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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Stanley Decker
  • Nickname, Aliases: “Decker” - Few people know his actual first name and he generally doesn't like it being used

  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 32
  • Date of Birth: April 1, 2485
  • Place of birth: Ezra

  • Appearance
    Decker stands just over six feet tall, and is solidly built with lean muscle. He has black hair that he keeps from growing obnoxiously long, keeping the back above the collar, the sides above the ears, and the front out of his eyes. Sea blue eyes accentuate is otherwise darker complexion, though when he wears greens, his eyes seem to take on a more greenish hue. He possesses many scars of varying sizes on his arms and chest, a few on his legs, but if he dresses carefully they are all hidden from view. He does not shave daily, but does so when he has time, so usually he will often sport dark stubble on his cheeks and chin.

  • Personality
    Decker is a no-nonsense guy. He sees himself as a serious businessman, even if his business is hauling in bounties against their will. It's dangerous work, but work he enjoys, especially if the bounty is a scum-bag in dire need of justice. He is usually very serious, though he does possess a sense of humor, it simply does not get much chance to flourish. He is demanding but generally fair, and those who work with and for him know this. He is not regularly violent, but he is not afraid to use force when needed. He hates to see children mistreated.

    He is loyal to the few friends he has, but just because a person might be a part of his crew, that doesn't automatically make them a 'friend'. He is a businessman, and crew-members are, in general, 'employees' – not friends. Still, he doesn't tolerate general bullying of his crew, whether he considers them a 'friend' or not, and he will protect them as such.

  • Skills
    Job: Bounty Hunter

  • Piloting – He can pilot. Decently. But much prefers a pro in the driver's seat
    Hand-to-hand fighting – His upbringing taught him this skill at an early age, and he's excelled at it ever since.
    Pistols – Small, portable, and deadly. What's not to like?
    Dealing with criminal elements – He's been doing it since childhood. He knows the 'talk' and knows what to do and not to do in order to end up on a slab – or in the ground.
    Streetwise – Knows how to deal with the people in cities who the 'upper class' avoid.
    Guitar – always wanted to be a famous guitarist for a band. Never made it as such, but did learn how to play early on, still practices on occasion.

  • History
    Born on Ezra, Stanley was the son of a miner (whom he was named after) and his stay-at-home-wife, Elsa. Stanley's father was a no-nonsense, rough sort of guy, especially given the type of work he did – and he was very 'old fashioned'. Mom was little more than a slave, present to keep the house clean, food ready when dad got home, laundry done, pleasured in bed, and taking care of Stanley - which included keeping him out of dad's hair.

    Dad wasn't the 'affectionate' sort, and what little Stanley received came from his mom. But dad -was- the abusive sort, and Stanley – being the only child – received the brunt of it. The first time was when he was about five years old, dad was smacking mom around for not having dinner ready when he got home early one night. Little Stanley went to mom's defense and dad didn't like it. Ended up breaking two of little Stanley's ribs. Not wanting to get into trouble, he refused to take his son (or let mom take him) to the hospital, and even to this day those two ribs bug him on occasion where they didn't heal completely right.

    Eventually, when Stanley was twelve years old, he ran away from home – and didn't look back. He still feels guilty about that to this day, feeling as if he had abandoned his mother to the 'monster' that they lived with. But he was only twelve and didn't think like adults did.

    Life was rough that first year, alone and without anything to his name. He joined a gang that took him in, and from there he spent several years living in one slum house to another, committing petty crimes struggling to simply survive. He got caught a few times, and each time he was delivered to an orphanage (his story was that his parents had died at an early age and he had no family). And each time, he'd promptly escape the orphanage and get back out on the streets again.

    When he was in his mid-teens, he started participating in more criminal activities, and eventually moved-up in his gang. Eventually he caught the attention of a henchman who worked for a powerful crime lord, Adelei Niska, and was recruited into Niska's employment making what was considered a considerable sum of money for someone on Ezra.

    Niska's operation was on a satellite skyplex that orbited the planet, from which Niska conducted business and ran his empire, his tendrils reaching out to nearby planets, not just Ezra.

    Eventually, after years of loyal and successful service, Stanley was given a small ship as a 'reward', and asked to use it and a small crew to chase after someone that owed him money, a browncoat by the name of Malcom Reynolds. Stanley set out on the hunt, and quickly learned the ropes, following one lead after another, closing in on the Serenity and their infamous crew.

    But Stanley and his team never caught up with Reynolds, and Niska acquired his prey by other means. Still, Niska was 'disappointed' in Stanley, and despite his years of loyalty and service, he ordered Stanley to return to Ezra where he would be 'demoted' for his failure.

    Stanley had a pretty good idea what 'demoted' meant to the crime lord. When he made it clear to his crew that he was not going to return to Ezra, a fight erupted. Fists and bullets flew, and in the end, Stanley and two of his fairly loyal comrades remained in control of the ship. The other two survivors were not 'friends', though, and agreed to have Stanley drop them off on a nearby planet – they didn't want to be primary targets of Niska or his empire.

    Stanley then recruited a new crew, and set about going into business for himself. He continued to learn the ropes and eventually became adept at his new chosen profession. Being in the black was different than being land-bound, but it was where he wanted to be, rather than bound to some hunk of rock. He renamed the ship 'Gryphon' after the mythical beast that was known for its tenacity, cunning, and deadliness.

  • Other Notes
    None at the moment

  • OOC
    Violence: Oh yeah!
  • Erotica: The more the merrier!
  • Contact: PM here

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