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GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Re: Pick-Up In The Cold Lanes
« on: October 28, 2017, 05:45:19 PM »
"We could use some cash for the fuel and the repairs... As long as it fits in the cargo bay and it ain’t illegal..." The captain asked, opting not to pick up her own device, which Cordell only just now thought about how he could have simply sent the tip-off he'd received to that, rather than come across the ship to deliver it orally. Filing that concept under 'Oh yeah, damn', he grinned and was about to answer her when one of the most interesting people he'd met in years made his entrance.

"Illegal? ... it's TOTALLY LEGAL... I can always hide it like usual and-....”

Bert froze and Cordell suppressed a laugh by coughing into his hand and turning away slightly. It didn't take the other man long to realize that they'd not been talking about his personal activities.

"And good morning to you too, Bert. Nah, you're actually right on time." They'd not had a lot of time to really understand how each other tended to operate since Cordy joined their crew, but he imagined him and Bert would end up comfortable around each other soon enough. It wasn't like either of them were going anywhere, right?

"We got a job offer, and figured it might be interesting. Fancy a walk out in the black to pick up some dropped cargo." He grinned at the... rather interesting mechanic. "And yes, Captain, I've been told that the cargo's nothing illegal. Mostly mechanical parts for mining machines."

GoldHound ~ Bounty Hunter / Open Pick-Up In The Cold Lanes
« on: August 31, 2017, 01:25:12 AM »
<Observation Deck, Morning, @ All GoldHound Crew>

Cordell stepped out of his quarters, yawned and stretched until his back audibly snapped, and crackled, and popped back into place. He shook his arms out, his neck not as stiff as it was the day before. His body was giving him mixed signals.

'You're getting older, but not too old just yet...?'

Cordy hefted his tablet and made his way to the observation deck where he knew a nice cup of java would be waiting for him to brew. So brew he did, and. As he waited on the java, Rhodes quietly scanned the Cortex for anything and everything interesting, selecting and saving a few things that caught his eye to peruse right after he poured himself a cup.

It didn't take him long to find something that was right up his alley. Cordell waited to finish his drink before catching His captain's attention. Understandably, she'd probably want to be updated as quickly as possible on anything having to do with her ship, but if a cup was the difference between life and death, they were in worse shape than anyone thought. If the time it took to finish a mouthful of java could bring the Goldhound to its knees, Cordy was pretty sure the Captain wouldn't have let him join the crew in the first place.

"Got a job from one of my contacts in the 'tex, Captain. Looks like a cargo bus met some skinners having an argument with some cowboys out on a cold lane, and when the dust settled, the bus was left floating dead in the black." he sent the rest to her personal screen to let her look over the details more thoroughly, and continued, "The ship ain't as important as what's inside it, but the owner is willing to pay beau coup cred to get his shipment back."

If they took it, this would be his first mission that had nothing to do with his "before the 'Hound" career, and honestly he was a little excited to get some action. Hopefully whatever was in that ship, which remained a mystery as of yet due to the owner not wishing to divulge the information, was going to be worth the trip. Although, if the file had any merit to it, even if it wasn't worth the trip, it was definitely worth the paycheck.

Mining Skyplex / Open Gladiators Through & Through
« on: July 22, 2017, 05:40:00 PM »
<"Super Secret Fighting Pits" in 4-D. @anyone>

Cordell was going stir crazy. The crew would return in the morning, and he'd already taken the time to learn as much about the layout of the ship as he could to keep his mind from wandering. Eams was taken care of for the day, and he already had a good half dozen episodes recorded and sent back to the studio. So basically, all he had left to do was sit and wait; maybe read another book.

That wasn't going to cut it after three days, though. So he threw on some togs and headed for 4-D. He might not have been a regular citizen of the Skyplex, but he'd visited enough over the years that he knew where to look for some sport. The night previous he'd headed for a bar in search of entertainment, probably because subconsciously he'd not truly wanted to engage in fisticuffs as much as he wanted to have a drink. But the people he met there last night had opened memories that he knew, from experience, he couldn't drink away. These were the kind of memories that need extra encouragement to go back into hiding.

"Any openings tonight?" Rhodes asked, walking up on a pair of unsavory fellows. "I'm looking to let off some steam."

"Only thing open is the second stage. Big payout if you last for five. But can you handle it?" Replied the younger of the two men, a sneer in his voice as he appraised the old soldier standing before him. Cordy, in his manner, stared at the kid as if the question didn't warrant an answer.

"Write him in, Jakob. If he's not ready for it, it's his own fault." Counseled the older bookie. Cordell remembered him from previous encounters in 4-D. He'd collected and paid out on bets Cordy had lost and won, respectively, and had even been kind enough to hand over ice for wounds when Rhodes had elected to participate in the festivities.

"Great, when do I fight?"

"Now's as good as any time. You're in luck, there's some pretty interesting people in the betting booths tonight."

Five minutes later, Cordell was shirtless, his hands wrapped in tape, and staring across the stage at a man maybe half his age and about the same size, his build a bit more like a bodybuilder than Rhodes' own. The kid looked a little jumpy, as if he had too much energy at any given time.

"Gonna rip your head off, old man!" The hyper gentleman screamed at his older counterpart. Cordy remained silent, wasting no energy or brain power on mindless banter, but leaped forward to bring his fist into contact with the child's throat at the sound of the bell.

The younger man reeled, struggling to breathe even as he swung wildly at Cordell, who ducked the fist and brought his left deep into his opponent's ribcage. On a lucky swing, the guy managed to strike back, connecting with Cordell's shoulder and sending him twisting away. Rhodes reset before the younger guy and brought his hands back into position. His new friend charged headlong at him, and Cordy sidestepped, slapping the back of the boy's head as he careened past.

"Quit playin with this guy! Rip him in half, Teddy!"

'Teddy' turned, frustration on his reddening face clearly visible. But he seemed to be thinking at least, as he approached Cordell with a more measured pace.

When he was close enough to the older man, Teddy reached out quick as a flash and wrapped his hands around the back of the man's head. Knees rose up to meet Rhodey's solar plexus a handful of times as Ted's right fist rained down on Cordy's shoulder blades, and for a few moments, things seemed to be going Ted's way. As his foot hit the ground, Cordell dropped his head low, and quickly brought it back up, the back of his head connecting with the bottom of Teddy's jaw before Ted's hands could react to the lax pressure against them.

Reeling once again, Ted never saw it coming when Cordell stood tall, and dropped his fist down in a chop onto the boy's neck again, this time forcing him into the floor; the young man's head smacking against the stage. Ted didn't rise quickly, rather, he didn't rise at all as he succumbed to his wounds and fell unconscious.

For a heartbeat it was relatively silent, then the noise from the other stages were drowned out in Cordell's ears by the crowd surrounding him. Cheering, jeering, 'helpful' tips, and offers for an interesting night, bombarded him as the announcer tried to introduce the next man into Stage Two's Gauntlet.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Whisky Time
« on: May 29, 2017, 07:50:46 PM »
"Well, I mean, I thought your beauty went without saying, Tav." and then she flipped the script on him, and Cordy's eyebrows rose in shock.

Cordell looked a touch surprised, not because of the threat itself, but at the sudden, conversational way Tavi threatened him. He understood quite well the reason why she did it. It was simply that the way she slipped it in without much of a change in tone or theme left quite the impression.

Quickly enough, the shock washed away and Cordell chuckled an put up his hands. He didn't laugh in a way to indicate that he was dismissing her threat, he simply couldn't dislike this girl. Even in threatening, she had a way about her that just sat right with him. She might be going through her own personal hell, and she might be dealing with that hell in a way he wouldn't think was good for her, but by god, she wasn't letting it slow her down any.

Which was probably a good thing, considering if she ever let up, everything she was holding back was liable to come crashing down on her all at once. And there was no telling how long she'd been packing down her emotions. She could have months, or even years, slam down on her and send her into a paralysis of overload. She could figuratively drown in that kind of trauma.

"Well, that's that, then. So, do you know any contractors willing to rearrange your interior, I imagine your ship tech is too busy to put off his normal duties to build a new room? I haven't really met the tech on the ship I've joined yet, come to think of it."

Mining Skyplex / Re: Person, or Persons, of Interest
« on: May 29, 2017, 07:40:57 PM »
<Maintennance Hangar, space
port. Gold Hound. @Chloe Saint-Jacques >

"Twenty? Twenty percent?" Cordy responded with a hint of disbelief in his voice. It was possible that he was shocked at her demanding so much from his score, considering that he'd done all the work of catching Eams in the first place. But, in fact, he was shocked at how low she'd requested. He was about to offer more than that, because frankly he was s.o.l., shite outta luck, without her, but he stuck his hand out to shake hers quickly enough. Hopefully she would be happy enough with his hesitated acceptance to not decide to haggle with him.

"If that's how it is, then that's how it is. And I have no problem with you holding the keys. I don't need him out of the cell until it's time to hand him off anyway."

She was searching something else on her computer, and he saw his name flash on her screen. The woman before him was no slouch, it seemed. She was running checks on Eams and himself both; making sure there wasn't a scam. Probably making sure there wasn't any price on his own head, as well. Good thing he'd stuck to the up and up, it seemed.

"So, do I need to check with the XO as well, make sure he's not surprised when he sees me and a prisoner?"

Mining Skyplex / Re: Whisky Time
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:51:20 PM »
"I know exactly what you mean. And that's the thing I've always liked about you, Tavi. You know how to prioritize. So, Tavi, how long have you two owned your own ship? Must have been quite a story behind starting a life in space." he replied, joining in on the joke at the fact that he really didn't know Tavi at all. They'd just met, and even though he knew there was things about this girl that everyone could easily see, but nobody wanted to talk about, and there was no telling what they were really here for, Cordell had decided already that he liked her. He waved for another round of whatever the three were drinking, and smiled sadly.

"I never had the choice to be a parent, honestly. I mean, I am a dad, but my child's mom ran off with her, declaring that she didn't want me to help her raise our daughter. Then came the war, and now here I am, older and wishing there was someone else in my family..."

He stopped talking to accept the new drink and take a swallow from it. Then he looked at Jean, debating silently if he should risk freedom to talk to this man about Dizang. A conversation that the look on the french man's face suggested he probably didn't want but really needed.

"From what I've heard over the years, people called Dizang a decisive moment in the war. Though I can't say, for anyone who was there and endured through it, that they would call that a justification for what all those soldiers went through. On either side of the line." He met Jean's gaze and glanced at Tavi, trying his best to indicate with just his eyes that he'd have more to say, but he didn't think Tavi should have to hear about it.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Person, or Persons, of Interest
« on: May 03, 2017, 03:15:05 AM »
<Maintennance Hangar, space port. Outside the Gold Hound @Chloe Saint-Jacques >

"... She and I are getting married next month... name’s Jack. How may I help you?"

"Wow, marriage. Awful big commitment, you know. Heheh." The gorgeous woman introduced herself and asked how she could be of service, and Cordy nodded, returning to the matter in hand.

"Well, Captain Jack. I'm Cordell Rhodes, and this," he said, shoving his captured fugitive forward, slightly, to emphasize his presence, "is Ryan Eams. High end drug dealer and bail jumper. You probably knew the dealer part already, I'm not sure. The point is, I've tracked this guy down, and my ship was wrecked as a result. I need a ride to Athens, and I figure you look like the kind of person who knows how to get from point A to point B pretty well." He held Eams forward at arm's length, a small groan of pain emitting from the fugitive's mouth at the incessant rough handling. But the man took the opportunity to try and plead for his release as soon as Cordy stopped talking.

"Look, he's got me mistaken for some Gorram criminal! Save me before he tortures me for another guy's crimes! I'm not who he thinks I am!"

"Shut it, you pain in the neck, who are you going to fool with something like that?"

Mining Skyplex / Re: Whisky Time
« on: April 27, 2017, 12:24:20 AM »

And with that word, it all came back to Cordy. A simple mission, steal Intel from the opposition, replace it with false information. Kill anyone, and everyone, who could possibly spot the fakes. Do it without being seen or heard. Kill anyone, and everyone, who managed to still see or hear something.

His squad had tagged along on a much larger troop ship, knowing that they'd easily slip away during the battle, and not worried about returning afterward, because they had a way off the planet already taken care of. Best case scenario, nobody would come looking for a small squad of fifteen who went missing. Worst case scenario, the fifteen would be assumed to be part of the thousands dead on the fertile black earth of Dizang.

Cordell had actually liked the planet. Something about the fact that the dirt all over the whole planet being an eerie shade of black intrigued the young man, back then. And, if he was honest, he'd never lost the fascination. He might or might not have had a list of all the planets that had a similar aspect to them drawn up in case he ever decided to retire.

He'd tried to keep scarce aboard the ship, same as the others i his squad. But long trips in the black made it hard for him to sit still in a bunk room. He'd seen faces of the people he was signing over to their deaths. Hopefully a number of them will survive, he'd thought, but a cover up mission like this probably could benefit if nobody makes it out. that thought alone had killed his mood to wander, and he'd returned to his mates, spending the remaining time save for meals with them alone.

The worst part of that whole travesty? All the work he'd achieved that day had been undone three months later and he'd had to undergo a second mission that basically led to the same outcome. Untold dead coating the planet just for the sake of destroying the credibility of the enemy's Intel.

Clearing her throat quietly, Tavi interjected herself back to the center of the conversation, a gesture that Cordell silently thanked her for. His face itself had mirrored Jean's, the only indication that Cordell knew exactly what Jean meant by 'Dizang' had been a momentary clenching of the jaw and furrowing of his eyebrows.

"Tell you what, I'll be happy to buy you the poppers." he answered, catching the eye of the bartender as he spoke, "And a round to replace what they've drank as well. At the least, share one with me." Rhodes smiled as the drinks were brought, with the assurance that the jalapeños were shortly to follow, and returned his gaze to the couple.

"So, a lovely couple getting a tiki bar for their luxury home? Sounds like a nice beginning to a story. One that sounds a lot better than a battle over black sands."

Mining Skyplex / Re: Whisky Time
« on: April 08, 2017, 09:05:43 AM »
"Who am I with? Well, like I said, I was a dj on RHNO radio. Although I did just go into contract with the crew of the Goldhound not but a day ago. Offered payment in service for transportation." His voice trailed off as the lady, who introduced herself as Tavi, began to speak to him, asking if the station was on the Cortex, to which he nodded in the affirmative.

"Yes ma'am, You can hear us through the Cortex. Rhode Talk, every day from nine to noon. And yes, it's Are-Aitch-Oh-Dee-Ee-Es... If you want my honest answer, I always overbuy when it comes to books. Too many books can quickly become not enough in my experience."

There was something in Tavi's eyes. Something past the simple fact that she was high. He wasn't a mind reader, but he had a feeling that she was better aware of her situation than any Joe Blow on the street. A feeling that she did whatever drugs she was on because the alternative, sobriety, was much worse. He'd seen soldiers in the same situation, and being an officer, he'd seen what happened to the soldiers he'd forced to quit or face court martial. After the third soldier he made quit, he began to realize that sometimes it was better to lose a soldier off the field than have one reduced to nothing while still on the squad.

"Tiny umbrellas? They'd be awfully lonely if they had to sit in your drink without the full bar experience. have to tell you," Cordy continued as Tavi began to sprawl and kiss on Jean, "it is fairly refreshing to see a couple comfortable enough to show genuine affection in public. There's been a trend running through people back home, in recent years, where they resort to this kind of 'polite display'. It's all pretty sad, in my opinion. Why be in love if you aren't going to take full advantage of it? Better to be like you two...

Again, I apologize, I just feel like I might have known you. You remind me of someone I met during... During the war."
his voice strained as he finished. He wasn't supposed to talk about stuff like that. Basically, he was allowed to talk about being an officer. Nearly anything else that he spoke about was considered treason. What he did, where he was, who he was doing it with, all were things that, if the wrong person heard, might jeopardize the current level of peace.

But there was nothing wrong with being vague, right?

Crew Quarters / Re: A Series of Open Rhodes
« on: April 07, 2017, 03:34:06 AM »
Cordell's Rules of the Rhodes

1- Having and not needing something is better than needing and not having it.
2- If it isn't broke, don't fix it.
3- If you can't fix it, don't break it.
4- Never let enemies stand united.
5- Never screw over your mates.
6- Make sure you can't be pinned for a crime.
7- Don't just believe what you're told, check for yourself.
8- Never ghost on your friends and family.
9- Secrets aren't secrets if someone else knows them.
10- You don't waste good.
11- Never say you're sorry. It's a sign of weakness and an insult to yourself. Sorry isn't an Apology.
12- Always be specific when you lie.
13- Never take anything for granted.
14- Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
15- Never go anywhere without a knife.
16- Never get personally involved in a feud.
17- When you're done, you're done.
18- Never date a co-worker if you want a simple relationship.
19- Never, ever involve lawyers.
20- Bend the line, don't break it.
21- If you expect a kick to the balls and get a slap in the face, that's a victory.
22- Many hands make light work.
23- If someone thinks they have the upper hand, break it.
24- Never interrupt a man during negotiations.
25- A happy man does what he loves. A smart man gets paid to do what he loves.
26- It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.
27- Always look underneath.
28- Never mess with a man's drink.
29- There are two ways to be discreet. Either they never notice you, or they only notice you.
30- When you need help, ask.
31- If you're scared, say you're scared.
32- Always watch the watchers.
33- If you feel like you are being played for the fool, you probably are.
34- Be happy, because that's the whole point.
35- There is no such thing as a small world.
36- If it seems like someone is out to get you, they are.
37- Never accept an apology from someone who just sucker punched you.
38- Don't buy something if you don't have all of the money.
39- Clean up the mess that you make.
40- Sometimes you're wrong.
41- Always give people space when they go through a door.
42- Never trust anyone who doesn't trust anyone.
43- You do what you have to do for family.
44- It's not overkill if that's what it takes.
45- Take time for love. What is life without it?
46- Don't stop until you're satisfied.
47- Never agree to something in six months that you wouldn't agree to tomorrow.
48- Never second guess yourself.
49- Never make excuses.
50- Never lie to your guardians.
51- Teach someone something you're an expert at, that way there's two experts.
52- Taking a life is a serious thing. Be sure that you never do so needlessly.
53- Someone, somewhere, is better than you, and you might not know who it is.
54- Good, Fast, and Cheap: Pick Two.
55- Always keep a spare.
56- If it's something you're proud of, it can never be too clean.
57- A good man does not have rules to live by, because good men do not need them.
58- Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
59- You can't have it both ways.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Whisky Time
« on: April 03, 2017, 10:03:35 PM »
He'd only just left the ship to come here, but now that here he was, all the anger that had boiled up in Cordell had dispersed. Since the bar hadn't exactly been across the street from the maintennance hangar, he'd had a good hike to clear his mind of such negative thoughts. But since he was already here...

The door swung open barely enough to let the big man in, and silently he took a spot at the bar. The original plan had been to kick the door open in such a way that gave off a declaration of challenge. But this entrance was almost better. If he'd have kicked down the door, he wouldn't have had the chance to notice a rather pretty woman in the yellow sundress. Maybe it was possible that there was a different physical outlet that he could occupy himself with, if he played his cards right.

But as he walked closer, the sight before him made it clear that the lady was here with her... boyfriend? Boyfriend. The man was as close to her as he could be without sharing the same stool as her, and she was looking comfortable and jovial more so than flirty or creeped out. So he had to be the boyfriend. A husband most likely wouldn't have taken her to a bar, opting to utilize a more private scene to take advantage of their time for intimacy.

And as he sat down, a couple stools from the both of them, he noticed something in the woman's eyes that he recognized from some of the soldiers in his war years. She was paintach right now. For man people, it was just a sad fact of life that some people needed help dealing with life, but military people were even worse off because resorting to drugs meant that people who were trained to deal with evil, both witnessing it and doing it, had finally seen too much.

He didn't know which this girl was, though she noticed her boyfriend had a navy jacket, but he felt personally ashamed that he'd objectified her at the doorway. This girl was probably going through something awful, but his first thought of her had been about what was under her dress.

And then he paid attention to their conversation, and he understood a little better. A ship. They were on a ship together. They might not be military now, but they used to be. And she was trying to redecorate the inside of theirs. Which meant that they were new to civilian life, he'd bet, but they couldn't settle down to a normal, land-locked, planetside life.

"Next round's on me, right?" he said, smiling and reaching over to shake the couple's hands. "Hi there, I'm Cordell Rhodes from Rhode Talk on RHNO radio. I didn't mean to go around dropping any eaves, but a Tiki Bar sounds like a great addition to anyone's home." he accepted his drink from the barman. As he did so, he made eye contact with the pair, and he noticed that there was something vaguely familiar about her boyfriend.

"Wow, forgive me, but you look familiar, Mister...?"

Crew Quarters / Re: A Series of Open Rhodes
« on: April 02, 2017, 11:09:58 PM »
<Day Three under the employ of the Goldhound.>

He wasn't sure if the headache was from being hit so many times, or from all the drinking from the night before, but hurt it did, and Cordy was seriously rethinking his method for relieving stress. Maybe next time he'd just shoot some hoops that half court in the ship? Yeah, maybe so. But for right now, he was up. Brush teeth, shave, push ups, sit ups, coffee, number two, shower. Like clockwork, despite rain, snow, or hangovers.

It was the third day of the rest of the crew's rest and relaxation. Tomorrow they were supposed to be back. So today he needed to make the most of his time and get everything in order. It was going to be hard enough to impress these people because he was the new guy. He didn't need his stuff strewn about the cabin.

His books went onto the shelves. His clothes were folded or hung. Dirties went into the machine. He organized his miniature recording setup to take up as little space as possible. And his bed was made with military precision that most people try to forget when they leave, because what civilian needs to bounce a quarter on their sheets?

He did it mostly to keep his hands from being idle. He felt that there was a time and a place for being relaxed and idle. It was called "the evening". It was morning right now, so it was time to get motivated. After the cleaning spree, Cordell sat down at his pocket studio and turned it on.

"So, today we're talking about Rule Twenty-Eight. Never Mess With A Man's Drink. I'll be speaking from experience on this one today. Trust me," he moaned as a stinging pain shot through his head, "there is never a good reason to mess with something that another person is going to put inside them. Don't add anything, don't take anything away from it. And for some reason, don't even get mistaken and grab it thinking it's yours. People tend to take offense to it. Again, I'm speaking from experience. This person took my drink thinking it was theirs, and I'm ashamed to say it wasn't my first of the night. Things got heated, and one wakes up with a throbbing headache that not even painkillers can alleviate.

But that's all surface lessons. What does this rule mean deep down? Surely it doesn't just pertain to actual drinks, right? Is it possible that what it really signifies is that you're not supposed to infringe, unasked, on the intimate lives of those around you? In a day and age where we are more connected to others socially than any point in humanity's history, is it possible that a rule such as this brings to light the fact that there are things we as a species have forgotten? Things such as privacy and courtesy? We are a race constantly searching for the most juicy gossip around. Celebrities private lives are, in our public opinion, not for them to keep secret. We demand that we know each and every dark secret from them, and although it is not on such a large scale, this behavior extends to our more commonplace friends and acquaintances in our daily life. Social media, news, gossip, all of these are tools we use to glean anything out of the personal lives of people not ourselves.

So yes, Rule Twenty-Eight. Never mess with a man's drink. We need, as a people, to step back and accept that other people's lives are their own. If they are unwilling to share with us something of themselves, we need to comply with that desire for secrecy rather than force ourselves into their secrets. When we come back, we'll talk about ways to cut back on this need to dig deeper into our friends. For the moment, here's the Flak Jackets singing And Bring Some Backup."

He turned on the song, listening to the opening drums for a moment before queuing a dozen songs and grabbing up a book to finish the chapter he'd left alone last night. He'd eventually knock out three more episodes that day before sending the block to his friends to play. He'd probably change his method, simply doing the talking segments and making notes for which songs he'd like to play between them rather than recording the songs into his episodes, but for now he wanted to see how playing everything into the same recording worked out.

Crew Quarters / Re: A Series of Open Rhodes
« on: April 02, 2017, 10:20:57 PM »
<Day 2 aboard the Goldhound.>

Cordell stood there, watching Eams for a few minutes as the man was being treated by a medic. Yesterday, after everything between them was set up, Chloe and her ship's Doctor Roger left for their R&R. It was after they'd left that Cordy realized he might need to make sure Eams wasn't going to die sitting in the cell. So he'd made a few calls, trying to find a doctor from the skyplex who would make a 'house call'. He'd found none willing to do any examination without taking Eams to their hospitals.

So he'd done the next best thing, which was reach out to the black market Stitches. No questions, no hospitals. The Stitch had determined that Ryan Eams was in no danger of dying, but he'd wanted to charge extra to stay overnight and continue to work on the prisoner. Cordell had been adamant that such a thing wasn't going to happen. This was t Rhodes' ship, for one, and he wasn't really willing to pay extra when the Stitch could simply return tomorrow and 'be well rested', as Cordy worded it. With he prospect of money only coming to him if he returned, the Stitch was back bright and early.

"Are you sure we can't interest you in some more advanced surgery? Certainly you thought it over last night?"

"I just need him to stay alive, I don't need him able to preform acrobatics." was the gruff answer. So the doc resumed working on Eams, and Cordell had gone on watching sternly. If Ryan so much as shifted his weight toward the cage door, Rhodes was going to introduce his new body armored fist to the adam's apple of the idiot. After a few minutes, the doctor looked to have worked himself into a corner, and he looked to Cordy.

"Without taking him to an actual hospital, this is as much as can be done for him."

"So he's good to go?"

"He's not going to be happy about living until he's seen more offici-"

"Good to go, Si o No?

"Yes, yes he'll live."

"Thanks. See you later, doctor." The black market Stitch had angered the newly moved in passenger. Because his seemingly honest concern, which only came out after working on the man for a few hours, for this con man reminded Cordy that he truly cared, too. But he couldn't risk letting a con man get away just because hospital security was a joke.

The idea stewed in Cordy as he sat in his room, reading the same paragraph of his book for the third time. Angrily he closed his reader and grabbed his jacket, which he threw on over his body armor, and left the cabin. He exited the ship and went straight for the nearest pub. He needed to either drink away his frustration, or let it out in a nice sophisticated little fight. Either way, a bar would be the easiest place to achieve one outlet or the other.

Ship Information / Re: The Heist - Episode 2
« on: March 29, 2017, 12:03:31 AM »
I volunteer to be the crew member taken. Maybe Cordy gets taken trying to keep them from overwhelming his new crewmates. A good old fashioned Operation: Sacrificial Lamb scenario. Especially considering how he'll react when he first meets Emma.

Crew Quarters / Open A Series of Open Rhodes
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<Day One aboard the Goldhound>

Cordell walked to the cell one more time after he dropped off his weapons into his sparse quarters, his body still sore from the chase earlier that day. After a series of events that Cordy was entirely too tired to review at the moment, he and his bounty were now on a ship called the Goldhound, captained by Chloe Saint-Jacques. He didn't know her from the next woman, yet, but he worked for her now.

"They checked you out, Eams. How're you feeling?"

"If I could move, I'd throw up on your shoes."

"Good to know. Listen, I don't know how much you heard earlier, but we're going to be here for a while before I actually take you in. So get comfy." he turned to head back to his bunk, and groaned as he did. "Seriously, why do you guys always run?"

"Thought I could outrun you." Came the reply as Rhodes left the area. The bounty hunter shuffled his way back to his new home and laid out on the bed, not even bothering to remove his boots. Before he dozed off, he noted that he had nothing to bring to the Goldhound as of yet, as most of his belongings were in his home on a different planet; and anything he brought with him was destroyed in the crashing of his personal ship. But since the rest of the crew were on a three day vacation, maybe he'd gear up here at the skyplex before they got back. Grab some equipment and clothes, have whatever was at his apartment put into storage, maybe even...

And with that, Cordell was asleep.

<Day 2 aboard the Goldhound>

The camera shifted to a different angle, now able to see the entirety of the room except what was directly behind it. What it saw was a closet now filled with new clothes, a hanging rack of body armor, a freshly made bed, a comfortable chair, a stack of books, and a few pieces of machinery that looked to be parts to a basic recording setup. The camera slowly zoomed in to frame the area of the chair, and a man moved to sit in it once it stopped adjusting.

"Hello, Jon, Hi Tara. Here's the situation, I'm on vacation apparently, but I'm going to be sending you a bunch of recordings to cover for me when my times' up. I've already called the office to work this out. I'm doing a new show called "Open Rhodes". Basically I found me another job, so in order to keep the station job as well, I'll be recording my time slot and sending them to you. I'll record a bunch and send them to you in a big block so I'll never be behind. I'll try to add is as much of what I'm doing as I can, but you'll understand if there's none of that content in the recordings... Anyway, be safe, have fun, and don't worry about me, if I break a hip I promise you I'll be right back in the booth and away from adventuring. Anyway, I'm going to take some of my wages and forward to you because you'll actually be in the booth for me. Don't worry. This is going to be fine."

The camera switched off, and Cordell smiled. Aside from a dull ache in his joints as a reward for yesterday's stupidity, he was feeling good about this turn in his daily life. Now he had to go check up on Eams.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Person, or Persons, of Interest
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<Traveling. Market Levels to Maintenance Hangar. @Chloe Saint-Jacques >

"... But as far as we're concerned, Rule Thirty-One is the best policy in high tension situations. Rule Thirty-One is 'If you're scared, say you're scared.' Many people are under the assumption that acknowledging fear is a sign of weakness, but never forget, it takes a stronger person to admit they aren't Master Supremo than it does to deny it. Many times, we deny our fear to ourself, force ourselves to bottle it up, and it just grows within us because we didn't give it an outlet to be released properly. There have been cases shown that simply admitting one's fear removed the emotional response and helped them to compartmentalize and shoulder on despite the fear." Rhodes looked over to his sound tech and editor with a face that said 'is this really what you found or did you make this up?' "You know, I wish I had more time with you guys, but as it always does, time rushes forward and I have to pass the mic over to my friends Jon and Tara, bringing you the classics for your classy afternoon. This is Cordy Rhodes, taking you out with a raunchy number from my teenage years, good afternoon and here's In The Garden by A Bite Of '87." Cordell took off his headphones as the song began, and switched his mic off before heading out of the booth. Before he could even breathe, the editor and sound tech were walking up to him.

"First of all, Rhodes, I know you don't like us padding talking points onto your list of rules..."

"Then why do you do it?"

"Look, man, you're a notable personality in every zone we broadcast to. People like to hear things you say because you sound like you've been there."

"I have been there."

"And we love that about you! Which is exactly why we pad the stats for you. These people want to be told how to change their lives. And they like how you do the telling. But you don't really throw in anything that appeals to those people who want to hear 'expert opinions' being quoted by their celebrities."

"I'm not a cel-"

"Those people think you are. Anyway, we got a call from your other place. Just before you signed out. They said call them soon as you left. So there's that. And Rhodes? Have a good vacation." And with that the two men left Cordell standing there alone as Jon and Tara entered, smiled, waved, and walked into the booth.

Call them? They didn't even want him to come in? That meant that they'd already tried to chase someone and that person was on the run, and probably had a good three hours lead on him. Thanks, guys. Thanks for nothing.

So he called, catching all the details as he walked through the hallways of the station and to his personal transportation. It was small and quick. Seated one with a small cargo space that was repurposed into a cage designed to hold one prisoner.

Cut to two days later, his ship was crashed, his ammo was almost depleted, his clothes were ripped and bloodied, he was hungry, thirsty, tired, and pissed off to no end. Oh yeah...

He was also currently falling fifty feet through the air. Toward metal and concrete. Because he had jumped off an upper level to beat a man in a lift to the next level.

When you're falling that far, time seems to slow down. More than likely it was the adrenaline making him take in each and every detail more clearly or some other intelligent explanation, but for Cordell it just meant that he took a long time to see Eams finally depart from the lift, a slight spring in his step that indicated he was sure he was clear and gone from his chaser. Long  enough that he had a moment to worry that maybe he'd reach the level before his quarry. Maybe he'd kiss pavement before Eams ever got down to his level.

But appear he did, and Cordell grimaced as he turned a flip to fall feet first. He mostly landed on Eams and heard a loud -KERAK!- as they fell into a pile of limbs and torsos.

For a moment, Cordell was lost to the universe. He was alive, but he'd checked out for a momentary vacation. When he came to, moments later, he heard Eams groaning in pain and attempting to scoot away.

"Not so fast, Eams." he said, grabbing the fugitive by the collar, which led to Ryan wailing out even louder.

"Shut it! I told you don't run, this is why you should listen to me! I'm an old man and you're making me leap off of the skyplex to chase after your arse!" holding onto the fugitive, Rhodes took a quick assessment of himself, made sure he wasn't busted up too bad to walk, and finally groaned as he rose to his feet. Gorrammit, he felt like crap. Eams looked even worse. Checking Ryan, he saw what the big deal was.

"Well, Eams," he said, forcing the man to his feet as he began walking to the hangar. In the haze of falling and using another person as a landing pad, he took them to the maintennance hangar by mistake. Which just added to his foul mood. His body was too give out to keep walking around the 'plex like this. Hell, the only reason Eams wasn't getting away was because moving was more of a chore for him than for Cordy. Mentally smacking himself in the face for the mistake, he was about to ask for directions, and see about buying passage on some ship, when he saw the jackpot of the day.

"Winner winner, Ryan. We might get to go early." he jerked Eams forward, heading for the black-clad Valkyrie standing next to an impressing hunk of machinery, basketball in hand and look of annoyance on her face.

"Excuse me, Ma'am? Are you with this ship?"

Mining Skyplex / Finished Person, or Persons, of Interest
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<Eir Mining Skyplex. Prior to Second Goldhound Shuttle's departure to Regina. @Chloe Saint-Jacques  @Roger Van Horn >

"Don't. Run. From. Me!" Cordell bellowed, barreling through the crowd of people between himself and his target, a small weasel of a man named Ryan Eams who'd been stupid enough to be caught existing on camera. Eams was a bail jumper, and while normally Cordell was a radio host, he still maintained a healthy second career. There were days where he could make the same in an hour that he made all week on the air. But then there were days, like today, that reminded him why he loved his primary career so much.

Eams knocked an old couple over in his attempt to put distance between himself and his pursuer, and Cordell as forced to leap over the harried pair in order not to trample them. The little idiot was likely to have a load of charges added to his bail jumping if Cordell didn't catch him soon enough. Not that he cared, but it was a damn shame to add to one's own troubles when there were so many in the universe willing to do it for you.

"Eams! You Mingy little Jebpot! Stop running!" Instead Eams practically flung himself into a lift that began to descend to the next level down before Cordell could reach him. Then Ryan would be nearly fifty feet below him with a massive lead. He disappear into the crowds on the 'plex before Cordy would even set foot off the next lift. Cordell leaned over the railing, noticing where his quarry would exit from, and paced a dozen meters away from the railing.

"Gorram it Eams!" he yelled as he sprinted forward, leaping over the rail and into the emptiness that hung above the next level down.

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