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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Talia Renoake
  • Nickname, Aliases: Tali or Ren

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 34
  • Date of Birth: 2483
  • Place of birth: Persephone

  • Appearance
    While not excessively tall standing in her bare feet at 5'9", with her lanky frame Talia can and does often look much taller than the yard stick indicates her to be. She has this Tom Boyish look about her, the short cropped dark brown to black hair accentuating that image, though she can dress to the nines with the best of them, thanks to her mother's training.

    Her eyes are light brown to hazel, they shimmer with gold in certain lights, giving her a rather exotic look. Talia rarely tans, she will avoid harsh sunlight wherever possible, preferring to cover up a little too much at times; giving her a slight roguish look. Yet that ivory skin of hers will more than not have smudges of grease on her face when she has to get into the belly of some piece of over sized main frame.

    Talia's choice of clothing is rugged, as it is with most brown coats. She does though still carry a trunk full of less practical clothes she can dress in when the occasion calls for it.

  • Personality
    As a workaholic, her social skills aren’t really up to scratch, once you get to know her well, her true personality shines through, a kind, caring, enthusiastic woman who is not afraid to live life to the full. She has no temper whatsoever, her baring being calm to a point of frustration to those who encounter who; hoping at some point she blows a fuse as she holds it in. She’s never broken, not even for a minute of her life.

  • Skills
    Job: Systems Hacker

  • Computer Analytics specialist, code breaker, hacker, program builder.
    Horticulture, grafting (fruit trees, flowers) species development.

  • History
    Talia was born bred and raised on Persephone, it was the only world she knew until the outbreak of the resistance war. She grew up a fairly sheltered young girl, her father one of several rather well renown surgeons on Persephone, her mother a former Companion and socialite.

    Talia’s former years were filled with all the wonders of the world that surrounded her, she had a deep love of nature, everything that surrounded her on her parents country estates fascinated her. What really took her heart were the gardens; even the growth, planting and care of the things that were provided to eat for not only her family, but those of the nearby towns. The large market gardens that encompassed the estate saw the young Talia often when school work wasn’t on the agenda.

    As she grew into her teens, with the subjects more or less chosen for her at school, Talia developed a second love; that being with the world of computer science and all it entailed. She soon became so well versed in that area of study, she was marked out as someone to watch in the future.

    The peaceful years though came to a rapid halt with the outbreak of war. Not a few months after the first salvos of battle were heard, Talia went from a respected Computer Analyst with a private sector company servicing the Alliance, to a Hacker working backdoor programs for the Resistance and the Brown coats.

    At wars end, she was contacted by an old friend she knew from those horrible years, told her to get in contact with a Captain Chloe "Jack" Saint-Jacques; which she did promptly and the rest as they say is history.

  • Other Notes
    During those peaceful years, Talia was possibly more well known for her prowess around the garden. She was responsible for the planting and maintenance of several acres of productive land owned by her parents with not only edibles high on her list of skills, but her prized orchids, roses and other blooms. She is also considered quite a fair hand with guns; having honed her skills in that department serving with the 314th Intelligence Command of the Brown Coats.

  • OOC
    Violence: Medium
  • Erotica: Medium
  • Contact: PM or Facebook

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