2517, The Unification War has been over for a decade and Miranda is still a secret. Into The Black is an Alternate Universe Firefly & Serenity fandom roleplaying game. It centers around independent crews of different ships which travel all over the 'verse created by Joss Whedon.

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ITB has 2 new ships!

IAV Paladin ~ A Federal Marshal ship. The Black now has a police task force.

The Freyja, named after the norse Goddess of love, lust and beauty is a companion chapter house in space.

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Face Claims
« on: August 19, 2016, 11:10:12 AM »

Bana, Eric ~ @Roger Van Horn ~ Doctor
Biehn, Michael ~ @Marcus Grant ~ Mercenary
Black, Claudia ~ @Chloe Saint-Jacques ~ Captain


Cobain, Kurt ~ @Tobias Dos Ethern ~ Hacker
Cornish, Abbie ~ @Emma Jacobs  ~ Freelance soldier/merc


Diamond, Skin ~ @Lorelei Motte ~ Administrator of the Skyplex
Doran, Matt ~ @Weasel ~ Ship's Mechanic and Gadget Maker


Evans, Chris ~ @Cain Dyer ~ pilot


Harrelson, Woody ~ @Bert Manfeld ~ Mechanic
Hiddleston, Tom ~ @Stanley Decker ~ Bounty Hunter/Pilot


Javorcekova, Lucia ~ @Dalila Moreno ~ Licensed Companion.
Jovovich, Milla  ~ @Talia Renoake ~ Gardener / XO


Lang, Stephan ~ @Hugh Carmichael ~ IAV Paladin Captain


Mara, Rooney ~ @Anya Chernykh ~ Mechanic


O'Donoghue, Colin ~ @Dr. Amadeus Stenger ~ Doctor
Ojoko, Eligha ~ @Safiya Okoro ~ Security
O'Loughlin, Alex ~ @Seth Downey ~ Mechanic


Rossum, Emmy ~ @Octavia Yeats ~ Pilot


Sanna, Jamie ~ @Cameron Whitmore ~ Medic


Urban, Karl ~ @Arthur Steiner ~ Federal Marshal


Von Busse, Anissa ~ @Jada Depont ~ Companion


Waddington, Steven ~ @Cordell Rhodes ~ Gunner
Weber, Stanley ~ @Jean Marceau ~ Black Echo Captain
Wittrock, Finn ~ @Atticus King ~ Confidence Man
Wong, Benedict ~ @Winford Mao ~ Chief Engineer


Yen, Donnie ~ @Ilham Wen ~ Mercenary


Zhang, Ziyi ~ @Xiu Mei Lau ~ Intelligence Peddler (hacker)

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