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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Dalila Moreno
  • Nickname, Aliases: Lila

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 27
  • Date of Birth: May 3rd, 2490
  • Place of birth: Londinium

  • Appearance
    Dalila has long brown hair that go past her shoulders, and usually worn lose, pin-straight or with a loose wave to it. She has jade green eyes and a beautiful face with full lips. Although she trains herself to keep a fit body, Dalila has never really managed to become athletic. Her body was made to remain a bit on the soft side, with a generous endowment and a proportional curve to her hips. True to her training, she is always dressed in a perfect, spotless and refined manner... Unless she's relaxing, cuddling with a blanket in her PJ and reading a book...

  • Face Claim: Lucia Javorcekova
  • Personality
    Dalila is very zen. She has this calm, swan-like grace about her. As if she could navigate through anything and not be made upset. She is a deeply emotional being, and it is through this empathy that she becomes a good companion. She's a good listener, is able to give someone her undivided attention. Being deeply emotional, she tends to grow attached to clients, not in love but caring a touch more than professional. It drives her to give them a better service, but in turn when they no longer need her, she get a bit hurt.

    She doesn't anger easily, but when she does it's rarely an explosion. She is more likely to walk coldly away from conflict rather than to feed it. She can be stubborn, and sometimes even obtuse, focused on a single point that has her miss the bigger picture. Dalila is used to a certain level of comfort, which she has when on board of the Oasis, or in Sihnon when she rejoins the Chapter House.

  • Skills
    Job: High Priestess (Companion) & Captain of the Freyja

  • Dancing, varied kinds
        Singing, she has a beautiful voice and on key, but it's due to training more than talent.
        Hand to hand, self-defense
        Arts of pleasure

  • History
    Dalila is born the third daughter of an Elite socialite, so she was quite familiar with the silver spoon, the comfort, never missing for anything... As a child, though, she always had a bit of extra weight here and there and for a while, it was more of an issue than anything. Her mom tried to slim her down as she wanted her daughter to be a companion and a successful one. Diets, exercise, strict schedule; by the time she went to Companion school, she was already into the defeated mindset needed to rebuilt her character with the proper discipline.

    Companion school proved to be quite interesting. While Dalila was barely above average in academics, when it came to arts and entertainment, to being sociable in gathering it was easy and she was a natural. The Sihnon school was filled with girls and boys like her, each able to get on top of the crowd in one way or the other. She had her first crush then, but a crush between future companions was quickly... crushed.

    She was sixteen when the Unification War began. She couldn't understand why the border planets would not want to join the alliance. Having never seen the verse outside of Londinium, all she had to go with was what was on screen, on the codex, in the books. Being a bit of an idealist, she thought that the riches of the core worlds could be extended to the border planets and make people's lives better there. That was all that she saw of the war however. By the time she was done training, the damage was done, the war was won.

    For seven years now, Dalila has traveled and seen with her eyes the state of the planets away from the core. While some have done well, others not so much. She understood the war better after a long chat with a client that was a browncoat. She was indoctrinated by the Alliance, but her training had sharpened her critical mind so that she could see the good and the bad in both sides.

    As a companion, she had a few regular patrons, and recently moved into the Oasis as part of the hand-picked crew of companions available on the boat at all time. It was a regular income for her, and she still got to pick her clients. Her regulars changed or came on board of the Oasis to meet with her, and she found the comforts of her silver spoon all over again...

  • Other Notes
    She's not violent, but she's not weak. Someone who is demeaning or rough with her will get a black mark unless discussed ahead of time and it is being part of the role she plays for them.

    While I don't mind writing the whole spectrum of tasks that a companion performs, I will never agree to write her like a prostitute where it's exclusively a meet-sex-here's your credits routine.

  • OOC
    Violence: Anything goes, though this character isn't prone to violence
  • Erotica: Any
  • Contact: PM here, or ask me for my skype information

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