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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Bert Odysseus Manfeld
  • Nickname, Aliases: N/a

  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 34
  • Date of Birth: April 15, 2483
  • Place of birth: Hera

  • Appearance
    Bert stands at a solid 6'1" tall, with long sandy-blond hair and full bushy beard. He has blue eyes and a lean body, though he isn't 'skinny' by any means. He has bronzed skin naturally, not from sunlight, and parts of it - especially his hands - are a bit rough from hours and years of physical labor. He bears a few small scars, evidence of old wounds from knife and gun shot that have long since healed, even though they've left his mark on him. His blue eyes appear keen and observant... usually. If he's drinking or 'smoking', sometimes they take a far-off look as if he is remembering another time and place...

  • Personality
    Bert isn't your average every-day dope-head. He might come across as a crack-head, but usually that's because he -wants- to come across that way. He is actually very intelligent, and can be quite articulate when he wants to be.

    He's 'gifted' with a little bit of paranoia, for certain, having a long disdain for government especially following the Unification War, and an equal disdain for authority or authority figures thanks largely in part to his commanding officers during that same war. He doesn't like being told what to do, especially when it doesn't make sense to him or seems like someone is trying to take advantage of him. Of course he isn't stupid – if a doctor tells him he needs to do something to become healthy, he'll do it. If someone points a gun at him and tells him to quack like a duck, he will.

    He loves the ladies, though – even though usually they don't love him the same in return. He can be smooth and charming – or he can be lecherous and rude, depending on his mood and the woman in question. Women authority figures, though, vex him completely – especially if they are pleasing to the eye.
    He is loyal to anyone he calls 'friend', and that doesn't include a lot of people. Most of his friends died during the war - some of them rather graphically right in front of or beside him. He's a bit jaded about 'friendship' and 'love', but deep down he longs for both.

    Bert is playful, often using levity to hide fear, nerves, embarrassment, or any other negative feelings that might strike him at any given time.

  • Skills
    Job: Mechanic

  • Mechanic Supreme
    Excellent at some sports, including basketball and darts
    Awesome with electronics
    Decent with computers
    Novice with plumbing
    Very skilled at producing certain... plants
    Average skill with pistols/rifles
    Above average with demolitions/explosives
    Average fist-fighting
    Skilled in the use of profanity

  • History
    Bert was born and raised on Hera, in the small lower-class town of Umber. His parents were farmers and that was what his future held for him, as well, despite every dream and wish that it wouldn't. He wasn't born with much, his parents didn't have much, and some years they barely got by eating mostly what they grew - potatoes and turnips. His parents were peaceful, and didn't care at all for violence. The only 'weapon' they owned were knives in the kitchen, and it was during a small 'hunting trip' with a neighboring friend that Bert learned about firearms. Guns that could be used for hunting, as his friend demonstrated by dropping a squirrel with a single shot. Meat. Right there for the taking, and all they needed was the tool to make it happen. Bert knew that bigger game awaited - rabbits, birds, boar and deer...

    But approaching his parents about it ended up only getting him into trouble, which was made worse when he continued to argue. In their great plans for him, he'd be a potato-and-turnip-eating farmer for the rest of his life.

    When the Unification War began, there was a lot of excitement as the outer-rim worlds called for volunteers. Hera, being one of those worlds, gave forth young men and women by the thousands. Of course, Bert's parents refused to let him go, and finally reaching a breaking point, Bert waited until one night his parents were asleep, left them a long letter, then sneaked out into the darkness, heading for the nearest recruiting center. He was seventeen years old.

    Once enlisted into the 'Browncoats', Bert learned quickly that he couldn't shoot for shit. But his commanding officer quickly learned that he had some mechanical skill, being that he worked on the family's tractor, combine, plow and other motorized farming equipment, so Bert quickly found himself in the motorpool, and the Browncoat motorpool included vehicles ranging from motorcycles... to space ships.

    Bert immediately became infatuated with space ships, and through hard work and effort, he eventually got to work on them. He ate it up, too, learning everything he could, showing his fellow soldiers that he was born to it. During his stint in the motorpool, he made many friends. Bert was easy-going and friendly, and being a farm-boy, he was incredibly naive. In those first few years he learned a lot - and not all of it was good. He learned about cutting corners, breaking rules, being betrayed, cheated on, stolen from - and how to steal. With lots of practice he learned how to shoot a pistol, and got pretty good at it, too. He learned about 'recreational drugs', and he learned about gambling and cards. He learned things he knew he never would have learned back home...

    And speaking of home, his letters always went unanswered. He tried to explain to his folks several times, in several letters, why he was doing what he was doing. He'd hoped they'd be proud of him, doing his part for Independence and all. He didn't think is pa, especially, would be too keen on answering to Alliance masters. But still... not a single letter back, no matter what he said in his own letters to them.

    The war eventually came to a bloody, final end at the Battle of Serenity Valley, which was right there on Hera. Up until that point, Bert's unit hadn't seen REAL heavy combat, but that day changed everything. Entire units were decimated, on both sides, and Bert's unit was hit hard. He witnessed most of his unit being wiped-out from mortar fire, explosions sending bits and pieces of his friends in every direction. Most of that was due to the incompetence of his own unit's leadership, men that Bert had never come to trust since his first day.

    Only dumb luck spared Bert, and he was rounded up with the few remaining survivors by Alliance military and herded off to a prison camp. Once the end of the war became official, a few months later he and his fellow prisoners were released. Not once had his parents come to visit, and not once had they returned his letters. On that day that he was released from the prison camp, he made a new start - finding work as a mechanic on a merchant trade-ship, and he decided to leave his past - and his parents - behind him.

    He bounced around mechanic jobs on various ships, quitting or being fired from one or the other for various reasons. One of his captains found out he was a browncoat and after a vicious brawl between the two, Bert was left stranded on Osiris. Another merchant captain found him buck-ass naked with the merchant captain's daughter and, well, THAT didn't go over very well, especially since she was only sixteen. In these early years after the war, he'd been cheated out of pay by unscrupulous captains, left for dead more than once, and amidst it all there were a heaping load of times he 'saved the ship' with last minute engine heroics. Speaking to engines was the one thing he did best.

    It wasn't until just two years ago that he was on Boros, and enjoying a hot-streak at the poker table in a seedy tavern on the low-end of town. His primary opponent was a low-end trader himself by the name of Tanner, who grew more and more impatient the more and more Bert won. Was Bert cheating? He kept that answer secret, but by the last round, Bert was set to clean Tanner out completely... and that's where his luck ended. Tanner rebounded with the next hand, and an hour later, the two men had completely flipped positions. Losing the last hand, Tanner told Bert he could put up a few years of being his mechanic aboard his ship, 'Tanner's Fist', if he lost the next hand. And, of course, Bert lost the next hand, and he was the new mechanic of 'Tanner's Fist'.

    When Bert went to see his new ship he'd be living on for the next several years, boy... what a piece of -shit- it was! With a name like 'Tanner's Fist', he expected it to be a lot more... well... flyable. But thankfully, Bert knew a mechanic...

    Within weeks, the beast was flight ready, and Bert was the mechanic, back to doing what he did best. It didn't hurt that the captain had a crew with a couple decent-lookin' women on board, but Bert quickly discovered they simply weren't interested. Their loss, really.

    But as the months went on, Bert settled into his new life, and did his best work. Despite what the crew might think of him as a man, they couldn't fault him at all for how he handled the mechanical side of the 'Fist', as Bert called it. Bert spent the vast majority of his time in the engine room, but eventually he got along well enough with the rest of the crew that they'd at least talk to him and not look down their nose at him.

    A couple years later, though, things took a surprising turn. Tanner was doin' his gambling thing again – but this time, he wasn't so lucky, and he lost the ship. The crew pretty much went their separate ways... except for Bert, of course. He was actually passed-out in his hammock in the engine-room when the new owner came to look over her new ship. When Bert finally woke up, the new captain – Chloe 'Jack' something-something, told him that she was the new boss, and that Tanner had made a few good comments about Bert's prowess in the engine room. Bert was given the choice to stay on... or find himself jobless.

    The choice was pretty easy – especially given how freakin' HOT the captain was. Now THIS was a captain he could WORK for and be loyal to and have naughty dreams about in his bunk. But, like the ladies before her, it was made pretty clear, pretty quick, that 'Jack', as she liked to be called (probably a lesbian who liked to wear the pants in her relationships), just wasn't interested in him in THAT way. She was only interested in the 'magic' he could work in the engine room, and that was well enough for him.

    Same ship that he already knew, and a new (and improved) captain? Life is lookin' up! Now, to find out if the captain has a hot, single sister...

  • Other Notes
    Ons: Fast women. Big boobs. Nice legs and butts. Long hair, darker features, women with a bit of an attitude. Women able to take a dare. Sex in public places where they could be caught. Spontaneous sex. Dirty, raunchy talk. Women who know how to use a wrench and/or a gun (preferably both). Women who aren't afraid to get dirty.
    Offs: Women who cry all the time. Anything involving sex with men. Bathroom play. Clean-freaks. Dishonesty. Anyone mistreating women harshly, or children.

  • OOC
    Violence: Love it
  • Erotica: Love it more
  • Contact: PM here

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