear that such potential clients were not going to buy in his shop anything more than a couple of shirts. Because, yes. Luna had every intention to put a shirt on his back for tonight, but also get him one or two more so that he wouldn’t meet the clients wearing the same clean shirt over and over…

If he wanted high end business, he had to play the part. If Companion training had thought her something, that was the first thing she had had to learn. Not in an easy way, either. She was, after all, a child of the slums, and it was a fact that was quickly known among her peers. Children are cruel toward one another, and in a competitive environment, it went even worse. So when the salesman offered her about six other shirts, she went through them quickly.

Yes, yes… That looks pink, so no.” She said giving the salesman a red pinstripe on white background shirt. “Maybe, yes, and no. I really can’t see him in such a… shade of bright yellow.” She said, having kept the darker shades and more neutral ones. Decker told the man that they would be right out, but Luna had another question to ask. “Would it be possible for you to have our things delivered to a specific ship in the port?” She said, resisting gentle pull at her belt.

Of course, within the hour.” The salesman agreed with a slow nod and Luna gave him an approving smile. She was pretty sure that he hated her guts, but she wasn’t really here to make friends with someone who earned in a month less than she would in an evening.

She finally entered the room and let Decker take care of the door while she hung up the different shirts that he was supposed to try, along with the one that she had picked for him. She nodded when he stated that they were finally alone. “I had no idea you wanted to be alone with me so bad.” She lied, playful. She reached forward and caressed his chest. There was something in the way that she looked at him that spoke of a desire that she did not fake. The scars did not bother her at all, she barely even see them if not to acknowledge that they may still be a source of pain or indicate a tender spot.

Luna took a step forward, still with her hands on his chest. “Think you can kiss me without trying to make it degenerate into something indecent?” She asked, tilting her head in a most inviting way. “Or should I be the reasonable one and put a distance between us?” she teased,, making a half-hearted move to put some distance between them.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: May 30, 2017, 02:33:22 AM »
Luna nodded slightly when he said that he liked the color and as long as it would fit him, he would take it. She did not insist or continue the discussion about her price, about how much it would really cost him to call her his. It was a slippery slope toward a reminder that she was navigating different waters than he, and that they had a business arrangement that allowed him a weekly session with someone he would not likely be able to afford more than once or twice a year before getting into financial trouble.

With such a beautiful body, love, you shouldn’t try so hard to conceal it.” She commented about his choice of going with a loose fit. She followed toward the back with the two men, though she had not considered seriously that Decker would require of her that she followed him into one of the fitting rooms. She was just content with being there and flirting openly, but her comment was completely sincere. He could clearly not have been offered the same deal if he had not been so attractive to her. Offering a monthly session, maybe? Certainly not weekly.

Will the gentleman need pants? Socks? A new belt or pair of shoes?” The salesman asked, trying to push a sale in any way he knew. Luna simply turned her gaze from the salesman to Decker, expecting him to give a negative answer. They were shopping only because he needed a shirt to enter the restaurant where she had suggested they could eat. She was trying not to get too introspective and anticipating what would come tonight. Especially not dwell on why she was doing it at all.

Sure, she wanted a normal date with a normal guy, a moment to be completely herself and not the serene swan that she had to be whenever she donned the Companion role. Luna had come to believe that if she was to become Decker’s confidante, he had to see -her-. Not the companion, but the woman. He needed to see something genuine out of her, no manipulation, no role. That was what she was trying to give to him today. She walked ahead and opened the door of an empty room for him. There would be more than enough space for the both of them there, for sure.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: May 29, 2017, 01:58:23 AM »
Oh, you think I can’t tell the difference between flattery and genuine compliment?” Luna asked with an eyebrow quirked to punctuate her question. “Yes, flattery fly way over my head, even if I give the prettiest smile and give words of gratitude. Genuine compliment, however, might earn you a few extra points, as well as a genuine smile and gratitude. Most likely a genuine compliment in return.” She added with a small shrug of her shoulder, and then shook her head with a soft laugh. “Oh, you do ‘cute’ very well, and the fact that it isn’t even voluntary makes it all better.” That was a quite sincere compliment and sounded like it.

Inside, it seemed that the performance with the salesman worked to some extent. When Decker asked if she stuttered, she raised an eyebrow. The salesman had obviously not jumped into action as soon as she went toward piles of folded shirts to pick up models that she thought would look good on Decker. She tensed only slightly when he called her by her profession, but he knew what advantages that would get them in a place like this. She wasn’t dressed as a companion, although the keen eye of the salesman would see that her shirt and pants were about on par with his high end stock, if no better.

She pulled a charcoal, long-sleeve shirt with a mandarin collar. “Remember, no tie, no cuff links and no pastels.” She said checking the shirt, but then she turned her gaze toward Decker and heard his words. “You have no idea how much it would cost you to be able to say this and not lie, love.” She replied to Decker, and for an outside eye, they would look like a real companion and her client as her hand came up to caress his cheek. My companion, that was rather possessive of him, but she thought that he was simply playing the game, not that he thought that it was something he desired, if only it was possible.

But let’s not venture down that road, for now. That was certainly well played. What do you think about this? It’s clean, simple, people won’t look at you thinking you should wear a tie… I think the cut would suit your handsome form perfectly, given that we find one your size.” She suggested and held up the shirt to show it to him. It was one size too small, but there was a rack with a few sizes there, and even a few colors, some with pinstripes and others with motives, like tiny dots and/or diamond. She had picked a plain charcoal one, thinking that it was in his usual color palette, and that he was more likely to wear it again if the shirt didn’t make him want to hide when he wore it.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: May 28, 2017, 02:59:25 AM »
Well, it sounds like we have a plan for the next long, uneventful stretch between jobs.” She said with a lop-sided smile. Her free hand came to rest on his upper arm, bringing her just a bit closer to him as they leaved the port area in favor of a more commercial one, clearly catering to those who simply passed by. As it turned out, that was exactly what they were. Travelers, just passing by. Luna knew that it meant prices were likely a bit steeper, but she honestly did not care for money. She made enough, and if she needed more she could make more.

Decker, dear, you looked ready to burst the moment I opened my shirt.” Maybe she was exaggerating a little. Just a little. “It was written all over your face. That ‘oh-my-god-please-make-me-last prayer that guys do sometimes.” She said, being her usual discreet and teasing self, but she knew that it would be time to move on from the topic soon, before it went from amused to annoyed. She did not want to ruin this moment with him with an over-zealous tease.

Well, you did blame the tuna. Yes, I heard that. Even if the mechanic was still with us, he would never have heard from me that the tuna was completely innocent. But you are right, in time you will get used to my manners, my body, and my skills and you will stop getting weak in the knees. Which is sad, really; I found it both flattering and rather cute. I mean that in a good way.” She said, trying to slip something reassuring in the whole thing, but she was still being playful and excited about the date. She did like him, he was charming and attractive, and quite willing to let her drag him, apparently, which definitely earned him a few points in his favor.

Hey, let’s shop here. Not a peep about the prices; don’t even look at the tags, I’ll take care of everything. Besides, if I find you a job, chances are the client will be a bit higher end than what you are used to deal with. A nice shirt might help with first impression... And I’ll help you put on your shirt if you promise to be a gentleman. I’m not going to make out with you in one of those rooms.” She said, and her hand slipped from his elbow and down toward his hand, which she gripped to pull him inside the store.

It was a men’s store, one that had the reputation of being pricey, but it had more than just the classic plain shirt. The gentleman who came to help them with their shopping was dressed impeccably, and eyed them both suspiciously in a you-can’t-afford-anything-here-by-the-look-of-you kind of way, until Luna removed her coat, and strolled in like she owned the place. The girl sure knew how to work a crowd, and right now, she had to get the gentleman to chance his attitude. When she opened her mouth she made it obvious that not only was she from the core worlds, but she had money.

First thing first, she dumped her jacket on the gentleman’s arm, which he fumbled and caught. “My friend needs a few clean shirts, and not the cheap, last season, on sale kind of shirts. We need something clean, simple, trendy, that require no tie, no cuff links. Avoid pastels, please. It sends the wrong message.” She said and then pointedly looked at the lilac shirt the man wore under his jacket, and straight into his eyes again. The sales assistant looked at Decker, weighing him up for size, but there was a bit of a request for a rescue there, as if he had decided that Luna was going to be too much of a handful for him alone. Given how grounded, and not overly "princess" or snobbish she had been so far on the Gryphon, Decker would know that it was just her, morphing into what was expected to get the better results.

Gryphon ~ Mercenary / Re: Workin' on Boros
« on: May 26, 2017, 02:26:49 AM »
Good! That’s really all I ask from you.” She said, not speaking against a kiss. If the date really developed into a date, he could get the whole package without it being the week’s payment. It had been ages since she had been on a date as herself, and not some character for someone else’s benefit. It was pleasant to be appreciated for who you truly are, every once in a while! Maybe she was using Decker to get that fix, but given how he seemed to be a quite willing “victim”, Luna was not going to have a guilt trip about it.

There was a moment of silence after she offered that he could speak of his past, during one of those long, unending trips between planets. She thought that he had either chosen not to answer at all, or he had decided to let her down gently, keep her nose out of his old wounds. “It’s only fair. I’ll share with you and you with me. I bring the wine, and you… anything else you might want to drink. I am not much for the hard stuff.” Her petite ass tended to land on itself very efficiently if she went heavy on the hard liquor. Wine, however, she could pace herself with and would cause no disagreements other than a mighty headache in the morning. Hung over Luna was an invisible Luna; she remained under her blanket and bit everyone who came close unless they were armed with something for her headache and a glass of water…

Surprise has nothing to do with it, and you know it. You wanted that to happen, you even -chose- how it would happen. It isn’t how unexpected it was that made it so intense, that you could hardly stand when it happened, and be wobbly after. There’s no shame, you know, in letting a woman proud for a task well done. And no perceived weakness either, you did last quite a few minutes longer than anticipated, after all” She teased him, smiling. Now that was more like it. Friendlier, less hidden behind professional barriers.

Luna did not want to think of he primary reason why she had gone to him rather than Gavin for this outing. Gavin would probably have given her anything she wanted, if it meant that the date would end with the fireworks of a good fuck. Decker was different and Decker mattered, whereas Gavin did not matter to her at all. He was disposable, a fly on the wall. Decker was someone that she had to get to know, to get close to, and possibly relay important information to Niska. And he was very handsome, very well equipped and she was curious to see how he used said equipment. Patience was a virtue, and as far as Decker was concerned, she would be patient: probably the only virtue that she would show him from beginning to end.

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Luna teased in answer to his challenge. She was aware of how her body called two him. He had let that much slip while they negotiated for her stay on board of the Gryphon. He had not outright said it, but Luna was trained to see the signs and interpret them. The man was definitely under the influence of his second, much smaller brain located a few inches below the belt.

When he almost slipped and used that annoying way that he had to call her by her last name as if she was some sixty year old fail lady that he had to help cross the street, she cast a warning glance at him. He caught himself in time, but then he reminded her that she was the companion on board of his ship and she sighed. Okay, she would let this one slide. She just wanted to have fun tonight, be a 24 year old woman with no strings attached. Not to the companion guild, and not to Niska. Just have fun the way normal women her age with plenty of money could have fun.

Decker, please, I just want to get to know you; really get to know you, like two perfectly normal, healthy young adults might do. Not because you are my captain, and I am your ship’s Companion. Just man and woman going on a date.” She said, her tone almost pleading for him to grant her that one day and one evening of feeling normal. She wasn’t showing signs of annoyance or anything negative. Luna was trying to bond with him, and not just because it had been required of her. She did feel the need for meaningful connection with her as her true self, and not just that role she played for a few hours to please someone.

Believe me, we could swap sob stories, though mine has something of a fairy tale ending. I might have spent half of my life on Sihnon, but look at me: I am clearly not born there.” She said pointing at her face. She sure had none of the darker traits often found in the typically Asian population of Sihnon. With her pale skin, blue eyes and white hair, she might have fit perfectly in some of their anime, but when it came to the population itself, she stuck out  like a sore thumb.

By tradition, if I had not been noticed and adopted by someone with money when I was eight years old, the companion guild wouldn’t have so much as glanced my way as a potential candidate, because they don’t even have eyes in the slums that saw me grow up. So I do want to hear your story, maybe during one of those long flights between jobs?” Luna offered, her tone gentle and showing no signs of losing her spirits in spite of the turn of the situation. The idea of really spoiling him and taking care of him had something charming. What was left to discover is whether he would find himself momentarily privileged, or if it would feed his ego into taking this kind of thing for granted.

She nodded when he said he was happy to spend time with her, and it made her smile. That smile momentarily faltered when he reminded her, yet again, that she had clients in the Companion sense. Luna was bothered by it, but her mind quickly made the leap. He was not trying to remind -her- that she was a companion. He was trying to remind -himself-. “You know, I got you all weak in the knees last time and I was only -half- naked. I am sure you’ve imagined how it would feel like, if I used the potential of the whole body…It might be best if we use your quarters, this way you won’t have to get up at all…” Luna teased and followed him as he appeared to know where he was going.

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Hush. We both know exactly why your knees were weak.” Luna said and her smile turned devious, roguish, to keep him on his toes and lead him to expect a mean tease. “I shouldn’t have taken advantage of a wounded man. Of course, that excuse works as long as you don’t leave my quarters with wobbly legs again once your side is healed… ” Her tease was still whispered, so that no one else than the two of them could hear it, not even in hallways where sound carried so easily. She did not know if he would ever notice how careful she was not to undermine his authority in any way, but what really did matter is that she truly did not.

There really isn’t much to dancing. If it’s line-dancing, look at what everyone else does for a turn and  do the same. If it’s couple dancing, I’m nimble enough to avoid getting my toes stepped on and I’ll guide you. I could teach you, so you can impress the woman you are interested in, somewhere down the line. If it’s individual dancing, well, no one will really pay attention to you but me. And we both know that you don’t really care about impressing me.” She said, knowing that the latter was not right at all.

He wasn’t actively trying to get her attention and impress her, but she was quite sure that there was a part of him there that did want to impress and earn her attention, to make her want to be with him beyond the professional engagement… or perhaps it was too soon and simply wishful thinking. Or perhaps she was simply counting on the most basic of male instinct to impress the best of mate for sex and sow his seeds. There might be some sowing done, somewhere down the line. She did owe him a week’s worth of rent…

I really don’t mind the current attire, if you want to go somewhere else. That particular place has a dress code. How long has it been since someone took care of you? Spoiled you a little, made you to feel like you’re the center of their world? Well, today, I’ve made you mine.” She said, still sounding enthusiastic about going out on a date with him. “Smile, don’t be so…” She shut up abruptly when she heard Gavin’s word about heading out. She waved at Gavin last thing before stepping off the ship.

So I was saying, smile, don’t be so serious. At least try to make it look like you want to spend time with me, and that it’s a pleasant experience.” She teased gently, but took a deep breath of Boros’ air. She loved it in space, always had appreciated the time on board of a ship, able to see wonders and worlds from so far that they fitted between two of her fingers. There was nothing like taking a breath of fresh air, however. Not the recycled, gone through CO2 scrubbers air, but Luna always forgot that space ports were probably not the cleaner place to get that breath of “fresh” air. She sure was reminded now…

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Luna nodded slowly. “That’s perfectly fine, Decker.” She said, walking to her wardrobe to take out what she thought she would wear in the event that he meant to go out with her in this attire. It would make for something less formal, and she certainly wasn’t going to complain about it to him, or anyone else. When a plain, ordinary date became something rare, it was appreciated all the more. Maybe they’d find some nice little hole in the wall to eat, and then find themselves attending some performance, or a movie, something. Even just sitting in the grass, in a park, to talk and stare at the stars would be nice.

Black leather pants, that were adjusted but not skin-tight, fitted her hips just well enough to showcase the shape of her butt. Her white blouse was loose, but she left the top four buttons open, showing hint of a white bra that pressed her breasts together for a nice amount of visible cleavage. Her makeup was quickly done, with an emphasis on her eyes to make them seem bigger and smokier. Finally came her hair, which she let loose down her back, but she had two silvery clips, one above each ear, that kept her hair out of her face. She wore little jewelry, other than discreet earrings, and finally she was ready to go out.

Luna came out of her room a few minutes later, having made sure that she had enough credits with her to pay for the different things that they could want to share for the next few hours together.  As she walked toward Decker, her eyes made sure that they were alone in the hall; she did not want to undermine his authority in any shape or form among the crew. A strong captain made for a strong ship and until Niska said otherwise, the Gryphon would not suffer by her actions.

So no “Miss Halloway” tonight. I’m not the companion renting the shuttle on board of your ship. I’m just a woman who invites you out on a date. Nothing formal, no title, just a day to have fun and do non-ship things together… Think you can do that? Use my name, instead of my surname like I’m not the woman who had your knees so weak last week that you had trouble walking out of my room?” She said, and though the first words, spoken over a short distance, were said aloud, the last sentence was almost whispered. She slipped her arm under his with a confidence that was born out of long training and a successful list of wealthy clients.

For dinner, I was thinking of a place where we could go eat and dance? It’s not overly formal, like you don’t need to wear a suit, but it would require for you to wear a button up shirt. No tie, I promise. Just a shirt, and we could buy you one sometime this afternoon? The food is very decent, I’m sure you’ll love the steaks there. Real, juicy, thick steaks…” She said, and out of the negotiations that they had had about a week prior, he had probably just heard more words strung together from her in the past five minutes, than he had since coming on board of the ship. She was excited at the prospect of the date and it was obvious in the way she seem to be about to burst with energy.

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Mmhmm.” She said with a slow nod when he felt the need to confirm that she was talking about a date with him. It amused her that he would think her so far out of his league that he could not think that she might want to go out on a date with him. He must have had a rotten luck if he couldn’t land the woman he wanted with the looks that he had. He was quite easy on the eyes, after all. Well built, nice face, decent position in life… Sometimes Luna couldn’t understand why the female half of the population had not made sure that one particularly decent individual was taken out of the dating sea. Particularly decent… Could it really apply to someone who was in the service of Niska, though?

Finally, Decker wrapped his head around the idea, or at least enough consciousness around it, to be able to accept her invitation for a date. She stood there, only inches away from him, testing if he would keep his hands to himself or if he would lean in and kiss her. He had noticed, surely, that the top part of her dress was only swept over her shoulder and that he only needed to nudge him to slip off in order to get her half naked.

Instead, he nodded and went toward the door and a corner of her lips raised with amusement. He was fleeing out of her room, as if he was afraid that she might reconsider? And then he informed her that he would be waiting outside. Luna almost laughed, realizing how eager he was for the date, how completely caught off guard he appeared to be by the whole concept of going out on a date, on Boros with her. She managed to keep her amusement down to a crooked smile, discreet, as her grey eyes followed him toward the door of her quarters.

Is that how you mean to be dressed for the date? I have nothing against the idea; I simply want to make sure that neither of us would feel overdressed or underdressed.” Luna said, giving his current attire a simple assessing look that was neither approving nor disapproving. She had a pair of black leather pants somewhere, and a blouse, which was really the least she could wear on a date. It would still make her look like she was a bit more dressed than him, but it would not make the look as at odds as some of her dresses.

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Luna moved aside so that Decker could come in. Her gaze followed him, and she pushed the door. It was not completely closed, indicating that she wasn’t about to jump him and give him his weekly hour of companion time. She listened to him as she walked back to her small bathing area to take her hair brush. She sat on the edge of her bed and brushed her long white tresses gently. Daisy was leaving them, to be replaced by a man. The women on this ship were beginning to be seriously outnumbered.

I am sorry for Daisy. She was a good pilot.” Luna said and she meant those words. “I do not take clients on Boros, Captain. I try to stay away from military functions, they bore me to tears. I can discipline myself to do many things, and to live through many protocols and ceremony – I -am- a companion after all – but the few times that I took a contract to be some officer’s escort… So no client on Boros.” She finished while her arm still raised and lowered, from the crown of her head to the tip of her hair, as if the movement was not hypnotic, and as if said movement did not threaten to make the top part of her dress slide off.

Good for the Cortex. I wouldn’t complain, but it did need something of an update. I’ll introduce myself to Irene when I meet her. I do have a question for you, yes. What would you like to do on Boros? Would you like to go out for a date? A nice dinner, perhaps some music event or the other? For that, you would have to call me Luna.” She said and she stood up to walk to him, smiling softly.

I would very much like to go on a date with you, capt’n, off the clock. I’d like to get to know you better. I would have to get dressed decently, however, because if I go out like this, I fear we would never be left in peace.” Luna added as she came to stand only inches away from her, nipples still pressing against the thin fabric of her clothes, although they appeared to have softened considerably. She looked up at him, head tilted at the perfect angle to entice into a kiss, a soft smile playing on her lips.

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Luna had done enough work in their last stop to pay Decker a solid amount of plats. Although she could have worked on Boros, the idea of being to some military function, bored to tears but forced to walk about with a smile plastered on her face was not going to make her take a look at the offered contracts on the planet, if there were any.  With the guild’s cut on her pay, and the ship’s cut, she was making less than she could, but at the moment that did not bother her.

Her last payment of the physical kind to Decker was over a week ago and she knew that he would be requiring his relief. She was, however, quite decided not to let him come to her to ask her for it. If she wanted him to feel like he was wanted, she had to be the one to go to him. She was the one who had to make him feel like the woman desired him, and not just the companion playing the role of the perfect lover.

She heard the knock on her door and felt her heart sink. She had waited too long. She swore under her breath, too soft to be heard through the door and then looked herself over. She was wearing a very typical companion wrap dress, as she was just done bathing herself and tending to her skin. The dress was a long, wide strip of pale salmon-colored cloth with white embroidery along the edges, which she had wrapped around her hips, with one end tucked in so that the cloth would mimic a skirt. The other end was draped across her chess and left to rest over her shoulder. It hid everything, but one swipe and one tug, the whole thing would come undone and reveal a completely naked Luna.

Feeling naughty, she opened the door just this way. If there were other crew members with him, well, everything was hidden. If there weren’t, he would tent his pants in a blink and that could be fun. That definitely would be amusing, and if she couldn’t surprise him by going to him and show desire, she would certainly surprise him now and the look on his face was bound to make it very interesting.

With nothing more than the wrap, not even shoes though she had covered the metal floor of her room with some dark, plush carpet, she went to the door and opened it just enough to see that he was alone. She pointedly looked into the hall to make sure that he was alone before she opened the door fully to him. The cool air on her freshly tended skin had the “unfortunate” effect of having her nipples push fiercely against the thin, silky fabric, as if screaming to get his attention. She knew -exactly- what she was doing. "Captain, do you want to come in?" She offered after a moment.

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Oh.” She said and managed to sound relieved. He was bothered, it was obvious. Bothered in a good way by her appearance, bothered in a bad way that he tried to delay her departure, perhaps? She could only hope. It would make her task to get into his confidence so much easier. It was why she was here, she reminded herself. She was also realizing that what Niska had said of him was probably not overly accurate. If anything, Decker had proven to be decent, so far, quite decent.

I know how to pilot this shuttle, Captain. I wouldn’t have sought you out without doing a bit of research about the crew, the ship and its shuttle. Though the crew has changed completely. Now that it is unusual in any way.” She said and she came to stand in front of him. “Trust me, I will take care of the shuttle and I will be back in time. I’ll check in between contracts to see if circumstances have changed.” She said softly, her clear blue eyes raised to him as if to dare him to speak what his body language hinted at.

Her bag for the two next contracts was already in the shuttle, all that was needed was for her to show up for the first and get to work. On board of the shuttle, she got herself situated, spoke to Daisy about taking off and waved at the Captain, before she started working the switches. Anyone watching the cockpit window would see that she obviously knew what she was doing.

Taking off, flying off and landing, everything went smoothly and she was on her way to meet with her first client when she met a familiar face who led her into a backroom where a communication was waiting for her. She immediately recognized the face of the man on the screen.

I don’t have long before I am late for my appointment, Sir.” She said, keeping to her serenity even though seeing that man brought on conflicting emotions that she was not willing to look into.

Very well, my dear girl. How is the Gryphon? I trust that you got on board.” He said, with a soft, smug smile.

I have, Sir. The crew is almost complete now, they are a good bunch of people, competent. Decker is still firmly in command of his ship. He did accept the deal as you suggested. We negotiated a while, but when I offered my services once a week in payment, he lost the battle.” She admitted, with a twinge of guilt.

Very good. I knew that you would succeed in that. You need to contact me more often. I need to know where the Gryphon is heading and what is its current task.

Oops, she had not listened to their next destination too closely. She could at least answer to part of what was requestd.

Currently looking for cargo to haul, Sir. If you set up a drop box on the cortex I could leave you anonymous messages there. I don’t want Decker’s hacker to discover my ties to you and blow up my cover.

Very well. Contact Elora next time. She’s a retired companion, it shouldn’t raise suspicion.” Elora, the woman who had earned a little girl’s admiration and sent her on the path to become what she was today. A companion with blood on her hand, tied to Niska in ways that she would rather not.

Thank you Sir.” She said and cut the communication. She would be late, and since she had every intention for her career to outlive Niska, she knew where her priorities were. Off to work she went.

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Finding clients was not hard, not for her. She was busty, she was petite, and she had an excellent reputation. Going through the list of clients on a planet where many people could afford someone like her was a bliss. She did pick and choose them, made sure to maximize her time, and as opposed to what Decker had thought, only one of the three clients that she had packed in all the allowed time wanted had negotiated a sexual encounter. He was a one-hour client, but he paid as much as the three hour client who wanted a companion for a social event. Seeing her naked did not come cheap, touching her and getting the whole package was even more expensive.

She wore a pale salmon dress, almost white, that gave her a sort of ethereal look. It bunched at the neck on a narrow cord, leaving her shoulders bare, and most of her back as well. It hinted to a lack of bra, though there was no obvious signs of it in front. All of her jewelry were pearls or clear-colored gemstones set into silver. Diamond, no doubt. She had braided her hair intricately on both sides of her head, just above her temples and left the bulk of her long, silky white strands loose down her back. Her feet were clad in white heels, giving her a few more inches in height as well as did interesting things to her whole posture.

She glided almost silently toward the shuttle. The first encounter was a garden party at some politically influential man, no doubt trying to get donation to further his own political career. Luna herself could not care less about the why and the how, if not to avoid looking like an ignorant fool. She was there to accompany the son, look pretty and impress, not to ask for more money for someone who was no doubt as corrupt as she was.

Political gatherings were her least favorite of all. People were pedantic, hypocritical, self-important, and most of all completely oblivious of what the “little people” really lived, as far as the world outside of their privileged bubble was… Okay, she had to stop anticipating getting bored to the point of wanting to weep. Most of her clients were in that privileged bubble after all, and there were a few decent people among them.

As she neared the shuttle, she saw a familiar figure standing there. Coming to bid her “good hunting” again? She wondered if he resented that she would go and probably make more money in a shorter amount of time and effort than he would make. It happened so often, that and being called a whore in one shape or the other by those  who usually could not even afford a whore, never mind a companion… “Captain. Is there a problem?” She asked, managing to sound concerned. She could only hope that he would not shorten the stay on the planet, or else her last appointment would have to be cancelled and Luna did not do cancellations. If she gave her word, she stuck to it.

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Blushing? From this distance, in this lighting, it was quite hard to miss. Showing that she did notice, she pointedly looked at his cheek, tilting her head as if to see the blush even better, before her gaze returned to his. “I have over twenty four hours.” She stated simply. “I may even have time for two… or three clients during that time.” She mused aloud, knowing that his mind is most likely to go with her horizontal, doing the  thing with three different men in a single day. She would certainly take one such contract, but if she were to take more than one, the other clients would not be ones with intimacy, or at least that involved the most intimate of act.

I appreciate the effort.” Luna said, although containing her real emotions was getting harder and harder. The more his spoke, the deeper he was digging the hole. He was giving her all the cues that she needed to guess exactly what was going on. She realized that if she was reading him correctly – and she was pretty sure that she was reading him perfectly – she was already able to report progress in her purpose on the Gryphon. Someone would be extremely happy to hear that her training and talens were actually affecting the prodigal “son” in  the intended manner.

And besides.” She added in a very soft, suave and suggestive manner so that this particular part of her answer remained between them, and only them. “Between you and I, I think we both know that -I- am the flexible one.” With the way she said it, and the tone that she gave to the word flexible, it was quite obvious that she was not speaking of work-related flexibility. At all. All that she wanted to do was to get his horny hamster spin in its wheel and imagine things that he would do to her if she were as flexible as she had hinted to be. She most definitely was.

I will use my access to the Companion Guild’s roster to find a client. Or three. I may take a bit of the ship’s bandwith for about an hour.” Luna warned him. The connection was secure, and thus would not be hacked or tranced, which meant that she would not be the one waving a flag for anyone who may be looking for the Gryphon. “Was there anything else that I could do for you?” She asked, turning his own question to him.

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Luna waited, expectant but outwardly as serene as a cool pond. When Decker thanked her, she bowed her head to him to acknowledge his words. “Captain, please call me Luna. We are past the formalities, you and I.” She said softly, though she still called him by his title. He was captain of this ship and she would not challenger that position in any shape or form. At least not unless the man who pulled the strings did pull hers in that direction. He seemed to be a decent man, all things considered, and Luna was a bit bothered to be a pawn, a puppet, Niska’s hand in Decker’s possible demise…

She listened to his explanation regarding not being on Bellerophon long, and that she could avoid working if the length of time was not enough. She quirked an eyebrow, not at all losing her cool composure as he soldiered on rather awkwardly to talk her out of going to work, or so it seemed. It boggled her, made her wonder why he would not want her to go out and make as much cash as possible. He was going to profit from it after all, so why encouraging her to stay put on board?

Captain, if you are concerned that I may cause the Gryphon a delay in its schedule because of a client of mine, I assure you that I will be there well before time to depart. I should return at noon, at the latest.” She said and stood with a slow, calculated grace. After a quick glance that guaranteed that everyone had left the galley and were all out of earshot, out of sight, Luna glided toward him with surprisingly silent steps. It was as if she floated, rather than walk, betrayed only by the sway of her hips caused by each step she took. She stopped close to him and looked up at him, her frank, clear blue gaze seeking to look into his eyes.

And don’t you worry. As long as we are in, or close to the Core worlds, I will always find work and I will always be back in time. I don’t typically take client in the Rim worlds… That is when I will stay on board, and perhaps require a bit of your time.” She whispered softly. “But for a moment there, it almost sounded like you were not very interested in me finding work and bring you a percentage of my pay… Maybe I’ve negotiated that part too high, if it matters so little to you.” She had an idea that it was not the reason why he wanted her to remain behind, to stay on board of the Gryphon, but she was giving him an easy way out.

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The three women almost rose at once, as if their effort was somehow coordinated. Of the three, however, it was clear that Luna was the most refined of the three, even if only by training, and Cameron followed not far behind, being born and raised in the core world. The voice of the captain requesting a word with Luna had Cameron give her an apologetic smile, and walk around Luna to head out, followed by the pilot. The crew seemed to be friendly, to bond easily, and Luna believed that the credit had to be given were due. Decker had chosen his crewmates skillfully. Or he had been lucky; she wasn’t sure which yet.

The two of them engaged in a conversation that had obviously been going on for a while and was just being picked up again. Luna knew that it was best to keep a certain distance with the crew, her betrayal would leave less of a scar if she was not that good, approachable friend… She wondered how Decker would realize that Niska was still keeping a very close, literally hands-on, surveillance on him. Luna expected that it was the moment that she would be kicked out of the ship. All that she could hope for was that it would happen somewhere where venting her out not be deadly…

Of course, Captain.” Luna replied without the slightest bit of worry. There could be a myriad of reason for him to want to speak with her. Use of the shuttle, requesting his payment of her, though she thought that doing this in the dead of space between planets would be a more efficient way. She had to go see clients, after all. Perhaps it was all there was to it: he wanted to know how much he would make out of this trip on the surface. Truth was: she did not know. She had to go check the roster of client to see if anyone requested her in particular, and if not, if she fit the description of what one of the clients was looking for…

Luna sat back into her seat while her gaze followed the mechanic out of the room and then the handsome gunner. She leaned back into her seat and crossed her legs at the knees. She looked calm and relax, and unless Decker had discovered her ties with Niska, Luna believed that she had nothing to fear from the man. If anything, leaving her cabin at the end of their “negotiations” had left her with the feeling that he would be quite eager to find himself between her legs…

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He gave her his answer and she stuck out her tongue to rub against the soft sensitive skin. He wanted her mouth, as she knelt before him, and it was her mouth that he would have. She had promised him an hour, a sample of what their deal would be like and he had agreed. Now, she was showing him the difference between paying several hundreds of credits – easily in the thousand, in her case – to spend time with her, or paying less than a hundred for a common whore. Now he would know what companion service meant, and she suspected that he would very much come to claim his one hour a week as soon as the week would roll over. Even less surprised if he split it in two times half an hour, so he could enjoy sex with her twice a week, rather than once… And that would be fine.

She repeated the motion done before. Lowering her head slowly, capturing the hard member in her lips and sucking as she moved her head up. She knew that he wasn’t far, and yet she continued on. Aware of every gasps and hisses that he made, attentive to the swelling that came -just- before release, Luna gave him a taste of her skill. She worked to keep him right on the edge, slowing every so slightly when Decker became a bit more agitated. Her hands, both of them, joined in on the fun, keeping every parts of his member caressed and rubbed.

She knew that he would lose it sooner or later, independently from her skill. A man’s body could only sustain so much before the balls delivered their load. Knowing that it was nearing that point, she decided to gave him another reason for arousal. Her hand left his jewels to land on her left breast. He always looked downward and she had noticed how he loved looking at her firm, round orbs. She toyed with the point, making it hard, and then did the same to her other breast, pinching lightly, pulling in the same manner, and moaning into his rod when she gave herself a spark of pleasure.

Her hand went south, beyond the waist and between her legs. She was aroused and even in the tightness of her pants, she could find her pearl and give herself enough pleasure to moan and arouse him further. It was all planned, all calculations, but the moans and the flutter of her eyes when she started to draw circles upon the sensitive, engorged organ were all genuine. She waited for him to give any indication that he had had enough and finish him, or that his body would cave in in spite of her careful ministration, but when the hint came, when she had the warning that he had reached the point of no return and would spill his seed even if she stopped everything right there and then, she gave it just a bit more vigor.

At the very last second, she removed her mouth, leaving only her right hand to stroke him, and his seeds landed on her throat and breasts. Her hand between her legs slowed too; she would finish herself later. Maybe. Unless he offered to give her release too but clients were often more concerned with what they got out of the deal, rather than what she got. After all, why did it matter if she had no pleasure from the encounter: she was paid, at the end of the day…

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