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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Chloe Saint-Jacques
  • Nickname, Aliases: Jack, which surprises people when they learn she's a woman

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 31
  • Date of Birth: December 5th, 2486
  • Place of birth: Beaumonde

  • Appearance
    Jack is a tall, athletic woman. She is about 5'9, slender and toned, with just the right amount of curves to rock an evening gown when needed. She has bright blue eyes, and jet black hair that she keeps long and in supple wave. Kept loose most of the time, she tends to tie them in a low ponytail whenever she knows she's heading into a fight or training. She favors black clothing, tight but stretchy, so that she can right whenever needed or lounge comfortably.

  • Personality
    Jack can be a bit of a slave-driver at times, and during tough times when decision must be made quickly, she'll reminds whoever challenges her that it's her way or the airlock... though she'd be considerate enough to wait until there's atmo outside in most cases. In normal times, she does consider the opinion of her crew, as it is their lives on the line too.

    She's calm, laidback, not much bothers her. She has killed before, in the war. She has killed to save her ass, and if pressed to answer, she would admit having killed for money. She still sleep at night, no nightmares, no regrets; she doesn't let it get to her. At least not the job. The war is another matter entirely. Regardless, she is level-headed but make no mistakes: she cares about her crew and feels the weight of responsibility over their survival squarely on her shoulders.

  • Skills
    Job: Owner and Captain of the Goldhound

    • Pilot. She can pilot the GoldHound like no one, but only when there is no other choice.
    • Chinese checkers. She's good at it too, but certainly not unbeatable
    • Gardening. It relaxes her.
    • Tracking. She's learned hunting as a girl and has perfected it ever since.
    • Guns. If it can held by a woman her size, and has a trigger, she can shoot it.
    • She has a fondness for bow and arrows, and can use one very decently.
    • Hand to hand combat. What she lacks in strength, she makes up for in speed and agility.

  • History
    Born in Beaumonde of parents who were middle-class, Jack never went hungry, never needed to find a roof to put over her head. It wasn't luxury, but she wasn't sharing room with rats or bugs. In school, she was the average student because she couldn't be bothered. She could have done much better but just did not care. As a teenager, she always displayed more of a boyish behavior than a girlish one.

    After a string of badluck, her parents left Beaumonde for the rim world where his father got a mining job that would provide his family with the minimum, which they couldn't afford on Beaumonde anymore. It was there that Jack caught the hunting bug. Tracking and hunting small animals for her family, she even started to skip school to go hunt, until she was caught.

    When her teen age years were almost over, the war came home. Bitter with the way they had been discarded and treated on Beaumonde, her parents fought for the brown coats and she joined them in spite of their protest. She fought as best she could, got a though and through bullet that somehow managed to miss anything horribly important in the side, and was put on a ship to learn to pilot. Anything to keep busy, to keep using all the assets possible.

    She was there at the battle of Serenity. Or at least she would have been. She was sitting in her cockpit waiting for the order to take off and go rain some hell down on the bastard... but when the order came, it was to stand down. The battle was lost, the Alliance had crushed the resistance with strength in number. It was a cruel defeat for the woman who had lost both parents and almost her own life in this war.

    With no home to go back to, her village had been wiped off the map by the war, Jack sold her services as a pilot for a while. She took to gambling, to bets, and to shady competitions. She had the devil's own luck and made quite a bit of money. Just when she was about to take her name out of the hat, someone who was a bit too drunk and a bit too sure of himself bet a ship... And she won.

    The crew was less than warm at the idea of a change in captain, some of them were dead set against her being a woman, but when given their notice to empty their bunk so that she could hire people who would not constantly think about mutiny, some of them stayed and swore not to be pains in her ass.

    She used her money to retrofit the ship into something that she could consider home no matter where she was, and the rest was set aside for dry spells. She already knew what she wanted to make of the ship. Cargo, hauling cargo. Only, her first attempt didn't go quite as planned. She was required to take food supplies from point A. deliver them to point B. and get paid. The guy at point B. did not have the money... but a quick search on the codex from the ship told her that the guy who had told her to leave the merch and get the hell away from -his- world was actually worth more than the cargo she had just dropped...

    And this is how Chloe Saint-Jacques became known as Jack, captain of the Goldhound and merciless bounty hunter. The latter was a tad exaggerated in her opinion. She wasn't merciless.

  • Other Notes

  • OOC
    Violence: Any
  • Erotica: Any
  • Contact: PM here, or ask me for my skype information

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