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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Ryu Takeda
  • Nickname, Aliases: Dragon, Man with the Dragon Tattoo

  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 29
  • Date of Birth: June 23rd, 2488
  • Place of birth: Shadow

  • Appearance
    Ryu stands to about five feet and ten inches tall. He is a hundred and eighty five pounds and can bench three hundred. He is strong, but not a bodybuilder. He just is because he wants to be. His figure is average to slightly muscular but agile enough to to run really fast as well as handle a sword. Other than that, his hair is shaved dark brown and his eyes are charcoal colored. He has a few scars to call his own as well as tattoos on his torso. His most notable tattoo is a dragon tattoo on his arm giving him a nickname, Man with the Dragon Tattoo.

  • Personality
    Ryu is usually calm due to his training at birth. Without martial arts training and swordsmanship, he wouldn't be who he was today. He is still angry, but he hides it well through his calm composure. He doesn't let anything upset him easily. However, when someone crosses him or kills someone close to him, he can easily hold a grudge and use vengeance as his weapon to find the person to make them pay in blood.

    He can hold his liquor well. With a tough stomach, he can fight through anything especially a bar fight while drunk. Through his ritual of training martial arts and sword fighting everyday, he gets two percent better than before. If he drops just one day or a week, he loses his concentration or focus. So, if he gets incapacitated or unable to train for just that one day, he makes up for it the next day.

  • Skills
    Job: Swordsman, soldier, mercenary. Hired Gun for the GoldHound.

  • Mixed Martial Arts training including Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Weapons handling including swords, guns and bow 'n' arrow.
    Piloting - As a wanderer, Ryu eventually became adept in flying his own ship or the occasional shuttle. If required, he will take a shift, any kind of shift, to take over piloting to allow the main pilot to rest or take a break.
    Tracking - As a cattle rancher, Ryu is required to have adept tracking skills. He can track most marks and hunt them through any terrain. It was useful for him as a bounty hunter after the war.
    Cooking - It was from his mother's favorite pastime as she shared her love of cooking to one of her sons. She taught him all sorts of different herbs and spices that was required to craft a perfect meal from scratch.
    Gardening - As he grew up around farming and cattle ranching, Ryu has the basic knowledge of gardening and using various of different tools.
    Drinking games that involves liquor

  • History
    Takeda is his family name and Ryu is his given name. Ryu means Dragon. He is Japanese. Born on the world of Shadow, he was raised on a farmland. For eighteen years, he was thoroughly raised and home instructed by his family through trial and error. He made mistakes and he learned to adapt. Everyday, to him, was a new day of instruction. Without war, he learned peace. Within chaos, he learned order through ritual.

    Ryu wasn't born an only child. He had a young brother and a young sister, Daisuike and Kiara. Among his siblings, Ryu was the troublemaker who wanted to do his own thing. His father tried to teach him that being older has its privileges. If he breaks them, he would dishonor his household. Eventually, when he turned eight, his father decided to teach him swordsmanship. First, it was wooden in order to not harm each other through training. Eventually, when he was instructed enough, Ryu handled the real Japanese swords.

    When war came into his backyard, he enlisted to the Unification War at the age of eighteen. His brother followed shortly after when he became of age and his sister joined. In five years of war, Ryu lost many friends and allies. His parents perished when his homeworld was bombed by the Alliance. It hit both Ryu and Kiara hard, but Daisuke got most of the hit. Since then, he was never the same as darkness too his heart.

    After the war, Ryu lost contact with Dai. Kiara stayed with Ryu for a couple years until she made her own way while Ryu went on his own. Without a home, Ryu became a mercenary for a while hoping from one planet to the next for money to survive. He was a vagabond, a loner.

  • Other Notes
    During his growth, he had several to various tattoos on his body and some piercings. He got his first tattoo when he was young. He continued gathering markings and piercings while he grew up. The dragon tattoo was a gift by his father to finish his training in martial arts and graduation when he turned fifteen. Since then, he gained an alias known as Dragon or Man with the Dragon Tattoo.

    While growing up on Shadow, Ryu was usually angry and rash. He did things in the past that would derail an otherwise normal day. His parents, especially his father, struggled to teach him patience and ritual. When he turned the age of eight, his father decided to instruct him in swordsmanship to train him to curtail his otherwise abnormal behavior. Since then, through ritual rigorous training, Ryu started to become more collected and calmer.

    Without the harsh training in his life, Ryu wouldn't be who he is. He has a small friend circle, those who he trusts. Its easier to get to know him if you know the type of person he is. If you don't know the type, good luck. Just don't cross him. Otherwise, his calm demeanor puts almost everyone at ease as long as you don't give him an eye contact that defines a challenge to him. He is a proud man and will not let anyone get the best of him.

  • OOC
    Violence: +18 and over
  • Erotica: Fade to black
  • Contact: PM

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