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Dalila smiled as he played into the metaphor that she had used to invite him up to her place. Being with him here was pleasant, it was relaxing and comforting. This was what the void needed to be filled, and she knew it. It was the kind of presence that she craved but could not allow herself to feel unless the man accepted her profession, offered her a life-long contract or she left the guild. The first was unlikely, few men were secure enough to agree to date a Companion, even less so in a serious and steady manner. The second would not be possible for him, he would never have this kind of money unless he won big, really big, or found something worth a whole lot of credits.

The last… It would make her jobless until she found something else to apply her skills to, not that that was particularly difficult. The pill that was hard to swallow was how a few hours would get her a few thousands as a companion, but a whole week as a massage therapist or a hostess, or a hotel manager would get her barely scraping by… That option was so unappealing. She wanted to keep working here just a few more months before the thought of retirement crossed her mind. Just a few more months and she would be able to settle with her earned money without depending on a low income job to pay for her every day needs.

I am quite certain that I have just enough for us both.” She answered and smiled, though she moved away to allow him to walk quite reluctantly. She could feel cold air move in where he had been pressed against her. As she moved away, her hands moved off his body slowly, screaming about her unwillingness to put distance between them, but when time came to remove them completely, Dalila slipped her hand into his to hold onto as they walked, lacing her fingers with his.

I am on the other side of the boat. We could cross here and take the lift on the other side.” She suggested, and the lift on the other side had the perk of being far less busy. Of course, there were cameras in there, just like in every lift, but Dalila could not care less. Neither would strip in that box, and the time to get from this floor to hers was nowhere near enough for them to get into any seriously compromising situation. She had to decide how she would tackle their intimacy, how he might appreciate that she do. Let him lead, or take the lead. Strip for him, let him undress her, or undress him? So many options, but the best that she could do was to wait and see, and hope to read him right when time came.

She was not exactly nervous, maybe a little apprehensive, because she wanted to be perfect for him. Not once during the coming hours did she want him to remember that he was with a companion, or at least nowhere enough to kill the mood. Dalila led him gently toward the bridge that covered the gap between the two sides. Down below were gardens, pools, even some tennis fields and a cricket field too. The main floor wasn’t too far below, but her own apartment was almost completely at the top. Companions staying on the Oasis were in high demand, well paid and well housed as they brought some business.

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« on: June 19, 2017, 11:46:24 PM »
Dalila felt the kiss on top of her head, perceiving it like a mark of affection. He was giving her all the signs, all the cues that she needed to pull back just enough that he would not wake up in the morning, to the harsh reality of life and feel betrayed, manipulated, heartbroken. The idea of pulling the breaks bothered her just as much as the idea not to. He was different, the thought came again from the heart while reason claimed that no, he was not. He was a client, with whom she had more than just a compatibility of spirits.

She loved the way that he held her to him, and she took a deep breath. The smell of him filled her nose and made her want to come even closer to him. Handsome, charming, daring and sometimes cute in his awkwardness; Seth hit all the right spots for her. If he were the companion between them, he would be doing his job flawlessly, and yet… This was his natural way to be when he wanted to have a great date with a woman. Or at least it’s what she assumed.

He spoke about how she would find someone and make sure to pick the right one, and she wanted to ask him what if she believed she had? What if she was beginning to believe that it could potentially be him? Finding clients on the Oasis was never hard, and if not on the Oasis itself, one of the planet it orbited around had a client for her. She had plenty of money if she was responsible about it. She did not need a rich husband who would be so taken by work that she would be nothing more than a trophy wife with a lifelong contract.

Telling him this might just remind him that he did not feel deserving of her, and  that was not something that she wanted him to think about. “Thank you.” Was all she said to his kind, encouraging words. “Are you ready to resume the walk, or do you want to visit the upper quarters? I have some delicious, bodacious, dark tea with a bit of spice to it that I would like you to try.” She asked, wondering if he would understand what she meant to say.

Of course, tea had become a bit of a word between them since her earlier declaration that she was going to use it as an excuse to get him out of his clothes. But perhaps delicious, bodacious and dark would refer to the activity, her body and the color of her skin – which was not exactly dark, but still a shade or two darker than his – and the spice no doubt referred to what they wanted to do to each other.  She looked up again, and ran her nose along the edge of his jaw as she did so. “Ready to give this tea a try, or are you still feeling too stuffed from the dinner?” She whispered, her green gaze looked up to catch his.

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« on: June 18, 2017, 05:17:22 AM »
Dalila had very realistic expectations when it came down to people, so Seth showing a vulnerable side of him did not bother her and did not put him in a negative light at all. There were people who hired her because they needed to talk, needed some friend who had no other ties to their world, or perhaps simply that they had no time to make real friends. Whatever it was, if it turned out that Seth needed to talk, Dalila would be there, she would listen and offer whatever support that he needed.

The kiss was pleasant and gentle, but it became clear to her that both of them were holding back, no matter how enjoyable this kiss was. She knew that the longer it lasted, the more it risked getting out of hand. All it required was one of them to push a little, and the other would push back and…so she eased gently and guided the kiss toward what would feel like a natural end. Her hand moved toward his shoulder and she eased back. When their gaze met, she had a soft smile on her lips and no trace of being embarrassed whatsoever.

When he asked his question, she tried to think of a way to answer without making him think about her profession. It was a challenge, but she truly wanted this evening to be perfect for him. “Not really.” Dalila answered truthfully, but the way she pinched her lips and appeared to be searching for something  made it look like there was more to this answer that she sought to word. “I have always felt the need for a deeper, lasting connection. Given how most people come and go, here, I never really had time or opportunity to satisfy that need. It isn’t really loneliness, but more of a void in my life that I hope to fill, someday.

She was pretty satisfied with her answer. She leaned her head against his shoulder and went on. “I think it’s simply too much for me to consider how vast the space is between all those populated worlds, and how may souls the five solar systems contain. So when my head goes in that direction, I try to remember that I’ll never see most of these people. Some of these planets I will never travel on, and refocus  my mind to those who are close to me, to the lives that are… tangible, and I feel a bit more grounded and not so lonely.”

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« on: June 17, 2017, 05:05:46 AM »
Dalila listened to him as he spoke, a smile playing on her lips. It wasn’t amusement that she displayed, but rather pleasure at hearing him open up about his thoughts, his habits, and so on. To Dalila, it was another mark of her success in establishing herself as his girlfriend for the duration of the contract. They had grown quite close, and quickly, but she did not question it. He was a charming man with pleasant manners and personality. The fact that they shared the same kind of thoughts about the glass, the people that walked here and what was beyond the glass simply confirmed their compatibility in her eyes.

When she asked her question, her gaze remained glued to him. She wanted to read him just as much as she would hear his words. She saw him ponder his answer and when he did, he did not look at her. Shyness, perhaps, or shame? There was no shame in feeling lonely, or at least that was what she thought. She wanted to tell him that he wasn’t alone, but the words did not come out. She did not want to say the one thing that would break the spell and remind him that she was paid this evening. If she were to be honest, she would that she would have gone on a date with him without money being exchanged.

He finally answered her, looking into her eyes and she tightened her hold onto him just enough for him to feel it. “That’s good.” She said in a soft whisper. The hand that rested on his abs moved up to cup his cheek, her fingertips resting against the side of his neck. His words caused a conflicting emotion in her. Making men fall in love with her was a Companion thing, but to hear his words so sincere had her feel a mix of pleasure and dread. Her mind had gone from wanting him to feel this way with her, to the knowledge that at the end of this assignment, this contract, they would part ways.

He was different. Different because she wanted to see him without a binding contract, and because during these meetings, she would be open to kisses and touches, and possibly even sex. He was different, because as opposed to her other clients, she cared if he woke up tomorrow morning feeling even worse and lonely than he had just admitted to.

She welcomed his kiss, giving him a gentle and sensual kiss that would not offend any sensitivities. Or at least, that was what Dalila hoped. Her hand slid in a gentle caress to the back of his head as her lips brushed against his for the second time. She was very aware of where they were, and how they could not let go as they had in the washroom. So she kept the kisses light and gentle, but the tension, the desire for more bubbled just beneath the surface and could be felt I the way that she pressed her body to his.

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« on: June 15, 2017, 12:38:00 AM »
I know.” She said simply regarding the glass. She smiled, though, indicating that she agreed with what he had just told her. Dalila slowed their steps and pulled him gently off the main path so that they could remain standing still and not be in the way. Dalila’s hand let go of his, but she slipped her arm underneath his and around his narrow waist. The front of her body pressed against his side as her head neared his shoulder.

The greatness of space making us realize how insignificant and short life is. It has a way to put things into perspective. I come here when I need to think. There are some hours where the promenade is almost empty. I find a quiet spot and meditate to untangle the issues that plague my mind.” She agreed, though she never really felt lonely.

Actually, she did, now that she thought about it. Even if it was against what she had been taught, Dalila still felt the desire for a deeper connection, and maybe this was how Seth and her had connected to such a deep level so quickly. She certainly didn’t make a habit of kissing mechanics who worked on her shuttle, and even less if it was about proving that a Companion’s kiss could make one forget that there was no more to it than being paid to do it…

Her body pressed into his, and she was now close enough to rest her head on his shoulder. If she tilted her head to look up at him, the tip of her nose would brush against his jaw and if he turned his head toward her, he would be able to steal a kiss from her effortlessly. Her second hand came to rest on his stomach, a few inches above the belt, safely away from anywhere indecent. Her hands, just like the rest of her, were warm even though her dress was not geared toward a cooler environment.

Are you lonely, Seth?” She asked, her tone soft and with a touch of concern to it. She had asked out of curiosity, but also out of genuine interest and care. Why this man whom she had known for a couple of days, and spent a handful of hours with, generated such emotions for her was a mystery to Dalila. He was charming and handsome, and much more, no doubt, but she wouldn’t grow so interested in a client so quickly. Something about him pulled at her.

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« on: June 11, 2017, 12:14:32 AM »
Dalila could not tear her gaze away from Seth more than a few seconds at a time. It’s because of her training that she managed to look away, and keep aware of her surrounding, rather than to look like a besotted teenager who has been invited in a restaurant above budget by the high school’s most popular athlete. The though made her smile, convinced that if she put it like that to him, he would deny fitting the description. She knew right there and then that he would be her bane.

Dalila had always known that she would not spend her entire life as a companion. Something about wanting to settle down and have children, to experience true love and to live with that man. No amount of training had subdued that desire to care for younglings and share someone’s life with genuine feelings bonding them together. It was probably the reason why she had never managed to detach herself completely. Seth, however, pulled her in like a moth to a flame and this from the very moment that he introduced himself as the mechanic who would take care of her shuttle.

Seth took care of the bill, causing her a touch of guilt, knowing that of the two of them, she was the one who could afford it most. She stood with her usual grace and offered him a genuine smile for pulling her chair away from the table. He sought to please, to make it pleasant for her as much as it was for him. Dalila quickly took the offered hand, rather than to take his arm as she would have with any other client. She wanted to be close to Seth, though, and taking his arm would have ensured that she was closer.

Thank you for the wonderful dinner. I haven’t enjoyed a meal that much in a long time.” She said and turned her jade-green eyes toward him. Dalila did want to make him feel like he was the center of her attention, that there was no one else here that mattered but him. “Lead the way to the promenade. I think I need the meal to settle down a little before… I invite you for tea.” She said, knowing that this wording would probably become some sort of code between them in the long run.

The promenade was one floor above, requiring that they take stairs or the elevator that was nearby. It was a long, broad walk with a full wall of glass that spanned over a few stories, allowing them to see the stars and planets that were near. Sometimes even tiny galaxies in the distance. It was giving the walkers a full view of the world outside and since the ship was currently simply cruising, the sight was breath-taking. In spite of the spectacle outside, one that always reminded Dalila of her own insignificance in the grand scheme of the universe, she knew that her eyes would turn to the man at her side.

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« on: June 06, 2017, 01:27:18 AM »
It was going to degenerate into something more than a kiss. She could feel it in her gut and her gut was usually right. The problem was that she didn’t want to resist. His hands, easily felt through the thin fabric of her blue dress, made her skin tingle everywhere they touched. Dalila leaned into the kiss, and cherished every second of it.

Their first kiss had been shared to prove to him that she could make him forget what she was. She was trained to do it, but with him it was so easy to forget about it herself! This kiss was different; she could feel his desire in the touch of his lips and in the way his hands betrayed his hunger for her body. Could he feel the desire and hunger in her own kiss, and in the way that she sought to remain pressed against him? In the leg that gently curled around his…?

And then there was a knock that brought her right back to the harsh reality of currently being in the washroom of a restaurant, with Seth. Now, there would be a witness to the fact that she was not in here alone, and she thought that there would be an embarrassing moment ahead for both of them. The kiss was broken abruptly.

Can I answer no, that we are only getting started?” She asked in a soft whisper and then she looked in his eyes and gave him I sheepish smile, and then shook her head. “I guess that isn’t really an option now, right? We have a dinner to eat, and to take a walk before I drag you to my quarters under the pretense of offering you tea, but really just to tear your clothes off. Gently. And take full advantage of it?” She kept on with the same soft whisper that would never reach the ears of the woman who interrupted them, even if she were to press her ear to the door.

They were on their way out, to face the woman who would know that there was a man and a woman in the washroom and most likely be correct in her assumption that they were up to nothing decent, and never had the time to stop Seth before he opened the door. The look on the old lady’s face was almost priceless. It was Dalila’s training that allowed her not to show even a hint of the embarrassment that she might feel being caught, but it was that same training that made her do nothing more than an apologetic smile when Seth lied.

The reaction was priceless. Dalila waited until she had her back to the lady and a few paces away from her before her smile turned amused by the humor of the whole situation. So Mrs. Downey had a husband who required help in the washroom… That thought made her chuckle softly, but she bit her lower lip before it went any further. By the time they reached their table again, she had mostly recovered.

I think that the word you meant to say was more along the lines of… arousing” She shared in a whisper to keep it between them. To the outside eye, Seth and Dalila would look like a couple who was very much into one another. They shared a meal, exchanging telling glances, and knowing smiles. The food was exquisite, as was expected for a restaurant of this level on the boat, right on target. It was definitely money well-spent. When dessert came, however, Dalila refused; she was full, or so she claimed.

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His answer had her raise her eyebrow in surprise. “That is very flattering.” She said, and offered him a charming and flattered smile. She had heard many things regarding her beauty or her grace, but it was the first time that someone when to such extreme to tell her that they would do anything to be with her. She found it sweet, and charming, and Dalila knew that as far as charm went, she was far from immune to his as it was, talk like this only added a full layer to it all.

Dalila felt his lips on hers, his hands on her hips pulling gently, and she wanted to smile. Kissing had long stopped making her heart race, but not with him. She did not fear rejection or to be caught, since the door was locked. Her heart beat faster, because it was him and because the kiss was the result of a genuine chemistry and desire between them. She was not playing a role, not molding herself to what he wanted of her, though she apparently was what he desired to spend his evening with and perhaps more.

The kiss was gentle, the touch of his lips vaguely familiar. Their first kiss wasn’t that old, but it wasn’t today. Her lips brushed his more firmly, trying to entice him to a deeper kiss. When she sensed that he was about to answer to her invite, her tongue darted out briefly and touched his lips, inviting him into a deep kiss, but also letting him know that she wanted more than a chaste kiss, more than pressing her lips to him.

Her hand caressed the back of his head as her tongue became acquainted with his. Her other arm was wrapped around his shoulder, giving him all the freedom he might need to embrace her. Her mind was calm, serene and focused on how his body  felt against hers, and easily going where it was going to feel later on, when clothes were no longer in the way. She would be extremely surprised if he backed out of this part of his contract with her, and she certainly would do nothing to discourage him.

It would be quite the opposite.

Her body was pressed against his, but she curled her hips subtly. Her pressure against his groin increased slightly, but more than enough that he would feel it. It was a very natural manifestation of her desire for him, and something that she hoped would turn him on and direct his mind in that direction too. She had no intention to do anything but kiss in this room, and petting if he dared to, but anything that would require her losing a piece of clothing was out of the question. For now, at least…

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« on: May 24, 2017, 12:07:01 AM »
Dalila took a look at her makeup, which was as flawless now as when she had left home. The dress was also just as flawless. She had nothing to worry about and yet she checked herself over in the mirror just to make sure. She wondered if he would come, if he would dare to come. She could tell that he wanted to kiss her as badly as she wanted to kiss him, but he could decide to stay at the table to wait for somewhere more appropriate.  If she had read him well, she expected him to come through that door any second.

And when he did, she couldn’t help but to think about how handsome he was in this suit. Hell, he was handsome in his grease-stained clothes. The well-cut suit just amped it up by that much. “Oh hello handsome stranger.” She said softly, so that they could not be heard from the other side of the door. Dalila offered him her most inviting smile and held out her hands high toward him, so that he could slip in her embrace and her arms would be around his neck his shoulders.

Was he shy? Hesitant to come to her? Maybe he was concerned of appearing over-eager. She knew that a lot of people were very concerned with what the companion must think of them, compared to how their other client performed, but Dalila never did this kind of comparison. Right now, she was with him, wanted him to be as confident as he could feel and simply be himself. Besides, even if this was a paid contract, she had been paid to make him feel like he was with a real potential girlfriend and that was what she wanted to give him.

Dalila closed her arms around him, one of her hand resting against the back of his head and caressing his short hair. “I was beginning to think you would not come.” she said, but her tone made it obvious that she was not being serious about it. She was very much convinced that he would, though there had been a shred of doubt remaining. The front of her body pressed against his, a feel that their previous kiss had not given him because of his mechanic’s clothes. She was soft in all the right places, firm in others, it was clear that if she was a more sturdy kind of woman – not very delicate in build – she was lean and taking good care of herself. She tilted her head, her lips slightly parted in an invite to lean down and take the kiss.

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« on: May 20, 2017, 02:39:50 PM »
The more he spoke, the more Dalila was charmed. The time in her shuttle had given her just the right idea of how to charm him out of his wits, but she had not anticipated that he could do the same for her. At least, not that strongly. She could almost hear the wheels spinning in his mind at her suggestion to go hide into the washroom to kiss like teens who couldn’t keep their hands off each other for more than a few minutes at a time.

When he spoke, she could hear the result of her suggestion having made its way. Next time? Really? She did think that it would be a one-time thing but not for the reason he believed that she would. She wanted to see him again, and he would not need to pay a single credit to be with her in any way. Dalila did not believe that he would agree to another date with her, with her being a companion and all. Most men were not secure enough to believe and understand that she had no feelings for client, and that sex with them was work, where as her significant other would have her heart and to him, she would make love not just have sex.

Dalila slid out of her seat, and glided around the table to him. She leaned forward, offering him full view of her generous cleavage and whispered in his ear. “We are here now. Follow me in the washroom, if you dare.” She pressed her warm, soft lips against his cheek and then stood to head toward the washroom as promised. She’d stay there a few minutes and come back if he did not follow her. She had the feeling that he would follow her, however, and that he would not wait five minutes to join her.

The washroom was as clean as the restaurant promised it to be. There was no sign of the previous occupant, everything was spartan. The room, however, was not a large room with several stalls as she had anticipated. There were three different individual washrooms, and all had the facilities for both men and women, as well as a generous counter space with a sink and a large mirror. Everything was white, with a touch of pale blue here and there, and the room was very bright compared to the dimmed lighting of the restaurant.

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Dalila made a warm smile when he laughed. She enjoyed the contact, the chemistry and the fact that he laughed told her that he was growing relaxed enough to let go. Dalila was trying hard to make him relax and forget that she was a companion, but also to make him feel that she was there for him not for the job but because she desired to be with him. It had been a while since there had been a man with whom she so desired to kiss, to touch, to be held by. The last time had been crushing, but she was better prepared this time.

I agree.” She said when he claimed that the only way they would find out if they could hold onto decency. “Only, I think you are not giving yourself enough credit. Or perhaps you are giving me too much.” She added, a touch of playfulness laced into her tone as she played into his playfulness. Her mood was attuned to his without even thinking about it, some of her training working like muscle memory; completely a part of her and done as a natural reflex.

Dalila tilted her head and made a lopsided smile when he claimed that they could manage to find a quiet corner somewhere on the deck, should the urge to kiss become simply too much. It would become too much, it was absurd to think that nothing would happen if they found somewhere where they could be alone for a few minutes. He had paid a dear price – and she had reimbursed him a lot of it – to be with her and everything in his behavior told her that he wanted this, that he wasn’t just humoring her to acting out of character.

I will do my best not to put this too much to the test, then, but there is a chemistry that cannot be ignored.” She had not meant to spout the truth so bluntly, but even if she could, Dalila would not have taken the words back. She would try not to make it too hard to behave, at least until the door of her quarters would be closed behind them. When that would happen, the seduction would be on, gloves off.

Hmm…? Oh no. No need.” She said, and then chuckled with something that could be considered shyness, or sheepishness mingled in. She leaned toward him to speak very softly and make sure that only his ears would catch her words. “My mind went to the only half-acceptable, half-private place around here, but I feel that this next kiss deserve far more than a hasty start-to-finish race in a corner of a dubiously clean stall.” Of course, the washroom of this restaurant were spotless, but the haste part was completely truthful.

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« on: April 28, 2017, 02:14:39 AM »
Dalila smiled warmly when he said that he would come and train with her. They were both part of the staff of the Oasis, and while some other companions might find it suspicious, Dalila did not pay it mind. Seth was agreeable company, and he was easy on the eye. She was looking forward to the moment where they would shed layers, which was more than she could say for many, many of her contract of a sexual nature. Showing him desire would require no effort, she knew.

Touching was something extremely important for people in her line of duty. Touching was something that Companion were encourage to initiate. People being so aware of personal space, the first touch, first kiss, first embrace could be daunting. Dalila’s touch at his wrist was meant to tear this barrier down here, at the restaurant, like she had done at the bar. She was glad to see him respond to her touch by one of his own. In her mind, she encouraged him to do so, dared him to do more, but physically, she moved her hand into his touch.

Telling him about her near-obsession to kiss him again had not been hard to do for the same reason than she had initiated the touch. She knew that he wanted to kiss her, but to hear him admit it – and blush? – made her smile take on a tender touch. “Do you think that we can manage to hold all through the dinner, and a walk on the decks?” She asked him softly and tilted her head. Her gaze never left his; she was completely shameless, and without the slightest hint of  shyness. Dalila had a modest nature. She had been schooled to answer a certain way to compliment, and to be forward, but inside, each compliment, each genuine show of desire mattered to her, validated her training and her sacrifice, and Seth was certainly giving her all that.

I know better than to get too… involved on the walkways up there. The security is used to romantic couples forgetting that they are not alone there, but… I fear we might have to find a quiet nook before the tension gets the best of us, and we can’t stop ourselves.” She suggested. It was clearly an invitation to find a quiet spot where they could kiss, and not wait until they were in her apartment. They would have to eat first, there was no way that they would leave without eating. Her eyes glanced toward the restaurant’s washroom, but it was only a split second

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« on: April 19, 2017, 08:52:45 PM »
A mirror? Are you in love with yourself? Oh wait, we were talking about a beautiful woman… And you are most definitely a very attractive -man-.” She said with a lop-sided smile. She tilted her head. The flirting, and talking back and forth about each other being right up there in on the attractive ladder, was interrupted by the waiter. She ordered a plate of fancy raviolis, with a salad for appetizer and a glass of the white wine suggested to pair with the ravioli. She had no plans to get even close to tipsy, but she knew she could sustain the wine and still offer Seth a very decent companion experience.

Dalila showed a touch of modesty when he complimented her. She had heard compliments almost every time she filled a contract and sometimes outside of it too, but from some people it sounded faked, or forced. For some people, it sounded totally genuine. There was more to it than him sounding sincere, however. His compliment did count, She wanted to be here with him; she was genuinely attracted to him. Nothing that came out of her mouth was forced or faked for the sake of fulfilling a contract. In fact, she would have loved it if he had not paid for this meeting beforehand.

You have until the morning to make me think it could be you.”  She said softly and she touched his wrist lightly as he reached for his glass. “And maybe more after if you do take me on my offer to train together.” She offered, but she was quite sure that her profession would stop him in his tracks. He wouldn’t be the first man to refuse something that would count as a relationship with her because another man could pay to be intimate with her. She could make the difference between being professional and being personal with a man, but would he be able to? She didn’t think so, and also thought that she was getting ahead of herself.

Her fingers ran on the inside of his wrist for a short moment and then she removed it so that he could take a sip of water without having her hand hindering the process. “How bad is it that all I can think of  while we’re together is to kiss you again?” She asked, knowing that kissing in this establishment would probably not be a good idea, especially that she had the feeling either of them would have to keep the other in check, but that neither of them would really want to.

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« on: March 23, 2017, 01:37:52 AM »
He commented on her goals, and she did not feel the need to reply anything to it. She simply inclined her head in thanks. It was not like he had reviewed them in a negative way or shot them down and made her feel like she needed to justify or defend her dreams. They were her dreams, things that she truly aspired to, not the dream of a fictional character created for the purpose of an evening. He wanted to feel like this was the real thing, he was going to get the real thing.

She noticed the reaction when she told him that she could retire and live with him. It was sweet of him to be so speechless, but again she didn’t think necessary to reply anything to him, or to tease him about his speechlessness. She wondered if he thought that she was just pulling his leg, or toying with him, but she wasn’t. She wouldn’t give it all up tomorrow morning if he asked her, but if they had a stable relationship for a few months, she’d certainly consider it.

When he spoke about his goal, she was not surprised to hear that his goals were modest. He had made it quite obvious in their previous meeting that he knew “where he belonged” and was comfortable with that situation as far as she could tell. Not everyone aspired to be rich and famous; for some people being fed, clothed, and having all their bills paid was like being wealthy enough. She wasn’t particularly greedy herself, but money on board of the Oasis was easy. Money, for a good and beautiful companion was very easy. Yet she would turn her back on the most lucrative contracts, if it bothered her man.

The ship is a rather comfortable place to be.” The companion nodded slowly, and then her smile broadened and she averted her eyes, as if there was the slightest bit of natural modesty peeking from under the polished and refined exterior. “Do I know her? I should like to meet with her and see if I can sway her my way before you sweep her off her feet.” Dalila asked, bringing her smile down to a more normal level as she spoke. She was quite aware that he was talking about her. She leaned forward, toward him as if they were sharing a secret, but she was simply closing in some of the distance between them.

I do feel the need to point out that I would rather be Mrs. Downey for the rest of the day, before you go and win the heart of this fetching woman.” She added, keeping the mood light and playful. It was easy with him, and she only wished that they were still in the booth, so close together that she could feel the heat of his thigh up against the side of hers. That urge for contact and closeness was not necessarily a common occurrence with clients, but he was no ordinary clients; she knew that already.

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 <Bar, then restaurant, evening, @Seth Downey>

Thank you for seeking me out. I was glad when I heard about you, and I am truly happy to be here tonight.” Okay, that might be buttering a bit thick, but at the same time it was all the truth. She had been thrilled  to see his name on the list of clients who requested her. Since their meeting on her shuttle, that kiss that they exchanged, she had had a day dream or three… or five about what she would do to him, given the chance. And she thought that she would have that chance tonight.

His question about her future brought the nature of her work to the forefront. Was he doing it on purpose? She wondered. Reminding himself that she was an unavailable creature that he had paid for a full evening, including pleasure. If he was fighting it, it would only make her task that much harder, but she would take the challenge on, and hope that she was good enough to give him his money worth. “I don’t think that I will ever completely leave the business.” She smiled at the waiter when water was poured into glasses with a slice of lemon. They had to consider what they would order eventually. At least, this restaurant’s menu was small, making a choice would be easy.

If I am ever lucky enough to find a man whom I fancy and who fancies me back, I will adjust work as required to make both of us happy. I thought about opening a school for girls, when clients are getting scarce or I find myself having to stop, but not based on a planet and perhaps just a touch more lax when it comes to background. The guild requires the young ones to be from elite families, but I believe that with proper schooling, a girl from a less fortunate background could become just as good.” She explained but while the idea did hold some interest for Dalila, Seth would see no sign of real excitement or passion about the project. “I’d stay in space, if I could. I love it out here. It’s… quiet. I don’t much care for politics, I am not seeking a leadership position of any kind. I just want to keep in contact with people, as it is what I love most about my profession.

If you are offering to retire with me on Boros, I am quite sure that we could manage a comfortable living between your mechanic skills and my people skills.” She offered with a small, playful smile. “What about you? What are your long term plans, your dreams…?” Dalila asked and she pulled the menu toward her without looking at it; as always, she was giving him her undivided attention.

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 <Bar, then restaurant, evening, @Seth Downey>

If one thing became clear as they spoke was that he wanted her presence. He wanted to spend time with her not because he paid and she was a Companion but simply as a friend, as someone with whom she could keep up her morning training routine. How hard would it be, though, not to paw at him after a session of intense cardio in the pool or working out at the gym? Probably quite hard, not only that, but she wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t paw right back at her given the slightest of hint that she would be receptive.

Would it be so bad? Bad for business? It wasn’t like she would be giving a high end client the services of a Companion for free. Chances are that this would be the only time in his life that he paid for a Companion. She had needs, she had desire, and her desire for him was most definitely bubbling right under the cool, calm, flirtatious exterior that she displayed. He would not feel like she was faking simply because she wasn’t. Unless he was horrible in bed, and there were solutions even for that…

Dalila took his hand, interlaced her fingers with him. “You will know where I live, later. Feel free to call whenever you want to train together with me.” She said, and they they were off.  Walking from one place to the other on the boat was always an interesting experience for Dalila. It never got old whenever she could take a peek outside or  taking notice of which of the other sisters were with  friends or with clients…

When they arrived at the restaurant, the maître d’ greeted them as spouses. For a moment, there was a small surprise on her features, but Dalila quickly smoothed it out and simply moved a little closer to her ‘husband’. “I have been called far, far worse than Mrs. Downey.” she pointed out in a whisper back at him. She followed with her usual poise and gliding steps, until a chair was pulled out for her. Dalila took the offered seat and waited until they were alone again.

Thank you for taking me here. The food is known to be quite outstanding, from what I’ve heard.” said and after her eyes made a quick survey of their surroundings, her gaze came back to him with the same intent than at the bar: make him feel like she was there only for him, and him alone. Dalila did not care if her silhouette or the way she walked caught someone’s eye tonight, unless they were his. Sure, it would be a good way to recruit a client if someone approached her because of the way she looked, but given that she was with a client already – and it did not quite feel like he was a client to her, which she hoped felt the same for him – recruiting was the last thing on her mind.

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« on: December 21, 2016, 05:26:58 PM »

 Dalila felt his fingers tangle with hers and she knew then that he did enjoy the contact, welcomed it. Hand in hand, they spend some time talking and his answer to her question prompted some very natural responses from her. She raised an eyebrow in an "Oh really?" questioning manner when he said that he wasn't working mechanics all day and all night, but she had an amused smile playing on her lips.

"We could probably meet up and work out sometimes. When the pool gets too crowded for me to swim, I sometimes head to the gym." And there was something about seeing him sweaty, all muscles hard from the work he had just put himself through…  Definitely tickling her in all the right ways. She had a small voice in the back of her head reminding her that he was a paying client, but that voice was shut down quickly. He was a client, yes, but she had been attracted to him from the moment they had stepped on her shuttle.

She agreed with a silent nod when he said he didn't want to be the guy who couldn't do his job properly because of his weight. She didn't want to be that woman either, even if she had to be far more careful  about her diet and exercise than many other companions. She did not want to become too voluptuous and cater to a smaller group of men, but nor did she want to become all skin and bones. Besides, the effect of too much weight loss on her would not be very pleasant on her form. She liked it the way she was now, and so did her client. If it required a bit of effort balancing diet and exercise, then sure, she would do both. Besides, if the Oasis' business kept the way it was going now, she estimated that two, maybe three years of work was all she would need to retire and live comfortably somewhere…

"Oh sure. I would rather be early, than to be late." She replied and finished her drink before moving to slide out of the booth. Eating, walking, heading to her quarters for tea, and then… she would make him forget that he wasn't with a lover in the traditional sense.  That was a good plan, it was a very nice evening, she believed, as Seth had proved to be as charming here than he had been in her shuttle. He was simple, though not in a bad way; uncomplicated, unaffected, no overblown ego or sense of entitlement. It was refreshing, relaxing, and she knew that she was getting interested in him more than she should. It did help her play the part without making too big an effort or faking it at all.

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Dalila made a lop-sided smile when he complimented the way she looked when she walked. She did appear just a touch modest in the way she looked away from him for a split second, though. "It sounded just fine to me." She replied, not at all bothered by how the compliment sounded, nor did she care whether or not she had heard it before. Right there and then, she was with him and he was the only one that mattered.

She listened to his words as he answered her question. The start was, in her opinion, a bad start. He had done something similar before stating himself as being somehow inferior to the elite with whom she had to deal most of the time. If only he knew how superior he was to most of them by his humility, his humanity, his manners, and the way he behaved with her in general.

His story was one that she had heard of, in one form or the other, quite a few times among her Rim client. It was a story about the war, about things that should not have happened but did. A story heard times and times again with changing details but a lot of it was the same and each time it drove home how privileged she had been and how tragic the loss of lives had been so that privileged people like her could keep on living their cozy lives.

"That is one positive way to see things. I admire your courage and your determination." She said, smiling warmly. She took his hand into hers after he caressed her cheek and pressed her lips to the back of his hand. He was right when he thought that she wouldn't laugh, or judge, or mock him. She didn't hold onto his hand when he pulled it away from her. There would be plenty of time for holding hand and touching later.

Seeing him drink reminded her that she had one of those too and reached out for her own. The sip that she took was moderate, but she was wondering if he had a time for their visit at the restaurant. Being late was not something that Dalila enjoyed, no matter what was the appointment or reservation. He returned the focus of the conversation toward her and she had to think for a moment.

"I enjoy walking and swimming. I swim every morning, before the bulk of the ship is out and about. I often share the pool with one or two travelers who like an early start too. I prefer books to movies, but I'd spend time with either given the opportunity, and I love music. I love dancing. I can sing pretty well, if I dare say so myself. What about you? What do you like?"" She asked and reached for his free hand with her own, slipping her fingertips between his fingers, but no further, as if it was an attempt at meeting him halfway, or to see if he would want to hold her hand thisway.

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« on: November 15, 2016, 01:18:52 AM »
"My parents. They are still alive on Londinium as far as I know. When I was sent to school, my contact with them became extremely scarce, as you can imagine. " She wasn't sure whether he was comfortable with her talking about her life learning to be a companion, or if he wanted to forget entirely what she was. She knew, from his previous words, that he wanted to be able to believe in the illusion that there could be something more between them, and so she believed that reminding him of what she was would simply be counter-productive.

"My father is a Judge, and my mother is a socialite who enjoys her comforts and her life entertaining for my father's benefit. The last time I saw them was shortly after I graduated, because I was invited by one of my father's associates to one of my father's diners that was more about politics than about food and such. I am not overly fond of politic, it was quite boring." She pointed out and took a sip of beer, trying to think of something else that she could talk of about herself that might actually lead to some discussion between them.

"I have two brothers and a younger sister. The latter which was a late addition to the family and I do not know her much. She was not even walking when I left home for the chapter house on Sihnon. I was one of the best in school, in my age group, in most topics but I utterly failed some of the more violence-oriented lessons. No one is perfect right?  I am perfectly able to defend myself, but I am not the best with a sword or a gun. I am more of the artistic kind." She added and her gaze trailed on his features for a moment, noting more details than she had before.

"What about you? Where did you grow up? How was it like?" She asked and tilted her head, her eyes glued to his now. She was turned in a way that made her hair hide her face from any onlookers, but Seth would be able to see Dalila's flirtatious smile and that all of her attention was focused onto him.

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« on: November 02, 2016, 10:30:51 PM »
Either he had not caught onto her subtle invitation, or he was right on target, Dalila wasn't sure but she figured that she would get her answer to this sooner rather than later. After all, her own words had not been an intentional innuendo.  She liked him, a lot. He had been so endearing the first time they spent time together, and she enjoyed their discussion even though she wished that he had not such a low opinion of his own position. Even though he was not of the "Elite", he sure did something that was far more useful than many of the men who could afford her on a regular basis.

She felt a certain relief, moving away from the bar with her drink and her date. She did not mind being stared at, but she had the feeling that he was weighing Seth's value and estimated that if Seth could afford her, another like him could. They were so far from the truth. Dalila did have less fortunate clients, but she picked and chose them. Seth,  so far, had shown some class even if he had been quite blunt about some things last time. Whatever he had said had not bothered her, in any case. She took his arm and followed him at the pace set. When he took them to a very private booth, she smiled broadly. Had he understood that she had had a problem with eavesdroppers and indiscreet stares?

The satin of her dress slid easily on the fabric of the booth and so she slid right up to the middle and waited to see where he would sit. "A lot better "  Once he was seated and appeared to no longer be moving, she moved back closer to him, so that their thighs would touch. He spoke then, talking about both enjoying the evening and she smiled at him, relaxing  in the quiet, private atmosphere the booth provided. She could feel  the warmth of his leg along side hers.

"Good, good. So now that we have something of a plan for this date… You say that you want to know more about me, what would you like to know?" Dalila asked, quite willing to talk about just anything as long as it didn't ruin the date and she thought that if there was something that he did not want to talk about, then he would not ask about it, right?

The hand that was stuck between them first rested on the table along side her other hand, at the base of her glass of beer. She moved it under the table to the tip of his knee just to keep a kind of contact with him that was more than just sitting right next to each other, a bit like how she touched his wrist earlier. She did nothing more than just rest her hand there and kept her head turned to look at him.

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Inviting him for a tea at her place. For someone who is more used to the companion jargon, that would be an invitation clear as day for a moment of pleasure. Not necessarily sex, although with most men that was where it headed. It could be massage, bathing, one of her client loved her voice so much that he simply had her read him his favorite book. Considering his request, she doubted that there would be tea, and then a kiss goodnight. She was quite sure that there would be a lot of touching involved.

She took a sip of her beer, not wanting to leave a full glass behind,  but she already knew that she would not drink it all. She needed all of her senses to read him, and then please him to the point of making him forget that he was with a companion. "I love tea. I have several different blends. With a bit of luck, I will have your favorite or the next best thing." Could he consider this whole talk about tea, a metaphor about having sex? It certainly applied but it wasn't the intent.

"I have no other engagement today. This date was the only thing on my day's planning. So we have the whole evening together, if it pleases you. I am sure we will find things to do together that we both appreciate."  Dalila glanced beyond Seth in time to see a pair of guys a bit too interested in the conversation that she shared with Seth, or in what was beneath the blue of her dress. She leaned toward him to speak, resisting the temptation to kiss him, just to make very obvious to the two observers that she was busy for the night. It wasn't likely that either of them could afford her, anyway. "I appreciate your concerns about my enjoyment, Seth, and I feel the same about yours. If there is something that you would really like to do, you have but to say."

" Let's find a booth, shall we? The seats are far more comfortable." And the eavesdropper less obvious. Besides, most booths in this bar had circular seats, which would allow them to sit close together and keep their private conversation private.  She turned and gracefully stood off her seat with her drink in hand, but she wanted for Seth to take the lead, and bring her to a table that he would deem comfortable and as secluded - or not - as he wished.

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The way he took his eyes off her, just a moment, when he realized that she was talking about him, about how she was surprised but pleased that he could call on her this way, led her to think that to him, this was an unexpected flirt and compliment. She wanted to catch him off guard, to show him what it was to be with a woman trained as she was. His request had been clear, he wanted to be allowed to believe that it was love and though Dalila was not in love with him, she found herself very driven to give him what he wanted.

Her smile and expression remained unchanged when he said that he had been thinking about her after they split.  He was charming, endearing to her just as much as he had been during their previous meeting. "Pleased to have left a lasting impression." She thought of a few play on words about his 'slippery tool', but she wanted  to keep things just a touch above obviously sexual for the time being, at least until he gave a hint in that direction again. Her goal was to charm him, to seduce him and give him the time of his life and for once it wasn't just for the sake of having a new steady client. It wasn't for that at all. She just… wanted him.

Palm against palm, her fingers closed gently onto his hand, her thumb running gently along the inside of his wrist. To have him move his hand made him receptive and she was sure then that he felt no qualms about being seen with a companion.  She laughed softly when he said that she would always be his priority. It was a pleased laugh, light-hearted and crystalline; completely genuine.

"I will kiss you again, and do even better than the kiss on board of the shuttle, I promise you." She replied to him, though her tone was more inviting than boasting. "Whether you keep it to yourself like a treasured secret or leave a comment with the guild is entirely up to you." She added and took a sip of her cold beer. It was good, decent light beer. She had had a lot worse in some corner of the 'verse.

Seth mentioned that he had made reservation at the Paradis and she was unsure of what to think about it. He might be trying to impress her, but that was not needed. Maybe part of his fantasy evening was to live and behave like her more usual clients, which she could easily grant to him, but at the same time she did not want to seem like she was cheating him out of some hard-earned money.  When he mentioned giving her 'shuttle a tune-up' she cracked a roguish smile. If there was a pick up line for a mechanic, that would be the one.

"Oh, we can certainly have a look into a tune up later on." She agreed, "a walk together after a nice meal sounds delightful, actually. Maybe I could tempt you into coming to my quarters for a tea later on." She offered, dismissing the options that would limit their interaction and place them into a big crowd. If this was a client that could afford her ten nights in a row and barely feel the dent in their finances, she would have had no qualms going for a concert or a show. Him, though… She didn't think that he would spend many nights in his life with a companion, so she ought to make it memorable.

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: October 22, 2016, 11:40:01 PM »
She listened to him as he told her about his day. From the way he said it, she thought it was one of two things: either he didn't want to potentially bore her with the details or he didn't want to talk about work while he was with her. Either way, she didn't want to pry and make him uncomfortable or have an unpleasant time. Some people didn't like their job, although he seemed to last time she was with him.

She nodded her head discreetly and leaned toward him as he spoke, all subtle body language that would speak of her interest in him and what he was saying. People usually were able to catch those hints unconsciously, even if Dalila was doing them on purpose but it was not misleading. She truly was interested in him. There was a charm to him that she truly enjoyed, from the way he smiled to the way he looked at her as if he was about to pounce at any moment but had the decency to wait.

"I had a very nice surprise waiting for me this morning. Someone I did not dare hope would call on me did, then I realized that in the buzzing activity of yesterday, I had forgotten to tell my boss about this particular someone. So I had a morning of paperwork to rectify the situation, then an afternoon of training to keep in shape and of prep work." Dalila said, her lips quirked in a lop-sided smile. She had not worked with a client earlier that day: he was her only client of the day. Even if she had had another client, she wouldn't say a word about it, so that he wouldn't become uncomfortable or feel like he was getting sloppy seconds.

Their drinks arrived and she placed her hand on his wrist. It was a light touch, but firm enough that he would definitely feel it. It wasn't meant to tickle, and the move was made with self-confidence as if it was their third or fourth date, rather than the first and their second meeting ever. She wanted to break the ice of physical contact, knowing that it would be easier for him later if he wanted to take her hand or hold her by the waist, or kiss her. If he made a move to take her hand, she would let him, turn her own to accommodate his.

Her hand was soft and warm, just like he would remember from the time she touched him the day before. Her jade-green eyes did not leave his, if only  to glance toward her drink as she went to take it with her empty hand. "The shuttle is working perfectly. I've put in a good word for you to my colleagues, and I believe those who don't already have a favorite among your team may very well be asking for you from here on." Dalila said, hoping that he would appreciate the attention. She wondered if it would earn him a raise, or if he would get in trouble with his superior if too many people started to ask for him specifically to work on their shuttle or other systems under their care…

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: October 18, 2016, 11:28:11 PM »
<Spacelane Bar, @Seth>
He cleaned up good, -really- good, and he was even sexier now than he had been when working her shuttle. Okay, overalls were not hard to beat when it came to sexiness but he had that vibe about him that made her want to know more about him. She was amused that they had both chosen some very similar colors, as if it had been done on purpose rather than pure coincidence.

The details of his request had her heart racing in excitement. They had spoken about this on board of the shuttle, and he was challenging her to make him feel like he was meeting with the love of his life. She had to make him forget that she's a companion, that there had been a money exchange at the source of this particular meeting. Dalila wanted to succeed, while not falling into it herself. Although she was among the very demanded companion, she wasn't the best as per guild standards because she had trouble distancing herself from her client. In her opinion, it made her good. In the High Priestess' opinion, she was heading for a wall.

Whatever was her fate, only time would tell whether she would grow older as a companion or as a wife, she had no particular care either way. Right now, however, her mind was on him and how she would make him lose this grip on reality and believe that everything she did and said was real and sincere. His reaction did not go amiss, nor did his body language a she approached him. She did not look at the other men around, her eyes were glued to him, aiming to make him feel like to her, he was the only man in the room.

Her hips swayed as she glided silently toward him, but it was discreet and not emphasized or exaggerated. Her warm smile reached her eyes, and she looked truly pleased to meet with him again. In truth, she was. She did not have to fake any of this, in any way. He closed his mouth and she imagined hearing his teeth click loudly as he did, as if he just  noticed how he lost all countenance at the sight of her.

"Hello Seth." She said softly as she neared him. She leaned in, a smile on her lips and she kissed him on the corner of his lips, as if she couldn't quite reach the cheek or didn't dare go for the lips, but the kiss landed where she wanted it to. "I am happy to see you again so soon." She replied to his  comment about seeing her here. "Light beer, please." Somehow, white wine didn't appear appropriate with him and the beer that they kept on tap here was decent enough.

"How was your day?" She asked, taking a seat beside him, while they waited for their drinks to be poured for him. She titled her head, her long hair fell over her shoulder, baring one side of her neck and her face completely. Dalila wore discreet pearl earrings, but otherwise little jewelry. She was sophisticated in her attire, but had kept in mind the more modest background of the man she was going to spend at least the next hour with.

Oasis Of The Stars ~ Luxury Cruise / Re: And Then, It Broke...
« on: October 16, 2016, 10:48:48 PM »
Seth had reassured her that she could call on him at any time, that he would be quite interested in meeting her again, and she thought that her next day without client, she might indeed seek him out and see if he's working or not.  He had been very pleasant company, a bit rough around the edges sometimes but it was all part of his charms. And the guy definitely had charm; he probably had no problem finding himself a nice girl to spend the night with. He wouldn't spend money on her, but then if he played his cards right, he might not have to.

So later that night, when she got home and checked her options for the next day, she was pondering taking a day off. When her eyes scanned the short list of people who requested to see her, one name popped up. And stood out against the rest. Seth Downey.

"Already?" She said, very pleased but she realized that in the whirlwind between the repair of the shuttle and getting ready for her next appointment, she had forgotten to waive some of the fees. She made a quick note  to the dispatcher to reimburse membership fees for the man and give him a slight discount. After a few words exchanged back and forth, Dalila made her understand that she owed Seth a favor for being able to visit her client that night and thus, a credit for a certain amount was sent his way, along with an acknowledgment of his request.

She would be there at the set time and day of his choosing, where he decided that they would meet. She could tell, from the amount that he had paid that he meant for them to be intimate, and she had absolutely no issue with that either. She went to bed, eager for the next day to happen, so that she could spend some time with him again, and this time there would be no time constraint. Sure, he had paid for a set amount of time, and Dalila knew she was bound to give him that time, but she was not bound to run away as soon as the time was up. Some clients caused her this urge, but she didn't think that Seth would.

The next day was spent maintaining her form and her clientele without taking any clients. She was working the crowd the same way she would have any other day. Ironically, she was doing a bit of what she had done with Seth the day before, but this time it was solely for the purpose of gaining clients, where as with Seth it had been pure seduction, and a hope that he might consider her worthy of some of his time.

She dressed in a deep blue satin dress that hugged her form, but would be easy for him to remove. Just a zipper along her back and the dress would be off. She wore a sexy set of black lingerie underneath, no socks and open sandals. There were no indication that he meant for them to go to the pool or anywhere that would require a specific attire. Her dress did brand her for a companion, given how it left little to the imagination as to the size of her curves, but revealed nothing. A very sexy, very classy dress, with a neckline that only hinted at the swell of her breasts and long sleeves. The skirts also flared right down to her ankles.

Thirty minutes before time, she was giving the finishing touch to her long, flowing brown hair and her makeup when she decided that she was ready to go and meet with him again. Walking among the people, she was hailed once or twice. A man got a slap behind the head from a jealous wife and everything was business as usual until she reached the bar that had been chosen to begin their meeting. Tea would come later.

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