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Author Topic: Mature Osiris - First Time For Everything!  (Read 106 times)


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Osiris - First Time For Everything!
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:18:24 PM »
<Day 15 - Osiris, Upper Class Hotel with @Hugh Carmichael  / @Siren >

The rituals before a client arrived were practices burned into Jada's memory. The lighting of the candles, the kneeling in prayer, the tea, making the bed, even getting dressed - it was all a part of the same preparation ritual. Some of it she acknowledged, she even enjoyed too, but she was not as religious as some of the others, Jada simply did as was needed and expected so she could get to her favourite part of being a Companion. Sex was not what it was all about for her, but rather the listening part, active listening and then helping. Jada was good at it as well. It was why she was mostly sought out.

Her speciality was not unique, all Companions were trained to be what were called Psychologists on Earth-that-Was. The thing with Jada was that she was exceptionally good at it. Her insights were impressive and tailored for each Client for their needs and she did not shy away from telling them the truth. Jada delivered her advice in a way that suited the Client and they usually went away satisfied.

Of course sex afterwards never hurt!

So she came to the end of her current ritual looking calm and as beautiful as ever, dressed in a scarlet gown that was suitable to wear publicly on Osiris but also easy to remove with a simple pull of a ribbon. Jada was kneeling at the altar in her hotel room when there was a knock at the door. Slowly she rose and bowed respectfully to the altar (she was no fool either, she hedged her bets rather then letting her scepticism rule her heart and mind) then turned to go and answer the door. If it was her Client then he was right on time...
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Re: Osiris - First Time For Everything!
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2017, 10:51:39 PM »
<Day 15, Osiris, Local Time 2000 hr @Jada Depont >

There have been a lot of changes recently in Captain Carmichael's life. Within the past couple of months he has gotten a new XO, , he has had some of his crew quit, and to top it all off he just received word recently that his mother had passed away. Needless to say he had a lot going through his mind these days, he was stressed though he wouldn't look it to anyone.

During one of his late nights in his cabin thinking through everything that has happened in the last few months something unexpected came to mind. He remembered that on one of the ships he used to serve on had a captain that got stressed a lot, and whenever he was stressed he went a saw a companion, or one would bring a shuttle to the ship for him. He had never hired a companion before though, he knew sort of what to expect but he was sure it was different than that in some way. All he knew is that the captain always seemed much better after hiring a companion, so he decided to see if it would help him too.

The Paladin was due to dock on Osiris soon so that was were he would try to look for a companion. Knowing the stereotype that is around hiring a companion, especially for someone like him he decided to try and find a companion that was located on the planet. He would leave his crew for just a little while while they were docked and return later telling them he had work to do somewhere. He got on his tablet connecting to the cortex and made the arrangements.

After an unexpected detour to the Skyplex where they picked up a hacker who instead of turning in the ended up taking on their crew, one more thing to stress about, they were headed to Osiris. Upon landing the Captain took care of all of the necessary jobs, the unloading of prisoners, assigning crew members to certain parts of resupply, and reporting to his superiors. Once everything was all set for them to leave next, he told the crew they had three days on Osiris and to all report back at 1200 hrs on the third day.

Finally it was time for him to do his own, private, business. He made his way to the location he had been contacted about wearing his usual casual clothes of a black tank-top with his black button-down shirt open, and a pair of jeans with black boots. He had briefly checked his mirror for any stray beard hairs and awkward nose hairs before leaving the ship. He was nervous, that much he couldn't lie about, he didn't know what to expect and he hated not knowing.

When he reached the room he cautiously knocked on the door, though to whoever was inside it sounded confidant. When the door swung open he greeted the woman standing behind it kind of awkwardly. "Oh, uh, good evening ma'am. Are you Miss Depont?"

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Re: Osiris - First Time For Everything!
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2017, 12:56:16 PM »
Grateful that it was indeed her newest client Jada bowed a little, as was traditional, and gestured that the Captain join her in the suite. Usually Jada did not need to concern herself with the looks of others but it was not every day a captain such as this was on hers - or anyone's - Client list. Companions were expensive and the money needed to get on and stay on the guild's list was more than a typical captain could afford. Not that Jada questioned where the money came from, neither did she particularly care, she was simply curious now she was face to face with Caption Carmichael.

"Please, sit. Make yourself comfortable." She insisted, though gently. This was his first time so it was important to be as relaxed as possible as well as trying to figure out why he had come to her. Not just to a Companion, but why she had been chosen in particular.

Pouring him a cup of ginseng tea (that also acted as an aphrodisiac) she handed him the cup, Jada following the ritual exactly as she had been taught to do since she was a girl. The Companion had a very calm manner about her, though it went a little further than that, it was calming and happy. She loved her work, she loved meeting new people and helping them and it showed. She was just a very relaxed personality, someone who did not need to try to relax, it was rather a natural state of being for her.

"What brings you to this part of the 'Verse?" She asked, then added, "Apart from me, I mean." She did not bother with false pride, nor pointless humility. A Companion was someone in the upper echelons of society, no mere whore, thus she had every reason to believe that a client would journey across the 'Verse just for an appointment with her.


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