2517, The Unification War has been over for a decade and Miranda is still a secret. Into The Black is an Alternate Universe Firefly & Serenity fandom roleplaying game. It centers around independent crews of different ships which travel all over the 'verse created by Joss Whedon.

Welcome to Into The Black

ITB has 2 new ships!

IAV Paladin ~ A Federal Marshal ship. The Black now has a police task force.

The Freyja, named after the norse Goddess of love, lust and beauty is a companion chapter house in space.

To know about open ship positions, look Here

Firefly Language

Rim world speech
  • Truncate the "g" for "ing" words in spelling (final velar nasals become alveolar in speech) ("schoolin'")
  • Pepper with slang adjectives.
  • Double negatives. ("It don't mean nothin' out here.")
  • Using odd words and word forms in phrases.
  • Use "don't" instead of "doesn't."
  • Ain't.
  • Odd Words: druther, yonder, dang, plumb, right smart.
  • Prefixing "a" on gerunds ("a-runnin'").
  • No -ly on adverbs from adjectives. ("She described the plan real simple. That job's awful hard to do.")
  • Irregular verbs default to third person singular. ("We was goin' there. He got none of that.")
  • Malformed verbs. ("He growed up real good. He come by here last night. I seen it with my own eyes. He done run off again.")

  • "Looks like we got us some imminent violence."
  • "We got no short of ugly ridin' in on us."
  • "I'm just feeling kind of truthsome right now."
  • "We're in some peril here."
  • "We just need a small crew, them as feel the need to be free."
  • "This here's a recipe for unpleasantness."
  • "I'm shocked my own self."
  • "We'll be there directly."
  • "But she does have an oddness to her."
  • "So I trucked out to the border, learned to say "ain't" and came to find work."
Frontier life
  • A-grade: Top notch; quality
  • Aim: To want, try, or intend to do something.
  • All-fired: truncated version of "all fired up" meaning very emotional or excited. ("Where'd she go gettin' all-fired jealous 'bout this?")
  • Awful, Dreadful, Mighty, Plumb, Powerful: Adjectives for emphasis. ("Gettin' awful crowded in my sky.")
  • Back-berth: Stupid, naive, inexperienced, unimportant or "slow". Derived from the nautical term for a ship's position in a harbor. As a naval metaphor, a "back berth" would be the last ship out of port, i.e. one trailing at the rear of a fleet, therefore meaning slowest and/or of least importance.
  • Bang-up: Great. ("They did a bang-up job.")
  • Brainpan: Refers to the skull which encases the brain. Another way of saying 'head'.
  • Bughouse: Mental hospital.
  • Chinese Checkers:A game still played in the 'verse. Placed on booths and tables in bars and some such.
  • Corpsified: Dead. Now resembling a corpse.
  • Docket: Schedule, calender, itinerary. Example: Wash (ep 1): “Nah, she [Inara] had a pretty full docket.”
  • Fancible: Fancy/fanciful
  • Fancy Rock: Another way of saying a well-to-do planet run entirely by the Alliance.
  • Fei-oo: s**t, po, junk, trash, garbage, dirt
  • Foodstuffs: Food
  • Foxhole: A makeshift shelter in a war zone.
  • Fuzzie-wuzzies: Folk who are easily swayed and comforted.
  • Git: Go away.
  • Gorram: A version of "God damn."
  • High ground: A spot not underneath foxholes in battle. Instead, literally on the war front.
  • Latrine: Fancy word for toilet.
  • “Let's hoof it”: Let's get going.
  • “Let's moon 'em”: Slang for Serenity's rear engine flaring up for a getaway.
  • Local color: Locals and their ideology. Ex: Mal: “Wash, we got some local color happening down here; a grand entrance would not go amiss.”
  • Mite: A bit/amount. Could be used to mean a small amount, or an intential under-exaggeration of a large amount.
  • Moonbrained: Crazy, or unintelligent, used to describe a person or idea.
  • Neg: Negative
  • Ornery: Stubborn, not passive.
  • Peck: A large amount.
  • Preacher: Anyone religious.
  • Pinched: To be held up or in a sticky situation; Plan went south; To be in a bind.
  • Pretty: An adjective that has been adapted to also use as a noun. Kaylee uses it a lot. “Every piece of pretty is tagged for the scanners.”
  • Prod: A crony for someone of the expensive/diplomatic variety.
  • Purple-belly: A derogatory term used to refer to a member of the Alliance.
  • Rabbiting: Hightailing; running; fleeing.
  • Religiosity: Religion
  • Ruttin'/Rutting: f***ing
  • Run afoul: To get into trouble with.
  • Shindig: A party, usually with dancing.
  • Shiny: Good or valuable; "cool."
  • Size someone up: Judge how tough they are or what their intentions might be.
  • Sly: Frontier Slang for men who prefer other men sexually.
  • Sully: To taint
  • Suss (out): To figure out; determine
  • Tetchy: Sensitive or complaining.
  • Atmo: Atmosphere, as in to "leave atmo."
  • Being buzzed: Sensors from another ship are actively sweeping you.
  • Blowback: A vacuum effect created in the barrel of a firearm when it is discharged. Works in the same case for a ship going on full burn breaking atmo.
  • Clean your housing: To give a thorough beating (as in a spaceship's engine housing).
  • Crazy Ivan: Originally a submariner stunt/maneuver that was used to pull an pursuing vessel into attack range, usually used by the Soviet Navy. In this case it can be pulled on a ship with two side propelling engines in order to create a spinning motion. The engines are flipped so as to orient them in opposing directions long enough to pull a 180 degree turn. Once hydraulics are cut, it takes the lowering of a lever and the push of a button in the engine room, and it's good for going.
  • Dead in the Water: Floating, drifting; not going anywhere.
  • ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival. Pilot lingo.
  • Feds, Federals: Members of the Alliance, its military, law enforcement, or functionaries.
  • Fire it up: Start the ship.
  • Get this bird in the air: Launch the ship for take-off.
  • Go to blackout: Shut down power on the ship to avoid detection.
  • Go for hard burn/full burn: Burn through fuel cells; or fly fast.; use all engine power.
  • Green for: Referring to the light on a console that signals all systems are standing by for whatever purpose the light correlates to. (landing, docking, taking off, etc.)
  • On the drift: In space without fuel unable to travel.
  • Reavers: Madmen who live on the edges of civilized space, flying dangerous ships and preying on other space vessels.
  • Scow: A ship modeled after a large, flat-bottomed boat with squared ends. Used to haul bulky cargo (soil, sand, ore, etc). Can be retro-fitted to serve as transport vessels. They can hold between 15-20 families. Travelers pick them up cheap at government auctions. A few modifications and they serve well enough for a one-way push to the outer planets.
  • Skiff: A small ship (like a rowboat equivalent, but sky/space oriented) used in war.
  • Take the helm: Man the bridge. An old phrase that has transcended from the sailing days of Earth-that-was into the 2500s.
  • The Black: Space.
  • The Rim: Frontier planets, not the core.
  • The 'Verse: Inhabited space or the universe.
  • Trans-U: A commercial vessel. Old model; hardly ever in use anymore. One too many of them got hit by Reavers, likely.
  • Doxy: Sex worker.
  • Drops: Illegal, addictive, narcotic drugs.
  • Second story job: Breaking and entering robbery.
  • Scratch: Valuables.
  • The goods: Loot.
  • Went south: Problems appeared, the plan fell apart.
  • Tonic: Amateur or illegal alcoholic drink.
  • Bushwhack: Ambush.
  • Footpad: Pickpocket thief in a town.
  • Hornswoggle: To trick someone.
  • On the dodge: Wanted by the police.

  • Advocate: A lawyer.
  • Cortex: Widespread information network.
  • Genseed: Genetically engineered crop seeds used on freshly terraformed worlds.
  • Skyplex: Orbital city or space station.
  • Wave: A communication: text, audio, video, or holographic.

  • 3D Neuro-imager: A three dimensional provision of a brain scan. Simon uses one in the diagnostic ward at St. Lucy's hospital on Ariel.
  • BP: Abbreviation for blood pressure.
  • Byphodine: A med that slows the metabolic state so you can appear to be dead. Used in 'Ariel' and 'The Message'. Usually induces a vomiting side effect once it wears off.
  • Cardiac Infusers: Used to infuse whatever is needed in the heart to keep it working
  • Cortical Electrodes: By parsing the definition: a cortical is the outer layer of an internal organ or body structure. And an electrode is an electrical conductor meant to make contact with a nonmetallic circuit. Safe to assume that the said 'circuit' in this case would relate in a medical sense to the cortical.
  • Defibrillator: Gets electromagnetic currents to the heart in order to get it pumping again.
  • Dermal mender: A medical tool that mends severed skin—Simon got to use it for Mal's ear in the episode 'War Stories', thanks to the Councilor (a female client of Inara's) generously loaning the equipment for them to use.
  • DOA: Abbreviation for Dead on Arrival
  • Extractor: An instrument used to pull out things like bullet shards
  • Good Night Kiss: A narcotic compound, usually applied on the lips. Convenient for the low-and-dirty seducers who try and earn a swindle into their gig. Or for something of a more sinister nature, like Saffron in 'Our Mrs. Reynolds'.
  • Gurney: A transportable hospital bed/stretcher on wheels.
  • Hydrozepam: A medical supply worth about 200 credits.
  • Hypodermic needles, Hypo: Used to penetrate skin and allow liquids to either be injected or extracted. They serve a particularly good use in providing liquid meds that cannot be ingested (either because they're physically incapable, or the meds would be useless through a digestive tract).
  • Hypo-gun: Used to hold vials of meds that are injected by the gun.
  • Isoprovaline: An immune booster. A common medication, provided in Simon's med kit. Street value for a vial: Fifty platinum.
  • Medical monitor: Used to monitor vitals in patients hooked up to it.
  • Medvault: Where meds are located and stored in a hospital environment.
  • Propoxine: A medical supply that costs about 80 credits.
  • Pulmonary Stimulators: A method to stimulate major arteries. Usually a good idea if patients are cyanotic and unresponsive when attempting to resuscitate them.
  • “Pulse is thready”: Medical lingo. Thready refers to the strength of a patients pulse and not the rate, although they can often correlate. Thready means weak. The opposite of bounding or strong. Pulse rate is usually given in rate and rhythm. Bradycardic (Brady) and thready is slower than 60bpm (beats per minute) and weak while tachycardic (tachy) and bounding is faster than 100bpm and strong.
  • Standard Companion immunization package: Equipment provided for Inara from the guild, who graciously donates it to Simon in the first episode. Which materials are included in the package are unknown.
  • Syringe Gun: Inara keeps one such device in her chamber. It is fancier than the hypo-gun, with a an unmarked vial containing black liquid.
  • Vials: Used to store liquid meds such as smoothers (used to 'dope' patients)

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