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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Seth Downey
  • Nickname, Aliases: N/a

  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 29
  • Date of Birth: March 31, 2488
  • Place of birth: Hera

  • Appearance
    Seth stands just a bit over six feet in height, and bears a very fit, toned build. He has short brown hair and hazel eyes. He varies from clean-shaven to a few day's scruff on his cheeks and chin, depending on the occasion and how much free time he has. He is very athletic, and his build reflects that. He exercises regularly, and his occupation provides even more opportunity to stay in shape. His has an average complexion. He has a random scar or three, minor injuries from work-gone-wrong, along with a scar of a single bullet-wound on his lower left back, just above his belt-line.

  • Personality
    Seth is an easy-going fella, who views the world through a 'live and let live' lens. He's seen a lot in his life before even hitting thirty, and he's come to the conclusion that people, in general, suck. With that said, he simply looks to keep himself safe from harm, and doesn't usually stick his nose where it doesn't belong.

    Of course, he loves the ladies, so often that means he can't help but stick his nose -right- where it doesn't belong. Even in rejection, though, he keeps himself in good spirits: a girl rejecting his advances is just the 'verse's way of saying, 'She's not your type anyway'.

    Seth is also a -bit- homophobic. He has no issue with OTHER people being homosexuals, of course, as long as it's in private. But the mere suggestion that a guy might be interested in -him-, puts him in a position he doesn't want to be in, and usually his response is to disappear (if possible), or change the subject. He's not against others doing whatever they consent to do, though.

    Seth also has a soft spot for small, cute animals. Of course, one person's definition of 'cute' might very well be different than his own. Either way, he doesn't take kindly to people abusing animals.

    While Seth doesn't get angry at the drop of a hat, he's not afraid to express himself, either, and if push comes to shove, he'll protect himself. He's seen his fair-share of fist-fights, and he's definitely not easy to put down. If he is sufficiently angered, he'll even fight till the last drop of energy he has, even if outnumbered and/or outgunned.

  • Skills
    Job: Mechanic

  • Mechanic magician: if it's got an engine, he can usually 'sweet-talk' it to do what he wants.
    Electronics expert: at least as far as it relates to vehicles/ships.
    Expert Haggling/Bartering skills
    Average skill with pistol and rifle weapons
    Excellent in self-defense – Brawling
    Very good at playing the harmonica
    Above average farming knowledge

  • History
    Seth was born on Hera to a farming-family. He had five brothers and five sisters, and being the sixth child, he was right in the middle of them all. His father, a jovial man who never stopped laughing and smiling, often referred to Seth as 'that one night with your ma in the back of the pick-up truck', which embarrasses Seth even to this day.

    Growing up, he took an instant shine to mechanical work, and since he seemed to be born to it, his father did nothing to stop the boy's learning, beginning with their own family farming vehicles. More than once Seth's keen eye helped his father repair a piece of equipment that would otherwise have been quite expensive to repair or replace.

    Seth dropped out of Secondary School at the age of sixteen and took a full-time job as an Apprentice Mechanic to help raise cash for the family. But two years later, the Unification War broke out, and most able-bodied men, and a lot of able-bodied women, went to swell the ranks of the Browncoats. Seth, along with one of his brothers and sisters, immediately enlisted, and were each shuttled away to training-camps that took advantage of their natural talents.

    Seth served as a Mechanic of distinction for the entire war. It got to the point where if the object in front of him had an engine, he could get it running. He has a cargo-hold full of stories from his days in the military, and for the greater part of the war, his unit was never involved in direct action against the Alliance.

    Until the Battle of Serenity Valley on his home planet.

    The Motor Brigade that Seth was assigned to was surprised by the massive flank assault launched by Alliance General Richard Wilkins. The Brigade was pretty far to the rear of the regular infantry units, but the flank attack was so brilliant that Seth's unit was caught nearly unaware. A spirited but brief resistance was made, during which Seth took out three different Alliance soldiers with his weapon before being brought down with a shot through his lower back. He and the survivors of his unit were subsequently put in shackles and held prisoner several weeks before the War was finally declared at an end.

    Released, Seth went home... only to find that his family home had been destroyed by the merciless 'carpet bombing' conducted by Alliance forces before and during the final weeks of the Battle for Serenity Valley. His mother and father were both killed, and several of his brothers and sisters missing. Seth himself couldn't bear to remain there, and despite the wishes of his remaining family, he decided he had to get off-planet. After seeing to the burials of several family members, and making sure the others were taken care of by various aunts and uncles, Seth headed for the nearest spaceport and offered his services as a mechanic to any ship departing the planet.

  • Other Notes
    He served on a variety of ships over the past six years, getting into trouble more than once, and doing his best just to make a living. His skill with engines, especially, was hard to match, and the captains he worked for eventually came around to consider him 'valuable'. But he's never allowed anyone to get too close, and he's never grown too attached to any one ship so far...

  • OOC
    Violence: Totally fine with it
  • Erotica: The more detailed, the better
  • Contact: PM here

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