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Author Topic: Stick them with the pointy end  (Read 61 times)


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Stick them with the pointy end
« on: June 19, 2017, 01:45:23 PM »
<The Freya with @Dominic Sinclair / @Siren >

It was a very rare occurrence for Jada Depont to be concerned about her safety, yet recent experiences had made her more wary. Now painfully aware about how poor her weapons skills were she had joined the Freyja. Yet, to all intents and purposes it seemed like she was there to work, but the day she boarded she set about the task of finding a teacher. Knowing she needed to go about it in a delicate manner she began by getting to know the ship. First she scouted out the usual places she'd need to know in order to help out any Clients, and then she coincidentally ended up near the rooms where various lessons were taught. There was no point offering herself up as a teacher, Jada was not a true master of anything by psychology and she did not want to teach people in that area, so she explained to others she came across that she was merely getting to know the ship.

On her third day of "getting to know the ship" she came across what she supposed must have been the weapons room. Well, it did have weapons in it, but since this was no military vessel or one that mercs would be on she was not sure the Freyja had an armoury to speak of, these weapons therefore were not meant for combat, just practising (though she assumed they could be used for combat if needed). Wondering into the room she picked up a gun and examined it carefully before frowning and putting it back where she'd found it.

What drew her eye next was a thin sword that seemed to have been designed for one of her stature. It's name, she noted, was "Needle" and when she picked it up she thought said name was appropriate. It felt good in her hand but Jada was too keenly aware of her drawbacks with fencing so replaced the sword promptly. Still, she could not help but look at it. It had felt right in her hands in a way the gun had not and that meant a lot to her. With everything she had become good at it had begun with feeling an affinity with it. Though stabbing people was not something that came naturally to her exactly the feel of the weapon had been enough to convince Jada this was her way of feeling more secure. So, she picked it up again and stood so that she was En Garde!.
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