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Author Topic: Open Moving Parts  (Read 99 times)

Description: Tag: Weasel (other crew free to join in)

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Moving Parts
« on: June 18, 2017, 03:23:20 PM »
<Day 20, Gryphon Engine Room, Early Morning @Daniel Gallagher>

It had been a very eventfully day yesterday, Cain got the job as pilot for the Gryphon, he got a tour of the ship, and his very first examination. Everything was changing again, a new chapter of his life was starting. He had yet to tell anyone anything about the previous chapters of his life, not that anyone asked anyways, but he felt like if they knew they might not be as happy about having him on board. This thought had plagued his mind all night, it was his first night in his new quarters but he had barely slept an hour. Everyone here seemed nice enough, but he was very concerned they wouldn't accept him if they knew. When he was finally able to close his eyes he awoke in a cold sweat after yet another nightmare of that day.

Eventually at about six the next day he decided to abandon his attempts at sleep and instead simply start his day. He got dressed in a tight black t-shirt with a pair of loose blue jeans and a pair of boots. He made his way to the galley and snacked on some crackers he found there with a bottle of water, but he still didn't feel well enough for much more. He took the bottle of water up to the cockpit where he double checked all of the consoles to assure they were all in working order, and dusted a little. This however did not waste enough time it was now about seven and the ship wasn't to take off until half past eleven.

Cain suddenly decided that he wanted to go see the engine room. As the captain of his previous ship he had spent plenty of time in his ship's engine room making sure everything was in working order, of course this usually meant he asked his mechanic since he knew next to nothing. Nonetheless it was something that was sort of habit to him now so off he went to where he thought Decker had showed him that room.

He didn't have much trouble finding it and went inside to find a lot of parts that he remembered seeing in his own ship, still having little to no idea what they were. He paced around the parts looking at them almost fondly remembering doing this walk through before. He was lost in thought thinking back to then that he almost didn't see the man squatted on the floor until he was right on top of him. "Oh! Hey I'm awful sorry 'bout that, didn't see ya' there." He apologized to the man in front of him for so rudely nearly running him over. "Didn't think anyone else was up this early." He admitted to the man.

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Re: Moving Parts
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 01:20:49 PM »
"Up early?" Weasel asked, the little mechanic shoving his soldering mask up and looking up at the new face. He'd been in the engine room for at least a day and a night and he had completely lost track of time! Having slept there since he had not chosen a bunk for himself yet. Though he had forgotten if he was supposed to choose or if he'd been told where he was sleeping? Shrugging at himself he put his tools aside safely and stood up, offering his greasy hand for a handshake.

"I'm Weasel, the new mechanic." He added with a half smile. Weasel always had the kind of expression that suggested he was up to no good, or had a very bad idea that was bound to get him - and his associates - in trouble. Usually he was perfectly innocent or ignorant of such dangers and he rarely ever learned so remained the naive lad he'd been since birth!

"Not been here long, though there are no windows here so lost track of the hours." Weasel rubbed his face with the back of his hand, wiping away some sweat and ended up smearing his cheek with oil. Not that he noticed, he had done it several times already so his face was already covered in black, oily streaks.


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