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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Roger Edinburgh
  • Nickname, Aliases: Roger Van Horn

  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 34
  • Date of Birth: January 1, 2483
  • Place of birth: Osiris / Persephone

  • Appearance
    Roger stands right at six feet in height, and bears a fit, toned build. He has shortish curly black hair and dark brown eyes. He is usually clean-shaven, but not always. He is athletic, and his build reflects that, but by no means is he a weightlifter, or someone seeking to 'bulk up' at all. His complexion is slightly darker than average, and he seems to always have a smile on his lips.

  • Personality
    Roger is the definition of 'calm'. He always seems to be relaxed, no matter the stress or dangers floating on around him. Even in the face of imminent death, he has a calm demeanor that seems to simply accept whatever the 'verse has in store for him. Friendly, polite, and a gentleman, he doesn't go out of his way to converse TOO much, though, and tends to enjoy quiet-time as much as he does the company of others. Still, he isn't rude, and if someone seeks him out, he won't shy away from some pleasant chatter.

    Roger -is- quite guarded about his past, though. Not to the point of being rude, but 'elusive' might be a better description. He's great at changing the subject, re-directing the conversation in a different direction – or coming up with an excuse to bring the chat to an end and moveo n.

    Upsetting him or angering him is fairly difficult. Prying uninvited into his personal life might do the trick, or going through his things without permission.

    Roger openly enjoys drinking, and does so frequently. It's very rare to see him completely drunk, but it's almost as rare to see him -not- have a drink with dinner. He also greatly enjoys games of chance and gambling.

  • Skills
    Job: Doctor

    • Medical Doctor/Surgeon
    • Anatomy specialist
    • Expert at Mathematics
    • Knows several languages
    • Expert Gambling skills
    • Very skilled with a pistol
    • Basics in self-defense
    • Resistant to alcohol

  • History
    Roger Edinburgh was born to two very wealthy parents on Osiris. His birthday was January 1, which was considered lucky, and for the better part of his youth, he proved that right. He excelled in school, excelled in sports, and excelled with the girls. His parents were both doctors, so his path was set out for him at an early age, and he had no problem at all with that. Thanks in part to their reputations, Roger was accepted into Med-School at an early age, able to skip his final year of primary school so that he could transfer right away to the University.

    Roger was on a six-year program, but during his fifth year, the Unification War broke out. Roger immediately went to sign-up, as he felt resentment toward the 'Browncoats' and the people he considered 'rebels' for trying to break-away from the Alliance. His parents were not happy about this, but he enlisted anyway, and the Alliance Military machine was quite happy to have such a skilled doctor on board.

    But once he was inducted into the military as an officer, he was moved to a special weapons-program, one that was seeking to create 'super soldiers' through medical means, and the 'test subjects' for these experiments were captured Browncoat soldiers.

    Roger was not thrilled with this at all, and protest the inhumanity of it, but was quickly put in his place with veiled-threats against his family, as well as a painful court-marshal for him that would likely end up in a lengthy prison sentence. Roger begrudgingly participated in the tests.

    Through the war, that was his goal, and as the war neared its end, his program had not found the 'perfect serum'. They had several near-misses, and a few of their subjects (the ones that lived) were released on battlefields across the 'verse. Most were killed, many suffered 'melt-downs' where their bodies simply could not handle the strain, and a handful of them went MIA and were never heard from again.

    After the war, Roger promptly resigned from his position, and quickly took to drinking. He was plagued by the horrors of what he and his fellow doctors and scientists had done. He gambled away most of his separation benefits, and even though his parents tried to help him, he simply could not look them in the eyes. His projects had been classified, and he couldn't even tell them.

    So he fled, away from the Core worlds, out toward the Rim. He took on a fake name, secured a very legitimate (and expensive) passport and changed his name to Roger Van Horn. At first, he served as a doctor wherever he could, for free. If a place had supplies he could use, he was willing to spend hours working for nothing more than a belly full of food and a place to lay his head.

    That eventually took him into various ships, serving as doctor and medical specialist. Life has gotten easier, though he knows his inner-demons are loud and obnoxious, and never really go away for long...

  • Other Notes
    Roger loves music, though he himself is not musically inclined in either singing or playing an instrument. He enjoys dancing, even though he is a beginner at it. He loves to read, and is generally not a violent person.

    He is from Osiris and was in the Alliance military, but he keeps these details very private. He claims to be from Persephone, and claims that during the Unification War he was a consciencous objector, instead spending time in backwater worlds helping various faith-groups tend to the downtrodden.

  • OOC
    Violence: Totally fine with it
  • Erotica: The more detailed, the better
  • Contact: PM here

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