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Gunner/Weapons Mechanic/Charmer
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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Emalie Taylor Jacobs
  • Nickname, Aliases: Emma, Sweetheart

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Bisexual

  • Age: 25
  • Date of Birth: 02/08/2492
  • Place of birth: Ariel

  • Appearance
    Standing at just under 5’7” Emma regards herself lucky since all her eight siblings and her parents were rather short, she was even taller than her old man. She has natural blonde hair as with all her family and intense green eyes that can burn holes through you. She is slim to athletic in build, though she is well endowed in the chest.

  • Personality
    When you first meet Emma, she comes across as this sweet innocent kid, all part of her allusion; hence her handle ‘Sweetheart’. She is generally down to earth, but cross her and you have a savage beast on your hands. One moment all sugar and spice, the next instant a foul mouthed bitch who won’t stand down to anyone.

    Other than that, when going about her chosen profession, she is extremely focused and calm to a point of annoying to some.

  • Skills
    Job: Freelance soldier of fortune, mercenary, thief, gambler.

  • Weapons handling
     Computer hacking
     Martial arts
     Music/Singing (Companion)
     Tea Making (Companion)
     Fine dining/cooking (Companion)
     Chat/Talk (Companion)

  • History
    She was born to a very impoverished family in South Hauer, her father a laborer to one of the elite. At the age of five, Emma being the only girl in her family, she was sold into service for future training as a companion. The only reason they had managed to pull that off was simply because a favor owed to the family by another family of good connections managed to do a little forging here and there with her documentation; so her new life began, poverty put behind her for the time being.

    The training for a girl child entering the Guild was intense from the outset and with her natural skills and beauty Emma exceeded all expectations of her; until she was twelve. A misfortune had seen someone found out that she wasn’t who she was supposed to be, nor had she indeed had any connections to a ‘proper’ family and all too soon she was on her own only to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous ‘madam’ who thought the little beauty would be a boon to her business.

    Abused from the start by the time she turned thirteen she had already escaped that hell, joining up with one of the many street gangs that had developed around the area. At fourteen she began her career as a fighter and soldier when the Unification war began. It saw her in every theater her unit found combat, at one time with the regulars, another with the Brown coats. When the war ended, there was not much else left for her to do, so she turned back again to her natural talents of theft and robbery; until she became hunted with a warrant for her. Finally time forgot those incidences as she kept under the radar, lending herself out to whoever would hire her and keeping herself afloat with gambling.

    During the Alliance War, Emma fought on several fronts with her local unit, the 214th Recon detachment. With the primary focus of her unit being scouting for the main infantry battalions she was found almost 90% of her time right at the sharp end. The battle of Du Khang being the worst for her and the original 214th, one hundred and thirty of that unit went in, only Emma and four others came home. That battle and its memories still haunt her to this very day. She escaped being taken a prisoner of war initially unlike many of her comrades; only to be caught later trying to free some of those same friends of hers. Her punishment for that was nothing less than torture at the hands of the prison warden. Being still so young at wars end, Emma was able to live up to her unit motto of 'The Ghosts' for their ability to disappear easily. This she did so as prisoners were being transported from one place to another, no one missed a mere slip of a girl who just vanished without trace.

  • Other Notes
    Emma has been known to still occasionally find time as a companion; having legitimately found her way to the Guild and telling her story. She was accepted simply because of what she went through. But her service is only to women within the ranks of combat units when the need arises. She has done this as she explained once out of sheer loneliness and desperation for company.

     One of the skills Emma excelled in during her companion training was cooking, which then translated to fine dining. She found that she was so good at it, it was as if it was almost a natural thing to her. Honing those skills over a short time, she began doing research and later on sourcing old recipes, some of them very old from days gone by on Earth. If ever there was someone who could make a meal out of almost anything at all, it was Emma. Sadly in this age, chefs are not as valued as they once were; otherwise it would be a profession she would have pursued.

  • OOC
    Violence: Mild to Moderate
  • Erotica: Fade to black
  • Contact: PM, twitter, facebook

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