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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Arthur Thomas Steiner
  • Nickname, Aliases: Ghost, Spook, Mr. Sunshine

  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 33
  • Date of Birth: 2484
  • Place of birth: Shadow

  • Appearance
    Arthur is an average(ish) sized man, at six foot one, he isn't the most imposing man in terms of height, but he is very well built. Weighing in at around two hundred pounds of predominately muscle, he is a force to be reckoned with. Adorned with black hair, usually kept fairly short and combed to the side, and some light brown eyes that make his high jawline seemingly pop. His body is once again very muscular, but also fairly tan, and free from any form of scaring, or tattoos for that matter; like a clean canvas. His body is also fairly tan, and almost without any noticeable tan lines, which is often a question that many folks find themselves trying to figure out. He also has wrinkle lines around the corners of his mouth from all that incessant smiling he has to do.

    Despite his professional upbringing, being lax on the standards is something of an issue that he will continuously push, usually in the form of growing facial hair, typically a full blown beard, and allowing for his hair to grow long on the sides; both are typically seen as no no's within the structured regiment of the Alliance.

    Given his past, Arthur is relaxed not only in personality, but also in appearance; he's preferred form of footwear is in fact sandals, and will wear them at any opportunity he can. His day to day attire will vary heavily, typically altering between his duty uniform, an athletic uniform consisting of track shorts, a tank top, and running shoes, and his civilian uniform which is typically a mash up of either long shorts or boot cut jeans with a random shirt and some black boots; his inability to dress appropriately off duty has been of some concern to former girlfriends. He is not above wearing the shortest shorts for men out and about, or wearing a pair of grunge theme jeans and shirt to a fancy dinner party. He is also a fan of flannel pajamas and comfy slippers, so it is not uncommon to see him skulking about in such attire when he first wakes up.

  • Personality
    An exceptionally laid back individual, optimistic, relaxed, level headed, and calm under fire. Arthur is generally seen as an exceptionally 'chill dude', which has earned him a great rapport with the vast majority of his subordinates, even if he has ruffled some feathers within various aspects of different Alliance commands. One can count on him to do the right thing at all times, even if the morally right decision goes against the book, laws, or regulations; instances like this have come back to bite him in the ass on more than one occasion. He is heavily motivated by his own personal code of honor, and follows it very closely, which typically involves doing the right thing at all times, even when no one is looking.

    Arthur is a rare individual, as he is one who was born on a border world, but joined, and fought for the Alliance during the Unification War. His birth world has definitely caused him some trouble during his life, to include being investigated by Alliance Intelligence during the war to make sure that he was not a spy. Despite this, his loyalty never faltered, and he fought valiantly in ever theater he was deployed in. He never really showed any remorse for fighting against 'his people', and eventually fell out of contact with his family due to their support of the Independent movement. While he knows that the Alliance is flawed, he believes that it is the best force for progress within the 'Verse.

    Despite his generally bright nature, the man is a very sharp weapon of war, and his efficiency at that aspect has definitely spooked more than one person on more than one occasion. Despite his proficiency at killing, he is an avid country music fan, and an even bigger pop music fan, often wearing band t-shirts; Pop music is sort of his guilty pleasure. He is also an avid fan of the Star Ranger, a serial cortex series about a former Federal Marshal turned vigilante who goes around the Verse fighting crime, helping the less fortunate, and generally saving the day. Arthur is such a fan that if he misses the latest episode he sort of sinks into a quiet slump and often goes off by himself to brood, and is one of the few times one might find Arthur to be generally grumpy. Folks have often called Arthur a disturbingly happy man capable of killing most folks in a few dozen different ways with commonly found objects.

    A coffee addict, he is never without his trademark coffee mug, or a thermos of some of the finest coffee in the 'Verse, much to the bewilderment of everyone else around him. The ship could crash onto a desolate world, and Arthur would be there with his coffee. If without his coffee, he is reduced to a zombie like state where he shuffles about, and groans as he searches for his lifeblood; he's a six to eight cups of coffee a day kind of guy, despite often being told how unhealthy that is by numerous individuals, two include at least two doctors, and a psychologist.

    He has a deep fear of snakes, and will often run away if faced with one, or climb up an object to safety; he is also not above using a disproportionate amount of force to deal with the little reptilian bastards.

    Despite the need for non lethal weaponry, Arthur keeps a fairly large selection of lethal weaponry around, to the point of having weapons stashed in nearly every location possible, some of them almost to an impossible degree; he is the man that takes five minutes to be disarmed during a pat down. He also takes an abnormally long time to get ready for anything since he has to go and strap himself with an unnecessarily large amount of weapons, once again they are also hidden in various spots many folks wouldn't expect there to be a weapon.

    He is a terrible dancer, and is absolutely terrified of singing karaoke, since he's as tone deaf as tone deaf gets.

  • Skills
    Job: Federal Marshal

  • Firearms, Predominately Pistol and Rifle
    Combat Life Saver (Basic Combat First Aid)
    Map Reading
    Survival Training
    Zero Gravity Combat Training
    Random Coffee Trivia, and unhealthy obsession/dependence on the liquid
    Fluent in German

  • History
    Born 33 years ago to a small ranch owning family, Arthur was the eldest child of six, three brothers and three sisters. As such he was the one that suffered the brunt of his parent's, specifically his father's physical abuse while times were difficult. As he grew older he would spend more time watching over his younger siblings like they were his flock, and he also spent a good portion of his youth working around and helping on his family's ranch. His education was sparse, teaching him the basics, there was more importance on learning practical skills than how to solve math problems.

    As Arthur entered his teens he was cast into the growing tensions that was brewing between the outer planets, and their Alliance 'overlords' as his father often called them. Arthur gained much disfavor, and scorn from his family for being the least outspoken, going so far as to side with the Alliance in dinner table discussions, so it wouldn't be of any surprise that he would leave home at the age of 17. He would go on to enlist within the Alliance military, eventually undergoing selection for special forces, he would attend survival training on Greenleaf, and the infamous 'Academy' in the Halo. Spending two long years in training, he would graduate in 2503, assigned to the 1st Special Forces Group (SFG) based out of Albion, Arthur would see several deployments masked with heavy Alliance red tape to the border worlds in an early attempt to quell the growing insurrection movements. To date large portions of his background are still classified, with a lot of his records redacted. He was one of the younger members of his team, at the age of twenty, he found himself taken under the wing of his team leader, Sergeant First Class Arnold Lopez.

    However the work of the Special Forces community was not enough to stem the tide, and in 2506 the Unification War officially broke out. Around this time Arthur was officially investigated by the Alliance Intelligence Bureau as being a potential spy; his heritage from Shadow had always earned him ridicule from other soldiers, but for the first year of the war he was sidelined. He was officially cleared for duty in early 2507, and returned back to his team, callsign Ares to conduct a series of sabotage missions in the Georgia system.

    By 2509 Arthur had achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant, and became the second in command to his aging mentor, Master Sergeant Lopez, who was facing a potential transfer to headquarters due to his age, and time on the line. That same year the team attempted their failed raid of an Independent Command post on Shadow while the Alliance fleet attempted to perform an invasion. Unfortunately the mission ended in disaster, with half the team dead within three days of inserting, Master Sergeant Lopez critically wounded, and the Alliance invasion unable to secure a beach head due to the fierce resistance from the browncoats below. In his official report he recommend that the planet be subjected to intense orbital bombardment before any serious ground campaign be considered; Shadow was eventually glassed and no such ground operation ever occurred.

    Taking command of the team that he had once served as second in command to, Arthur led his men and women on a series of raids poised at disrupting what remained of the Independent leadership; nicknamed Operation Hydra. The plan was to destroy the enemy command structure, forcing the remains of the Independents to surrender, or become nothing more than small pockets of resistance that could easily be swept up later.

    Taking part in the Raid on Athens, Arthur distinguished himself once more, willingly placing his own life in harms way to safely extract some of his wounded men; such an act would be one of the reasons he would be teaching at the Academy after the close of the war. Not long after the raid on Athens, the Unification War came to a halt, with a clear Alliance victory, Arthur did in fact find himself transferred to the rear, and promoted to Sergeant First Class. Coming down on orders as cadre for the Academy, Arthur spent the last years of his contract influencing the minds of fresh special operations candidates. He would official leave the military with an honorable discharge in 2514, three short years after the close of the war.

    During this time Arthur used his government education benefits to attend higher education, earning an AA in Criminal Justice, while also enrolling in the campus Marshal Academy, where he naturally excelled at. Despite the age gap, Arthur didn't struggle with mixing, or blending in with the much younger student base on Albion at his campus, even if he was often affectionately referred to as grandpa by some of the other students.

    Upon graduating, Arthur found himself ahead of the game of most folks, exiting the Academy as a Sergeant, he served one year on the Hostage Response Team (HRT) on Ariel, where he earned top marks in performance, but had numerous reprimands against him for his lackluster appearance and attitude. He was eventually pulled to serve as XO for the IAV Paladin at the request of Captain Hugh Carmichael, earning his commission to Lieutenant in the process as well.

  • OOC
    Violence: Any
  • Erotica: Any
  • Contact: Discord or Private Message

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