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Claws of a different kind
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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Safiya Okoro
  • Nickname, Aliases: Saf

  • Gender: Female
  • Orientation: Homosexual

  • Age: 34
  • Date of Birth: 2483
  • Place of birth: Renao, Persephone's Moon

  • Appearance
    Standing at 6’2”, with skin as dark as night and gleaming metallic arms, Safiya makes a strong impression.

    Safiya’s skin tone is a luxurious black, bordering on mauve in some lights. She has the pitch black eyes to match and keeps her hair cropped short. If it ever gets a chance to grow it comes in the tightest ringlets but it’s rare to see her with anything other than a buzzcut.

    She has a lean angular build, legs for days, and a level of muscle that suggests a physical career with hobbies that don’t include a lot of time spent sitting around. Her posture matches, and she makes standing or sitting still look like a chore.

    Her most arresting feature are the bionic arms. From the shoulders down, both arms are entirely metal. They’re kept gleaming and in good as condition as possible. There are some noticeable scores in the metal where there’s been previous damage, but they’ve been buffed out as well as they could be. The construction is advanced, shaped proportionally to her body with most of the delicate machinery hidden beneath the sinew- and muscle-like outer structures. The elbow, wrist and finger joints have more mobility than real arms, but it’s rare that she uses the full motion (it creeps most people out). The arms have no sensitivity to texture, temperature or touch; she can only receive pressure through the fingers. Where the arms connect to biological tissue, there are a fair few bionic relays that run across the back of her shoulders where they connect to the spine, with more metallic protrusions up the base of her skull. She has quite a few scars around her upper torso, more on her front and left hand side, and they look old and pitted like shrapnel rather than thin like blades or round like gunshots.

    On a typical day, she can be found wearing military-grade trousers and a tank top. She usually keeps her arms bare, as they have a propensity to snag on fabric if it folds into the joints. She carries a holstered gun on each thigh, and a pair of crossed machetes at her lower back.

  • Personality
    Despite first impressions, Safiya is an amiable woman. With an easy laugh and an easier smile, she gets along with the majority of people. Due to her line of work, she has more guy friends than girlfriends, and finds she feels more comfortable with menfolk for socialising. She socialises well with coworkers, and although she brings a lot of that familiarity to the job, she can switch into business mode when things get hairy. She’s confident and a good leader, she usually assumes the dominant personality in the group.

    Generally she’s a laid back lady, takes and gives a joke well, and lives a lot in the moment. She sticks up for the little guy, though there’s a line that she’ll draw if it’s clear they have no intention to help themselves. Although she does carry a gun, it’s rarely out of the holser. Typically if more of a threat is needed she’ll unsheath a machete or two, but she’s not the type to take a knife to a gunfight. If she can’t get away with not drawing a gun, she will.

    Safiya can be a little impulsive. She’s new to the behaviour since leaving the army,and is used to being quite controlled. Depending on the behaviour, she can be amused or embarrassed. The impulses are usually expressions of internal thoughts, a quirk of her bionic systems can occasionally pick up what she’s thinking about doing rather than what she intendeds to do with her arms. In a combat situation it can be fairly dangerous, as if she gets the wayward impulse to pull the trigger when she shouldn’t, people can get hurt, which is why she only draws a gun when absolutely necessary. In social situations, it usually manifests as rude hand gestures or being overly tactile.

    No stranger to the shady dealings of the Skyplex, she will turn a blind eye to lawlessness as long as nobody’s getting hurt. She can be strict and direct to the point if she takes a disliking to someone, and she’ll take no messing. People quickly learn not to cross her path if they can help it. She can hold an almighty grudge.

    When it comes to her arms, she’s quite used to people staring and will gladly give demonstrations to the curious. Insults will usually run off her back - she was well versed in the art of ignoring the ignorant even before she got the bionics - but if you catch her in a bad mood you might want to keep your comments to yourself save her from giving you a rather up close demonstration.

    She can get touchy when she’s in pain - the arms don’t come without a cost - and on days when she’s feeling achey she can get a little down. The lack of sensation gets to her most, the simple lack of being able to feel warm skin upsets her on a base level.

    She has no romantic relationships, though if she’s drunk enough and forgets how underwhelming the last session was, she might go for a one-night stand with a man. She currently hasn’t attributed her lack of interest in the opposite sex with the obvious, so everyone including herself assumes she just hasn’t found the right guy.

  • Skills
    Job: Enforcer, AMC-employed soldier

  • Safiya is a well trained army dog, having proficiency in most standard-issue weapons. In recent year's she's taken more interest in unarmed combat, as well as the use of knives over guns.

    Wins all arm-wresting matches.

    Spoiler: show

    10 Agility
    12 Strength
    06 Vitality
    06 Alertness
    08 Intelligence
    06 Willpower
    = 48/48

    ** gain a +2 step Attribute bonus to Willpower on any action that involves intimidating, interrogating, bullying, frightening, and all manner of awing other folks. You can also use this on your rolls to resist similar attempts made against you.

    *** +2 step Attribute bonus to Willpower on all Influence-based actions

    Your unarmed attacks inflict Basic damage (split between Stun and Wound) instead of Stun.

    **** –2 step penalty to Alertness Attribute for any action utilizing touch

    ***** Others gain a +2 step Alertness Attribute bonus when attempting to spot you or recognize your likeness.


    00 Animal Handling
    00 Artistry
    06 Athletics
    — 08 Arm wrestling :|
    00 Covert
    00 Craft
    06 Discipline
    06 Guns
    — 08 Pistols
    02 Heavy Weapons
    04 Influence
    00 Knowledge
    00 Linguist (S)
    00 Mechanical Engineering (S)
    00 Medical Expertise (S)
    06 Melee
    — 12 Knives
    06 Perception
    00 Performance
    00 Pilot
    02 Planetary Vehicles
    06 Ranged
    00 Science (S)
    00 Survival
    00 Technical Engineering (S)
    06 Unarmed Combat
    — 12 boxing,
    — 08 brawling,
    = 68/68


    **Intimidatin’ Manner (Minor)
    You’ve got a steely-eyed stare. You have true grit. Something about you makes folk think twice before crossing you. Security guards call you “sir” (even if you’re a gal). Punks melt under your glare and confess everything they know and most of what they don’t.
    Benefit: You gain a +2 step Attribute bonus to Willpower on any action that involves intimidating, interrogating, bullying, frightening, and all manner of awing other folks. You can also use this on your rolls to resist similar attempts made against you.

    Mean Left Hook (Minor)
    Your fists are hard as rocks. You’re capable of killing a man with your bare hands. Benefit: Your unarmed attacks inflict Basic damage (split between Stun and Wound) instead of Stun. See Chapter Five: Keep Flyin’ for more information on unarmed combat.

    *** Military Rank (Minor)
    You are a member of the armed services or you are a veteran and proud of it. You most likely fought in the war on one side or the other. Depending on whether you were Browncoat or Alliance, you’ll earn respect in one locale and take your lumps in another. You have the know-how and the means to carry you through most tough situations.
    Benefit: You are or were either an enlisted man or an officer. An enlisted military member or veteran gains a +2 step Attribute bonus to Willpower on all Discipline-based actions. Officers gain an equivalent bonus on all Influence-based actions.


    **** Dull Sense (Minor) - Touch
    One of your five senses is fried. Could be a chronic stuffy nose, bad eyesight, poor hearing, or desensitized skin. Whichever it is, best not rely on that sense in a tight spot.
    Penalty: Pick one of the five senses: Smell, Touch, Sight, Taste, or Hearing. You suffer a –2 step penalty to your Alertness Attribute for any action utilizing that sense. You may take this Trait more than once during character creation, choosing a different sense each time.

    ***** Memorable (Minor)
    There’s something distinct about you that makes most folk remember you. You are easy to recognize or pick out of a crowd. This could be an unusually large nose, a bushy beard, a thick accent, peculiar mannerisms, striking beauty, recognizable scars, tattoos, etc.
    Penalty: You’re easily identified. Others gain a +2 step Alertness Attribute bonus when attempting to spot you or recognize your likeness.

  • History
    Born on Renao, one of Persephone’s moons, Saf had a middle class upbringing and joined the army straight out of college. She enrolled in officer school and graduated as Second Lieutenant at age twenty-two (2505). She’s a great match for the military career physically and mentally, and gained ranks with relative ease. By the end of the Unification War, she’d been promoted to First Lieutenant with an earmark for Captain (2511).

    After Unification, Safiya and her company were assigned to patrol the border planets at the edge of Alliance rule, settling any remaining Independents’ disputes. Everything went swimmingly, casualties were notably few, until one seemly uneventful day (2512). They were clearing out an old Independants base when a hidden explosive was triggered. The blast caused two fatalities, and left Safiya with grave wounds. Her amour took most of the brunt to her chest but both arms took significant damage and despite exceptional care, they never would recover to anything close to full use. She was in constant daily pain, with little to no movement in either limb. The only other treatment option was amputation.

    With her excellent service record and otherwise good health, she was a prime candidate for an experimental program working on improving prosthetics for injured veterans. Safiya volunteered gladly - her world shattered from the incident and being desperate to regain her old life - and within the year she was fitted with full-arm bionic prosthesis thanks to the money from a convenient sponsorship (2513). Recovery was swift, and Safiya took to the prosthesis with surprising ease. Two years after the accident, she was back on duty (2514).

    There was one downside to the new arms, however, which she tried her best to hide. Although they were stronger, more durable, and had infinite stamina, she was starting to notice odd quirks. It started with finger twitches, sometimes for hours on end, and other days some fingers wouldn’t respond at all. More worryingly, sometimes her bionic limbs would react to impulses of thought that weren’t meant to be interpreted as movement. She managed to conceal the issues for months - scared that the arms would be taken away - but inevitably the new impulses culminated in Safiya being dressed down for her behaviour and one of said impulses triggering an overly excessive hit to her commanding officer’s lower jaw.

    Suffice it to say, Safiya was dishonourably discharged forthwith (2515), and was in danger of having the technology reclaimed by the sponsor when the AMC stepped in. The company was in need of good soldiers for defence purposes, and they paid off her debts in exchange for an extortionate contract.

    Safiya now works indefinitely for the company behind the Skyplex. Currently she polices parts of the Skyplex, handles any disputes as well as acts as bodyguard for any given assignment. The lifestyle suits her, and although the goal is not as noble as the military, it seems she’s happy as any breed of military dog.

  • Other Notes
    Safiya’s arms are a gunmetal grey titanium alloy, non-magnetic, waterproof and durable  in any temperature her biological body can handle. Regular maintenance is required to keep all joints and motors running smoothly. They do have a discernible noise when operating, but it’s not obvious unless you’re in a quiet room. They have their own rechargeable power source and are operated by Safiya’s nerve impulses via relays.

    They relay basic information such as force and pressure through the fingers back to Safiya’s nervous system, but they’re unable to detect temperature, texture or other sensation. The connections to her skin, especially around her neck and spine, are quite sensitive and she doesn’t like them being touched.

    Common malfunctions include involuntary twitching or ignoring commands completely. On the odd occasion - usually when she’d not paying enough attention - the bionics will act on impulses that were supposed to stay on the inside. Typical outbursts involve rude hand gestures, excessive force, hitting objects/people and on very rare dangerous occasions, drawing or firing a gun without due cause.

  • Contact: Discord

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