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Mining Skyplex / Re: The Fighting Pits of 4-D
« on: September 21, 2017, 06:40:11 PM »
The flat of her hand moved between Rori's shoulderblades, guiding her through the crowd. “Oh this is nuffin,” she replied close to her ear, “You should see it when the big boys come out to play. Roster looks like mostly smallfry tonight, should still be interestin’ though.”

Safiya indicated for her to halt with a little tug on the back of her hoodie and pitched up on her tiptoes for an extra few inches to her already impressive height. It made it easier to scan over the crowd, but it meant Rori’s little confessional outburst was mostly lost to the din of the crowd. It sounded a lot like ‘you’re gorgeous’, but was more likely something sensible like ‘you’re cautious’, or maybe ‘you’re enormous’ - both true statements. She stooped back down and fixed Rori with a curious half-smile. “What’s that, boss? Bettin’ is over there,” she gestured to one of the more tightly packed corners.

“I can go if ye like, I feel like I might lose ya in that mess,” she added, leaning well into her employer’s personal space to be heard. A little uncomfortable for the woman perhaps but Safiya was used to crowds like this. Lorelei was not a small woman, but Saf had to fold herself down almost a foot to even make direct eye contact. At least she smelt better than the few hundred greasy miners pressing in around them, or better than most people, actually.

Off topic.

“If ya trust me with yer money, I’ll make some bets and you can find us a good vantage?” By which she mean, find yourself a good vantage point. The men of the room were on the taller end of the spectrum growing up in lower Gs, and while Saf could easily peer over, Rori might struggle. “Just keep the beer can up so I can find ya.”

Mining Skyplex / Re: The Fighting Pits of 4-D
« on: September 21, 2017, 03:22:19 PM »
Safiya loved chaos. Well, to an extent. This place was the good kind of chaos. Despite the din, the smells, the ferocity, she could count on a sort of stability here. She understood violence, she understood blood and war and rage and this place was all of that with the underlying safety net of rules. Nobody died (usually) and nobody took their battles outside of the pit (usually). In the pit it was just you, the other guy and your fists. The name of the game was simple, beat him and win. Bet right and you could take home a pocket full of plats, which for Safiya was at least three week’s funmoney.

Trailing Rori, Safiya kept a predator’s gaze on the scrum around them, alert and wary, ready to strike but with a sense of confidence that the lion felt among the gazelles. Rori might joke that she was still on duty, but in Safiya’s mind, she was. She had no intention of letting her boss get caught up in the fray.

One of the waiters stumbled into their path, and Safiya nudged Rori aside with a hip and caught the man with her beer can against his chest. She set the man upright again and he resumed his rounds through the roiling crowd. Coming down here with only one arm had been a bad idea to begin with, but with risk assment in overdrive, she was starting to wonder if she shouldn't upgrade it to ‘terrible idea’. Draining her can, she slipped the empty tin back into her pocket (she’d have to fine herself for littering otherwise) and clasped her metal digits on Rori’s shoulder. The din made it hard to hear, so she leaned down and spoke over her shoulder. “This way, it’s not as busy the other side.”

Mining Skyplex / Re: Menagerie Reunion
« on: September 21, 2017, 05:07:11 AM »
Safiya’s characteristic white grin broadened at his familiar voice, “Yer lucky it was such a shitshow to start with, wasn’t much you could’ve done to make the situation worse,” she rolled her eyes. A flicker of guilt like a tousled butterfly whisked by, the thought that she’d been partially to blame, but then it was gone. What’s done was done - no use crying over spilt milk and all that jazz. The other deputies would be feeling the bite of a harsh word or ten later on about their fitness, and Safiya would be making a point to pay more attention to their physicals. The only thing she couldn’t do was trust herself to take a straight shot - something that would have ended the chase sooner rather than later - but that guilt whisked by more like a tin roof in a tornado. Hard to ignore and harder still to do anything about.

“You know me, I don’t need an excuse t’get inta trouble,” she glanced back at the leaking remains of her fugitive and then fixed Jean with a minutely softer expression. “Thanks though, always could count on you fer backup.” She didn’t want to contemplate how it might have gone without his timely intervention. Which led her to something else to contemplate. She put her hands on her hips and looked the man up and down, “Now tell me, what the fuck you doin’ on my Skyplex, and when the fuck did you get so fuckin’ old.”

Mining Skyplex / Re: The Fighting Pits of 4-D
« on: September 20, 2017, 03:58:34 AM »
Safiya smirked behind her beer as she took a swig out of the new can. There was the boss she knew. You take the woman out of the office, dress her in scuffs and get her drunk, but you couldn’t take the office out of the woman. She was still an administrator, carrying her superiority like a defence, turning the idea of an honest fight into an excuse to watch her subjects suffer physically as they made her do mentally. On one hand she couldn’t blame her, on the other, Safiya wasn’t looking forward to moderating her boss’s thinly veiled gratification at seeing the workers smash each other to bloody pulps.

It was a fact of the verse that some people had simple lives, and people with simple lives had simple problems with simple solutions that were completely out of their hands. The miners had very simple things to complain about - wages, working conditions, cafeteria food - but they could do nothing about those things themselves. Thus the only option was to complain about them to people like Rori who they perceived to have all the control. That wasn’t necessarily true, but to a miner who thought the solution was straightforward, Rori was the enemy, and she’d turned them into the opposing force.

Safiya would be the first to admit she led a simple life - wake up, do her job, get drunk, repeat - but she had very few problems since she chose not to acknowledge many. It kept the simple things simple, and the stress levels low. This was the closest she got to seeking out confrontation, fighting in a pit for money, but at the end of the day she didn’t take that aggression home with her. Anger, jealousy, anxiety; it could only rule her life if she let it.

Lifting a hand to decline the offer of the cigarette and then realising the hand she was trying to raise didn’t exist currently, Safiya shook her head instead, “Nah, livers grow back,” she took a gulp of beer, “Lungs don’t,” she added with a wink. Her dark eyes glittered in amusement. She could see what her boss was trying to say, but watching her awkward for once was the human part of her that was usually smothered by the working part.

“I’ll give you my tips if you’re fronting the chips. My cut is 30%, if we’re being professional about this. Terms and conditions apply,” she grinned, wide and white in the gloom. “Deal?”

Mining Skyplex / Re: Menagerie Reunion
« on: July 09, 2017, 05:33:38 AM »
“This is Sheriff requesting immediate backup, corridor C-10-A, we have a hostage situation, repeat, we have a hostage—”


“... belay that. I need cleanup, corridor C-10-A. Over.”

Well, that solved that.

Unfolding herself from her cover and stalking down the corridor, she kept her gun held at her side just in case the bloody mess that used to be Ren’s brain got any ideas, but looking at the splatter, she doubted that was going to be the case. The shooter’s gun had done a number on her noggin that was for sure.

Fox was down but a cursory check revealed no permanent damage except maybe a dry cleaning bill. “Okay folks,” she addressed the nervous crowd, “Witnesses to the other end of the corridor, please wait for A.M.C deputies to take your statement before leaving,” fat chance, “Everyone else, skedaddle. You,” she reached out a hand to help Fox sit up, “Wait here,” If he could even hear her over the ringing in his ears from the close range shot. The shooter had holstered his gun, and was looking kinda harmless if not for the massive neon sign she’d mentally painted over him screaming crackshot. Still, her trigger finger rested to the side of the mechanism, she didn’t fancy twitchy fingers making double mess. “And you,” her gun arm raised, barrel leveled with the shooter’s head before he could slip away with the rest, but then she had to stop and do a double take. It wasn’t often that Safiya ever hesitated “...” She blinked, confusion turned to recognition in a heartbeat. “Fuck me, Grizzly, you need a haircut.”

The gun dropped and she holstered it, a pearly white grin accompanying a metal pat on the back. “What the fuck are you doing here, lieutenant, you’re making a mess of my Skyplex,” though she hardly seemed displeased. It wasn’t often she got to see an old army pal, and they didn’t usually make themselves so useful.

Mining Skyplex / Re: The Fighting Pits of 4-D
« on: July 08, 2017, 04:51:56 AM »

Maintenance day. Safiya could think of one place she’d rather be than prowling the corridors of D-Deck, and that was holed up in her room with a bottle of whisky. Only having one arm for the day made her feel vulnerable, and that was the singular worst state of being for the tall soldier. She hated the fact that she was literally missing  a piece of herself, it reminded her of the time after the accident when it was a real possibility that she would lose both arms with no metal alternative. It was no wonder she jumped at the opportunity to be a guinea pig for the augmented limbs. Anything not to feel as helpless as she had then.

At least today she knew the feeling was only temporary. Once the engineers were done with the problematic inter-relay thingymajig, she could swing by in the morning and be whole again. Until then though, she’d stupidly agreed to escort her employer down to the fighting pits. She was blaming that one on the beer. It was all kinds of dumb idea, socialising with the upper management generally ended up with conflicts arising at her own rank, not to mention she’d get the blame if Lorelei decided to shut down the illegal entertainment.

Clearly the best way to get through the night was more beer, so when she arrived at eighteen fifty eight - she could still be punctual at any level of sobriety - she was on can number three and finally starting to shift that hollow feeling in her chest. Beer and fighting, two delightfully distracting things. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Her usual swagger was a little lopsided - her remaining arm unbalanced her somewhat - but she still stalked down the corridors as if she owned the place. She spotted her colleague lounging against the bulkhead, though she would hardly of recognised her if she weren’t loitering below the 4-D plaque, their agreed rendezvous point.

Her usual smart-casual was replaced with a rebellious ensemble, smoke rising from her nostrils like a dragon. Hoodie, baggy trousers, and a cigarette glowing between her teeth, the woman was a regular little hooligan. Safiya had to admit she liked the new look, as disconcerting as it was to see her boss out of her natural habitat.

“Hey,” she greeted the woman by offering a beer can out of one cargo pocket. Safiya herself was hardly dressed down. The only difference in her attire since yesterday was the lack of Skyplex Security badge. Most would be forgiven for thinking she was still wearing the same tank top as the day before, in that it was the same cut and she same colour: black. Safiya’s wardrobe wasn’t exactly eclectic. Her trousers were undoubtedly the exact same ones as yesterday, dark grey with large pockets interspersed down the outside of her legs, radio still hooked to the belt which was done up tight over her non-existent hips. The beer was a new addition, though, and she pulled a second can from her pocket for herself.

The socket where her arm would be had a metal plate covering it to keep muck out of the delicate workings, though subconsciously she was tilting her left shoulder away so her companion for the night wouldn’t get a decent chance to stare. Outwardly it was a little noticeable that she wasn’t comfortable, but the screaming inner voice was slowly being drowned out by the beer’s influence.

Having one arm didn’t exactly impede her though, and she pulled the tab on the beer can back with her teeth to open it. Something her dentist would disapprove of, but beer was more important right now. “I like the disguise,” she said after a swig from the can, “Nobody gun recognise you boss,” she glanced down the corridor where the hubbub of noise was slowly rising. “You sure about this? I ain’t convinced it’s your kinda thing...” Not that she knew a lot about Lorelei Motte, but to look at her on a day when she wasn’t dressed like a scrub, you didn’t exactly get the impression she was the type that enjoyed watching men pulp each others faces in the name of sport. Safiya saw her strictly as a pencil-pushing administrator. This new look was doing her a bamboozle, though if it wasn’t just an act, Safiya would be glad to be proved wrong. She respected her superiors - that was a given - but this just added a little more to the woman that Safiya had not expected.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Warrant for Arrest
« on: June 19, 2017, 05:08:06 AM »
Go shi, tzao gao, ta ma duh.
She was going to ma jung hwa those fang leng jian, lao bahn lien mohn hwen dan all the way to wei.
Ta ma duh.
They’d sprung up out of nowhere. No warning, not even a courtesy call. Now they wanted her help? If the gou cao de had given her some warning, she could have saved them the trouble and giftwrapped the target ready to pick up at the port when they docked, but no. They knew best! Instead they were storming her Skyplex with the least subtle undercover feds she’d ever seen and she could smell a go shi storm brewing in the air.
She’d be getting an earful from a few whitecollar Skyplex residence about moneycows getting arrested on her watch, but that was their tah ma duh mistake for getting on the Alliance radar. It was worse for business if known criminals weren’t arrested, the Skyplex being taken down for the hub of criminal activity that it was would hardly benefit anyone there. Better to turn in the sha gwa punks who got themselves noticed and save the rest from a similar fate.
Still. Fuck. Even if she hadn’t been indentured into a career of grey morals and she was as black and white as she had been in the military, she would still be pissed as fuck as she was now. She was a professional. A sliver of professional courtesy in return would have been nice.
Ta mah duh.
She’d been ‘summoned’ to one of the security stations. At first the message had been innocuous enough, the desk sergeant at 3-F had just said he’d needed her to come and take a look at something. It was only when she arrived and found a plain-clothed Alliance marshal there that things had turned into a g'en ho tze bi dio se.
She was just loudly imparting her honest opinion about common sense when boarding a space station and calling ahead when the door to the tiny office opened and in stepped another man. Presumably another marshal from the purposeful swagger and the fact that he was already getting entitled about jurisdiction.
“No, this is about procedure, soldier. If have orders to enter unknown territory, you at least have the common decency to inform the officer commanding that region lest you get shot with friendly fire. Look at this,” she gesticulated sharply at the monitors with one metal arm, very nearly swiping Deacon’s nose off in the tiny space, “You’re an invasion force! Plainclothed no less, what if we’d clocked you and opened fire, hmm? A swarm of men with guns on a ship carrying untold riches in precious ores. Do the maths, soldier,” she snapped, her commanding tone marking her as someone that was used to authority.
She squinted at the screens, seeing the door to Mei’s office open and the grainy soldier readying his weapon. Wuh de mah.
“You better have a better explanation than this one,” she continued, jerking her thumb at Deacon over her shoulder, “Otherwise I’m putting the station on lockdown and nobody is having a good day. I want papers and I want identification. Now.”
That would be all she needed, getting swindled by crooks pretending to be Alliance. She’d never live that one down. If this guy wasn’t an XO of some kind, she would gladly order every bulkhead closed until she got the answers she was looking for. If they were legit, they’d soon learn how to get procedure right. If they were crooks, then she’d caught herself a whole bucket of fish. It was win-win from her perspective, ignoring the avalanche of complaints from everyone she’d piss off by locking down the station of course, but it would be satisfying at the time.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Break Time
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:19:32 AM »
The black woman smirked over her empty glass, setting it down in the middle of the table with the rest of the used dishes. As a former lieutenant, she could find empathy in that. When you were organising such a large number of people, you had to make decisions that wouldn’t benefit everyone. It wasn’t so much that you couldn’t care, more like you had to be objective with your decisions, and try and go with the one to satisfy the most people. The greater good always won out. Couldn’t blame her for that.
Could blame her for buttering up her subordinates. Didn’t want to. “Oh well in that case, this underling appreciates the effort.” Calling her an ice queen would probably be a step too far, even as a joke. She settled for a mock salute. Picking up the reference to tomorrow’s plans as an indication that she would like to get back to her HEP... heppa... hurpadurp filter reports, Saf wiggled her way out of the booth and got to her feet.
“Sure thing, boss,” she winked, “Don’t bring too much of my money for me, we won’t need a lot, I can bet you I know which way each fight is gunna be rigged.”
Her gaze redirected off to the bar, time for another drink and to resume the search for a good bedwarmer. “How does nineteen hundred at buckhead 4-D sound? Fights should be getting interesting by then,” Safiya glanced over her employer’s smart attire, “You might want to wear something less... you know. The janitors don’t get down there too often...”

Mining Skyplex / Closed Menagerie Reunion
« on: June 14, 2017, 09:18:20 AM »
Fucking bootcamp for those fucking slowpokes.
Safiya rounded the next corner at a dead run, rubber soles gripping just right on the smooth floor as she straightened out of the lean and pushed her legs harder for the long corridor. The rest of Safiya’s backup were ten minutes away. They’d managed barely five minutes sprint and dropped back panting and wheezing, leaving their commander to race on ahead. Alone.
Breath coming in a hard steady rhythm, long legs eating up the distance with apparent ease, her eyes were fixed on the back of a woman who was the length of the corridor ahead of her, and losing her lead fast.
Fixated on her prey, the dark-skinned enforcer sprinted into the wake of the fleeing woman, bellowing warnings ahead to the Skyplexians who were a little slower on the uptake. The chase had led them into the trading district, and crowds of merchants and shoppers were everywhere. Getting desperate to regain her lead, the woman got to the next corner and grabbed for a pole of the nearest stall and yanked, toppling cantaloupes and oranges across the floor in a cartoon effort to delay her pursuer.
Safiya only adjusted her stride and made a flying leap over the mess, checking her momentum and catching herself against the opposite wall as she landed. Metal palms slammed onto the hollow bulkhead, pushed her torso away, and she was off running again without missing more than a few strides. It was enough for the perp to get around the next corner, but Safiya gave a rueful smile and slowed to a jog as she cautiously approached the next corner.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you always made a solid escape plan. The next corridor was a dead end, only maintenance panels lining the walls, impossible to open without a rachet. Her quarry was trapped. Nevertheless, she drew her gun, resting her finger to the side of the trigger out of precaution. A cornered animal was a dangerous animal and—
A scream cut through the hubbub of the market place, and Safiya swore under her breath. She peeked around the corner, clocking the gleam of a gun in the hand of her perp. “Fuck.” She said succinctly. She took stock of cover and civilians, then ducked and slid down behind a few stock crates. Stalls selling various ship spares lined the dead end, and there were a half dozen civilians in various states of confusion and shock staring at the commotion. Her prey had taken a hostage, a weaselly man with a high pitched voice and an empty gun holster. Said gun was being alternated between his head and Safiya’s position.
What she wouldn’t do for a sniper right about now. She looked down at the gleaming metal gun in her gleaming metal hands with apprehension. There was a time where she might have been able to get a clean shot on the target, but with civvies littering the battlefield, she couldn’t risk even the slightest miscalculation.
What now?

Mining Skyplex / Re: Wide Eyes and Open Arms
« on: June 14, 2017, 08:23:29 AM »
“Well out here, we gotta make fun where we can,” he took her drink from the bartender with a wink and took a sip of the colourful-looking contents, “And we just to get started early.” He added, looking back to the stranger, her dark eyes flitting to the bill he slid over. “Oh and it looks like someone’s prepared to party all the way to U day. What kind of work is that exactly?”
She asked casually, though it was an occupational hazard to be overly interested in what business came through the Skyplex. She was no stranger to the shadier dealings that went on - the delivery she was due to oversee was hardly luxury toilet roll - but she’d swallowed her principles when it came to following her employer's’ orders. Not to say that she was gainfully supportive of crime in general, but so long as people weren’t getting hurt, she couldn’t begrudge an enterprise that flew under the radar as it were.
She was a born and bred protector, rights and wrongs came second to duty.
Still, part of that duty was keeping an eye on the unorganised crime that cropped up on the Skyplex that might disturb the perfectly organised crime from running like clockwork. Large money like that was an alarm bell, but unless the man had blood on his hands, she wasn’t going to bark up that tree. Hell, if she arrested every shady character, the Skyplex would be a might empty.
She tapped her fingertips on her glass, metal clinking with each hit, that curious gaze fixed on the man with the promise of an intensity brewing beneath them that suggested that she was expecting an answer, and a satisfactory one at that. Like a lazing cat that had spotted movement but had not yet decided if getting out of her sunspot to pursue the potential meal was worth it or not. 

Mining Skyplex / Re: Break Time
« on: June 06, 2017, 06:34:27 AM »
Conscious that she had probably eaten more than her fair share, Safiya reluctantly put the fork down and settled back with her beer. Admins reading her file more than once, huh? Now that sounded dangerous. It wasn’t likely she was doing it because she was thinking of commending her. More likely she wanted to knew what had got her kicked out of the army in the first place, or what had happened to her arms. Neither were a subject of conversation she would willingly embark on, and both topics put an uncomfortable feeling of guilt and regret in her stomach, fighting for room with the cheesy fries.
If she’d read the file then she already knew about the accident and the following disgrace, so Safiya tried to push that train of thought away with another deep consultation with her beer glass. Said beer was running out of consolation. At least if Ms Motte already knew her deep dark secrets then they could skip that awkward conversation another time. If there was another time. She was pretty sure the awkward invitation to the fights was her employer’s way to garner some trust from her. She needn’t have worried, Safiya was a loyal dog. Still, she appreciated the sentiment. Unless Motte had aspirational career plans that were going to take her away from the Skyplex, they were going to be stuck together for a very long time. Better to get along than not.
Safiya set down her near-empty glass and tip-tapped at the side of it with her fingertips and cleared her throat, “Oh, the accents from all over really. I shipped around a lot, picked up bits from here and there. I’m a bit of a mutt.” She downed the last of her glass, “By the way, in my professional opinion, your attempt at an icy exterior is shit,” She grinned, “There’s no way a woman who enjoys cheesy fries, ranch and soda has a heart of a glacier.”

Mining Skyplex / Re: Wide Eyes and Open Arms
« on: June 06, 2017, 06:07:16 AM »
There was a certain amount of staring that Safiya could abide - she wouldn’t get anywhere if she stopped to slap the gawp off of every slack-jawed idiot that saw her - and the man to her left was hardly approaching her threshold. She’d stopped caring how people judged her, hell, she’d stare if she saw some tall handsome man with arms of steel too. They couldn’t help it - it was human nature - but what they could help was being rude about it. This fellow was giving her a good eyeball but unless he started spouting off some unintelligent insults she wasn’t going to bother reminding him that staring was rude.
With her drink order underway, it seemed the man was going to pipe up after all. Her fist clenched, and her initial expression when she met his eye was nothing short of dangerous, but then when the first words out of his mouth wasn’t some comment about her augmentations she relaxed. The woman snorted imperiously at the question and flashed half a smile, “Do I look like a loser to you, mister?”
She shifted he weight so her opposite hip was against the bar and she could face him a little better. He was an average man, unfamiliar to her though that was no surprise. People didn’t tend to stare that brazenly when they knew who she was. Giving the man a taste of his own medicine, she flicked her gaze up and down to get a good measure.
Forgettable, was her first impression. If she had seen him before he would have melted away into the crowds of unwashed masses that travelled through here every day. Forgettable clothes, forgettable size, forgettable face. He didn’t look dirty enough to be a miner or engineer, so trader was more likely. He had a fair physique, so whatever his profession it probably didn't involve sitting around or day or eating at his leasure. An empty glass, a sparse-looking cigarette and lack of companions suggested not a lot of money and not a lot of friends either. Bad luck or bad manners? Remained to be seen.
Overall he didn’t give her the impression that she’d be locking him away immediately, and so he could have the benefit of the doubt. “Cool yer jets, we got a few weeks before the big day, people ‘round here just like to get started early is all. What about you, huh? Winner or loser?” That half-smile was back, white teeth stark between dark lips, and an amused twinkle in her eye. If he was a winner, she might buy him a drink. If he was a loser, then he could fuck right back off to the Rim from whence he came.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Wide Eyes and Open Arms
« on: May 26, 2017, 10:29:42 AM »
Safiya loved the Skyplex. Albeit she was signed into a contract that would keep her there for as long as her employed saw fit (until she paid off her debt to the company in about, oh, sixty years) so not liking the Skyplex would have driven her slowly mad. Whether she liked it because she had no other choice, or because of her own reasons was besides the point. It was her home, and she was enjoying herself.
At first, life outside the army had been daunting, the military had been all she’d ever known, but as part of what was essentially the Skyplex’s police force, she had gained back the routine and structure that had always ruled her life and come to accept it easily. Her normal days persisted of a simple routine. Oh five hundred, get up, work out, get dressed, eat breakfast; usually in that order. Oh six hundred, report for duty and deal with any of the night shift’s leftover problems. If that didn’t take until lunchtime, she’d start her patrols. Twelve hundred, lunch; very important. Thirteen hundred, resume patrols. In the meantime, investigate and solve any security problems that would arise, and store said security problems in the brig for administration to deal with. Seventeen hundred, clock out, pause for dinner, and then spend the remaining hours of her day picking up the slack from the nighttime crew. If she lucked out and pulled the night shift, consolidate all of that and add drunken brawls, screaming prostitutes, and all the paperwork everybody had never done. Fun.
But no, seriously, there was nothing Safiya liked more than a job well done, especially when there were food rewards involved. Call her a bitch at your peril, but she was a military dog at heart. Although technically employed by the company, various establishments like restaurants, hotels, whorehouses, and bars that piggybacked on the gargantuan mining vessel and paid rent for the space they occupied did not owe her a thing. That said, if you wanted the local law enforcement to deal with your problems when they weren’t her own, you learned to keep the lady sweet. Safiya was not the type to do anything shady, she wasn’t able to be bought and she definitely wouldn’t look the other way to any crime (unless the administration had said to do otherwise), but when locals knew that Safiya included certain places on her patrols they tended to behave better than not. It was in an establishment’s best interests to keep her as a frequent visitor, and free food was an easy concession for most to make.
Her shift had drawn to a close and she was heading for the docking bays. A large shipment of executive goods was coming in, and administration had asked her to be down there when it arrived. Safiya’s scheduled work hours meant little to the men on high, especially when profit was involved. She had time to kill before then though, so she ducked into the Dark Star’s holding room. “Hey Dorothy!” She chirped, waving at the woman in the kiosk. Dorothy ignored her, “Nice chat!” Safiya continued on a beeline for the bouncers, not bothering to check in the gun on either thigh and the crossed machetes at the small of her back. Checkpoints were for losers. Unlike most, the hulking pair of men had very little effect on Safiya. Standing at six foot two, dressed in pseudo-military casual wear, with an angular athletic build and a swagger that oozed confidence, she wasn’t exactly intimidated. It helped when you had a pair of metal arms that could crush faces with one hit.
The guards only sighed, resigned, and tried to reach for the metal detector’s controls before she got there. No such luck. Striding through the archway, the cacophony of the alarm over the speakeasy’s diluted music was enough to distract most from their drinks. With a wide white grin and both arms raised, she saluted the offending technology with both metal middle fingers as she walked away. “Beep beep, ladies, coming through.”
The lounge was moderately full, though nothing like it would be in a few hours when the next arrivals docked. The detector’s beeping ceased as she weaved her way through the tables heading for the bar, greeting a few men by name on the way. “Horace my dear man, what have you got for me?”
The bartender waved a hand and fished under the bar for a package, while Safiya clunked both elbows onto the wooden countertop; a closer look might show a collection of dents in that general area, as if this wasn’t the first time she’d done just the same.
“Compliments of the boss,” he fairly honked in that nasal drawl, “She was hoping you’d be over here for the UA this year.”
Safiya quirked a brow. Unification Anniversary night was a every-soldier-on-duty kind of night, and she was up to her neck in requests every year. Things could get a little crazy for the small time businesses, but no self-respecting bar was going to close shop when there was beer to be sold in such vast quantities. “That depends, it better be good.”
The package was disappointingly small, but when the woman peeked in she grinned from ear to ear. “Oh good sir, it’s uncouth to proposition a woman like that, but I’ll see if I can’t make it to your fine establishment that evening. No promises, but just between you and me this is the best offer I’ve gotten all year.” She winked and cocked one hip against the bar. “I’ve got pocket money to spend; the usual? Just one, I’ve got places to be.”
The man nodded and set about finding a rainbow of cordials and a shaker. Safiya took another gleeful look inside the brown paper and stowed it away in one of the pockets of her cargo pants just above the knee. She was going to make the most of that one.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Break Time
« on: May 24, 2017, 06:37:59 AM »
“Oh, ouch,” she feigned offence to the jibe. “My cold metal heart might throw you into the pit if you keep that up...” She flashed a grin, “That’s a joke... my heart isn’t metal.”
She shrugged a shoulder, elbow clanking on the table when it reconnected, “You’re the boss, raging bitch from on high is supposed to be standard, right?” Whoops, that one slipped out. Beer was bad. Saf shot the smaller woman a cheeky smile, attempting to get away with it. “Well I’ve got a reputation to uphold, so I’ll take it as a challenge if you try and outbitch me tomorrow.”
The woman took another long drink. Beer was bad. Yet so good. “Renao, moon off Persephone,” she replied, quirking a suspicious brow, “Why? Thinking of grassing me up to my parents for drinking before curfew?”

Mining Skyplex / Re: Break Time
« on: May 23, 2017, 03:33:50 PM »
Safiya took the stuffing-of-faces break to survey the options for the evening. Skyplex wasn’t exactly brimming with men that were moderately attractive, had showered in the last day and weren’t carrying spacefleas or worse. She sighed and took another gobful of cheesy deliciousness. It was probably a lost cause, she liked the idea of getting laid but the effort seemed not worth the reward. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a properly exquisit time with a man that wasn’t powered by batteries and missing all but one limb but still, she lived in hope.

Distracted from her dissatisfied reverie, she glanced over at Rori. “Oh, sure,” she sat up straight and clinked metal knuckles against her glass, “I didn’t peg you for the fighting type.” The little woman with her books and ledgers didn’t exactly give off the wild-inside vibe, but Safiya was prepared to be surprised. “It’s a bit brutal, they don’t pull their punches down there. You’ll have be prepared to put up with a one-armed wingwoman though, I’m not the best company on maintenance days.”

Mining Skyplex / Re: Break Time
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:47:00 AM »
“Sounds complicated, you just tell me who to kick up the ass and it’s done. I’m a people person. I can person the peoples.”

Saf didn’t need telling twice. With an almost animalistic ferocity, she wolfed down another large mouthful of fries. “Technically you did,” she said, muffled by half a mouthful of cheesy potatoey goodness. She swallowed, “Even indentured robot people get holidays occasionally you know... Okay fine, maybe not this indentured robot lady. Maintenance day, innit. But I get to sit down and not cause any headaches so it totally counts as a day off.”

She wriggled the fingers on her left hand as a demonstration, the pinky finger was sluggish. “Gotta be on top form for knocking heads! The smartypants engineers are going to take the whole thing for diagnostics. Something to do with... the...” She gestured at the upper part of the arm, “Inter... relay... whatsit... thing.” She shrugged. All she knew was that it wasn’t working proper. “They gun make it shiny again, boss.”

There was a lingering dissatisfaction about the idea that stemmed from the fact that they’d have to remove the whole limb at least temporarily. She never enjoyed that. Even with metal arms, she could pretended she wasn’t missing an integral part of her body. That feeling of being less than whole was nasty and pervasive, and she banished it with another ambitious forkful of fries.

Mining Skyplex / Re: Break Time
« on: May 23, 2017, 09:56:23 AM »
The corner of Saf’s mouth curled in a smug cat-that-got-the-cream kind of way. “Did the early shift, got tomorrow off, thus,” she lifted her drink and took a generous swig, “Time to get legless.” She snickered to herself. “You should try it sometime, makes the headaches go away... until morning anyways.”

Although she was the primary cause for many headaches among the Skyplex residents, she was no stranger to headaches of her own, though for a different reason than Lorelei. By the time evening came around most days, she usually had some level of discomfort from the constant use of her arms. The implants that connected up to her nervous system could get overworked, and the feedback was anywhere from low-level discomfort to skull-splitting agony. Thankfully a good regime of early nights, painkillers and when she wasn’t working the next day, a fair amount of alcohol could solve the issue.

For the most part, the inside of Saf’s head was well organised. Mostly due to the lack of complications. She had orders, she followed them, and to do so was a nice simple black and white logic. There wasn’t a lot of conflict over what she should and shouldn’t do. Like a well-written program, the only time she really had to rethink something was when it was really unexpected. Indecision was an infrequent visitor to the mind of Safiya Okoro.

Right now, her number one thought was cheesefries. “Oooh, thanks,” she consciously paused to pick up a fork from the table’s condiments array - there was absolutely no satisfaction in licking grease off of robotic fingers, that shit stuck for days  - and stabbed gleefully at the plate. The offer hadn’t been for plural cheesefries, but she was only impaling one forkful, that totally counted. “So,” she said after the mouthful was barely swallowed, gesturing at the tablet with her fork, “what’s the headache today?”

Mining Skyplex / Re: Break Time
« on: May 22, 2017, 07:59:00 PM »
Where the hell was Saf? Physically, mentally, spiritually?

That was a question Safiya was trying to answer from the bottom of a beer glass.

So far, it was not providing any mind-bending answers. Mostly it was just giving her a stomach full of gas and the munchies for hot chicken wings. There was only the mind warmth of approaching tipsiness, and that was usually where she’d stop. But tomorrow was one of her rare days off and she had pocket money to spare so to save the metaphorical coin burning a hole in her pocket, she took pity on her garments and decided to spend it on a good night out. Maybe she’d even indulge herself with a greasy miner or a feral trader for a night’s entertainment. Someone around here had to know their way around a woman.

Two down and approximately eight more to go before she took a nap under on of the table, Saf picked up her drink - carefully - and decided to find a better seat. The barstools were filling up with feral miners and greasy traders and she was starting to lose her appetite.

There was a trick to keeping hold of a glass and not spilling it when your arms were completely made out of metal. Her artificial fingertips did have a rubber pads for such a function - trying to grip anything with slick metal was a recipe for disaster - but it took a little more finesse and in this gradually increasing state of inebriation, control, to keep from dropping or crushing it.

Thankfully she didn’t have to go far before the gleam of a dataslate reflecting on glasses caught her attention. She flashed a grin, white teeth gleaming bright in that dark face, “Hi, boss.” Not quite dropping her drink on the table, the tall woman folded herself into the booth and peered over at the slate. “Work, really? Boo. You need a break, woman.”

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