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  • Basics
    Full Character Name: Hugh Reiner Carmichael
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Heterosexual

  • Age: 61
  • Date of Birth: 08/21/2456
  • Place of birth: Londinium

  • Appearance
    Standing at 5'10" Hugh looks much bigger than his height would suggest as he makes up for it in severe muscle mass. He had shark, piercing blue grey eyes, frown lines. His hair is bright grey, almost white and doesn't seem to have a stopping point as it moves into his rough beard and mustache. Despite his hair and some wrinkles in his face giving away his age his body still looks as good as it did during his prime, only with many more scars, or "war stories".

  • Personality
    Carmichael has never been described as warm or welcoming. He always seems unhappy, and stern. He is a no nonsense leader who is not afraid to get some dirt on his hands. He is loyal to the Alliance and as much as he'd like to strike down anyone who isn't he shows great restraint for those not on his capture list. His crew is his family and he believes any moment can be a teaching moment, and when things take a wrong turn he lets it weigh heavily on his conscious, only have it has been solved.

  • Skills
    Job: Federal Marshall

  • Educated up into the teens before being trained in the Alliance Military.

    Piloting: Average
    Guns: Well Above Average- Specialty in assault rifles
    Melee Weapons: Well Above Average- Specialty in machetes
    Ship Weapons: Average
    Hand-to-Hand: Well Above Average
    Negotiation: Average
    Pick Pocketing: Well Below Average
    Cooking: Below Average

  • History
    Hugh Carmichael was born on Londinium to two well-to-do doctors, his father being a military trained doctor. Everyone expected their first son to follow in their footsteps and become a doctor as well, and for awhile it seemed they were right. Hugh did well in school and had plans in motion to continue his schooling into a medical school. He had a younger brother who looked up to him and wanted to follow in his footsteps. However just a week before he was supposed to start medical school he met an alliance soldier who told him how much he loved doing what he was doing, and that was when Hugh remembered that his father had been trained with the Alliance and still became a doctor. He told his parents and brother of his plans to join the alliance military and then become a doctor, and surprisingly they still encouraged this.

    Once he began his journey though he quickly learned that he liked being a soldier more than he had ever liked studying medicine. He was better at it too, he quickly gained favor with his superiors, and he looked good in that uniform too, if you asked his opinion. It didn't take long for him to get promoted quite a bit, he worked on a few federal marshal ships, as well as some work in Interpol. You name it he has probably done it, he now prides himself on his vast experience.

    He was starting to become what some people call a "lifer" meaning he was seemingly going to working for the Alliance for his whole life. It started to become clear to his parents as well that he was not going to continue his work in medicine and they died when he was 40, knowing that only their second son would follow in their path. At the age of 50 Hugh would start the next big chapter in his life, The War. He had been moving up the ranks for quite sometime now and by the time the Unification War started Hugh was a General and would lead many in the war.

    It was his time to shine, he was a natural leader and strategist so commanding his men in battle was no problem for him. He earned the respect of many, and even a few medals during the war before they eventually won. Afterwards one of his superiors ordered him to kill some hostages that someone else had taken during one of the last battles, but when he learned that it was a family, a couple and their two teenage boys he refused to do it. Of course this didn't fly with the commanding officer, Hugh was disobeying a direct order. Due to how much he had accomplished in his military career though he was simply allowed to take a demotion.

    Hugh was able to pull some strings with some old connections such that he got his own ship and crew, now he serves as the captain of an alliance cruiser as an official Federal Marshall, after easily passing the appropriate training courses , tasked with hunting down pirates, smugglers, war criminals and anyone else the Alliance told him needed to be stopped. Sometimes he wonders if he'd be tasked with hunting someone he wouldn't be able to bring in, like he faced with those hostages. He didn't let his crew know this fear though, in fact his crew barely knows anything of his past. Captain Carmichael keeps a stone face and leads his crew the best he can.

  • OOC
    Violence: Any
  • Erotica: Any
  • Contact: skype, pm, discord

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